Spider-Man Homecoming: Super Bowl LII

A reader asked me to look into the new movie Spider-Man: Homecoming that released on 7 July 2017 with regards to potential Super Bowl predictive programming – and we discovered some absolute gems. I also just saw this article published on 7/11 where former Broncos TE Shannon Sharpe has called Giants VS Ravens for Super Bowl 52, ha.

  • That’d be a rematch of Super Bowl XXXV =64 and Spider-Man Homecoming =64 opened 6004 days after the game in question. Shannon Sharpe =64. Sharpe =64. Peter Parker =164. The Super Bowl =164. 

As I’ve been documenting the Baltimore Ravens foreshadowing, the villain in this latest instalment is Vulture =117 (a bird associated with death, just like the raven) who’s played by a perfectly coded Michael Keaton =117. Of course Keaton also starred in Birdman =107, which opened on 10/17 of 2014. Spider-Man is played by Tom Holland =107 who just so happened to be 1100 weeks 7 days old on opening night. Avenger =117. Avengers =117. The reader (Riven1) pointed out that Spider-Man grossed $117 million on its opening weekend and The Baltimore Ravens =117 franchise was established exactly 1117 weeks before the movie opened, which is a gorgeous span. Super Bowl =117 LII is in Minneapolis =117 and LII is an inverted 117. Off to a strong start here.

  • Spider-Man Homecoming =77 released on 7/7 when Holland was 7707 days old. The premier was held 7 months 7 days before Super Bowl LII, which is 17 years 7 days after Super Bowl XXXV. Peter Parker: PP=77.

Holland =131 will be 1131 weeks old for the Super Bowl =131. The Ravens =131. The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance =131, the subtitle of Birdman.

Spider-Man Homecoming =1206. Super Bowl LII comes 1206 days after Birdman opened. Peter Parker =126. Edgar A Poe =1026. The Ravens’ two Super Bowl appearances were 12 years 6 days apart. Todd Heap’s deceased daughter Holly was born 12 weeks 6 days after their ’13 Super Bowl and was exactly 206 weeks old at death, 2 weeks 6 days before her birthday. Super Bowl XXXV =126. Marvel Comics =126. Joan Boocock Lee =126. 

Joan Boocock Lee is the wife of Stan Lee, the co-creator of Spider-Man, and she passed away the day before Spider-Man Homecoming opened… Coming home, like the return to the afterlife.

  • Spider-Man Homecoming =312 is directed by Jon Watts =312 and opened 213 days before Super Bowl LII =213. Baltimore Ravens =1213. 

Spider-Man =144. Homecoming =44. Peter Parker =44. Adrian Toomes =44, Vulture’s real name, just as Birdman’s is Riggan =144. Baltimore Ravens =1044. Edgar Allan Poe =1440. The Ravens mascots are named Rise & Conquer =144. Nevermore =144. Todd Heap =144 and his daughter died on 14/4. Shannon Sharpe =144/44. Joan Boocock Lee =144. Stanley Martin Lieber =441, Stan Lee’s real name. Marvel =44. Spider =44. 

Spider-Man is a tribute to Saturn, the planet (or dwarf star) ruled by the number 8, like the legs on a spider. Which makes sense that he throws up the devil horns when he shoots a web, like that ensnaring the Earth on the UN logo. Spiderweb =1155. Global Network =155. Social Engineers =155. Capitalism =155. Freemasons =155. Jew =1505. Judeo-Masonic =155. Synarchism =155. Theatre of the Mind =551. The Illusion =551. The Illuminati =551. Spider-Man Homecoming =551. 

Baltimore Ravens Sacrifices Continue: The Deaths of James Hardy & Mitchell Henry

Former Baltimore Ravens TE Charles Mitchell Henry died from leukemia at age 24 on [6/30/17] and the body of former Ravens WR James Hardy III was discovered floating in an Indiana river on [6/8/17]; two more Super Bowl sacrifices directly connected to the Ravens, as we’ve been covering. Remember that in the past year we’ve had Ravens WR Michael Jackson die in a motorcycle wreck [5/12/17], former Ravens TE Todd Heap accidentally kill his daughter [4/14/17], the death of former Ravens TE Konrad Reuland [12/12/16], and the death of Ravens CB Tray Walker, also in a motorcycle wreck [3/18/16].

Hardy is the fifth victim and Henry the sixth to fall to the wrath of the Raven. Nevermore =47.

Six tragic deaths, half of them Tight Ends =47, directly associated with the Ravens within 470 days. Could this be clues for Super Bowl LII =47 in Minnesota =47? The Ravens won Super Bowl 47 at the Superdome =47, known as the Blackout Bowl =47 for the 33-minute power outage during the third quarter. Hardy =474. Ravens =474. Ravens Super Bowl LII =474. Baltimore Ravens =174. The Ravens Curse =1407. Super Bowl =1407. 

