Operation London Bridge


The very day I wrote the previous post on the secret plan of the death of Queen Elizabeth, news broke of a secret plan to inform the world of the death of Queen Elizabeth — Operation London Bridge. I discovered this synchronicity the following day, and as we’ll see, it fits in perfectly with the target date of 4 April 2017. The coded message “London Bridge is Down” will be used to declare the Queen is Dead, which explains why we’ve seen so much bridge destruction symbolism in movies lately. Before we decipher the Gematria of London Bridge & the upcoming public retirement of the Queen, we’ll begin with a clue we uncovered in a British pop song from the ’80s.

Thanks to a reader suggestion, we found a tasty morsel of 9/11 subliminal programming and Thelema tribute in the song “Sowing the Seeds of Love” by Tears For Fears (the video saturated in occult symbolism). The single released on 21 August 1989 — a beautiful span of 4404 days before 9/11/01. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law =444, the motto of Aleister Crowley’s religion of Thelema. Masonic =444. Lucifer =444. Occult =444. If you Google “Prince Charles King Charles” the featured article from Closer Weekly states that William will be crowned. It was published on 1/6/16, a span of 444 days before our 4/4 target date. London =444. The King =444. 

  • Tears For Fears =606. The Seeds of Love =66. Crowley =606. Sowing Thelema =606. William V =606. King William =66. Charles III =66. Both of those the titles for whomever is crowned the next King =66. Queen Kate =666. Thames =66. Mrs Robinson =66, the name substituted for Queen Elizabeth in news station practices for the reporting of her passing.
  • Tears For Fears =906. The Seeds of Love =960. The British Empire =96. MK-Ultra =96. Satanism =96. True Will =96. Prince William =196. Elizabethan =691. Thelema =169. Illuminati =69. False Flag =69. Nine Eleven =69. Ceremonial Magick =69. River Thames =69. Crowley died 69 years ago and Prince Charles was born 69 years ago. Charles III =69. King William =69. April 4th is 16,090 days after the London Bridge opened to traffic.

Our new target date of 4 April 2017 is 5 months 23 days after Crowley’s birthday & 5 months 23 days after Elizabeth became the longest currently reigning monarch and head of state upon the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. 523, a number we’ve associated with US President Donald Trump =99, is the 99th prime. Do What Thou Wilt =199. King Charles the Third =199. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =99 the birth name of Elizabeth II who became the longest serving monarch of all time on 9/9. Duchess of Cambridge =99. Queen Kate =99. William King of England =99. London Bridge Is Down =99. 

4 April 2017 is also 10,088 days after the release of “Sowing the Seeds of Love”. The Death of the Queen =88. Queen =88. Elizabeth =88. Second Elizabethan Era =88. British Empire =88. London =88. King William V =88 (as William will be known). Camilla Parker-Bowles =88 who was born 88 days before the death of Crowley =88. Trump =88. President Trump =1188. Bavarian Illuminati =188. Synagogue of Satan =1088. King Bhumibol died at age 88.

April Fourth Twenty Seventeen =144 is also 1441 weeks after the coded song released, 141 days after Prince Charles’ birthday, and 4 months 4 days after Crowley’s death anniversary. Crowley was born 141 years ago and Queen Elizabeth I died 414 years ago. The Coronation of King Charles =141. Charles Philip Arthur George =141 born on 11/14 a span of 11 months 14 days after the death of Aleister Crowley =1140. The British Empire =1104. Camilla Duchess of Cornwall =114. My Fair Lady =114. Elizabeth =114. The Queen’s birthday 11 months 14 days before our target date and the film London Has Fallen premiered 1 year 1 month 4 days earlier.

  • Assassin =411. Princess Diana was born 11 months 14 days after Camilla’s 13th birthday and was ritually sacrificed 4 years 11 days before Nine Eleven Two Thousand and One =411. London Bridge Is Falling Down =411. 

The Operation London Bridge story broke on the 44th anniversary of the opening of the London Bridge. Elizabeth II =44. Catherine =44. Buckingham =44. Aleister =44. Edward Alexander Crowley =1440. Prince William =144. Queen Kate =144. QEII =144. Monarchy of the United Kingdom =144. Death of Quen Elizabeth =1144. Charles Philip Arthur George =144 aka Prince Charles =404 (Jewish Gematria). Queen Camilla =404 (Jewish). April 4th is 40 weeks 4 days after Brexit. Secret Plan =404. LONDON BRIDGE IS DOWN =1404 (Jewish).

London Bridge is Down =94. The British Empire =94. William King of England =94. April 4th is the 94th day of 2017 and the sum of the divisors of 94 equal 144

LONDON BRIDGE =311 (Jewish). King William the Fifth =311. The Beast =311. The New World Order =311. The Royal Family of the United Kingdom and the Other Commonwealth Realms =311. USA =311.

  • LONDON BRIDGE =119. King of England =119. Death of Queen Elizabeth II =119. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton =119. Camilla Parker-Bowles =119. Monarchy =119. Divine Rule =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. USA =119.
  • LONDON BRIDGE =65. King of England =65. The Queen is Dead =65. Elizabeth =650. The Seeds of Love =650/65. Do What Thou Wilt =65. All-Seeing Eye =65. Star of David =65.
  • LONDON BRIDGE IS DOWN =205. The Illuminati =205. World Government =205. The Board of Directors =205. Leaders =205. EU =205. Israel =205.

LONDON BRIDGE IS DOWN =62. King Charles =62. We can’t talk about the Queen without again bringing up the 26/62 connections, always adding more evidence to these royal numbers. Queen =26/62. Crown =26/62. She was born in ’26, took the throne on 2/6, and was coronated on 6/2. Royal =26. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. Middleton =262. The British Empire =262. All Heil The King =262 (Jewish). From Elizabeth II surpassing her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria to become the longest reigning British monarch in world history (9/9/15) to our target date is 1 year 6 months 26 days. It’s also 20 weeks 6 days after Trump was elected.

