Doc Halladay & Dick Gordon: An Astros Twin Trick

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Let’s dig deeper into the Doc Halladay sacrifice, especially with regards to our God #26 we’ve been finding in abundance and date counts to other similar events. In particular, the plane crash death of Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle and the death of NASA astronaut Dick Gordon, who passed away the day before Halladay in a perfect Astros twins trick.

Harry Halladay =62. Harry Halladay III =1626. Harry Leroy Halladay III =206. Doc =26. That’s a few variations of his name coded up, and we see that he died 26 weeks 2 days after the death of one John Karkow =126, the designer of the Icon A-Five =62 aircraft who also went down in a plane crash. If we count to Halladay’s last full day alive, it was 11 years 26 days after the 2006 death of New York Yankees pitcher Cory Fulton Lidle =62 who also died in an airplane crash – this time into the side of a building in Manhattan. Lidle was 12,620 days old, 6 months 20 days after his birthday and 162 days before his next.

  • Lidle’s crash came 22,060 days after the military jet crashed into the side of 40 Wall Street, 26 days before the birth of Trump, who would later go on to purchase said building and rename it the Trump Building. On 11/13 it will be 26,110 days after that crash. The Houston Astros =1062. (Fulton died at age 34 like Halladay wore #34 and they both played for the Blue Jays & Phillies.)

Halladay also died 16 years 2 months after the plane crash death of Aaliyah =26. And of course the investigation into his crash now says that Halladay hit the water at 12:06 PM. He also died exactly 26 years after Magic Johnson announced he’s infected with HIV and retires from the NBA, Johnson now co-owner of the World Series losing Dodgers. Halladay also died the day after the death of astronaut Dick =26 Gordon =26 whose full name is Richard Francis Dick Gordon Jr =262. Dick Gordon Jr =206 died just 1 month 26 days after the death of his wife. World Series =126. 

11 years 26 days is equivalent to Halladay dying 4044 days after the death of Cory Lidle. The gunslinger Doc Holliday rolled with Wyatt Earp =444 and died when his wife Big Nose Kate was exactly 444 months old. Roy Doc Hallady =144/1404. Halladay =44. 

Astronaut Dick Gordon was one of only 24 people to have flown to the Moon, as the Command Module Pilot for the Apollo 12 mission. Dick Gordon Jr =144 died 4 weeks 4 days after his birthday. I mean, c’mon. How blatant does this trick twins get! The Astros =440. Space =44. Hoax =44. Space Hoax =144. 

  • Astronaut =444. John Glenn & Buzz Aldrin were born exactly 444 weeks apart and JFK died 4 years 4 months 4 days before the death of Yuri Gagarin. Man on the Moon =444. The Wright Brothers were born 4 years 4 months 4 days apart, the same duration between Aldous Huxley & CS Lewis (both killed the same day as JFK, who was born 4444 days before Jackie O). General Manuel Antonio Noriega =444 was deposed 1444 days before Pablo Escobar was killed. The Iran Hostage Crisis lasted 444 days.

I had to check how many of the 24 moon travellers are still alive and Gordon was the 11th to die. NASA =33. Astros =33. Gordon =33 also died 33 days after his birthday and 333 days before his next. Harry Halladay III =133 aka Roy Doc Halladay =133 aka Doc Halladay =33 died in an Icon A Five =33. World Series =1333.


The Death of Roy Halladay

Legendary MLB pitcher Roy ‘Doc’ Halladay died on 7 November 2017, less than a week after the Astros won the World Series, when the amphibious light-sport aircraft he was piloting crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. Nicknamed after Wild West gunslinger Doc Holliday, Halladay died near Holiday Florida. The gunslinger died on 11/8 [1887], his wife Big Nose Kate was born on 11/7 [1850], and now the pitcher died on 11/7.

Including the end date, Halladay died exactly 130 years after the death of Holliday =130. 

  • Roy Halladay =103 was born Harry Leroy Halladay III =103 and the name Doc =13 came from John Henry Holliday =103 whose spouse was Big Nose Kate =103. Pitcher =103. Tobe =13 Hooper =103 (the director of Texas Chain Saw Massacre).

Tobe Hooper =113. Doc Holliday was 11,030 days old for the gunfight at the OK Corral. Roy Halladay died with 311 days remaining a span of 1 year 1 month 13 days after the death of Jose Fernandez, also a great pitcher, also off the coast of Florida. This coming in the wake of the 113th World Series. Halladay was also born exactly 30 years 11 months after Donald Trump.

130 years is equal to exactly 1560 months and Halladay died 1506 days after his last MLB game. Even more amazingly, the two Docs were also born exactly 1509 months apart. Especially as we’ve seen the interplay between 6/9 this is a remarkable find, and yet further evidence why month-based long counts matter. (He was also three days shy of his career lasting 15 years 6 days, but we can’t use that one). That triplet gets even more phenomenal when we connect to the World Series:

Houston Colt Forty-Fives =1560 as the Astros from Houston TX =156 were formerly known won The Twenty Seventeen World Series =156 in their 56th season as a franchise with George Springer =156 as MVP and in the wake of Hurricane Harvey =1056. Home of mission command for NASA, they also won on the 56th anniversary of formation of the Johnson Space Center. Former Astros GM Spec Richardson died a clean 560 days before the World Series began. Astrodome =560. Astros won the day after the False Flag =156 on Houston Street in NYC exactly 156 weeks after One World Trade Center opened. OK =156. 

Halladay =59 wore number Thirty-Four =156 for the Philadelphia Phillies =506 and died in the Gulf of Mexico =56. Roy Halladay Thirty-Four =560. He also died 5901 days after 9/11/01.

This also means that Doc Holliday died the day after his wife’s 37th birthday, which is exactly 444 months. Wyatt Earp =444. (Fun Fact: If we only count the span between dates, Roy Halladay was born 5555 days before Jose Fernandez).

Roy Halladay =67. Doc Halladay =67. He died in an ICON =67 a span of 6 months 7 days before his birthday and exactly 167 years after the birth of Big Nose Kate. Wild West =167. Jose Fernandez =67. Houston Astros =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. At the time of his retirement, Halladay was the active major league leader in complete games with 67 and in 2012 he became the 67th pitcher to record 2,000 strikeouts.

  • The 67th prime is 331Harry Leroy Halladay III =331. Roy Doc Halladay =133. Philadelphia Phillies =133. Doc Halladay =33.
  • That’s also a 666-ish span of 60,996 days after Big Nose’s birth. Harry Halladay III =966. Minute Maid =966. On 2/18/2018, the Texas Ranger Division will be 66,600 days old, prime for another Texan psyop.

Roy Halladay =112 died near Holiday Florida =1012 after acquiring that airplane on 10/12. Holliday =112. Big Nose Kate died on 11/2. Gunslingers =211. Roy died in his 2112th week of life after making the cover of MLB 2K11 (2-11-11). Houston =112 took the WS in their 112th win of the season. Again, the Sutherland Springs Massacre happening 1012 days after the release of Kingsman The Secret Service =1112 with its brutal church massacre scene; and 2 months 11 days after the death of The Texas Chain Saw director Tobe Hooper. 

