Super Bowl LI: Scripted & Programmed

I was on a flight out of Yangon during Super Bowl LI but I hear the choreographed occult ritual spectacle made for some good entertainment. In this post I’ll drop the comprehensive proof of alphanumeric scripting, using a few predictive programming examples from the Simpsons along with tributes to NFL criminals – the real criminals being the ones behind the scenes who rig these events by the numbers, leaving their fingerprints behind for us truth detectives to discover.

Former Patriots player Aaron Hernandez murdered a guy 3 years 7 months 2 days before Super Bowl LI. Belichick =372. Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr =273. Hernandez was exactly 27 years 3 days old for the SB.

  • That’s also exactly 190 weeks after the murder. New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl =190. Aaron Josef Hernandez =91. New England Patriots =91. Town =1090 like the Simpsons’ episode “The Town” that aired on 10/9 and predicted Patriots Win Super Bowl LI =109. The 109th prime is 599 and it was episode #599.
  • The game in the episode between Boston Americans VS Springfield Atoms =144 finished with a total score of 44 points and the Super Bowl was on 44 numerology. Forty-Four =144. Patriots =144. Aaron Hernandez =144. Lady Gaga =441. New England Patriots Win Super Bowl LI =441. 
  • It was Season 28 Episode 3 and the Patriots made the largest comeback in Super Bowl history after being down 28-3. The 61st prime is 283. The Patriots =61Patriots Super Bowl LI Champions =161. Fifty-One =616.

Hernandez was indicted for two other murders 999 days before Super Bowl LI. NFL Champion =666. 

The Simpsons episode “Diggs” features a Falcon (named Freedom…) an NCAA playoff bracket chalkboard gag, and a shot of a football game between a red team & a blue team. It aired exactly 152 weeks before Super Bowl LI =152. The Super Bowl =1520. Fifty-One =152. Pats =251. Bob Kraft =251. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =152. The Patriots =52. Fifth Title =52. Super Bowl on 5/2 according to the rest of the world.

  • Falconry =40. Atlanta Falcons =40. The Falcons =40. Houston =40. Hernandez is in prison 40 miles from Boston and signed a $40 million contract extension just weeks after the 2012 slayings in which he is accused. New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons =140.
  • Super Bowl =41. It was the Patriots & Falcons 14th all-time match-up and both teams rushed for 104 yards each. The head referee was Carl Cheffers =104.

Speaking about convicted criminals, former Falcons QB Michael Vick officially announced his retirement two days before Super Bowl 51 (Patriots’ 51st playoff game won on Brady’s 51st game-winning drive). Michael Vick =51. Falcon =51. Houston Texans =51. Boston =501. The Falcons were in their 51st season of the NFL & the 51st prime is 233; his dog fighting venture was called Bad Newz Kennels =233. Houston Texas =233. Vick served 23 months in federal prison followed by 3 months probation.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr =1722. Vick =722. Simpsons Lisa Goes Gaga =227 aired 1722 days before Super Bowl LI; Lady Gaga’s halftime performance began with her descending from a harness, just as she does in the episode. Michael Dwayne Vick =246 and “Lisa Goes Gaga” aired exactly 246 weeks before Super Bowl LI.

  • Lisa Goes Gaga =49. Atlanta Falcons =49. The Falcons =49. Patriots =490. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =149. 
  • NFL Champions =58. Lady Gaga =58 and it was the 508th episode. Super Bowl LI was the Patriots 508th all-time win (a stat yet to be confirmed).

Pretty impressive patterning if you ask this truth sleuth.

Pegasus World Cup Royal Sacrifice


Many Clouds, the horse that won the 2015 Grand National, collapsed and died of a pulmonary hemorrhage after a race on 28th January, the very same day that Arrogate won the 2017 Pegasus World Cup at Gulfstream Park, the richest horse race ever staged. As the alphanumeric synchronicities imply, this was no natural death.

  • Many Clouds died aged exactly 510 weeks old. Arrogate =510, the jockey 51 years old.
  • Furthermore, Arrogate =324 was foaled 302 weeks 4 days after Many Clouds.

Making these connections even more intriguing is the royal connection to Queen Elizabeth II. Many Clouds was born on 4/21 of 2007, the Queen’s 81st birthday (Royal Sacrifice =81), and Arrogate was born on 6/2 of 2013, the 61st anniversary of her reign (God =61). As we’ll see, the synchs between rigged horse racing and the Royal Family are abundant.


Pegasus =88/43. Elizabeth =88/43. Gulfstream Park =168. Queen Elizabeth II =168. Arrogate won as Many Clouds died, a span of 2 months 25 days before the Queen’s 91st birthday, matching her birth name: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =225. Twelve =522.