  • The King =126. Monarchy of the United Kingdom =126. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =126. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. The United Kingdom =621.
  • Catherine Elizabeth Middleton =1602. Duchess of Cambridge =162. Prince William Duke of Cambridge =1602. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom =162. Death of Queen Elizabeth II =1162. London Has Fallen =62 the film that featured the death of UK Prime Minister James Wilson =62 and released 396 days before our target.

Charles =396. Charles Philip Arthur George =396. Thames =396. Aleister =369. 


April 4th 2017 is 15 years 5 days after the death of the Queen Mother. Elizabeth =155. King William =1055 (Jewish). Age of Horus =155. Royal =551. The Illuminati =551. 

  • Charles Philip Arthur George =135 was born 350 days after the death of Aleister =35. Magick =35. Thelema =35. Illuminati =35. Bridge =35. Royal Death =35. William =35. An ocean liner named Queen Elizabeth 2 was retired 3050 days before our target date. Elizabeth the Second =305. 

The Guardian article linked above mentions that one of the mock storylines that BBC news teams rehearsed involved the death of Princess Diana in a car crash on the M4… Which sounds a lot like the predictive programming of 9/11 scenarios practiced prior to the event. Princess Diana was born 5099 days after Camilla. Prince William =599, the 109th prime.

  • The Death of Queen Elizabeth =109. Royal Death =109. Diana Spencer =109. Catherine =109 and was born on 1/09. Pope Francis’s birthday 109 days before our target. King Charles the Third =109. 
  • Elizabeth the Second =91. King Charles III =91. Elizabeth II =191. Her Royal Highness =191. House of Windsor =191. Regis =191. Long Live the Queen =191. Ceremonial Magick =191. Society of Jesus =191. Assassination =191. Fourth of April Two Thousand Seventeen =191. 

Speaking of the Society of Jesus, which is the Jesuit Order, Francis – the first openly Jesuit pope – began his papacy 1484 days before our target window. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge =484. That’s also exactly 212 weeks. Pope Francis Bergoglio =212Catherine Elizabeth Middleton =212. Prince Charles of Wales =212. That’s also 4 years 23 days. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother =324. William =324. Duchess of Cambridge =324. William King of England =342. 


Prince Richard & the Royal Sacrifice

Richard, 6th Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, the head of the House of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and husband of Princess Benedikte of Denmark, passed away on 13 March 2017 at the age of 82. He was born on the 303rd day and died on 13/3 exactly 33 weeks before his birthday. I’m documenting it here as continuation of the ongoing Royal Sacrifice theme, which appears to be building up to the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the coronation of King William – or a major political assassination. Decoding the death of Prince Richard has led me to identify a massive upcoming target window: April 4th 2017, which as we’ll see, is crazy coded with the Royal Family, perhaps more than any other date we’ve ever seen.

Richard Sixth Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg =262. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. Middleton =262. Crown =26/62. Queen =26/62 (born in ‘26, took throne on 2/6, coronated on 6/2). God =26. Royal =26. The United Kingdom =621. Monarchy of the United Kingdom =126. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =126. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. Prince Richard =126. Princess Benedikte of Denmark =126. Prince William Duke of Cambridge =1602. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom =162. Death of Queen Elizabeth II =1162. 

  • Prince Richard the Sixth =120 was born on the 120th day & died 10 months 20 days after the Queen’s birthday (and the death of the Artist Formerly Known as Prince). The Royal Family =1020. Long Live The King =1020. Death of a President =1020. The British Royal Family =120. King William =120. Illuminati =120. Royal =12. 

William & Kate were married on Princess Benedikte’s 67th birthday, her birth name Benedikte Astrid Ingeborg Ingrid =167. British Royals =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Human Sacrifice =67. Death of the Queen =607/67. Benedikte’s godmother was Queen Elizabeth’s mother, to fuse the connection. 

Assassination =611. Prince Richard Sixth =116. Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg =116. Berleburg =116. Royals =116. Royalty =116. Britain =116. Illuminati Family =1116. William & Kate =116. Princess Di =116. Kate =116. The Death of Queen Elizabeth =116. Diana & Charles were engaged 11 months 6 days before the birth of Kate Middleton. It’s been 116 years since Queen Victoria died.

  • Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg =314. Richard Casimir Karl August Robert Konstantin =227. British Royals =227. Death of Queen Elizabeth II =227. There’s the Pi sequence matching his birth name with his house. He died the day before Pi Day and the news most broke on 3/14.
  • Prince Richard 6th =91. Prince Richard Sixth =109. Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg =109. Donald Trump =190. President Donald Trump =91. Death of Queen Elizabeth =91. The Prince =91 died 1 month 9 days before the 91st birthday of Elizabeth II =191. Her Royal Highness =191. House of Windsor =191. Regis =191. Long Live the Queen =191. Wittgenstein =191. Queen Sacrificed =191. Assassination =191. Fourth of April Two Thousand Seventeen =191. 

Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg =504 died 5 weeks 4 days before the Queen’s birthday in Berleburg =45/54. William and Kate =54. Royals =540. Royal Family =45. Benedikte =450. Trump the 45th President and our target date on numerology of (4+4+20+17) =45. Monarchy of the United Kingdom =405.

Screenshot (69)

Now for the dissection of our April 4th target date. As we’ve covered abundantly, 44/144 is intimately coded into every single major assassination in history, with no exaggeration (search through the Ex-Cap archives for more information). Forty-Four =144. April Fourth =144. April Fourth Twenty Seventeen =144. QEII =144. Royal Sacrifice =144. Richard the Sixth =1044. Death of Queen Elizabeth =1144. New World Order =1044. Monarchy of the United Kingdom =144. Jesuit Order =144. Prince William =144. The USA =404. Buckingham =44. Elizabeth II =44. It’s been 414 years since Queen Elizabeth I died.

