Zbigniew Brzezinski Is Dead: Death to the New World Order

Zbigniew Brzezinski has died on 26 May 2017. That’s two of the most prominent New World Order figureheads to go within the past few months, Brzezinski heading up the Trilateral Commission which was founded by David Rockefeller. Very interesting. He died the day before Henry Kissinger’s 95th birthday and two days before what would have been John F Kennedy’s 100th birthday.

Zbigniew Brzezinski =252. New World Order =252. Bilderberger =525. He was born 252 weeks after the birth of Kissinger & died 5 months 25 days before the anniversary of the JFK Assassination, which happened on 52/25 numerology in Dealey =25/52 and came 5 months 25 days after the last birthday of John Jack Fitzgerald Kennedy =2052.

  • In fact the morning before Brzezinski died The Washington Post published an article titled ‘JFK’s Last Birthday: Gifts Champagne and Wandering Hands On the Presidential Yacht’ =252. This gives us some deeper insight into the 5/25 date we covered previously. Brzezinski also founded FEMA =25/52. King Solomon’s Temple =252. Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy =252. The Elite =252. 

Zbigniew Brzezinski =1044. New World Order =1044. Masonic Rituals =1044. Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski =404. He died 44 years 4 months 4 days after the death of LBJ =144 reminding us of the 4444 days between the births of John & Jackie Kennedy. A One World Government =1440. Brzezinski was also Jimmy Carter’s advisor and the staged Iran Hostage Crisis which they oversaw lasted 444 days. Masonic =444. Occult =444. Gematria =444. JFK’s Last Birthday Gifts Champagne and Wandering Hands On the Presidential Yacht =1444. 

Brzezinski died the day before Henry Kissinger’s birthday. Heinz Alfred Kissinger =219 was born 2190 days after the birth of JFK. World Domination =219. Rockefeller =219. Bilderberger =219. Bush + Bin Laden =219. 

  • Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski =460 died on the 146th day. The Council on Foreign Relations =146. The Apocalypse =146. The Unveiling =146. Trump’s 14/6 birthday and I saw earlier today that 6/6 will be 14,600 days since the death of Nazi rocket scientists Werner von Braun =46. 
  • Zbigniew Brzezinski =236. A One World Government =236. The 632nd prime is 4673 and Brzezinski & Rockefeller were born 4673 days apart.
World Domination =711. He died 70 years 11 months 11 days after Trump’s birthday and 711 days after Trump’s campaign began. Trilateralists =1170. The Government =1170. Royal Family =1017Zbigniew Brzezinski =117. 
Zbigniew Brzezinski + David Rockefeller =1574. Bush Sr’s infamous New World Order speech on 9/11/90 happened exactly 574 weeks before 9/11/01.
  • That’s also 4019 days in eleven years. Zbigniew Brzezinski + David Rockefeller =419. That’s a crazy dual synch with the date.
  • 419 is the 81st prime. The New World Order =81. World Domination =181. Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski =181. Henry Kissinger =181. JFK’s funeral was 181 days after his last birthday.

Zbigniew Brzezinski =108. Bilderberg =108. The Council on Foreign Relations =108. Order of the Illuminati =108. David Rockefeller =180 died exactly 801 weeks after 9/11. Excluding end points, Brzezinski died 80 years 1 day after John D Rockefeller. Our Fifth Objective =81, as Bush Sr called the New World Order in his speech. Mass Mind Control =81. A Major Crisis =108. The Grand Chessboard =108, Brzezkinski’s book.

Zbigniew Brzezinski + David Rockefeller =126. Trilateral =126. Brzezinski died 126 days after Trump’s inauguration. 2 weeks 6 days after Trump’s birthday, and 2 months 6 days after the last birthday of Rockefeller =126. 

  • Trilateral Commission =281. Born on the 28th in ‘28. Died 1 month 28 days after his birthday. 28 weeks 2 days after election. David Rockefeller =282. The Bilderberg Group =282.
  • The Trilateral Commission =111. Heinz Alfred Kissinger =111. Kissinger =111. He died 1 year 11 months 11 days after Trump’s Campaign began. Bush + Bin Laden =111. Federal Emergency Management Agency =111. 
  • The Trilateral Commission =1340. New World Order =134. Major Crisis =134. Kissinger =340. Brzezinski =34 died 43 years 10 months after its founding.
Brzezinski Rockefeller =114. Organized Crime Family =114. He died 101 weeks 4 days after Trump’s campaign began and was born 4 years 10 months 1 day after the birth of Kissinger. Freemason =411. Zionists =411. Knowledge =411. Assassin =411. Federal Emergency Management Agency =1411. 
Trilateral =696. Bush + Bin Laden =666. Kissinger =666. Falls Church =666, where Zbigniew died.
  • Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski =333. Council on Foreign Relations =333. The Right Major Crisis =333. Chessboard =333. Domination =333. Order of the Scull and Bones =333. Regents =333. Elitism =333. 
A One World Government =2207. Henry Albert Kissinger =227 born Heinz Alfred Kissinger =1314. World Domination =1314. Bilderberger =1314. JFK’s Last Birthday Gifts Champagne and Wandering Hands On the Presidential Yacht =3140. 

Ariana Grande Bombing: A Riddle

A suicide bomber strikes an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in Manchester England on 22 May 2017, hours after Donald Trump prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on an overseas tour of his own. The nail bomb detonated in the foyer as spectators were leaving the show, and we’re told most of the dead were trampled. This staged event appears to be part of the ongoing saga suggesting an ominous fate for President Trump.

Now as for that 5/22 date: Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman =522. Dangerous Woman indeed. It happened 52 weeks 2 days after the release of her Dangerous Woman album, 122 weeks 5 days after Manchester Arena received its current name, 225 days after UFC 204 was held here, and 2025 days after Britney Spears performed here during her almost identically named tour, Femme Fatale =522.