  • That duration is also exactly 12 weeks, a perfect span for the Pegasus World Cup =1200 with its record-breaking $12 million purse. Twelve =87. Queen Elizabeth II =87.
  • Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach Florida =165. Pegasus World Cup =65. Arrogate’s jockey won 6 months 5 days before his birthday and exactly 65 weeks after American Pharoah completed the Grand Slam. Elizabeth =650. The Queen Is Dead =65. 

Elizabeth II was born on the 112th day with 254 days remaining. Arrogate’s jockey is Mike E Smith =112 (sponsored by Jeff Ruby’s =112) and his trainer is Bob Baffert =254. Yet more major tributes to the Queen and her upcoming death / retirement.


Bob Baffert =77 is known for training American Pharoah =77, the first horse in history to complete the Grand Slam of American horse racing – the Triple Crown plus the Breeders’ Cup Classic. American Pharoah =131 accomplished this feat on 10/31, appropriately enough. Baffert was born on 1/13.

  • The Pegasus World Cup was held 260 weeks 2 days after American Pharoah was born: Queen =26/62 like Elizabeth born on 2/6/26 and coronated on 6/2. American Pharoah completed the Grand Slam exactly 26 weeks after Princess Charlotte was born.

Charlotte =367. American Pharoah won the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing =367 aged 1367 days old and Arrogate won the Pegasus Cup when Charlotte’s brother Prince George was 3 years 6 months 7 days old, yet more pieces of evidence that show these races are rigged via occult numerology as tributes to much larger chess moves.

Princess Charlotte was exactly 91 weeks old for the Pegasus Cup in Hallandale Beach Florida =91 in the lead-up to Queen Elizabeth’s 91st birthday. Ninety-One =121. Pegasus World Cup Invitational =121. Blood Sacrifice =121.


The Ventura-Marte Twins Trick

In yet another Twins Trick ritual sacrifice from the wide world of sports, former teammates Yordano Ventura and Andy Marte, baseball players from the Dominican Republic, both died on the very same day – in unrelated car collisions in their home country. 22 January 2017 was a date with 33 numerology (1+22+2+0+1+7). World Series =1333. Ventura died 13 weeks 3 days after his birthday; Marte died 133 days before his next birthday and 33 weeks 3 days after his 33rd birthday.

  • Thirty-Three =66. Andy Marte =606. Ventura =606.
  • Andy Manuel Marte =167. Yordano Ventura =67. Car Collision =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Human Sacrifice =67.

Ventura was part of the Kansas City Royals squad that won the 2015 World Series (the 111th in New York =111 on 11/1). He died 1 year 2 months 22 days later on 1/22, a span of 2 months 21 days after the last World Series.

  • This latest Twins Trick came 449 days after the 2015 World Series ended and 449 is the 87th prime number. Dominican Republic =87.

Marte’s final MLB plate appearance with the Arizona Diamondbacks =90 was against the Royals =90 (with Ventura as the starter) on 6 August 2014. Exactly 900 days later (9 the key number in baseball) they would both die in car wrecks, mere miles and minutes apart in their home country. But just when you thought it couldn’t get any weirder…

Ventura dedicated his losing performance in Game 7 of the 2014 World Series vs the San Francisco Giants to his Dominican buddy from the St Louis Cardinals, Oscar Francisco Taveras, who also died in a car accident in the Dominican Republic shortly after the Cardinals were eliminated from the playoffs. His last ever tweet was “Thanks for all the fan support.”

  • Yordano Ventura Hernandez =117 died exactly 117 weeks after Taveras and they were born 1 year 17 days apart, Taveras with birth numerology of (6+19+92) =117. Taveras died on Hillary Clinton’s 67th birthday. 
  • Ventura & Marte also died exactly 17 weeks after Miami Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez (also part of the Twins Trick ritual with Arnold Palmer) died in a boat crash. Kill =17/59 and the 17th prime is 59. Miami Marlins =59. Kansas City =59. Kansas City Royals =59. Andy Manuel Marte =59.

The Royals =641. Twins Trick =146. Jose D Fernandez =146. Boat Collision =146. His boat was named “Kaught Looking” =1464. Seventeen =46. Dominican =46. Puerto Plata =46, the city Taveras was born and died in.

Oscar Taveras =142 and Jose Fernandez =142 were born 42 days apart. Forty-Two =142. That’s also 1 month 13 days and they would die 1 year 10 months 30 days apart. Meant to be or what?

