If any of you beautiful truth-seekers want to reach out to your ol’ Brother Berg you can find me at Be excellent to each other.


12 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Can you do one on Bob’s burgers Episode 3 of this season “Teen-A-witch”. Almost every clip to do with Tina has Vikings & colts Messages in plain sight.


      • Gotta look deep man. Tinas book was a tribute to Prince. The lone sock symbolizing deflate gate ..every time she sat the book near anything all other things were blue and white. Ok maybe the last one is a little far fetched but the clues are there…also the superstore Halloween episode…look at Amy’s costume. The v on the hat with the snake in the shape of a horse shoe behind it. Also her staff has prince’s symbol. Yea she’s Cleopatra but I don’t think its a coincidence.


    • ‘I’m gonna have to leave the planet’ =119. Star of David =119. All-Seeing Eye =119, the two main symbols of the occult on one of the most heavily coded power numbers for sure. Thanks for reading Sim! Good luck with your journey of discovery.


  2. The film Nice Guys has a taxi cab with the numbers 322 on it.
    It’s got a heavy nuclear theme too.

    I also work alongside someone directly involved with Sandy hook. I can show you a lot on reference to his involvement.


  3. Tesla topic, Twins Trick? John Bedini died unexpectedly, November 5, 2016, four hours after his brother. See “Aaron Murakami” keyword. “Death Faire, Nov 5 2016”. Bedini and Murakami and Lindemann were making tesla type of devices very easy to understand and replicate, including Gray Engine and Stan Meyer, lately. Twins Trick happened in Aurora theater with the two gas masks. Again in Boston Marathon Bomb with a killed innocent brother and an incarcerated innocent brother. There’s a twins motif to two templars on one Horus. There’s the gnostic duality, VERY important, fits some of the “twins” or twos. 73 appears in Boston Marathon bomb graffiti signature, and in the Craft skull and in Marilyn Monroe’s hand signal, if you’re interested I can show you 73. Where did you find 73 associated with ritual sacrifice of innocents? Ass Ass (twins, two templars one Horus) In(ur-anus), Ass Ass I Nation(ur-anus), ass-ass-ins and ass-ass-i-nation, twins of a sort. Arnold’s **two** TIME covers, totenkopf and mano fico, 73 and 1/0(Turing focker divide-by-zero check-mate), Boston Marathon bomb’s 73 and 10 graffiti tag also saying Gladio B’s(Sibel Edmonds)–low JSOC lynchmob ass-ass-ins spark of high-heeled(sole of high-heeled shoe a “0” and spike heel a “1”), low spark of those high-heeled Oxbridge b’s, gay spark of those Oxbridge turing-fockerred with Alan Turing so 1/0’d he killed self. Glad(gay) 1/0 b’s, low JSOC Mccarthyist left-brain(Mark Passio youtubes for prereq) clone drones aka ass-ass-ins of templar gnostic hermes-aphrodite ur-anus.


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