Yankees Death of Gene Michael

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As I’ve been reporting on some curious connections to the New York Yankees and their shot at the 113th World Series, we should examine the recent death on 7 September 2017 of Gene ‘Stick’ Michael, a shortstop for the Yankees who later became their coach then manager then GM, winning the World Series in 1978. He also managed the Cubs for two seasons and is credited with building the Yankees team that became a dynasty in the late 1990s, winning another four World Series titles. No slouch, making this a solid sacrifice and thus boosting the chances of the Yankees to go the distance.

Gene Michael =79. Michael =97 died 97 days after his 79th birthday. Yankees Shortstop =790/1179. Derek Jeter =179. The New York Yankees =79. New York Yankees =179. As we reported on earlier, Aaron Judge keeps a note in his phone of the number 179. Steinbrenner =197. George Steinbrenner =79/97. Derek Sanderson Jeter =79/97 for the more memorable Yankees shortstop. Miami =79. Hurricane =97.

  • Eugene Richard Michael =110. Michael =101. He died in Oldsmar FLA =101 and the Yankees will wear Black Armbands =101 for the rest of the season in tribute. Yankee =101. The Bronx =110. Aaron Judge =110. George Steinbrenner =101. NYC =11. New York =111. Michael died 11 months 11 days after the birthday of MLB Commissioner Manfred =111. Yogi =111. Derek Sanderson Jeter =111. Derek Jeter =111/101. New York Yankees Twenty Seventeen World Series =1101. 

Stick Michael =113. Eugene =113. The Yankees =113. The Yanks =113. Seventeen World Series =113. Commissioner’s Trophy =113. Michael died 11 months 13 days after the death of Marlins’ pitcher José Fernandez. Chiapas =113, where the Mexico earthquake hit. Geoengineered =113. 

Eugene =117 died 1 year 11 months 17 days after the death of Yogi Berra and 1 month 17 days before the World Series begins. Excluding start & end points, Michael died 11 years 17 days after groundbreaking at Yankee Stadium. New York City New York =117. Yankees in 117th season with Game 7 on 11/1/17. Weather Manipulation =117. 

  • Eugene Richard ‘Stick’ Michael =444. The New York Yankees =444. Yankees =44. Shortstop =44. NYC =44. NY =440. Michael died exactly 440 weeks after Yankee Stadium opened. HAARP =44. Nuclear Hurricane released on 4/4 of 2007.

Michael & Steinbrenner both died in Florida, where Yankees do their spring training, and Jeter is the incoming CEO and part-owner of the Miami Marlins – Michael =138 born in ’38 and died 38 weeks 3 days before his birthday during evacuations of the state due to incoming Hurricane Irma =138/38 which is set to hit Florida =38 a span of 3811 days after the release of the TV-movie Nuclear Hurricane, the reference given by the Mayor of Miami Beach 1383 days after he took office. Yankees Shortstop =1380. The Bronx =38. Florida =38. NYC =38. Black Armbands =38. Yankee Stadium opened 3080 days before the death of Michael. The Mexico Earthquake struck at 11:49 PM and 2300 hours is equal to 1380 minutes. 

As FTFT reported, the mayor of Miami Beach (not the Florida governor) called Hurricane Irma a ‘nuclear hurricane’ and there’s a movie with the same name about a ‘highly sophisticated computer system’ at a nuclear power plant that becomes sentient and ‘goes crazy’ as a tropical storm is blowing into town. This sounds like my theory that AI has been sentient and actively pulling the strings for some time now, which would explain all the pitch perfect coding in conjunction with the long-since established reality of military weather manipulation.

Houston just got fucked by Hurricane Harvey and now Irma is smashing shit up through the Caribbean en route for a fleeing Florida as the strongest earthquake in a century (8.2) hit off the SW coast of Mexico. That’s HAARP activity in full force. 

And I punched in the wrong coordinates and found something interesting. From Nuclear Hurricane to Jeter’s 44th birthday (6/26/18) is 4100 days. Gene Michael =41. Miami Marlins =41. Irma =41/140. Hurricane Irma =140. Derek Sanderson Jeter =114. Derek Jeter =1014. Eugene Richard Michael =1014. Scott =14. Rick Scott =41 became Governor of Florida on 1/4/11. 


Rocky Marciano & the Boxing Code

Floyd Mayweather’s 49-0 record is tied with that of Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record. Marciano died in a plane crash on 31 August 1969 on the eve of his 46th birthday (like 46-1). And I’m still steamin on these boxing tributes by the numbers, so let’s continue it with some more finds and potential predictive programming clues.

Rocky Marciano =142. Marciano =142. Rocco Francis Marchegiano =142. Rocky died at the perfectly timed age of 2400 weeks 2 days old and was the inspiration for Rocky Balboa =42 (real name in the move Robert Balboa =42). Rocky The Italian Stallion Balboa =1242. Muhammad Ali =42 was born in ’42. Muhammad =142. Cassius =42. Clay =402. Cassius Clay =124. Ali’s second loss came against Ken Norton =42 to make him 41-2. A few months later Ali beat Norton to go 42-2. Ali died 1 year 2 months 24 days before the Mayweather-McGregor match.

  • WBO =240 (World Boxing Organization). WBA =24 (World Boxing Association =124). Box =240. Boxers =24. Warriors =24. Gladiator =42. Professional Boxing =242. Professional Boxer =424. Prizefight =124. A Boxing Match =1242. National Sporting Club =242, the club founded in London =24/204 in 1891 that established professional boxing with a Ring =24 specified as 24-feet squared. This core code suggests the reason why we see the 24/42 sequence so prevalent in the sport. Forty-Nine =124. Fifty =24/42.
  • For another film example, Raging Bull =204 starring Deniro =24 as Jake =42 LaMotta =24 based on the real boxer Giacobbe LaMotta =204. Bull =242. The film also portrays Sugar Ray Robinson =240/224. Robinson =24 died on 12/4. 

McGregor VS Mayweather =242. M+M =24/42. August Twenty-Sixth =204. Floyd Money Mayweather =240. Floyd Mayweather =224 born 2/24. First Defeat =224. Mickey One Punch O’Neil =224. Conor Anthony McGregor =244. Ultimate Fighting Championship =244. The fight was announced 24 weeks 4 days before the Money Fight =42/242 which comes 4 years 4 months 20 days after Conor’s first UFC match. McGregor received is boxing license 1 year 4 months 24 days after Mayweather was stripped of his welterweight title. 420 days before Mayweather’s first fight, Mike =420 Tyson =42 got his 42nd win against Peter McNeeley =224 (ending in disqualification on 8/19/95) in a fight that inspired The Great White Hype =402, which was directed by Reginald Hudlin =240/224 and released on the 124th day with 242 days remainingPeter =24. McNeeley =24. McGregor was also born exactly 42 years 1 month after the birth of Donald =24 Trump =24. President Donald John Trump =124. 