  • Taveras & Fernandez died 700 days apart, Taveras on 70 numerology. Jose Fernandez =70. Aguilas Cibaenas =70, the Dominican team that Marte & Ventura both played on at the same time.
  • Fernandez’s 33-foot boat overturned at 3:30 am a span of 330 days after the Royals won the World Series and exactly 33 weeks after Super Bowl 50. His final birthday was 3 months 3 days before the Cubs won and he wore number Sixteen =33.

Mayor Hudnut & The Colts Sacrifice

William H Hudnut III, the former mayor of Indianapolis credited with stealing the Colts from Baltimore, just died on 12/17 — a perfect span of 51 days before Super Bowl 51. He died at age 84. Indianapolis Colts =84. William Hudnut =167. Colts Super Bowl =1670. Colts Coach VP Confirm Team Move =120. William Hudnut =1002. Colts Super Bowl Fifty-One =102. Jetsons =102. LI =12. A Luck =12 wears #12 born on the 12th and drafted in ’12. Colts Super Bowl =1200. The active form of 12 is 112. Andrew Luck =112. Houston =112. Super Bowl 51 in Houston falls 112 days after Hudnut’s last birthday.

That’s some pretty tight connections as a Super Bowl Sacrifice, IMHO. Indianapolis Indiana =94. William H Hudnut III =94. Perfect fit for mayor. Colts have made the playoffs 16 times; Hudnut was mayor for 16 years and died in ‘16 exactly 16 weeks before the Super Bowl… Sixteen =96. Super Bowl Fifty-One =96. 

  • Hudnut was born on the 17th and died on the 17th. The Super Bowl in ’17 falls on 17 date numerology and the 17th prime number is 59. William Hudnut =59.
  • Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Fifty-One =162. William Herbert Hudnut III =1620.

He was mayor until 1/1/92. Andrew Austen Luck =192. Indianapolis Colts =192. Sunday February Fifth Two Thousand Sixteen =192. Super Bowl LI =912. Luck born on 9/12. Hudnut was mayor of Indianapolis for exactly 835 weeks. Houston =538

Extra-Capsa previously documented some crazy connections between The Jetsons and a potential Colts Super Bowl – and just found this screenshot from the show of someone behind the scenes controlling robotic football players…. And Manning looking like he’s trying to hear what his helmet intercom is telling him to do. As it turns out, we have another Twins Trick as Mayor Hudnut died on the same day as a director for The Jetsons. Gordon Hunt died at age 87. Super Bowl Fifty-One =87. Twelve =87. The 87 jersey in the top pic.

  • Hudnut & Hunt were born 1270 days apart. NRG =127. NRG Stadium =45. Hunt’s last birthday was 40 weeks 5 days before the Super Bowl and Hudnut was the 45th Mayor of Indianapolis.
  • Gordon Hunt’s daughter is actress Helen Hunt (age 53 like Super Bowl LI =53) and her last birthday was 7 months 22 days before SB 51, the Pi code – and her next is 131 days after. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131. Grizzlies =131, the team in the following film.

Helen Hunt was in a 1983 TV movie (33 years ago) called Quarterback Princess =112. Andrew Luck =112. It released exactly 6 years 6 months before the birth of Andrew Austen Luck =66. NFL =66 (the first Super Bowl in ‘66) February Five =66 (date of SB 51). And what’s 6+6?

The Indian in the Cupboard / Parks & Recreation (Royal Sacrifices Continue)


The Indian in the Cupboard =112. The Indians lost the 112th World Series on 11/2. The movie premiered in 1995, the year the Indians lost to the Braves, 1110 weeks 4 days before the 2016 World Series began and 1111 weeks 4 days before the Indians lost in the Cubs’ 114th win of the season in their 114th year of being called the Cubs, Theo Epstein’s 411th game since joining Chicago, in the time of the 114th US Congress. The 114th episode of Parks & Recreation predictive programmed a Cubs World Series in 2016. Major League Baseball =114. Chicago Cubs Championship =114. And the frickin Indian in the Cupboard is named LITTLE BEAR…

  • On 11/4 we saw the death of Eddie Carnett, the baseball player connected to both Indians & Cubs, as previously documented. Also on this day was the death of Allen Eller, a pro soccer player from Cleveland who played for the Cleveland Freeze, born on 11/12 (December 11). His wiki even points out that he signed with Ohio Vortex on 11/12 (November 12) further emphasizing the prevailing code.
  • Eller was exactly 2082 weeks old when he died. President Hillary Clinton =282. Britannia =282. Time =282. Obey =282. Rex =282. Diana & Charles divorced on 8/28. Allen Eller =216 died 2016 days after William & Kate’s marriage. Succession to the British Throne =2160. 