  • The 33-minute blackout and Charles Mitchell Henry =133 died exactly 33 weeks after being cut from the Ravens. Minnesota =133. Ravens Super Bowl Fifty-Two =330. 
  • Balitmore Ravens =169. Receiver =169. Blackout =169. Minneapolis MN =609. Henry died 1069 days after Super Bowl 47.

Remember when the Pope released a pair of doves from the Vatican only to have them immediately attacked by a seagull and a crow? While not an exact fit, the crow is the raven’s pesky lookalike, and that incident [1/25/14] occurred 1470 days before Super Bowl LII. That’s also 4 years 11 daysThe Baltimore Ravens =411. Pretty crazy synch. And remember that Ravens WR Michael Jackson died exactly 411 weeks after the pop star of the same name.

Baltimore Ravens =202 in their 22nd season. Mitchell Henry =122 died 202 days after his birthday, 22 days after Hardy, and 220 days before Super Bowl LII. The Ravens =222. Edgar =22 Allan Poe’s wife died 2 years 2 days after ‘The Raven’ was published.

Hardy =38 signed with the Ravens =38 when he was exactly 1308 weeks old. Charles Mitchell Henry =1308. Hardy =803. Ravens Super Bowl =1803. Michael Dwayne Jackson died when Joe Flaccco =138/1038 was 11,803 days old. US Bank Stadium opened 80 weeks 3 days before Super Bowl LII in Minnesota =38. Ravens =38/83. Flacco =38/83. The Raven film released 308 weeks 3 days before Super Bowl LII.

  • Charles Mitchell Henry =110. Minnesota =110. Hardy =111. Receiver =111. Blackout =111. Super Bowl LII =111. Ravens Super Bowl LII =111. Edgar Allan Poe =111. The Raven opened 11 years 1 month 11 days after Ravens first Super Bowl win. I notice they’ve added a name to Michael Jackson since I last researched him, he’s now: Michael Dywane Jackson Dyson =111/75. 

Charles Mitchell Henry =175. Maryland =175. Baltimore Maryland =75. Baltimore Ravens =75. Raven =75. The Raven =57. LII =57. Baltimore =570. Ravens =157. Super Bowl =1157. The 57th prime is 269 and Jackson died 269 days before the Super Bowl which is held in Minnesota 26 years 9 days after last time Minnesota hosted.


James W Hardy III =73 would be 11,730 days old for Super Bowl LII =73. The 173rd prime is 1031 The Ravens =131. Receiver =131Super Bowl =131. Championship =131.

  • Nevermore =113Michael Dywane Jackson Dyson =113. Hardy was born exactly 113 weeks after the birth of his girlfriend Toya Carter, Lil Wayne’s ex-wife. Her two brothers were killed in a drive-by 311 days before Hardy died.

James Hardy =1219. James W Hardy =2119. Minnesota =219. Edgar Allan Poe =219. Todd Benjamin Heap =219. Ravens last Super Bowl was 21 years 9 days after the last Minnesota Super Bowl and Mitchell died 219 days before Super Bowl LII =291 (which comes exactly 261 weeks after the Blackout Bowl). LII =29. Henry =29. Baltimore =29. Michael Dywane Jackson Dyson =129. The Baltimore Ravens were founded on 2/9 and named on the 29th of March. This season begins 2009 days after Cusack’s The Raven and its playoffs will mark 209 years after Poe’s birth.

While this all looks extremely persuasive for a Ravens Super Bowl appearance, they’re the 16th favourite team to win, right after the Colts, who as we saw last year were also very strongly coded – yet didn’t come close. Some believe the script changed, or there’s several possible scripted outcomes (like a Choose Your Own Adventure book) but I like to think we didn’t read it right. Perhaps it’s more of What Does This Represent than an obvious tribute for a Ravens Super Bowl. Perhaps we must keep our eyes peeled for other teams with the Baltimore connection. Like the Indianapolis Colts formerly from Baltimore…

Bonus Clue: Henry being the 6th Raven to die reminded me of King Henry VI, subject of a trilogy of Shakespeare/Bacon plays. I found an awesome pi duration from his birth [12/6/1421] to 27 January 2018, a week before Super Bowl 52, is exactly 31,104 weeks. 

Warriors Win

The Warriors win the NBA Finals, history repeating perfectly in ritual reenactment as the Cavaliers lost the English Civil War. Their win was also predictive programmed in The Warriors movie with its major symbol, the Wonder Wheel. Read my post on it for all the crazy coded ritual sacrifices connecting the actors from that movie to this championship. But this one here is my favourite:

Wonder Wheel =2017, the 306th prime. The Warriors =306. Seventy-First NBA Finals =306. Twenty Seventeen Champions =306. Kevin Durant =136. And that’s fucking gorgeous. 

