Sidney Crosby & Mario Lemieux: Back-to-Back Champion Programming

The Penguins defeated the Senators in Game 7’s second period of sudden-death overtime to reach the Stanley Cup Finals for the second year in a row on the same night as the Cavaliers advanced to the NBA Finals for the second year in a row. This is further evidence of predictive programming & ritual celebrity sacrifice as we just saw Powers Boothe who played the villain in Sudden Death, the Van Damme flick set in Pittsburgh at Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, die on the night of Game 1 of that series. Then we had the death of Lisa Spoonauer from Clerks whose lead character rocks a Penguins jersey. Now watch for the synchronicities between Mario Lemieux & Sidney Crosby and Michael Jordan & LeBron James – it’ll blow your fucking mind.

Karma Cycles =666. Penguins =666. Penguins Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =666. The NBA Finals =666. These NHL + NBA =666 seasons began in 2016, the year of the 666 (as 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016 and 6x6x6 =216) which means the Penguins & Cavaliers are primed & pumped to go back-to-back as yet another clue that history repeats by the numbers. We’re living in the time of the Apocalypse, which means the Unveiling – both by definition & gematria – and these discoveries are all part of the Truth Wave.

(6+6+6) =18. Twenty Seventeen Champions =118. Seventeen Stanley Cup Finals =1181. Muscles From Brussels =1181. Twenty-Five =181. Penguins co-owners: Ronald Burkle + Mario Lemieux =1118 and they won this round in sudden-death exactly 1118 weeks after Sudden Death opened, Van Damme born 10/18 and his character Darren McCord =118. The Great American Eclipse =118. We just saw Cloud Computing win the Preakness Stakes Baltimore =1118 a perfect span of 1118 days after he was foaled and Trump was elected 1 year 1 month 18 days after the much-hyped target date of 9/23/15, Day One of the Jewish Jubilee (which represents a 50-year span) and Penguins won here in their 50th season and this would be their 5th Stanley Cup. 

  • Fifty Years Old =1911 and in the Pens game I noticed a major play stoppage at 19:11 in the third period. I searched this number and learned that on April 8th the Penguins had a record of 50-19-11. That was 1 month 18 days before their win here. The Mayan Calendar begins on 8/11 (11 August 3114 BCE).

Penguins =50. Twenty-Five =50/150. Ball Game =50. Mayan Ball Game =150. Fifty Years Old =150. Sidney Patrick Crosby + Mario Lemieux =150. Michael Jordan + Mario Lemieux =1500. 

The matchup in Sudden Death is Chicago-Pittsburgh, which was the Stanley Cup Final from 1992 – Penguins winning with their star Mario Lemieux in the same year the Chicago Bulls won after Michael Jordan’s missed slam dunk, mirroring LeBron’s missed dunk as we just covered. That was 25 years ago and here they both make it to the Finals on 25/2. Michael Jordan + Mario Lemieux =2502. And look at the shot of Van Damme dressed as the Penguins goalie – a very clear 25. If you zoom in on the bottom right corner of the Clerks shot – the numbers 25 & 50. Mario and Michael =250. History Repeats =250. Repeat =25.

  • That’s Christian Ruutu getting punched out. Christian =25/52. Jean Claude Van Damme =252. Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg =2052. 
  • History Repeats by the Numbers =125/152. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Finals =125/152. James + Jordan =52. Bulls + Cavaliers =152. Jean Claude =152. Sudden Death =1152. These games happened 12 weeks 5 days before The Total Solar Eclipse =152. Mayan =52. Mesoamerican Ballgame =520. Second Year in a Row =52. 

The thing is that 25 years is equal to 9130 days. Sidney Crosby + Mario Lemieux =319. Employing the Law of Reversals, the 319th prime is 2113 and LeBron James & Michael Jordan were born a perfect 21 years 10 months 13 days apart.

NOW GET THIS: I went in with the theory telling myself no way could it be this perfect but yep. The star of the 1992 Stanley Cup was Mario Lemieux, current Penguins owner, and he was born the almost exact same fucking duration of 21 years 10 months 3 days before Sidney Crosby. (!!!) The Seventy-First NBA Finals =2130. Penguins Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =213. Twenty-Five Years =213. 

That’s game over, the final fucking piece to the puzzle that it’s all about the long-count. Perhaps the biggest clue we’ve ever been given is the Mayan Calendar. Life is indeed a Wheel, as the alphanumeric cycles reveal. The Mayans played what’s known simply as the Ball Game, which involved important rituals including human sacrifice. As our research shows, the more things change the more they stay the same.

Those gorgeous 2-11-3 durations are also equal to 1139 weeks 3 days. Two Thousand Seventeen Champions =393. Cleveland =393. NBA Finals =393. Michael Jordan Jeffrey + LeBron Raymone James =393. Tolliver =393, the goalie Van Damme replaces in that ridiculous scene where he makes the save of the season then flashes a hand-sign at his son.

  • Ruutu & Van Damme were born 3 years 4 months 3 days apart. Mario Lemiuex + Michael Jeffrey Jordan =343. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =343. Pittsburgh + Cleveland =434. 

These Cavaliers & Penguins games came 4 years 5 months 4 days after 12/21/12, the end of the Mayan Calendar. Pittsburgh + Cleveland =1454.

LeBron James was 11,833 days old the day before he made the Finals and Sidney Crosby was 10,883 days old the day before he made the Finals. That’s pretty damn close. Especially when it gives us this: Pittsburgh + Cleveland =883.

  • And if we count to the day we get LeBron at 11,834 days old: Seventy-First NBA Finals =1834. And Crosby at 10,884 days old: Twenty Seventeen Champions =1884. 
  • I mean c’mon. We’re working with four-digit number-date synchs here and it’s perfectly coded with the potential outcome. We’ve collectively achieved the next level of decoding – especially if these two teams win, but even if they don’t – and there’s no longer any reason to be stalled in first gear when we can reach warp speed by working together.

Sid was also exactly 1555 weeks old. Penguins Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Champions =555. Entertainment =555. Revolutions =555. Around & around like circles and the Pi-Cycles therein.

Penguins + Cavaliers =227. Repeat Champions =227. Back-to-Back Win =227. Twenty Seventeen =227. Definitely the year for it, especially with all the Pi-Tributes we’ve been documenting. This big day in sports happened 2 months 27 days before the Eclipse. The Mayan Calendar =1722. 

  • History Repeats by the Numbers =3140. Eclipse =314. Sidney Crosby =314. Number Twenty-Three =314. Twenty Seventeen Champions =314. Crosby & James’ birthdays fall 31 weeks 4 days apart in a calendar year. James’ missed dunk happened 31 weeks 4 days after his birthday and Sid’s win came 41 weeks 3 days after his birthday. Pittsburgh Penguins Cleveland Cavaliers =413. 
  • The Great American Eclipse =2424. Double Overtime Sudden Death =2424.

LeBron James & Sidney Patrick Crosby =277 were born 2 years 7 months 7 days apart and 277 is the 59th prime. That’s also 950 days, emphasizing the 59/95 coding. Pittsburgh Penguins Cleveland Cavaliers =595. LeBron was born 15,905 days after Marv Albert, excluding end points.

Jordan’s missed dunk happened on 5/9 at Madison Square Garden =195. Twenty-Three =195. Penguins Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =195. Penguins + Cavaliers =195. Mario Lemieux + Sidney Crosby =1159. Lemieux + Crosby =159. Sidney Crosby =59. James =95. Back-to-Back Champions =95. Back-to-Back Titles =59. Repeat Champion =59. 

  • 59 is the 17th prime here in ‘17. Twenty Seventeen Champions =117. Pens + Cavs =117. Penguins + Cavaliers =1170. May Twenty-Fifth =1170. Pittsburgh Penguins =1107. Twenty-Five =117. 

The 95th prime is 499. LeBron James =499. Twenty-Five =499. Lemieux + Crosby =1944. 

Sidney Patrick Crosby =223. James =223. Number Twenty-Three =223. Nineteen Ninety-Two =223. The Mayan Calendar =223. 

Sidney Crosby =67. Back-To-Back Champions =167. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Champion =167. Cleveland Cavaliers =1167. The 167th prime is 991 (Mario Lemieux =199) and the 991st prime is 7841 and 7841 days after the release of Sudden Death is June 11th, Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. A great day for the Penguins to win. We can include the same duration to June 12th, Game 5 of the NBA Finals, a great day for the Cavaliers to win.

  • 1487 is the 236th prime. Back-To-Back Win =236. Sidney Patrick Crosby =236. Pittsburgh Penguins Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Finals =236. Pittsburgh Penguins Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Champions =236. 
  • 487 is the 93rd prime. Penguins + Cavaliers =193. Back to the 393.

PS: Aesop Rock just rapped “recognizing family & alphanumeric characters” on the track ‘Castles’ by Cunninlynguists. Maybe they’re readers. 

LeBron James & Michael Jordan’s Missed Slam Dunks: Poetry In Motion

Air Jordan =153. Cavaliers =153. Marvin =153. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =351.

