Harry Dean Stanton RIP

Harry Dean Stanton, legendary character actor of many epic cult films, has died on Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday, at the ridiculous age of 33,300 days old and 303 days before his 92nd birthday (well, if we start counting from his first full day of life). Harry Stanton =133 was in some of my favourite movies: Repo Man, Escape from New York, Twin Peaks, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, and Alien – his costar in the latter flick, John Hurt =133, died 33 weeks 3 days before him.

  • And Harry dying on Harry’s birthday, the same day as the Parsons Green Bombing Hoax – the one with the Invictus connection to the White Horse of Kent. And as it turns out, a suspect was arrested today in Kent, the day another apartment fire broke out, also in Kent.
  • Harry Dean Stanton =195 was born on the 195th day and died on 9/15. Born with 170 days remaining and died with 107 days remaining, he started his career as Dean Stanton =170. Cassini =17. Invictus =117. Royal Family =117/1017.

Stanton was also exactly 91 years 2 months old when he died. Windsor =612. Monarchy =612. The Mother of Satan =216 was the name of the bomb at Parsons. Prince Henry of Wales =216 aka Prince Harry of Wales =216 was 12 years 11 months 16 days old when his mother was killed, 20 years 16 days before his 33rd birthday. Prince William was born on 21/6 a span of 216 years after the birth of King William IV.

Harry Stanton =162. Dean Stanton =62. Captain of My Soul =62. The White Horse =162. Parsons Green =162. Tube Bombing =162. Boom =162. Prince Henry of Wales =1620. Prince Harry =162. Parsons Green Tube Station =126. Stanton was born in ’26 same as the Queen =26 who took the throne on 2/6 and was coronated on 6/2. 


London Bombing Hoax PART 2: The White Horse of Invictus

Parsons Green S.W.6. In reduction, S=1 W=5. So that’s code for 156. As in: False Flag =156. Underground =156. Thirty-Three =156. Time Bomb =156. Sloaney Pony =1156. Cobra =156. Manchester Arena =1560. Fifth Terror Attack =1560. Bucket Bomb =1056. Mother of Satan =56. Unconquered =56. Cassini Mission =560. It happened 506 days after Harry’s Invictus ad (which we’ll explore here) on the date of 15/9 in the synchronistic location of West London =1059. Parsons Green Tube Station =590. Government =159. I am the Master of my Fate I am the Captain of my Soul =159. According to the Hebrew Calendar, Donald Trump was born 15/9 – and on this very day the Cassini Probe bombed itself into Saturn, thus fulfilling its mission by the numbers.

  • Now what better way to celebrate Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday than by a False Flag =33. Cobra =33. Lidl =33. The Tube =133. Improvised Device =133. Theresa May =133. Freemasons =133. Government =133. The event happened in the suburb of Hammersmith and Fulham =333 and Cassini’s mission lasted exactly 13 years 1 month. Terror Incident at West London Station =131. Sloaney Pony =131. Time Bomb =131. Saturn the God of Time.

On 27 April 2016 a promotional video for Prince Harry’s Invictus Games was released, where he makes a hand gesture of dropping a bomb as he says “Boom”. In the ad he gets a text from Michele Obama at 18:15. If we reduce the 18 that’s 9/15, the date of the fake bombing on Harry’s birthday. Reduced further it’s 96. Like it happening at Parsons Green =906 exactly 96 weeks after the Paris Attacks. Harry =96 and all the other 96s covered last post. And just to confirm again, the battery is at 69%. Saturn =69. FLOTUS =69/696. White Horse of Kent =96. NO SURRENDER =906. Unconquered =960/169. It happened 1169 weeks after the Oklahoma City Bombing, the connection to which we’ll get to shortly, same as all the aforementioned references you didn’t yet understand.

We’ll also get to the timespan between that date and the fake bombing in a moment, but there’s a huge clue here that all but verifies this staged event as a tribute to Harry & the Royal Family. One Harry Cole, Westminster correspondent at The Sun, posted this tweet reading “NO SURRENDER Can reveal famous Parsons Green watering hole The White Horse will reopen at 7pm.” Also known as the Sloaney Pony, the White Horse is one of the most historic pubs in London – located 0.1 miles from the tube station – and just so happens to be perfectly synched with Invictus.

Indeed the Invictus from Harry’s Invictus Games is based on an 1888 poem by William Ernest Henley, which in turn is based on Invicta – Latin for “Unconquered” – which is another name for the White Horse of Kent. Last year I wrote this post about the White Horse as connected to Princess Diana and the Indianapolis Colts, and here it is blatantly, a tweet displayed on the BBC Live Updates page to spark this angle.

And as per the poem and the Games, it was read in another promotional video prior to the inaugural event by several entertainers, including Tom Hardy – who just so happens to be born on September 15th – just like Prince Harry and the date of the Parsons Green Hoax. The poem includes the line, “Bloody and Unbowed,” which was the exact headline in Daily Mirror the day after the 7 July 2005 London Bombings. Invictus was also chosen by Oklahoma City bomber/patsy Timothy McVeigh as his final statement before his execution. And in light of these easily identifiable cultural references to Invictus, Harry & Elizabeth’s BOOM video becomes more than just a little bit unsettling. (The picture below being the Madrid Bombing – which is what a real detonation would look like, not an uncracked bucket and no burn marks).

The poem ends with the line, I  am the Master of my Fate I am the Captain of my Soul =2270. United Grand Lodge of England =227. Harry was exactly 1722 weeks old on this his 33rd birthday which came 72 weeks 2 days after the Boom Video. The Pi Sequence (22/7=3.14) it happened 31 weeks 4 days after the anniversary of the Queen taking the throne and 3 months 14 days after the anniversary of her coronation. Nice timing. Princess Diana =1314.

  • On the theme of train bombings, it happened 705 weeks after the Madrid Train Bombing, and 507 days after the Boom video. Tube =507. Terror Attack =570. The White Horse =57. Diana =57. Mother of Satan =57. Parsons Green =157/571. Prince Harry =157. The Cassini Mission lasted EXACTLY 157 months. 
  • New World Order =175/75. White Horse of Kent =75. Prince Henry of Wales =75. Queen Elizabeth =75. The Underground =75. Hammersmith and Fulham =75. Time Bomb =75. The Captain of My Soul =75. The Oklahoma City Bombing happened when Harry was 10 years 7 months 5 days old. They’re saying the IED was called the The Mother of Satan =175. And I see now that the UK has jacked the terror level up to CRITICAL =75. 