Roy =34 wore #34 just as Dodgers scored 34 runs and The Astros =34 scored 34 runs in these World Series that finished 3-4Houston =34. Houston Texas =1034. Twenty Seventeen =1134. Harry Halladay =134. #34 also died exactly 3 years 4 months after the maiden voyage of the ICON A-5, the plane he crashed in. What’s even crazier is the World Series began exactly 3 years 4 months after the Sports Illustrated that predicted Astros (then the worst team in the league) would be World Champions in 2017. He also died 1340 days after the disappearance of Flight MH-370.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre =304 premiered a span of 43 years 34 days before the Texas Church Massacre =304. Massacre =340/43. Church =34. Hooper =34. 

John Henry “Doc” Holliday =117. Roy Halladay died on 11/7 and The Houston Astros =1170 won on 11/1/17 which was the 1017th day in office for Texas Governor Abbott.  Roy Halladay Thirty-Four =1017. Twenty Seventeen Champions =117. Major League Baseball =117. Halladay also died 7 years 1 month 1 day after pitching a postseason no-hitter. The Texas Ranger Division formed on 10/17 of 1835.  

  • As it turns out, this means that on 11/11/17, the Texas Rangers will be exactly 9500 weeks old. The Texas Rangers =95. Texas =95. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre =95. 

It bears repeating this sequence we covered previously: Charleston Church Massacre =1095 happened at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church =195 with the perp Dylann Storm Roof =195 and started at 9:05 PM. The Secret Service =95. The latest church massacre in Sutherland Springs Texas =95 happened on November Fifth =195, exactly 1950 weeks after the 1980 Daingerfield Shooting (the previous church shooting in Texas). Which brings us back to Halladay dying 5901 days after 9/11/01, the exactly 1509 months duration between the births of Doc Holliday & Roy Halladay, and the two slingers dying exactly 1560 months apart. God =156. 

Next post, we dig deeper into Stranger Things II with regards to that 28 October 1984 start date as I hinted at earlier. As it turns out that’s the anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment (direct connect to Halladay & the Phillies), as well as the Papal Decree of 1965 that absolved the Jews of responsibility for the death of Jesus, reversing Pope Innocent III’s 760-year-old declaration. As it turns out we find some mighty duration synchs with that date. As always, there’s much more too, so stay tuned and stay vibed up. 

Sutherland Springs PsyOp Part II

We need to follow-up on this Sutherland Springs Shooting because there are some extremely juicy synchronizations connected to it. In the previous post we saw how the church massacre predictive programming in Kingsman: The Secret Service was perfectly timed up with both the Charleston & Sutherland psy-ops (the term I prefer over false flag or hoax because who really knows what exactly went down aside from the fact that they’re state-sponsored psychological operations). In this post I’d like to dig a bit deeper into the long count duration synchs with other American mass shootings – particularly with regards to this event occurring eight years to the day after the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting.

The thing about eight years is that Sutherland Springs =96 occurred exactly 96 months after the shooting at Fort Hood =96 by the perp Nadal Malik Hasan =96. Kelley =96. Devin Patrick Kelley =196 perfectly synched up with Dylann Storm Roof =196 and the Houston Astros =196. Houston =96. Charleston =96. Church Shooting =906. Anniversary =906. Texas Rangers =906. Kelley was allegedly dressed as the Grim Reaper =960. This surpassed the UT Tower Shooting in death toll, the 1966 killing spree that lasted 96 minutes. 

  • The Texas Rangers =169. The 2009 Fort Hood Shooting happened 1609 days before the 2014 Fort Hood Shooting. Devin Kelley was born on 2 February 1991, a span of 169 days before the Waddell Arizona Buddhist Temple Shooting =169 (as it’s officially known, the previously the deadliest attack on an American place of worship), which itself happened 69 days (or 9 weeks 6 days) before the Luby’s Massacre =169 in Killeen =69 Texas =69/906, the ominously named town right next door to Fort Hood. False Flag =69. Anniversary Effect =69. 
  • That’s all in 1991, which is the birth year of the Kingsman protagonist, Eggsy Unwin =196 played by actor Taron David Egerton =96. Glendronach =96/196 is a Scottish whiskey brand that released a special “Kingsman Edition 1991” of their scotch for promotion. British Royal Family =96. The British Empire =96. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. Vatican =96. Secret =96. Guy Fawkes =1619. 

I’ve posted on Killeen TX in the past, the town that sounds like ‘Killing’ =690 the site of three major mass shootings. And as word on the street says, Fort Hood is home to a squad of Delta Mind-Controlled soldiers and a reported saucer base. Mind Control =960. MK-Ultra =96. Sutherland Springs happened 916 days after the (5/3/15) terror attack at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland Texas and 69 weeks after the (7/7/16) shooting of Dallas police officers. And then there’s the legendary MLB pitcher, Roy ‘Doc’ Halladay, who died in the plane crash on 11/7/17. Doc Halladay =96 born Harry Leroy Halladay III =69. 

Again, the Sutherland Springs Shooting happened 26 years 20 days after the Luby’s Shooting =1626. Sutherland Springs Church =1626. Waddell Arizona Buddhist Temple Shooting =2626 [Jewish G]. It also happened 2 years 6 months 2 days after the attack at the Curtis Culwell Center =1620 and 10 years 6 months 20 days after the Virginia Tech Massacre. The 2009 Fort Hood Shooting happened 20,610 days after the Queen’s coronation, (Queen =26 born in ’26 took the throne 2/6 and coronated 6/2). Speaking of witch, Princess Charlotte was 2 years 6 months 2 days old the day before the Sutherland Springs Shooting.

  • Texas Ranger =262. The Texas Rangers =262 were founded on 17 October 1835, a date with numerology of 26/62, and it’s said there are currently 162 members of the Texas Ranger Division =1620, the wild west law enforcement very much a part of the tributes here – especially with the other reference to gunslinger Doc Holliday (deputized by Wyatt Earp for the Gunfight at the OK Corral on 10/26 of 1881). Remember the Kingsman sequel with the cowboy gear.
  • To restate: 26 people killed by a 26-year-old dressed as the Grim Reaper =162 shouting “Everybody Dies Motherfucker” =126 in a Church Shooting =1260 on (11+5+2+0+1+7) =26 in Sutherland Springs =206. Sacrifice =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. Harry Leroy Halladay III =206 dies two days later, the day 26 teenage girls are found dead at sea, African migrants trekking for Europe.
  • And I started watching Stranger Things II for a follow-up post on the mind control theme from the first series, and the date the show opens on (10/28/84) just so happens to be 12,060 days before the Sutherland Springs Shooting. Crazy eh.

And that brings us to the aforementioned ‘Anniversary Effect’ reference, which they cite in the first episode: “We see this with soldiers,” the doctor explains, “The anniversary of the event brings back traumatic memories, sort of opens up the neurological floodgates, so to speak.” Very interesting quote when this Texas church mass shooting happened on the anniversary of the Texas military base mass shooting, which definitely would been traumatic for many people – especially with the whole Remember Remember the 5th of November business. Speaking of which, V for Vendetta opened 11 years 10 months 26 days before this Church Shooting, or exactly 621 weeks(The film set in the year 2027).

It also makes me think of the AMC series Preacher based on the graphic novel (just like V for Vendetta), which while I can’t find any images, definitely features a few gunfights in a little Texas church. Its Season 2 finale was just on 9/11, another synchronous span of 1 month 26 days before this shooting. (And I notice on that finale synopsis it involves a staged attack.)