On April 4th 2017, Queen Elizabeth II will have been on the throne for exactly 3400 weeks. Queen of the United Kingdom =340. Prince =34. The USA =34. Murder =34. The Death of Queen Elizabeth II =134. April Fourth Twenty Seventeen =134. Buckingham Palace was forced to deny rumours that the Queen had died, 13 weeks 4 days before 4/4/17.

  • The 34th prime is 139 & Trump was elected 139 days after Brexit. Elite =139. Queen Sacrificed =139. Assassination of Donald Trump =139. Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg =139. Princess Benedikte of Denmark =139. Benedikte =39. The Elite =39. The UK =390. Prince =390. Richard the Sixth =93. Trump Assassinated =93. QEII =93. Fourth of April =930. 
  • Prince George will be 193 weeks old on 4/4 and the 44th prime is 193. Prince Richard died 19 weeks 3 days after his birthday. William Arthur Philip Louis =1993, Prince William’s birth name.

As we see above, that’s also 23,800 days. US President Trump =238. False Flag Terror Attacks =238, which is also a red alert possibility on this date.

The synchronicities get even crazier here. 4/4/17 is exactly 3331 weeks after the Queen’s coronation. 3331 is the 470th prime number. Trump =470. President =47. Richard =47. Obey =47. Authority =47. The Royal Family =47. Catherine =47. Middleton =147. The Queen =147. Fourth of April Twenty Seventeen =147. Death of Trump =147. New World Order =174. The United Kingdom =1074. Benedikte Astrid Ingeborg Ingrid =1704. Catherine Middleton =1074. Richard the Sixth =174/74. United Kingdom =74. The USA =74. House of Windsor =74. The Queen is Dead =74. Princess Charlotte is 704 days old on 4/4.

  • Charlotte is also 1 year 11 months 2 days old on 4/4/17. Four Four Seventeen =112. President Donald Trump =112. Death of President Trump =112. Divinity =112. House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =112. The Head of the Commonwealth =112. Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen By the Grace of God Queen of This Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120. She was married on 11/20 and coronated 1 month 12 days after her birthday. 4/4 is 11 weeks 2 days before Prince William’s birthday.

4/4 is also 1022 weeks 3 days after the death of Princess Diana & 22 weeks 3 days after Prince Richard’s last birthday. Masonic =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. 

  • April Fourth Twenty Seventeen =360 is also exactly 306 weeks after the first state visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Barack Obama. Richard =306. Royals =36. The 306th prime is 2017.

Prince William will be 12,707 days old on 4/4 and 1277 is the 206th prime. Prince Richard 6th =206. Prince Richard Sixth =206. Death of the Queen =206. Sacrifice =206, bringing it full circle back to the Royals. The Death of Queen Elizabeth II =260. 

The Economist 2017 Predictions


The Economist’s 2017 prediction is even more blatantly occult than the past issues, here using a tarot spread to drop clues that the Programmers have planned for the upcoming year. It’s fitting, as tarot cards are known as trumps. The term trump card refers to any sort of action, authority, or policy which automatically prevails over all others – an extremely fitting symbolism with the choreographed persona of President Donald Trump, playing the role of the Problem designed to elicit a Reaction in order to necessitate the pre-planned Solution. In this post I’ll decipher the numerology/symbolism and offer two different readings on the tarot spread.

Planet Trump =696. Royalty =696. Rothschild =696 (the Rothschild family owns The Economist). We’ve seen that 6’s are interchangeable with 9’s so this can also be viewed as 666 coding, representing the Beast System of illusory reality.

Planet Trump =48/156. Six-Six-Six =48/156. As Above So Below =48/156. Planet Trump =208. The 28th prime number is 107 and the numbers of all the tarot cards pictured here sum to 107. Agent Orange =107 (Trump’s nickname). Impeachment =107 (a possible symbolic assassination). Bloodlines =107. Death of a President =170. Long Live The King =170. The Royal Family =170. World War Three =170. Vision Quest =170. The 17 coding synched up with the year.

  • October 7th is the 280th day, in harmony with Planet Trump =208. That’s 333 days after the Election and 114 days after Trump’s birthday. President of the United States =114. Trump Card =114. Assassin =411.
  • The 107th day of 2017 is April 17th. That’s 22 weeks 7 days after the Election, the Pi code of history repeating. The Trump Administration =1722. The 49th prime is 227. Donald J Trump =49.
  • July 10th leaves 174 days (like the 17/4 date) and falls exactly 35 weeks after Trump’s election. The reduced form of each of the tarot cards pictured on the cover sum to 35. July 7th is also 3 weeks 3 days after Trump’s birthday. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for these three dates to come.

The World In Twenty Seventeen =119. Donald =119 (elected on 11/9). All-Seeing Eye =119. Master Plan =119. Tarot Cards =119. Death of the Ego =119. 


Pictured on the cover is what’s known in Tarot as a Storyboard Spread that reads in a clockwise sequential loop. Card 1: The protagonist of the story. Card 2: The protagonist’s side-kick, a special skill, or an external force that helps the sidekick. Card 3: The main antagonist of the story or an external force that works against the protagonist. Cards 4 & 5: An obstacle faced by the protagonist, a problem that needs to be solved, an unforeseen disaster or negative event, or fight between the protagonist and antagonist. Cards 6 & 7: How the protagonist solves the problem. Card 8: The moral of the story, lessons learned and a view toward the future.

So playing the protagonist in this tarot reading is The Tower, the Establishment, with Trump the Monarch as its tool. The antagonist is The World, mind-controlled through entertainment, or the Internet (as extension of collective consciousness). The conflict between The Tower & The World is the truth like a beacon of light in the darkness which gives rise to protest and civil disobedience (the Star meaning much more cryptic, it reminds me of all the celebrity sacrifices set to continue this year). The Tower then solves this problem with more elections, the endless hamster wheel of one puppet after the other & the illusion of choice, and with virtual reality distractions and fantasies. The moral of the story is Death, not the prettiest view for the future.