Allen Eller =42/96. Freemason =42/96. Satanism =42/96. Svatos =24/96 (see below). British Royal Family =96. The ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry sum (31+32+33) =96. Orange =33 and Eller wore #33. Svatos =33.

And with regards to the Royal connection to the 112 code in effect: before renaming as the Windsors, the Royal Family was known as House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =112. Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen By the Grace of God Queen of This Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120, the Queen’s full title matching her wedding date of 11/20 and her father King George VI began his reign on 11/12 (December 12, Eller’s birthday). The Imperial House of Japan was established on 2/11 and the current Emperor ascended the throne on 11/12. Zionist =112. Divinity =112. Planetary =112. Mason =211. World Government =2111.

  • Lest we forget the Royals won the 111th World Series on 11/1 in New York =111 in a game seven that saw Mets’ #33 throw 111 pitches. The British Royal Family =111. Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =1110. Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is on the 111th day, the anti-date to 9/11 (which leaves 111) and Princess Diana was born with 111 numerology. Pawnee =1011 (see below).

Pawnee Indiana =116. Twenty Sixteen World Series =116. This 11/11/16 will be 2023 days after William & Kate’s Royal Wedding. Kate =116. Royalty =116. Princeseason Di =116 of Wales =1016. The London Bombings came 10 years 11 months 6 days (1116) before the Orlando Shooting =1116 and the Pulse patsy Omar Mateen was born 11/16.

5 November 2016 saw the death of former NHL player Marek Svatoš at age 34, the total score of Super Bowl 50 won by the team from Colorado and Svatoš played for the Colorado Avalanche. Marek Svatos =144, the Assassination code. He died 4 months 20 days after his birthday. Avalanche =402. And I love how he was the 227th draft pick, the Pi code.

  • Svatos =51/1031 and he died 13 weeks 1 day before Super Bowl 51. Championship =131. Super Bowl =131. The 32nd prime is 131 and he died exactly 32 weeks before his birthday.

The 2015 episode of Parks & Recreation that predicted a 2016 World Series win for the Cubs aired on 13/1, a span of 660 days before the last day of the World Series =66. Cubs World Series =66. It was Season 7 Episode 2. The World Series =72. Cubs =270  


The setting of the show is the fictional town of Pawnee Indiana (the Pawnee a Native American tribe) and none other than Bill Murray had a stint playing the mayor; Murray also playing a role in this occult megaritual known as the World Series. Pawnee is said to be 90 miles from Indianapolis, another connection to the Colts – whose logo is essentially a sideways Cubs logo.

  • The episode was titled Ron & Jammy =109/37. Cubs Win =91/37. Chicago Cubs =91. Game Seven was the most watched World Series game since the Twins beat the Braves in ’91. 

Pawnee Indiana =1115. The Royals won the last World Series on 11/1/5. Indians Cubs =115. Doc asks Marty to meet him at Twin Pines Mall at 1:15 AM and he travels back to 11/5 in 1955. The series finale was 101 weeks 5 days before Super Bowl 51, or 1 year 11 months 12 days… Andrew Luck =112. Houston =112.


Another shoutout to Dan @ Mindless Freaks for tipping us off to these two more juicy examples of predictive programming. 

John Orsino – World Series Sacrifices Continue

John Orsino =65/137. Chicago Cubs Win =65/137. All Saints Day =65/137. 

Former SF Giants catcher John Orsino died on All Saint’s Day (11/1), the day before the Cubs won the World Series. He passed away at age 78 and Game Seven ended 7-8 in part tribute to William Sianis =78, the dark wizard who cast a spell on the Cubs. The last World Series game the Cubs would ever win until 2016 also ended 7-8; a Game Six that happened 2230 days after the outbreak of World War II. Curse of the Billy Goat =223. April Twenty-Second =223, Orsino’s birthday. Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023. Masonic =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Skull and Crossbones =223, like the 322 of Skull & Bones, the same gang rigging professional sports by occult numerology since jump street.

  • Hank Greenberg, the first Jewish sports hero, hit two dingers in that game on 10/8. The drought which would last for 108 years.
  • Greenberg died 11,017 days before the Cubs won the 112th World Series on 11/2, Orsino born on the 112th day. The Commissioner’s Trophy =117. John Orsino =1017. 
  • That 10/8 game was 1 month 7 days after the end of World War II and their next World Series win was 71 years 17 days later. Seventy-One =45. Orsino =45.

