Petronas Twin Towers: Gematria IRL

The Petronas Towers =88 (with s-exception) are each 88-stories tall and construction began 8 years 8 months 8 days before the 9/11 False Flag on the American Twin Towers. Terrorist Strike =888. Divine Plan =888. I’m in KL right now and the last time I was here in 2002, these were the tallest buildings in the world – they’re now the 8th tallest. The #8 is an auspicious number in Chinese numerology and the Chinese secret societies built this city. They apparently still run it though I’m very curious about the interplay between the Crown secret societies (Freemasonry / Zionism / Jesuit Order) and the Green and the Red Societies, as the Chinese occult fraternity is called.

Green and the Red Societies =115/133. Freemasons =115. Saturn =511. Government =133. China =61. God =61. Green and the Red Societies =232. Groundbreaking on the Petronas Towers began exactly 1323 weeks after groundbreaking on the WTC. Love is the Law Love Under Will =323. Lucifer =323. Satan =232. The zip code for Willis Tower is 60606.

  • Kuala Lumpur =48. New York =48. Illuminati =48Kuala Lumpur Malaysia =84/228. United States of America =84/228. The Green and the Red Societies =148 (That’s in the reduced method with s-exceptions, though 148 in standard Gematria translates to 888 in the Sumerian method).
  • Notice the 48/84 reflection: the World Trade Centre stood for exactly 1484 weeks. 

The Petronas Towers =241. Each spire stands 241 ft tall. Terrorist =142 and the 9/11 Attacks lasted 142 minutes. Forty-Two =142. The Skybridge is an extension of the 42nd floor. Freemason =42. Masonry =42. 

Independence Day Resurgence shows a scene where the Petronas Towers collapse onto the London Bridge as a character says, “They Like To Get The Landmarks” =108. Petronas =108. It became the tallest building in the world by surpassing the 108-storey Willis Tower in Chicago, which previously surpassed the World Trade Center as tallest. Construction of the Petronas Towers began three days after the ’93 WTC Bombing.

I snapped this shot in San Fran of the Nob Hill Masonic Center =211. Mason =211. (KL=11+12). It’s located at 1111 California Street. The plaque reads “Dedicated To Our Masonic Brethren Who Died In the Cause of Freedom” =271, the 58th prime. Freemasonry =58. Direct hit. The Wikipedia page even tells us it contains gravel & soil from each of the 58 counties in California.

BC Hydro: Gematria IRL

2016-06-21 (3).png

What’s in the frickin tap water, eh? I snapped this shot of BC Hydro headquarters in Vancouver, located at 333 Dunsmuir, a street named after one of the old industrialist families of the area. Dunsmuir =47/119. Star of David =47/119. All-Seeing Eye =47/119. Saturn the All-Seeing Eye =1470. Calcified Pineal Gland =147.

  • Power Company =65/164. Poisoned Water =65/164.
  • Fluoridation =144. Poison Drink =144. Mark of the Beast =144.

Water =22. Power =77. The master numbers synching up with the crazy 88s coded into the banners on the grounds of British Columbia’s power company. The building designed after the pyramid with the missing capstone on which sits the all-seeing eye. Notice the logo as the iris…


The Shining

The Shining =59/113. Fake Reality =59/113. Two Seventeen =59 (the most haunted room in the hotel). Kill =59/44. Alcoholism =44 (which is the symbolic monster in the story). Dan Torrance =404 (as the kid is called in the sequel, grown up). Shining =44. That’s what they call the gift of ‘Telepathy’ =40. ESP =40. Mind =40. Maya =40. Subliminal =40. Terror =40. Torrance =40, the family’s name.

