President Park Impeached

Park Geun-Hye, the 11th President of South Korea & first woman elected as head of state in East Asia, has been forced out of office after an impeachment proposal was upheld – by the numbers as always. President Park Geun-hye =1209 was suspended on 12/9 due to a sprawling corruption scandal (replaced by Hwang =29 Kyo-Ahn =29) and booted 92 days later (19 weeks 2 days after Hillary’s birthday) on March Tenth Twenty Seventeen =291. Impeachment =291. Trump Impeached =912. Which this story may very well be foreshadowing.

  • That’s 37 days after her birthday. Impeach =37. March Tenth Twenty Seventeen =137. South Korea =137, the 33rd prime. That’s also 3 months 3 days before Trump’s birthday, exactly 33 weeks before Hillary’s birthday, & 330 days before Park’s birthday. Impeach =330. Park was born on the 33rd day of the year leaving 333 days. South Korea =133. Impeachment =133. She was replaced by President Hwang Kyo-Ahn =303. 
  • Thirty-Three =156. President Park =156 was born 1560 days after the birth of Hillary Clinton & Trump was elected 15 years 60 days after 9/11/01 (the 156th prime is 911).

Park was born exactly 223 weeks after Hillary. Manifestation of Will =233Masonic =223, the 49th prime. Park Geun-Hye =49. South Korean =49. Donald J Trump =49. Park ousted 49 days after Trump took office & 90 weeks 4 days after Trump’s campaign started. And remember from my earlier post on Park, her father & mother were both assassinated in seperate events, her father on Hillary’s 32nd birthday.


Hwang =26 was born with 260 days remaining. Park =26 was born 2060 days after the birth of Trump. Her father became President 26 days after the assassination of JFK & was himself assassinated 2 weeks 6 days after celebrating his final birthday.

  • Hwang =19. Park =19. They were born a clean 1900 days apart, Park impeached 1 month 9 days after her birthday. Her father President Chung-Hee was killed 19 days before his birthday & JFK was killed 190 days before his birthday. South Korean Presdent Park Geun-Hye =190. Impeachment =190. Donald Trump =190. Trump Pence Make America Great Again =1009. 

She was in office for a total of 1474 days, officially impeached exactly 47 weeks before her birthday. President =47. Trump =47/470. Kyo-Ahn =74. 

Park was replaced by the 44th Prime Minister, Hwang Kyo-ahn =44. Kyo-ahn =444. Trump the 44th President and the 44th prime is 193. Park was elected 193 weeks before Trump was elected. Trump Pence =391Propaganda =93. Trump’s campaign began 90 weeks 3 days before Park’s last day in office. President Donald J Trump =309.

The Economist 2017 Predictions


The Economist’s 2017 prediction is even more blatantly occult than the past issues, here using a tarot spread to drop clues that the Programmers have planned for the upcoming year. It’s fitting, as tarot cards are known as trumps. The term trump card refers to any sort of action, authority, or policy which automatically prevails over all others – an extremely fitting symbolism with the choreographed persona of President Donald Trump, playing the role of the Problem designed to elicit a Reaction in order to necessitate the pre-planned Solution. In this post I’ll decipher the numerology/symbolism and offer two different readings on the tarot spread.

Planet Trump =696. Royalty =696. Rothschild =696 (the Rothschild family owns The Economist). We’ve seen that 6’s are interchangeable with 9’s so this can also be viewed as 666 coding, representing the Beast System of illusory reality.

Planet Trump =48/156. Six-Six-Six =48/156. As Above So Below =48/156. Planet Trump =208. The 28th prime number is 107 and the numbers of all the tarot cards pictured here sum to 107. Agent Orange =107 (Trump’s nickname). Impeachment =107 (a possible symbolic assassination). Bloodlines =107. Death of a President =170. Long Live The King =170. The Royal Family =170. World War Three =170. Vision Quest =170. The 17 coding synched up with the year.

  • October 7th is the 280th day, in harmony with Planet Trump =208. That’s 333 days after the Election and 114 days after Trump’s birthday. President of the United States =114. Trump Card =114. Assassin =411.
  • The 107th day of 2017 is April 17th. That’s 22 weeks 7 days after the Election, the Pi code of history repeating. The Trump Administration =1722. The 49th prime is 227. Donald J Trump =49.
  • July 10th leaves 174 days (like the 17/4 date) and falls exactly 35 weeks after Trump’s election. The reduced form of each of the tarot cards pictured on the cover sum to 35. July 7th is also 3 weeks 3 days after Trump’s birthday. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for these three dates to come.

The World In Twenty Seventeen =119. Donald =119 (elected on 11/9). All-Seeing Eye =119. Master Plan =119. Tarot Cards =119. Death of the Ego =119. 


Pictured on the cover is what’s known in Tarot as a Storyboard Spread that reads in a clockwise sequential loop. Card 1: The protagonist of the story. Card 2: The protagonist’s side-kick, a special skill, or an external force that helps the sidekick. Card 3: The main antagonist of the story or an external force that works against the protagonist. Cards 4 & 5: An obstacle faced by the protagonist, a problem that needs to be solved, an unforeseen disaster or negative event, or fight between the protagonist and antagonist. Cards 6 & 7: How the protagonist solves the problem. Card 8: The moral of the story, lessons learned and a view toward the future.

So playing the protagonist in this tarot reading is The Tower, the Establishment, with Trump the Monarch as its tool. The antagonist is The World, mind-controlled through entertainment, or the Internet (as extension of collective consciousness). The conflict between The Tower & The World is the truth like a beacon of light in the darkness which gives rise to protest and civil disobedience (the Star meaning much more cryptic, it reminds me of all the celebrity sacrifices set to continue this year). The Tower then solves this problem with more elections, the endless hamster wheel of one puppet after the other & the illusion of choice, and with virtual reality distractions and fantasies. The moral of the story is Death, not the prettiest view for the future.