This one is weird, Orsino was born 2727 days before this 8 October 1945 game in focus. The total runs scored for the Cubs and Indians in the World Series was 27-27. Base =27. Ball =27. Baseball =27. MLB =27. Back to the Future II prophecy was 27 years before the Cubs =270 won 27 days after the anniversary of the Curse and 12 years 7 days after Epstein broke the Curse of the Bambino. That’s 54 total runs. Baseball =54. Orsino =540.

That’s 116 total hits in the Twenty Sixteen World Series =116. He died on 11/1/6 exactly 6 months 11 days after his last birthday and 11 weeks 6 days before the NFC Championship game. Orsino first signed with the New York Giants, the year before they moved to San Francisco and gave their name to the football team who have all the right numbers this year.

  • Orsino was born in New Jersey, where the Giants play, and he died 96 days before the Super Bowl. NY Giants Super Bowl =96. Giants Super Bowl LI =96. Super Bowl Fifty-One =96. 


And I can’t help but notice that he played three seasons with the Baltimore Orioles as #12. Andrew Luck wears #12 and the Colts are originally from Baltimore. The year after Orsino retired the Colts won the 1968 NFL Championship Game, again defeating Cleveland – 1212 weeks after the Curse of the Billy Goat – and 2510 weeks exactly before Super Bowl LI =152. Indianapolis Colts =1152. Andrew Austen Luck =1152. The Colts went on to lose Super Bowl III – on 1/12. Andrew Luck =112. Houston =112, site of Super Bowl LI.

PS: $50 on a Giants-Colts Super Bowl matchup currently pays $32,000… And if you sum all the collective runs, hits and errors from the World Series it equals 181. New York Giants =181. Houston Texas =181. The 108 year drought + Wrigley =810. We’ve covered the importance of numeric palindromes as indicators of V for Victory and (6+6+6) =18. Just as (6x6x6) =216 and (666+666+666+6+6+6) =2016.  Super Bowl LI on the 36th day and the sum of 1 through 36 is 666.

Standing Rock and the Indian Loss

The Dakota Access Pipeline Protests at Standing Rock is deep entwined with the Indians losing the World Series and the occult mega-ritual therein, as was firmly forecasted over and over again through subliminal media messaging. Consider this week’s Monday Night Football game where the lowly Bears beat the powerhouse Vikings, the bear a major symbol of Native American mythology and the Vikings representing the imperialist power. And now the flip, the Cubs beating the Indians, destroyed by their own beliefs. All this coinciding with the largest Indian protest in 100 years, the people standing up to the Corporation that owns claim to their lives. Victory for the big C Chicago, the HQ capital of Judeo-Masonic power in North America – the continent built on the bones of genocide and the inner circle that continues to dominate and subjugate from beyond the veil; operating their rigged sports as mind control, choreographed athletic theatre deep coded with occult numerology and tributes to history. 

The Battle of the Little Bighorn =127. North Dakota =127 turned 127 years old on the very same day the Indians lost the World Series. After 127 people were arrested, the National Guard finally stepped in to break up the protest on 10/27, the day off between Games 2 & 3 – and incidentally the day that seven defendants from the Oregon Standoff were acquitted of all charges – which is all synced up with the hot 127 sequence I’ve been covering: 

Game Seven was 12 years 7 days after Epstein & the Red Sox lifted their own curse in ’04. Cubs Indians World Series =127. Chicago Cleveland World Series =127, the 31st prime and Cubs came back down 3-1, just like the 04 Red Sox. Vern Handrahan played 127 weeks in the MLB for Kansas City (the team that won last year with the MVP from this year). He was born on 11/27 and died on the day the Cubs won the World Series. Ben Zobrist, the MVP, was 12,700 days old when this season began. Water is Life =127 (see below). Game Seven starting pitcher for the Cubs was born 12/7 too. 

  • Vern Handrahan =1008. One Hundred Eight Years =108 of championship drought for the Cubs is over. Crazy Horse was Oglala Lakota =108. Native American =810. Standing Rock =810. South Dakota =810. Wrigley Field =810. 
  • The leader of Standing Rock, Dave Archambault II =69. Handrahan =69. Cubs Indians =690. 
  • His major league career lasted 890 days. Dakota Access Pipeline =89. Cannonball North Dakota =89.

World Series =57. Dakota Access =57. Crazy Horse =57. Charlottetown =57 (where Handrahan was born and died). Zobrist won MVP 5 months 7 days after his birthday. The pipeline would carry 570,000 barrels of fracked oil daily. Fifty-Seven =131. Championship =131.