Golden State Warriors =117 with Steph Curry =117 & K Durant =117 winning the 71st NBA Finals in ’17, The Warriors =71 in Oakland since ’71. LeBron & Curry are born 1170 days apart, both from Akron =117 Ohio =117, and as GSW & Curry both have the 117 connection – Cleveland & LeBron having none – it only makes sense that the best-of-three battles (the past three Finals) goes to the Warriors. Remember the English Civil War was actually three wars.

The Warriors =143/1403 movie came out 14,003 days before the Warriors victory at Oracle Arena =43 with Kevin Durant =43 as MVP. NBA =43. Twenty Seventeen =430. 

  • Kevin Wayne Durant =1350. K Durant =35 wearing #35 was born exactly 503 weeks after the release of The Warriors =1153. And there we see where all the 35 coding was pointing, 20/20 hindsight. NBA =35.

And for the record there’s no way in hell I would ever claim to have predicted the champion, whomever won, when we’ve all been showing compelling evidence for both sides. It’s easy to pick the favourites but part of the fun in Gematria is discovering the underdogs. And to boast that I’m Right You’re Wrong (especially when playing so neutral) is such a disservice to the craft, and the same old divide-and-conquer bullshit that strives to keep us separated. The same old techniques that professional sports is there for in the first place! This is a LEARNING experience and guess what, we’re all learning TOGETHER.

Penguins Stanley Cup

Penguins =135 win the Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =135 with Patric Hörnqvist =1350 (aged 30 years 5 months old in the Ninety-Ninth Season =1350) scoring the game-winning Goal =35 against #35 with a perfect 1:35 remaining in the third period. Major exclamation points for all us following the importance of the 35 sequence.

  • NBA Finals Game 7 is exactly 3 years 5 days after the LA Kings win. If the Cavs win in 7 at Oracle Arena =35, the Cavs would end with 35 losses and the Warriors will be 30-5 for the their last 35 games. King James =35. Comeback =35. 

The 35th prime is 149. Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Champions =409. Back to Back Stanley Cup Victories =409. Pittsburgh =490 in their 49th playoff game and 213th game since the start of the 2016/2017 season. Again, Lemieux was born 21 years 10 months 3 days before Sidney Crosby and Michael Jordan was born 21 years 10 months 13 days before LeBron James.

Patric Gosta Hornqvist =118 was born 11,118 days before his Stanley Cup win. Pittsburgh Stanley Cup Champions =118. Twenty Seventeen Champions =118. Penguins co-owners: Ronald Burkle + Mario Lemieux =1118 and they made the Finals with a sudden-death win exactly 1118 weeks after Sudden Death opened, the film with the Penguins Stanley Cup win.

Patric Hornqvist =88 scores on Rinne =88 on that clean 88,000 day span after the birth of America. The Penguins =188. Stanley Cup =188. 

Adam West & the Batman-Cavaliers Connections

Adam West dies on the day the Cavaliers win Game 4 to launch a potential comeback. What’s most intriguing to me about this is all the references over the past years between Batman & LeBron. He’s stated that his two biggest inspirations are Michael Jordan and Batman said he wants to play the Caped Crusader in a movie. He also wore a Batman-style mask during a game on 2/27/14 and posted a drawing of him as Batman on 3/6/16. We’ll also find some interesting parallels to the Dark Knight shooting hoax in Aurora Colorado on 7/20/14, blamed on James Holmes.

  • LeBron Raymone James =88. Adam West was aged 88 years 8 months and change the day before America turned 88,000 days old. Game 7 comes 8 months 8 days after West’s final film and he died 88 days after the anniversary of the Batman season finale. Aurora =88.
  • William West Anderson =216. (6x6x6) =216. Batman =666. The Cavs =666. Game 5 is 666 days after the death of Batgirl, Yvonne Craig. The NBA Finals =666. Double Dribble =666. Adam West died 660 weeks 6 days after Superman, Christopher Reeve.

Adam West =1131. His Batman series ran for 113 weeks 1 day and James Holmes was sentenced 1131 days after the shooting. LeBron’s Batman instagram was posted 1 year 3 months 11 days before Game 7. The NBA Finals =131. Championship =131. Caped Crusader =113. Dark Knight =113. Mayor West =113, his character on Family Guy. An episode of that show featuring a scene where Peter beats Cleveland using a glitch in the old basketball game Double Dribble aired 1 year 1 month 3 days before this Game 7. Batman’s creator, Bob Kane, died on 11/3.

William West Anderson =314. Batgirl =314. Batman’s 1968 finale was on 3/14 and West received his Hollywood Star 3 months 14 days before the Aurora Shooting, which happened 3 years 1 month 4 days before James Holmes was sentenced.