  • Jack Torrance =56/119. Rose The Hat =56/119 (antagonist in the sequel, Doctor Sleep). Star of David =56/119. All-Seeing Eye =56/119. The Overlook =56. Stephen King =56. And if you’ve read the other King decodes on Extra-Capsa, dude loads up 56 into all his works. The 56th chapter in The Shining is the second last, the climax when The Overlook Hotel explodes.
  • Danny Torrance =62. Mind Reading =62. The Star of David =62. Mason =62. The psychic cook, Dick Hallorann, is 62 years old in the book. Dick Hallorann =59. The Shining =59.

The novel was released on [1+28+1+9+7+7] =53. Shining =53. Alcoholism =53. Jack Nicholson =53. Hell =53. Angry Ghost =53. Angry Ghosts =153. All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy =153.

  • Doctor Sleep =132. Abra =132 (the powerful little girl with the Shining in the sequel). Abra Stone =32. King =32. Psycho =32.

Fun fact is Stephen King received the MASON Award on 9/23/11. Doctor Sleep was released 104 weeks 4 days later (144). Mark of the Beast =144.  The antagonists in the sequel are called “The True Knot” =58. Freemasonry =58. Secret Society =58. Delbert Grady =58 (the Overlook’s previous caretaker who murdered his wife and children). Danny =58.


Shipwreck Cannibalism and the Curious Case of Richard Parker


R v Dudley and Stephens (1884) is a leading English criminal case which established a precedent, throughout the common law world, that necessity is not a defence to a charge of murder. It concerned survival cannibalism following a shipwreck and its purported justification on the basis of a Custom of the Sea. It marked the culmination of a long history of attempts by the law, in the face of public opinion sympathetic to castaways, to outlaw the custom and it became something of a cause célèbre in Victorian Britain.

Dudley and Stephens were shipwrecked along with two other men. As times grew increasingly desparate adrift on the life raft, the men decided to murder and devour the weakest link, 17-year-old cabin boy Richard Parker. After a highly publicized trial (which began on September 11th) they were convicted of murder and sentenced to death with a recommendation for clemency; the sentence was commuted to six months in prison. It’s a commonly discussed case in legal school, and one of the strangest ‘coincidences’ out there.

As it turns out, 46 years before the shipwreck cannibalism, Edgar Allen Poe wrote his only complete novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket (1838), involving shipwreck cannibalism, as the four castaways draw straws and the loser is none other than one Richard Parker. The exact situation and the exact name… Richard Parker is also the name of the Bengal tiger in Life of Pi. A book whose name takes on a whole new light considering the synchronistic cycles of history repeating, especially when the shipwrecked  characters are adrift for 227 days (the approximation of pi being 22/7, as ‘Twenty-Two Divided By Seven’ =314). Life of Pi =78. Richard Parker =780.

  • Richard Parker =130/85. Pythagoras =130/58. Shipwreck =58. Freemasonry =58. Shipwrecked =58/121. Piscine Molitor Pi Patel =121 (protagonist in Life of Pi).
  • RICHARD =43. Murdered =43. Cannibalism =43. PARKER =33/69. False Flag =33/69. Pi =69. Parker =236 (Jewish). R V Dudley and Stephens =236. Martel =236 (author of Life of Pi). Yann Martel =42. Parker =42. Freemason =42.
  • Edgar Allan Poe =666.  The real-life ship was called the “Mignonette” =122. Survival Cannibalism =221.

The Mignonette set sail from England to Australia on 5-19-1884. The yacht capsized on July 5th, 47 days into their voyage. The men were adrift for 3 weeks 3 days, a nice 33 connected to Parker =33 who was sacrificed like Christ at age 33. The men ate of his flesh and drank of his blood, as per the Christian ritual. In Jesus Name =130. Elixir of Life =130. Richard Parker =130.