You know we here at Extra-Capsa froth over media stories that use the terms “eerily similar” and “coincidentally” and we’ve got another juicy one with the missed wide-open playoff dunks of LeBron James (5/23/17) and Michael Jordan (5/9/92), twenty-five years apart and both with Marv Alberts doing play-by-play. Despite the gaff (or because of it), MJ & the Bulls went on to win the 1992 NBA Finals, a repeat of their 1991 Championship. Now coming off their Finals win last season, King James & the Cavs look to repeat history by the numbers here in the 71st NBA Finals.

Michael Jordan + LeBron James =333. Michael + LeBron =333. Twenty Seventeen NBA Playoffs =333Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =333

  • The Seventy-First NBA Finals =1133. James + Jordan =133. Twenty-Three =133. Cleveland Cavaliers + Chicago Bulls =1330. Michael Jeffrey Jordan =1133. Slam Dunks =33. LeBron =33. James =33. Cleveland =33. Michael =33. Chicago =33. Bulls =33. NBA Finals =33. And to tie this sequence in with a solid long-count, James’ missed dunk came 13 weeks 3 days after Jordan’s birthday and exactly 1303 weeks after Bulls won the ’92 Finals. Marv Albert’s birth name: Marvin Philip Aufrichtig =331. 

That’s also 9120 days since the Bulls hoisted the trophy in ’92. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Champion =2190. What a pretty synchronicity.

LeBron James was 2687 days old for Jordan’s missed dunk & 2687 is the 390th prime. Twenty Seventeen NBA Champion =390. The Cavaliers =39. Now that’s poetry.

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.43.45 PM.png

LeBron James =122. Michael Jordan =122. Both in Jewish Ordinal. James + Jordan =1122. All-Time Playoff Scoring Leader =1122. Michael Jeffery Jordan =2112 and he and James were born 21 years 10 months 12 days apart, James beating Jordan’s scoring record in his 212th game. Trainwreck =122. The Cavaliers =122. James’ dunk was 221 days after his birthday. The 122nd prime is 673 and Jordan was 10,673 days old for his epic fail at The Garden =122.

Michael + LeBron =169. Michael Jordan =169. Magnetic Rims =169. James was 1069 weeks old, Game Seven is on the 169th day, and he fucked up one point shy of 69 points as the Celtics had 69 points. Cleveland Cavaliers =69. The Cavaliers =69. Chicago + Cleveland =69. 

  • The 169th prime is 1009. Michael Jordan + LeBron James =109. Michael Jordan Jeffrey =109. Cleveland Cavaliers =190. Dunk =190. 
  • That’s also 11,833 days and 11,833 is the 1420th prime. Michael Jordan + LeBron James =142. Michael Jordan =42. LeBron James =42. Bulls + Cavaliers =42. NBA Finals =42. James’ next birthday comes exactly 1338 weeks after MJ’s dunk.

That’s an age difference of 1160 days (11,833-10,673). Seventy-First NBA Finals =116. Cavaliers =116. His Airness =116. Magnetic =116. Jordan’s missed dunk happened 11 weeks 6 days after his birthday and James’ trainwreck of a dunk happened 1 year 10 months 6 days after the release of James’ movie Trainwreck, which featured a cameo by Marv Albert =1019. Marvin Philip Aufrichtig =1019. There’s an excellent example of deliberate coding in Marv’s two official names.  

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.44.32 PM.png

LeBron James =114 was born exactly 1141 weeks after M Jordan =114. Slam Dunks =114. King James =141. MJ + King James =141. Sports Actors =141. Cavalier =141. Cleveland Cavaliers =114. Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =114. Twenty Seventeen NBA Champion =114/141. A perfect synch with the distance between their births.

Basketball Magnet =1722. Basketball Player =722. Michael Jordan + LeBron James =227. Michael Jordan + Kobe Bryant =227. LeBron James + Kobe Bryant =227. How about that… Their full names together is the mirror of Pi: Michael Jeffrey Jordan + LeBron Raymone James =413. All Time Playoff Scoring Leader =413. Chicago Bulls =413. James’ dunk came 31 weeks 4 days after his birthday. Number Twenty-Three =314. 

  • 227 is the 49th prime. Pi =49. Trainwreck =49. MJ + King James =49. His Airness =149. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Champion =149.
  • The 149th prime is 859 and James will be 11,859 days old for Game Seven.

The Cavaliers =1206 scored 112 pts that game & Chicago Bulls =206 scored 94. The sum score of the winners: 112+94 =206. Slam Dunk =26. Jordan =26. Magnetic =26. Magnetic Rims =260. Seventy-First NBA Finals =260. Jordan’s dud came 26 days before he won the Final and Game Seven will be 26 days after the dud of LeBron =26. 

Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =2552. Jordan’s missed dunk happened exactly 1525 weeks after his birth, Trainwreck released when Jordan was exactly 52 years 5 months old, and now on 5/25 James surpasses Jordan to become the NBA’s all-time playoff scoring leader.

  • Michael Jeffery Jordan =1128. Michael Jordan =128. Slam Dunks =128. Marv Albert =128. The 128th prime is 719 and the 719th prime is 5441. Jordan will be 54 years 4 months 1 day old for Game Seven.
  • Twenty-Eight =156. Bulls + Cavaliers =156. Seventy-First NBA Finals =1560.  Basketball Stars =156. Trainwreck opened when James =156 was 11,156 days old.

The 56th prime is 263. The two missed dunks happened 1306 weeks 2 days apart. Two Thousand Seventeen NBA Finals =1362. Twenty Seventeen NBA Finals =362As if we needed anymore evidence to prove this isn’t any statistical anomaly.

James’s missed dunk happened 707 weeks 7 days after his NBA debut or exactly 708 weeks.  Cleveland Cavaliers =78. Cleveland =78. The Cavaliers =78. NBA Finals =78. Sports Actors =78. Air Jordan =178. James + Jordan =187. James =87. 

Last year around this time I caught a glimpse of the importance of long counts thanks to the extremely rigged NBA being generous enough to give us so many clues. Michael Jordan =678. Kobe Bryant =678. And it was exactly 678 weeks between Jordan’s final career game & Bryant’s final career game. Poetry in Motion.

And on the topic of basketball magnets, particularly after seeing the image below of LeBron’s dunk that looks very much like it’s going in, I’d like to end by sharing a fascinating reader comment:

“In 2011 when my son was playing AAU basketball, he was a good freethrow shooter and I really mean good he would miss one out of every 50 free throws in practice and in games would go 5 for 5 or 10 for 10. At one particular tournament he missed went 1 for 9 from the line and another went 2 for 8 it was like some kind of force field was making the ball clank off the front of the rim or off the back of the rim or the ball would be on point to swish then all of a sudden it was like it was pushed left or right. I asked him did he think something was wrong with the rims and he said when he would shoot the ball he would hear some kind of thunk or click and wondered what that was, I immediately came home and tried to find something on magnetic rims with no luck, but now from this article I see we weren’t the only ones who noticed this.”

Ravens Part III: The Conqueror Worm

Alright now check this shit out. We’ve covered how former Baltimore Raven WR Michael Jackson died in a motorcycle wreck on 5/12. As it turns out, a Baltimore Raven CB (already the wide receiver – cornerback duality) named Tray Walker also died in a motorcycle wreck just last year on 3/18. Walker was ripping a dirtbike around Miami and, like Jackson, crashed into a truck. He died at JACKSON Memorial Hospital. Even without the alphanumerics that’s a suspicious synchronicity.

  • Especially in light of both the 12/12/16 death of former Ravens tight end Konrad Reuland and the story of former Ravens tight end Todd Heap accidentally killing his daughter on 4/14/17 when he backed over her in his truck. As we’ll see, these deaths very much fit the pattern of ritual sacrifice.

The other story is Ravens rookie Chris Wormley getting a lip tattoo that reads BIG WORM the day before Jackson was killed. Wormley played college ball at Michigan, under John Harbaugh’s brother Jim before being drafted by the Ravens. The symbolism here again points to Edgar Allan Poe who wrote a poem called ‘The Conqueror Worm’ that is very prescient to the larger scope here, the unseen forces manipulating their puppets by the numbers and sacrificing them at will:

“An audience of weeping angels watches a play performed by ‘mimes, in the form of God on high’, and controlled by vast formless shapes looming behind the scenes. The mimes chase a ‘Phantom’ which they can never capture, running around in circles. Finally, a monstrous ‘crawling shape’ emerges, and eats the mimes.” – Wikipedia

An allegorical tribute to the Powers That Be, the connection is solidified by Baltimore’s two live raven mascots named Rise & Conquer. There’s also a Lou Reed concept album called ‘The Raven’ based on Poe’s works that fits the puzzle. It was released on 1/28/03, two years to the day after Ravens first Super Bowl win. 

Reuland =42 died a perfectly coded 420 days before Super Bowl LII and Walker =420 died the same span of 420 days before the death of Michael Dwayne Jackson =204. Tray =204. Todd Benjamin Heap =204. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =204. US Bank Stadium =204. Edgar Allan Poe =240. Raven =24. Worm =24. Christopher Wormley 240/241. Chris Wormley =142. Big Worm =42.

  • Wormley was drafted 40 weeks 2 days before Super Bowl LI and Heap was drafted in New York, 142 days before 9/11. Heap killed his daughter exactly 240 weeks after Modell died. Ravens are the 24th most valuable franchise in the world.
  • Jackson died exactly 42 weeks after US Bank’s grand opening. Jackson was born on 12/4 and Reuland died 124 days (4 months 2 days) before Heap’s daughter died and 1 year 1 month 24 days before the Super Bowl. Walker died 1 year 1 month 24 days before the death of Michael Jackson =124. Lou Reed’s album dropped 104 weeks 2 days after the ’01 SB.  
  • The Baltimore Ravens =1242. Edgar Poe =242. Heap + Reuland =424. Minneapolis =424. 