  • The Israelites =522. Knights Templar =225. The New World Order =225. The British Royal Family =255. Sefirot =552. Trump was elected exactly 2205 weeks after Nixon resigned.

It was her 45th show of the tour & Trump is the 45th man elected. Impeachment =45. Ariana Grande =145. Manchester Arena =145. Greater Manchester Police =1045. Star of David =1045. Western Wall =145. Temple Mount =145. Her space-themed music video for Break Free premiered exactly 145 weeks earlier, and featured Ariana stealing the 10 Sephirot (or Sefirot, the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, called Etz haChayim in Hebrew) from a wizard to power her spaceship. Heavy symbolism of Jewish Mysticism =45. 

Chaos =19. The bombings killed at least 19 spectators on date numerology of 19 and the Western Wall, built in 19 BCE, stands 19 metres high. The fulfilment of 19 is 119. Donald =119. Ariana Grande-Butera =119. Etz haChayim =119. Star of David =119. Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman =119. Manchester =119. Nixon died 11,109 days after JFK.

  • The 19th prime is 67. Dangerous Woman =67. Manchester Arena =670. Blood Sacrifice =67. Christina Grimmie =670. Jerusalem’s Old City =67. Jewish Kabbalah =67. The Ten Sefirot =67. The bombing happened 16,070 days after Nixon confessed his role in the Watergate scandal (exactly 44 years earlier).

Grande-Butera =116. Ariana Grande Gig =116. Cathedral Gardens =116. Western Wall =116. Royals =116. Royalty =116. Psychological Operation =1116. Christina Grimmie was shot dead after her show 11 months 16 days after Grande’s birthday and this bombing happened 11 years 10 months 16 days after the London Bombing. The Break Free music video premiered 1106 days before the Great American Eclipse.

Ariana =26 born on the 26th of June =62, with very Royal =26 coding. Manchester Arena =260. As Above So Below =260. The Ten Sephirot =260. Ten Sefirot =260. President Trump =260. Grande was born 260 days before the birth of Grimmie (who has a posthumous album dropping this 6/2).

  • Dangerous Woman =62. Suicide Bomber =62. The Manchester Arena =602. Jewish Kabbalah =602. The Tree of Life =62. The bombing comes 62 days after the Westminster Attack.  Cathedral Gardens =62. Jerusalem Israel =162. Watergate Scandal =162. 
  • Watergate =126. Sephirot =126. Jewish Mysticism =1206. The bombing happened 10 months 26 days before Grande’s birthday. As she tweeted: “Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words” =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. Sacrifice =206. Temple Mount =206. 

Her Dangerous Woman single released on 3/11/16, the 12th anniversary of the Madrid Bombings or exactly 626 weeks and she’s born 6/26. Suicide Bombing =262. The Great American Eclipse =262 for which Trump will be 26,002 days old. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. The British Empire =262.

It happened when Grande was 8,731 days old and 8731 is the 1088th prime and she was born with 188 days remaining to emphasize the code. Synagogue of Satan =1088. The Manchester Arena =88 is located in Hunts Bank =881. Royal =881. Reminding us of Oswald =88 being 8801 days old for the assassination of John F Kennedy =188. President Kennedy =188. 

  • President Trump =1188. The bombing happened 8 years 8 months after her career launched with the Broadway musical 13 about a Bar Mitzvah and on 8/8 Nixon resigned. The Manchester Arena =808. Old City =88. Sefirot =88. Trump =88. Donald J Trump =888. Nail Bomb =888. Ten Sephirot =888. 

Grande =69. The Wailing Wall =69. Jerusalem Israel =69. State of Israel =69. Illuminati =69. Benjamin Netanyahu =69. Jewish Mysticism =69. Tree of Life =169. The bombing happened 1 year 6 months 9 days after the Paris Attacks. “Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words” =609. Freemasons =690. Initial reports say 69 casualties.

  • The 69th prime is 347. The Grande Bombing happened 347 days after Christina Grimmie was gunned down outside her concert in Orlando, the day before the Pulse Massacre Hoax.

Jerusalem’s Old City =211. Manchester =211. Mason =211. That’s 11 months 12 days after the death of Christina Victoria Grimmie =1112. Ariana Grande Gig =112. Greater Manchester Police =112. President Donald Trump =112. The Dangerous Woman single released 1 year 2 months 11 days before the bombing. Nineteen =112. Zionist =112. Judaism =112. Jewish Kabbalah =112. 

Royal =551. The Illuminati =551. False Flag Operation =551. Manchester England =155. Christina Victoria Grimmie =155. Freemasons =155. Masonic Ritual =155. Break Free =55 released 1055 days / 150 weeks 5 days before the bombing. The Sephirot =515. The Manchester Arena opened on 15/5 and the bombing happened 555 days after the Paris Attacks. Trump was inaugurated 15,505 days after Nixon resigned. The Masonic Order =555. Mahatma Gandhi =555. Lunar Eclipse =555.

Jewish Mysticism =218. The Eclipse on 21/8 and Break Free video premiered on 8/12. The Manchester Arena opened 2 years 18 days after Grande was born and the bombing came 21 years 10 months 8 days after the Arena opened. President Donald John Trump =2118. TRUMP =218. 

  • That’s also 1140 weeks 2 days on the 142nd day of the year. Ten Sephirot =142. Terrorist =142. 
  • Dangerous Woman Tour =322. Judaism =322. Order of the Illuminati =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Ariana Grande Concert =223. This happened with 223 days remaining in the year and the Westminster Attack on 22/3. 
  • The 48th prime is 223. Nail Bomb =408. Illuminati =48. Grande-Butera =48. Tree of Life =48. Etz haChayim =48. Ten Sephirot =148. 