  • THE TOWER =42. The Royals =42. Freemason =42. Zionism =42. Elitism =42. THE TOWER =322. Military Industrial Complex =322.
  • JUDGMENT =94. Donald J Trump =49. Supremacy =49.
  • THE WORLD =42/105/111/313/630. Internet =42/105/111/313/630.
  • THE HERMIT =47. Worldwide Protests =1470. The President of the United States =147. Major Arcana =147. The Hermit =52/340. Stop TPP =520/304. Truth-Seekers =52.
  • THE STAR =28/91. Celebrity Deaths =208. Celebrity Sacrifice =91. Killing Celebrities =91.
  • WHEEL OF FORTUNE =1038. Donald Trump =138. Election =38.
  • THE MAGICIAN =54/540. Make-Believe =54. Earth is a Hologram =540. Fake News =504.
  • DEATH =118. The Assassination of Donald Trump =118.

The Death card represents Change & Transformation. In the Rider Waite deck, the Death card depicts a dead king, his crown fallen to the ground as a priest prays for redemption. There are also twin towers depicted in the background of the original card, as here we see them destroyed in a mushroom cloud (as was also shown on the Economist 2015 Prediction issue).

Screenshot (45).png

Another way to view this spread symbolically is that The Tower (protagonist) represents the Ego, the destruction of which comes from some sort of event that precipitates a change in the way we view ourselves. The Judgment card with Trump seated atop the world like a monarch, the cartoonish villain representing all our own base ego drives, is a call to let go of the old paradigms and allow ourselves to be reborn. It’s interesting that the original card depicts the angel Gabriel blowing a trumpet to wake up the mentally dead.

The World card is the force working against the ego: harmony, equality & totality. It reminds us that we take part in creating the world in which we live; that we are not victims of the World – we are co-creators. The Hermit card represents the obstacle for the ego and the problem to be solved. The Hermit unplugs from the World to find himself then returns to illuminate the path by spreading awareness. The Hermit represents meditation which is the enemy of ego.

The Tower =27. The Ego =27. Judgment =122. Karma =122. The World =42. Knowledge =42. Manifest =42. The One =402. The Hermit =47. Meditation =47. Rebellion =47.

Screenshot (46).png

The Star card represents the natural intelligence inside each of us, which we reach through the meditative states of the Hermit. It is a card of healing, hope, and love. As this card is shown tilted in the cover spread, perhaps it implies its reversal – false hope or feeling stuck and pessimistic – fitting with the meaning of the obstacle or problem to the ego. It’s interesting that the Moon is depicted on this interpretation of the card, which represents dreams & illusions. The Wheel of Fortune card shows us how the ego solves the problems and overcomes the obstacles as represented by the Hermit & Star – or how we find peace with the contrast between ego & inner wisdom; between fantasy & reality, truth & lies. The Wheel reminds us that life is cyclical and ever-changing, and the only thing we really have control over is our own thoughts.

The Magician card expands on the way in which the ego overcomes the obstacles. He represents creation and the manifestation of will, the virtual reality goggles and 3D printer suggesting that reality is holographic in nature and by recognizing and accepting the illusion, finding the balance between our inner & outer selves, we can co-create the reality of our vision. The Death card represents transformation as the moral to this tarot spread – the journey from ego to enlightenment, as Thelema teaches. It is the death of the old to make way for the new, just as 2016 reduces to 9 and 2017 reduces to 1, the start of a fresh cycle. That which we despise about Trump is a reflection of that which we wish to overcome within ourselves.

The Star =44. Hope =44. Faith =44. Wheel of Fortune =61. God =61. Chi =61. Truth =601. Letting Go =161. The Magician =54. Co-Creators =54. Voice =54. Love =54. Death =64. Change =64. Rebirth =46.

NOTE: Extra-Capsa will finally be making Personal Numerology Readings available within the next couple days, so stay tuned. 

Assassination of Andrei Karlov

Andrei Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, was assassinated at an art gallery in Ankara – with all the makings of a staged hoax. Assassin =411. He died 1104 days into office, end date included. President of the United States =114. President Elect Donald Trump =114. Psychological Operation =114. That’s also 1103 days, the 185th prime number. Donald John Trump =185. Andrei Karlov =85. This may in part predictive programming for the upcoming Trump assassination and in part a ritual sacrifice for the new UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres =113, appointed on 10/13, as the assassin shouted “Do Not Forget Aleppo” =688. United Nations =688. 

  • The assassin also shouted a coded alphanumeric anagram of his name: Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş =205. Do Not Forget Aleppo =205. World Government =205. The Board of Directors =205. Israel =205. 
  • Altıntaş was 22 years old, 22 the 79th prime. Karlov =79. Assassination =79. Karlov became ambassador to North Korea on 7/9. 

His full quote was “Allahu Akabar Do Not Forget Aleppo” =121/292. Blood Sacrifice =121. Presidential Assassination =292. The King is Dead =292. 


Western media is spelling his name Andrey Karlov =146. Ankara Turkey =146. The Apocalypse =146 which means The Unveiling =146. United Kingdom =146. Global Control =146. Prince of Wales =146, Charles another coded target, born on 11/4 like the aforementioned 1104 day span.

  • Anakra =46. Sacrifice =46. The 46th prime is 199. Karlov was ambassador to North Korea for 1990 days. Do What Thou Wilt =199.

Karlov was born 2790 days after Trump. Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything =279. That’s the definition of 42 in the highly coded Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Now watch this primo trick: The 279th prime number is 1801 and the 42nd prime is 181. In the book, the 42 answer was calculated by an enormous supercomputer over 7.5 million years. Unfortunately, no one knows what the question was. Thus to calculate the Ultimate Question, a special computer the size of a small planet was built from organic components and named “Earth”. Truth hidden in plain sight.