The Conqueror Worm =1224. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =1224. Minneapolis Minnesota =224. Joseph Flacco =224. John Harbaugh =224. Tray Walker died when Christopher Wormley =224 was 22 years 4 months 22 days old. Heap killed his daughter 42 weeks 2 days before Super Bowl LII when she was 1442 days old (her funeral on 4/22).

Reuland died 222 weeks 4 days after the death of Modell (1559 days) and Michael Dwayne Jackson died 222 weeks 4 days after Baltimore’s last Super Bowl. Crazy synch. Especially as Harbaugh will be 20,224 days old for Super Bowl LII and the other Michael Jackson died when his father Joe was exactly 4222 weeks old.

Edgar Poe =68. Super Bowl LII =68. Blood Sacrifice =68. Todd Benjamin Heap =68 & Konrad Albert Reuland =68 both wore #86 with the Ravens. Holly Heap =86. Big Worm got inked at the precise age of 8600 days. The Conqueror Worm =86. Raven =86. Reuland died 108 weeks 6 days after being signed by the Baltimore Ravens =186. Holly Alivia Heap =681. 

  • Eighty-Six =702. Heap & Reuland born 7 years 20 days apart. Conqueror Worm =72. Rise & Conquer =72. Holly =72/27The Baltimore Ravens =207. Poe =270. 
  • US Bank Stadium opened on 22/7 and Walker died 227 days after his birthday in another Motorcycle Crash =227. Michael Jackson the pop-star died 227 days before the Super Bowl and Ravens’ 2001 championship over New York was 227 days before the 9/11 Attacks. Reuland died 3 months 14 days after being released from the Colts.

Walker =1016 died 10 months 19 days before Super Bowl 51 and Jackson died exactly 1109 weeks after the franchise was founded and 119 days before the start of this NFL season. Baltimore =119. Raven =119. Their home field is M&T Bank =119. Edgar Allan Poe was born on 1/19. Conqueror =119. Conquer =Chris Wormley =119. Konrad Albert Reuland =119. Heap was released 1 year 1 month 9 days before Modell died.

  • Walker =1016 died 1 year 10 months 16 days before Super Bowl LII. Jackson =116 died 10 months 16 days after the death anniversary of the King of Pop. Baltimore MD =106. Christopher Wormley =106Worm =1060 was born exactly 1006 weeks before Ravens’ ’13 Super Bowl; Lou Reed’s album dropped 10 years 6 days earlier.
  • Thats also 1 year 10 months 7 days and 10 months 17 day spans. Edgar Allan =1170. Conqueror Worm =1170. Conqueror =117. The King of Pop =117. Ohio =117. Eighty-Six =117. Minneapolis =117. LII is an inverted 117. 

2017 is the 306th prime. The Conqueror Worm =306. Conquer =306. LII =306. US Bank Stadium =306. 

Wormley =666. Edgar Allan Poe =666. Heap was released by the Baltimore Ravens =699 a span of 6 years 6 months 6 days before Super Bowl LII =966.

  • Todd Benjamin Heap =69. Worm =69. Wormley =69. Chris Wormley =69. Edgar Allan Poe =69. Arthur Modell =69. John W Harbough =69. Ozzie Newsome =69. Walker =96. Baltimore Ravens =96/169. Conqueror Worm =169. Rise & Conquer =196.
  • BIG WORM =269. Jackson died 269 days before the Super Bowl which is held 26 years 9 days after Minnesota last hosted. 269 is the 57th prime.

Conqueror Worm =57. The Raven =57. Edgar Allan Poe =57. Konrad Reuland =57. Arthur Modell =57. Ravens =157. Lou Reed’s album dropped 15 years 7 days before Super Bowl =1157 LII =57. Konrad Reuland =57.

Edgar Allan Poe =219. Todd Benjamin Heap =219 born with 290 days remaining. Holly Heap =29. Heap =29. The Ravens =1029. Rise and Conquer =1290/209. Worm =209. Christopher Keith Wormley =292. Arthur Modell =292. M&T Bank Stadium =292. Walker =92. Lou Reed =29. LII =29. 

  • Edgar A Poe =1026. The Ravens two Super Bowls were 12 years 6 days apart. Holly was born 12 weeks 6 days after their ’13 Super Bowl and was exactly 206 weeks old at death, 2 weeks 6 days before her birthday. Modell =26. The Conqueror Worm  =206. 

Reuland died 2 years 1 month 1 day after being signed by The Baltimore Ravens =211. Christopher Keith Wormley =2110. He and the Harbaugh Bros are from Toledo Ohio =112. Ray Lewis =112. Allan =112. The Ravens =112. Baltimore MD =112. Holly died 11 months 12 days after her 3rd birthday and Baltimore’s 1964 Championship game was 1 year 11 months 2 days after The Raven (1963).

Christopher Keith Wormley =318/381. Konrad Reuland =138. Lou Reed died exactly 38 weeks after the ’13 SB and 10 years 8 months 30 days after his Raven album. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =1830. Ravens Super Bowl =1803. Joe Flacco =138 was 11,803 days old when Michael Dwayne Jackson died

Edgar Allan Poe =566. Reed died 560 weeks 6 days after the album and exactly 665 weeks after ’01 SB. Modell died 605 weeks 5 days after that game and 6055 days after the Ravens were founded.

  • Reed died exactly 223 weeks before Super Bowl LII. 223 is the 48th prime.
  • Reuland =480. Tray Walker =484/804. The Ravens =48. Holly Heap =48. LII =48. US Bank Stadium =48. 

Conqueror =441. Eighty-Six =441/144. Baltimore Ravens =1044. Edgar Allan Poe =1440. Rise & Conquer =144. Todd Heap =144 and his daughter died on 14/4. Reuland was born on 4/4. Worm =414. Tray Walker =44. Edgar Poe =44.

Ravens Part II: Edgar Allan Poe

The Baltimore Ravens were named after Edgar Allan Poe and his poem ‘The Raven’, the author dying mysteriously on 7 October 1849 in Baltimore. As we explored in the previous post, the death of former Raven star Michael Jackson is strongly suggestive of a Ravens appearance at the upcoming Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis . It’s opened up another rabbit hole for us to go tripping down, and led us to an excellent example & case study of the coded events that foreshadow a championship.

The Ravens last won Super Bowl XLVII in 2013, the result of a perfect recipe of a ritual sacrifice + predictive programming. John Cusack played Poe in The Raven (2012), a murder mystery about the ritual reenactment of scenes from his own stories – fiction becoming reality & a thinly veiled allegory of predictive programming. Six months later, Ravens founder & owner Art Modell died – the day after the NFL season began.

In this piece we’ll show how these events led to the Ravens Super Bowl and how the same alphanumeric pattern may be expanding with recent events to point towards the upcoming final. We’ll be repeating some stand-out finds from the last post so if you haven’t read that then you should probably check it out first.

Edgar Allen Poe The Raven =411. The Baltimore Ravens =411. Modell died 41.1% of a year before their Super Bowl win and the two Michael Jacksons died exactly 411 weeks apart. Maryland =114. Minneapolis Minnesota =114. Edgar A Poe =114. John Cusack =114. Another example of character matching actor, with Ravens coach John W Harbaugh =114. Now here it is: Ravens won the Super Bowl 11 months 4 days after the release of The Raven, defeating the San Francisco Forty-Niners =114. Sometimes it’s just that easy.

  • The 114th prime is 619. Ravens =916. Baltimore Ravens =96. Founded in ’96. Huginn & Muninn =906 were the names of Odin’s ravens and Modell died on 9/6. This regular season begins exactly 9006 weeks after ‘The Raven’ poem was published and the movie released on the 69th day. Lenore =69, the subject of the narrator’s grief in the poem.
  • Edgar Allan Poe =69. Edgar A Poe =69. Edgar =69. Arthur Modell =69. Art Bertram Modell =69. Modell =69. John W Harbaugh =69. Ozzie Newsome =69 (that’s Ravens GM). Minneapolis MN =609. Baltimore Ravens =169.

Baltimore Ravens =699. Founded in 1996. Super Bowl LII =966. Jackson =696, Michael Dwayne Jackson born in 1969. The Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl V a span of 10,969 days before Baltimore Ravens won the 2001 Super Bowl. John Cusack was 16,690 days old for the release of The Raven. Edgar Allan Poe =666.

Edgar Allan Poe =57. John Cusack =57/157. Baltimore =570. Newsome =570. Ozzie Newsome =157. Ravens =157. Super Bowl =1157. The Raven =57. Arthur Modell =57. Modell =57. LII =57. Minneapolis =57. Coach Harbaugh =57. Quoth the Raven Nevermore =575. Raven =75. Baltimore Maryland =75. Maryland =175. 