Biblical Sacred Geometry and the Miraculous Catch


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1. The Bible is extremely deep-coded with the alphanumeric system, as many scholars have previously pointed out. It is the playbook, as it were, for the Programmers and their occulted agenda of global enslavement. Based on our research, the immense body of synchronicities between Biblical passages and the programming of our experienced reality indicates that the Bible is at least partly, if not entirely, the work of the ancient secret society – divinely inspired in their own way as they are. For those readers that are faithful believers in the Good Book as the undiluted and sacrosanct voice of God Himself, know that there exists a sect of Gematria proponents here in the underground who take this Code (extending and manifesting itself from the holy script) to be proof positive of the Lord’s presence and guidance. This truth-seeker, however, sees it as the work of man playing God. Religion, the original mind-control device.

If we decode the Gematria of that aforementioned sentence alluding to the Power of Language, we find the Pythagorean / Reduced Method’s sum of 299. Aleister Crowley’s religion of Thelema is based on one main tenet, of which you may be familiar with the first four words: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the Law. Love under will.” =299. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. And neither is this: Nine Eleven Two Thousand One =299.



One of the 33 miracles that Jesus performs in the bible (before being crucified at age 33) is helping some down-on-their-luck fishermen haul in a huge catch of exactly 153 fish. The precision of the number has led to many conflicting theories, none of which have received widespread support – until we apply the science of Gematria, and it suddenly and undeniably makes perfect sense. It begins with the numerical value of the question.

According to John 21:11, Jesus approaches the fishermen and asks, “Friends, haven’t you any fish?” FRIENDS (6+9+9+5+5+4+11) =48, HAVEN’T (8+1+22+5+5+2) =43, YOU ANY FISH = (7+6+3+1+5+7+6+9+11+8) =62. In Pythagorean Method, using the s/v-exceptions for the master numbers 11/22, the sum of those five words equals 153.

153 is associated with the Vesica Piscis, the vulva-shaped pattern formed by two intersecting circles in Sacred Geometry. The name literally means “bladder of a fish” and its symbol is the occult meaning of the popular bumper sticker. JESUS FISH =53. VESICA PISCIS =53. WOMB =53. Known as the ichthys, from the Greek word for fish, it was used by early Christians as a secret symbol stemming back to pagan beliefs that associated the fish with reincarnation and the life force. The Vesica Piscis is also a symbol of Freemasonry, most notably in the shapes of the collars worn by officiants of the Masonic rituals. It is also considered the proper shape for the enclosure of the seals of Masonic lodges.

  • VESICA PISCIS =1069. THE SINGULARITY =1069. THE SOLAR SYSTEM =1069. Gospel of Jesus =169. The Virgin Mary =169. Truth is Love =169. The Great Awakening =169. Thelema =169. The square root of 169 is 13.

In the earliest traditions, the Supreme Being was represented by a sphere, the symbol of a being with no beginning and no end, continually existing, perfectly formed and profoundly symmetrical. The addition of a second sphere represented the expansion of unity into the duality of male and female, god and goddess. By overlapping, the two spheres, the god and goddess create a divine offspring. Considered the formative power of polygons, the Vesica Piscis forms the basic motif in the Flower of Life, the geometric image through which light is created. It also forms the Tree of Life in Jewish mysticism, the central symbol of the Kabbalah. Its formative power is said to stem from the √3 contained within the Vesica Piscis, and Archimedes calls the ratio 1/√3 the ‘measure of the fish’.

153 is a triangular number and the smallest three-digit number that can be expressed as the sum of its cubes: 12+52+3=153. The tetragrammaton (YVWH, the Holy Father of the Israelites) occurs 153 times in the Book of Genesis. YVWH =64. Israel =64. Zion =64. Thelema =64. Do What Thou Wilt =64. Solomon’s Temple =640. The Grand Masters =64. The Vesica Piscis =64.