Boom =42. That video happened 1 year 4 months 20 days before this event. Harry =420. Loser Terrorist =420. The Tube =420. Queen Elizabeth =142. Terror Attack =142. Terrorist =142. Sloaney Pony =142. Freemasons =142. Cobra Committee =142. Tube Bombing =42. West London =42. Freemason =42. Windsor =42. The Royals =42. Illuminati =42. Saturn =42. Unconquered =42. 

A bomb detonated on a packed train at the height of rush-hour causing a massive fireball that engulfed the carriage. This is the story we’re still being told despite all the evidence to the contrary. This case a perfect example of how cognitive dissonance is used as psychological warfare – your brain in total contrast with the authority telling you the “truth” instead of you taking the truth as authority. The truth being what you believe it to be, you’d be wise to come to your own fact-based conclusions.

And as a result of this total facade, 1000 military forces are now taking over police duties to protect public transit. Just like those troops I saw in Bordeaux, there’s no way this will now easily ever get reduced. It’s the Peter Principle in action – whereby employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and managers rise to the level of their incompetence. Though on the Police State level, once it’s elevated to a certain norm that’s where it will stay, here in the endless war of terror. Where again, terrorism originally was defined as “government by intimidation,” which is just what’s happening now, continuously and ongoing. And which is why it’s so important to see the farce for the trees. To see that bucket bomb for the utter horse shit that it is (which of course means fertilizer for yet other things to grow).

And if anyone who knows more about chemistry than I would care to comment on how exactly the bucket bomb could cause a fireball throughout the entire carriage yet leave the bucket completely intact without so much as a heat mark on the seats and walls, I would very much love to hear that argument. I don’t watch YouTube so I don’t know what anyone else is saying about this but I’d imagine the same critiques are happening all over this reality of ever-awakening beings.

And I gotta point this out too, because a google image search for “Cassini Images of Saturn” turns up almost nothing but computer animations. As they showed on the news, OBVIOUS fucking CGI. I mean can people really not distinguish Pixar from reality?? This is the height of the mockery and of the mind control, when you can show people essentially a video game and they believe it to be rock-solid objective reality. Which come to think of it, might just be yet another clue that we are indeed inhabiting a holographic universe…

Parsons Green Bombing Hoax

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 12.16.09 PM.png

Brother Berg is now in Wales sitting a house with SkyNews on the tele, making for my first time watching the news in years – perfect timing to observe the live coverage of this latest 15/9/17 terror attack in London (the fifth in the UK since Theresa May became Prime Minister) when a time bomb allegedly went off in a train car full of morning commuters at Parsons Green tube station, injuring 22, on Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday. 

I had to laugh when they showed a picture of the ‘bomb’ in a builder’s bucket inside a pristine carriage with not so much as a burn mark on the plastic walls. Especially when a young man named Charlie was interviewed saying he saw a huge fireball rushing down the packed car and engulfing everyone, “just like in the movies,” traveling at “the speed of sound” and “absorbing people” into the explosion. Despite police saying the device didn’t fully detonate and no one is seriously injured. And once again we have the suspect(s) on the run, which means the police state gets cranked up to hunt for bogeymen and psychologically traumatize the citizens even further.

And as for the classic Masonic symbol, the helicopter shot of the train clearly shows a pair of shoes sitting outside the door while another well-rehearsed young lady witness makes a point of saying she lost one shoe in the stampede of panicking people – before cutting to a shoe commercial, no shit. If you’re new to this highly ritualized symbol, we see it in nearly every government staged terror attack – a shoe or a pair of shoes placed prominently in the scene. This Masonic ritual of the Entered Apprentice apparently symbolizes the exposure of the heel to the attack of the devil. In Biblical times, the act of removing one’s shoe was a confirmation of deeds done, and more broadly it represents entry into a holy site. 

Prince Henry of Wales =1802. Theresa Mary May =182. Terror Incident =82. London Underground =82. It happened at 8:20 AM on September Fifteenth Twenty Seventeen =820 at Parsons Green Tube Station =282. Cobra Committee =282. Metropolitan Police =282. West London =280. Fifteenth of September =208. Jihad =28. Fireball =28. London Bombing =128. Manchester =128. Freemason =128. It also came 12 years 2 month 8 days after the 7/7 London Bombing. Theresa May =228. Prime Minister Theresa May =2028. Queen Elizabeth =228. British Royal Family =228. Royal Family =822. Government =822. 

  • 8:20 is the 116th minute of the day and the Fifth Terror Attack =116 happened 116 days after the Manchester Bombing and 11 weeks 6 days after Freemasonry’s 300th anniversary. It also happened 11 months 6 days after Mayor Khan’s birthday and 61 weeks 1 day after Theresa May =116 took office; her birthday coming 16 days later. Prince Harry =1116. Royalty =116. Kingdom =116. Britain =116. The Queen =116. Invictus =116. Bombing =116. 
  • Government =161. Time Bomb =161. Terrorism =161. Terrorist =61. Parsons Green =61. Tube Bombing =61. Cobra Committee =61. Cobra =61. Terror Attack =610. ISIS =160. And it happened on numerology of (15+9+20+17) =61 a span of 106 days after the anniversary of the Queen taking the throne.

Terror Attack =164. This latest Terror Incident =164 on September Fifteenth Twenty Seventeen =164 also comes 16 weeks 4 days after Manchester =164 and 16 years 4 days after 9/11/01. Prince Harry =64. Theresa Mary May =64. Parsons Green Attack =64. It’s also 64 years since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth =640. 

The 64th prime is 311. It happened 31 weeks 1 day before Queen Elizabeth’s birthday and 1 year 10 month 3 days after the 11/13 Paris Attacks. United Grand Lodge of England =1113. Time Bomb =113. The Royal Family =1130. The NWO =1103. The Throne =113. Mind The Gap =113. 

Again, look at the “bomb”. They’re still reporting that the device didn’t fully detonate yet the blast sent a fireball through the packed rush-hour train – while the bucket didn’t even crack, haha. Give me a fucking break. A homemade bomb would blow that bucket to smithereens and definitely leave some mark on the plastic inches away.

It also comes exactly 96 weeks after the Paris Attacks. Fireball =906. Parsons Green =906. Tube Station =906. Parsons =96. Parsons Green Tube Station =96. Parsons Green Bombing =96. Cobra =96. Counterterrorism =96. IED =96. Harry =96. Freemason =96. MK-Ultra =96. British Royal Family =96. Royal Family =960. Terror Attack =960. Underground =960. United Grand Lodge =960. Freemasons =690. Theresa May =690. Terror Incident =169. September Fifteenth Twenty Seventeen =169. ISIS =196. Parsons Green Attack =196/69. London =69. Invictus Games =69 which Prince Harry created and will be held in Toronto eight days after the bombing.