  • West died 2 months 27 days after the 49th anniversary of the last episode & LeBron wore the Batman mask on 2/27. Remember that 227 the 49th prime. Pi =49. Dark Knight =49. Adam West =49. West =49. 
  • The NBA Finals =322. James =223. The Batman series ran for 2 years 2 months 3 days and Game 7 comes 22 years 3 days after the release of Batman Forever.

Bruce Wayne =169. William Anderson =169. William West Anderson =69 died on 6/9. West =69. Pi =69. Cleveland Cavaliers =69. The NBA Finals =69. The Caped Crusader =69. Batgirl =69. It’s Not Who You Are Underneath, It’s What You Do That Defines You =690, as LeBron posted with his Batman picture. Game 7 is on the 169th day of the year and Justice League comes out 169 days after the Finals began.

Caped Crusader =47. Cavs =47. The King =47. LeBron’s Instagram post came 470 days before Game 7, which would be his 47th Finals game in the Cavaliers 47th season. Just like the LA Kings staged a comeback in their 47th season. Adam West died exactly 1147 weeks after Batman Forever. The upcoming Batman film is called Justice League =147 and its tagline is Unite The League =147. 

  • One of Batman’s foes is The Cavalier =206, real name Mortimer Drake =1206. 
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers =1206/206. The Dark Knight Rises =206. LeBron Raymone James =206 wore the mask 1206 days before Game 7. The Cavaliers =1206. English Civil War =1026. LeBron =26. Adam West died 11 years 11 months 26 days after the release of Batman Begins. Batman =261. 

LeBron James =164 was 10,064 days old for the Aurora Shooting, which came 9 years 23 days after he was drafted. LeBron James =923.

The NBA Finals =213. Justice League =213. LeBron James was born 2 years 11 months 13 days before the birth of James Holmes. Jordan was born 21 years 10 months 13 days before James and Lemieux was born 21 years 10 months 3 days before Crosby. Drake Back to Back =213 released 12 years 1 month 3 days after LeBron was drafted. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =2130.

Justice League comes out on 11/17. James Holmes was sentenced when he was 10,117 days old. Bruce Wayne =117. King James VI & I =1170. LeBron & Curry both born in Akron =117 Ohio =117 a span of 1170 days apart.

  • (As Gematria Club predicted again, Tapwrit =107 just won the Belmont Stakes =1170 at the same span of 1170 days old, the exact same age as last year’s Belmont winner).

Caped Crusader =708. Adam West =78. Holmes will be 10,780 days old (exactly 1540 weeks) for Game 7 and he and LeBron were born 1078 days apart (exactly 154 weeks). Defend the Land =154Twenty Seventeen Champions =1154.

Drake’s Back to Back: Historic Convergence & Fractal Time

Drake dropped a single called Back to Back on 29 July 2015. We just saw Real Madrid & Oklahoma Women’s College Baseball both win back-to-back championships and now Cavaliers & Penguins are poised to do the same. We’ve identified a 25-year cycle that brings us back to 1992 and the repeat champions Chicago Bulls (’92/’93) and Penguins (’91/’92). The Toronto Blue Jays also went back-to-back in ’92/’93.

But that’s not all.

Michigan lost the NCAA Basketball Finals in ’92/’93 and Duke went back-to-back in ’91/’92. Dallas Cowboys won back-to-back in ’93/’94 and the Buffalo Bills made the Super Bowl four years in a row (’90-’94) winning only once in ’92. Manchester United won the Premier League in ’92/’93 and Stefan Edberg won the US Tennis Open in ’91/’92. What appears to be happening here is called convergence, or historic recurrence.

That unsettling feeling of deja vu as a byproduct of fractal time.

Now the first line of Drake’s track goes: “I learned the game from William Wesley.” Wesley is a consultant for Creative Artists Agency and considered one of the most influential power brokers in the NBA, associated with both LeBron James & Michael Jordan.

Wesley’s nickname is World Wide Wes, and as W=6 in Hebrew (vav), WWW =666. Internet =666. Computer =666. Calculation =666. The track ends repeating 6-6-6-6-6-6 into a fadeout. Back to Back released 666 days before James beat Jordan’s record and made The NBA Finals =666. Penguins =666. NBA +NHL =666. Trilogy =666. Karma Cycles =666. Zodiac Wheel =666. Convergence =666. 

History Repeats Itself =125. Fractal =25. Deja Vu =25. Mario & Michael =250. History Repeats =250. Back to Back runs 2:50 in length. The 25-year cycle. And of all the names, Wesley’s middle name is Sydney =25. 

Twenty-Five Years =213. Drake Back to Back =213. The track released 12 years 1 month 3 days after LeBron was drafted. Jordan was born 21 years 10 months 13 days before James and Lemieux was born 21 years 10 months 3 days before Crosby. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =2130. Penguins Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =213. Toronto Blue Jays =213. I Learned the Game from William Wesley =3102. Back to Back =312. 