Native Lives Matter =80/215. Cannonball North Dakota =80/215. Custer’s Last Stand =80/215. Sitting Bull was killed on 12/15 at Standing Rock and the first native baseball player was in the MLB for 1215 days. The World Series began 2150 days after Jack Dalrymple became Governor of North Dakota and the 2016 MLB season began 51,020 days after the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Sacred Stone Camp =66. World Series =66. Cubs World Series =66. The pipeline resistance began on April 1st (the day The Ranch premiered), which is usually the 91st day of the year, 9 months 1 day before the pipeline is scheduled for construction. Chicago Cubs =91. Cubs Win =91. The sum of the divisors of 91 equals 112 and this is the 112th World Series ending on 11/2. Chicago Cubs World Series =112. Battle of the Little Bighorn =112. North Dakota admitted to the union on 11/2. Dakota Access Pipeline Protest =112. 

  • The Oregon Standoff ended on 2/11, the 47th prime. Standing Rock Sioux Protest =147. World Series =147. 
  • Standing Rock Sioux =223/88. Curse of the Billy Goat =223/88. Standing Rock Indian Reservation =188. Dakota Access Pipeline =188. 
  • The final score of the World Series was 8-7. Dave Archambault II =87. Missouri River =87. Sitting Bull =870. Bakken Pipeline =780.

Chicago Cubs =46. Chicago =46. Sitting Bull =46. South Dakota =46. C Ball =46 (the town name spray painted on a rock outside Cannonball).

Energy Transfer Partners =115. George Armstrong Custer =115Indians Cubs =115. Doc asks Marty to meet him at Twin Pines Mall at 1:15 AM and he travels back to 11/5 in 1955. 10/15 was the day the Cubs’ World Series drought began. The use of force on 10/27 was exactly 51,010 days after the Sioux Nation was annexed in the Agreement of 1877.

Missouri River =1170. Vern Handrahan’s last birthday was 11 months 7 days before Game 7. The Commissioner’s Trophy =117. The pipeline is due to be constructed on 1/1/17, which is 1 month 31 days after the Cubs Championship =131. Black Hills War =131. Jack Dalrymple =131, the 32nd prime and he’s the 32nd Governor of North Dakota.

The Ranch: Super Bowl Programming

The Ranch =41. It premiered on 4/1 with 41 numerology (4+1+20+16), a span of 10 months 4 days before the Super Bowl =41. Ashton Kutcher =41 plays a former semi-pro football player from Colorado named Colt =14. The 41st prime number is 179. Colt and Rooster =179, the two brothers in the show like Peyton and Eli =140. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =140.

Colt =50. Super Bowl =50. And Super Bowl 50 was won by the former Colt from Colorado – on Ashton Kutcher’s 38th birthday – the Broncos going 3-for-8 in Super Bowls on the 38th day of the year. Rooster =38. Colorado =38Peyton =32. Ashton =32. Kutcher =32. Christopher Ashton Kutcher =302. NFL =32. [The 32nd prime is 131. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131.]

  • Ranch =132. The Bennetts =132. Iron River Ranch =1032, the specific name, all emphasizing this particular alphanumeric sequence. National Football League =1320. New York Giants Super Bowl =132. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =132. Super Bowl Fifty-One =231. 
  • The Ranch =77. Netflix The Ranch =77. Colts Super Bowl LI =77. 
  • The opening sequence is filmed in Ouray Colorado, matching the family’s surname: Bennett =26/80. Ouray =26/80. Super Bowl Sunday =62/80. 

This show appears to be fractally forecasting a Colts-Giants Super Bowl, a rematch of the so-called Greatest Game Ever Played – the 1958 NFL Championship Game (before they began calling it the Super Bowl for the 66/67 season).

The show’s tag line: “They’re a Different Breed of Family” =155. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl LI =155. Royal =551. The Illuminati =551.

The show is set in Garrison Colorado =1104. Princess Diana died exactly 1014 weeks before Super Bowl LI and you can’t spell InDIANApolis without Diana. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =114. Rooster Bennett =1140. That’s Colt’s brother who’s lived in his shadow, much like Eli and Peyton. The Greatest Game Ever Played =114. New York Giants Super Bowl =114. Chicgao Cubs Championship =114 and a World Series championship win tonight will be their 114th of the season (and 411th since Epstein joined the squad). 

  • Rooster is played by Daniel Peter Masterson =233. Luck =233. Houston Texas =233, the 51st prime. Colts Giants =510. Masterson & Kutcher celebrate their birthdays 5 weeks 1 day apart, or 36 days. Super Bowl 51 is on the 36th day of the year, 36 days before Masterson’s 41st birthday, to tie him back into the lead run. Sam Elliott =36, the Bennett father.