  • THE TOWER =42. The Royals =42. Freemason =42. Zionism =42. Elitism =42. THE TOWER =322. Military Industrial Complex =322.
  • JUDGMENT =94. Donald J Trump =49. Supremacy =49.
  • THE WORLD =42/105/111/313/630. Internet =42/105/111/313/630.
  • THE HERMIT =47. Worldwide Protests =1470. The President of the United States =147. Major Arcana =147. The Hermit =52/340. Stop TPP =520/304. Truth-Seekers =52.
  • THE STAR =28/91. Celebrity Deaths =208. Celebrity Sacrifice =91. Killing Celebrities =91.
  • WHEEL OF FORTUNE =1038. Donald Trump =138. Election =38.
  • THE MAGICIAN =54/540. Make-Believe =54. Earth is a Hologram =540. Fake News =504.
  • DEATH =118. The Assassination of Donald Trump =118.

The Death card represents Change & Transformation. In the Rider Waite deck, the Death card depicts a dead king, his crown fallen to the ground as a priest prays for redemption. There are also twin towers depicted in the background of the original card, as here we see them destroyed in a mushroom cloud (as was also shown on the Economist 2015 Prediction issue).

Screenshot (45).png

Another way to view this spread symbolically is that The Tower (protagonist) represents the Ego, the destruction of which comes from some sort of event that precipitates a change in the way we view ourselves. The Judgment card with Trump seated atop the world like a monarch, the cartoonish villain representing all our own base ego drives, is a call to let go of the old paradigms and allow ourselves to be reborn. It’s interesting that the original card depicts the angel Gabriel blowing a trumpet to wake up the mentally dead.

The World card is the force working against the ego: harmony, equality & totality. It reminds us that we take part in creating the world in which we live; that we are not victims of the World – we are co-creators. The Hermit card represents the obstacle for the ego and the problem to be solved. The Hermit unplugs from the World to find himself then returns to illuminate the path by spreading awareness. The Hermit represents meditation which is the enemy of ego.

The Tower =27. The Ego =27. Judgment =122. Karma =122. The World =42. Knowledge =42. Manifest =42. The One =402. The Hermit =47. Meditation =47. Rebellion =47.

Screenshot (46).png

The Star card represents the natural intelligence inside each of us, which we reach through the meditative states of the Hermit. It is a card of healing, hope, and love. As this card is shown tilted in the cover spread, perhaps it implies its reversal – false hope or feeling stuck and pessimistic – fitting with the meaning of the obstacle or problem to the ego. It’s interesting that the Moon is depicted on this interpretation of the card, which represents dreams & illusions. The Wheel of Fortune card shows us how the ego solves the problems and overcomes the obstacles as represented by the Hermit & Star – or how we find peace with the contrast between ego & inner wisdom; between fantasy & reality, truth & lies. The Wheel reminds us that life is cyclical and ever-changing, and the only thing we really have control over is our own thoughts.

The Magician card expands on the way in which the ego overcomes the obstacles. He represents creation and the manifestation of will, the virtual reality goggles and 3D printer suggesting that reality is holographic in nature and by recognizing and accepting the illusion, finding the balance between our inner & outer selves, we can co-create the reality of our vision. The Death card represents transformation as the moral to this tarot spread – the journey from ego to enlightenment, as Thelema teaches. It is the death of the old to make way for the new, just as 2016 reduces to 9 and 2017 reduces to 1, the start of a fresh cycle. That which we despise about Trump is a reflection of that which we wish to overcome within ourselves.

The Star =44. Hope =44. Faith =44. Wheel of Fortune =61. God =61. Chi =61. Truth =601. Letting Go =161. The Magician =54. Co-Creators =54. Voice =54. Love =54. Death =64. Change =64. Rebirth =46.

NOTE: Extra-Capsa will finally be making Personal Numerology Readings available within the next couple days, so stay tuned. 

Donald Trump & Pink Floyd – The Wall

PINK FLOYD =49. DONALD J TRUMP =49. The 49th prime is 227 and Trump was elected 2 months 27 days after the anniversary of the Berlin Wall being built (which began construction 2 months 27 days before JFK was elected) and Trump’s tombstone appeared in Central Park 227 days before his election. 22/7 the Pi factor like Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. JFK died in car #227 a span of 3 years 14 days after his election. The Berlin Wall stood for a total of 10,314 days. Bank of Manhattan Building =1314. Forty Wall Street =1314. Trump Assassinated =1314. 

The Wall =27. JFK =27. Masons =27. As you may have heard elsewhere, Trump was elected on the 27th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall (the actual deconstruction began weeks later but 11/9 was the date it was announced and the date that is remembered). Of course one of Trump’s most audacious campaign pledges was to build a wall between USA & Mexico, and the Trump Building in NYC (previously known as the Bank of Manhattan Building) is located at the aforementioned 40 Wall Street address.

On 20 May 1946, a twin-engined airplane crashed into the 58th-floor of this building that would later be owned by Trump =25. Brick =25. It happened on 20/5 a span of 25 days before Trump was born and his Trump Tower HQ, a few blocks away, is 58-stories tall (though the top floor is numbered 68 like Donald John Trump =68, born on the night of a Total Lunar Eclipse =68).

  • Freemasonry =58 and Trump won the 58th election. Masonic =223 and that 1946 plane crash happened 20,203 days before 9/11/01.
  • Trump Tower opened on 11/30 of ’83. The Wall released on 11/30 of ’79. President-Elect Donald Trump =113. Pence =113. And 1130 days is 3 years 1 month 4 days, tying ‘er back to the intro Pi sequence of history repeating.

11/30 is the 334th day of the year. See You On The Dark Side of the Moon =334. US+Them =433 (name of Pink Floyd’s upcoming 2017 tour). We Don’t Need No Thought Control =334/127. Building a Wall =127, the 31st prime. 11/30 leaves 31 days in the year. What don’t we need? No Thought Control =81. Wall Street =810. The Wall =81. The Establishment =81. President Trump =81. All alphanumeric and symbolic opposites of Freedom =180. 


All that’s pretty wild as it is, but the coding get crazier: The Wall released 9 years 11 months 11 days before the fall of the Berlin Wall on 11/9 (its border length between East & West Germany a convenient 111.9 km). Pink =119/50. Donald =119/50 elected on 11/9.