If we exclude the end points, Jordan & James were born 21 years 10 months 11 days apart and Lemieux & Crosby were born 21 years 10 months 1 day apart. Joe Carter was born 2 years 11 months 10 days before MJ. If Cavs win Game 7 it will be 1 year 10 months 20 days after Drake’s Back to Back, the track released 2 years 1 month 10 days after LeBron won back-to-back with the Heat. Historic Recurrence =211/112. Fractal =211. 

  • Recurrence =960. Historic Resonance =96. History Repeats Itself =96/969. Twenty-Five Year Cycle =69/96. The track released 190 weeks 6 days after the second Heat championship and this Game 7 will be 690 days after the release of Back to Back =69. Pi =69. Convergence =169. Synchronicity =169. 

Back to Back is a diss rap at Meek Mill, and he & Drake were born 6 months 11 days apart. Real Madrid won 1 year 10 months 6 days after the release of the song and if Penguins win in 7 it will be 1 year 10 months 16 days later. Fractal Time =116. Convergence =1116. 

Historic Resonance =663. Drake was born 663 days after LeBron. Penguins Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Champions =663. Drake Back to Back =633. Penguins’ owner Ron Burkle was ranked the 633rd Richest Person on the Planet by Forbes. Synchronicity =363. 

  • Fractal =306 and the 306th prime is 2017. Perfectly timed.

Historic Resonance =227. Joseph Chris Carter =227. Penguins + Cavaliers =227. Repeat Champions =227. Back-to-Back Win =227. Twenty Seventeen =227. Penguins head coach born on 2/27 and the day before the NBA Finals began (when LeBron got his house tagged) was 13 years 11 months 4 days after LeBron was drafted. Historic Repetition =314. Resonance =314.

“A favorite theory of mine—to wit, that no occurrence is sole and solitary, but is merely a repetition of a thing which has happened before, and perhaps often.” – Mark Twain

Kanye West & Michael Jordan

Alright check this shit out. Kanye West was 11,113 days old when his mother died and Michael Jordan was the EXACT same age of 11,113 days old the day before his father was murdered. That’s the definitive case closed on the long-count theory, especially when the Gematria synchs.

Michael Jordan =113/311. Yeezus =311. Kim Kardashian =113. Kimberley Kardashian-West =113. Her father, Robert George Kardashian =113, died another perfect long-count at the age of exactly 3110 weeks old. Robert was the attorney of OJ Simpson =113. The span of 1130 days is equivalent to 3 years 1 month 4 days, the Pi-Cycle of history repeating. The day before Michael Jordan’s dad dying was 22/7, and 33 days after MJ won his back-to-back title.

James R Jordan =213. Donda West =213. The sacrificed parents perfectly synched with all this: LeBron Raymone James =1230 (born 12/30) & Michael Jordan =123 were born 21 years 10 months 13 days apart, Sidney Crosby & Mario Lemieux were born 21 years 10 months 3 days apart, and Eldrick Tiger Woods =213 (born 12/30) & Michael Jordan were born 12 years 10 months 13 days apart. House of Cards premiered on 2/1/13. President Donald J Trump =312. Stephen King’s novel Dolores Clairborne features a solar eclipse; its UK release comes 21 years 11 months 13 days before the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on 8/21. Kanye + Jordan =1231.

We’ve been noticing 52/25 coding lately and MJ & Kanye were born 5225 days apart. 

Eldrick Tiger Woods =1182 was 11,082 days old when his father died.

Finding Dory: NBA Finals Predictive Programming

I just watched Finding Dory, released two days before the Cavaliers won the 2016 NBA Finals, and as readers were pointing out last year, there’s a subplot of an octopus named Hank trying to hitch a ride from from the Bay Area to Cleveland (spoiler alert: he doesn’t make it). There’s a couple other coded moments that deserve an entry. First notice that Hank the Octopus & Dory the Regal Blue Tang are coloured just like the Cavaliers & Warriors.

There’s a tag that Dory gives Hank the Octopus, #3181. That’s the 450th prime number (Pixar =450) & Finding Dory opened two days before the 450th birthday of the original King James =45, the Father’s Day that he Cavaliers =405 won The Finals =45 at Oracle =45. Cavs =45. The Cavaliers =145. Oracle Arena =145 broke ground on 15/4. 

  • Ed O’Neill =154 is the voice of Hank & he’s from Ohio (like Curry & LeBron & Cleveland). The Warriors =154. GSW =154. Twenty Seventeen Champions =1154. 

The Golden State Warriors =318. Comeback =318, which Cleveland did last year, down 3-0. The Cleveland Cavaliers =1380. The Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =138The 1138th prime is 9181 and Game 6 in Cleveland is 9181 days after Cavaliers’ stadium broke ground.