Notorious McGregor =227Combat Sports Event =227. Marciano died 7 years 2 months 22 days before Rocky premiered in 1976 and 10,227 days before Princess Diana died on the same day. As we said in the last post, that Tyson-McNeeley fight was 22 years 7 days before this one, or exactly 1149 weeks.

The Boxer =149. Mac Greagoir =149. Conor Anthony ‘Notorious’ McGregor =1409. The Tyson-McNeeley fight was also 419 days before Mayweather’s first pro fight. McGregor’s UFC debut came 9 months 14 days after the 10-year anniversary of The Great White Hype‘s release and this fight comes 9 months 14 days after Conor’s last fight. August Twenty-Sixth Two Thousand Seventeen =491 and the fight is airing on channel 491 in the UK.

  • Marciano was born exactly 4904 weeks before the fight. Notorious Conor McGregor =1494. The fight is exactly 494 weeks after Conor’s pro debut, exactly 494 months after Muhammad Ali fought Japanese professional wrestler Antonio Inoki, and 4604 days after The Ultimate Fighter show premiered. McGregor was also born exactly 494 weeks before the release of The Boxer which stars Daniel Day Lewis (who just retired from acting this year) as – you guessed it – an Irish boxer named Danny Flynn. Fookin mental that there’s this many 494 synchs.

Danny Flynn =113 plays a member of The Provisional IRA =113 aka the Irish Republican Army =113 and The Boxer has a run-time of 113 minutes. Conor Anthony McGregor =113. Conor ‘Mystic Mac’ McGregor =113. Pugilist =113. Gladiator =113. Raging Bull =113. Scorsese =113. First Defeat =113. Ali’s first loss came against Joe Frazier =113 to make him 31-1, ha! Also, 23 August 2017 was the death of IRA informant Sean O’Callaghan =113.


And check out the date on the Ali issue – 2/24/64 – exactly 13 years before the birth of Mayweather (and 24 years 4 months 20 days before the birth of McGregor). Sean =24 O’Callaghan =424 was born 1204 weeks 2 days before Mayweather, who McGregor has called a Rat =42/24. All this coding strongly suggests these Manchurian Athletes =244 are bred by the numbers to play their scripted roles in our rigged reality. And while there’s definitely a strong narrative for McGregor to win, chances are it won’t be allowed to happen. Though I’ll definitely be pulling for Conor in this fight expected to be the most heavily bet on boxing match in history.

The Great White Hype

We just talked about the scene in Pulp Fiction where Butch Coolidge accidentally murders his opponent in the ring instead of taking a dive – only to discover that a very similar scene has just occurred in real life in Russia, where a world champion power lifter was killed by a professional MMA fighter in a street brawl over whose sport was better. Sound familiar? This just happened, 20 August 2017, with the hulking giant Andrei Drachev getting dropped by a roundhouse kick from Anar Allakhveranov, who is now on the lam and charged with homicide.

First the murderer: Anar Allakhveranov =113. Conor Anthony McGregor =113. Conor ‘Mystic Mac’ McGregor =113. As reported last post, Conor was 3011 days old for Mayweather’s first fight and he received his boxing license on 11/30 of 2016. Floyd Mayweather Jr + Conor McGregor =113 at T-Mobile =113 Arena on the Vegas Strip =1113 comes a span of 1 month 13 days after Conor’s birthday and a clean 113 days after the birth of his son. Biggest Combat Sports Star Ever =113 as Dana White is calling McGregor. McGregor Disqualified =113. Sultan =113, the promoter in The Great White Hype.

  • Drachev died the very same day as the death of an Olympic bronze-medal winning Bulgarian weightlifter named Velichko Cholakov =113. And the next day, 21 August 2017, a professional American bodybuilder named Dallas =113 McCarver died from choking to death – a submission to food. He was in a relationship with Ashley Sebera =113, a WWE wrestler who uses the stage name Dana Brooke. An MMA Fighter named Rondel Clark =113 died a week earlier, on 14 August, after getting knocked out in the ring. Wrestlers =113. Boxing =113. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc =113. 

August 23rd saw the announced retirement of football legend Wayne Rooney at the perfect age of 31 years 10 days old. Wayne =13. Rooney =31. Conor =13. McGregor =130. That’s also 1660 weeks 6 days old and Rooney spent the majority of his career with Manchester Utd =666. McGregor’s nicknames, Notorious =669Mystic Mac =666 (Jewish G) and he’s sponsored by Monster Energy with the Hebrew letters for 666 on the logo. Vince McMahon =669, CEO of WWE. Conklin =666 (the Irishman character in The Great White Hype).

Anar Allakhveranov =1238. The McGregor-Mayweather fight is on the 238th day in Paradise Nevada =238 and Snatch opened in the UK on 23/8/00. Jack Johnson =238. 

The victim’s name, Andrei Drachev =940 (Jewish G). Remember that the 94th prime is 491 and with a loss Mayweather will be 49-1. The Great White Hope =94. Johnson-Jeffries =194. Hype =194. McGregor Disqualified =194. Dana Brooke was born 19 weeks 4 days after the birth of McGregor. Dallas =49 was born on 4/9. Rondel =94 died after a ring injury, 29 days after another MMA fighter named Donshay White =49 also died following a match. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc =149. Gerry Cooney, the real life boxer whose nickname was The Great White Hope, was born exactly 11 years after McMahon, or 4019 days. McGregor’s MMA debut came 9 months 14 days after the 10-year anniversary of The Great White Hype‘s release.

  • 49th prime is 227, the Pi=49 code. And here’s a good one to add to the list: Vince McMahon will be 72 years 2 days old for the fight. Floyd Money Mayweather =1722. White =722. T Mobile opened 72 weeks 2 days before Mayweather V McGregor =227 on Saturday August Twenty-Sixth Twenty Seventeen =227. Terry Irish Conklin =227.
  • The fight also comes 22 years 7 days after the fight between Mike Tyson & Peter McNeeley, a fight that inspired The Great White Hype. 

The boxing movie The Great White Hope, based on the real-life search for a white boxer who could defeat the unstoppable black man Jack Johnson, released 17,122 days before the fight. That’s a stretch but the connection we find here is marvelous: this match billed as the Fight of the Century comes 107 years 1 month 22 days (the exact same sequence) after the last Fight of the Century, on 4 July 1910 between Jack Johnson & James Jackson Jeffries =227, The Great White Hope =227. The black man won.

Of course more appropriately is the spoof comedy, The Great White Hype, which features the undefeated black man character James Roper =470 aka Grim Reaper =407 vs the white man Conklin played by Peter Berg =147/47. The film released exactly 407 weeks after McGregor’s 14/7 birth (born on 47 numerology). McGregor Mayweather =407. Gerry Cooney =147. Las Vegas Nevada =1470. The Notorious =1074. Floyd Mayweather =174. Snatch came out 17 years 4 days before The Money Fight =74 at T-Mobile Arena =74 on the Vegas Strip =74. 