DON’T PANIC =42/96/576/307. FREEMASON =42/96/576/307. 

With the S-exceptions, Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything =324. Love =324. Health =324. Dear Friends =324. The meaning encoded within the Gematria as per usual. Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything =720. The Truth =720. Only Love =720. True Will =720. Question =720. Is This Real =720. Discovery =720. Understand =720. Mind Power =702. Free-Thinking =72. World =72. 

Donald Trump & Pink Floyd – The Wall

PINK FLOYD =49. DONALD J TRUMP =49. The 49th prime is 227 and Trump was elected 2 months 27 days after the anniversary of the Berlin Wall being built (which began construction 2 months 27 days before JFK was elected) and Trump’s tombstone appeared in Central Park 227 days before his election. 22/7 the Pi factor like Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. JFK died in car #227 a span of 3 years 14 days after his election. The Berlin Wall stood for a total of 10,314 days. Bank of Manhattan Building =1314. Forty Wall Street =1314. Trump Assassinated =1314. 

The Wall =27. JFK =27. Masons =27. As you may have heard elsewhere, Trump was elected on the 27th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall (the actual deconstruction began weeks later but 11/9 was the date it was announced and the date that is remembered). Of course one of Trump’s most audacious campaign pledges was to build a wall between USA & Mexico, and the Trump Building in NYC (previously known as the Bank of Manhattan Building) is located at the aforementioned 40 Wall Street address.

On 20 May 1946, a twin-engined airplane crashed into the 58th-floor of this building that would later be owned by Trump =25. Brick =25. It happened on 20/5 a span of 25 days before Trump was born and his Trump Tower HQ, a few blocks away, is 58-stories tall (though the top floor is numbered 68 like Donald John Trump =68, born on the night of a Total Lunar Eclipse =68).

  • Freemasonry =58 and Trump won the 58th election. Masonic =223 and that 1946 plane crash happened 20,203 days before 9/11/01.
  • Trump Tower opened on 11/30 of ’83. The Wall released on 11/30 of ’79. President-Elect Donald Trump =113. Pence =113. And 1130 days is 3 years 1 month 4 days, tying ‘er back to the intro Pi sequence of history repeating.

11/30 is the 334th day of the year. See You On The Dark Side of the Moon =334. US+Them =433 (name of Pink Floyd’s upcoming 2017 tour). We Don’t Need No Thought Control =334/127. Building a Wall =127, the 31st prime. 11/30 leaves 31 days in the year. What don’t we need? No Thought Control =81. Wall Street =810. The Wall =81. The Establishment =81. President Trump =81. All alphanumeric and symbolic opposites of Freedom =180. 


All that’s pretty wild as it is, but the coding get crazier: The Wall released 9 years 11 months 11 days before the fall of the Berlin Wall on 11/9 (its border length between East & West Germany a convenient 111.9 km). Pink =119/50. Donald =119/50 elected on 11/9.

  • 9/11 is the 254th day. Trump Administration =254. He was elected when he was Seventy Years Old =1254. Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon =1254 (JG) & 156. 
  • 911 is the 156th prime. Berlin =156. Kings =156. False Flag =156. Ich Bin Ein Berliner =156. That’s JFK’s infamous linguistic blunder where he said “I am a Jelly Donut.”
  • Jelly Donut =138. Construction of the Berlin Wall began on 13/8 and JFK died 831 days later. The anniversary of its collapse saw the election of Donald Trump =138

The President of the United States =138The Wall came out when Trump was 33 years old, and released exactly 13,800 days before 9/11/17. Vice-President Mike Pence =1380. We Don’t Need No Education =1380. We Don’t Need No President Trump =138. President Donald Trump Murdered =138. The American Dream =138. The Donald =38/83. Election =38/83. Trump-Pence =183. Forty-Fifth President Donald Trump =381. 

That’s also exactly 519 weeks from The Wall to the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Cleveland Ohio =915, where the Republican National Convention was held this year, 33 days after the Cavaliers won the NBA Finals =33. Cleveland =33. Teacher =33. Berlin =33. 

Another Brick in the Wall =102/228. United States of America =102/228. Rothschild Zionist =102/228. Ich Bin Ein Berliner =102. I Am a Jelly-Filled Doughnut =102, as other translations have it – in perfect synch between languages. The Dark Side of the Moon released exactly 2280 weeks before Trump was elected – and he was born on the night of a total lunar eclipse.

  • There are 120 bricks on the album cover and it released on numerology of (11+30+79) =120. Illuminati =120. The British Royal Family =120. The Royal Family =1020. Long Live The King =1020. Death of a President =1020. Israel-Gaza Barrier =1020. 
  • Illuminati =48. Windsor =48. DONALD TRUMP =48. WALL =48. FLOYD =480. DRUMPFT =480 (the original German spelling of the surname Trump).

The Berlin Wall was officially the Anti-Fascist Protective Wall =302, and appropriately there were 302 watch towers along its length. Central Bank =302. America =32. US + Them =23. Donald =23. Total Lunar Eclipse =203. We Don’t Need No Education =230. 

  • President of the United States =114 John Fitzgerald ‘Jack’ Kennedy =114 gave his Jelly Donut speech 1 year 10 months 14 days after the Berlin Wall began construction and he was shot from Four Eleven Elm Street =114. Trump Card =114. President Elect Donald J Trump =114 was born 411 days after Hitler supposedly died. Assassin =411.

The Wall released on numerology of (11+30+19+79) =139. You’re Just Another Brick In The Wall =139. Freemasonry =139. The Donald Trump Administration =139. Trump was elected 139 days after Brexit. President Donald J Trump Murdered =139. Assassination of Donald Trump =139. 

How’s this, Trump tweeted that The Wall is his favorite album on the 135th day of the year. Death By Assassination =1350. No Thought Control =1350. Wall Street =135. 