Dory =26. Ed O’Neill =26 will be 26,000 days old on Game 7. LeBron =26. Curry =260. The Cleveland Cavaliers =1206/206. The Cavaliers =1206. The Warriors =206. Steph Curry =1026. English Civil War =1026.

The Cleveland Cavaliers =399. Ellen Degeneres (who voiced Dory) will be exactly 3099 weeks old on Game 7, which is also 366 days after Finding Dory released. The Cleveland Cavaliers =366.

  • Hank the Octopus =666 doesn’t it make it back to Cleveland. “I lost her,” he says. The NBA Finals =666. The Cavs =666. Trilogy =666.
  • At the end when they hijack the Marine Life truck heading for Cleveland they get stuck in a roundabout, going in three circles before finally getting off and driving into the sea. And as they’re airborne we spot police car #1104. 

LeBron James =114. Cleveland Cavaliers =114. Choreographed Rituals =1141. James born exactly 1141 weeks after Michael Jordan who was 11,114 days old when his father was murdered (33 days after he won his back-to-back championship).

Finding Dory =149. Hank the Octopus =149. Kevin Durant =49 will be 10,490 days old for Game 7 & The Warrriors movie opened 14,009 days before Game 7. NBA Trilogy =1149. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Champion =149. The Finals =149. And 149 is the 35th prime. K Durant =35 wears #35. Hank the Octopus =135. Marine Life =35. Oracle Arena =35.

Real Madrid: Predictive Programmed

Real Madrid are the back-to-back winners of the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final, as predicted by Gematria Club based largely on the predictive programming in the death of Stefano Farina, a UEFA football referee who acted in a 2007 film called Goal II: Living the Dream that depicted a fictional Champions League Final of Real Madrid over Arsenal. I’ll share some of their work here plus some more gems I found – but first get a load of the perfect alphanumeric anagram in the sacrifice’s surname:

  • FARINA =31/41/49/113/75/97/294/678/29/47/259/69.
  • MADRID =31/41/49/113/75/97/294/678/29/47/259/69.

It’s also another perfect case-in-point of how long-counts synched with Gematria indicate a win. Cristiano Ronaldo =187 was 11,807 days old for the Two Thousand Seventeen UEFA Champions League Final =187. Ronaldo =87 scored Real’s Five Hundredth Goal =1187 to break the so-called Champions League Curse =1187. Real Madrid + Millennium Stadium =87. And to top things off, Real’s Manager is Zinedine Zidane =870.  

Goal II =27. It’d been 27 years since Champions League had a repeat champion. Real Madrid =27. Cristiano =27 scored a Double 27. Back to Back =27. Soccer =27. Curse Lifted =127. MCF =127.

  • The first half’s two goals came at the 20th & 27th minutes. Cristiano Ronaldo =227. Repeat Champions =227. UEFA Football =227. Two Thousand Seventeen UEFA Champions League Final =227. The Pi-sequence of history repeating again. Real Madrid Twenty Seventeen Champions =3114. 

Goal II =116. The Final in Wales =1016 on June Third Twenty Seventeen =116 came 1 year 10 months 6 days after the release of Drake’s track Back to Back. Five Hundred =116. UEFA Football =116. Twenty Seventeen UEFA Football =116. Real =16. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro =160. 

Real Madrid CF =230. Two Thousand Seventeen UEFA Champions League Final =2300. The film’s US release was 3200 days before the 6/3 UEFA Final & Farino died 19,970 days after his birth; 1997 the 302nd prime number. MCF =132. Two Thousand Seventeen Champions =132. Real Madrid Millennium Stadium =132. Real Madrid Twenty Seventeen Champions =132. Zidane =32 and Ronaldo is 32 years old.

  • The 32nd prime number is 131. Goal II =131. Champion =131. Twenty Seventeen Champions League =131.Two Thousand Seventeen UCL Final =131. David Beckham =131, the man who scored the game winning goal in the movie.
  • Real =13 was in their 113th season. Two Thousand Seventeen UCL Final =113. Real Madrid Back to Back Champions =113. Madrid =113. Farina =113. Twenty Seventeen Champions =311.

Real Madrid Twenty Seventeen Champions =186. Goal II Living the Dream =186. It’s Real Madrid’s 86th consecutive season in the top flight of Spanish football and Ronaldo was 11,806 days old in Wales =86. Madrid =86. Five Hundredth Goal =86. Five Hundred =1086. Two Thousand Seventeen UEFA Champions League Final =861

  • Real Madrid =68. Cardiff =68. Wales =68. Champions League =68. Real Madrid =168. Five Hundredth Goal =1680. 