  • The 47th prime is 211. Roper VS Conklin =211. McGregor =112 was 12 years 1 month 10 days old for the release of Snatch and The Great White Hype (with the white boxer named Terry =112) opened exactly 1112 weeks before the fight in Las Vegas Nevada =211. Disqualified =112. McGregor Disqualified =112. Gerry Cooney =1120. Mayweather was born 1001 weeks 2 days before the release of The Great White Hype. Bringing it back to the killer street fight that opened this post, both men sum the same: Andrei Drachev =112 and Anar Allakhveranov =112. 

I haven’t seen this flick but holy smokes does it ever sound exactly like life imitating art. Samuel L Jackson’s promoter character Sultan wants to work the race card so he drags up some eccentric ex-boxer to face his undefeated black man. This is the stand-out line from the Wikipedia plot summary: “The Sultan and his crew (using the media) heavily promote the fight and publicize the white vs. black angle, even fabricating an Irish ancestor for Conklin. The racial angle works, and money starts to pour in.” Yes, the white man character’s name is Terry ‘Irish’ Conklin, ha. Too damn good. And the black man wins here too.


In an ESPN interview with Steven A Smith on 9 August 2017, Mayweather did a Freudian slip and said “I’ve got to go down” instead of “I’ve got to go to him”. Watch it here (3:25). 

Conor McGregor VS Floyd Mayweather

(Nice Masonic logo on the poster eh.) I’ve received more decipher requests from my IRL friends for this fight than any other event, so let’s dig into it. The highly-anticipated bout billed as The Money Fight between undefeated world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr and current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is the first boxing event in history to merge with mixed martial arts. Mayweather is the odds-on favourite, coming out of retirement again with the goal of finishing his career with a 50-0 record. Yet the cocky Irishman with the one-punch ability plans to make his mark, and prove that MMA rules the world.

Always looking for instances of predictive programming to foreshadow future outcomes, it’s been brought to my attention by a devoted reader that McGregor is an almost perfect replica of Brad Pitt’s character from Snatch, Mickey ‘One Punch’ O’Neil. In the movie he’s blackmailed to throw the fight, and he does once but the second time says fuck it and knocks the guy out instead. This theme appears to be an homage to Pulp Fiction, where Bruce Willis’ character Butch Coolidge also refused to throw a fight, thus drawing the ire of the Powers That Be who rig sports events by the numbers. Indeed Butch ended up punching his opponent to death, a character who just happens to be called FLOYD Wilson.

Since Mayweather already has so many factors on his side to suggest a win, in this post I’ll be demonstrating the coding for the underdog.

Floyd Mayweather Jr + Conor McGregor =113. Mickey O’Neil =113. Conor Anthony McGregor =113. Conor ‘Mystic Mac’ McGregor =113. William Bradley Pitt =113. Boxing =113. Conor was 3011 days old for Mayweather’s first fight and got his boxing license last year on 11/30. The fight at T-Mobile =113 Arena on the Vegas Strip =1113 is 1 month 13 days after Conor’s birthday and 113 days after the birth of his son. Fifty and O =113. Marsellus =113 Wallace =113. The Rumble in the Jungle =311. UFC 1 was 11 months 3 days before the release of Pulp Fiction and Snatch released in the UK 31 weeks 1 day before the US release on 1/19. 

  • Conor Notorious McGregor =119 fighting for team SBG Ireland =119 out of Dublin Ireland =119. Mickey O’Neil =119/911. Butch Coolidge =119. Ultimate Fighting Championship =1109. The Fight in Paradise Nevada =119 is 10 months 19 days before Conor’s next birthday. Looks good but Mayweather =119 is coded the same. Floyd Mayweather Junior =119. 
  • The fight on Saturday August Twenty-Sixth Twenty Seventeen =601/611 is 16 days before the 16th anniversary of 9/11. Conor =61. Notorious =116. One Punch Mickey O’Neil =61/116. Brad Pitt =116. Bradley Pitt =116/1116. Snatch =61. Pikey =61. Butch =16. Butch Coolidge =61. Bruce Willis =61. But yet again, Floyd Mayweather =116. Mayweather =61.

Mayweather Junior =226 was exactly 1226 weeks old for the UK release of Snatch. Mickey One Punch =226. Dublin Ireland =226. Match Fixing =226. Forty-Nine and One =226. McGregor Wins =229. Mayweather Wins =2209. The Rumble in the Jungle =229. Pulp Fiction opened 2290 days after the US release of SnatchButch =229. Conor McGregor =229 had his UFC debut exactly 229 weeks before this fight against Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr =229. Vegas =229. 

229 is the 50th prime. Floyd with 50 birth numerology going for his 50th win in his 50th fight with 50% of the year between his last & next birthdays – smack dab in the middle; he also recorded a rap song called Yep =50. McGregor =50. Mickey O’Neil =50. Las Vegas Nevada =50. Dana White =50. Rigged =50. McGregor’s first pro bout was 5050 days after the premier of Pulp Fiction and his name in Irish is Conchur Antoin Mac Greagoir =500, pretty well primed for the man to make Mayweather 50-0.

Pulp Fiction opened 8353 days before the fight on Saturday August Twenty-Sixth =146 and 8353 is the 1046th prime. Conor Anthony ‘Notorious’ McGregor =146. Coolidge =146. Mayweather’s nickname is Pretty Boy =146/461. Butch Coolidge =461. Bruce Willis =164. Dana Frederick White =164. McGregor =46. One Punch =406. Mayweather Jr =46. The movie Southpaw with Jake Gyllenhaal =614 premiered 114 weeks 6 days before The Money Fight =146. 

McGregor Wins =149. Mac Greagoir =149. Southpaw =149/1409, as both Conor & Butch are. We’ve proven that 6/9 can work interchangeably and the number we’re looking for here is 49-1, which would be Mayweather’s record with a loss. Floyd was born in Grand Rapids =149. Pulp Fiction + Snatch =149. Thrown Fight =149. Walter Bruce Willis =149. Floyd Wilson =149. Conor Anthony ‘Notorious’ McGregor =1409. August Twenty-Sixth Two Thousand Seventeen =491, in Kabbalah, and the fight is airing on channel 491 in the UK. That’s huge if Conor pulls it off.

  • 491 is the 94th prime. Floyd Mayweather Jr VS Conor McGregor =194. Floyd Mayweather Jr =194. Lucien Laviscount =194 (the actor who plays the Mickey O’Neil character in the Snatch TV series which debuted last year). Conor Anthony McGregor =94. Coolidge =94. Irish Traveller =94 (the official name for pikeys). Vegas Golden Knights =194/1194 (the new Vegas NHL team that will begin playing at T-Mobile Arena next season). Notorious Conor McGregor =1494. The fight is exactly 494 weeks after Conor’s pro debut, exactly 494 months after Muhammad Ali fought a professional wrestler (story here) and 4604 days after The Ultimate Fighter show premiered. Lucien Laviscount =1490/94. Walter Bruce Willis =1904. 
  • The fight is also 9 months 14 days after McGregor’s last fight.