False Flag =115. Psychological Operations =115. Killing =115. Remember how the 1980 Church Shooting in Daingerfield Texas (also at a First Baptist Church) killed 5 injured 11 and now this shooting on 11/5 is the deadliest in Texas since Fort Hood =115 which also occurred on 11/5. Religious =115. Freemasons =115. The King =115. Saturn =511. The Luby’s perp, George Hennard, was born on 10/15. Kelley escaped from a mental hospital 1105 days before the Charleston Church Shooting and the Sutherland Springs Shooting happened 511 days after the Orlando Nightclub Shooting =115. 

Last post we discussed the power of the 112, like the shooting starting at 11:20 AM. Fawkes =1012 and the Sutherland Springs Massacre happened 1012 days after the release of Kingsman The Secret Service =1112. Kingsman =112. The Secret Service =112. The Knights of the Round Table =112. The Order of the Skull and Bones =112. The Invisible Society =112. Zionist =112. Templars =112. Mason =211. Shadow Government =2110. World Government =2111. First Baptist Church =211. The Fifth of November =211.

  • Like the patsy Devin Kelley, there’s an English soccer player named Devon Kelly-Evans who was exactly 1102 weeks old for the attack. Weird eh. The alternate dimension in Stranger Things is the Upside Down =1102. The San Bernardino Shooting happened 1 year 11 months 2 days before Sutherland Springs. Killeen TX =112. Hood =112. The Luby’s Massacre involving Georges Pierre Hennard =211 happened 1 year 10 months 12 days before the Ecole Polytech Massacre.

Houston =112 won the World Series in their 112th game then came the sacrifice of Roy Halladay =112. Doc Halladay =211. Preacher was picked up on AMC 112 weeks before the church shooting and V for Vendetta premiered on 11/12.

Kelley escaped from the mental hospital on 7 June 2012, which means he was exactly 1111 weeks old or 7777 days. His victims ranged from 17 months to 77 years old. Order Out of Chaos =777, the motto of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. William Henry Harrison, the first president to die in office, died exactly 777 months after American Independence.

Sutherland Springs Church Shooting

November 5th is Bonfire Night in the UK, and this was my first experience in the kingdom, down in Cornwall with fireworks going off all over town for hours like a war zone in a bombing campaign. This is Guy Fawkes Day, the celebration of the state stopping that evil religious terrorist who planned to blow up Parliament and assassinate King James I in the Gunpowder Plot (also known as the Jesuit Treason) of 1605. As we now better understand how the real game works, this was most likely an early false flag. As such, I was wondering if we’d get a terror story on this day, and sure enough there was a mass shooting at Sutherland Springs Church near San Antonio Texas, a 26-year-old white boy named Devin Kelley killing 26 people in what is the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history and the deadliest shooting ever at an American place of worship.

26 people killed by a 26-year-old on the date (11+5+2+0+1+7)=26 in a clearly staged Church Shooting =1260 in the town of Sutherland Springs =206 near the city of San Antonio =126 on Guy Fawkes Day =126 based on the Jesuit Treason =206. It also happened exactly six weeks after another church shooting in Antioch =26 (Tennessee) by a man named Emanuel Samson =206. That event saw one killed eight wounded. Emanuel =26 reminds us of the Charleston Church Shooting =126 at Emanuel Methodist with Dylann Roof =26. And as we’ll also discuss, this was the first church shooting in Texas since 1980 in Daingerfield Texas =1126. Also, ten days later (11/15/17) will be 20,060 days after the last time the Bethel Baptist Church was bombed in Birmingham Alabama.

  • Church Massacre =602. Remember Remember the Fifth of November =621. Sutherland Springs Church =1626. Charleston South Carolina =1626. It also happened 26 years 20 days after the Luby’s Shooting =1626. Charleston Church =62. Baptist =62. November Fifth =62. Kelley & Roof were born 162 weeks apart & Roof was 1106 weeks 2 days old the day before he shot up the church. Sutherland Springs happened 6 months 26 days after Roof was sentenced to life without parole. Kiefer Sutherland =206. Donald Sutherland =260. (Curiously, Donald Sutherland was 30,063 days old for the shooting at Sutherland Springs Church =363). 
  • According to Jewish chronology, God =26 gave the Torah =26 in the 26th generation since Creation. God =26 created Man =26 in his Image =26 and with the Breath =26 of Life =26 named him Adam =26 who is At One =26 with Eve: Adam + Eve =26. Virgin Mary =26/126. Jesus + Mary + Joseph =1206.  The Cosmos =126. Universe =126.  The Book of Genesis has 26 verses, beginning with Adam =26 and ending with God =26. The word Baptism =26 is used 26 times in the Bible. Many more synchronicities firmly entrench 26 as the God number. Saturn =26. 

The Charleston Church Shooting happened 26 weeks after the 12/13/14 premier of Kingsman: The Secret Service, which features a shockingly gruesome massacre scene in a Baptist Church in Kentucky =126 set to the soundtrack of Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird =260. Colin Andrew Firth =162/62. Colin =26 plays Harry Hart =126 code name Galahad =26. The Sutherland Springs Massacre came 1 month 26 days after Firth’s birthday. The Kingsman sequel, The Golden Circle =206, just released at the end of September. And this predictive programmed church massacre happened just four days after that actor Brad Bufanda =126 died at the age of 12,600 days old, 26 weeks after his birthday & 26 weeks before his next birthday.


Kingsman The Secret Service =1112. Kingsman =112. The Secret Service =112. Charleston Church =112. Fawkes =1012 aka Guido Fawkes =1012. The Sutherland Springs Massacre at First Baptist Church =211 on The Fifth of November =211 happened 1012 days after Kingsman released, and the shooting is time-stamped as starting at 11:20 AM (to emphasize this coding). I haven’t seen this flick but found the scene after a search of films with church massacres {watch the clip here}. Samuel L Jackson’s character is behind the scenes gradually cranking up the frequency which appears to be connected to people’s cell phones and making everyone lose their shit – a very blatant allusion to mind control. Then as if Galahad is being remote controlled, he proceeds to slaughter everyone in the church.

The Kingsman =115. Secret Service =1015. Colin Andrew Firth =1115. Dylann Roof =115. Charleston =115. Baptist =115. Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird =115. Roof + Kelley =115. The Antioch Chapel Shooting is timestamped as 11:15. The Daingerfield Shooting (also at a First Baptist Church) killed 5 injured 11. And now this shooting near San Antonio =115 on the date 11/5 that is the deadliest since the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood =115 which incidentally also occurred on 11/5 (exactly eight years earlier).

  • The Sutherland Shooting happened 10 months 15 days after David Sutherland’s birthday & 1 month 15 days before his next. Religious =115. Psychological Operations =115. Freemasons =115. Masonic =115. Leader =115. The King =115. Saturn =511. 

Below we see Galahad murdering an innocent woman in a church and on the right is a screencap from the sequel, the one-eye shades and dressed suspiciously like a Texan. 

MK Ultra =24. Antifa =24. Colin Firth was a remarkable 20,004 days old for the Charleston Church Massacre. Birmingham Alabama =2004. 2 years 4 months 20 days later was the Sutherland Springs Massacre =1224 where Devin Patrick Kelley =240 shot up the Baptist =24 Church =24 in Sutherland Springs =224 near San Antonio =242 on Guy Fawkes Day =2024, the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot =204 and in the wake of the championship for Houston Astros =204/1224. 