The 168th prime number is 997 & Stefano died at the age of 19,970 days old. Real’s president is Florentino Perez =970 & their manager is Zinedine Zidane =197 aka Zizou =97. UEFA Champions League =97Champions League Curse =97.

The 2017 Final is a rematch of the 1998 Champions Final & Farina would have been 19,980 days old the day before the Final. Real Madrid CF =198. Real Madrid Club de Futbol =198. Florentino Perez =198. Millennium Stadium =198. UEFA Champions League Final =98.

  • That’s a span of 19 years 13 days between matches & 1913 is the 293rd prime.  Portuguese = 293. Champions League Curse =293. Taking it a step further, 293 is the 62nd prime and this is the 62nd season of the UEFA Champions League.
  • Wales =62. Real =62. Repeat Champions =62. C Ronaldo =62/162. Real Madrid Twenty Seventeen Champions =162. 

Living the Dream =147. Cristiano Ronaldo =1470. Two Thousand Seventeen Champions League =470/474. Ronaldo =474. Champion =474. Two Thousand Seventeen Champions =471. Stefano Farina =47. Farina =47. Madrid =47. Cardiff =47. June Third =47. David Beckham =47, who scores the game-winning goal. The 47th prime is 211 & June 3rd leaves 211 days.

Real Madrid =33. Real =33. Goal II =33. Goal II Living The Dream =330. The Final on June Third =33 came 3 months 30 days after Ronaldo’s birthday. Cardiff Final =133. UEFA Champions Leage =331.

  • It will be 3767 days since the UK release & 3767 is the 524th prime. Cristiano Ronaldo =245. Ronaldo =245. Repeat Champions =542. 
  • Millennium Stadium will be 6551 days old for the Final & 6551 is the 846th prime. Real Madrid Club de Futbol =846. Cristiano =648. 

Stefano Farina =256. UEFA Champions League =256. Champions League =256.

Twenty Seventeen Champions =1154 and the Final was on the 154th day. Curse Lifted =154. David Beckham =154. Champions League =54. Real Madrid CF =54. Real Madrid =45. Cristiano Ronald dos Santos Aveiro =454. Cristiano =45/54. Cardiff Final =45. Wales =450. Zinedine Zidane =145. Living the Dream =145.

The NBA Finals: Ritual Reenactment of the English Civil War

Time for another history lesson, truth-sleuths. The Warriors (1979) is based on a book which is based on Anabasis, an ancient text written by Xenophon in 370 BC. The term anabasis refers to an expedition from a coastline into the interior of a country, fitting as the Golden State Warriors from San Francisco’s Bay Area venture into the Mid-West state of Ohio to face the Cavaliers – named after the derogatory term for wealthy Royalist supporters of King Charles I (son of King James) during the English Civil War (1642-1651) – which was in fact three wars. If history is to repeat, the trilogy Finals as ritual reenactments of the past, unfortunately for Cleveland – the Cavaliers lost.

Anabasis =900. Golden State Warriors =90. Kevin Wayne Durant =90. History =90. Cavaliers =90. English Civil War =90. NBA Theatre =90. The 90th prime is 463 & the 463rd prime is 3299. The English Civil War lasted 3299 days, a perfect alphanumeric tribute to the Programmers who have orchestrated wars by the numbers since the dawn of civilization – the Programmers who orchestrate symbolic sport theatre to this day.

  • Including the end date, the English Civil War lasted a perfect 3,300 days. Cavaliers =33 VS Warriors =33. Cleveland =33 VS Golden State =133. James =33 VS Stephen =33. King James =33 VS Cromwell =33 (who died 33 weeks 3 days before his birthday).
  • Cromwell’s men were the New Model Army =33 aka the Parliamentarian =303. NBA Finals =33. Brexit =33. King James VI & I =33. History =33. Rebellion =33. 

History =227. Cromwell died 7 months 22 days before his birthday & the Civil War =1722 was fought between the Roundheads & Cavaliers =314 and led to the Glorious Revolution =1314. This is the missing piece to the puzzle that ties in the entire Pi cycle and the ritual reenactments therein. The latest clue is found in the recent death of Jack O’Neill, the one-eyed inventor of the Wetsuit =1314. 

Civil War =149. Kevin Durant =49 will be 10,490 days old for Game Seven. As we saw in the previous post, the symbolic Wonder Wheel is located at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park =149 on Coney Island =49. Stephen Curry =49. Steve Kerr =49. King Charles I =49. James VI & I =49. The Dubs =409. Reenactment =409. Pi =49. A Revolution =49. And on that English Civil War tip, the Brexit referendum was voted exactly 49 weeks before the Finals began.