  • The Ravens two Super Bowls were 12 years 6 days apart. The last and only other time Minnesota hosted the SB was on 26/1 and the upcoming is 26 years 10 days later, and exactly 261 weeks after Baltimore’s last appearance. Poe died 261 days before his birthday and Ray Lewis had 2061 career tackles. Edgar A Poe =1026. Arthur Modell =1062. Art Bertram Modell =1062. Modell =26 died 162 years after after Poe and exactly 26 weeks after The Raven opened in cinemas. Edgar =26. Raven =62. 
  • Edgar Allan Poe =219/129 and The Raven was published on 1/29 of 1845. The Ravens =1029. John W Harbaugh =1290. Super Bowl =129. LII =29. Lenore =29. Modell =129/29. Art Modell =29. Arthur Modell =292. Huginn & Muninn =192. The players wore Art =291 written on their uniforms that winning season and Art died 291 days before his birthday. Ozzie Newsome Jr =209. This season begins 2009 days after Cusack’s The Raven and its playoffs will mark 209 years after Poe’s birth. Ravens last Super Bowl was 21 years 9 days after the last Minnesota Super Bowl. The Baltimore Ravens were founded on 2/9 and named on the 29th of March.
  • The 29th prime is 109. Edgar Allen Poe =109. Michael Joseph Jackson =109. Baltimore =119. Raven =119. Poe was born on 1/19. Michael Dwayne Jackson died exactly 1109 weeks after the franchise was founded and 119 days before the start of the NFL season.

Nevermore =52. Minneapolis MN =52. Art Modell =152. Super Bowl 52 is 5 years 2 days after Baltimore’s last appearance. Michael Jackson =52. The 52nd prime is 239 and Harbaugh born 23/9. Huginn & Muninn =239.

The poem calls the Raven a prophet, as the Greeks perceived the bird, and many cultures throughout space & time have considered the raven a symbol of ilove omen, the mediator between life & death. The one-eyed Norse god Odin had two ravens that served as his eyes and ears, which connects to the Minnesota Vikings as host team.

As harbinger of doom symbolism we must appreciate the fact that the Ravens defeated New York to win the 2001 Super Bowl a Pi-span of 227 days before 9/11. Ozzie Newsome =227 was GM then too. Their next SB was played in New Orleans Louisiana =227 and featured the sibling rivalry of the Harbaugh Brothers =722.

  • The New Orleans game was Super Bowl XLVII =197 which came exactly 1097 weeks after the last and only Super Bowl played in Minneapolis MN =197. Baltimore’s ’01 win was the city’s first since SB V, a span of 10,970 days earlier. Art Modell =97. Michael Joseph Jackson =197 died in Los Angeles California =197 a span of 1970 days after Janet’s wardrobe malfunction.
  • Poe =34. Nevermore =34/430. Ravens =34/43. Minneapolis Minnesota =343. US Bank =343. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =343. 

The Raven film released 308 weeks 3 days before Super Bowl LII. The Ravens franchise will be 8031 days old for the next Super Bowl =183 and Michael Dwayne Jackson died in Tangipahoa =183 Louisiana =38 a span of 3 months 8 days after the last Super Bowl and 38 weeks 3 days before the next one in Minnesota =38. Ravens =38/83. Flacco =38/83. Dwayne Jackson also died when Joe Flaccco =138/1038 was 11,803 days old. Ravens Super Bowl =1803. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =1830. Huginn & Muninn =183. Joseph Vincent Flacco =83. US Bank Stadium opened 80 weeks 3 days before Super Bowl LII.

Edgar Allen Poe died exactly 8783 weeks before Super Bowl LII. 8783 is the 1095th prime. Ravens Super Bowl =195. Baltimore =95. The AFC/NFC Championship games will be held 10,905 weeks after the birth of Poe. John W Harbaugh =1905. 

  • Modell died 6055 days after Ravens founded and 605 weeks 5 days after their first SB win. Edgar Allan Poe =566. Modell died 6005 days after the Ravens were named.
  • The Raven =939. Minneapolis Minnesota =939. Ray Lewis was 9390 days old for the ’01 SB. Edgar Poe =93. Baltimore =93. Ravens =93. Baltimore Ravens =93. Super Bowl Fifty-Two =93. Edgar Allan Poe =39. The Raven released on 3/9.
  • Baltimore Ravens =202 are in their 22nd season. The Ravens =222. Edgar =22. Cusack =22. Poe’s wife died 2 years 2 days after ‘The Raven’ was published

The Baltimore Ravens =211. Harbaugh Brothers =211. Dwayne Jackson died exactly 1102 weeks after The Ravens =112 were named on 3/29/96. Newsome =1120Super Bowl =112.  Reynolds =112. This is the name that Poe was screaming out repeatedly as he stumbled delirious about the streets the night before his mysterious death.

Edgar Allan Poe =111. The Raven opened 11 years 1 month 11 days after Ravens first Super Bowl win.

Huginn and Muninn =244. Jackson =244. There’s another very interesting connection between Michael Jackson and the Ravens here as in many cultures, such as Aboriginal and Native American legends, the raven is believed to have originally been white. Transformation and the New World Order. Art Modell died 244 weeks before Michael Dwayne Jackson. Edgar Poe died 244 weeks after ‘The Raven’ published.

Now stay tuned for Part III because we’ve found a whole lot more here, truth-sleuths.

The Death of Michael Jackson & the Baltimore Ravens

Michael Jackson died in a motorcycle wreck on 12 May 2017. No not the pop-star but the former NFL receiver of the same name who in ’96 led the league in touchdowns with The Baltimore Ravens =411. What sparked this post is this: The two Michael Jacksons died exactly 411 weeks apart. As we’ll see, the parallels are staggering, and strongly suggestive of a Ravens Super Bowl. This one’s an epic so please take your time digesting it, the finds here are nothing short of mind-blowing.

  • MJJ (4+1+1). Assassin =411. Freemason =411. Zionist =411. Knowledge =411. Trump was born 411 days after Hitler died and Schwarzenegger was born 411 days after Trump, Arnie of course replacing Donald as host of The Apprentice, which is Masonic terminology. Entered Apprentice Degree =114.
  • Michael Joseph Jackson was born on 114 numerology & his legendary Super Bowl XXVII halftime show in ’93 happened 1104 days before the Ravens franchise was founded. Super Bowl LII will be held in Minneapolis Minnesota =114. 

Jackson =116. Michael ‘Dwayne’ Jackson, the footballer, died 10 months 16 days after the death anniversary of Michael ‘Joseph’ Jackson, who was born 11 weeks 6 days after Prince. Ravens QB ‘Joseph’ Flacco was born on 1/16. Dwayne too was a Baltimore =119 Raven =119 and died exactly 1109 weeks after the franchise was founded, and 119 days before the start of the NFL season. Michael Joseph Jackson =109.

The 109th prime is 599 and Jackson died 5990 days after his ’93 Super Bowl show. Minnesota is hosting 9505 days after their last SB host. 

Prince died on 4/21 and Michael Jackson =124 was born on 12/4. The connection here that MJJ died on the 25th anniversary of Prince’s Purple Rain album; Ravens wearing purple. MJJ was born on the 241st day with 124 days remaining and died on 24 numerology at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center =124. Michael Dwayne Jackson =204. MJJ died when his father Joseph Jackson =204 was exactly 4222 weeks old. Amazingly, Dwayne died the reflection of 222 weeks 4 days after Baltimore’s last Super Bowl.

  • Super Bowl Fifty-Two =1224/204 to be played in Minneapolis Minnesota =224/1422 on the date 2/4 at the new US Bank Stadium =204 which broke ground 4 years 2 months 2 days before SB LII. Michael Dwayne Jackson was born 1 year 4 months 22 days after the Jackson 5 signed their first record contract. Jackson =244. Janet Jackson =244. 
  • Raven =24. Flacco =240. Joseph Flacco =224. John Harbaugh =224. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =2240. Dwayne Jackson died on a Kawasaki =24 in his hometown of Tangipahoa =422 Louisiana =42 (where he formerly served as mayor) exactly 42 weeks after US Bank Stadium opened and 42 weeks 2 days after the death of former Minnesota Vikings coach Denny Green =42. 

Michael Dwayne Jackson died on the same day as a former Detroit Lions =244 player named Robert Yale Lary Sr =1214. Robert Yale Lary =1244/2004 was born on 11/24, a span of 14,020 days before the birth of Dwayne. Super Bowl LII is 1140 weeks 2 days after Ravens were named. 

Prince =38 died exactly 3008 weeks after the birth of Michael Jackson =183. Michael =138. Jackson =83. Jackson & Prince were also born 83 days apart and Prince died 8 months 30 days before Trump took office. Dwayne Jackson played for the Baltimore Ravens =1083 and died 183 days after Trump’s election. Trump =83. Donald Trump =138. Baltimore Maryland =183. 

  • The Ravens franchise will be 8031 days old for the next Super Bowl =183 and Dwayne died in Tangipahoa =183 Louisiana =38 a span of 3 months 8 days after the last Super Bowl and 38 weeks 3 days before the next one in Minnesota =38. Ravens =38/83. Flacco =38/83. Dwayne  died 83 days after Tom Brady’s 8/3 birthday. 
  • He also died when Joe Flaccco =138/1038 was 11,803 days old. Ravens Super Bowl =1803. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =1830. Joseph Vincent Flacco =83. US Bank Stadium opened 80 weeks 3 days before Super Bowl LII.
  • Are you kidding me.