  • Queen Elizabeth =202. Parsons Green Bombing =202. Tube Bombing =202. Terror Attack =202. West London Station =220. ISIS =22. Mayor Khan =22. Bucket =22. There are 22 injured, just like the 22 killed by a Suicide Bomb =202 in Manchester England =220 by 22year-old named Salman =222 at the Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour =2022 in the 22nd hour on the 22nd day on the eve of 222 days remaining in the year.
  • Improvised Explosive Device =2220 and it was in a bag from the European supermarket chain Lidl =222. 

Remember how all these terror attacks have been synched up with the novel release of Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes? Parsons Green Bombing =102 happened 1200 days after the book’s publishing at Parsons Green Tube Station =1102 and 1 year 10 months 2 days after the Paris Attacks. British Royal Family =120. Illuminati =120. Trump called the attacker a Loser Terrorist =1002. 

Fun Fact: Theresa May =930 was born exactly 93 years to the day after the London Underground opened in 1863. Freemasons =930. Prince Henry of Wales =193. West London =193. Grand Lodge of England =193/93. Propaganda =93. 

Theresa May declares the threat level is to remain at severe (not enhanced to critical) while militarized police presence will be enhanced and further internet crackdown will be taking place. I was visiting a friend in Bordeaux the other day and as we were lunching outside a cafe downtown, a military patrol of ten soldiers holding automatic rifles walked by – a sight he says is commonplace since the Paris Attacks. The normalization of the Police State.

Eric Bolling’s Dual Tragedy

Just hours after Fox News host Eric Bolling was fired for sending unsolicited dick pics to colleagues, his 19-year-old son Eric Jr died in his dorm room under mysterious circumstances. Not only is the timing incredibly suspicious, his death was reported as an apparent suicide yet the next day the family issued a statement saying, “Authorities have informed us there is no sign of self harm at this point.” Whatever happened, chances are unlikely that he died of a broken heart. 

F=6 O=6 X=6. Fox =666. Fox News launched in 1996 and its founder Roger Ailes =966 just died the day after Chris Cornell died following a gig at Fox Theater, 6 years 6 months 6 days after Soundgarden’s official comeback. Roger Eugene Ailes =996/166. Misogyny =966. Apparent Suicide =966 for Eric Jr at University of Colorado =966 just like Kurt Cobain who died when he was 9906 days old. The Swamp =666 was a pro-Trump book that Bolling had published this year and his double-whammy tragedy came 6 months 6 days after his birthday – and the last day of Bill O’Reilly =996/166 being 66 years old. Fox News Channel =66. Republican =606. 

  • O’Reilly was also terminated from Fox for sexual harassment – as was Ailes, the former Fox CEO, who also forced to resign after allegations of sexual harassment, which is all just ridiculously creepy and clearly designed to provoke when America’s Commander-In-Chief (whose campaign Ailes advised) is a self-confessed ‘pussy-grabber’ who defeated the first woman presidential candidate.

O’Reilly =42 was fired 142 days / 4 months 20 days before the Double-Whammy =142 of Bolling’s firing and the death of Eric Chase Bolling =142. Dick Pics =142. Masonry =42. Freemason =42. Republican =42. The Swamp =42. Full title: The Swamp Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It =402. Eric Chase =204. Bolling =24. Roger Eugene Ailes =240. Blood Sacrifice =240. Masonic =24. Impeach =24. Trump =24. 

Eric Thomas Bolling =704 like his son Eric Chase Bolling =1740. Eric Junior =174. New World Order =174. Impeached =1074. Masonic =74. Fox News Specialists =74 was his show that got cancelled after his firing, the events happening 74 days after the release of The Swamp and just 4 months 7 days after Fox News Specialists premiered. Dick Pics =74/47. Republican =47. Obey =47. Authority =47. Fox =47. Fair and Balanced =147. Freemason =147. Trump =470. Eric Jr died in Boulder Colorado =1470 after apparently being devastated by his dad’s actions – despite no suicide note or evidence of pill bottles or drug paraphernalia in his dorm room. Sounds like blood sacrifice to me.

Eric Thomas Bolling =260/262. Eric Junior =626. Eric =26. The twin tragedy happened when Trump was 26,020 days old, as well as 26 weeks 2 days before the next birthday of Rupert Murdoch =1260/1026 (the new acting CEO of Fox News) and exactly 26 weeks after his last. Ruling Elite =262. The British Empire =262. International Banking =262. Truth =262. 

  • Fox News was founded when Ailes =26 was exactly 20,600 days old. Roger Ailes =62. Roger =62. Eugene =262. Fox TV =262. Misogyny =626. Fox News Channel =62. Fair and Balanced =620. Propaganda =1062. Fox Television Stations Group =126. Fox News CEO =126. Pussy Grabber =1026. Black Hole Sun =1206. Saturn =26. President Trump =260. 
  • It happened 11 months 3 days after Fox News’ birthday and 113 days after the death of Roger Ailes. News Corp =113. University of Colorado =113. Impeach =113. Keith Rupert Murdoch =311 was born on 3/11. 

It also happened 303 days after Trump’s election and exactly 33 weeks after he took office. Eric Junior =33. The Swamp =33. Bill O’Reilly =133. Impeached =33. Impeach =330. Saturn =303. Fox Television Stations Group =333. Murdoch =33. Roger =33. Harassment =33. Masonry =33. Republican =33. Foxes =33. 

North Korean Missile Crisis

Hey truth-sleuth, I’ve been trying to keep up with the daily posts but my gf & I just moved from Berlin to a ranch in Southern France, housesitting 3 horses & 6 cats for the next while. I’m tellin ya, this is the ultimate way to travel. If you’re into it, look up trustedhousesitters.com – then get out & experience the world without breaking the bank. Our goal is to do a full year through every continent without paying a dollar for rent or accommodation. So comment if you want more info. Because it’s the total life-hack. 

The draft I’ve had on tap here the past few days is this North Korean Missile Crisis drama. For starters, the image plastered all over mainstream media after Kim Jong Un allegedly lobbed a missile over Hokkaido (top left) contains a blatant 29-6 reference. But what does it mean? Well for starters, Nagasaki + Hiroshima =296. All we need right there, but we find a few more gems: Nagasaki Council of A-Bomb Sufferers =296. State =296. Imagination =296. Cuban Missile Crisis =1692. Good enough right there, but our old friend Pi blasts on through.