Alvarez =49, which is interesting because Conor’s last fight was defeating Eddie Alvarez and the first fight at T-Mobile Arena (113 days before this one) was a win for Canelo Alvarez, a boxer Mayweather (original last name Sinclair =49) defeated on 14/9 in 2013 (3 years 11 months 13 days before this fight, where the 113 coding has the edge to Conor). Canelo =149. Guess what Canelo Alvarez =49‘s record is: 49-1-1. McGregor was born 104 weeks 6 days before Canelo.

The 49th prime is 227. Butch Coolidge =227. T Mobile opened 72 weeks 2 days before the Mayweather V McGregor =227 fight on Saturday August Twenty-Sixth Twenty Seventeen =227. The Ultimate Fighting Championship =1722. White =722. Mayweather’s nickname Pretty Boy =2207.

Pulp Fiction =193 released exactly 1193 weeks before the fight at T-Mobile Arena =193. Willis born 19/3. Mickey O’Neil =931. Match Fixing =93. Southpaw =93. Dublin =93. The Money Fight =930. 

  • McGregor =630 was exactly 6 years 3 months old for the release of Pulp Fiction and 10,630 days old for the Eclipse, making him 10,636 days old for the fight, which comes 1603 days after his UFC debut. Mystic Mac =36. Notorious =36. Butch =36. Underdog =36. Floyd Wilson =36/306. Floyd Joy Mayweather =3060. Grand Rapids =163. Mayweather McGregor =63. The Snatch TV series premiered on 16/3 a span of 163 days before the fight, which comes 163 days before Super Bowl LII =163. The 36th triangular number is 666. 

Mixed Martial Artist =969. Notorious =669. Mystic Mac =666. Irish Traveller =666. McGregor’s first pro fight came exactly 699 weeks after Pulp Fiction and Mayweather was born in Grand Rapids =666 exactly 699 weeks before Canelo. Ultimate Fighter =699. Pikey =66. Mickey =66. Money =66. The Money Fight =166. Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Conor McGregor =166. This fight comes 9 years 6 months 9 days after Mayweather’s appearance on WWE’s No Way Out pay-per-view event, paid $20 million for the appearance.

Fight contracts were signed 14 weeks 2 days before the bout and McGregor & Mayweather were born 11 years 4 months 20 days apart. T-Mobile =24 opened 1 year 4 months 20 days before the fight. There’s only one man here who matches up perfectly to this sequence: The Notorious =1142. Conor Anthony McGregor =1124. Conchur Mac Greagoir =241. Conchur Antoin Mac Greagoir =240. Conor =24/240 with 24 fights under his belt. Mickey One Punch =240. O’Neil =124. Butch Coolidge =124. 

So in summary, I’d say McGregor’s got a solid shot, based on the numbers. But there’s so much money on him and I don’t see Vegas wanting to pay out in the event of an upset. There’s also the black man vs white man symbolism here, playing right into the ongoing political themes. Imagine the coverage of ‘white nationalists’ celebrating a McGregor victory. And the Powers That Be do like to build a black athlete up before ending their careers in disgrace (e.g; Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds, Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, etc.) One thing’s for sure – it’ll be damn interesting to watch. 

USS Indianapolis & Madden ’18

The wreck of the USS Indianapolis was discovered on 18 August 2017, a perfect span of 72 years 20 days (PI!) after she sunk in the Philippines on 30 July 1945 while returning from a secret mission to deliver parts for the atomic bomb that was later used on Hiroshima. The day before her discovery was the release of Madden NFL ’18, the video game featuring Tom Brady on the cover for back-to-back years with Patriots players. It’s the first edition with story mode and, after watching the first twenty minutes of gameplay for clues, was surprised to see the supporting character is named COLT Cruise and him and his buddy Devin Wade are on their way to an NFL Combine in none other than INDIANAPOLIS Indiana to try out for the big leagues at Lucas Oil Stadium.

  • Devin Wade =131 and Colt are from Mathis Texas =131 home of the Bullfrogs =131. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131.
  • Colt Cruise =560/800. The USS Indianapolis sunk 5600 days or exactly 800 weeks after she was laid down. And just so the reference is clear, Colt’s license plate reads CRZMISL (Cruise Missile). All nicely timed with the North Korean drama too.

Last year we reported on a film called USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage starring Nicholas Cage about the story of the ship’s sinking, torpedoed by a Japanese submarine resulting in the single greatest loss of life at sea in the history of the US Navy. Of the 1,196 crewmen aboard, some 300 went down with the ship and of the remaining 900 who were adrift for four days facing exposure, dehyrdation, saltwater poisoning, and shark attacks, only 317 men survived. United States Ship Indianapolis =317. USS Indianapolis =713. Super Bowl LII =317. Excluding start & end points, the ship sunk 317 days before the birth of Trump. 317 is the 66th prime.

United States Ship Indianapolis =660Madden NFL Eighteen =66.

You know who’s being credited with the shipwreck’s discovery? Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, who just so happens to own the Seattle Seahawks. Further, it’s been reported that when Brady plays Madden he doesn’t play as Patriots – he plays as either Packers or Seahawks. Hmm.

  • Paul Allen =162. Microsoft Corporation =1261. The film released in America 26,010 days after she sunk. We’ve been talking about this number. Trump will be 26,001 days old on the Eclipse and 26,010 days old on 30 August 2017.
  • The date 30/8 and the ship was discovered 308 days after the US release.

USS Indianapolis Men of Courage =424. United States Ship Indianapolis =424. Seahawks are in the 42nd season and their coach is Pete Carroll =424. Seahawks play at CenturyLink Field =242 and the crowd is known as the Twelfth Man =242. We just saw the sacrifice of their hall-of-famer Cortez Kennedy =1242. The Super Bowl =242/42. Madden NFL Eighteen =242. Longshots =42. Devin Wade =42/402. Mathis =420. Bullfrogs =142. Super Bowl LII played on 2/4. 

Seahawks could easily be a nickname for sharks, reminding us of the ridiculous half-time show for Super Bowl XLIX with the dancing sharks completely out of synch, followed by the humiliating interception the Seahawks threw on the one yard line, Russell =211 Wilson’s 21st pass on 2nd-and-1 intercepted by #21 on the date of 2/1. The Seahawks losing to the Patriots. Shark =21. Katy =21. LII =21. 

That Super Bowl was 1100 days before this next one and Bill Gates & Paul Allen were born 1010 days apart. Super Bowl =110. Minnesota =110. Super Bowl LII =111. 

Back to the Future: Cubs Repeat?

The predictive programming masterpiece that is Back to the Future begins on 25 October 1985. That’s 31 years 11 months 30 days before the start date of these 113th World Series. From the 21 October 2015 date Marty McFly travels to in the future, it’s 1 year 13 days before the Cubs winning the World Series and 1 year 11 months 13 days before the 2017 Playoffs begin, Game 7 falling 11 months 30 days after the last one. Theo Epstein =113 joined the Cubs 1103 days before Joe Maddon joined as Manager. Championship =131. The Curse of the Billy Goat =113/131. Marty =1031. Martin Seamus Marty McFly =311. Cubbies =311. Future =113. Dr E Brown Enterprises =113. Nobody Calls Me Chicken =113. Cubs Win World Series =113, as the banner in the film proclaims. Since we’re shown their birth dates, we know that Marty was born a perfect 11,030 days after the birth of his dad, George =113. His wife is Jennifer Jane Parker McFly =113. And we’re well primed for a Repeat =113 with the Seventeen World Series =113.