Pi Cycles =38. The stadium opened on 7/22 last year and MJJ died 227 days before Super Bowl XLIV, involving the Colts from his home state Indiana. Prince =227. Michael Dwayne Jackson died in a Motorcycle Crash =227.

Now get this, Michael J Jackson =156 died 156 days (or 22 weeks 3 days) after the inauguration of President Obama; Michael D Jackson  =56 died 15 weeks 6 days (or 3 months 22 days) after the inauguration of President Trump. What are the frickin chances. Ravens Coach Harbaugh will be 20,223 days old for the Super Bowl.

  • 223 is the 48th prime. Michael Dwayne Jackson died 4848 days after Janet Jackson’s notorious halftime show (dubbed Nipplegate) at age 48 and the next Super Bowl LII =48 is the 48th of the modern era, held at US Bank Stadium =48. The Ravens =48. Baltimore =148. The Jackson Five =148. It’ll be 5 years since Baltimore’s last Super Bowl.
  • Fun Fact: Nipplegate happened 4019 days after MJ’s ’93 performance & 4019 is the 555th prime. Entertainment =555.

Michael Dwayne Jackson =216. Michael Joseph Jackson =216. King of Pop =216. Minneapolis the 612 area code. Super Bowl LII is 21 years 10 months 6 days after Ravens were named. (6x6x6) =216. 

Fawcett =666 (Farrah dying on the same day as MJJ). Jackson =696 (Dwayne born in 1969). Baltimore Ravens =699 (founded in 1996). Super Bowl LII =966. Vikings coach Denny Green =666 died last year 1066 weeks 6 days after the Ravens were founded, and the day before US Bank Stadium opened.

Michael Joseph Jackson =197 died in Los Angeles California =197 a span of 1970 days after his sister Janet’s ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at Super Bowl XXXVIII. Prince =197/97. Dwayne Jackson =197. Michael Dwayne Jackson =97. Jackson =97. Dwayne died 97 days after the Super Bowl.

  • The 97th prime is 509 and Dwayne was born 509 days after The Jackson Five =59 signed their record deal. Ain’t that some shit. John Harbaugh =59.
  • The Patriots won the Nipplegate Super Bowl in Houston Texas =1034, a span of 13 years 4 days before the Patriots won again this year in Houston =34 scoring 34 points in Brady’s 34th playoff game.

Michael Jackson =340. Michael Joseph Jackson =343 died 1304 weeks 3 days after the Purple Rain album released and Dwayne died on 34 numerology in Tangipahoa =34/43. Minneapolis Minnesota =343. US Bank =343. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =343. Ravens =34/43. They won their last Super Bowl with 34 points as well, 304 days before the groundbreaking ceremony at US Bank Stadium.

If we take both Jacksons middle names, Dwayne Joseph is the director of pro personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles. Harbough previously coached for the Eagles who lost to the Patriots the year after the Nipplegate game.

LII =57. Minneapolis =57. Baltimore =570. Coach Harbaugh =57. Ravens =157. The 57th prime is 269. Dwayne died 269 days before the game which is held 26 years 9 days after Minnesota last hosted. 

  • Fifty-Seven =131. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131. The Ravens =131. Harbaugh =131. Dwayne died in the early hours after the 131st day. 
  • King of Pop =103 aka Michael Joseph Jackson =301 died 301 days after his birthday. MJ =13/31. Purple Rain =130. Farrah Fawcett =130 died on the exact same date as Jackson. Fawcett =31. Michael =31 died 31 days before the birthday of his father / handler Joe Jackson =31/103 and 10 months 30 days after his birthday. Michael Dwayne Jackson died on a Kawasaki =31.

Super Bowl LII will be exactly 888 weeks after Baltimore’s first SB win in 2000. Baltimore =888. The Jackson Five =888. Michael Dwayne Jackson =88. Tangipahoa =88. Purple =88. US Bank Stadium =88. Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl =88. 

Absolutely astonishing synchronicities here. Ravens are currently 16th place favourites to win the Super Bowl at +3300 odds. Could all be for naught as we saw with the Oilers but I’d say it’s worth a $20 wager just for fun.

Steven Holcomb RIP

Olympic bobsledder Steven Holcomb, considered America’s greatest, has passed away on 6 May 2017 at age 37. What’s immediately curious here is he was born in 1980 and died in Lake Placid NY, site of the 1980 Winter Olympics and the Miracle on Ice game, recently deciphered after the back-to-back deaths of two actor / hockey players from Disney’s Miracle.

Steven Holcomb =153 was born in Park City Utah =153 a span of 53 days after the Miracle game. Bobsledding =53. He won gold in Vancouver at the Whistler Sliding Centre =503. John Candy died 5 months 3 days after the premier of Cool Runnings.

  • Steven Holcomb =63 was born in Park City Utah =63 on the anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, 6000 weeks 3 days earlier. He died 63,000 hours after winning gold. Bobsledding Team =63. 
  • He was also born on the 68th anniversary of Titanic’s suspicious crash. Steven Holcomb =68. Holcomb =68

Bobsledding Team =126. He died on the 126th day in Lake Placid =126. Winter Olympics =1206. Vancouver BC =126 where he won gold. Park City Utah =1026. RMS Titanic =126. His death reminds us of Nodar Kumaritashvili =126, the Georgian luger killed during a training run at Whistler on the day of the 2010 opening ceremony.

Steven Holcomb =1103 from Park City =113 won gold 10 months 13 days after his birthday. Lake Placid NY =113. Titanic =113. Kumaritashvili died 11 weeks 3 days after his birthday.

Vancouver BC =1314. Holcomb won gold at the Whistler Sliding Centre =314 in Whistler =227 at the Vancouver Olympics =227 on the date 2/27. Nodar =227. Excluding start and end dates, Holcomb was born 702 weeks 2 days before the premier of Cool Runnings. In the same -2 method, he died 7 years 2 months 22 days after Kumaritashvili.

  • The 49th prime is 227 and Steve Holcomb =49 died exactly 49 weeks before his birthday. Bobsleigh =49. Park City =49. Steven Holcomb =149. Steven =49. Nodar =49 Kumaritashvili died 4949 days after the Atlanta Olympics Bombing (notice the double Georgia connection: Georgian =49).

That’s also 11 months 9 days before his birthday and he won gold 1 month 19 days before his birthday when he was 10,911 days old. Olympic =119. Bobsledding =119. 

The Twin Miracle Sacrifices: Oilers Stanley Cup Part II

Shit’s gettin real crazy, truth-sleuths. We just covered the death of former hockey player & Miracle actor Sasha ‘Pitbull’ Lakovic — only to discover that Michael Mantenuto, another former hockey player & Miracle actor, died THE DAY EARLIER. That’s right: two actors from the 2004 Disney movie died within 24 hours of each other, in the break before the Edmonton Oilers’ 2nd round against the Disney-founded Anaheim Ducks. Simply mind-blowing. Both men died of head injuries (Lakovic from brain cancer & Mantenuto from a self-inflicted gunshot wound) and each acted in only three films. Now let’s crunch these new numbers and see how they fit the ongoing pattern. Warning: this story is STACKED.

MIRACLE =87. MICHAEL MANTENUTO =87. SASHA PITBULL LAKOVIC =87. Pitbull =87. Pitbull Lakovic =87. Lord Stanley =870. Coach Todd McLellan =870. Coach Herbert Brooks =87. Herbert Paul Brooks =78. Oilers =78. The Great One =708. Darryl Katz =708, Oilers owner like their GM Peter Chiarelli =78, their goalie Cam Talbot =87, & alternate captain Ryan Nugent-Hopkins =87. Viktor Tikhonov, the Russian coach from the The Miracle on Ice Game =87, died 870 days before the 16/17 Stanley Cup Playoffs began & his son died a year before him on 8/7 – accidentally falling out a window. Connor “the Next Gretzky” McDavid, was born 807 days before Gretzky retired and Mantenuto died 807 days after an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary about the Miracle game. Oilers clinched the playoffs on the 87th day. Looks like we’re off to a solid start here.

  • Michael Mantenuto =63 was born 63 weeks after the Miracle on Ice game and ‘Mantenuto’ is Italian for Maintained =63. Sasha Pitbull Lakovic =63. Connor McDavid =63. Wayne Gretzky =63. Roger =63 (Oilers’ brand new arena, Roger’s Place). Fort McMurray =63 is home to The Oil Sands =63 and is accessible via the notoriously dangerous Highway 63 from Edmonton. Twenty Seventeen =63. Soviet Union =163. Boris Mikhailov =163, the Soviet captain played by Lakovic who died 163 days before Mikhailov’s birthday. Nineteen Eighty Winter Olympics =163. The Oilers =163.

The Great One =55. Oil Country =55. Mantenuto & Lakovic were born 505 weeks apart and Mantenuto died (in his car) 5005 days after the death of 1980 Team USA Coach Herb Brooks (in a 2003 car wreck when he was director of player personnel for the Penguins). Cam Talbot & Coach McLellan signed 5 weeks 5 days apart. Jordan Eberle =55. Darryl Katz =55 is currently 55. Chiarelli =155. Coach Bombay =550. 