  • North Korea flexed nuts over northern Japan on 28 August 2017, a span of 20,027 days after the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis & 72 years 22 days after the bombing of Hiroshima. So boom: right there you know these incidents were totally orchestrated by patient programmers. End of argument already. But as always it expands.
  • Ten days earlier was the discovery of the USS Indianapolis, which had transported nuclear bomb parts for the Hiroshima incident and sunk 72 years 20 days before she was found – by the owner of Microsoft (& the Seattle Seahawks). The North Korean missile launch happened 72 years 20 days after the bombing of Nagasaki and 7 months 22 days after Kim Jong Un’s 33rd birthday. Atom Bombs: as American as Apple Pi.

A Nuclear Weapon =227. Manhattan Project =227. 22/7=3.14. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. Weapons of Mass Destruction =314. North Koreans =314. North Korean Missile Crisis =314. And the North Koreans allegedly shot a missile over Hokkaido Japan =314 a period of 31 years 4 months after the Chernobyl Disaster.

Then how’s this “coincidence” – two days later, on 30 August, a prominent anti-nuclear weapons activist named Sumiteru Taniguchi passed away at the age of 88. Nice timing, no? Taniguchi was a survivor of the Nagasaki Bombing and chairman of the Nagasaki Council of A-Bomb Sufferers =113/311. This number rings a bell as a NY Times article from 5/23/10 titled “An Arsenal We Can All Live With” states that the optimal number of warheads worldwide should be 311.

My how specific. Mutually Assured Destruction =311. Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima & Nagasaki =311. The New World Order =311. USA =311. The Beast =311. The Korean War lasted 3 years 1 month 1 day and the missile launch came 1 month 13 days after the 72nd anniversary of the Trinity Test – the first ever nuclear explosion – apparently. Nagasaki =113. Japanese =113. Uranium =113. The Chernobyl Disaster =113. And think about the Fukushima Nuclear leak that happened on 3/11/11, a span of 10 months 13 days after the 24th anniversary of Chernobyl. If you follow the blog you know this number is core as core gets.

  • 311 is the 64th prime number & the NK Missile Launch happened exactly 64 years 1 month after the Korean =64 War ended. N Korea =64. Nuclear Weapons =64. Nuclear Terrorism =64. A-Bomb Sufferers =640. Manhattan Project =164. Atomic Bombs =164. Little Boy + Fat Man =164. Sumiteru =406. And this scarred spokesperson Taniguchi just happened to be a perfect 6040 days old when Nagasaki was bombed.
  • The missile scare came exactly 769 months after the end of the Korean War & 769 is the 136th prime. From the start of World War I to the end of World War II was 11,360 days. State Sponsored Terrorism =136. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =136. Warhead =36 Missiles =36. Fukushima =36. Cuba =306. Taniguchi was 6036 days old for the Nagasaki Bombing. Nuclear Weapons =163. This NK missile launched 306 days before 29/6, another possible date clue with that opening image.

The missile launched 20,040 days after the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis (10/16/62). Quite the clean count. Fukushima Daiichi =204. Nuclear Power =1204/42. N Korea =24. Korean =24. Warhead =24. Castro =24. Manhattan =24. Nuclear War =124. Hiroshima =124. Pyongyang =124/42. Kim Jong Un =42. Japan =42. Hokkaido =142. Little Boy =142. Guam =42. War =42. Korean War =42. World War =42. World War III =42. Arsenal =420. Nuclear Hoax =42. Atomic Bombings =142. 

Atomic Bombing =333. Trump was born 333 days after the Trinity Test and 313 days (44 weeks 4 days) after the first nuclear bomb was detonated over Hiroshima. Trinity Test =1033 happened on the 33rd parallel 3 weeks 3 days before Nagasaki =33. Atomic Bombs =133. Nuclear Power =133. Psychological Operations =133. Nuclear War =33. Missiles =33. Warhead =33. Chernobyl =33. Kim =33. Hata =33. The 51st prime minister of Japan (1994), Tsutomu Hata =33 died the same day as the N Korea missile launch. Another roughly associated character biting the proverbial dust in the wake of this latest fear-mongering attempt.

  • Chernobyl Accident =1223. Nuclear Terrorism =223. Cuban Missile Crisis =322. Shinzo Abe (the current PM of Japan) was born 3022 days after the birth of Trump. Military Industrial Complex =322. Theatre =322. Disorder =322. 
  • Warhead =999. Missiles =666. Hokkaido Japan =696. The Trinity Test =996. Chernobyl Accident =966. Taniguchi was born 906 weeks 6 days before Trump.

I think it’s important here to point out the conspiracy theory that nuclear bombs are a hoax – total fear propaganda. I don’t know enough about chemistry to say one way or another about the technical details but some scientists say it’s impossible to create an atom bomb due to the ‘fact’ that fission cannot create explosions. We need to do more research here but the proponents of this theory say Hiroshima & Nagasaki were carpet-bombed with napalm – and that the photographic evidence well supports this claim.

Apparently the entire atom bomb narrative created by the Pentagon was delivered to the public via a single writer from the New York Times on the Pentagon payroll, and for years in both Japan and the US it was a crime punishable by death to speak or write about the bombings. Red Flag. Another point is that while a big area of Chernobyl still remains inaccessible due to deadly radiation, Hiroshima & Nagasaki were habitable almost immediately after the blasts – when war propaganda at the time said the areas would be uninhabitable for hundreds if not thousands of years. The mainstream explanation for this anomaly is that the nukes were detonated mid-air and thus the radiation dissipated – somewhere, apparently throughout the entire atmosphere. But based on what we know about how the Programmers thrive on the world believing in their lies, it’s definitely well within their bag of tricks to pull off another massive stunt like this.


Which means don’t worry about World War III. Based on my knowledge, it’s much more effective to keep people in this perpetual state of “that which could be” then in actually pulling the trigger on another global conflict. I’d reckon that WWIII as per the elite’s playbook actually began with 9/11, and as the controlled opposition stooge Alex Jones says, it is indeed a war on for your mind. Which is the end result of terrorism – ultimately psychological warfare on the civilian population.

So don’t stress. Don’t breed hate, which is a byproduct of fear. If you’re fed up with the bullshit of your local community then hey, create a virtual gig for yourself and buck the system – go housesitting around the world. Then tap into that which you do best and figure out a way to use that skill to benefit the whole.