  • That’s also 124 weeks after Charleston. Devin Kelley =124Guy Fawkes =124. Texas Ranger =124. It’s also 42 days after Antioch =420. Kelley =420. Astros =420. Sutherland Springs Texas =1420. Sutherland =142. Baptist Church =142. Kingsman The Secret Service =142. Saturn =42.

Charleston Church Massacre =1095 happened at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church =195 with the perp Dylann Storm Roof =195 and started at 9:05 PM. The Secret Service =95. The latest church massacre in Sutherland Springs Texas =95 happened on November Fifth =195, exactly 1950 weeks after the Daingerfield Shooting.

Kingsman The Secret Service =137. Mind Control =137. Government =137. Charleston SC =137. Roof & Kelley were born 1137 days apart. And of course 137 is the 33rd prime. Charleston Church Massacre =333. Charleston South Carolina =333. MK Ultra =33. Mind Control =33. Sutherland Springs Massacre =303. Saturn =303. Hate Crimes =33. KKK =33. Racism =33. Dylann Roof was convicted of 33 federal hate crime charges. Astros =33. 

NYC Truck Attack & The Astros World Series

Let’s crack open this vehicle ramming attack on Halloween in New York City, the deadliest act of terrorism there since 9/11/01, and very suspiciously perfectly coded up with the Astros World Series. Just look at that perfect orange & white colour coding with the now legendary Sports Illustrated predictive programming, like jack-o-lanterns and ghost costumes. KKK and burning crosses. Other psychological associations we may make without our conscious awareness. So let’s get into it, you know the deal – all numbers you can fact check yourself.

New York =78. Truck Attack =78. The terrorist was Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov =178 and it happened on Houston St =1078 exactly 178 weeks after the publish date of Stephen King’s novel Mister Mercedes =178/87, yet another perfect synch with that book about a vehicle rammer (as I’ve been documenting). There was one prominent eye-witness wearing a brand new Astros cap, and the very next day the Houston =78 Astros =78/87 won the World Series. Of course they defeated the New York Yankees to get there, and first weathered Harvey =78, the hurricane that started on 17/8, the day of the Barcelona Attack.

  • Sayfullo =787/87. Manhattan =87. Lower Manhattan =87. One World Trade Center =87. Terror =187. Home Depot founded in ’78. In the aftermath of this, Trump has now called for Extreme Vetting =187, more increase of the US Police State =78.
  • Houston Texas =187. The Governor of Texas, Governor Abbott =78, who could have very much tipped us off to the Astros win (as we’ll see). As of course did that damn SI cover from 2014 (when Astros were worst in the league) that read “Your Twenty Seventeen World Series Champs” =187. As I covered back in May, it also had G Springer =780 on the cover, the dude who would go on to be MVP of that World Series. Just ridiculous eh.

And get this: as if it’s not weird enough that Houston won the day after the latest staged terror attack on frickin Houston Street with a key witness wearing a fresh Houston cap: “this was the second terrorist attack committed by a winner of the Diversity Immigrant Visa lottery, following the 2002 Los Angeles International Airport shooting committed by Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, an Egyptian.” (2017 Lower Manhattan Attack, Wiki). You see that!? Direct connection to LA, the team the Astros beat. Unreal.

Now check it out, from that LAX Attack on 4 July 2002 (not to be confused with the other staged spectacle at LAX on 11/1/13) to this NYC Attack is a span of exactly 5600 days. Saipov =56. ISIS =56. The Islamic State =56. The Home Depot =56. False Flag =156. It also happened exactly 156 weeks after One World Trade Center opened. Diversity Immigrant Visa =1056. Hurricane Harvey =1056. Donald J Trump =1056. George Springer =156. Springer =56. Astros won The Twenty Seventeen World Series =156 on the 56th anniversary of the formation of the Johnson Space Center and Astros are in their 56th season in Houston TX =156, the team formerly known as the Houston Colt Forty-Fives =1560. Former Astros GM Spec Richardson died on 4/12/16, a clean 560 days before the World Series began. Astrodome =560. 

That prophetic SI cover was dated 24 June 2014. That’s exactly 3 years 4 months before these World Series began. Houston =34. The Astros =34. Houston Texas =1034. Twenty Seventeen =1134. And as you may have heard, both teams scored 34 runs each in the series that ended 3-4.

  • Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov =304 swerved into the bike lane at 3:04 PM according to the official timeline. And that Halloween Vehicle Ramming in a truck from Home Depot =34/43 happened exactly two years after a parallel incident, a car smashing into a crowd of trick-or-treaters in NYC; two years also equal to 104 weeks 3 days. One World Trade Center =434. There were 434 non-fatal injuries in the Nice Attack (exactly 68 weeks earlier) and Astros won exactly 3430 weeks after Elizabeth =34/43 became Queen. The Department of Homeland Security =343. Allahu Akbar =34/43/134. The Home Depot =134. Saipov was born exactly 34 years 10 months after the Vegas patsy, Stephen Paddock =134. 

We’ve already covered so many crazy perfect connections here, but it keeps going. The truck ramming is called the deadliest act of terrorism in New York City since 9/11/01 – which happened exactly 842 weeks earlier. Revenge =842. The Astros =248. President Donald Trump =248. 

New York City =129. Truck Attack =129. Vehicle Ramming Attack =129. Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov =129. The exact Gematria as the LAX patsty: Hesham Mohamed Hadayet =129. De Blasio =129. Uzbek =129/29. Tribeca =29. Trump =29 Manhattan =29/92. Freedom Tower =292. Saipov =292 is 29 years old. The ’93 World Trade Center Bombing happened 9021 days before our new target date of 9 November 2017. That’s also exactly 1289 weeks, and 1289 is the 209th prime, so we’re doubly connected to this date via the 129 pattern. This date’s also 9 months 2 days after the 29th birthday of Saipov =292. Allahu Akbar =209/29. Manhattan Truck Attack =209/929. 

  • World Series =292. One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =129. Yankees =29. Houston Astros World Series =290. George Chelston Springer =1029. George Springer =1290. Springer =29 was MVP. Astros won on 29 numerology, 29 years after Dodgers’ last WS appearance, 1 month 29 days after Harvey dissipated and 1 month 29 days before the anniversary of Texas’s admission to the union, this being the first World Series win for the state of Texas.

Home Depot =200. Tribeca =200. It happened exactly 200 weeks into Mayor De Blasio’s term. Trump =20. Astros =20. Your Twenty Seventeen World Series Champs =200. 

It happened exactly 842 weeks after 9/11/01, but the big clue this gave us, is that 5903 is the 777th prime, and on 11/9/17, the mirror date, it will be 5903 days after 9/11. Sayfullo Habibullaevich Saipov =119. If we only count the days between, it’s a span of 9011 days between the Halloween Attack and the ’93 WTC Bombing. The Islamic State =911.  

  • And as for that big 19 on the truck. Texas’ Governor Abbott =119 was in office for 1009 days when the World Series began (exactly 144 weeks). Saipov =910. Vehicle Ramming Attack =190. George Springer =91. George Chelston Springer =119. The Astros =119. 