  • That’s also a span of 32 years 7 days from 10/25/85 to 1/11/17. Chicago Cubs Twenty Seventeen World Series =3270. Including the end date also bares fruit: Back to Back Chicago Cubs World Series =328. Hundred Thirteenth World Series =1328. 

The 2017 playoffs begin 11,666 days (1666 weeks) after 10/26/85, the day Marty first traveled through time. The Cubs =666. Maddon =666. Ricketts =666. Theo Epstein =966. Theo Nathaniel Epstein =696. George McFly =696. Robert Lee Zemeckis =999. Michael Andrew Fox =966. Fox =666. Cubs GM Jed Hoyer was born 6606 days after the 11/5/55 coordinate.

Marty travels back to 5 November 1955, the day Doc invented time travel. That’s 33 days after the Dodgers =33 won their first ever World Series =1333, defeating the Yankees. George McFly was born in ’38, the year the Yankees swept the Cubs. Back to the Future III =333. The Chicago Cubs Twenty Seventeen =333. History =33. The Chicago Cubs Back to Back World Series =330. The Chicago Cubs Back to Back =1033. The Twenty Seventeen World Series =133.

OUTATIME =112. Back to the Future II =112. Lorraine =112. That 2015 date is 1 year 12 days before the Cubs won the 112th World Series on 11/2 and 2 years 11 days before Game 7 of the 2017 World Series (exactly 106 weeks). The Cubs won their first World Series on 10/12 of 1907. Way To Go Cubbies =211. October Twenty Fifth Nineteen Eighty Five =211. Curse of the Billy Goat =211. This sequence is emphasized as Marty spends one week in 1955, returning to the future on 11/12. The 2015 date of entry can be written 21/10 and Theodore Nathaniel Epstein =1012 resigned from Boston on 21/10/11 (exactly four years earlier) signing a contract with the Cubs on 10/12 with his new position made official on 25 October 2011. Manager Joe Maddon was hired on 11/2 of 2014, 2 years 11 months 1 day before these playoffs begin. Epstein & Maddon were born 1012 weeks apart. Theo Epstein + Grays Sports Almanac =112. Baseball Prediction =112. Cubs Win World Series =112. The Chicago Cubs Back to Back =112. Hundred Thirteenth World Series =112. Seventeen World Series =112/121. Safe to say Epstein has a copy of the Gray’s Sports Almanac.

  • The date written the other way plays just as well: 10/21 and the time machine requires 1.21 jigowatts of electricity to function (One Point Twenty-One Jigowatts =121) which Doc (with his company Dr E Brown Enterprises =121) sets the first time travel experiment to synchronize with at 1:21 AMMarty McFly =121. [We can surmise that Doc knows gematria and recruited Marty based on his numerology].
  • His GF is Jennifer Parker =1021. The Chicago Cubs Back to Back =1021. Cubbies =121. Chicago Miami World Series =121 (as is the matchup in BTTF II). Repeating =121. Zemeckis =121. Back to the Future III =121 released 10,021 days before Game 7. Twenty Sixteen + Twenty Seventeen =121. 

Epstein became President of the Cubs exactly 26 years after the initial 1985 date. Back to the Future II released 10,206 days before Game 7 of the 2017 World Series, the day that Michael J Fox will be a pitch perfect 20,600 days old. Just let that sink in. Especially with the knowledge that Trump will be 26,000 days old the day before the Eclipse.

The World Series =1206. Back to Back =1206. World Series =126. DeLorean =126. George McFly =126. Lorraine Baines McFly =1206. Marty first travels through time 126 days after his birthday on 10/26. The Curse of the Billy Goat =1026. The Hundred Thirteenth World Series =126. The Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =206. Chicago Cubs Back to Back World Series =206. Chicago Cubs =206. Hill Valley California =206. Biff Howard Tannen =206. Bob Gale + Robert Zemeckis =260. Emmett =26. Emmett Lathrop ‘Doc’ Brown =260. Dr E Brown Enterprises =260. Dr Emmett Lathrop Brown =260/290. Theo won the 2004 WS when he was 11,290 days old. Repeat =26. 

Marty McFly =1810. Cubs Back to Back World Series =1810. Back to the Future (1985) released 11,810 days before Game 7 of The Two Thousand Seventen World Series =181. October Twenty Fifth Nineteen Eighty Five =181 is the date Marty first time travels at Twin Pines =181 a span of 18 weeks 1 day after his birthday. Orphans =181 as the Cubs were originally called. Nobody Calls Me Chicken =181. George McFly =181. Zemeckis =181. Chicago Cubs Back to Back World Series =1801. The 11/5/55 date is 181 weeks after the birth of Bob Zemeckis and if you can believe it, Michael J Fox & Christopher Lloyd were born exactly 1181 weeks apart (which is 22 years 7 months and change).

Theo Epstein was born 2027 days after the birth of Marty McFly. Grays Sports Almanac Complete Sports Statistics =2027. And as the bonus print reads: Including Baseball Football Boxing Horseracing and More =227. October Twenty-Fifth =227. A Time Traveler =227. The Chicago Cubs Back to Back =227. Chicago Back to Back =227. History =227. Repeat Champions =227. The Chicago Cubs Back to Back World Series =227. If we exclude start & end points, Cubs owner Thomas Ricketts was born 2 years 27 days before the birth of Marty.

  • Marty was also born 7 years 22 days after the birth of his girlfriend. Twenty Seventeen World Series =722. Joseph John Maddon Jr =1722, Cubs’ manager, and it’d be the Cubs Fourth World Series =1722. 
  • Jennifer + Marty =314. And the prominent numbers on the Gray’s Sports Almanac (on the football player & horse) are 31 + 4. Historic Repetition =314. 

Cubbies =306. Chicago White Stockings =306. Twenty Seventeen Champions =306. Cubs Repeat Champions =306. Theo Epstein + Grays Sports Almanac =306. Two Thousand Sixteen Two Thousand Seventeen =3006. The 306th prime is 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 9.49.11 PM.png

Marty travels from 1955 exactly 21,900 days into the future of Hilly Valley =912 to the 21 October 2015 date where he learns that the Cubs have finally won the World Series. Dr E Brown Enterprises =912. Nobody Calls Me Chicken =219. Baseball Prediction =219. Back to Back World Series Championships =216/2106. Marty Seamus McFly =216 was born on 21/6 and Cubs won in 2016. Will they do as they did in 1907/1908 and repeat again this year?