  • THE MIRACULOUS CATCH =1200. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-THREE =1200. Golden Ratio =120. The Truth =120. The Architect =120. Kingdom of God =120. Illuminati =120. Church of Illumination =120.
  • JOHN=47. ICHTHYS =47. THE MIRACULOUS CATCH =74. JESUS =74. AGAPE =74 (unconditional love). MESSIAH =74. CROSS =74. Y’SHUA =74. JOSHUA =74. YESHUA BEN JOSEF =74. JEWISH =74. STAR OF DAVID =74. LUCIFER =74. MUHAMMAD =74. MOTHER NATURE =74. ENERGY =74. G-D = 7-4 (as God is often written in Judaism). GOD’S AUTHORITY =74. KNIGHTS TEMPLAR =74. MASONIC =74. OCCULT =74. BLADDER OF A FISH =74.
  • Upon realizing the nature of the Miracle Catch, the apostle Peter leapt into the water, shouting, IT IS THE LORD =58/139. FREEMASONRY =58/139.

THE MIRACULOUS CATCH =911, the 156th prime. GOD = 42+90+24 =156 (in Sumerian Gematria). GOD = 7+6+4 =17. WOMB =17. CATCH =17. The sum of every number from 1 to 17 equals 153. GOD = 7+15+4 =26. ICHTUS =26. The sum of every number from 1 to 26 equals 351, the reflection. In Jewish Gematria, GOD = 7+50+4 =61. SEA OF GALILEE =61 (where the miraculous catch occurred). FISHERMEN =61. MIRACLE =61. CHURCH =61. RELIGIOUS =61. JEHOVAH =61. PSALM =61. THE TRUTH =601.

  • In the King James Bible, the 61st Book has 61 verses. The 18th ‘Prime’ Number is 61. PRIME =61. Roger Maris set the MLB record with 61 homeruns in ’61. There were 61 countries participating in World War II.
  • With all the divine overtones connected to 61, is it any surprise that atomic number 61 in the periodic table is an element called Promethium? It’s named after Prometheus, the Titan from Greek mythology who stole fire (a symbol of divine knowledge) from the gods in order to give it to humanity – an act that enabled progress and civilization. Not all mankind, of course, just the Mystery schools, which are based on the usage of occult knowledge to achieve godhood. The Judeo-Christian equivalent of Prometheus is Lucifer (Latin for ‘Light-Bringer’) and we see this symbolism in the Statue of Liberty – that gift from French Freemasons representing SEMIRAMIS =61. This is the ancient goddess also known as Isis.

The Sea of Galilee has a 33-mile circumference. GALILEE =33. FISH =33. MANDORLA =33, the Vesica-Piscis surrounding Christ and the Virgin Mary in early Christian art. And as it turns out, there are 33 highways in America numbered 153. THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY =1530.

Vancouver’s Burrard Bridge: Gematria IRL


I was strolling across Vancouver’s Burrard Bridge last night and along with this beauty 144 tag I noticed a fine example of Gematria coding. With the s-exception, the crest on the bridge reads BY SEA AND LAND WE PROSPER =111. VANCOUVER BRITISH COLUMBIA =111. This city is named after CAPTAIN VANCOUVER =185. VANCOUVER CANADA =185. THE POWERS THAT BE =185.

  • Captain George Vancouver =242. Vancouver British Columbia Canada =2442. Canada =24. Freemason =42. Brotherhood of Saturn =242.
  • Burrard Bridge =73. City of Vancouver =73. Burrard =37. Its architect was ‘George Lister Thornton Sharp’ =137, the 33rd prime. Authority =137. By Sea and Land We Prosper =237. Invisible Fraternity =237.

The bridge opened on July 1, 1932. That’s the 182nd day of the year: Burrard =82. That’s also ‘Canada Day’ =54. Molson Canadian =54. Freemasonic =54. Vancouver BC =45. Canada Day =27. Burrard Bridge =127. The Jesuits =1207.

  • [7+1+19+32] =58. Freemasonry =58. False Creek =58/40. [7+1+32] =40. Vancouver =40. Zionist =40. Satanist =40. Enslavement =40.