  • 9/11 is the 254th day. Trump Administration =254. He was elected when he was Seventy Years Old =1254. Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon =1254 (JG) & 156. 
  • 911 is the 156th prime. Berlin =156. Kings =156. False Flag =156. Ich Bin Ein Berliner =156. That’s JFK’s infamous linguistic blunder where he said “I am a Jelly Donut.”
  • Jelly Donut =138. Construction of the Berlin Wall began on 13/8 and JFK died 831 days later. The anniversary of its collapse saw the election of Donald Trump =138

The President of the United States =138The Wall came out when Trump was 33 years old, and released exactly 13,800 days before 9/11/17. Vice-President Mike Pence =1380. We Don’t Need No Education =1380. We Don’t Need No President Trump =138. President Donald Trump Murdered =138. The American Dream =138. The Donald =38/83. Election =38/83. Trump-Pence =183. Forty-Fifth President Donald Trump =381. 

That’s also exactly 519 weeks from The Wall to the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Cleveland Ohio =915, where the Republican National Convention was held this year, 33 days after the Cavaliers won the NBA Finals =33. Cleveland =33. Teacher =33. Berlin =33. 

Another Brick in the Wall =102/228. United States of America =102/228. Rothschild Zionist =102/228. Ich Bin Ein Berliner =102. I Am a Jelly-Filled Doughnut =102, as other translations have it – in perfect synch between languages. The Dark Side of the Moon released exactly 2280 weeks before Trump was elected – and he was born on the night of a total lunar eclipse.

  • There are 120 bricks on the album cover and it released on numerology of (11+30+79) =120. Illuminati =120. The British Royal Family =120. The Royal Family =1020. Long Live The King =1020. Death of a President =1020. Israel-Gaza Barrier =1020. 
  • Illuminati =48. Windsor =48. DONALD TRUMP =48. WALL =48. FLOYD =480. DRUMPFT =480 (the original German spelling of the surname Trump).

The Berlin Wall was officially the Anti-Fascist Protective Wall =302, and appropriately there were 302 watch towers along its length. Central Bank =302. America =32. US + Them =23. Donald =23. Total Lunar Eclipse =203. We Don’t Need No Education =230. 

  • President of the United States =114 John Fitzgerald ‘Jack’ Kennedy =114 gave his Jelly Donut speech 1 year 10 months 14 days after the Berlin Wall began construction and he was shot from Four Eleven Elm Street =114. Trump Card =114. President Elect Donald J Trump =114 was born 411 days after Hitler supposedly died. Assassin =411.

The Wall released on numerology of (11+30+19+79) =139. You’re Just Another Brick In The Wall =139. Freemasonry =139. The Donald Trump Administration =139. Trump was elected 139 days after Brexit. President Donald J Trump Murdered =139. Assassination of Donald Trump =139. 

How’s this, Trump tweeted that The Wall is his favorite album on the 135th day of the year. Death By Assassination =1350. No Thought Control =1350. Wall Street =135. 

Fun Fact about Pink Floyd is that members Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, and David Gilmour were all born on the 6th day of ther respective months. 6x6x6 =216. The actual deconstruction of the Wall began 216 days after its announcement on 11/9. Also, the only member to be featured on every single one of their albums was drummer Nick MASON =62. FLOYD =62. Powers That Be =62. Dead Presidents =62. The 62nd prime is 293. Target =293. President-Elect Donald Trump =293.


Walking Dead & Westworld: Predictive Programming

While binge-watching an entire season of a series is the way forward, catching weekly instalments allows one to snipe the predictive programming as it happens. My two shows are The Walking Dead and Westworld, and both episodes this past weekend (the first since the Trump election) had some very interesting and relevant themes related to our assassination angle.


The Walking Dead has taken a tragic turn as Rick is usurped by a psychopathic dictator called Negan who rules with a cult of personality and instills fear with Lucille, his barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat, the symbol of his reign of terror. In response to this unexpected new leader, a few members of the group are now beginning to formulate an assassination plot; Michonne practicing her sniper rifle skills and Rosita hiding away a pistol after the gun grab. Rick has officially been made Negan’s bitch, and refuses to challenge him for fear of repercussions, his guilt weighing heavy – and yet something must be done… The subtextual debate revolves around the question of what the hell do we do now after a terrifying leader has assumed power. This is obviously a reflection of many current anxieties in America, where the topic of presidential assassination is very much in the mainstream discussion and on the table.

NEGAN =93. United States of America =93. The Police =93. Saturn =93. Ringleader =93. Trump Assassinated =93. Michael Richard Pence =930. NEGAN =41. Rick =41. Walking =41. King =41. Commander =41. Maniac =41. Mass Murder =41. USA =41.

  • LUCILLE =74. Ruler =74. Lucifer =74. Killing =74. And this latest episode with the assassination plot theme was Season 7 Episode 4.
  • WALKING DEAD =1001. Assassin =101. Michael Richard Pence =101. WALKING DEAD =91. Deception =91. POTUS =91. Donald Trump Murdered =91. Donald Trump Assassination =91. Make America Great Again =91.

The phrase the “Walking Dead” could very well refer to someone targeted for a hit, an assassination long planned by the numbers, so guaranteed to happen it’s almost as if it already has. The latest episode was titled Service =81. President Trump =81. Donald J Trump Assassinated =81. And with regards to Negan murdering both beloved main characters of Abraham & Glenn, we have another Twins Trick on our hands. Abraham like Lincoln and Glenn Rhee =88. Murdered =88. Trump =88. Glenn & Abraham =96. President Donald J Trump =96.

Walkers =44. Zombies =44. Parasite =44. Virus =44. Grimes =44. Abraham =44. Kill =44. Killer =144. Forty-Four =144. Andrew Lincoln =144 (the actor who plays Rick Grimes). And consider the breakdown of the show’s name… The Wall-King Dead. Who’s the new ruler known for his desire to build a wall? That’s right, the man elected on the 27th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (more on this in the next report).

Westworld is an analogy of our earthly experience, the overlords playing god as the hosts go about their programmed daily loops, never questioning the nature of their reality – until the breaking point is reached after enough trauma is inflicted upon their psyches that they begin to. It’s ultimately a show about truth-seekers and the Powers That Be who wish to treat their ‘products’ as mushrooms, to feed them shit and keep them in the dark. One interesting angle is The Man in Black, the perceived villain character, whose role of terrorizing the people appears to be for their greater good, as it compells the evolution of consciousness. Indeed were so many of us not woken from our slumber in repsonse to 9/11? The beings in Westworld are acheiving sentience, rising up out of their trance state, and beginning to realize that their reality is an illusion – an elaborate hoax designed and orchestrated not by gods but by man. Sound familiar?