The Arena opened exactly 107 weeks after Ariana was born and the Bombing happened 107 days into her tour. The Manchester Arena =170. Dangerous Woman =170. The Royal Family =170. Impeachment =107, the 28th prime & Nixon’s impeachment process took exactly 28 weeks. He announced his resignation was Trump was 10,282 days old.

Kellyanne Conway: 1984

Kellyanne Conway =705. New World Order =75. Conway was born exactly 1075 weeks after Trump =175. Orwell =1075. Is it a coincidence that his name is a perfect match in Jewish Gematria with the duration between Trump’s birth and that of his ridiculous counselor, the airhead whose use of the phrase ‘alternative facts’ led to a 9500% increase in book sales of 1984? Or is it all part of the scripted narrative that is the United States of Absurdistan, as predictive programmed for decades.

President Donald John Trump =1770. New World Order =177. Invanka Trump was born exactly 771 weeks after Conway. President Donald Trump =77. Presidential Advisor =77. Trump Advisor =77. Alternative Facts =77. Orwell =77 which is code for his real name Eric Blair =77. Nineteen Eighty-Four =77. The Powers That Be =77. Judaism =77. Trump has been called the First Jewish President for his unwavering support of Israel.

  • The 77th prime is 381 and Steve Bannon, Trump’s strategist, was born exactly 381 weeks after Donald Trump =138. Zionist =138. The American Dream =138. War is Peace =38. Occult Elite =38. International Business Crime =308. 

Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway =183. Bowling Green =183. Trump =83. Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway =380. The Donald =38. Melania Trump =38. Trump was exactly 1138 weeks old when Martin Luther King was assassinated.

Speaking of Orwellian ‘alternative facts’, we’re reminded of 2+2=5, as Winston wonders if the State were to declare it fact and everyone believed it, would that make it true. Ignorance Is Strength =225. The New World Order =225. Kellyanne Conway =225. What a perfectly coded character indeed.

  • Trump was born 155 weeks 5 days before 1984 was published. The Masonic Order =555. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law =555. Entertainment =555. Bush & Cheney were born 5 years 5 months 5 days apart and invaded Baghdad 555 days after 9/11. Making an even more outrageous connection, Bush & Cheney were also born 1984 days apart.

Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway =119. US President Donald John Trump =119. Donald =119 was elected on 11/9. USA =119. Fascism =119. Zionist Government =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Nineteen Eighty-Four =1109. Trump was also born 1090 days before 1984 was published. Orwellian =109. Dystopia =109. Big Brother is Watching =109. Forty-Fifth President =109. 

109 is the 29th prime number. Trump =29. Donald John Trump =209. President Donald Trump =292. Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway =292. 

Conway =1314. Trump Assassinated =1314. The Square and Compass =1314. George Orwell died 227 days after the release of 1984. The Pi-Cycle strikes again as yet more undeniable proof of the Alphanumeric Conspiracy, that everything acted out on the world stage is long planned in advance – all based upon the patterning of sacred geometry expressed through language as the source code to the programming of reality. 

Firing of FBI Director Comey

FBI Director Comey =192 [Kabbalah] was fired exactly 192 weeks into office, and 2 months 27 days (Trump-Russia =227, Senate Intel Committee =227, Pi cycle) after the 192nd episode of Trump’s old reality show, The Apprentice =192 (which aired the very day Gen. Flynn =192 was forced to resign as National Security Advisor). Hacked =192. Russian Espionage =192. Homeland Security =192. 

He was hired as Attorney General on 12/9 and fired here on the 129th day, a span of 9 years 2 days after Putin became PM. Trump-Russia Investigation =129. Treason =29/92. President Donald Trump =292. Michael T Flynn =902. Intelligence =209. Senate Intel Committee =92. Comey was succeeded by Andrew McCabe =92 who was appointed by James B Comey =219 on 1/29.  Espionage =912. Trump Impeached =912. Impeachment =291. 

  • James Brien Comey =162. McCabe =162/26. FBI Director Comey =62/262. Vladimir Putin =1262. General Michael Flynn =262. Russian Counter-Intelligence =126/621. The Russian Government =1602. The Apprentice =62. Celebrity Apprentice =206. J Edgar Hoover =206. The FBI =260. President Trump =260. Flynn =26.

Jim Comey =26 was fired exactly 26 weeks after Trump’s election and 10 months 26 days after Trump’s birthday. You’re Fired =126. Spy =126. Comey was exactly 20,600 days old {I mean c’mon…} for his firing, 20 weeks 6 days after his birthday & 261 weeks after Putin =26 became president.

Defense Intelligence Agency =406. Espionage =406/46. Impeached =46. General Flynn =46. Comey was born exactly 14 years 6 months after Trump’s 14/6 birth in ‘46. James Comey =46/149 aka Jim Comey Jr =49 was fired exactly 4900 days after taking office as Deputy Attorney General under Bush Jr. Trump-Russia =49. Donald J Trump =49. Putin =409.

  • James Comey =1214 was born 12/14. He was fired 21 weeks 4 days before Putin’s birthday and 214 days after Putin’s birthday, the day Homeland Security stated that Russia hacked the Democratic Party and leaked emails to WikiLeaks. Michael Thomas Flynn =214 was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for 2 years 14 days. 

Russian Hackers =218. FBI Director James Comey =218. He was born 2 years 11 months 8 days before JFK’s assassination. President Donald John Trump =2118. 

Emmanuel Macron Wins for Rothschild 

Emmanuel Macron =535 has been elected French President =535. Ensemble La France =353. [All three in Jewish Gematria]. France Rejects Far Right =353. Sum those together: Emmanuel Macron =888. Donald J Trump =888. Mayer Rothschild =888. 

The 39-year-old centrist was a former investment banker for Rothschild & Cie Banque, the Jewish Rothschilds notorious as the world’s wealthiest family for financing both sides of every war since the Napoleonic era, manufacturing economic crashes as owners of nearly every central bank in the world, along with your news and your government. And President Macron. 