Fun Fact about Pink Floyd is that members Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, and David Gilmour were all born on the 6th day of ther respective months. 6x6x6 =216. The actual deconstruction of the Wall began 216 days after its announcement on 11/9. Also, the only member to be featured on every single one of their albums was drummer Nick MASON =62. FLOYD =62. Powers That Be =62. Dead Presidents =62. The 62nd prime is 293. Target =293. President-Elect Donald Trump =293.


Bart to the Future: More Clinton-Simpson Predictive Program


Stronger =44. Together =44. Hope =44, Obama’s main buzzword for his role as 44th President. Faith =44. Lie =44. Secrets =44. The 44th prime is 193. Hillary for America =193. President Hillary Clinton =1193. American Israel Public Affairs Committee =1193. The Simpsons episode with President Lisa as the first female president following a disastrous Trump presidency aired on 19/3. Brain-Vision News =193, the laser-gun to the head downloaded newscast that shows the Simpson presidency.

Another clutch catch from Dan @ Mindless Freaks, that Simpsons episode “Bart to the Future” featured a scene where the Simpsons visit an Indian Casino =112. Indians lost the 112th World Series on 11/2, after all the heavy predictive programming of the Cubs win in Back to the Future. And curiously, the 10/27 date previously decoded with regards to the Native American theme and the Standing Rock Protests was 6066 days after Bart to the Future… There’s also a magician in the episode called The Great Gabbo =666. Illusion =666. Caesar’s =66. World Series =66. Cubs World Series =66.

  • Caesar’s Powow =55. Chicago Cubs =55.
  • Carrot Scalp =126. Secretary Clinton =1206/1026, born on 10/26. The historic Chicago World Series long programmed and rigged to be the pre-game show for the long programmed and rigged election of the first female American president.

There’s a scene where lottery numbers are given: 4-4-6. Bart says he was close, 3-2-7. As Dan cracked, those digits summed (446+327) =773, the Chicago Cubs area code and the 137th prime. Bart to the Future =1037. Royal Family =137, the 33rd prime. Simpson =33. Clinton =33.

  • And with that 4-4-6 secret code: Four Four Six =73. Hillary Clinton =73. 
  • It was Season 11 Episode 17. President Hillary =1170. The Commissioner’s Trophy =117, as the Cubs won, Hillary born in Chicago.

The always cryptic chalkboard scene in this episode read: “Non-Flammable” Is Not a Challenge =118. The election on 11/8. The quotation marks urge us to break it down further: Non-Flammable =45/108. Cubs =45 ended their 108-year drought. Is Not a Challenge =73/870. Hillary Clinton =73. Clinton =87. Brain-Vision =87. Stronger Together =807. God Bless Native America =87, as Homer says when they enter the Indian Casino.

And right after a scene where we’re shown a championship ring we see the Indian Casino sign where the Indian pops out, looking almost exactly like the Cleveland logo. Bart hides in The Great Gabbo’s ventriloquist trunk and when he falls out of it onstage, Gabbo cries, “You’ve become a real boy!” Which is pretty much an homage to The Indian in the Cupboard, previously deciphered. Yes, just more and more evidence of numerological predictive programming in TV/film for upcoming real world events.

Check out a couple of my previous posts on the subject of this show deep coded with future outcomes: The Simpsons Foreshadow Hillary White House and Simpsons Predictive Program the Presidency: Part Deux.

The Indian in the Cupboard / Parks & Recreation (Royal Sacrifices Continue)


The Indian in the Cupboard =112. The Indians lost the 112th World Series on 11/2. The movie premiered in 1995, the year the Indians lost to the Braves, 1110 weeks 4 days before the 2016 World Series began and 1111 weeks 4 days before the Indians lost in the Cubs’ 114th win of the season in their 114th year of being called the Cubs, Theo Epstein’s 411th game since joining Chicago, in the time of the 114th US Congress. The 114th episode of Parks & Recreation predictive programmed a Cubs World Series in 2016. Major League Baseball =114. Chicago Cubs Championship =114. And the frickin Indian in the Cupboard is named LITTLE BEAR…

  • On 11/4 we saw the death of Eddie Carnett, the baseball player connected to both Indians & Cubs, as previously documented. Also on this day was the death of Allen Eller, a pro soccer player from Cleveland who played for the Cleveland Freeze, born on 11/12 (December 11). His wiki even points out that he signed with Ohio Vortex on 11/12 (November 12) further emphasizing the prevailing code.
  • Eller was exactly 2082 weeks old when he died. President Hillary Clinton =282. Britannia =282. Time =282. Obey =282. Rex =282. Diana & Charles divorced on 8/28. Allen Eller =216 died 2016 days after William & Kate’s marriage. Succession to the British Throne =2160. 

Allen Eller =42/96. Freemason =42/96. Satanism =42/96. Svatos =24/96 (see below). British Royal Family =96. The ranging degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry sum (31+32+33) =96. Orange =33 and Eller wore #33. Svatos =33.

And with regards to the Royal connection to the 112 code in effect: before renaming as the Windsors, the Royal Family was known as House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =112. Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen By the Grace of God Queen of This Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120, the Queen’s full title matching her wedding date of 11/20 and her father King George VI began his reign on 11/12 (December 12, Eller’s birthday). The Imperial House of Japan was established on 2/11 and the current Emperor ascended the throne on 11/12. Zionist =112. Divinity =112. Planetary =112. Mason =211. World Government =2111.

  • Lest we forget the Royals won the 111th World Series on 11/1 in New York =111 in a game seven that saw Mets’ #33 throw 111 pitches. The British Royal Family =111. Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =1110. Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is on the 111th day, the anti-date to 9/11 (which leaves 111) and Princess Diana was born with 111 numerology. Pawnee =1011 (see below).