Abbott was also in office for 1017 days on 11/1/17. Twenty Seventeen Champions =117. The Houston Astros =1170. Vehicle Ramming Attack =1170. This number we keep repeating over and over and over again. The NYC Attack happened 1 year 11 months 17 days after the Paris Attacks. View any of the previous posts on recent terror attacks to see the prevalence of this code.

And look at this image from the NY Times. Directly down the street from One World Trade Center, a cheeky BB//33 on the green flag. I really don’t know how they do this shit, how they could possibly pull off a hoax in the middle of Manhattan, with that many uncontrolled variables roaming around. And if it’s a false flag it’s crazy how perfectly it’s all orchestrated. Which is why this is so fuckin bogus, this whole false flag VS hoax business that has the truth community watching over their shoulders and lashing out at each other like abused dogs who bark and act big because they’re scared of getting hurt again. It’s so bad man. It’s so obviously a distraction, whether you’re aware of it or not.

That being said, it is fucked up how all these decodes keep suggesting total conspiracy, that apparently not a single one of these terror attacks is legitimate and/or authentic (aka actually homegrown). As if there’s not really so many amateurs out there who are desperate for fame and willing and able to do violence in the name of a cause. Some of the more twisted cats out there even broadcast their murderous fantasies on their blogs, promoting their version of truth while calling for the mass murder and genocide of the ignorant (i.e. those who believe otherwise). Like all the good and honest people out there who don’t have the luxury to research conspiracies deserve to die. And frankly I’m fucking disgusted that our Gematria community is associated with that evil extremist shit. It’s such a tainted detriment to the whole movement, a cancer to the truth community. What we need is more good people out there.

Although I’ve been traveling the world for the last couple years now, celebrating freedom, and everywhere I go I find real good people – whether they believe in the Illuminati or that sports or rigged or not. Who gives a fuck at the end of the day, because we all have our roles to play. The alphanumeric patterns show everything is connected – just like all human beings. Separateness is an illusion and divided we are conquered. Hatred for others is hatred of self. And it’s a beautiful fucking world out there, despite what CNN tells you. Despite what some hateful little blogger tells you. Remember that you’re free to find (and live) your own truth, whatever that means to you. So have a happy Guy Fawkes Day, and set yourself on fire.

The Ritualistic Death of Brad Bufanda

This low level actor named Brad Bufanda, best known for his role on Veronica Mars, was killed on 1 November 2017 (under the sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars) when he allegedly threw himself out the window of his LA apartment building. As the numbers suggest, this latest casualty of the Hollywood monster was yet another ritualistic blood sacrifice.

Brad Bufanda =126 died at the age of 12,600 days old, and exactly 26 weeks after his birthday. That’s his name in Francis Bacon, the Masonic method that gives us G=33, and one of the most perfect long counts we’ve yet come across in a celebrity death. In 2001 he changed his name to Bradley Joseph Bufanda =260Bradley Bufanda =262

  • Brad =62 was born Fred Joseph Bufanda =1162 and died on November First =162/621. November First Two Thousand Seventeen =261. On IMDB he’s known as Bradley Joseph: Bradley =62/26. Joseph =26. He also died 6 months 2 days or a span of 26 weeks 2 days before his next birthday, damn near smack dab in the middle of his 34th year in this reality. Born and died on a Wednesday =126.
  • He also died 260 days before the death of his Veronica Mars costar Kristen Bell, and his character in that show was killed in 2006. The show was created by Robert Thomas =206/162, whose RIP tweet for Bufanda is being used across the media. Bufanda’s first ever film was Pocket Ninjas at age 10; it released on 20/6 and he died 1062 weeks later.

Ritualistic Blood Sacrifice =262. Sacrifice =206/62. Ritual Sacrifice =206. Hollywood =26. God =26. Saturn =26. Sorcery =126. Blood =126. Illuminati Ritual =1206. 

Bradley Joseph Bufanda =81/108. Bradley =18 also died the age of exactly 1800 weeks old, as well as 180 days after his birthday. Plan B =18 was the name of the episode where Brad’s character, Felix Toombs, gets murdered. Plan B, as in Plan Bradley – the backup strategy to kill himself if he becomes another washed up and broken ex-celebrity (as the official story says).

18=(6+6+6). Rob Thomas =666. Bradley Bufanda =696.

Bradley Joseph Bufanda =117 was 10 years 1 month 17 days old for the release of Pocket Ninjas, then he died on 11/1/17. Felix Toombs =117 was murdered in the 17th episode of season 2, also written S2E17, like 2017. Bufanda died 2 months 17 days after the birthday of Rob Thomas =107Brad Bufanda =71. Sacrifice =71. 

  • That last episode Plan B =45/54, aired 4/5 and he was born 5/4. 
  • Mars =201. Illuminati =120. Kristen Bell =1020 was born 1020 days before Brad’s birth. Sacrifice =1020. Robert Thomas =1020 was born 21 years 102 days before Brad’s birth. Rob =210. Sacrificed =210. Mars =21. Saturn =21. Felix =21. Toombs =21. Bradley =21. Bufanda =21. 

For that Pi action, he died 3 months 14 days after Bell’s birthday in his 413th month of life. And I see there was a Veronica Mars movie from 2014 that released on 3/14.


The Eagles Sacrifice of Daniel Te’O-Nesheim

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 8.30.47 PM.png

Daniel Te’O-Nesheim, a former defensive end drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles =300, has died on October 30th at the age of 30, the day after the Eagles beat the 49ers to go 7-1, thus giving them the best record in the NFL. The day before Halloween, the holy-day of the Druids who performed much human sacrifice – especially on this day said to be the day when the veils between dimensions are the thinnest. The Druids also marked this time as a fertility festival, thanking the spirits for the harvest. Consider then, the tragic death of Te’O-Nesheim in this framework, the Eagles performing a sacrifice of one their people as a cheers for leading the league.

  • I’m housesitting down in Cornwall now and watching a spooky Halloween special on Ireland’s Celtic Demons – and they just brought up sacred geometry, saying coincidence is often a repeating pattern. Coincidence is often a repeating pattern. There’s also a lot of talk of the Hellfire Club and human sacrifice. Truth hidden in plain sight. 

Daniel =89 died in the 98th season of the NFL 98 days before the Super Bowl at the age of 11,098 days old, the day before All Hallow’s Eve =98. Minneapolis Minnesota =98. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =89. Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =86 was selected 86th overall and died 8 weeks 6 days before the birthday of Eagles QB, Carson Wentz =1809. 

Wentz, born on the 30th, was exactly 298 months old when Te’O-Nesheim died. Philadelphia Eagles =298. And how’s this, Wentz was born 289 weeks after the birth of Te’O-Nesheim. Minneapolis Minnesota =289. [Carson Wentz =314 was also born a pi-curious span of 2027 days later… interesting. And speaking about Pi, I was at Stonehenge the other day and that design was all Pi Symbol to me; gateways or portals, alphanumeric spell-casting and ancient evil.]

And the thing is, Te’O-Nesheim is the third former Eagles player to die in October. The last one was Charles Weber =1199 (Jewish Gematria). And of course if we include the end date, Te’O-Nesheim died at the age of 11,099 days old. Te’O =11 Nesheim =99. Daniel = 99. Chuck Weber =99. Philadelphia =199. Benjamin Hawkins =99 the other Eagle to die, on October 9th.