My only worry about the world today was when the horses escaped from their pasture – but a neighbour named Christian (as stereotypical rural French as it gets) helped us with the search party and provided aperitifs and we found the rascals and all is well. The sun sets over the rolling hills and the wine literally flows like water and the world is absolutely what you make of it. So don’t settle for anything less than you thriving completely. Because it’s all possible, for those with the right imagination and the courage to make it happen. And when you do that, well… that’s a real chain reaction right there.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Hurricane Harvey & The Reaping Season

George A Romero was first up and now another legendary horror director has kicked the proverbial bucket: Tobe Hooper on 26 August 2017 at the age of 74. Hooper is best known for directing The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and he died the day that Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas. One of my first ever decodes, back in November 2015, was about the cast of his cult classic and how they’ve been dying by the numbers – like Gunnar Hansen (who played Leatherface) on 11/7/15 and Marilyn Burns (who played the sole survivor) on 8/5/14. So let’s open up this can of worms, shall we, and see what else we can connect.

With regards to Hurricane Harvey (HH=88) we can imagine the similarities of the rotating blades on a chainsaw and the rotational windspeed force of a cyclone mowing down anything weak enough in its path. With these two parallel symbols we find a third in the logo of T-Mobile Arena, which hosted the McGregor-Mayweather fight the same day Harvey made land and Hooper floated through the roof; it’s subliminal but blatantly obvious: a scythe, the hand tool associated with Saturn & the Grim Reaper.

  • Indeed the harvest is very much symbolic of all these interconnected rituals in accordance with alphanumerics & occult numerology, for just as there’s the optimal time to plant seeds & the optimal time to harvest crops, so too are certain dates perfect for sowing psychic seeds throughout the consciousness – and others for the reaping. Thus Saturn was also the god of agriculture, generation & dissolution; the god of time. And thus Saturn was (and still is) the force worshipped by the occult elite, the being behind the men behind the curtain to which these staged events are paid tribute.

T Mobile Arena =115. The Scythe =115. Saturn =511, 119. Mayweather =119. Floyd Mayweather Jr =119. Harvest =119. Reaping =119. Ritual =119. Saturnic Sacrifice =119. T Mobile International AG =1109 is the company’s full name & the parallel reaping of Conor Notorious McGregor =119 and Tobe Hooper =119 came 11 months 9 days after T-Mobile’s 26th birthday (Saturn=26). Sadomasochism =119 is the gratification from acts involving the receipt or infliction of pain or humiliation… which now perfectly explains the occult significance behind Floyd’s entrance costume.

William Tobe Hooper =142 died 42 days after the death of George A Romero =142. Horror Movie =1142. Horror =42. Directors =42. Illuminati =42. Freemason =42. Zionism =42. Saturn =42. The Reaper =42. Tobe =42 died 42 years after the release of Texas Chain Saw Massacre. George =24 was born on 2/4 (exactly 78 years or 936 months before Super Bowl LII. Horror Movie =936. Texas =396). Reaping =420. Conor =420/240. Leatherface =42. Texas Chainsaw =204. Gunnar Hansen =204. Super Bowl LII =204. The Reaping =204. Tobe Hooper + George Romero =2004. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre =124. Edward Gein =142, the serial killer who inspired the film. And we’ve more than covered all the 24/42 coding in the fight, making this additional sequence quite intriguing. Reaper =24. 

  • Grim Reaper =407. The Grim Reaper =470. Illuminati =470. Mayweather =47 was born 7040 days after the apprehension of Ed Gein on 11/16/57 and George Romero was born exactly 4070 weeks before Super Bowl LII =47. Hooper died one day after being exactly 74 years 7 months old. Massacre =474. Harvey =474. Soul Harvest =74. Burns =74 played the role of Sally Hardesty =74. Harvested =417. Reaping =714. Tobe Hooper =714 was born 4 years 1 month 7 days after Gunnar Hansen who was born in ’47 and the film opened on 10/1/74.
  • Its tagline was: Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them? =174/474  which could also have been the tagline for the fight. Floyd Mayweather =174. Mayweather =714, literally with Conor’s number, McGregor born on 7/14 and the fight 714 days after his last bout. The Grim Reaper =74, which adds another level to Mayweather’s blacked-out and hooded entrance costume (especially since there was a blackout on PayPerView at the start of the event). Reap What You Sow =174. New World Order =174. Gein was from the town of Plainfield =174 in Wisconsin.

Serial Killer =551. The Antagonist =155. The Illuminati =155. The Reaping =155. Saturn Sacrifice =155. Occult Ritual =155. Mayweather =1550 was born 1005 weeks 5 days after the apprehension of Edward Gein =1055. Hooper + McGregor =155. Marilyn Burns =155. One Percent =155. Freemasons =155. Masonic Ritual =155. Vibrations =155. Houston Flood =155. Hooper & Romero were born exactly 155 weeks apart and guess what – Romero & John Carpenter (that other legendary horror director) were born exactly 155 weeks apart.

Now ain’t that some shit.

To restate this point: Mayweather entered the arena whose logo is a scythe dressed as Leatherface who’s based on Ed Gein and who both represent Saturnic sacrifice. Now imagine the occult elite using the mass spectacle of fixed boxing to pay ritual tribute to their staged serial killer hoax classics. It’s so fucked up that it actually makes sense.

The Harvest =1017. Harvested =117. Conor McGregor + Tobe Hooper =117. Conor Notorious McGregor =117. Mayweather =117. Edward Theodore Gein =1107 died aged exactly 77 years 11 months old and Gunnar Hansen died on 11/7. The Brotherhood of Saturn =1117. Sally Hardesty =117 was the sole survivor in the film; her actress Marilyn Burns dying 1117 days before the death of Tobe Hooper =171.

William Tobe Hooper =71. George Romero =71. George Andrew Romero =71. Hurricane Harvey =171. Saturnic Sacrifice =171. A Blood Sacrifice =117. John Howard Carpenter =117 and Hooper died 7 months 11 days after Carpenter’s 69th birthday. That’s my favourite director and we’ll watch for him to take the one-way ticket in the near future. And speaking of horror directors, Wes Craven died 1 year 10 months 17 days before the death of Romero. No shit. If only I cared less about presentation and could screenshot every find – but the dedicated reader has fact-checked enough of my finds to trust me (or at least my calculations).

  • Tobe Hooper =113 died a perfect 110 years 11 months 30 days after the birth of Ed Gein, the same day as the symbolic death of Conor Anthony McGregor =113 at T-Mobile =113 and all the 113s we found associated with him. The Scythe =113. The Brotherhood of Saturn =113. Gein’s arena of Plainfield is neuro-linguistic programming for Playing Field =113. Ritual Sacrifice =113. 