Brazilian Impeachment and the Clinton Connection


Dilma Rousseff, the 36th President of Brazil and the nation’s first female president, has been voted for impeachment on the 107th day of the year. Impeachment =107. Her and Hillary were born 1 month 19 days apart in ’47. Star of David =47/119, the symbol of the masters behind both these puppets. President Dilma Rousseff =132. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. William Jefferson Blythe III =132. America =32. Brazil =32/68. Rousseff to be impeached at age 68, Hillary for president at 68.

  • Brazil =612. President Rousseff =219/93. Parasitic Powers =93. Impeached President =93. Hillary For America =93. President Hillary Clinton =1193. Hillary Clinton =73. Rousseff =37. Impeach =37.
  • And check out their birth numerologies, 10 points off each way: Rousseff: [12/14/1947] = 73, 91, 47, 29. Hillary: [10/26/19/47] = 83, 101, 57, 39. And notice Hillary born 10+26 and Rousseff the 36th president.

President Rousseff =84. Ordem E Progresso =84, the script on the Brazilian flag, which looks suspiciously like a reptilian eye… It’s got 27 stars. Star =271. Hillary Clinton =172. Brazilian Flag =64. Impeached =64.

In classic coding, the Brazilian congress needed 342 votes to advance the case to the upper house. Forty-Fifth US President =243. Queen Hillary Clinton =243. It was episode #243 of the Simpsons that forecast President Lisa in the wake of a disastrous Trump administration. Bill’s birth surname, Blythe =432. Donald J Trump =888. Dilma Rousseff =888.

Bill Clinton was impeached (then acquitted), and there’s even a picture on Rousseff’s wikipedia of her and Bill together, predictive programming. The duration between Bill’s impeachment and Brazil’s vote for impeachment come exactly 904 weeks apart. Oral Sex =94, Bill’s scandal for gettin head in the Oval Office. Guilty =94. Social Engineering =94. Masonic Mind Control =94. Impeachment Process =94.


  • William Jefferson Clinton =111 and became governor on 1/11. President Rousseff =111 and she became president on 1/11/11. Four Eleven =1111. Reptilian Freemasonry =1111. Problem-Reaction-Solution =111. Subconscious Programming =111. Michel Temer =111.
  • Dilma Vana Rousseff =1116. Illuminati Family =1116. Pscyhological Operation =1116. Dilma Vana Rousseff =1333 (JG). Government =133. Bill Clinton =313.

There’s still a ways to go but if/when she’s removed from office, her VP will take over for the remainder of her term: Michel Temer =666, born 9/23. The vote (reminiscent of some House of Cards shit) happened 22 weeks 7 days before his next birthday. Indeed there is much talk in the press of how Temer is conspiring for a coup. Bill got off but we’ll see how it turns out in Brazil, and what connections we can make with the future of Hillary.


Dilma =39 (Hillary with 39 birth numerology). Mosquito =39/48. President Rousseff =84. Bloodsucker =44. Parasite =44. Bloodsucking Parasite =113, add that one to the list. 

The Consciousness Hijack

Tonight I rediscovered a spoken word piece I did back on November 4th 2015. That’s 20 weeks 6 days ago and as it turns out I was born on the 206th day of a leap year; my girlfriend’s full name in Gematria equals 206; and I was 26 years old when we first met, 6 years ago. There are 206 bones in the human body. 

Enchanted =206: I feel. The Con =206: I expose. Sacrifice =206: my time and energy for the cause. Intelligent Nature =206: I rely upon and seek to commune with as much as I can. (Preferably on a sunny summer afternoon in the forest with some psyclocibin.)

Pythagorus called 26 the God number and GOD [7+15+4] =26. Like the 26 letters in our alphabet. Like the 206 bones in our skeleton. This so-called phsyical manifestation of our corporal framework, our TEMPLE =26. In numerology, my soul number is 26. I was born in ‘Calgary Alberta’ =126, my full name in Gematria equals 126, and I currently live in ‘Vancouver BC’ =126.