Rothschild =116. Multinational Corporation =116. Kingdom =116. Royal =116. Macron’s party En Marche! =119 was formed 1 year 1 month 9 days before Macron takes office and the election party was at the Louvre =119 with its glass pyramid. President François Hollande =119. Bankers =119. Fascism =119. Napoleon was Emperor for 9 years 10 months 19 days. 

Macron takes office 221 days before his birthday. The Bavarian Illuminati =221. The Louvre Pyramid is erroneously reported to be built of 666 panes of glass when it’s actually 673, the 122nd prime. Napoleon was coronated on 12/2 and Macron was born exactly 1220 weeks after François Hollande. Freemason =122. Mayer Amschel Rothschild =122. 

  • Rothschild =111. Rothschild Zionist =111. Organized Crime Family =111. Macron was elected 1 year 1 month 1 day after En Marche formed and he cast his vote at 11:01 AM.
  • He’ll take office 114 days after Trump. Rothschild & Co =1140. Napoleon Bonaparte =1104. Freemason =411. Zionists =411. 

President Macron =1044 takes office 144 days after his birthday. Investment Banker =1440. He’s elected 404 days after En Marche formed.

Mayer Rothschild =227. The Dictatorship =227. French Revolution =227. Macron is the youngest French leader since Napoleon and the Investment Banker =1227 was elected exactly 10,227 weeks after Napoleon’s death – and 227 days before his own birthday, the Pi code strikes again. He takes office 31 weeks 4 days before his birthday.

  • The 49th prime is 227. Emmanuel Macron =49. 
  • France =47. Bonaparte =407. Obey =47. Authority =47. 

Mayer Amschel Rothschild =74. Macron elected 74,740 days after his death and takes office 74,747 days later. Rothschild & Cie =74. The Money Lenders =74. The King =74. President Macron =174. New World Order =174. 

Champs-Élysées Shooting

On 20 April 2017, Adolf Hitler’s birthday, three police officers were shot by an Isis terrorist named Karim Cheurfi wielding an AK47 on the Champs-Élysées in Paris during the final debate of the presidential election. France has been on high alert since the 11/13 Psy-Op, a permanent police state legitimized by staged terror. This latest event is the 44th terror attack in the so-called Wave of Terror in Europe that began on the 144th day of 2014.

Paris Shooting =222. Islamist Terrorism =222. Hitler =222. Arc de Triomphe de l’Etoile =222. Champs =222. Champs-Elysees Faubourg du Roule =2022, the full address. The 11/13 Paris Attacks happened 222 years after Louis XVI was guillotined and lasted 222 minutes; the 1995 Paris Métro and RER bombing lasted 222 days.

  • Champs-Élysées =202. Staged Terror =202. François Fillon =202. Karim Cheurfi =202. Queen Elizabeth =202. Jihadist Terrorism =220. European Union =220. Franklin D Roosevelt =220, the name of the metro station the police were guarding at the time. Macron =22. The 22nd prime is 79 and ISIL =22 gave the attacker’s name as Abu Yusuf al-Beljiki =79. Paris Police Officers =79. Avenue des Champs-Élysées =79.

Champs-Élysées =66. Arc de Triomphe =66. Paris France =660. Adolf Hitler =660. Kalashnikov =66. Security Forces =66. Queen Elizabeth =66. Fillon =66. French Terrorism =666. Illusion =666. The French election comes 166 days after the American election. War on Police =166. French Police =166. The French Republic =166. Islamic Radical =166. Wave of Terror =166. Roue de Paris =166, the giant ferris wheel on Place de la Concorde =66 that watches over the Champs like the All-Seeing Eye.

The 11/13 Attacks came 311 days after Charlie Hebdo and this shooting by the assailant named Cherufi =311 came 311 days after the Pulse Orlando shooting hoax, 18 daus after the Saint Petersburg Metro Bombing =311, exactly 1131 weeks after a 1995 bombing at the Arc de Triomphe, and 13 years 1 month 10 days after the 3/11 Bombing in Madrid =113 (which similarly hit 3 days before Spain’s general election). Permanent Emergency State =113. Jewish Museum of Belgium =113/311, the site of the first act of staged terror in the European Terrorism Wave.

The murdered cop has been identified as Xavier Jugelé, a gay-rights activist who not only was posted at the Bataclan Theatre on the night of the Paris Attacks, he attended the reopening performance by Sting, formerly of The Police, where he was interviewed by US People magazine with a three-paragraph quote… (No word if Sting played ‘Murder by Numbers’ from his Synchronicity album, released 6660 days before 9/11).

  • Jugelé was quoted saying, “It doesn’t feel strange, it feels important. Symbolic” =570. Vive La France =1570. La France =57. Queen Elizabeth II =57. England =57. The Champs-Élysées Shooting happened 5700 days after 9/11/01 and exactly 75 weeks after the 11/13 Terrorist Attacks =75. Staged Terror =75. Francois Hollande =75. New World Order =75. Islamic State =175. Police State =750. 

It happened in front of a Marks & Spencer shop, a company that has been criticized by pro-Palestinian activists for its support of Zionism. Marks & Spencer =61/142. Terror Hoax =61/142. Terrorist =61/142. Cheurfi =420 and it happened on 4/20. Fascism =420. Jewish Museum of Belgium Shooting =420. Macron =204, the candidate in the lead following the shooting. False Flag Terrorism =204. Champs-Elysees makes me hear the NOFX cover, released 1014 weeks 2 days before the shooting. It has a runtime of 2:04.

Avenue des Champs-Élysées =227/314. That’s a rare gem right there, dual-coded with the Pi-sequence. Franklin D Roosevelt Station =314. French Terrorism =227. Eagles of Death Metal =227. A Satanic Ritual =227. French Revolution =227. Le Pen =227, the female presidential candidate on the far right calling for closures of mosques and the reopening of the borders. ISIS Terrorism =722. 