Sacrifice =133. Psychological Operations =133. The Crop =330. Hooper and Conor Anthony McGregor =313 went down exactly 33 years 1 month after the death of Ed Gein. A Ritual Sacrifice =331. Zionism =133. Masonry =33. Gein’s press nickname The Butcher of Plainfield =333. A Blood Sacrifice =333. Romero =33. Harvey =33. Magick =33. Saturn =303. Ceremonial Magick =303. Do What Thou Wilt =303. Saturn Sacrifice =330. Think about Jesus dying at age 33 after performing 33 miracles and his given birthday coinciding with Saturnalia, a festival celebrated with role reversals.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 11.23.33 PM.png

Egregor =33 is an “occult concept representing a ‘thoughtform’ or ‘collective group mind’, an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people,” (Egregore, Wikipedia), associated with Crowley’s Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn & Fraternitas Saturni (aka the Brotherhood of Saturn). Our dear reader Rick Godley brought this word to our attention today, noting its neuro-linguistic harmonic with McGregor and pointing out the hyper-focus on these orchestrated events to which we all feel that energy of fear or defeat or helplessness or what-have-you, all by design. What a perfect piece to the big puzzle here – memes as psychic entities and self-governing weapons of psychological warfare.

Truth stranger than science fiction.

  • Harvey =33 is the name of a 1950 comedy-drama about “a man whose best friend is a pooka named Harvey – in the form of a six-foot, three-and-a-half-inch tall invisible rabbit.” Reminding us of Donnie Darko =33 and his invisible rabbit named Frank =137 (the 33rd prime). Speaking about egregor thought-form magick, the term pooka used in the summary denotes the Irish term for ghost/spirit.

The Púca is said to often appear as a colt, raven, or dog, which as we pointed out the Super Bowl connection earlier draws a parallel to the underdogs Indianapolis & Baltimore (curiously where the Colts originated). Further, the name Conor means ‘lover of hounds’, which again ties in. It can also appear as a goat, and Harvey the rabbit could certainly be misconstrued as Baphomet in the right lighting. And speaking of energetic forces that seek to infiltrate your shit – Hooper also directed Poltergeist – the flick about evil spirits entering our dimension through the television; another story that very much fits the theme here.

I definitely need to conduct a decipher on Donnie Darko real soon, one of my all-time favs, and a film that entwines magical realism with an airplane crash & the end of the world. It premiered at Sundance on 1/19 of 2001, so you know it’s gonna be heavy coded. 

Donnie =178 Darko directed by Richard Kelly =178. Edward Theodore Gein =178 died exactly 78 months before The Harvest =178 of the twin victims Hooper & McGregor =87 on the date of August Twenty-Sixth =87. Fraternitas Saturni =87. Saturnic Sacrifice =78. John Carpenter =78. John Howard Carpenter =78. Romero =78. George Romero =78 again born exactly 78 years before Super Bowl Fifty-Two 87. Donnie Darko =187. Frank the Rabbit =187 like the police homicide code 1-8-7.

The Mayweather-McGregor reaping ritual took place exactly 3119 weeks after the apprehension of Gein & McG-Egregor was born 3 years 11 months 19 days after the death of Ed Gein =44Edward Gein =440. McGregor was also born exactly 319 weeks after the 1982 release of Poltergeist. And there’s definitely something spooky afoot here.

  • This gets even crazier when we remember that 3119 is the 444th primeFrank the Rabbit =444The Harvest =144The Scythe =44. Sadomasochism =44. Sadism + Masochism =144. HAARP =44 like the manufactured source of Hurricane Harvey. Read my essay on Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion for deeper breakdown of these numbers. There was a few huge 444s for McGregor too that I missed reporting on and have since lost. But this sequence is JUICED as a geo-engineered storm.
  • Like the upcoming film Geostorm =223. High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program =223. Electromagnetic Pulse =223. Geostorm is a disaster flick about climate-controlling satellites and storms of epic proportions “done with intention.” Truth hidden in plain sight as always.

So in summary, there’s definitely some crazy shit going on out there, trying to get in here. Wolves at the door, as it were. Fucking with reality in order to infiltrate the psyche. So you stay resilient out there, truth-sleuth. (Energy) vampires can only harm you if you allow them entry. And we turn on the news and they’re banging at all the doors and all of the windows. But you just jack your force-field up high and stay in the good vibes. Remind yourself that this is a Learning Experience, this reality of ours, and then you make concrete plans to take positive action in the right direction. Sloth is the Reaper – inactivity & laziness – coming hard for the mentally dead, where dreams are for the dozing. But you stay woke, don’t you. You stay woke.

Mayweather Saves Vegas

As expected, despite the fascinating coding for an upset, Mayweather born with 50 numerology and the middle name Joy =50 went 50-0 a span of 50% of a year between his birthdays over McG =50 McGregor =50 in Las Vegas Nevada =50. Undefeated =50. Drederick =50. Floyd Mayweather Jr =1500. Conor’s name in Irish is Conchur Antoin Mac Greagoir =500 and his first pro bout was 5050 days after the premier of Pulp Fiction – which we were reminded of with Mayweather’s ridiculous entrance costume looking like the gimp. And think about May the 5th month of the year, and incidentally the least common month for hurricanes, as Hurricane Harvey =50 makes landfall the very same day as the fight.

The 50th prime is 229. Hurricane Harvey =229. Conor McGregor =229 had his UFC debut exactly 229 weeks before this fight against Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr =229 in Vegas =229. Mayweather Wins =2209. James ‘Fan Man’ Miller died on 22/9 in his 2029th week of life.

We can easily draw a line to the story of Rubin Hurricane Carter =240 the boxer who was wrongfully convicted and spent twenty years behind bars before going pro with a 40-12 career record and dying on 4/20 of 2014. Hurricane =412. Hurricane Carter =214. Money Mayweather =214. Here’s more evidence of the 24/42 code integral to boxing that we’ve been covering over the past few posts. Floyd & Conor born 11 years 4 months 20 days apart.

  • McGregor’s entrance song is the Irish ballad Foggy Dew =124 which commemorates the Easter Rising, an armed insurrection in Ireland to end British rule and establish an independent republic. That rebellion ended 101 years 4 months 2 days before the fight and McGregor was 14 years 2 months old when James ‘Fan Man’ Miller committed suicide at the age of 14,210 days old – his body discovered exactly 24 weeks later.
  • The event’s referee was Robert Byrd, officiating his 683rd fight and 683 is the 124th prime. The Mafia =124. Floyd Money Mayweather =240. Floyd Money Mayweather Junior =2040. His birth name was Floyd Sinclair =204/1224. 

