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Dear Truth-Seeker, 

Thank you so much for reading with an open heart and critical mind.  You are a vital part of this, the Deprogram Program, as we help to spread Awareness and Truth and take back the power that is ours by right as Human Beings of Planet Earth. The veil is lifting, the light is shining bright on all the darkest corners of the Alphanumeric Conspiracy – and together we shall overcome. 

If my work here at Extra-Capsa has added value to your life in any way, or if you appreciate the sacrifices this work takes and you feel karmically inclined to give back, please Support the Cause and donate whatever you’d like. Even some good vibes from your end of the web goes a long way. 

The book is about 74% finished (as of Canada Day) and my goal is to have it in print by September 11th, which would mark the one-year anniversary of this blog. It will cover the entire saga of the Alphanumeric Conspiracy and the Secret Language of Language, including an examination of various theories and philosophies as to what it all means. 

Thank you for your time and energy, and keep fighting the good fight, friend. 

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