The latest episode featured a blood sacrifice – the actual term they used – as demanded by The Board of Directors =205. Israel =205. Leaders =205. We discover that Bernard is in fact a robot and Dr Ford programs him to assassinate his girlfriend, Theresa Cullen =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. West =67. Freemasonry =67. Holographic =67. Virtual Reality =67.

  • Bernard =62. Theresa Cullen =62. Powers That Be =62. Programmers =62. Mason =62. Brainwashing =62. Transhuman Agenda =62.
  • The episode was titled Trompe L’Oeil =59. Kill =59. The Man in Black =59. That’s French for “Deceive the Eye =67/121. Blood Sacrifice =67/121. It refers to an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions, much like the holographic universe model of reality. Further emphasizing the concept of manipulated thoughts projected into the physical dimension, Dolores decides to do something different and draws a landscape she’s never seen before – then witnesses it in “real life”. Visions manifested into being.

And I can’t help but notice that Trompe is a lot like Trump; a deception of the All-Seeing Eye =119. Donald =119. Elected on 11/9 with VP Mike Pence =119. And much of the Trump family indeed appear to be actual Westworld robots.

The Man In Black =113. Trompe L’Oeil aired on 11/13. Fake Reality =113. Dream World =113. Mainstream =113. Universe =113. Pence =113. That’s the day with 48 days remaining. Illuminati =48. Evil =48. Hoax =48. Propaganda =48. Donald Trump =48. Man in Black =480. The series premiered on 48 numerology (10+2+20+16). Transhuman =48.

WESTWORLD =40 (Mind / Maya / Manipulate / Subliminal / Zionist / Regis / Supremacy). WESTWORLD =49. DONALD J TRUMP =49. WESTWORLD =139 (Freemasonry / Hypnotism / The Waking Dream / Presidential Assassination / Assassination of Donald Trump).

South Korean Protests of President Park: Assassination Coding Continues

Meanwhile, as thousands of Americans hit the streets to protest the election of Donald Trump, massive protests are going off half-way around the world in Seoul to demand the removal of South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, the country’s first female president. I don’t think I need to spell out the parallels here. President Park (whose current approval rating is a record low 5%) has quite the interesting backstory, as both her mother and father were assassinated in separate events. Her mother died in an attempt on the President – in a frickin theatre just like Lincoln – and her father, who seized power through a coup d’état and ruled over an increasingly authoritarian military dictatorship for 18 years, was taken out by one of his closest friends, none other than the Director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency himself. Talk about a plot twist.

  • Clearly an agent of the Gang of 33 (Asia Branch), President Park was born on Feb 2nd, the 33rd day of 1952 with 333 days remaining. Thirty-Three =66/156. President Park =66/156. February Second =66/156. She was born 1560 days after Hillary’s birth and 15 years 60 days after the 9/11 False Flag =156, Trump was elected The President of the United States =156. And 911 is the 156th prime number for glorious symmetry.

That’s also a span of exactly 223 weeks between Park & Hillary’s birthdays. Masonic =223. Skull and Crossbones =223 and that’s the Skull & Bones 322 coding (Another President Assassinated =322) as the gang sign of the real pirates who collectively rape & pillage the planetary consciousness in the name of Queen & Country =61 aka Elizabeth II =61 aka White Power =61 aka God =61 aka False Reality =61. 

Trump campaigned in part on the pledge to cut ties with Japan and South Korea (one of the world’s most prosperous nations) unless they paid more money, yet two days after his election he promised Park to work with her “until the end.” Park was elected 193 weeks before Trump was elected and her mother was popped 19 weeks 3 days before her mother’s birthday. Trump was born 1193 weeks after President Harding died in office. 193 the 44th prime and Trump the 44th person elected US President. Kill =44. William Henry Harrison died on 4/4, the first US president to die in office and Lincoln had a vision of his death on 4/4. JFK was elected in the 44th election.

  • Forty-Four =144. Lincoln killed on 14/4. Charles Philip Arthur George =144 (Prince Charles’s birth name). Prince William =144. The next two in line for the throne bearing the number of the Monarchy of the United Kingdom =144, and presumably both named after King Solomon =144.

Park was also born 2060 days after Trump’s birth and it’s reported that 26 people have been injured in the Seoul Protests. Her father became president 26 days after JFK died, then was himself assassinated 2 weeks 6 days after his last birthday. Killed =26. God =26. Queen =26 (Elizabeth born in ‘26 and assumed the throne on 2/6, coronated on 6/2. Charles II died 2/6 and Queen Anne was born 2/6). Bit of a pattern there eh.


Park Chung-Hee & Prince Charles were born on 11/14. Trump born 411 days after Hitler died. Assassin =411 like JFK shot from 411 Elm Street. Hillary was Secretary of State for 4 years 11 days, 9/11 happened 4 years 11 days after Diana died, and Charles & Diana were married 4 months 11 days after he proposed. Charles is the oldest heir presumptive since Sophia of Hanover, born 10/14.

  • Park =19. Chung-Hee died 19 days before their birthday, Hitler died 19 days after President Roosevelt, and JFK died 190 days before his next birthday (or 6 months 7 days). The 19th prime is 67. Blood Sacrifice =67.

The 67th prime is 331. South Korea =133. Government =133. False Reality =133. Prince Charles was 11,303 days old when Chung-Hee died. As my findings continue to pile up the proof, these boss players are all born on precise dates as appropriate for the grand global chess game, where the board is not so much space but time.

Now here’s where it gets really interesting. Her father was assassinated on Hillary’s 32nd birthday. Korea =32/50. America =32/50. Thirty-Two =50, 158. Prince Charles was 15 years 8 days old for the death of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy =158.

The South Korean Protests began on Hillary’s 69th birthday, 11 months 12 days after the 2015 Protests where 80,000 anti-government protesters clashed with government forces on the streets of Seoul, demanding the extremely corrupt Park to step down. Chung-Hee died 11 months 12 days before his birthday. Forty-Fifth US President =112.