The second batch of episodes aired exactly 29 weeks after the first. LI =29. Two Five Seventeen =209. It’s exactly 209 weeks between this American election and the last. With the end date that’s 29 weeks 1 day. Colts Giants Super Bowl LI =291. Daniel Peter Danny Masterson =291. Andrew Austen Luck =192. Indianapolis Colts =192. Danny Masterson =1092. 

The Uncle Buck Connection

Kevin Meaney =1245. World Series Champions =245. 

Comedian Kevin Meaney (best known as Uncle Buck in the 90s sitcom spinoff) died on 10/21, the focus date from Back to the Future – the film that foreshadows the Chicago Cubs World Series =121. One Point Twenty-One Jigowatts =121. Blood Sacrifice =121/67 and his date of death appropriately had 67 numerology. 11/2 is 1 year 12 days after Back to the Future Day proper (and exactly five years after Theo Epstein joined the Cubs) and Meaney died on 21/10. Brooklyn =112Bull Durham =112, another coded flick we’ll examine here for coded clues along with Field of Dreams. Build it and they will come. 

Kevin Meaney =124. Cleveland Chicago =124. Cleveland Indians World Series =124. LA Dodgers World Series =124. Game Six is 12 years 4 days after the 2004 World Series and 10/24 was Jackie Robinson’s death. It’s also 10,240 days from Dodgers last World Series appearance to 11/2

  • Wagons East =124, the last film of John Candy, the original Uncle Buck, who died 124 days after his birthday – the same duration as comic Sam Kinison =124. Chris Farley =124. John Belushi born 12/4. Psychological Operations =124. Mind Control Programming =124. Big props to Dan at Mindless Freaks for taking this one to the next level for us. Uncle Buck features a family that have moved from Indianapolis to Chicago, and here we’ve been talking Cubs and Colts.

Kevin Meaney =52. Robinson =52. Indians Cubs =52. 

Kevin Gerard Meaney =1062. MLB =162 (162 game season). He died exactly 261 weeks after Epstein was hired. Ouch =261, the headline in Uncle Buck shown in relation with the Cubs jersey, suggesting an upset? Mitch Hedberg =261, another legendary comic who died 4224 days before Game 6 tonight. Los Angeles Dodgers World Series Champion =2442.

  • Buck Russell =62. Meaney died 26 weeks 2 days before his birthday. Indians Cubs World Series =262. Jack Roosevelt Robinson =262. Jose Fernandez was 1260 weeks 2 days old when he died.
  • Meaney =27. MLB =27. Cubs =270. It’s been 27 years since Major League & Back to the Future II – as well as Field of Dreams & Uncle Buck. Meaney was a fat comedian like John Candy (the original Uncle Buck) and he starred in the short-lived remake playing the titular character, Buck Russell =720. The Pennant =702. The World Series =72. 

Kevin Gerard Meaney =1422. Dodgers Indians =142. One Hundred Twelfth World Series =142. Uncle Buck came out 14 weeks 2 days before Back to the Future II and precisely 1420 weeks before Game 7 of the 112th World Series on 11/2. Forty-Two =142. Valhalla =42, Meaney’s hometown. Shoeless Joe =42, involved in the 1919 Black Sox Scanda and featured in Field of Dreams. Robinson #42 and Louis Sockalexis died at 42, the first native and black players. 

  • The 42nd prime is 181 and he died 181 days after his birthday. Los Angeles Dodgers =181. New York Giants =181. Born and died in New York, Meaney’s Uncle Buck sitcom ran for 181 days. Meaney died exactly 1181 weeks after the death of John Candy. Kevin Costner born 1/81

Buck =215. Louis Sockalexis played 1215 days in the MLB and Bill Murray’s press conference came 1215 weeks after the movie Rookie of the Year, which also co-starred John Candy. Meaney’s TV spin-off aired 1 year 25 days after the film release.

  • That’s 390 days and it was cancelled on 3/9. Uncle Buck the film came out 3 months 9 days before Back to the Future II. New York =39. NY =39.
  • Uncle Buck =38/92. Ontario =38/92. Candy is from Ontario and died exactly 19 weeks after the team from Ontario won the World Series. Buck =19. Jackson =19. Chicago Illinois =91. Chicago Cubs =91. 
  • Candy born 31/10 and Meaney on the 113th day. Shoeless Joe =1013. Field of Dreams came out 311 days after Bull Durham. Jackie Robinson born 31/1 and had a .311 batting average. LA Dodgers World Series Champion =311.

Meaney was 22,080 days old when the baseball playoffs began on 10/4. Cleveland Indians LA Dodgers World Series =2280. That is a fascinating date of birth, especially if Cubs lose. On 2/5, Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023, he would have been 22,203 days old.