There’s a major connection here between the Disney movies Miracle and The Mighty Ducks. The 1980 US Olympic hockey squad was the youngest team in American history and the youngest at the games, a ragtag group of kids taking on & miraculously defeating the supreme powerhouse Soviet Union. The Mighty Ducks tells the exact same David & Goliath story (especially D2). It’s even set in Minnesota where Coach Brooks was born & died; Twin Cities & the Twin Miracle Sacrifices of Lukovic & Mantenuto. Similarly, the Edmonton Oilers are the youngest team left in the playoffs (8th youngest in the NHL), their captain Connor McDavid just 21 years old, the average age of the 1980 USA Team. Current champions Pittsburgh Penguins, with the Herb Brooks connection, are the oldest.

In the previous post we discuss the importance of 13, both actors dying 13 years after Miracle and the 1980 Olympics were the 13th Winter Games. Katz =13. Mantenuto was 13,130 days old at death and Coach Tikhonov died 11 years 3 months 13 days after the death of rival Coach Brooks. Roger’s Place opened 131 weeks 3 days after its ground-breaking ceremony and Miracle released 13 years 3 months 13 days before the 33rd anniversary of Gretzky’s first Stanley Cup victory. Mantenuto =33 born on the 133rd day. McDavid =133. Lucic =33. Great One =33. Walt Disney =33. Rogers Communications =303. Keystone =33. TransCanada =33. Stanley =33. Oilers =33. 

  • Rogers Place =113 on the 113th meridian broke ground 3 years 1 month 10 days before the 2016/2017 playoffs and exactly 113 weeks before the Fort McMurray Wildfire =113 started. The ESPN 30 for 30 documentary premiered 11 years 3 days after the premier of Miracle. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim =113. Wayne ‘The Great One’ Gretzky =1103. Mantenuto was born 1103 days before Gretzky’s first cup and 113 days after Gretzky’s Team Canada faced the 1980 Team America in Edmonton. The Miracle on Ice game at Lake Placid NY =113 won with head coach Herb Brooks =113. The Keystone Pipeline =311.

The Miracle game happened 1 month 31 days after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Brooks died 1003 weeks 1 day after Gretzky’s first Stanley Cup and the Great One =131 retired 10,031 days after the Oilers were originally established. Roger’s Place had its grand opening 131 days after the Fort Mac Wildfire. Gordon Bombay =131. Championship =131. McDavid born on 13/1 (3 years 11 months 30 days after Gary Bettman became NHL Commissioner) and Mantenuto died 13 weeks 1 day after the birthday of O’Callahan, the player he played in Miracle. The playoffs began 10 months 31 days after Mantenuto’s final birthday.

Michael Mantenuto =66 as John O’Callahan =66 who came back from injury for the big game – just like Mighty Ducks player Adam Banks =66. Herbert Paul Brooks =66 (Coach Brooks =660) died age 66 and Kurt Russell =166 is currently 66. Walt Disney died in ’66. The Edmonton Oilers =66. Twenty Seventeen =66. Talbot =66. Chiarelli =166. Emilio Estevez =66. McDavid was born 660 weeks after Gretzky’s first Stanley Cup. Miracle released 661 weeks before the 2016 season began with the tagline, “If You Believe Anything Can Happen =1066.

  • Roger’s Place opened 216 days before the current playoffs & Gretzky was 1216 weeks old when he won his first Stanley Cup, 12,016 days before these playoffs. Connor McDavid =216. Oil =216. Twenty Seventeen =216. 6x6x6 =216. And the other classic connection to the year the season began: 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016. 
  • It was 666 days between Cam Talbot’s acquisition and Mantenuto’s death. Lakovic lived 16,666 days and {get this…} Coach Brooks died age 66 years 6 days. The Oilers =666

Stanley Cup =919 and McDavid was born exactly 919 weeks after the Oilers franchise was established. It’s the 99th season and #99 retired in ’99 a span of 999 weeks after the Miracle on Ice game. Herbert Paul Brooks Jr =99/1523 and 523 is the 99th prime. Lakovic =99/523. Pitbull Lakovic =990. Todd Andrew McLellan =99. Walt Disney Pictures =99. Oil =99. 

  • Oiler =69. Sasha Pitbull Lakovic =69. Herbert Paul Brooks Jr =69. Todd McLellan =690. Mantenuto was born 690 days before the Edmonton Oilers joined the NHL. Lakovic and O’Callahan both played for the New Jersey Devils =69. Might this be a clue? As always, Pi =69 will reveal the truth.

Oilers traded Devils for Adam Larsson 3 months 14 days before the season began. Coach Tikhonov died 11 years 3 months 14 days after Coach Brooks. Roger’s Place opened 131 weeks 4 days after its 3/3/14 ground breaking ceremony and Coach Todd McLellan =314 became the winningest coach in Sharks history on 3/14. Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup =314.

  • Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup =1227. Kurt Russell Miracle =227. Coach Brooks died 7022 days after Gretzky won his first Stanley Cup (5/19/84), which came 2 months 27 days after the 4-year anniversary of the Miracle on Ice game, 7202 days before Miracle premiered, and 12,027 days before the Oilers made it to the 2nd round, the day before Mantenuto blew his brains out in Des Moines =227. 

Cameron Solomon Talbot =227, Oilers goalie with the King Solomon middle name. Coach Viktor Vasilyevich Tikhonov =227 & Coach Brooks were born 7 years 2 months 2 days apart, born to be perfect Pi rivals. Oilers joined the NHL 7 months 22 days after the 7-year anniversary of their original franchise establishment. Two Thousand Seventeen Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup =227. Commissioner Bettman =227. Al Michaels =227, whose career launched after his play-by-play in the Miracle game.

NHL =112. Michaels was born on 11/12 and Larsson was born on 11/12. Mantenuto died 11 months 12 days after his birthday and was born 1 year 10 months 20 days before The Edmonton Oilers =211 were founded & 1012 days before Gretzky won his first cup; this season opening on 10/12 in the wake of all the other 112 coding we’ve seen in pro sports this past year. Gretzky =112/1012. Chiarelli was hired as GM 1 year 11 months 20 days before the playoffs. Coach Brooks was killed outside Forest Lake =112. XIII Olympic Winter Games Lake Placid =112. The Miracle game happened 12 years 11 months 10 days before Bettman became Commissioner & the playoffs began 2 months 11 days after his 24th anniversary in office. The Keystone Pipeline =112 was approved 11 weeks 2 days before the playoffs.

  • Adam Larsson =117. Eberle =117. Mantenuto was born in Holliston =117 and played hockey for the University of Maine =117. Herbert Paul Brooks Jr =117. Todd Andrew McLellan =1107. Tikhonov died 1 year 10 months 17 days before the season began. Alberta =117. Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =117. Edward S Rogers =1170 of Rogers Communications died 7 years 10 10 days before season start.
  • The Miracle on Ice game at the 1980 Olympics was played on 2/22. Mantenuto was born 1 year 2 months 22 days later and played the role of John J Jack O’Callahan =2022. Brooks died near Forest Lake Minnesota =222. Bettman was exactly 2122 weeks old when he became Commissioner.

The ’80 Olympics closing ceremony was on 2/23. Lakovic died 3220 days after Katz purchased the team, 13 years 2 months 20 days after Miracle released and 32 weeks 2 days after his appearance in Ice Guardians. McDavid was born 223 weeks after The Mighty Ducks premiered; Gretzky =223 was traded to the LA Kings 220 weeks 3 days after winning his first cup and retired 2 months 23 days after his birthday. Lucic =223. Eberle was born 10 years 2 months 23 days after the Miracle game. Edmonton Oilers Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =223.

If You Believe Anything Can Happen =440. The Mighty Ducks released 11 years 4 months 4 days (4144 days) before Miracle premiered & Gretzky’s mother died when Wayne was 44 years old, 11 years 4 months 4 days (4144 days) before the death of Mantenuto. The regular season began the reverse duration of 44 years 11 months 11 days after the Oilers were originally founded. Wayne Gretzky =144. McLellan =144. Herbert Paul Brooks Jr =1404. Michael Mantenuto =1044. Pit Bull =144. GM Chiarelli was hired exactly 3 years before the death of Mantenuto, or 104 weeks 4 days. Alternate captain Jordan Eberle was exactly 1404 weeks old for the start of the playoffs. Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =144. Stanley Cup Champions =1404. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Champions =144.

  • The NHL centennial logo gives us another clue: 100+2017+1917 =4034. If You Believe In Yourself Anything Can Happen =434 as the movie’s full tagline reads. Suicide =43/34. Larsson =343. McDavid was born exactly 343 weeks before Coach Brooks died. The third Mighty Ducks movie came out 4 years 3 days after the first one & Todd McLellan =43 was born 4 years 30 days before the Oilers franchise was first established. Charlie Conway =43. McDavid =43. Coach Bombay =43. Eberle =34. Wayne Gretzky =43. Centennial =43. Hundred =34. Miracle =34. Champion =43. USA beat Soviet Union 4-3 in Lake Placid =43. The Oilers =43.

Walt Disney died exactly 2600 weeks before the regular season began and exactly 2626 weeks before the playoffs. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman =126 was 10,126 days old for the Miracle on Ice game and Gretzky was born on 1/26. Seventeen Stanley Cup Finals =126. 

Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup: A Song of Ice and Fire

The sacrifice of Sasha ‘The Basha / Pitbull’ Lakovic, Canadian hockey player and former Calgary Flame, is extremely deep-coded with the Stanley Cup fate of their provincial rival Edmonton Oilers – as is the Fort McMurray Wildfire which struck the centre of Canadian oil production on 1 May 2016 (the Satanic festival of Beltane that requires fire by sacrifice), right up the highway from Edmonton. This post was inspired by a Gematria Club newsletter, and I kinda went off the deep-end on it, so buckle in for a long & interesting ride here Truth-Sleuths.

Sasha Lakovic died of “brain cancer” on 25 April 2017, exactly 28 weeks after announcing his diagnosis on opening day of the 16/17 NHL season. Sasha =28. The Basha =28. Lakovic =28. A name perfectly synched with Edmonton Oilers =208. Oilers legend Wayne Gretzky played 208 career playoff games and was traded to Los Angeles 28 years ago. Great One =288. Oilers =288. Sasha =288. Fire =28. Flame =82. Ft McMurray =828. Fort Mac =128. Miracle =128. 

Lakovic had an acting role in the Disney movie Miracle (as Soviet captain Boris Mikhailov) and now the Oilers are playing the Disney-owned Anaheim Ducks, fresh off a sweep of the Flames. There’s a deeper historic connection to the Oilers here, as the first USA-Soviet rematch after the Miracle on Ice game at the 1980 Olympics was held in Edmonton at the Canada Cup. 560 days later.

  • Sasha Lakovic =56 died 5006 days after Coach Brooks =56, USA head coach for The Miracle on Ice =56. Alberta =56. Rogers Place =56. Oil =56. Lakovic was born a perfect 56 days before the Oilers were founded on 11/1/71.

Oilers legend Wayne Gretzky (currently 56 years old) led that ’81 Canada Cup in scoring, and now the kid billed as the next Gretzky, Connor McDavid =56, is looking to take the Oilers to their first Stanley Cup appearance in 11 years (5+6). Edmonton Oilers Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =560. Will we see another miracle happen in 2017?

2017 is the 306th prime number. Miracle =306. Todd Andrew McLellan =306, Oilers head coach. Fire Sacrifice =306. Lakovic died 360 days after the Fort McMurray Wildfire =361 and it’s been 36 years since the Miracle on Ice game. Great One =36. Oil =36. The Oil =136. Lakovic also died 136 days before his birthday.

  • Sasha Pitbull Lakovic =63. Flame =63. Connor McDavid =63. Wayne Gretzky =63. Fort McMurray =63 is home to The Oil Sands =63 and is accessible via Highway 63 from Edmonton. Fire Sacrifice =163. The Oilers =163. Ice Guardians =163, a hockey documentary that featured Lakovic. Lord Stanley’s Cup =1163. Soviet Union =163. Boris Mikhailov =163. The 2017 playoffs began 1063 weeks after the following incident:

Lakovic gained widespread attention on November 23, 1996 when playing in his first, and only, Battle of Alberta game between the Flames and the Edmonton Oilers. Late in the game, played at Northlands Coliseum in Edmonton, a drunken fan reached over the glass, dumping his drink on the head of Flames assistant coach Guy Lapointe. Lakovic immediately jumped over the glass attempting to get at the fan. Held back from climbing over by his teammates, Lakovic was suspended two games for the incident. – Wikipedia

The playoffs began 20 years 4 months 20 days after this incident. Sasha Lakovic =240. Pitbull =24. NHL =204. National Hockey League =204. Ninety-Ninth =204. The Oil Sands =204. Oilers Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =204.


Sasha Pitbull Lakovic =114 (Pitbull =114) leapt over the glass in the game between Oilers-Flames =1140 exactly 1014 weeks before the Fort Mac Wildfire. Connor McDavid =1014. Coach McLellan was hired 1 year 11 months 4 days before Oilers made the second round. Oilers Stanley Cup Champions =114. Pitbull =411. 

  • That’s also a clean 7100 days between incidents, Lakovic born in ’71, the same year the Oilers were founded. Wayne Douglas Gretzky =71. Fort McMurray =171. Beltane =117. Alberta =117. Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =117. Todd Andrew McLellan =1017. McLellan =17. Centennial Season =170.
  • The Fort Mac Wildfire happened as McDavid was exactly 1007 weeks old. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup =107. Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup =107.

The 17th prime is 59. Edmonton Alberta =59. Alberta =59. Beltane =59. Oiler =59. Battle of Alberta =1590. The Miracle on Ice =1590. Fort McMurray =591. Connor McDavid =590. The Fort Mac Wildfire consumed an estimated 590,000 hectares and the provincial state of emergency lasted 59 days.

  • 509 is the 97th prime and McDavid wears #97. Pitbull =97 was born on 9/7. Sasha The Basha Pitbull Lakovic =97. Miracle =97. Edmonton Oilers =79.

Lakovic also appeared in the hockey documentary Ice Guardians =666 and was a stunning 16,666 days old when he died, another perfect match with: The Oilers =666 and the Fort Mac Fire Sacrifice =666 that began on May First =666.

  • (6x6x6) =216. Connor McDavid =216. Oil =216. Ft McMurray =216. Twenty Seventeen =216. Anaheim Ducks =216. Oilers Stanley Cup =216. 

Gretzky =223. Sasha =223 died 13 years 2 months 20 days after Miracle released and 32 weeks 2 days after Ice Guardians. Edmonton Oilers Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =223. Gretzky has a career record 2,223 assists.

  • Sasha =13 died 13 years after the film and 13 years after the death of Coach Brooks.  McLellan was born on 10/3 and McDavid =301 was born on 1/13 on 130 numerology 13 days before Gretzky’s birthday. Gretzky =103. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Champions =130. Alberta =130. The Stanley Cup Finals =103 and Oilers finished the season with 103 points. Chiarelli =103. Edmonton AB =103. Beltane =103. Lakovic died 103 days after McDavid’s birthday.
  • Basha =31. Edmonton =31. Oiler =31. McDavid =31. Gretzky =31. Anaheim =31. Ducks =31. Fort Mac =31. Disney =31. Lake Placid =31. Miracle =31.Calgary =31. Boris Petrovich Mikhailov =311. Lake Placid NY =113. Rogers Place =113. Fort Mac =113. Fort McMurray Wildfire =113. Cold War =31/113. Soviet Union United States =301/113. 

McDavid =133. Wildfire =1033. Lake Placid =133. Battle of Alberta =133. The Oil =33. Sasha =33 died exactly 33 weeks after his birthday. Mc =33, like McMurray, McDavid & McLellan. Oilers =33. Ice & Fire =330. Blackwater =33, where the wildfire was used in Game of Thrones, the series based on the book ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. This may be too far a stretch now but let’s play along. 


Ice and Fire =125. Game of Thrones Season Six ended 1 month 25 days after the Fort Mac Wildfire. Lakovic was born on the 125th day, a span of 1 month 25 days before the Oilers were founded and he died on April 25th, the date with 250 days remaining in the year, and a similar 12 weeks 5 days after Gretzky’s birthday. Miracle released exactly 1250 weeks after the Miracle on Ice game. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup =125. Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup =125.

Oilers =25. CCCP =25. Beltane =25. The Basha =215/152. Edmonton Oilers Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =205. The Game of Thrones episode with the Wildfire aired exactly 205 weeks before the Fort Mac Wildfire.

  • That’s also a span of 3 years 11 months 4 days, the Pi cycle. Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup =314. Two Thousand Seventeen Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup =227. Kurt Russell Miracle =227. Song of Ice and Fire =227. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup =1227. Blackwater Bay =227, where the wildfire battle took place.

Miracle =34. Team America beat the Soviets 4-3 in Lake Placid =34. Todd McLellan =43/34 was born 4 years 30 days before The Oilers =43 were founded and the playoffs began exactly 1403 weeks after the Oilers last Stanley Cup victory. Mikhailov =143. Pitbull =43. Wayne Gretzky =43. Fire Sacrifice =43. Battle of Alberta =43. Blackwater Bay =43. Ice & Fire =34. Alberta =304. Beltane =304. Oil Sands =304. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup =340.


We don’t yet know the dates for the Stanley Cup Finals, but last year’s finished on June 12th. If these wrap on June 13th that will be 1 year 1 month 13 days after the Fort Mac Wildfire and 4 months 30 days after McDavid’s birthday, 216 days / 30 weeks 6 days before his next. The Oilers franchise will also be a smooth 16661 days old.

  • That’d also be exactly 108 weeks after Todd Andrew McLellan =1080 was hired as head coach. The Basha =108. McDavid =108. Wayne Gretzky =1080. Herbert Paul Brooks Jr =108. Lake Placid =108. Ice & Fire =108. Fire Sacrifice =108. 

And one last run for good measure. Pit Bull =144 died 1404 weeks after the last Oilers Stanley Cup in 1990 with Wayne Gretzky =144. McLellan =144. Herbert Paul Brooks Jr =1404. Ice and Fire =144. Fire Sacrifice =1440. Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =144. Stanley Cup Champions =1404. Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Champions =144. The regular season began 44 years 11 months 11 days after the Oilers were founded. Fort McMurray =44 is located 440 km NE of Edmonton’s Roger’s Place =44. Lakovic =44. 