Pawnee Indiana =116. Twenty Sixteen World Series =116. This 11/11/16 will be 2023 days after William & Kate’s Royal Wedding. Kate =116. Royalty =116. Princeseason Di =116 of Wales =1016. The London Bombings came 10 years 11 months 6 days (1116) before the Orlando Shooting =1116 and the Pulse patsy Omar Mateen was born 11/16.

5 November 2016 saw the death of former NHL player Marek Svatoš at age 34, the total score of Super Bowl 50 won by the team from Colorado and Svatoš played for the Colorado Avalanche. Marek Svatos =144, the Assassination code. He died 4 months 20 days after his birthday. Avalanche =402. And I love how he was the 227th draft pick, the Pi code.

  • Svatos =51/1031 and he died 13 weeks 1 day before Super Bowl 51. Championship =131. Super Bowl =131. The 32nd prime is 131 and he died exactly 32 weeks before his birthday.

The 2015 episode of Parks & Recreation that predicted a 2016 World Series win for the Cubs aired on 13/1, a span of 660 days before the last day of the World Series =66. Cubs World Series =66. It was Season 7 Episode 2. The World Series =72. Cubs =270  


The setting of the show is the fictional town of Pawnee Indiana (the Pawnee a Native American tribe) and none other than Bill Murray had a stint playing the mayor; Murray also playing a role in this occult megaritual known as the World Series. Pawnee is said to be 90 miles from Indianapolis, another connection to the Colts – whose logo is essentially a sideways Cubs logo.

  • The episode was titled Ron & Jammy =109/37. Cubs Win =91/37. Chicago Cubs =91. Game Seven was the most watched World Series game since the Twins beat the Braves in ’91. 

Pawnee Indiana =1115. The Royals won the last World Series on 11/1/5. Indians Cubs =115. Doc asks Marty to meet him at Twin Pines Mall at 1:15 AM and he travels back to 11/5 in 1955. The series finale was 101 weeks 5 days before Super Bowl 51, or 1 year 11 months 12 days… Andrew Luck =112. Houston =112.


Another shoutout to Dan @ Mindless Freaks for tipping us off to these two more juicy examples of predictive programming. 

The Ranch: Super Bowl Programming

The Ranch =41. It premiered on 4/1 with 41 numerology (4+1+20+16), a span of 10 months 4 days before the Super Bowl =41. Ashton Kutcher =41 plays a former semi-pro football player from Colorado named Colt =14. The 41st prime number is 179. Colt and Rooster =179, the two brothers in the show like Peyton and Eli =140. Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =140.

Colt =50. Super Bowl =50. And Super Bowl 50 was won by the former Colt from Colorado – on Ashton Kutcher’s 38th birthday – the Broncos going 3-for-8 in Super Bowls on the 38th day of the year. Rooster =38. Colorado =38Peyton =32. Ashton =32. Kutcher =32. Christopher Ashton Kutcher =302. NFL =32. [The 32nd prime is 131. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131.]

  • Ranch =132. The Bennetts =132. Iron River Ranch =1032, the specific name, all emphasizing this particular alphanumeric sequence. National Football League =1320. New York Giants Super Bowl =132. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =132. Super Bowl Fifty-One =231. 
  • The Ranch =77. Netflix The Ranch =77. Colts Super Bowl LI =77. 
  • The opening sequence is filmed in Ouray Colorado, matching the family’s surname: Bennett =26/80. Ouray =26/80. Super Bowl Sunday =62/80. 

This show appears to be fractally forecasting a Colts-Giants Super Bowl, a rematch of the so-called Greatest Game Ever Played – the 1958 NFL Championship Game (before they began calling it the Super Bowl for the 66/67 season).

The show’s tag line: “They’re a Different Breed of Family” =155. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl LI =155. Royal =551. The Illuminati =551.

The show is set in Garrison Colorado =1104. Princess Diana died exactly 1014 weeks before Super Bowl LI and you can’t spell InDIANApolis without Diana. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =114. Rooster Bennett =1140. That’s Colt’s brother who’s lived in his shadow, much like Eli and Peyton. The Greatest Game Ever Played =114. New York Giants Super Bowl =114. Chicgao Cubs Championship =114 and a World Series championship win tonight will be their 114th of the season (and 411th since Epstein joined the squad). 

  • Rooster is played by Daniel Peter Masterson =233. Luck =233. Houston Texas =233, the 51st prime. Colts Giants =510. Masterson & Kutcher celebrate their birthdays 5 weeks 1 day apart, or 36 days. Super Bowl 51 is on the 36th day of the year, 36 days before Masterson’s 41st birthday, to tie him back into the lead run. Sam Elliott =36, the Bennett father.

The second batch of episodes aired exactly 29 weeks after the first. LI =29. Two Five Seventeen =209. It’s exactly 209 weeks between this American election and the last. With the end date that’s 29 weeks 1 day. Colts Giants Super Bowl LI =291. Daniel Peter Danny Masterson =291. Andrew Austen Luck =192. Indianapolis Colts =192. Danny Masterson =1092. 

Brickleberry Foreshadows Rob Ford’s Death (And More)

Season 3 Episode 9 of the adult cartoon Brickleberry features a parody of Rob Ford, the late crack-smoking mayor of Toronto, who’s depicted dying from an overdose before being brought back to life via giant needle to the heart, a la Pulp Fiction. The episode is extremely coded to foreshadow his 3/22/16 death – which came 1 year 3 months 22 days after his last day as mayor.

The episode is called High Stakes =71 and it aired exactly 71 weeks before the death of Mayor Ford =701. High Stakes =107. Robert Bruce Ford =170. Kill =17. Toronto Mayor Ford =1171 and he was 17,100 days old when he died. Rob Ford Mayor of Toronto =117. Toronto =117. Crack Smoker =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117. That’s 71 weeks 1 day to his death.