This means that if we count from Halloween, the day after his death, it’s a very clean span of 11,100 days after his birth. Philadelphia Eagles =111. Super Bowl LII =111. Minneapolis Minnesota =111October =111. Ajayi =1011, the Miami RB traded to Eagles the day after Te’O-Nesheim died.  Dick Vermeil =111. 

  • And get this, Dick Vermeil – legendary Eagles coach – turned 81 years old on the very day that Te’O-Nesheim =108 died. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =81. The first time the Eagles were in the Super Bowl was in ’81. 

Eagle =630. Vermeil =630. Jay Ajayi was born 6 years 3 days after the birth of Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =63, who was waived 63 weeks after signing with the Eagles. Chuck Weber =63. Benjamin Hawkins =62. That’s all three Eagles to die this month coded up the same.

Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =252 also wore #52 with the Eagles and we’re leading up to Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota =52Benjamin Hawkins =252. Samhain =52 was the Druid holy-day at Halloween. Chuck Weber =125. Wentz =25. The first Eagles SB was on 1/25 and their last was in 2005. The 52nd prime is 239. Super Bowl 52 comes 1932 weeks after that first Eagles SB in ’81.

Te’O-Nesheim spent 444 days with the Eagles, reminding us of the 444 day Iran Hostage Crisis, which – as it turns out – ended five days before Super Bowl XV, the first Eagles appearance, a loss to the Raiders. The Eagles defeated their arch nemesis the Cowboys to reach that SB, and I’d say they have a better chance getting upset by the Cowboys this year, as it seems a bit obvious for the Eagles to make it. Then again, Sports Illustrated called the Astros as 2017 World Series Champions back in 2014…

Hotel Fires & Intelligence Agencies

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) is known as the CIA’s Big Brother, said to be the most powerful and secretive intelligence organization in America. And it was formed on 1 October 1996 — which means that the NGA =21 celebrated its 21st birthday just like many young Americans: by going to Las Vegas and painting the town red.  Legal Age in America =201. The Drinking Age =210. (Imagine if Gematria is the reason why America has such a ridiculously late legal drinking age). The CIA’s motto: The Work of a Nation The Center of Intelligence =201. Intelligence =201. Mandalay Bay =121. Hotel and Casino =210. International Banking =210. Mafia =21. Kerkor Kerkorian, the ‘father of the mega-resort’ and the man who founded MGM, died exactly 120 weeks before the Vegas Attack. Illuminati =120. The Institute =1020 (aka Mossad in Hebrew). October 1st is also the birthday of the Defense Intelligence Agency =120. 

  • Have you heard of the Winecoff Hotel Fire? This is somehow new to me, despite multiple posts on the history of building fires. 7 December 1946, the deadliest hotel fire in United States history, killing 119 hotel occupants, including the hotel’s owners. Fire =21. Winecoff Hotel =210. It happened 20,001 days before 9/11 2001. Insane duration, especially when the Winecoff =121 was notable for the number of victims who jumped to their deaths…
  • It also happened 201 days after an airplane crashed into 40 Wall Street, creating a 20-by-10 foot hole in the NYC building that would later be purchased by Donald Trump (born 26 days after it). This all helps the Grenfell Tower Fire =210 make more sense, as it occurred on Trump’s birthday.

MGM Resorts International =112. GEOINT =211 (the other acronym for the NGA). Forty Wall Street =211. Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino =2111. On 21/11 in 1980, the MGM Grand in Vegas caught on fire, killing 85 people in the worst disaster in Nevada history, and curiously the reflection of 58 dead in the Route 91 Massacre. Now this Hotel Winecoff story is really interesting, and definitely worth a deeper investigation. [Sidenote: the Winecoff is currently considered to be the most haunted hotel in America.]

This image of the woman falling won the 1947 Pulitzer Prize for Photography – and prominently displays the Double Cross of Lorraine, created by the Knights Templar and later adopted by the Church of Satan as the Leviathan Cross. There’s a similar pattern on the runways of Love Field in Dallas, where JFK landed that day, and MLK was shot at the Lorraine Hotel. So it’s very suspicious that this award-winning photo from the hotel fire displays it so prominently. The Double Cross of Lorraine =1119. Double Cross =119. Hotel =119. Winecoff =1019 (in Jewish G). 119 people were killed. JFK was assassinated 11 years 19 days after the formation of the NSA.

The MGM Fire is the third worst hotel fire in American history after the Winecoff and the Dupont Hotel in Puerto Rico (12/31/86). The Dupont happened 40 years 22 days after the Winecoff, which happened 12,404 days before the MGM Fire. Stephen Paddock =1422. The Central Intelligence Agency =424. Antoine Fats Domino Junior =1424. His first album ‘The Fat Man’ dropped 4 years 4 months 2 days after Fat Man dropped on Nagasaki (shoutout to Whats In A Name for that gem). The NGA was formed when the DIA was exactly 420 months old.

  • Back to the NGA’s 21st birthday party: 21 years is exactly 252 months and the NGA formed 2 years 5 months 2 days before the grand opening of Mandalay Bay. Sin =252. Central Intelligence Agency =252. New World Order =252. Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy =252. The Elite =252. Smells Like Teen Spirit =252. Kurt Cobain died 2 years 5 months 2 days before Tupac got shot (in Vegas) and Tupac died 25 weeks 2 days before Biggie. The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations =252 (aka the Mossad).

21 years is also 7670 days. The inverse of that is the NGA’s motto: “Know the Earth… Show the Way… Understand the World” =676 (Francis Bacon). The MGM Grand Fire happened 7600 days before 9/11/01. The Institute =766. The Central Intelligence Agency =1761. 

The MGM Grand (now Bally’s =26) was 26 floors and this 1620 key is from an article about the fire’s anniversary. This stood out to me as the Vegas Attack happened 16 years 20 days after 9/11/01. Mandalay Bay also opened exactly 126 weeks after the formation of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency =126. The CIA =126. National Security Agency =126. The CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, was born 11 years 1 month 26 days after the formation of the NSA. The Mossad =206. Kidon =26, the unit within the Mossad responsible for the execution of opponents and suspected of being behind many successful assassinations.

  • Chris Cornell died in an MGM Grand Hotel on May Seventeenth =1026 exactly 1026 weeks after the death of Kurt Cobain =126 and 1 year 26 days after the death of Prince. Black Hole Sun =1206, as Jason Aldean has tattooed on his arm above the blackjack, 10+A like the date. Winecoff Hotel =1260. The Central Intelligence Agency =262.  The Grenfell Tower Fire happened exactly 1262 months after Titanic sunk. How about that.

The kid who took that Pulitzer winning image of the Double Cross was called Arnold =22 and was born on 2/22/22. Paddock was born 22 weeks 2 days after the formation of The NSA =22. Mossad =22. Intelligence Agency =222. The Institute =222 (aka the Mossad). Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer =222/2202 was founded exactly 1222 weeks before the formation of the CIA, which is the second tight span we’ve found synched up with MGM. Chris Cornell allegedly killed himself at an MGM Grand: exactly 34,000 days after MGM was founded.

Central Intelligence Agency =230 was formed 2030 days after the birth of Paddock. End date included, 9/11 happened 20,003 days after the Winecoff =32 Hotel Fire. Five days after the 7/7 London Bombings was 20,300 days after the formation of the Mossad. Cross of Lorraine =203. The Mafia =32. The Mossad =32. Paddock =132 shooting from the 32nd floor.