Aaron Hernandez Ritual Sacrifice

In my New England Patriots Super Bowl LI post-game report (read here) I opened with the Aaron Hernandez tribute – and now we’re told he’s hanged himself in his jail cell, five days after being acquitted of double-murder charges, and on the same day his former team visits the White House. April 19th is known on the Satanic calendar as ‘Blood Sacrifice to the Beast’, and indeed it would appear his death is just that – a perfectly coded ritual for something much larger than he.

Hernandez’s body was found with “John 3:16” scribbled in red ink on his forehead. He died 3 months 16 days before Tom Brady’s birthday. The Bible verse reads: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life” =1441. Three Sixteen =144. Everlasting Life =44. Avielle Jenkins-Hernandez =144, his daughter, born on his 23rd birthday.

  • Aaron Hernandez =144. Patriots =144. Hernandez =44. Shayanna Jenkins =44, his widow. Not Guilty =44. Ritual Sacrifice =44. The game in the predictive programming Simpsons episode between Boston Americans VS Springfield Atoms =144 finished with a total score of 44 points and the Super Bowl was on 44 numerology. Forty-Four =144. Lady Gaga =441. New England Patriots Win Super Bowl LI =441. Hernandez was found not guilty on 14/4. He died 41 weeks 4 days before Super Bowl 52. Colts =414.

When we research John 3:16 we find another NFL allegory in the so-called 3:16 Game of 1/8/12 between the Broncos & Steelers in the first round of the playoffs. Tim Tebow went 316 yards passing, 31.6 yards per completion, and 3.16 yards per carry, exactly three years to the day after he started wearing John 3:16 on his eye-black during college games. The only interception of the game was thrown by Ben Roethlisberger on 3rd down & 16. Pittsburgh’s time of possession was 31 minutes 6 seconds and the game’s Nielsen ratings peaked at 31.6. Leading up to this scripted ritual, the Broncos lost the previous 3 games by an average of 16 points. I mean, c’mon. As if it’s not all rigged by the numbers.

The 3:16 game came exactly 213 weeks before the Broncos won the Super Bowl. Avielle Hernandez =213. Hernandez aka Chico =213 committed murder in 2013 and died 3 years 10 months 2 days after the murder.

And as per the Boston reference in the Simpsons epsiode, Odin Lloyd, the dude Hernandez merked, was the boyfriend of Shayanna’s sister and played linebacker for the semi-pro Boston Bandits =314. Aaron Josef Hernandez =314. Blood Sacrifice to the Beast =314. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr =1722. Hernandez was arrested 72 weeks 2 days after his one and only Super Bowl appearance. Here’s our Pi-coding, and 227 is the 49th prime. Three Sixteen =49. Patriots =490. 

Hernandez murdered Lloyd 3 years 7 months 2 days before Super Bowl LI. Queen =372. Belichick =372. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr =273. Hernandez was exactly 27 years 3 days old for the SB. That’s also exactly 190 weeks after the murder. New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl =190.

  • Aaron Josef Hernandez =91. John Three Sixteen =91. Hangs Self =91. New England Patriots =91. Odin Lloyd died 9 weeks 1 day after the Boston Bombing. Hernandez died exactly 191 weeks after his indictment, and 1901 days after his only Super Bowl, killed on the 109th day. Blood Sacrifice to the Beast =109. Hangs Himself in Prison =109. Town =1090 like the Simpsons’ episode “The Town” that aired on 10/9 and predicted Patriots Win Super Bowl LI =109. The 109th prime is 599 and it was episode #599.
  • Aaron Josef Hernandez =199 died exactly 199 weeks after his arrest. John Three Sixteen =199. The New England Patriots =99. New England =99. Committed Suicide =991. Aaron Hernandez Ritual Sacrifice =99. Shayanna Jenkins =990.

NFL Champion =666. Patriotic =666. Hanged Himself =666. Hernandez was indicted for two other murders 999 days before Super Bowl LI. (6x6x6) =216. Hernandez died 2 months 16 days after Super Bowl LI, aged 10,026 days old. Hernandez Blood Sacrifice =216/126. The King =126. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =126. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. New England =1062. Odin Lloyd =162. Hernandez died 162 days after Trump’s election and 12 weeks 6 days after he took office.

Hernandez killed Lloyd 223 days after the birth of his daughter. 223 is the 48th prime. Hernandez =148 hanged himself with a Bedsheet =148 a span of 11,480 days after the birth of Lloyd and exactly 1148 weeks after the Oklahoma City Bombing, or 22 years. That’s also the anniversary of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Boston Bombing capture. The murder happened 2 months 2 days after the Boston Bombing and he died 200 weeks 2 days after the murder, 202 days before his next birthday, and 20 weeks 2 days before the next NFL season begins.

  • April 19th is the start of “Blood Sacrifice to the Beast” which runs to Beltane on May 1st. April 19th is also Landing of the 33 Patriots Day in Uruguay =33, celebrating the event that led to their independence – Hernandez was arrested exactly 33 weeks after the birth of his daughter and died on 33 numerology, 3333 weeks after Elizabeth II’s coronation. His daughter was born 303 days after the 3:16 Game and Hernandez was arrested 303 days after his contract extension. Hanged Himself in Prison =3803. 

Eighty-One =423. Aaron Hernandez =234 hanged himself 23 weeks 4 days after his birthday. Hanged =234. Masonic Ritual Murder =234. Landing of the Thirty-Three Patriots =2334. “Absolutely no chance he took his own life” =2334, tweeted his agent. The New England Patriots =243. Lloyd =243. Hanged Himself in Prison =342. Hernandez died exactly 3402 weeks after Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne and 1024 weeks 3 days after the death of Princess Diana. Avielle Jenkins-Hernandez =234. 

Hernandez was pronounced dead at 4:07 AM. Suicide =47. Obey =47. Odin Lloyd =47. Initiation =470. Illuminati =470. Trump =470. Odin LJ Lloyd =47. 

Super Bowl LI: Scripted & Programmed

I was on a flight out of Yangon during Super Bowl LI but I hear the choreographed occult ritual spectacle made for some good entertainment. In this post I’ll drop the comprehensive proof of alphanumeric scripting, using a few predictive programming examples from the Simpsons along with tributes to NFL criminals – the real criminals being the ones behind the scenes who rig these events by the numbers, leaving their fingerprints behind for us truth detectives to discover.

Former Patriots player Aaron Hernandez murdered a guy 3 years 7 months 2 days before Super Bowl LI. Belichick =372. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr =273. Hernandez was exactly 27 years 3 days old for the SB.

  • That’s also exactly 190 weeks after the murder. New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl =190. Aaron Josef Hernandez =91. New England Patriots =91. Town =1090 like the Simpsons’ episode “The Town” that aired on 10/9 and predicted Patriots Win Super Bowl LI =109. The 109th prime is 599 and it was episode #599.
  • The game in the episode between Boston Americans VS Springfield Atoms =144 finished with a total score of 44 points and the Super Bowl was on 44 numerology. Forty-Four =144. Patriots =144. Aaron Hernandez =144. Lady Gaga =441. New England Patriots Win Super Bowl LI =441. 
  • It was Season 28 Episode 3 and the Patriots made the largest comeback in Super Bowl history after being down 28-3. The 61st prime is 283. The Patriots =61Patriots Super Bowl LI Champions =161. Fifty-One =616.

Hernandez was indicted for two other murders 999 days before Super Bowl LI. NFL Champion =666. 

The Simpsons episode “Diggs” features a Falcon (named Freedom…) an NCAA playoff bracket chalkboard gag, and a shot of a football game between a red team & a blue team. It aired exactly 152 weeks before Super Bowl LI =152. The Super Bowl =1520. Fifty-One =152. Pats =251. Bob Kraft =251. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =152. The Patriots =52. Fifth Title =52. Super Bowl on 5/2 according to the rest of the world.

  • Falconry =40. Atlanta Falcons =40. The Falcons =40. Houston =40. Hernandez is in prison 40 miles from Boston and signed a $40 million contract extension just weeks after the 2012 slayings in which he is accused. New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons =140.
  • Super Bowl =41. It was the Patriots & Falcons 14th all-time match-up and both teams rushed for 104 yards each. The head referee was Carl Cheffers =104.

Speaking about convicted criminals, former Falcons QB Michael Vick officially announced his retirement two days before Super Bowl 51 (Patriots’ 51st playoff game won on Brady’s 51st game-winning drive). Michael Vick =51. Falcon =51. Houston Texans =51. Boston =501. The Falcons were in their 51st season of the NFL & the 51st prime is 233; his dog fighting venture was called Bad Newz Kennels =233. Houston Texas =233. Vick served 23 months in federal prison followed by 3 months probation.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr =1722. Vick =722. Simpsons Lisa Goes Gaga =227 aired 1722 days before Super Bowl LI; Lady Gaga’s halftime performance began with her descending from a harness, just as she does in the episode. Michael Dwayne Vick =246 and “Lisa Goes Gaga” aired exactly 246 weeks before Super Bowl LI.

  • Lisa Goes Gaga =49. Atlanta Falcons =49. The Falcons =49. Patriots =490. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =149. 
  • NFL Champions =58. Lady Gaga =58 and it was the 508th episode. Super Bowl LI was the Patriots 508th all-time win (a stat yet to be confirmed).

Pretty impressive patterning if you ask this truth sleuth.