Bill Paxton: Ritual Sacrifice

Sorry for the delay in game, truth-sleuths. Brother Berg’s been rocking out in paradise on some idyllic Thai island on a digital detox far removed from the daily onslaught of propaganda programming. I checked back into Wikipedia’s Deaths in 2017 page (one of my morbid favourites) & was shocked to learn that Bill Paxton has joined the Celebrity Sacrifice Squad, passing away on February 25th at age 61, the day before the 89th Oscars. Let’s see what coding we can find here about the only actor to be killed onscreen by a Predator, a Terminator, & an Alien.

Bill Paxton =44 died on 44 numerology (2+25+17) a span of 40 weeks 4 days after his birthday & during production of his final film, The Circle =44, in which he plays a terminally-ill man. His father, actor John Paxton, died 4 months 4 days after his own birthday. His last episode of Training Day, which aired two days before his death, was titled Code of Honor =17/64/44. Kill =17/64/44. At the Oscars, Best Actor went to Affleck =44 & Best Picture to Moonlight =44, appropriately enough with all the lunar symbolism we’ve been seeing lately. Trump was born on the night of a lunar eclipse, Paxton died the night before a solar eclipse, 10 days after Lupercalia =44, in surgery like Joan Rivers =44. Forty-Four =144. Ten Days Later =144. Royal Sacrifice =144.  Space =44.

The 44th prime is 193Illuminati Sacrifice =193. Eighty-Ninth Academy Awards =391. NASA =139. Moonlight =139 & Paxton died with 309 days remaining. Detective Frank Rourke =309, his character in the ongoing series Training Day. Joan Rivers =139. Lunar Sacrifice =139. Oscars =39. His character in Titanic was Brock Lovett =44 (the Titanic 3D rereleased on 4/4), & the original came out 903 days after Apollo 13, both examples of Propaganda =93. (Titanic currently relevant as La La Land tied it for most ever Oscar nominations).


February Twenty-Fifth =252. Paxton died on 25/2 a span of 2 years 5 months 20 days after Joan Rivers died (also suspiciously during surgery). Titanic came out 2 years 5 months 20 days after Apollo 13. Both films about doomed ships (same with Aliens). That’s also a span of exactly 129 weeks. Oscar Sacrifice =129. Apollo 13 came out 9211 days after the launch of the actual Apollo 13; actors playing actors, very meta.

  • The 129th prime is 727. Paxton =72/27. Paxton’s father passed away 7 months 27 days before his own birthday. Fort-Worth Texas =1272. The Oscars were held on 27/2 European time, or 2/27, the Pi sequence synched up with the big winners: Casey Affleck =227. Moonlight =314. Oscars =314. Complications from Surgery =314 (the given cause of Paxton’s untimely demise). Celebrity Sacrifice =314. Rivers died 2 months 27 days after her birthday.

Moonlight =113. Eighty-Ninth Academy Awards =113. Fake Reality =113. Dreamworld =113. Titanic =113. Surgery =113, where Paxton perished a span of 1130 weeks after the release of Apollo 13 (1995), the actual fated space shuttle spectacle launching at 13:13 CST. His character in the film named Haise =113. Illuminati Blood Sacrifice =113. Paxton was 3111 days old when JFK died.

The Academy Awards =61. Casey Affleck =61. The Moon =61. BILL =61. WILLIAM PAXTON =61 from Fort Worth TX =61 died at age 61. PAXTON =116. Eighty-Nine =116. Celebrity Sacrifice =116. Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise =116, his character in Apollo 13. Paxton died 11 weeks 6 days before his 62nd birthday & 62 days before the release of The Circle.

  • BILL PAXTON =602. Sacrifice =206. Joan Rivers =62. Eighty-Nine =62. Apollo Thirteen =62. Titanic =262. The Oscars on 26/2. Stone =62/26. Affleck =26. Apollo =26. Space =26. Royal =26. Oscar =26. God =26. Queen =26/62. Mason =26/62. Paxton’s old man died 126 days after his birthday (and 240 days before his next).
  • For more let’s break down that #89, the 24th prime number. WILLIAM BILL PAXTON =204. Cardiac Surgery =204. Affleck =24. Stone =24. Space =24. Aliens =24. Twister =42. Outer Space =42. The Moon =142. Oscars =42. The Eighty-Ninth Academy Awards =420/142. Illuminati Blood Sacrifice =124/241. 

Bill Paxton =182. These Oscars were 11,182 days after the release of Aliens. That’s also 30 years 7 months 9 days & 379 is the 75th prime number. Bill Paxton =750 (born on 17/5). Oscars =75. 