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Bill Murray For The Cubs & Rookie of the Year

Bill Murray makes a surprise appearance at the White House decked out in Cubs apparel on 21/10. His birthday was 1 month 12 days before 11/2, Game 7 of the 112th World Series. Chicago Cubs World Series =112. Brooklyn =112Houston =112. World Series Game 1 is 12 years 11 months 11 days after the Bartman Incident. This press conference is 108 days before Super Bowl 51 and it’s been 108 years since Cubs won the World Series. Major League =108. One Hundred Eight Years =108. 

  • That’s 15 weeks 2 days. One Hundred and Twelfth World Series =152. Super Bowl LI =152. 
  • Speaking of Bartman, Luis Castillo of the Marlins hit the foul ball that Bartman snagged away from Moisés Alou, the Marlins going on to win the World Series. Moisés Alou =129. Luis Castill0 =912, born 9/12 (or 12/9). That’s Andrew Luck’s birthday. Super Bowl LI =912. 

Bill Murray =50/131. Billy Sianis =50/131, the man blamed for the Cubs’ inability to win after he got kicked out of the stadium during the World Series for having a stinky goat with him; ah the good old days when we were still allowed to bring our livestock to games. Super Bowl =50/131. Championship =131. World Series =131/66. Murray is currently 66 years old and the goat was called Murphy =606. Billy Goat Tavern =66. Curse =66. Cubs World Series =66. 

  • William James Murray =223/88. Curse of the Billy Goat =223/88. And that perfect synch is why he’s here to play his role in the ritual.
  • William James ‘Bill’ Murray =258. Goat =258. 
  • Murray was born with 101 days remaining. World Series Champions =101. Murphy =101. Jackie Robinson died on the 101st birthday of Louis Sockalexis, the MLB’s first Native American player (with the Indians).

On 2/26/04, the Steve Bartman baseball was electrocuted at a Harry Carey restaurant in an attempt to lift the curse. 10/22 (Game 6 of the ACLS) is 660 weeks 2 days later and 11/2 is 662 weeks after 2/26. The World Series begins exactly 62 years 2 months after Roogie’s Bump starring Dodgers who have 6 World Championships and 22 Pennants. 42 the Jackie Robinson movie came out three years 6 months 22 days before 11/2.

Roogie’s Bump came out in 1954 and features a boy who develops a physical anomaly that enables him to joins the Dodgers. Rookie of the Year from 1993 was a direct remake, with the Cubs instead. And now here we are with Dodgers VS Cubs for the World Series.

  • Exactly 22,700 days after Roogie’s Bump was 10/18/16, Game 3 when Dodgers beat Cubs 6-0. That’s the 227 Pi code of history repeating. 227 is the 49th prime. Little Giants =49. This date was also 22 years 3 days after the release of Little Giants, set in Ohio and Cubs previously defeated Giants. 
  • Roogie’s Bump =68. Championship =68. 

Murray’s longtime collaborator Harold Ramis (born 21/11), from Chicago like Murray, passed away 970 days before this press conference. Curse of the Billy Goat =97. Game 7 is 19 years 7 days after Indians lost the ’97 World Series to the Marlins (the Cubs villain in the Bartman incident).

  • Ramis died 2 years 11 months 12 days before Super Bowl LI. 11/2 comes 12 years 11 months 20 days after the Bartman Incident.
  • Ramis died 270 days before his birthday. 11/2 is 270 days after Super Bowl 50 and Boston won the 2004 World Series 270 days after Patriots won the Super Bowl. Cubs =270. 

Louis Sockalexis played 1215 days in the show. The press conference came 1215 weeks after the release of Rookie of the Year =859. The World Series begins 8509 days after the movie came out, making it a gorgeously coded predictive program if the Cubs go, and even if it’s Dodgers.

  • Rookie of the Year was in ’93, when Wild Thing set up the Jays WS. Cubs clinched with their 93rd win and Dodgers World Series =93.

The kids name is Henry Rowengartner =228United States of America =228. Roogie’s Bump released 2028 weeks earlier. It’s 22 years 8 days after the release of Little GiantsMerkle’s Boner =822. World Series =882. 

  • Henry Rowengartner =102. Commissioner’s Trophy =102. Draft Dodger =102. United States of America =102.
  • Rowengartner =158. Game 2 is 8510 days after Rookie of the Year. That’s a lot of Gematria-Duration coding embedded into one movie. (11/2 is 10,058 days after the premier of Field of Dreams).  

Little Giants =501. LA Dodgers =510.