  • Royalty =1051. Park =151 was President for 15 years 10 months 10 days. Trump was born 1 year 1 month 15 days after Hitler died. President Park Geun-Hye =115. 
  • Chung-Hee’s rule, however, began 6690 days before his death. President-Elect Trump =996. Charles Philip Arthur George =996. Manchurian Candidates =996. 
  • Mr Park died exactly 831 weeks after JFK died and Mrs Park died with 138 days remaining. Donald Trump =138. 

Trump was born 5005 weeks 3 days after President Taylor died in office and 5530 days before Obama was born. The Antichrist =553. Trump’s rally in Pensacola on 9/9/16 (113 days remaining) was 55,300 days after Lincoln died. US President Donald John Trump =335. Sum those together for Donald J Trump =888.


The mother Yuk Young-Soo was assassinated exactly 560 weeks after JFK. President =56. Assassin =56. That’s 3920 days later, the black mirror of 293, the 62nd prime. Yuk Young-Soo =62. Garfield was assassinated 6002 days after Lincoln.

  • She was shot in a theatre on the 227th day, like Lincoln shot in a theatre who died at 7:22 AM.
  • Yuk died on 8/15/74, a reflection of 8/15/47, the day India received its independence from the British Empire. It was also South Korean Independence Day.

Another fun fact about Ms Park is that her stated religion is Shamanism, the use of altered states of consciousness to perceive and interact with the spirit world in orede to channel transcendental energies into this world…


Anti-Trump Protests

Not My President =1013. Election Day =113. Dishonest =113. Protest =113. Uprising =113. Oregon Anti-Trump Protests =113. No small wonder then that Anti-Trump Protests broke out across America following the less than popular election of Trump-Pence =113 like the plural of Trumpet =113. The [Play]Book of Revelation (written by the architects and deep encoded with occult numerology) speaks of the Seven Trumpets that will sound individually as cues for apocalyptic events to unfold.

  • Seven Trumpets =71/197. Not My President =71/197. This Is Very Bad =71 and 197 is the 45th prime number for the 45th US President.
  • Seven Trumpets =62. This Is Very Bad =62. Riot =62. Anti-Trump =620. Portland Riot =162. 

Anti-Trump =42/132. Kill Trump =42/132. Trumpets =42/132. Vote Trump =42. Twenty Sixteen General Election =132. Zionism =42. Zionist Occupied Government =132. And 132 days = 4 months 9 days just as 7 angels X 7 trumpets =49. Revelation =49. Donald J Trump =49.

Anti-Trump Protest =1105. Eighth of November =1105. Donald Trump Make America Great Again =1015. Trump was born 1 year 1 month 15 days after Hitler died and his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was demolished by a sledgehammer on Hillary’s last birthday, 501 weeks 1 day after it went up. Donald Trump Wins Election =115 and he won 511 days after announcing his campaign. Saturn =511, the god of the Royal-Illuminati Coven =115.

And in LA, protests on 10/11 shut down the 101 Freeway. Assassin =101. And what a sign to pose the militarized police beneath: Alameda St Union Station =76. Pennsylvania Avenue =76. Stop Trump Movement =76. And we just so happen to see a clearance of 15 ft 6 in. The President of the United States =156 and he was elected 15 years 60 days after 9/11 on 11/9. The 156th prime is 911.

  • Donald =119. Seven Angels With Seven Trumpets =119. Master Plan =119.

I noticed a Mashable article today making it clear that Simpsons DID NOT predict a Trump Presidency, despite our findings to the contrary. Indeed there is some misinformation cycling about the date of the Trump images, throwing the casual reader off the trail, but as you know the programming runs much deeper. Another predictive programming example out there in the mainstream is how Simpsons accurately called the exact election map; well it was close but not exact. 

Mr Burns Endorses Romney was a Simpsons short that aired on 11/1/12. Smithers says, “I like to fire people” and “47%” – and it aired 4 years 7 days before the 2016 Election. Seamus the Dog =47. President =47. Or with end date, 4 years 8 days. Donald Trump =48. Shaggy Dog =48, which Burns repeats as the map is shown.


Janet Reno Dies Day Before Election

Janet Reno, the first female (and possibly transgender) Attorney General – nominated by Bill Clinton – died the day before the American election where Hillary Clinton will undoubtedly become the first female President. Janet Reno =921. Law =921. Janet Reno =612. Law =216

With a name synch like that she was appropriately born to be head of the United States Department of Justice =120. Janet Reno =102 died two days after an alleged Assassination Attempt =102 on Donald Trump in Reno Nevada. United States of America =102. Hillary born with 102 numerology and began her campaign on the 102nd day.

  • Reno was the 78th Attorney General and died aged 78, like the 7-8 Game Seven score. Seventy-Eight =87. Clinton =87. 
  • Reno died 8 months 22 days before her next birthday. Washington DC =822. Authority =822. Death =228. United States of America =228. 
  • Attorney General Janet Reno =111 died 111 days after her birthday.

Reno died from Parkinson’s Disease =117, just like Muhammad Ali (born 1/17) and Johnny Cash =117. Parkinson =117. The South Park episode with Reno aired on the 117th day and she died on 11/7Forty-Fifth President =117. President Hillary =1170. Hillary Rodham =711. And there are rumours that Hillary also has Parkinson’s. And on the subject, the Back to the Future Cubs prophecy has Michael J Fox currently on the collective consciousness – a dude with Parkinson’s and a perfect Jewish Gematria synch: Michael J Fox =1032. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. Hillary Clinton =1032. The Forty-Fifth President =132. William Jefferson Blythe III =132 (Bill’s real name). Antonin Scalia =132. US Attorney General =1320. Attorney General Janet Wood Reno =132.

  • Johnny Cash =45. Reno Nevada =45. Miami =45, where Reno was born and died – the day before the election of the 45th President. Forty-Five =54. Seventy-Eighth United States Attorney General =504. Lawyer =504. Royals =540. Loretta Lynch =54. Reno died on 54 numerology (11+7+20+16) with 54 days remaining in the year. The South Park episode with Janet Reno aired 504 days before 9/11/01.