  • High Stakes =44. Cancer =44. Kill =44. Rob B Ford =44. Cancer did Kill Rob B Ford, or so we’re told. That’s the world’s easiest excuse for blood sacrifice or death hoax.
  • The episode aired on 11/11/14 and Ford’s political career began on 11/14. CIA Assassin =114. Assassin =411. Ford died one year 4 months 11 days after the episode.
  • Ford =25. His last day as mayor was 2 weeks 5 days after the episode.

Fun Fact: Rob Ford was succeeded as Toronto Mayor by John Tory, a man with the same May 28th birthday as Rob Ford! May Twenty-Eight =1170. Toronto =117. Royal Canadian Mounted Police =117. Twenty-Eighth of May =89. Toronto Ontario Canada =89.

These spooky synchs make one wonder about Season 3 Episode 11, featuring the death of a corrupt Pope Francis who is killed by Satan… The episode is called “Cops and Bottoms” =59. Pope Francis =59. Kill =59. It’s already been 59 weeks since the episode, keeping with the proven Ford formula of title matching duration, so what else can we find?

  • Cops and Bottoms =670 (in Jewish). 670 days after the episode is 29 Jan ’17. That’s numerology of (29+1+20+17) =67 matching the numerology of Francis’s visit to America. Blood Sacrifice =67. The 67th prime is 331 and the episode aired 3/31.
  • That’s 202 weeks 5 days after the episode. Death By Assassination =225. Priest =522. 

Pope Francis =122. The date of {1/22/17} is 1411 days into his papacy (Assassin =411) or 3 years 10 months 10 days. Cops and Bottoms is S3 E11. The Beast =311. Francis became Pope on 3/13 and the the episode aired 31/3. Cross =313. The Father =313. Six Hundred Threescore And Six =313. Pope Francis I =131. Assassinated =131. 

  • 1/22 is 1 year 9 months 23 days after the episode aired and 329 days before the Pope’s birthday. Pope Francis visited the White House on 9/23 at 9:23 AM. That’s the 266th day and he’s the 266th Pope.
  • That’s also 663 days from the episode to 1/22/17. Church =366. Roman =366. Psalm =366. Miracle =366. Sins =366. That’s a lot of thematic synchs right there.

And in the active form: Vatican City =1366. Brickleberry Cops and Bottoms =1366. <— A perfect match with the show name + episode title. That’s crazy. January 22nd is the AFC Championship Game, a date we’ve seen encoded into other TV programming (such as the Simpsons in Boston episode with the A22 ticket), so perhaps there is more to that date…

As I was writing this piece, a reader commented that The Omen (1976) came out 40 years 4 months 14 days before the 2016 Election. Lucifer =444. Mark of the Beast =144. It’s also 2106 weeks (and change). 6x6x6 =216 and the movie is about the birth of the Antichrist. Well, Brickleberry has an Antichrist episode of their own – and it synchs up even better with the election.

The episode is titled “A-Park-a-Lypse =728. Zionism =728. Illuminati Bloodlines =728. A-Park-a-Lypse =44 and Hillary will be the 44th person elected president. The 44th day of the year is Lupercalia =44, the Roman festival of death, on 2/13.

  • This is Season 2 Episode 13, like American President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =213. Next US President =213. Demonic Possession =213. It aired 2 years 11 months 13 days before the Election.
  • That’s exactly 154 weeks. The Antichrist =154. How about that.

2016-10-20 (3).png

Andrew Luck Ads Deciphered

You Don’t Need Luck When You Have Confidence =414. Colts =414. Texas =414. February Fifth Two Thousand Seventeen =414. Germanotta =414 (surname of Lady Gaga the half-time show). Andrew Luck is trying to help people’s financial profiles, the subtext maybe being place your bets on a Colts Super Bowl. [Watch the ad here].

  • Employee’s name (shown on his spreadsheet) is Ryan Maloney =53. Super Bowl LI =53. Maloney =31. Houston =31. Super Bowl =131. QB Andrew Luck =131. 
  • “Need a Little Luck?” =55. TD Ameritrade =55. Chuck Pagano =55.
  • TD =24. Colts =24. SB on 24 numerology (2+5+17) and Colts are currently 2-4, primed for epic comeback starts right here.

The employee and the fan mirror the same script: “You Don’t Work On This Floor” =116. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl =116. Fifty-First Super Bowl =116. You Don’t Work On This Floor =332. Houston Texas =233. Luck =233, the 51st prime for SB 51.

Peyton Manning’s commercials for Nationwide last year set the precedence with proof positive that these ads indeed feature predictive programming. “Epic Comeback Starts Right Here,” Peyton sang, before whiffing on a ping pong shot. Shortly after that commercial released he returned from injury and led the Broncos to a Super Bowl 50 victory – although he was largely ineffective in a game the defense won. And there he is post-game making the Masonic sign of silence.

  • Nationwide Insurance =92. Broncos Win Super Bowl =92. 
  • Nationwide =114. Super Bowl Fifty Champion =114. 
  • Epic Comeback =86. Broncos =86. Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara =86. Denver =50. Epic Comeback =50. The 50th prime is 229. Super Bowl Champions =229. 

Nationwide Is On Your Side =1722. February Seventh =1722. Broncos Super Bowl =1722.

As we were documenting last season in the lead-up to the Super Bowl, the Broncos were heavily coded into predictive programming. (Click this link to view all the posts Ex-C did on it.) And this year it appears the white horse continues to gallop. Check out my man Jeremy’s excellent detective work at Fields of White, where he runs some semiotic analysis on a couple other Luck commercials.

2016-10-19 (2).png

In this DirecTV Hide & Seek commercial, Luck says, “Where are you Mr Jaffer?” =104. That’s code for: “Where are you Super Bowl” =104. Jim Irsay =104, Colts owner. And is that not a lucky horseshoe over his head? The lore behind horseshoes dictates that open-side-up (like the Colts logo) is for collecting luck, while open-side-down, is for pouring luck out to be received. ANDREW LUCK =112. HORSESHOE =112. HOUSTON =112.