Floyd Mayweather =224 born 2/24 won 1224 days after the death of Hurricane Carter – and exactly 1242 weeks after Fan Man =24 aka James Jarrett Miller =124 crashed his paraglider into the middle of a fight between Evander Holyfield & Riddick Bowe =142 at Caesar’s Palace =42 on 6 November 1993. That stunt appears to be a staged ritual as 9/11 predictive programming (the date 6/11 in the same year as the ’93 World Trade Center Bombing), especially since no footage shows him actually entering the building and the announcers were instantly making a big deal about how this unexpected aviation attack could have killed so many people.

Also before the fight there was a fake Simpsons video released on social media of Mayweather as Homer Simpson entering the ring to the song Why Can’t We Be Friends =224/1224. Which is even funnier when days before the fight we got the news story that Mayweather went ‘nuclear’ after his little buddy Justin Bieber =224/1142 unfollowed him on Instagram.

There’s definitely still something to all this 491 coding we’ve been seeing and just because Floyd didn’t end 49-1 doesn’t mean this number isn’t key for some sort of larger and ongoing programming. Hurricane Carter had 40 Wins 19 KOs and was born 4190 weeks before the fight. The Foggy Dew =149. Tatum =149. The Fan Man incident happened on November Sixth =1419 between Holyfield + Bowe =1419 and excluding start & end points, it happened 409 weeks 1 day before 9/11/01. Miller’s body was discovered hanging from a tree in the Alaskan wilderness 9 years 1 month 4 days after his last stunt – landing his paramotor on top of Buckingham Palace.

Once again we find some interesting connections through The Simpsons, with their Mike Tyson parody character Drederick Tatum who Homer fights in the episode ‘The Homer They Fall’ – which features an appearance by James ‘Fan Man’ Miller. The Homer They Fall =213 aired 2103 days after the first Tatum appearance, in Season 2 Episode 13 episode titled ‘Homer VS Lisa and the 8th Commandment’. Evander Holyfield & Riddick Bowe =1213/2113. Money Mayweather =213 and Conor’s MMA record is 21-3. But get this: there was an MMA-themed episode of The Simpsons called the Great Wife Hope =213 that was Season 21 Episode 3. HA!

  • Great Wife Hope =216. Rubin Hurricane Carter =216. Foggy Dew recorded live by Sinead O’Conner especially for McGregor a span of 2 years 1 month 16 days before the fight. Conor entered the ring at the time of 21:06 the day after the death of bodybuilder Rich Piana =216. Paramotor =612. 6x6x6 =216.

Great Wife Hope =966. Mayweather was born 6099 days before James Fan Man Miller =996 crashed into the fight billed as Repeat or Revenge =699 and Miller was born 19,660 days before Mayweather-McGregor, which comes 9 years 6 months 9 days after Mayweather’s WWE appearance and 9696 days after the premier of Homer Vs Lisa and the 8th Commandment =669. Drederick =996. Notorious =669. Mystic Mac =666. The Gimp =666. Easter Rising =666. 

USS Indianapolis & Madden ’18

The wreck of the USS Indianapolis was discovered on 18 August 2017, a perfect span of 72 years 20 days (PI!) after she sunk in the Philippines on 30 July 1945 while returning from a secret mission to deliver parts for the atomic bomb that was later used on Hiroshima. The day before her discovery was the release of Madden NFL ’18, the video game featuring Tom Brady on the cover for back-to-back years with Patriots players. It’s the first edition with story mode and, after watching the first twenty minutes of gameplay for clues, was surprised to see the supporting character is named COLT Cruise and him and his buddy Devin Wade are on their way to an NFL Combine in none other than INDIANAPOLIS Indiana to try out for the big leagues at Lucas Oil Stadium.

  • Devin Wade =131 and Colt are from Mathis Texas =131 home of the Bullfrogs =131. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131.
  • Colt Cruise =560/800. The USS Indianapolis sunk 5600 days or exactly 800 weeks after she was laid down. And just so the reference is clear, Colt’s license plate reads CRZMISL (Cruise Missile). All nicely timed with the North Korean drama too.

Last year we reported on a film called USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage starring Nicholas Cage about the story of the ship’s sinking, torpedoed by a Japanese submarine resulting in the single greatest loss of life at sea in the history of the US Navy. Of the 1,196 crewmen aboard, some 300 went down with the ship and of the remaining 900 who were adrift for four days facing exposure, dehyrdation, saltwater poisoning, and shark attacks, only 317 men survived. United States Ship Indianapolis =317. USS Indianapolis =713. Super Bowl LII =317. Excluding start & end points, the ship sunk 317 days before the birth of Trump. 317 is the 66th prime.

United States Ship Indianapolis =660Madden NFL Eighteen =66.

You know who’s being credited with the shipwreck’s discovery? Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, who just so happens to own the Seattle Seahawks. Further, it’s been reported that when Brady plays Madden he doesn’t play as Patriots – he plays as either Packers or Seahawks. Hmm.

  • Paul Allen =162. Microsoft Corporation =1261. The film released in America 26,010 days after she sunk. We’ve been talking about this number. Trump will be 26,001 days old on the Eclipse and 26,010 days old on 30 August 2017.
  • The date 30/8 and the ship was discovered 308 days after the US release.

USS Indianapolis Men of Courage =424. United States Ship Indianapolis =424. Seahawks are in the 42nd season and their coach is Pete Carroll =424. Seahawks play at CenturyLink Field =242 and the crowd is known as the Twelfth Man =242. We just saw the sacrifice of their hall-of-famer Cortez Kennedy =1242. The Super Bowl =242/42. Madden NFL Eighteen =242. Longshots =42. Devin Wade =42/402. Mathis =420. Bullfrogs =142. Super Bowl LII played on 2/4. 

Seahawks could easily be a nickname for sharks, reminding us of the ridiculous half-time show for Super Bowl XLIX with the dancing sharks completely out of synch, followed by the humiliating interception the Seahawks threw on the one yard line, Russell =211 Wilson’s 21st pass on 2nd-and-1 intercepted by #21 on the date of 2/1. The Seahawks losing to the Patriots. Shark =21. Katy =21. LII =21. 

That Super Bowl was 1100 days before this next one and Bill Gates & Paul Allen were born 1010 days apart. Super Bowl =110. Minnesota =110. Super Bowl LII =111. 