Janet Reno played herself in an episode of the Simpsons that involves her presiding over a cartoon trial, much like in real life. Meanwhile, Mr Burns has become a superhero named Fruitbat Man and Smithers stages fake crimes for him to thwart, employing various patsies and crisis actors. Here we see the mockery on a bit more blatant scale, as Reno’s main job as Attorney General frontman was to oversee staged trials for hoaxes and false flags such as Waco, the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Unabomber. The episode was called Dark Knight Court and aired 240 days (Liar =240) after the Aurora Hoax where James Holmes shot up the Dark Knight Rises theatre… I mean, cmon. Fruitbat Man =125. Superhero =125. Predictive Programming =125. Reno was made AG on 125 numerology (2+11+19+93)

  • James Holmes =39/120. Janet Reno =39/102. Contorting Quintuplets =309/102, the Janet Reno episode of South Park.
  • The Dark Knight Court episode aired 2 years 1 month 10 days before the James Holmes trial began (on the same day that the current Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, was sworn in) or 110 weeks 2 days. United States Attorney General =112. Janet Reno was nominated on 2/11 and held office until 20/01/01, for that Royal sequence yet again. Forty-Fifth US President =112. 
  • Lynch =26/62. Queen =26/62. Clinton =262. 

Dark Knight Court =72/180. Attorney General =72/180. It aired 241 days after the Aurora Hoax, end date included. Loretta Elizabeth Lynch =241, who celebrated her birthday this year on the 142nd day. Forty-Two =142. Bill Clinton the 42nd President made Reno Attorney General on the 42nd day.

The episode also aired 190 weeks 3 days before the election. Hillary For America =193. President Hillary Clinton =1193.  The Simpsons episode with President Lisa aired on 19/3. That’s 193 the 44th prime number and Hillary will be the 44th person elected President – because Grover Cleveland served two separate terms.

The South Park episode with Janet Reno parodies the Elian Gonzalez propaganda story and features Reno dressed as the Easter Bunny capturing quintuplets who escaped from the circus – her Simpsons episode was also Easter themed. Easter Sunday =44 and it was Season 4 Episode 4. Kill =44. Forty-Four =144. Easter Bunny =144. Killer =144. Hillary Rodham =144. Quintuplets =1044. 

Reno was born on the 311th day and on 3/11 was confirmed as Attorney General. 311 is the 64th prime and the South Park episode aired 6040 days before her death. Israel =64. Zion =64. Thelema =64. Do What Thou Wilt =64. American =64. Solomon’s Temple =640. Temple Mount =640. Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon =604, the full name of the Knights Templar who were the precursors to the modern secret society incarnations of the Royal Bloodline, of which Hillary is a card-carrying member.

Alberta Premier’s Plane Crash & The Campbell-Clinton Connection

Jim Prentice, the 16th Premier of Alberta (my home province), was killed in a plane crash on 10/13, the day the more famous head-of-state King Rama IX died for another Twins Trick (decoded & deciphered in the previous article). He was in office for just 36 weeks, from 2014-15, and after being succeeded by the current Premier he died 509 days later. Kill =59. Jim Prentice =59. Alberta =59. Edmonton Alberta =159, the capital with appropriately active Gematria coding.

  • Prentice died 2 months 23 days after his 60th birthday (remember Rob Ford died on 3/22). Masonic =223. Freemasonry =58 and Prentice, a Freemason, died or had his death faked for ritual 508 days after leaving office, end date excluded.
  • In the Bacon Method, Freemason =122. Jim Prentice =122. He died 12 weeks 2 days after his birthday, just like King Rama IX died 1 months 22 days before his birthday. Regicide =122. Puppet Politicians =221. British Royal Family =221. 

I can’t help but associate his surname with The Apprentice & Donald Trump. Prentice was succeeded by a woman and his plane crashed in the neighbouring province of British Columbia, where the Premier is also a woman. The two gals share Gematria too: Christy Clark =57. Rachel Notley =57 (Moon / Establishment / Corporatism / England / Fake Plane Crash). Government =1057. 

Peter Eric James Prentice =237. Rachel Notley =732. Here’s another example of the lessons we learned from Thelema: the passive and active forms of the alphanumeric. Even numbers are female, matching Notley’s coding, and odd numbers are male, matching Prentice’s. Again, Prentice was the 16th Premier followed by Notley as the 17th. Kill =17. The 17th prime is 59. Kill =59. Jim Prentice =59. Sixteen =33. Secrecy =33. Masonry =33. 

  • Prentice died 3 years 3 months 3 days after Clark’s reelection – and his plane crashed right outside her hometown of Kelowna =27. Clark =27 (3 x 3 x 3). Prentice born 7/20. Very curious circumstances indeed.
  • We’re reminded of another Canadian politician who died in a plane crash out east one week after Rob Ford died. Jean Lapierre was appointed Minister of Transport on Prentice’s 48th birthday and the two crash victims were born a mere 74 days apart. Ruler =74. The King =74. Masonic =74. Occult =74. Killing =74. 

Plane Crash =43|97. Kim Campbell =43|97. Interesting synch on Canada’s first and only female Prime Minister – who just so happens to have been born 231 days before Hillary Rodham Clinton =231 was born. That’s exactly 33 weeks between their births. Clinton =33. Are you f’n kidding me!

They’ve been making a big deal about a sloppy Trump telling voters to vote on 11/28 instead of 11/8, have you heard about this? That was scripted as a subliminal endorsement for Hillary. November 28th is the 333rd day with 33 days remaining. It’s also 33 days from Hillary’s birthday and 333 days until her next… Some Freudian slip eh. Fuck outta here.


Campbell was PM in ’93 for a whopping 133 days. Government =133. White House =133. Freemasons and Zionists =1330. The active principle of 33, see how that works? That’s a precise span of 19 weeks as the 19th PM. The 19th prime is 67. Freemasonry =67. Female =67. A Woman =67. Hillary was the 67th Secretary of State and the 67th prime is 331. Bill Clinton =313.

That’s also 4 months 11 days, leaving office on 11/4, a span of 41 weeks 1 day after Bill Clinton took office. Hillary was Secretary of State for 4 years 11 days and Princess Diana died 4 years 11 days before 9/11/01. Avril Phaedra Douglas Campbell =114 (Kim’s coded birth name). The news of Prentice’s death broke on 10/14. President of the United States =114. Assassin =411. 