  • Trump was born 7 months 22 days before the Winecoff Fire. The Mossad was formed exactly 227 weeks after the bombing of Nagasaki. Countdown =1227. History =227. Foreshadow =227. Divination By Numbers =227. Timekeeping =227. Saturn has a circumference of 227,000 miles. Cosmic Hologram =227. Earth =227. 

The CIA was formed on 18/9 and Stephen Paddock was 10,089 days old for the MGM Grand Fire of 1980. MGM =198. The Mossad =98. Grenfell =89. Government Sponsored Hoax =1890. And check this one out, from the formation of the Mossad on 13 December 1949 to the September 11th Attacks: 18,900 days. And what’s even weirder about this is that Stephen Edwin King =1098 was the exact same age of 18,900 days old when he was famously hit by a van while out walking. And I curiously have very little information on the #189 but let’s look out for that span repeating.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 11.55.43 AM.png

Of course 9/11 happening exactly 2700 weeks after the Mossad was founded works too. The Mafia =270. Iraq =270. The CIA =27. The New World Order =207. 

World Series Twins Trick: Fats Domino & Robert Guillaume

We got another double jeopardy as two black entertainers, Fats Domino & Robert Guillaume, died on the same day: 24 October 2017. The thing is, they were both 89 years old and were born 89 days apart. Robert Guillaume =809. Fats Domino + Robert Guillaume =1189. The Star of David =89, as we see blinging away on Fats’ watch. They died on the day of Game 1 of the World Series between The Houston Astros =189 and Los Angeles Dodgers =89. LA + Houston =809. Appropriately enough, Domino died in Harvey, LA (Louisiana, as Hurricane Harvey recently roughed up Houston) and Guillaume died in LA (Los Angeles). What are the frickin odds eh. Guillaume representing the Dodgers & Domino the Astros, with that damn star watch just like the Houston H logo. (The Dodgers logo even resembles a star shining light down like Polaris).

  • And the hurricane connection gets even tighter when we learn that Fats Domino was reported to have died during Hurricane Katrina, the storm destroying his New Orleans home. Harvey =24/1204 made landfall 11 years 11 months 24 days after Fats was lost in Katrina =241. This sequence is a lock because Domino & Guillaume died on the 24th and the 24th prime number is 89, full circle.
  • We also just had the 89th Academy Awards – on Domino’s last birthday, 240 days before he died, 124 days before his next birthday. Guillaume died 1400 weeks 2 days after the death of his son (at age 33 from AIDS=33), and 10 months 24 days after his own last birthday. How about that.
  • Los Angeles + Houston =204. Houston Astros =204. The Los Angeles Dodgers =204. Dodgers =240. LA =24. And speaking about Hurricane Katrina in 2005, that fall was the first time the Astros ever made the World Series, and the last. They were swept by the White Sox after winning 89 games that season.

Fats Domino + Robert Guillaume =124 were also born 12 weeks 4 days apart. Guillaume’s birth surname was Williams =124, full name Robert Peter Williams =240. Antoine Fats Domino Junior =2040. Domino =420. Guillaume =142 played Rafiki in The Lion King =124 which opened when Barack Obama =124 was a perfect 12,004 days old. Remember at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner when Obama responded to Trump’s birther allegations with a video clip of The Lion King. On 11/24 it will be 2400 days after that dinner.

And speaking about the Disneyland connection to Los Angeles, we’re reminded of the dog Dodger from Oliver & Company. That Disney film came out in November 1988, less than a month after the Dodgers won the World Series – though production began in 1987 under the title Oliver and the Dodger, so it’s not like there was a name change following the win.

  • Los Angeles =966. Fats Domino + Robert Guillaume =1699. Domino + Guillaume =696. Fats Domino =696. Fats’ birth name: Antoine =666. Robert Williams =666 (in Satanic Gematria, no less). On 11/4/17 it will be 6 years 6 months 6 days after the 2011 Correspondents’ Dinner.

Domino & Guillaume were also born 2 months 27 days apart for the ever-present pi coding. Robert Guillaume =227. Guillaume =722 even died 7 months 22 days before the 24th anniversary of the Lion King (15 June 2018), a date when Trump will be 72 years 2 days old. Twenty Seventeen World Series =722. Remember Astros’ George Springer =227 on that prophetic Sports Illustrated cover that called Houston as 2017 World Series champions back in 2014. Remember MLB player Darren Arthur Daulton =227 (who wrote a book on occultism & numerology) playing his final game 20 years 27 days before this 10/24 date, and 20,207 days after the Colt 45s first ever game in Houston, before they rebranded as Astros with props to NASA, as we’ve been showing tributes to all year.

And I went on a bit of a tangent here, but looking at Oliver & Company for clues as to another Dodgers win, the movie is about an orphan kitten who joins a gang of dogs to survive in the streets. Their gang leader is a human thief named Fagin, voiced by Dom DeLuise – who passed away a pi span of 3104 days before the upcoming Game 7. Further, Disneyland opened 22,700 days before 9/9/17, the day 22 weeks 7 days into the season, and the day leaving 113 days remaining here in the 113th World Series. (Astros & Dodgers both lost games that day). Dodgers Astros World Series =113.

And just to back up the Disneyland duration, the Dodgers last won the World Series on 20 October 1988. On that day, Disneyland had been open for 33 years 3 months 3 daysThat Sports Illustrated issue predicting the Astros as “Your Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs” =3330 came out 3 years 3 months 3 days before these playoffs began. World Series =1333. And it’s not just the LA connection as the location of the world’s first Disneyland, it’s Houston home to NASA – which has been a Disney production since its outset. NASA =33. Disneyland =133. Dodgers =33. Astros =33. 

Guillaume’s birth name is Robert Williams, which made me think of Robin Williams =1170. The comedian just so happened to die a perfect 1170 days earlier. Fats Domino + Robert Guillaume =1170. The Houston Astros =1170. Dodgers =117 co-owned by Guggenheim Baseball Management =117 and Earvin Magic Johnson Jr =117 and Peter Gruber =117 who also owns the Golden State Warriors =117. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts =1117 and Game 7 on 11/1/17. 

  • Guillaume died 1 months 7 days before his birthday and exactly 1717 weeks after his Hollywood Star ceremony. This number reminds us that Ghandi was assassinated at 17:17, the exact same time that Pope John Paul II was shot in an assassination attempt at 17:17. Sacrifices recreating that of Jesus, known as the King of Jews =1717. That time 17:17 is the 1037th minute of the day and John Paul II was shot exactly 137 weeks after the assassination of Pope John Paul I, who died 33 days into office, the 33rd prime 137. (I’ll do a full post on this soon).

Fats Domino =44. Fats =44. Williams =44. Robert Peter Williams =1440. They passed away on numerology of (24+10+2+0+1+7) =44. The Lion King =44. Lion King =44. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =404/444. LA + Houston =44/440. Disneyland =44. 

World Series.jpg

Man, there’s so much more to explore here and I’m loving that NASA-Disney connection. There’s a new Disney movie called Coco based on the Mexican holiday the Day of the Dead, which premiered on 10/20, exactly 29 years to the day after the Dodgers won the ’88 World Series. The protagonist is a kid named Miguel Rivera – and there’s articles from today (10/24) comparing Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen to Mariano Rivera. 