Dodge Product Placements

Dodge is under fire for keeping this Roadkill banner featuring a Challenger up on their Twitter page over a day after a Dodge Challenger ran down the HH=88 lady in Charlottesville. Understandably insensitive. Though that Dodge logo reminds me of something… that’s right, the frickin arm signs flashed in this widely circulated image of one of the “victims” that day! Of course making the one-eye sign to boot. Crazy. And of course dodge is what you do to not get rammed. 

Dodge Challenger =238. Product Placement =238. US President Trump =238. False Flag Terror Attacks =238. Mr Mercedes =382. 

  • Roadkill Nights =133. The founders of Dodge, brother Horace & John, both died in 1920 (at the age of 55 & 52), a span of 331 days apart. They were born 1300 days apart. Virginia =133. Psychological Operations =133. Hit and Run =33. 

Roadkill is an automotive-themed internet show, “part do-it-yourself auto repair show and part buddy road trip, developed by Motor Trend magazine. Roadkill =23 first aired 2003 days before the Dodge =23 crash in Charlottesville VA =230. Unite the Right =230. Staged Hit and Run =203. 

Let’s play with the end date too, 2004 days into the show Roadkill =24. James Fields =204. Heather D Heyer =124. Lee Park =124. Staged Hit and Run =240. False Flag Terrorism =204. Masonic Rituals =204. And as the tagline of their show reads: Automotive Chaos Theory =204. Mr Mercedes =204. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 8.17.21 PM.png

And nice 949 cap. Roadkill Nights =649. 

Barcelona Attack: Part III

Predictive Programming =346. Unreal =346. Nelson Mandela =346. Think of the Mandela Effect, or collective false memory, where thousands of people swear the South African leader died in the ’80s and not in 2013; and Mandela was just brought back into the fold with Obama’s tweet (now at 4.4 million likes). March Eleventh Two Thousand Four =346, the date of the Madrid Bombing. The magick word of Thelem a is Abrahadabra (roughly translated from Arabic as “I will create as I speak”), which signifies the ‘Great Work accomplished’. The Great Work =1346. Sun and Moon Conjoined =1346, which is “The Secret Sigil of the Beast” =364 according to Aleister Crowley (the occult magician who wrote a book on Gematria).

All this esoteric mumbo jumbo brings us back to the Pla de l’Os =364 where the aforementioned mosaic of Joan Miro sits (the sketch above, the work conceived as A Milestone =463 to toponomy); the mark where the white van stopped after smashing through garbage cans on a nearly deserted Las Ramblas. Again, the second episode of Mr Mercedes that aired the day before Barcelona is called “On Your Mark.” What comes next? Get Set Go =364. Total Eclipse =463. 

  • Before we dig deeper into this coding, let’s think about that secret phrase Sun and Moon Conjoined =1314. This sounds a lot like an Eclipse =314.
  • And my first reaction to the mosaic is it looks like the Man in the Moon. Perhaps this artwork, said to represent the Cosmos, is indeed a sigil (a symbol considered to have magical power) representing the Sun and Moon Conjoined =966. Sun + Moon =666. Sun + Moon + Earth =966. Terrorists =966. Enough is Enough =969. Humanity =666. The World =666. Dark Matter =666. Clockwork =666. Astrology =666. Witchcraft =666. Illusion =666. 

The van ramming happened some 99 hours before the Great American Eclipse hits its full glory. Vehicular Terrorism =99. Mosaic del Pla de l’Os =990. Miro =199. Ritual Magick =199. Do What Thou Wilt =199. The Great Work Accomplished =1099. Miro says he intended the mosaic to welcome travellers arriving by sea, which if nothing else, makes for some ironic humour re: the migrant issue in Europe.

And now an art interlude with some positivity about the union of polarities so key to the occult.

Bringing it back to the first words that started this post: Predictive Programming =364. The first word spoken in the Mr Mercedes series is Welcome =643 and the Barcelona Attack happened 643 days after the Paris Attacks of 11/13/15.

The reason this matters: 643 is the 117th prime number and this act of Vehicular Terrorism =117 in Spain =117 involving a Fiat Talento =117 that killed Thirteen =117 happened on the 17th day of August =17 in the 17th year of the millennium, a span of 117 hours after the ramming in Charlottesville. Barcelona + Charlottesvile =117. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria =117. Fake Terror =117. Government Sponsored Hoax =117. Psychological Operations =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117. Great Work =117. The Great Work Accomplished =117. Wikipedia has the crash occurring at 16:57, which just so happens to be the 1017th minute of the day.

  • On Your Mark =107. August Seventeenth Twenty Seventeen =107. Israeli Intelligence =107. Pigs Blood =107. The Secret Sigil of the Beast =107. And again this attack at Rambla de Barcelona =107 happened exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing of March Eleventh Two Thousand Four =117, the last terror attack in Spain. General Black Jack  Pershing =1017. Now the thing about that 701 figure is 701 is the 126th prime.

Vehicular Terrorism =126. Barcelona + Charlottesville =126. The CIA =126. Government by Intimidation =126. Illuminati Ritual =1206. Psychological Operations =126. Assassination =261. Donald Trump + Abraham Lincoln =261. This year marks 2061 years since Julius Caesar was also assassinated in a theatre and Trump will be 26,001 days old on the Eclipse. John J ‘Black Jack’ Pershing =261/126. Enough is Enough =1260. 

Another news item is Trump recommending people research General of the Armies John J Pershing, who allegedly dipped bullets in pig’s blood to execute Muslim terrorists during the US war in the Philippines during the early 1900s (which the mainstream has debunked as fake news). I did look him up – and indeed he yields awesome numbers.

John Joseph ‘Black Jack’ Pershing =328 died at the age of 32,080 days old. Maybe that’s a clue to the date 8/23, when Trump will be 26,003 days old (Radical Islam Terrorists =263), or August 26th, the 238th day of the year, when US President Trump =238 will be 26,006 days old. False Flag Terror Attacks =238. Independence Day =238 was declared in America exactly 23 years 8 months after George Washington became a Freemason.

President Donald Trump =235. August 23rd is the 235th day of the year, reminding us of that Hit and Run / Assassination card from the Illuminati Game back in the 90s (a card that is much more relevant in light of recent events). Which brings us back to those first key words again: Predictive Programming =235.

Pig’s Blood =33. Muslim =33. John J Pershing =303. Which is another one to add to the list. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela =303. Adolf Hitler =303. Picasso =303. Saturn =303. Do What Thou Wilt =303. Francisco =33 Franco =33 died at that mind-blowingly perfect age of 30,300 days old.