  • Jack =49 O’Neill =49, of the surf brand (founded near San Francisco) died on 2 June 2017 (the 64th anniversary of Elizabeth’s coronation). O’Neill lived a span of 34,400 days in this dimension. The New Model Army =1344. Revolutions =1344. 
  • O’Neill was born on 3/27, the same day that King James died and the reign of Charles I began, and a span of 30 years 2 months 7 days before Elizabeth’s coronation. The Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =327. O’Neill was born 108,830 days after Charles I became King. [Please refer to the end of the previous post for the 883 connections here.]
  • That’s also exactly 298 years: Seventy-First NBA Finals =298. The War of the Three Kingdoms =298, as the English Civil War is more accurately known.

Jack O’Neill =170. Seventy-First NBA Finals =107. Cavalier =71. Battle of Worcester =71. Great Rebellion =71. English Civil War =171. New Model Army =171. Parliamentarians =171. The Royalists =171. King James VI & I =1170. Stephen Curry =1071 and LeBron =17 James =17 were both born in Akron =117 Ohio =117 a span of 1170 days apart.

King Charles I =332 and it’s been 332 years since Charles II died. Stephen =332 was born 3320 days after The Warriors opened & Durant became a Warrior 332 days before the Finals began. Cromwell died 233 days before his birthday. Wetsuit =233, the 13th number in the Fibonacci sequence, related to spirals & history repeating by sacred numeric patterns. No small accident that James’ & Curry’s jerseys form a 2330.

  • 233 is also the 51st prime. Curry =510 & LeBron Raymone James =51 are both from Akron =51. The Warriors =51. The Cavaliers =51. Cleveland =51. Steve Kerr =51. 

LeBron Raymone James =1230 was born on 12/30, exactly 20,031 weeks after the birth of Charles I of England =231 who was executed 23 years 10 months after becoming King, for an extreme long-count. British Civil Wars =231. Rebellion =231. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =132. O’Neill =132. Durant was born 123,101 days after the English Civil War ended. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =2130. The English Civil War =123. Monarchy =123. The Golden State Warriors =123. The Cleveland Cavaliers =123. 

Fun Fact: As legend has it, Oliver Cromwell made a pact with the devil in exchange for vanquishing the Cavaliers. The deal was done in the woods outside Worcester, the last stronghold of the Scottish Royalist army, and that very day he charged his men into battle and ended the English Civil War. The devil said he’d have seven years then his soul was his, and sure enough, Cromwell died exactly seven years later.

Glorious Revolution =319. The Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =319. The 16/17 NBA Season began exactly 19,103 weeks after the end of the English Civil War, which lasted 9 years 13 days. Game 7 is 9 months 13 days after the 365th anniversary of the War’s end (Cromwell died 365 weeks after the Civil War’s end).

  • Excluding the end point that’s 9 years 12 days. A Revolution =912. Parliamentarian =912. Civil War =192. LeBron James =192. James VI & I =192. Cavaliers =92. Oliver Cromwell =1092/92. British Civil War =1092/92. Rebellion =92. Jack O’Neill =92. English Civil War =92. Choreographed Rituals =1902. 
  • Kevin Durant =1129 joined the Warriors =1290 a span of 10 months 29 days before the Finals began. Royalists =1290. The Golden State Warriors =129. The Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =129. Sports Theatre =1129. 

New Model Army =1525. War =252. Durant was born 502 weeks 5 days before The Warriors opened. June Eighteenth Two Thousand Seventeen =2520. Seventeen NBA Finals =252. Battle of Worcester =252, the final battle of the English Civil War. The official term for the Brexit vote is the United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum =252.

Revolution =1204. A Revolution =204. The English Civil War =204 was won by the Parliamentarians =204 and Game 1 of the NBA Finals was dominated by Kevin Wayne Durant =204 and had a total score of 204 points. Choreographed Ritual =204. Warriors =24. Oliver =24 Cromwell =24. James =24. Durant =24. O’Neill =24. The NBA Finals =241. 

Game 7 is 360 days after Brexit, like the degrees in a circle, a full revolution right back where we started and the illusion of change. Royalists =36. Monarchy =36. Cavaliers =36. The Warriors =306. NBA Theatre =36. 

If it ends on Game 6, the day after Trump’s 71st birthday, that’s exactly 19,084 weeks after the English Civil War ended, in heavy Big Brother overtones; LeBron born in 1984 Like the American & French Revolutions after it, the English Civil War resulted in the defeat of the monarchy and its replacement with “democracy” or the power of the parliament. Yet like most other revolutions before & since, what actually transpired under the guise of power to the people was the ever-deeper infiltration of the Jewish banking cartel, the same crew that run the NBA.

Now we know exactly why the Warriors & Cavaliers are waging the third & final battle of the ritual reenactment of the English Civil War. What remains to be seen is if history repeats literally, with King James & the Cavaliers again being defeated – or if they’ve symbolically traded roles, a Satanic inversion of history. However it ends, the result will grant us a much deeper insight into the method behind the madness.