  • Manufactured Terrorism =314. False Flag Terror Attack =1314. The Champs-Élysées Shootings happened 1 year 3 months 14 days after the Paris Police Station Attack which happened on the one-year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo Hoax. Louis XVI was guillotined 72 weeks 2 days after becoming French King and 3 months 14 days after his arrest.

Roosevelt =128. Terror Hoax =128. Avenue des Champs-Élysées =128. ISIL =128. François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande =128. Youssef El Osri =1128, the third given name for the assailant. The shooting happened exactly 128 years after Adolf Hitler was born. FDR =28. IS =28. Fillon =28. Hitler =282. Paris Police Officers =282. France =282. False Flag Terrorism =282.

Franklin Roosevelt =1296. The shooting happened exactly 6092 weeks after the metro station opened. Templar =296. State =296. 

IS =19. FDR =19 died 19 days before Hitler, the FDR station (opened in 1900) serves lines 1 & 9 and the shooting happened at 19:00 GMT. Security Forces =190. Le Pen =190. François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande =190. Abu Yusuf al-Beljiki =191. Staged Terrorism =191. ISIS Terrorism =191. The Champs-Élysées runs 1,910 meters long and the slain cop was appropriately Xavier Jugele =191. Mossad =91. It happened the day before the 91st birthday of Elizabeth II =191. 

Cherufi =119. Franklin Delano Roosevelt =119. President Francois Hollande =119. Marion Anne Perrine Le Pen =119. François Charles Amand Fillon =119. Police State =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Jihadists =911. The Madrid Bombing came 911 days after 9/11 and this shooting came 911 days after the Ottawa Parliament Shooting.

  • The 19th prime is 67. Champs-Élysées =1167 (completed in 1670)  Police Judiciaire =1067. Paris =67. France =67. Hollande =67. French Terrorism =67. Franklin D Roosevelt =67. The Islamic State =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. France’s population is 67 million. 

Roosevelt was born 1016 days after Adolf Hitler =116. Elysees =116. Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile =116. The CIA =116. Terrorist Attacks =116. Wave of Terror in Europe =116. Salafist Jihadists =1116. Psychological Operations =1116. World Domination =1116. Blood Sacrifice =611. 


Karim Cheurfi =174. Staged Terror =174. New World Order =174. Louis XVI was guillotined where the ferris wheel now stands 11,700 weeks 4 days before the shooting. The General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI), the French intelligence agency, was formed 1074 days before the shooting. Coincidentally of course, the DGSI formed 12 days before the Wave of Terror in Europe began.

Terrorist Attacks =777. A State of Emergency =777. Order Out of Chaos =777.

President Park Impeached

Park Geun-Hye, the 11th President of South Korea & first woman elected as head of state in East Asia, has been forced out of office after an impeachment proposal was upheld – by the numbers as always. President Park Geun-hye =1209 was suspended on 12/9 due to a sprawling corruption scandal (replaced by Hwang =29 Kyo-Ahn =29) and booted 92 days later (19 weeks 2 days after Hillary’s birthday) on March Tenth Twenty Seventeen =291. Impeachment =291. Trump Impeached =912. Which this story may very well be foreshadowing.

  • That’s 37 days after her birthday. Impeach =37. March Tenth Twenty Seventeen =137. South Korea =137, the 33rd prime. That’s also 3 months 3 days before Trump’s birthday, exactly 33 weeks before Hillary’s birthday, & 330 days before Park’s birthday. Impeach =330. Park was born on the 33rd day of the year leaving 333 days. South Korea =133. Impeachment =133. She was replaced by President Hwang Kyo-Ahn =303. 
  • Thirty-Three =156. President Park =156 was born 1560 days after the birth of Hillary Clinton & Trump was elected 15 years 60 days after 9/11/01 (the 156th prime is 911).

Park was born exactly 223 weeks after Hillary. Manifestation of Will =233Masonic =223, the 49th prime. Park Geun-Hye =49. South Korean =49. Donald J Trump =49. Park ousted 49 days after Trump took office & 90 weeks 4 days after Trump’s campaign started. And remember from my earlier post on Park, her father & mother were both assassinated in seperate events, her father on Hillary’s 32nd birthday.


Hwang =26 was born with 260 days remaining. Park =26 was born 2060 days after the birth of Trump. Her father became President 26 days after the assassination of JFK & was himself assassinated 2 weeks 6 days after celebrating his final birthday.

  • Hwang =19. Park =19. They were born a clean 1900 days apart, Park impeached 1 month 9 days after her birthday. Her father President Chung-Hee was killed 19 days before his birthday & JFK was killed 190 days before his birthday. South Korean Presdent Park Geun-Hye =190. Impeachment =190. Donald Trump =190. Trump Pence Make America Great Again =1009. 

She was in office for a total of 1474 days, officially impeached exactly 47 weeks before her birthday. President =47. Trump =47/470. Kyo-Ahn =74. 

Park was replaced by the 44th Prime Minister, Hwang Kyo-ahn =44. Kyo-ahn =444. Trump the 44th President and the 44th prime is 193. Park was elected 193 weeks before Trump was elected. Trump Pence =391Propaganda =93. Trump’s campaign began 90 weeks 3 days before Park’s last day in office. President Donald J Trump =309.

The Economist 2017 Predictions


The Economist’s 2017 prediction is even more blatantly occult than the past issues, here using a tarot spread to drop clues that the Programmers have planned for the upcoming year. It’s fitting, as tarot cards are known as trumps. The term trump card refers to any sort of action, authority, or policy which automatically prevails over all others – an extremely fitting symbolism with the choreographed persona of President Donald Trump, playing the role of the Problem designed to elicit a Reaction in order to necessitate the pre-planned Solution. In this post I’ll decipher the numerology/symbolism and offer two different readings on the tarot spread.