A fun fact about Paxton is that he was in the crowd in Dallas on the morning that John F Kennedy was assassinated. JFK =27. Kennedy =27. Paxton =27 died 270 days before the 54th anniversary of JFK’s death. JFK =54. Kennedy =504. Paxton =540. William Paxton =1540. Eighty-Nine =154. Paxton died 15 weeks 4 days after Trump’s election & 15 weeks 4 days before Trump’s next birthday, smack-dab in the middle. That’s also 8 months 28 days before the upcoming JFK anniversary. Frank Rourke =828, his character in Training Day. William Bill Paxton =282.

  • JFK connected back to NASA via the Kennedy Space Center =1122. JFK assassinated on 11/22. Fort Worth TX =1122. James Francis Cameron =1122. 
  • Paxton was 3112 days old when JFK died. 2113 is the 319th prime. Illuminati Blood Sacrifice =319. Crucified =319. Assassination of Donald Trump =319.

Another way of looking at it is Bill Paxton =44 was 444 weeks 4 days old when JFK died. This reminds me of Sandy Hook occurring 44,444 days after the first ever school shooting in America. Killing =444. Masonic =444. Order of Thelema =444. Occult =444. Speaking of space, John Glenn & Buzz Aldrin were born exactly 444 weeks apart & Yuri Gagarin died 4 years 4 months 4 days after JFK.


Let’s go ahead and break down that number 89 a little more & see what we find. The 89th prime number is 461. Sudden Death =461. If we’re to dig even deeper down this thread, the 461st prime number is 3259. Wouldn’t you know it: Bill Paxton was born 3,259 days after the birth of Donald Trump. Now that shit cray; especially with them JFK connections…


I’m wondering if Paxton was a blood sacrifice for either James Cameron or Arnold Schwarzenegger, both of whom Paxton’s worked with several times. He was born exactly 407 weeks after Arnie was born & died 211 days after Arnie’s last birthday (211 the 47th prime). Arnold Schwarzenegger =223 & Paxton’s last episode of Training Day aired on 2/23. Masonic =223. Lupercalia Sacrifice =223. Manifestation of Will =223, the 48th prime. Hollywood =48. Tell-A-Vision =48. Illuminati =48. 

James Cameron =207/702/54. Paxton =27/72/540. Paxton was born 39 weeks 1 day after Cameron was born & died 193 days after Cameron’s last birthday [see 3rd & 13th paragraphs]. Paxton was born 9 months 2 days after Cameron =29/209. Lupercalia Sacrifice =92. Celebrity Sacrifice =92. The Academy Awards =92. Eighty-Ninth Oscars =92/292. Oscar Sacrifice =129. The Eighty-Ninth Academy Awards =290. Oscar =29. 

Bagpipes in Space: Amazing Grace and Even More Amazing Synthetic Synchronicities

Kjell Lindgren =61. President Obama =61. Bagpipes in Space =142. President Obama =142. There are 14 weeks 2 days left in the 239th year on Easter Sunday. Easter Nine Eleven =1150. Dr. Kjell Norwood Lindgren =115. Four Score and Seven Years Ago =115. Lindgren is first person to play Amazing Grace on the bagpipes in space, only NASA and the ISS is a total hoax and this is coded ritual symbolism. Speaking of witch, Obama sang Amazing Grace at the Charleston Church shooting hoax funeral, as the code continues.

Amazing Grace =684. USA President =684. The song’s composer, John Newton, originally had his birthday on Wikipedia as 8/4, the same as Obama’s (as Zach captured on FTFT), but it’s since been changed to 7/24 – Brother Berg’s birthday. Trippy!

He’s part of Expedition 44/45 (like the 44th president and the next), which launched on 7/22, again the number of Pi and cycles (Lincoln died at 7:22 AM). It’s 249 days from launch to 3/27. Assassination of Barack Obama =249 Domestic Terrorists =249.

The bagpipes happened on 11/12/15: that’s 113 days into the mission. It made the news on 11/13, a year to the day before the Paris Attacks. That’s also 32 weeks 2 days before Obama sang the same ode to the dearly departed – coding in Skull & Bones and the 3/22 Brussels Bombings. The Charleston Church Hoax happened 223 days before Oregon rancher LaVoy Finicum was supposedly shot and killed, and we’re told he also sung Amazing Grace hours before he died.

3:24. Clementa Pinckney =1020. Kjell Norwood Lindgren =102. Second Nine Eleven =102. Purple =88, and 88 looks like 1313. Methodist =113. Fake Reality =113. Green Screen =113. The Paris Attacks happened 135 days (3240 hours) before Easter Sunday, or 4 months 14 days. False Flag =414. False Flag Event =135. Terrorism =135. This Easter Sunday, 3/27, is 5311 days after 9/11/01. Notice too that 3/27 is the 87th day of the year: Lincoln’s famous “four score and seven” signifies 87. Another Nine Eleven =87. Next Nine Eleven =87. Assassination of Barack Obama =87. Four Score and Seven =78. Easter Sunday is 187 days in the Jubilee Year, since Yom Kippur on 9/23. John Newton died 12/21/1807, which reduces to 3/3/187. JFK Assassination =187/1122, coding in the police code for homicide and the date JFK died, 11/22. 