Ain’t this illusory reality of ours somethin truly wonderful.

This prose vid is my MISSION STATEMENT =62, the reflection of the divine essence, as the alphanumerics tell us. And this right here has been a Brother Berg fireside chat, so while I’m at it let me say THANK YOU – SO MUCH for reading and for sharing your time and energy with me, as together we Truth-Seekers Unite to ignite awareness as we activate and fulfill this Deprogram Program that is our destiny. 


International Women’s Day and the Suppression of the Sacred Feminine

Frauen Tag =440. The Sacred Feminine =440. Feminine =144 (Goddess Worship =1447). Hermaphrodite =440 (Gender Neutral =144). Bring Home The Bacon =440. The Annihilation =440. Mothership =440. Kill =44. Sexism =44. Frauen Tag =93 (Propaganda / Reprogram Reality / FLOTUS / End of Days / Parents / Trouble).

That’s the poster on the Wiki for International Working Women’s Day. Notice the date [3+8+19+14] =44, matching the headline with its embedded blend of Baphomet-esque gender-neutral kill coding and genuine empowerment.

Women’s Day, March 8th (Equality =38, Girls =38, Divine Feminine =138), the 67th day of the year. Day of the Goddess =67. Primal Mother =67. Female =67. Sixty-Seventh Day =67. Equality for Women is Progress for All =167. The Suppression of the Sacred Feminine =167. Human Equality =167. Some celebrate with purple ribbons. Purple Ribbon =67. Purple =88. Program =88. Independent Ladies =88. Feminism =88. Purple =425. Lady =425. (And it’s exactly 245 days or 8 months until the 8th of Nov, voting day, when Hillary will most assuredly be elected).

  • Ladies =300. Single Ladies =300. Eighth of March =121. Motherhood =121. Woman =1021/66. Goddess Within =66. Bitches =66. Feminism Agenda =66. Destruction of Families =99. Social Engineering =166.
  • Ladies =23. Dame =23. Males =23. Men =32. Mistress =32. Mrs =23. Miss =33. Women in the Workplace =230. Social Engineering =420. Women =420. Lady =42. Female =42. Bitch =42. Bitches Day =42/96. Independent Ladies =960. MK-Ultra =96.

Great Mother of All =176. Eighth of March =315/76. Columbia =315/76 (female personification of America). Artemis =315 (Goddess of the Hunt). The Fates =314 (squad of goddesses dictating the destinies of men). Independent Ladies =79. Anti-Sexism Day =1079. Mother =79. Nature =79. Our Mother Earth =797. Inner Goddess =79. Goddesses =97. Goddess Worship =181. Art =181. Female Empowerment =81. Independent Women =81. Lesbians =81. Venus =81. Gaia =108. Female Woman =108. Free Energy =108. The Spiral =108. Full Moon =108. God is Love =108.

Motherhood =58. Goddess Day =58. Bad Bitches Day =58. Day for Women =58. The Sacred Feminine =158. Mother Nature =158. Sacred Feminine =327/125. Better Half =327. Gender-Bending Chemical =327. Transgender =125. Women =1025. International Working Women’s Day =152. Anti-Sexism =152. Feminism =52. Semiramis =52.

  • If You Can Dream It You Can Be It =117. International Bitches Day =1117. Mother of Humanity =1117. The Thirty-Third Degree =1117.

We Can Do It =94/1112. Social Engineering =94. Destroying Family =94. {Feminist Agenda =64. Destroy Family =64. Earth is a Goddess =64.} Human Being =94. Harmony =94. Abortion =94. Sasha Fierce =94. Occult Conspiracy =1112. The Supreme Priestess =1112. Maria Sharapova =1112/143 — a female role model in the news for cheating on International Working Women’s Day =143. Feminism =43. Her ban goes into effect on 3/12. Matriarch =312. First Lady Michelle Obama =213. Next US President =213. Hillary Rodham Clinton =231.