Planet Trump =696. Royalty =696. Rothschild =696 (the Rothschild family owns The Economist). We’ve seen that 6’s are interchangeable with 9’s so this can also be viewed as 666 coding, representing the Beast System of illusory reality.

Planet Trump =48/156. Six-Six-Six =48/156. As Above So Below =48/156. Planet Trump =208. The 28th prime number is 107 and the numbers of all the tarot cards pictured here sum to 107. Agent Orange =107 (Trump’s nickname). Impeachment =107 (a possible symbolic assassination). Bloodlines =107. Death of a President =170. Long Live The King =170. The Royal Family =170. World War Three =170. Vision Quest =170. The 17 coding synched up with the year.

  • October 7th is the 280th day, in harmony with Planet Trump =208. That’s 333 days after the Election and 114 days after Trump’s birthday. President of the United States =114. Trump Card =114. Assassin =411.
  • The 107th day of 2017 is April 17th. That’s 22 weeks 7 days after the Election, the Pi code of history repeating. The Trump Administration =1722. The 49th prime is 227. Donald J Trump =49.
  • July 10th leaves 174 days (like the 17/4 date) and falls exactly 35 weeks after Trump’s election. The reduced form of each of the tarot cards pictured on the cover sum to 35. July 7th is also 3 weeks 3 days after Trump’s birthday. Let’s keep our eyes peeled for these three dates to come.

The World In Twenty Seventeen =119. Donald =119 (elected on 11/9). All-Seeing Eye =119. Master Plan =119. Tarot Cards =119. Death of the Ego =119. 


Pictured on the cover is what’s known in Tarot as a Storyboard Spread that reads in a clockwise sequential loop. Card 1: The protagonist of the story. Card 2: The protagonist’s side-kick, a special skill, or an external force that helps the sidekick. Card 3: The main antagonist of the story or an external force that works against the protagonist. Cards 4 & 5: An obstacle faced by the protagonist, a problem that needs to be solved, an unforeseen disaster or negative event, or fight between the protagonist and antagonist. Cards 6 & 7: How the protagonist solves the problem. Card 8: The moral of the story, lessons learned and a view toward the future.

So playing the protagonist in this tarot reading is The Tower, the Establishment, with Trump the Monarch as its tool. The antagonist is The World, mind-controlled through entertainment, or the Internet (as extension of collective consciousness). The conflict between The Tower & The World is the truth like a beacon of light in the darkness which gives rise to protest and civil disobedience (the Star meaning much more cryptic, it reminds me of all the celebrity sacrifices set to continue this year). The Tower then solves this problem with more elections, the endless hamster wheel of one puppet after the other & the illusion of choice, and with virtual reality distractions and fantasies. The moral of the story is Death, not the prettiest view for the future.

  • THE TOWER =42. The Royals =42. Freemason =42. Zionism =42. Elitism =42. THE TOWER =322. Military Industrial Complex =322.
  • JUDGMENT =94. Donald J Trump =49. Supremacy =49.
  • THE WORLD =42/105/111/313/630. Internet =42/105/111/313/630.
  • THE HERMIT =47. Worldwide Protests =1470. The President of the United States =147. Major Arcana =147. The Hermit =52/340. Stop TPP =520/304. Truth-Seekers =52.
  • THE STAR =28/91. Celebrity Deaths =208. Celebrity Sacrifice =91. Killing Celebrities =91.
  • WHEEL OF FORTUNE =1038. Donald Trump =138. Election =38.
  • THE MAGICIAN =54/540. Make-Believe =54. Earth is a Hologram =540. Fake News =504.
  • DEATH =118. The Assassination of Donald Trump =118.

The Death card represents Change & Transformation. In the Rider Waite deck, the Death card depicts a dead king, his crown fallen to the ground as a priest prays for redemption. There are also twin towers depicted in the background of the original card, as here we see them destroyed in a mushroom cloud (as was also shown on the Economist 2015 Prediction issue).

Screenshot (45).png

Another way to view this spread symbolically is that The Tower (protagonist) represents the Ego, the destruction of which comes from some sort of event that precipitates a change in the way we view ourselves. The Judgment card with Trump seated atop the world like a monarch, the cartoonish villain representing all our own base ego drives, is a call to let go of the old paradigms and allow ourselves to be reborn. It’s interesting that the original card depicts the angel Gabriel blowing a trumpet to wake up the mentally dead.

The World card is the force working against the ego: harmony, equality & totality. It reminds us that we take part in creating the world in which we live; that we are not victims of the World – we are co-creators. The Hermit card represents the obstacle for the ego and the problem to be solved. The Hermit unplugs from the World to find himself then returns to illuminate the path by spreading awareness. The Hermit represents meditation which is the enemy of ego.

The Tower =27. The Ego =27. Judgment =122. Karma =122. The World =42. Knowledge =42. Manifest =42. The One =402. The Hermit =47. Meditation =47. Rebellion =47.

Screenshot (46).png

The Star card represents the natural intelligence inside each of us, which we reach through the meditative states of the Hermit. It is a card of healing, hope, and love. As this card is shown tilted in the cover spread, perhaps it implies its reversal – false hope or feeling stuck and pessimistic – fitting with the meaning of the obstacle or problem to the ego. It’s interesting that the Moon is depicted on this interpretation of the card, which represents dreams & illusions. The Wheel of Fortune card shows us how the ego solves the problems and overcomes the obstacles as represented by the Hermit & Star – or how we find peace with the contrast between ego & inner wisdom; between fantasy & reality, truth & lies. The Wheel reminds us that life is cyclical and ever-changing, and the only thing we really have control over is our own thoughts.