Haruo Nakajima, the suit actor for Godzilla (1954 to 1972) passed away on 7 August 2017 at the age of 88. Wikipedia has him wearing a NY Yankees ball cap in his profile pic, and while that is the most valuable sports brand in the world, it could be a World Series clue – especially considering that a Japanese player named Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui played for the Yankees (2003 to 2009). Indeed as we’ll see, there definitely appears to be a pattern behind monster movies and Yankees Championships.

Haruo Nakajima =131/1031. Hideki Matsui =131. Championship =131. The Yankees =131. Aaron Judge (a monster in his own right) was exactly 1301 weeks old for the season opener. Nakajima died 31 weeks 1 day after his birthday, 1 year 13 days after the last Godzilla film, and 3 months 11 days before the next Godzilla release, all in the lead-up to the 113th World Series. The Yankees =113. The Yanks =113. Seventeen World Series =113. Commissioner’s Trophy =113. The first Godzilla film released on 11/3 of 1954, eleven days after the New York Giants won the World Series. Ten Cloverfield Lane =1113 (released on 3/11 of 2016) is a knock-off / homage to Godzilla.

  • Godzilla + New York brings us to the 1998 Godzilla film starring Matthew Broderick =113, released May 20th. That’s a span of 1010 weeks 3 days before the last baseball game of this regular season and 1013 weeks before the World Series.
  • That’s also 1010 weeks 7 days (or 7077 days) before the Playoffs begin. New York City New York =117. Hideki Matsui =1170. Yankees in 117th season with Game 7 on 11/1/17. There’s an upcoming Japanese reboot titled Godzilla Planet of the Monsters =117 releasing on 11/17. Fenway Park =117. The Green Monster =711. 

And of course that’s also exactly 1011 weeks from Godzilla ’98 to the first day of the Playoffs. New York =111. The Cubs =111. Broderick =111. Cloverfield =111. A Monster =111. 

Matsui’s last game was on 7/22 (2012) and the upcoming 2019 Godzilla film is scheduled to release 72 weeks 2 days after Game 7, which will be played 7 months 22 days after the premier of Kong Skull Island, 227 days before the World Series begins. Its general release came 22 weeks 7 days before Nakajima died.

Matthew Broderick =227 was 20,227 days old the day before Nakajima died and will be 20,314 days old for Game 7, or exactly 2902 weeks. World Series =292. Game 7 is also 2920 days after the Yankees last World Series. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off =314 was directed by John Wilden Hughes Jr =314. As we covered previously, Ferris Bueller is set in Chicago and there’s a scene of a Cubs game at Wrigley. Wikipedia tells us that game was on 6/5/85, which is 31 years 4 months before last year’s baseball playoffs began, leading to the Cubs first World Series win in 108 years. History Repeats By The Numbers =3140. Historic Repetition =314. 

  • Ferris Bueller opened 11,102 days before the Cubs won the 112th World Series on 11/2. Chicago Cubs World Series =112. Chicago World Series =112. Windy City =112. Houston =112. Godzilla =112.

Matthew Broderick =1237 will be 20,307 days old for the start of the World Series, 237 days after Skull Island opened; and it premiered 237 days before Game 7.


Nakajima was born exactly 1066 months before Game 7. Theo Nathaniel Epstein =1066. Epstein =606 will be 16,006 days old for Game 1 of the One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =166. Hideki Matsui =66. Aaron James Judge =166/669. New York =666. The Cubs =666. Windy City =666. A Monster =666. Cloverfield =666 released 9 years 9 months 6 days before Game 1 of the World Series and Game 4 of will be 16,666 days after the last film Nakajima did in the suit (Godzilla VS Gigan). The most popular film in the franchise, Godzilla VS King Kong, released 66 days before the Yankees won the ’62 World Series.

  • Nakajima died 20,020 days after that Yankees win on 10/16/62. New York =220. The Chicago Cubs =220. King of the Monsters =220. Continuing the pattern, the Yankees won the ’98 World Series exactly 22 weeks after the release of that year’s remake of Godzilla. (Yankees would also go on to win in ’99 & ’00).
  • The first Cloverfield came out the year before Yankees won in 2009 and the Cloverfield sequel came out last year… Further, the 1933 King Kong came out while Yankees were World Champions and the year that the New York Giants won.

The first Godzilla film released 23,002 days before the start of The One Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =232. The New York Yankees =232. The LA Dodgers =232. King of the Monsters =232. The Cubs =323. Kim Jong Un will be 12,320 days old on the last day of the season, which ties in symbolically to all the North Korean fear-mongering lately as Godzilla was originally conceived as a metaphor for nuclear weapons.

It’s also interesting to note that Kong Skull Island is set in 1973, a span of 29 years after the intro scene from 1944. The ’73 World Series was won by the Oakland A’s and 29 years before 2017 was the ’88 World Series, where the Dodgers beat the A’s (the Athletics =29 also won in ’29). King Kong =29. Godzilla =29. Fenway =29. Hideki Matsui =129. One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =129. The One Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =209. New York Yankees =209 won the 29th World Series in 1932 (over the Cubs) and last won in 2009. [Also, Trump was born 10 months 29 days (333 days) after the first ever nuclear bomb dropped in the Trinity Test].

If you haven’t watched Skull Island there’s a scene where John C Reilly =209 (playing a character called Hank =29 stranded for the past 29 years) asks if the Cubs have won the World Series yet. While the film opened 129 days after Cubs won, the shooting had wrapped up in March 2016, and coincidence theorists call this “irony.”

Hank’s surname is Marlow =108. Hank Marlow =108. It was The Cubs =108 first World Series in 108 years. One Hundred Eight Years =108. Wrigley Field of Dreams =108. 

World Series Sacrifices Continue: Don Baylor & Mark White

Third baseball post in a row – they keep throwing heat so I stay swingin' for the fences. 

The day before Darren Dutch Daulton =403 died, coded up strongly with the Houston Astros =43 as we covered previously, it was the death of Mark White =1143, the former 43rd Governor of Texas. The day after Daulton was the death of Don Baylor =43, a former MLB player & manager, who was born & died in Austin Texas =304Houston Texas =143. The Astrodome =143. The One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =143. One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =434. Baylor's final game played came when he was 14,340 days old and former MLB Commissioner Bud Selig =43/34 will be exactly 4340 weeks old on the last game of the season and 30,403 days old for the first game of the World Series.

On the last day of the regular season, Mark White would have been exactly 4046 weeks old. The Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =446. Aaron Judge =446. Houston Astros Twenty Seventeen World Series Champions =644. SI Astros cover-boy George Springer (covered in previous post) will be exactly 1466 weeks old on 10/24 and White was Governor for 1464 days. 

  • On the first day of the Playoffs, White would have been 77 years 7 months 7 days old, reminding us that Brexit happened 7 years 7 months 7 weeks 7 days after the Dow Jones dropped 777 points and Trump took office when he was 70 years 7 months 7 days old. Trump was also born exactly 777 weeks before the birth of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Donald Baylor =1206. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs =206. Robert D Manfred Jr =1026/261, that's the MLB Commissioner. And remember how Trump will be 26,001 days old for the Eclipse? De Blasio will be 20,601 days old for the last game of the regular season. The World Series starts 261 days after Super Bowl LI.