Mariano Rivera =69 was born in ‘69 and was exactly 6900 days old for the Dodgers =69 win in ’88. Kenley Geronimo Jansen =96. Jansen =99 will be exactly 10,990 days old on Game 7 of the World Series =199. Los Angeles Dodgers =169. And hey, if you’re not tumbling down rabbit holes in search of mysteries then what are you even doing with your life??

Las Vegas False Flag Revisited

I stumbled upon one of my first decodes, about a hit-and-run in Vegas back before vehicle rammings were cool. On the evening of 20 December 2015, a woman named Paris plowed through a crowd outside the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, just over a month after the Paris Attacks, killing 1 injuring 37. Remember that one? Her name was actually Lakeisha Holloway but back then it was reported that this woman (who previously appeared in a TV spot for homelessness) had recently changed her name to Paris Paradise Morton, right before she smashed into the Paris Vegas with her kid in the backseat. I don’t think I need to spell out the obvious NLP programming there.

  • I’ve been reading more conspiracy research and “sources” are saying that Stephen Paddock was an arms dealer working for both the CIA and the Russian Mafia, and his girlfriend was a known FBI informant. Also apparently the owner of Mandalay Bay, James Murren, dumped 80% of his shares in the hotel less than a month before the false flag, while George Soros reportedly made $73 million purchasing put options on MGM stocks two months earlier. The attack coincided with a mass casualty drill conducted for FEMA as well as the 2017 Surefire World Multigun Championship being held in Vegas, which just happened to be hosting some of the most elite military snipers in the world at the time. Then there’s the security guard hero, Jesus Campos, who isn’t registered as a security guard in Nevada and had his employee information scrubbed from the MGM internal base for reasons unknown – then disappeared for a week before popping up on Ellen. Some curious details to the story for sure.

False Flag =69. Stephen Paddock =69. Lakeisha Holloway =69. Paris Paradise Morton =69. Las Vegas Strip =69. Nevada =690. Route Ninety-One =690. James Murren =169. Espionage =169. The 69th prime is 347 and Tupac was shot in Vegas 34,700 days after President McKinley, shot at the Temple of Music on 6/9, like this Harvest Music Festival across from an Egyptian Temple. Tupac & McKinley both died a week later, exactly 95 years apart.

Jesus Campos =66. Lakeisha =66 Holloway =666. Antifa =666. Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino =99 opened in 1999 a perfect 6606 days before the Vegas False Flag being called the Pyramid Sacrifice. Gun Runner =666. Stephen C Paddock =669. The CIA =969. Mandalay Bay was opened for 969 weeks for the incident, which came 1099 weeks after Tupac got shot outside the MGM Grand =199. Stephen Paddock =199. 

If you check out that report I did, Vegas Car Chaos, not only do we see how much I’ve improved over the past two years, we see I placed an emphasis on 91 (though not very persuasively). Paris Las Vegas opened on 9/1 with 109 numerology and the car ramming happened at the same time as a landslide in China left 91 people missing. Of course this matters because of the country festival target: Route 91 Harvest. Route NinetyOne Festival =91. Music =91. Arms Dealer =91. CIA =91. Central Intelligence Agency =91. Mossad =91. Deep State =91. Espionage =91. It happened with 91 days left in 2017, a span of 1 year 9 months 10 days after the car crash.

  • Mass Shooting =191. Mandalay Bay Hotel =191. Domestic Terrorist =191. Happening a span of 191 days before the birthday of Stephen Paddock =191 and exactly 1091 months after the birth of Paddock’s bank robber father. The Simpsons episode with Ned as the Texas Tower Sniper aired 10,091 days after the Texas Tower Shooting.

CIA False Flag Operation =930. Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino =93. The crash there happened exactly 93 weeks before the Pyramid Sacrifice at Route NinetyOne Festival =93. Mandalay Bay Hotel =93. Propaganda =93. Psychological Weapon =93. MKUltra =93. The Police =93. Campos =93. Jesus Campos =193. Russian Mafia =193. Stephen Paddock =193. 

I see that the Las Vegas Strip =1113 was destroyed in the disaster movie 2012 which released on 11/13 in 2009, a Friday the 13th exactly six years before the 11/13 Paris Attacks, which is exactly 313 weeks. Lakeisha Nicole Holloway =313. Paris Las Vegas Hotel =313. 

  • 2012 also came out 7 years 10 months 17 days before the Vegas Attack. And to connect the dots, let’s refresh on the vehicle ramming on La Rambla =17 in Barcelona =71 which laid the groundwork for the 117 significance: it happened on the 17th day in the 17th year and the 1,017th minute of the day, 117 hours after the vehicle ramming in Charlottesville & 11,107 days after the last major terror attack in Barcelona and exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing. Spain =117.
  • Las Vegas =117. Sin City =117. Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino =117. The Vegas Attack happened on 10/1/17 a span of 1 year 10 months 17 days after the Paris Attacks. It happened right across from the Luxor Pyramid and there’s an occult secret society called the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor =117. Mandalay Bay’s second tower has 1117 suites. #VegasStrong =1170. CIA False Flag Operation =1170. The Government =1170. World Domination =711.

Further, the Vegas Attacks happened 70 years 11 days after the formation of the Central Intelligence Agency =117 (if we count the days between). Espionage =117. Allen Dulles =117 died an interesting span of 17,777 days before the Vegas Attack. CIA False Flag =71. Mandalay =71. Steve Paddock =71. Paddock =107. Vegas =107. Nevada =17. Mossad =17. Mandalay is 1.7 miles from Paris Vegas (or 3.3 miles via the I-5 and 33-minutes walking, the shooting peaking in the 1330th minute of the day). Razhden Shulaya =71 was the alleged leader of the Soviet mafia syndicate arrested in Vegas (117 days before the attack), one of the first federal racketeering charges ever brought against an elite Russian criminal.

Word on the street is that Shulaya controlled a vast gun smuggling ring, previously protected by the Obama regime, and headed by none other than Stephen Paddock, who was also employed by the CIA as an arms smuggling pilot in Operation Cyclone, arming and financing the Muhajadeen in Afghanistan during the ’80s. And then there’s the footage of muzzle fire from multiple windows, as experts say one amateur marksman couldn’t possibly hit the equivalent of an entire battalion, 604 casualties by a 64-year-old, in under ten minutes – even if it was shooting fish in a barrel with the stage flood lamps cranked on after the shooting began. Who really knows. Maybe it’s all a hoax and no one died. I wasn’t there, so all we can do is report on the stories we’re told and read between the lines by employing the alphanumerics.

  • Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino =1620. The Vegas Event happened 16 years 20 days after 9/11/01. Lakeisha Holloway =1062. Route NinetyOne =62/206. Marilou Danley =1206. The Deep State =206. The Mossad =206. The CIA =126. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. Gun Runner =262. Russian Mafia =260/62. Mandalay Bay opened 26 weeks 2 days after Paris opened.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas =126. Las Vegas Village =1126. Paddock’s father was born on 11/1/26 and died age 26,011 days old. Frank Miller’s Sin City came out exactly 12 years 6 months before the attack which came 162 weeks after the Sin City sequel. Campos =26. Spook =26/260. False Flag Operation =260.