The Magician card expands on the way in which the ego overcomes the obstacles. He represents creation and the manifestation of will, the virtual reality goggles and 3D printer suggesting that reality is holographic in nature and by recognizing and accepting the illusion, finding the balance between our inner & outer selves, we can co-create the reality of our vision. The Death card represents transformation as the moral to this tarot spread – the journey from ego to enlightenment, as Thelema teaches. It is the death of the old to make way for the new, just as 2016 reduces to 9 and 2017 reduces to 1, the start of a fresh cycle. That which we despise about Trump is a reflection of that which we wish to overcome within ourselves.

The Star =44. Hope =44. Faith =44. Wheel of Fortune =61. God =61. Chi =61. Truth =601. Letting Go =161. The Magician =54. Co-Creators =54. Voice =54. Love =54. Death =64. Change =64. Rebirth =46.

NOTE: Extra-Capsa will finally be making Personal Numerology Readings available within the next couple days, so stay tuned. 

Donald Trump & Pink Floyd – The Wall

PINK FLOYD =49. DONALD J TRUMP =49. The 49th prime is 227 and Trump was elected 2 months 27 days after the anniversary of the Berlin Wall being built (which began construction 2 months 27 days before JFK was elected) and Trump’s tombstone appeared in Central Park 227 days before his election. 22/7 the Pi factor like Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. JFK died in car #227 a span of 3 years 14 days after his election. The Berlin Wall stood for a total of 10,314 days. Bank of Manhattan Building =1314. Forty Wall Street =1314. Trump Assassinated =1314. 

The Wall =27. JFK =27. Masons =27. As you may have heard elsewhere, Trump was elected on the 27th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall (the actual deconstruction began weeks later but 11/9 was the date it was announced and the date that is remembered). Of course one of Trump’s most audacious campaign pledges was to build a wall between USA & Mexico, and the Trump Building in NYC (previously known as the Bank of Manhattan Building) is located at the aforementioned 40 Wall Street address.

On 20 May 1946, a twin-engined airplane crashed into the 58th-floor of this building that would later be owned by Trump =25. Brick =25. It happened on 20/5 a span of 25 days before Trump was born and his Trump Tower HQ, a few blocks away, is 58-stories tall (though the top floor is numbered 68 like Donald John Trump =68, born on the night of a Total Lunar Eclipse =68).

  • Freemasonry =58 and Trump won the 58th election. Masonic =223 and that 1946 plane crash happened 20,203 days before 9/11/01.
  • Trump Tower opened on 11/30 of ’83. The Wall released on 11/30 of ’79. President-Elect Donald Trump =113. Pence =113. And 1130 days is 3 years 1 month 4 days, tying ‘er back to the intro Pi sequence of history repeating.

11/30 is the 334th day of the year. See You On The Dark Side of the Moon =334. US+Them =433 (name of Pink Floyd’s upcoming 2017 tour). We Don’t Need No Thought Control =334/127. Building a Wall =127, the 31st prime. 11/30 leaves 31 days in the year. What don’t we need? No Thought Control =81. Wall Street =810. The Wall =81. The Establishment =81. President Trump =81. All alphanumeric and symbolic opposites of Freedom =180. 


All that’s pretty wild as it is, but the coding get crazier: The Wall released 9 years 11 months 11 days before the fall of the Berlin Wall on 11/9 (its border length between East & West Germany a convenient 111.9 km). Pink =119/50. Donald =119/50 elected on 11/9.

  • 9/11 is the 254th day. Trump Administration =254. He was elected when he was Seventy Years Old =1254. Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon =1254 (JG) & 156. 
  • 911 is the 156th prime. Berlin =156. Kings =156. False Flag =156. Ich Bin Ein Berliner =156. That’s JFK’s infamous linguistic blunder where he said “I am a Jelly Donut.”
  • Jelly Donut =138. Construction of the Berlin Wall began on 13/8 and JFK died 831 days later. The anniversary of its collapse saw the election of Donald Trump =138

The President of the United States =138The Wall came out when Trump was 33 years old, and released exactly 13,800 days before 9/11/17. Vice-President Mike Pence =1380. We Don’t Need No Education =1380. We Don’t Need No President Trump =138. President Donald Trump Murdered =138. The American Dream =138. The Donald =38/83. Election =38/83. Trump-Pence =183. Forty-Fifth President Donald Trump =381. 

That’s also exactly 519 weeks from The Wall to the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Cleveland Ohio =915, where the Republican National Convention was held this year, 33 days after the Cavaliers won the NBA Finals =33. Cleveland =33. Teacher =33. Berlin =33. 

Another Brick in the Wall =102/228. United States of America =102/228. Rothschild Zionist =102/228. Ich Bin Ein Berliner =102. I Am a Jelly-Filled Doughnut =102, as other translations have it – in perfect synch between languages. The Dark Side of the Moon released exactly 2280 weeks before Trump was elected – and he was born on the night of a total lunar eclipse.

  • There are 120 bricks on the album cover and it released on numerology of (11+30+79) =120. Illuminati =120. The British Royal Family =120. The Royal Family =1020. Long Live The King =1020. Death of a President =1020. Israel-Gaza Barrier =1020. 
  • Illuminati =48. Windsor =48. DONALD TRUMP =48. WALL =48. FLOYD =480. DRUMPFT =480 (the original German spelling of the surname Trump).

The Berlin Wall was officially the Anti-Fascist Protective Wall =302, and appropriately there were 302 watch towers along its length. Central Bank =302. America =32. US + Them =23. Donald =23. Total Lunar Eclipse =203. We Don’t Need No Education =230. 

  • President of the United States =114 John Fitzgerald ‘Jack’ Kennedy =114 gave his Jelly Donut speech 1 year 10 months 14 days after the Berlin Wall began construction and he was shot from Four Eleven Elm Street =114. Trump Card =114. President Elect Donald J Trump =114 was born 411 days after Hitler supposedly died. Assassin =411.

The Wall released on numerology of (11+30+19+79) =139. You’re Just Another Brick In The Wall =139. Freemasonry =139. The Donald Trump Administration =139. Trump was elected 139 days after Brexit. President Donald J Trump Murdered =139. Assassination of Donald Trump =139. 