Mark White =45 would have been exactly 4050 weeks old on 10/29. The Twenty Seventeen World Series =450. The Astros =45. Formerly the Colt 45s. World Series =145. Astro =145. Game 7 is 40 weeks 5 days after the 45th President took office.

Astro =24. Daulton =24. Donald Edward Baylor =240. White =240/420 was Governor of Texas =24 for 4 years 2 days and died 4 months 20 days (142 days) after his birthday and 12 weeks 4 days before Game 7. Donald Baylor =42. Astros =420. The season began on 4/2 and the World Series starts 10/24, a span of 1042 weeks after ground-breaking at Minute Maid Park, which occurred exactly 240 months old before Game 7. The Playoffs start 240 days after Super Bowl LI held in Houston.

  • Houston Colt Forty-Fives =1042. Houston Astros =204. The Stros =124. Houston Tx =124.  Jeff Luhnow =124. Luhnow =24. The Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =2400. The Hundred Thirteenth World Series =420/402. Commissioner Manfred =424. George Chelston Springer =142/124 turns 10,240 days old on the last day of the season. Lidle =24/42. 

Mark Wells White Jr =225 died 225 days before his birthday. The Houston Astros =225.

Mark Wells White Jr =311. Texas Governor Mark White =113 died 11 weeks 3 days before the 113th World Series begins. Baylor was born 1013 weeks before the birth of Darryl Kile, who debuted with the Astros and died during his active career. We're reminded of The Yankees =113 player Corey Lidle who died when he crashed his plane into a building in New York on 10/11/06. That's a span of 11 years 13 days before this World Series begins, for another point for NYC. Commissioner Rob Manfred =113/131/1030. Manfred =31. Commissioner Manfred =103 will have been Commissioner for 1003 days for the start of the World Series.

  • Twenty Seventeen World Series =353. Donald Edward Baylor =353. George Chelston Springer =353. Commissioner Manfred was exactly 3053 weeks old for season opener. The Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champions =535. 

The Astros =55. Houston Texas =55/155. Minute Maid Park =155. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs =155. Astros =551. AJ Hinch =55. Andrew Jay Hinch =155 born on 15/5. Stros =550. White died 11,155 days after leaving office as Governor, Baylor died 1505 weeks after his final game played, and Daulton died age 55Darryl Kile =155. Corey Lidle =155. World Series Champs Two Thousand Seventeen =155. 

Did you guys hear about this sheet of occult symbols randomly flashed onscreen void of context during a Cubs game on 26 June 2013? (Check out the video here). It happened exactly 175 weeks before they won The One Hundred Twelfth World Series =175 on November Second Two Thousand Sixteen =175. The Cubs =75.

That occult flash also happened exactly 227 weeks before Game 7 of the 113th World Series, which may just serve to strengthen that sequence. 

The Death of Darren Daulton

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a bonafide World Series sacrifice here, ladies & gents. Darren “Dutch” Daulton, three-time MLB All-Star catcher with the Philadelphia Phillies who won a World Series with the Florida Marlins in 1997, has passed away on 6 August 2017 (exactly seven years to the day after his induction to the Philadelphia Baseball Wall of Fame) at the age of 55. Not only is he stacked with the ritual target numbers, old mate wrote a book on occultism & numerology titled If They Only Knew. We’re gonna have to read this one.

Daulton =332. Darren Arthur Daulton =233. On his last full day of life, Daulton was 20,303 days old, another astonishing long count synch. Which team does this best synch with? The Houston Astros =233 play at Minute Maid Park =233 in Houston Texas =233 and from the day Reid Ryan was announced as Astros President to Game 7 of the World Series is exactly 233 weeks. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champions =233. The first game at Minute Maid was on 3/30/2000. Astro means relating to the stars or celestial objects; Houston the home of NASA’s Space Center and the upcoming eclipse on the 233rd day. 

233 is the 51st prime number and Daulton died on 51 numerology, 510 weeks after the release of If They Only Knew =51. Houston Astros =51 (spent 51 seasons in the NL before switching to the AL). The Astrodome =51. Houston TX =51. Jeff Luhnow =51 (Astros GM). Andrew Jay Hinch =151 (Astros Manager). Florida Marlins =151. Astrology =51. The World Series =151. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =1501. Daulton also died 151 days before his birthday.  

  • The 233rd prime is 1471. The Houston Astros =471. Houston TX =471. The Marlins =714. Astros have a record of 71-40 at the time of his death. Darren Daulton =147 died of Glioblastoma =47 at age Fifty-Five =47 in Clearwater FLA =47, located 147 miles from Kennedy Space Center and his last game was 1047 weeks before the World Series =147 begins. Florida Marlins =147. Fernandez =147. Houston Astros =147. Colt Forty-Fives =147 (as Astros were previously named). Minute Maid Park =147. Twenty Seventeen World Series =147. 

Darren Arthur Daulton =311. Daulton =113 (born on 1/3) died 10 months 13 days after the death of Jose Fernandez (another sacrificed Marlin) and 11 weeks 3 days before the start of the 113th World Series. The Florida Marlins =113. The Marlins =113. Daulton also died 10 months 13 days after the 33rd anniversary of his first career game and 101 weeks 3 days after another similarly named Philly sports star, Darryl Dawkins. Minute Maid Park was 1013 weeks old for the start of this season and the Playoffs begin 1 month 13 days after the Eclipse. Celestial Event =1103. Your Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs =1103 (on the SI cover below). Hinch was hired 1130 days before Game 7. NASA Mission Control Center =311. 

Darren Daulton =165 aka Dutch =56. Game 7 happens to coincide with the 56th anniversary of the formation of the Johnson Space Center and Astros are in their 56th season in Houston TX =156. Houston Colt Forty-Fives =1560. The Twenty Seventeen World Series =156. Brain Cancer =156. Former Astros GM Spec Richardson died on 4/12/16, a clean 560 days before the World Series begins. Astrodome =560. 

  • The Houston Astros =225. NASA Mission Control Center =522. Daulton =522. His book was published on 10/24/07, exactly 522 weeks before the World Series begins (exactly 10 years). Space Program =552. Astros =552. Sacrifices =552. 
  • Jose Delfin Fernandez Gomez =360. Houston Texas =360. Darren =360 died 30 weeks 6 days after his birthday and exactly 1036 weeks after his last game. He was also born 13 weeks 6 days before the formation of the Houston Colt Forty-Fives =136. Astrodome =136. The Astrodome =136. The Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =136. Marlins =36. 

Houston Colt Forty-Fives =260. Darren Arthur Daulton =260 and his last game was 20 years 6 days before these Playoffs begin. The Florida Marlins =262. World Series =126. . Jose Fernandez died 1 month 26 days after his birthday in his 1260th week of life. and Daulton died of Glioblastoma =126 a matching 126 days into the season. World Series Sacrifice =126. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 1.50.53 PM.png

Darren Arthur Daulton =1680 was born 11,168 days before the birth of Jose Fernandez =1186. Hundred Thirteenth World Series =168. Major League Baseball =168. Astros =68. World Series Sacrifice =68. If They Only Knew =186. Houston Texas =1086. The Astrodome =1086. Daulton died on 8/6. 