  • Campbell was elected 156 days after Bill took office. The President of the United States =156. Thirty-Three =156 (Clinton =33). Twenty-Eight =156 (Campbell =28).
  • That’s also 5 months 6 days. President =56. Royal Family =56. 

From Campbell’s last day in office to the upcoming American election is 23 years 5 days, for another 235 coding. That’s also 1200 weeks 6 days. Secretary Clinton =1206|1026 born 10/26. Now ain’t that some shit. Her Majesty The Queen of England =126.


That’s 1211 weeks 1 day to Inauguration Day. Clinton Coronation =211. World Government =2111. Or exactly 1230 weeks from Campbell’s first day in office to Clinton’s. The British Monarchy =1230, the force behind all this North American charade. Avril Phaedra Douglas Campbell =123. Hillary Clinton =1032. Hillary Rodham Clinton =1032. 

And for yet another frickin Twins Trick, on 10/14, Alabama lieutenant governor Lucy Baxley died. She was the first woman to have held that state’s office. Another first woman, another politician killed in tandem. Baxley =69 and she died 69 days before her birthday. Baxley preceded George Wallace Jr as Treasurer of Alabama, the son of the 45th Governor of Alabama whose assassination attempt while running for president (123 days into his campaign) was featured in the movie Taxi Driver. 

  • Baxley died 6606 days after Wallace Sr… George Wallace =1104|114 and Baxley died on 10/14

And her husband served as Wallace’s Lt Governor, which goes to show it’s all connected just as incestually as the White House. 

HBD Mr Crowley: Thelema Teaches Gematria

Trump clinched the Republican nomination 23 weeks 5 days before the election. Now we’re shown some related 235 headlines from the past couple days, matching that ominous 235-666 license plate on the Assassination card in the Illuminati Game (released in 1982). Zionist Conspiracy =235. Blue Chip Assassination =235. Sikeston Missouri =235 (where Bill Clinton’s father drowned in a puddle on the side of a road). The Beast Six Six Six =235 (Aleister Crowley’s nickname), his personal secretary, Kenneth Grant, born 23/5. Crowley’s manor burned down 235 days after Princess Charlotte was born. As October 12th is Crowley’s 141st birthday, today we’ll be exploring some deeper tributes and teachings of Thelema, ever on the warpath for a richer understanding of Gematria.

  • Two Hundred Thirty-Five =112. Crowley was born on 10/12 and he died 1/12 (Dec 1st), 10 months 12 days before his next birthday. As we’ve seen, 112 is in full force lately (like the 112th World Series ending on 11/2) and Crowley tributes may be in part responsible. Hillary was born precisely 112 weeks after the end of World War II, and there are rumours that she is in fact Crowley’s granddaughter.

Kenneth Grant =56/137. Aeon of Horus =56/137. Royal Family =56/137. Mind Control =56/137. Crowley & Grant were both ceremonial/ritual magicians heralding in what Thelemites consider to be the current Aeon of Horus. Crowley called magick, “The Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will,” which we could consider the intention of these staged events we decipher, laden with occult symbolism and projected on a mass scale through the media. Subconscious manipulation in order to manifest a reality of the magician’s making.

Thelema’s magick word or formula is Abrahadabra (roughly translated from Arabic as “I will create as I speak”), which signifies the ‘Great Work accomplished’. The Great Work =1346. Sun and Moon Conjoined =1346, which is the ‘secret sigil of the Beast’ according to Crowley, who wrote a book on Gematria. That’s the masculine & feminine principles as One; Yin & Yang, or Hadit & Nuit, as they say in Thelema – Matter & Motion. Nuit represents the infinitely-expanded circle whose circumference is unmeasurable and whose center is everywhere, whereas Hadit is the infinitely small point within the core of every single thing. According to Thelemic doctrine, it is the interaction between these two cosmic principles that creates the manifested universe. Thoughts becoming Things through the mould of Sacred Geometry.

  • Crowley died 7 weeks 2 days after his 72nd birthday. Stigma Stigma Stigma =72 (Greek for 666). Ra-Hoor-Khuit =72, the god who rules the Aeon of Horus, according to Thelemites. That’s also 1 month 19 days after. His manor burned down 11 months 9 days before his upcoming death anniversary. Fire Ritual =119All-Seeing Eye =119 which is the occult symbol of Horus.
  • Bill’s father died 9 months 11 days after his final birthday and Trump was born 9 months 11 days after the end of World War II, presenting the possibility of his conception via sex magick on VE Day.

Two days before Bill Clinton’s historic birth house caught on fire (on 12/25/15), Aleister Crowley’s haunted manor on Loch Ness burned down. That was 12/23 which is 322 days before the election, the # of Skull & Bones. Skull and Crossbones =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Masonic =223. [Aleister Crowley =190. Synagogue of Satan =190.] Crowley died 2 years 2 months 30 days after the end of World War II.

  • The Crowley Fire was exactly 44 weeks before Hillary’s birthday and 193 days after Trump’s brithday. The 44th prime is 193. Hit and Run Assassination =1093 (the full title from the Illuminati card). Hillary For America =193. President Hillary Clinton =1193. Propaganda =93. Sacrifice By Fire =93. Order Via Chaos =93. Trump Assassinated =93, the number of Thelema, representing the alchemical journey of the soul from illusion to enlightenment.

Heru-Ra-Ha =44, the ruling Thelemic deity. Ra-Hoor-Khuit =144 (the active aspect of Heru-Ra-Ha, just as Killer =144 is the active aspect of Kill =44 – depending upon interpretation). The passive aspect of Heru/Horus is called Hoor-Pa-Kraat =441. Notice that the 144 name is considered the active form of the 44 name, just as we’ve been saying that the 1 in front of a number represents its fulfilment or activation. The reversal representing its passive form may constitute a lesson for us initiates.

  • Forty-Four =144. Edward Alexander Crowley =1440. Number of the Beast =1044. Mark of the Beast =144. The first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666, as per his nickname. There is a school of thought that considers 6 & 9 to be interchangeable, though numbers are not gender-neutral: Pythagoras considered even numbers Female and odd numbers Male. So the 69 (the cancer symbol engraved on the keystone of the Masonic arch) represents Yin/Yang or Hadit/Nuit.