How’s this, Trump tweeted that The Wall is his favorite album on the 135th day of the year. Death By Assassination =1350. No Thought Control =1350. Wall Street =135. 

Fun Fact about Pink Floyd is that members Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, and David Gilmour were all born on the 6th day of ther respective months. 6x6x6 =216. The actual deconstruction of the Wall began 216 days after its announcement on 11/9. Also, the only member to be featured on every single one of their albums was drummer Nick MASON =62. FLOYD =62. Powers That Be =62. Dead Presidents =62. The 62nd prime is 293. Target =293. President-Elect Donald Trump =293.


Walking Dead & Westworld: Predictive Programming

While binge-watching an entire season of a series is the way forward, catching weekly instalments allows one to snipe the predictive programming as it happens. My two shows are The Walking Dead and Westworld, and both episodes this past weekend (the first since the Trump election) had some very interesting and relevant themes related to our assassination angle.


The Walking Dead has taken a tragic turn as Rick is usurped by a psychopathic dictator called Negan who rules with a cult of personality and instills fear with Lucille, his barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat, the symbol of his reign of terror. In response to this unexpected new leader, a few members of the group are now beginning to formulate an assassination plot; Michonne practicing her sniper rifle skills and Rosita hiding away a pistol after the gun grab. Rick has officially been made Negan’s bitch, and refuses to challenge him for fear of repercussions, his guilt weighing heavy – and yet something must be done… The subtextual debate revolves around the question of what the hell do we do now after a terrifying leader has assumed power. This is obviously a reflection of many current anxieties in America, where the topic of presidential assassination is very much in the mainstream discussion and on the table.

NEGAN =93. United States of America =93. The Police =93. Saturn =93. Ringleader =93. Trump Assassinated =93. Michael Richard Pence =930. NEGAN =41. Rick =41. Walking =41. King =41. Commander =41. Maniac =41. Mass Murder =41. USA =41.

  • LUCILLE =74. Ruler =74. Lucifer =74. Killing =74. And this latest episode with the assassination plot theme was Season 7 Episode 4.
  • WALKING DEAD =1001. Assassin =101. Michael Richard Pence =101. WALKING DEAD =91. Deception =91. POTUS =91. Donald Trump Murdered =91. Donald Trump Assassination =91. Make America Great Again =91.

The phrase the “Walking Dead” could very well refer to someone targeted for a hit, an assassination long planned by the numbers, so guaranteed to happen it’s almost as if it already has. The latest episode was titled Service =81. President Trump =81. Donald J Trump Assassinated =81. And with regards to Negan murdering both beloved main characters of Abraham & Glenn, we have another Twins Trick on our hands. Abraham like Lincoln and Glenn Rhee =88. Murdered =88. Trump =88. Glenn & Abraham =96. President Donald J Trump =96.

Walkers =44. Zombies =44. Parasite =44. Virus =44. Grimes =44. Abraham =44. Kill =44. Killer =144. Forty-Four =144. Andrew Lincoln =144 (the actor who plays Rick Grimes). And consider the breakdown of the show’s name… The Wall-King Dead. Who’s the new ruler known for his desire to build a wall? That’s right, the man elected on the 27th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (more on this in the next report).

Westworld is an analogy of our earthly experience, the overlords playing god as the hosts go about their programmed daily loops, never questioning the nature of their reality – until the breaking point is reached after enough trauma is inflicted upon their psyches that they begin to. It’s ultimately a show about truth-seekers and the Powers That Be who wish to treat their ‘products’ as mushrooms, to feed them shit and keep them in the dark. One interesting angle is The Man in Black, the perceived villain character, whose role of terrorizing the people appears to be for their greater good, as it compells the evolution of consciousness. Indeed were so many of us not woken from our slumber in repsonse to 9/11? The beings in Westworld are acheiving sentience, rising up out of their trance state, and beginning to realize that their reality is an illusion – an elaborate hoax designed and orchestrated not by gods but by man. Sound familiar?

The latest episode featured a blood sacrifice – the actual term they used – as demanded by The Board of Directors =205. Israel =205. Leaders =205. We discover that Bernard is in fact a robot and Dr Ford programs him to assassinate his girlfriend, Theresa Cullen =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. West =67. Freemasonry =67. Holographic =67. Virtual Reality =67.

  • Bernard =62. Theresa Cullen =62. Powers That Be =62. Programmers =62. Mason =62. Brainwashing =62. Transhuman Agenda =62.
  • The episode was titled Trompe L’Oeil =59. Kill =59. The Man in Black =59. That’s French for “Deceive the Eye =67/121. Blood Sacrifice =67/121. It refers to an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions, much like the holographic universe model of reality. Further emphasizing the concept of manipulated thoughts projected into the physical dimension, Dolores decides to do something different and draws a landscape she’s never seen before – then witnesses it in “real life”. Visions manifested into being.

And I can’t help but notice that Trompe is a lot like Trump; a deception of the All-Seeing Eye =119. Donald =119. Elected on 11/9 with VP Mike Pence =119. And much of the Trump family indeed appear to be actual Westworld robots.

The Man In Black =113. Trompe L’Oeil aired on 11/13. Fake Reality =113. Dream World =113. Mainstream =113. Universe =113. Pence =113. That’s the day with 48 days remaining. Illuminati =48. Evil =48. Hoax =48. Propaganda =48. Donald Trump =48. Man in Black =480. The series premiered on 48 numerology (10+2+20+16). Transhuman =48.

WESTWORLD =40 (Mind / Maya / Manipulate / Subliminal / Zionist / Regis / Supremacy). WESTWORLD =49. DONALD J TRUMP =49. WESTWORLD =139 (Freemasonry / Hypnotism / The Waking Dream / Presidential Assassination / Assassination of Donald Trump).