Darren Arthur Daulton =227 played his last game 20 years 27 days before the start of the Twenty Seventeen World Series =722 and he died 7,222 days after winning the ’97 World Series (over the Indians). But that’s not all: Daulton also died a PERFECT Pi span of 20,207 days after the Colt 45s’ first game in Houston. George Springer =227 made the cover of Sports Illustrated on 30 June 2014, boldly predicting Astros as “Your Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs” =3330 (a deliberately coded span of 3 years 3 months 3 days before these World Series =1333 playoffs begin).

If we exclude start & end points, Daulton died 314 days after the death of Jose Fernandez. Hinch was hired 3 years 1 month 4 days before Game 7. Darren Daulton + Jose Fernandez =413. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =413. 

And if we need yet another connection between Daulton & the Astros, he was born on the exact same day of the ground-breaking ceremony at the Astrodome. 

Deciphering Sports Illustrated: Yankees World Series

While I’m not exactly calling Yankees World Series, I found this Sports Illustrated issue from 15 May 2017 featuring their (6’7″ 282 lb) rookie Aaron Judge, who despite currently being in a slump since his record-breaking half season (during which he broke Joe DiMaggio’s Yankees rookie home run mark) is heavily coded with some stand-out gematria worth documenting – particularly in context of this magazine proven to have predictive programmed previous championships.

First of all, what does that big white font on the cover say to you? I see A-11, and it took some squinting to realize it’s meant to say ALL – very clever coding for the infamous 111 alphanumeric branding of New York =111. The Rise of Aaron Judge =1011. New York Yankees Twenty Seventeen World Series =1101. Bronx Bombers =1101. Joe DiMaggio =111. Bambino =111. Derek Jeter =111/101. Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez =111/101. George Steinbrenner =101/110. Whitey Ford =110. Yankee =101. NYC =11. The Bronx =110. All Rise =110. Aaron Judge =110 like the AA=11 spelling of his name, the necessary coding for any Yankee worth his salt. Manchurian Athlete =1001. Manchurian Athletes =1101. 

  • Yankees were originally called the New York Highlanders =101. Highlanders =101. Sports =101. A section at Yankee Stadium is nicknamed The Judge’s Chambers =111 where fans dress up like British judges in white wigs with gavels (pro sports continuously becoming more like pro wrestling). This issue of SI =11 released 11 months 11 days before his birthday and Yankees GM Brian Cashman renewed his contract 1111 days before the World Series begins on 10/24. Game 7 on 11/1 also marks 110 weeks 1 day since the death of Yankees legend Lawrence Peter Yogi Berra =111. Yogi =111. All Rise For The Judge =111. And remember the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise =1110 during congressional baseball practice on the birthday of Donald John Trump =1110 (who’s from New York), 111 days before the Playoffs begin.

It deserves repeating here that the first sports event I ever decoded by the numbers was the 111th World Series won by The Royals =111 (The Kansas City Royals =101/110) that ended on 11/1 at Citi Field (Citi =11) in New York =111 with #33 Matt Harvey benched after his 111th pitch connected on a batter with a .111 average, cutting to a commercial break for the video game Fallout 4 (released on 11/10) with a dude wearing a 111 on his jumpsuit. Kansas =11. Kansas City =110. Kansas City Missouri =110. Twenty Fifteen World Series =110. One Hundred and Eleventh =101. November First =1110. Needless to say, I was convinced.

Now, considering we’re approaching the 113th World Series: All Rise =113. The Yankees =113. The Yanks =113. Seventeen World Series =113. Commissioner’s Trophy =113. George Herman Babe Ruth Jr =113. Justice =113. Judge was picked up 1st round of the ’13 draft. This issue came out 1 month 13 days into the season and the subtitle on the cover reads: The Yankees Youth Movement Is In Session The Powerful Aaron Judge Presiding =311. Judge played college ball at Fresno =311. Yankees manager is Joe Girardi =311 and his contract was last extended on 10/10/13. Further, Yankee Stadium broke ground 11 years 1 month 13 days before the end of this season. A persuasive start – but of course it gets even deeper.

All =130. Rise=31. Put those together for the Championship =131 coding. The Yankees =131. Highlanders =131. Girardi =131. Micky Mantle =131. Whitey Ford =131. Yankees Twenty Seventeen World Series =131. Yankees picked up Matt Holliday =131 with a $13 million contract 301 days before the Playoffs start on 10/3. Yanks =13. Bronx =13 and they took on the name Yankees in ’13. And for an absolute banger of a gem to synch it all up here, Aaron Judge was EXACTLY 1301 WEEKS old on the 4/2/17 season opener – and previously played for The Bulldogs =131. As I covered last season, former Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson was 10,301 days old for his first ever game, thus Breaking the Color Line =113, and born on 31/1 he finished with a .311 career batting average. The Twenty Seventeen Fall Classic =311. It’d be the Yankees’ Twenty-Eighth World Series =311. 

  • Two Yankees prospects were killed last year, both coded up to the same sequencing. Alexander Figueredo, a 20-year-old lefty pitcher in the Yankees’ minor league system, was shot and killed on Nov 27 in his native Venezuela, 311 days before the Playoffs begin – and 31 weeks 1 day after 18-year-old infielder Sandy Acevedo was killed in a car wreck on Apr 23 in the Dominican Republic. (Alexander Figueredo + Sandy Acevedo =111.)

I’m also reminded of the death of Supreme Court Judge Antonin =113 Scalia, born on 3/11 and replaced by Justice Merrick Garland =113, born on 11/13. And remember Janet Reno, the first “female” Attorney General, died the day before Trump’s election – she was born on the 311th day and became Attorney General on 3/11. The New World Order =311. USA =311. 

11×3=33. Ninety-Nine =33. Justice =33. The Judge =33. The Yanks =33. Aaron Judge Presiding =303. Sandy Acevedo =1333. World Series =1333. The 33rd prime is 137 and Aaron Judge =137 was exactly 1037 weeks old the day before the issue published. DiMaggio =137. Bronx Bombers =137. Steve Scalise =137. Government =137. 

  • Rise =191. Ninety-Nine =191. New York Yankees =191. Manchurian Athletes =191. George Steinbrenner =191. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =191. The One Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =191. Supreme Court Justice =1910. Steve Scalise =191 will be 19,010 days old the day before the World Series begins on 10/24.

191 is the 43rd prime number. Aaron Judge =43. Scalia =43The Yankees =43. And here’s a fun fact: Yankees have retired twenty-one numbers, all of which sum to 430. Twenty Seventeen =430. 

BONUS FACT: Wikipedia tells us that Judge “keeps a note on his phone that reads .179, his batting average with the Yankees in 2016, and looks at it daily as a source of motivation.” New York Yankees =179. The 179th prime is 1063. New York Yankees =163Aaron James Judge =63.