Thank you, ladies. I love you.

Yoko Ono Hospitalized

Yoko One was rushed to the hospital on Friday night with symptoms coded as “extreme flu-like” =166/67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Mark David Chapman =67 (the patsy blamed for killing Lennon). September Eleven =166. The 2/27 news comes exactly 9 months 11 days before the 36th anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination. It’s also 116 weeks on the penny since his 33rd death anniversary. Making matter even more curious, Lennon died on [12+8+19+80] =119. And as the story goes, John and Yoko first met on 11/9/66. And the 9-11 happened 2 months 27 days before Lennon’s 21st death anniversary. YOKO (7+6+2+6) =21.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms =216. 6x6x6 =216. New York =666 (where Lennon died and Ono was hospitalized). 9-11 before the 36th death anniversary and the sum of 1 to 36 equal 666. Triple Six =66. John Winston Ono Lennon =99. Mark Chapman =99. YOKO ONO =660. YOKO =66. ONO =44/17. Kill =44/17.

Yoko Ono =38. Death =38 and it’s said a .38 killed Lennon on [12+8+1+9+8+0] =38. She’s currently 83. Born [2+18+19+33] =72. Twenty-Seven =72 (hospitalized on the 27th). Flu Like Symptoms =72. Murder By Numbers =72. [2+18+1+9+3+3] =36 (666).

Lennon died at 40 (the age at which some say Jesus was crucified) and was “Cremated” =33 on numerology of [10+12+1+9+8+0] =40. Ono was hospitalized 40 weeks 5 days before his 36th death anniversary. Flu-Like Symptoms =63.

Notice the hidden 911. Blood Sacrifice =67/121. John Lennon =121. Sean Ono Lennon =67. Stroke of Genius =67/85. Nine Thirty-Two PM =85/229 – sent on 2/26.

  • Sean was born on his dad’s 35th birthday, Oct 9, the day with 83 remaining. Again, Yoko is currently 83. MK Slave =83.
  • And the sum of the entire tweet is 1079. Ritual Murders =179.

Married on [3+25+19+69] =116, they spent their honeymoon in the presidential suite (Room 702) at the Amsterdam Hilton as the week-long Bed-In. [3+25+69] =97. John Lennon and Yoko Ono =97. The Beatles =97. Amsterdam Hilton =64. Beatles =64.

  • Hair Peace =48 (Illuminati / Hoax / Six Six Six). Triple Six =66. Hair Peace =66. Yoko Ono =660. Yoko =66. John Winston Ono Lennon =99. Masonic Ritual Murder =99. Elaborate Death Hoax =990.
  • HAIR PEACE BED PEACE =80. Lennon died in ’80 – 11 years later. Ill Omen =80. Tragedy =80.
  • Hair Peace =172. Amsterdam Hilton =172. “Only stroke Yoko Ono had was a stroke of genius.” Bed Peace =41. John & Yoko =41. Bed-Ins For Peace =360 The Garden of Eden =360.

John Lennon =49/121 (11×11). Revelation =49/121. Antichrist =49/121. John =47 (11). Lennon =74 (11). He died 11 years after his wedding and exactly 11 years after his death was the fall of the Berlin Wall. Exactly 22 years after the Fall, the statue of Vladimir Lenin was pulled to the ground and destroyed in Kiev. 33 years after the other Lennon was shot and killed. Winston =33. Bagism =33

  • BEATLES =223 (Masonic / The Synagogue of Satan). The Beatles’ debut album dropped on 22/3.

War is Over =58. Freemasonry =58. War Is Over If You Want It =113. Fake Reality =113. Mainstream =113. Dishonest =113. Sean Lennon Ono =58. Sean Lennon =113/41. John & Yoko =113/41. John F Kennedy died 1 month 13 days after John W Lennon’s 23rd birthday. JOHN W LENNON =144.