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn =1699. Aurora Aurea =699 (Latin for Golden Dawn, if you can believe it). Mother Nature =699. Again the 1 prefix representing the active form of 699, and the Golden Dawn (a precursor to Wicca) relies heavily on earth-based forms of magick. And in the passive form: Secret Society =996. One World Order =996.

  • Golden Dawn =99. Do What Thou Wilt =199. Vibration =991, which is the root level of reality, the source field through which Will (Thelema) & Love (Agape) manifest into being. Again we can recognize the active and passive principles of the subject.
  • Hillary’s tweet reaction to Trump’s misogyny scandal was posted at 1:55. “This Is Horrific” =551. The Horrors =551. The Illuminati =551. The Antagonist =551. The Illusion =551. The Council on Foreign Relations =155. Social Engineers =155. Global Network =155. Protocols of the Elders of Zion =155. Manipulation =55. Satan =55. 

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

235 days after the Crowley Fire was the 227th day of 2016. Bill’s father and daughter were both born on 2/27, exactly 70 years apart (Trump & Bill are currently 70 years old). Prince George was born on 7/22 and the Crowley Fire was 7 months 22 days after Princess Charlotte’s birth (and 2 months 27 days after Charlotte Clinton’s first birthday). According to Pythagoras, the godfather of Gematria, 722 would be female/passive and 227 the male/active form of Pi cycles.

Aleister Crowley =82. Thelema =28. Trump was born 28 days after Bill’s old man died. Assassinate =28. Trump =528. Hillary was born 528 days after her father-in-law’s death and Bill was born 3 months 3 days after. Clinton =33. Trump and Bill were born 67 days apart & Trump was born exactly 67 weeks before Crowley died. Secret Society =67/76. And the full motto of Thelema: do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law love is the law love under will =767. 

  • Trump & Hillary were born exactly 500 days apart. POTUS =500. Bill & Hillary were born exactly 62 weeks apart. QUEEN =62. Mason =62. Crowley died 36 days after Hillary was born and 470 days after the birth of Trump =470.

And for the record I’d like to add that my girlfriend and I were born 666 days apart (our birthdays 66 days apart in any given year) yet we’re neither Illuminati nor Satanic. We also recently experienced a very special date together which just so happened to be 6 years 6 months 6 days into our relationship. That’s what I call authentic synchronicity, which I differentiate from synthetic synchronicity, the consciously orchestrated. Some truth-seekers assume that any alphanumeric synchronization is automatic proof of Hoax and/or Conspiracy, but our heavily coded relationship is neither – and it’s not always so easy to decipher. Although my grandfather, a Grandmaster Mason, passed away in the 11th hour on 11/11/11 – and that one, I reckon, was a deliberately timed letting go.

Fake News & Gutter Trump

Russia Today reports that “the Pentagon paid a UK PR firm half a billion dollars to create fake terrorist videos in Iraq in a secret propaganda campaign exposed by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. PR firm Bell Pottinger, known for its array of controversial clients including the Saudi government and Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s foundation, worked with the US military to create the propaganda in a secretive operation. The firm reported to the CIA, the National Security Council and the Pentagon on the project with a mandate to portray Al-Qaeda in a negative light and track suspected sympathizers. Both the White House and General David Petraeus, the former general who shared classified information with his mistress, signed off on the content produced by the agency.”

Bell Pottinger =930. Propaganda =93. Psychological Weapon =93. Good name for a company that manufactures psychological operations. The article “Pentagon Paid PR Firm $540mn to Make Fake Terrorist Videos” cites the movie Wag the Dog =540. Fake News =504. Terrorism =54. False Flag Event =54. Another specific number deliberately coded for Gematria.

Wag the Dog came out on 1/9/98. That’s numerology of 37. PsyOp =37. The 37th prime is 157. Monica Lewinsky =157Fake News =1057. Hurricane Matthew =1570. [1+9+98] =100. Psychological Warfare =100. Predictive Program =100. If you’re not aware, the movie is about private intelligence consultants / PR experts (like Bell Pottinger) creating a fake war with Albania as a distraction during a presidential sex scandal. It’s meta-propaganda, a propaganda film about the process of making propaganda. And a month after the film’s release came Bill Clinton’s sex scandal with Monica Lewinski. That’s what we call prole-priming.

  • Bill Clinton =313 admitted to it 31 weeks 3 days after the film. Or with the end date that’s the 314 Pi code. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky” =227. 

Then, three days later, Clinton announced the bombings of six terrorist compounds in Afghanistan, along with a factory in Sudan that was believed to be housing chemical weapons. The out-of-nowhere military action pushed the sex scandal out of the news, in the way that only a war can. Clinton =33 and 3 months 30 days after he admitted to getting a hummer, America bombed Iraq in Operation Desert Fox. Now 33 days before the election, a similarly greasy scandal of sexual debauchery involving Donald Trump.


Trump’s boasting about sexual assault came out 3 months 22 days after his birthday and 1 year 3 months 22 days after he launched his campaign. Colonialism =322. Mad Dog Tannen =322 (Trump’s Back to the Future doppelganger). 322 the number of Skull & Bones and Yahweh =1322, which we just decoded with Hurricane “Matthew” which means the gift of Yahweh.

  • Buford Mad Dog Tannen =1068. Tannen =68. Back to the Future =68. Donald John Trump =68. Trump’s Tombstone =68, which appeared in Central Park on Easter =68. That was 193 days before this groping story that appears to be the final nail in his coffin. 193 is the 44th prime. Easter Sunday =44. Kill =44. Mad Dog =44. Lewd =44. Like the 44th presidency up for grabs.
  • Sexual Harassment =56. Groping Women =156.
  • “Trump Boasts About Groping Women” =127. Misogyny =127. 

The crass conversation with Billy Bush behind the scenes on Access Hollywood happened on the day of the 57th Emmys, exactly 11 years 19 days before the well-timed leak. “I Was Wrong and I Apologize=119. Donald =119. It’s also 1 month 19 days since the 18th anniversary of Bill Clinton admitting to the Lewinski scandal. Star of David =119. All-Seeing Eye =119.

That’s also 4038 days. Illuminati =438. Sacrifice =438.