  • The Eighty-Seventh Day =230/1380. President Obama Murdered =230. The President of the United States =138. ISIS Threatens DC=1038. Easter Nine Eleven =1038.
  • Eighty-Seventh Day of Twenty Sixteen =4032 and it’s exactly 4032 hours from Easter Sunday to 9/11/16. How weird is that? Especially with 3240 hours after 11/13. Next Nine Eleven in March =234. Masonic Ritual Murder =234. President Barack Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =2034. Order of the Illuminati =234. Invisible Government =234. John Newton Amazing Grace =243.

March 24th may very well represent the launch countdown to Sunday, 3-2-1. President of the United States =321. March Twenty-Four =1206. Final Countdown =1260. September Eleventh =1260. Easter Sunday is 199 days after the 14th anniversary of 9/11 and Expedition 44, launched on 6/11, lasted 199 days. A Terrorist Attack =199. Barack Obama Assassinated =199. That’s also 168 days until the next 9/11: Next Nine Eleven =168. Barack Obama =68. Four Score Seven =68.


Look at this ridiculous shit, nice 3-3 staging. Total fucking fantasy.

  • The Science Continues =211. Mason =211. Masonic Mind Control =211. All The World Is A Stage =211. Publicity Stunt =211. The 47th prime is 211. ISS =47. PsyOps =47. Darth Vader =47. Occult Ritual =47. God Saturn =47.
  • Four Score Seven =1404. International Space Station =1044. Black Cube of Saturn =1044. Saturn Creator-Controller of Earth =144. Time =144. MK-Ultra =441. Masonic Grand Lodge =441. National Aeronautics and Space Administration =441.

AstroNOT Scott Kelly and the ISS Hoax


Parts of Earth Look Kind of Sick =121/139. Revelation =121. Freemasonry =139. Of course it’s no secret that astronauts are Freemasons, including this Scott Kelly actor. Scott Joseph Kelly =62. Mason =62. Space Shuttle Hoax =62. He was even born in fucking Orange NJ. ORANGE =33, like their flight suit from the props department. 

  • Look Kind of Sick =64/154. Denver Broncos =64/154. And Kelly was born in ’64. SCOTT KELLY =34/142, like the Broncos Super Bowl finishing 24-10 with a total score of 34. Tribute much? NASA Astronaut =164. 
  • This also seems to connect to Barack Hussein Obama =64 / President Obama =142. And for the last year or so Obama does ‘look kind of sick.’
  • LOOKS VERY VERY FRAGILE =270. Super Bowl Fifty Sacrifice =270. Is the Earth the sacrifice!? And of course SB on 2/7 – all the numbers of that megaritual coded up in this story. 
  • Kind of Sick =47/56. NASA Astronaut =47/56. Star of David =47/56/119. ISS (9+1+1). ISS =47. 

Scott Kelly was featured in a post-game segment on the Colbert Show alongside Obama predicting the Broncos win in an admittedly pre-recorded taping. “All the Super Bowl winners are written on the back of the Declaration of Independence,” read Obama’s script, mocking and taunting us that it’s all a hoax. Just before the segment closes with Obama, a football is thrown to Scott Kelly “in orbit” – aka on a zero gravity parabolic flight.  

Scott Kelly is currently 51 (Conspiracy / Freemason / Zionism). He was born on Feb 21st, the 52nd day of the year. [2+21+1+9+6+4] =43. SCOTT KELLY =43. And look at this bullshit: he was crew on ISS Expedition 43, which launched on 3/11 of 15. 

“Kelly is currently in his 501st day in space over six different missions and the 321st day of his one-year mission aboard the International Space Station.” – CNN

  • International Space Station =105/123. Conspiracy =51/123. Masonry =105. Zionism =105. And the story comes on 2/11. Zionist =112. Mason =211. 
  • Kelly also holds the record for total number of days spent in space by an American: 382. Three Hundred Eighty Two Days =311. USA =311. Green Screen =113.  


This man is a fucking fraud and a phoney, as is NASA. It’s all deception, smoke and mirrors. I tend to lean more toward the secret space program theory to explain all the NASA hoaxery; that black ops tech is a hell of a lot more advanced then we’re told. Although space could also be the limit to a holographic reality, which is my preferred position in the Round vs Flat Earth argument.

Also, Kelly’s “twin brother,” Mike, is married to motherfucking Gabby Giffords, the Arizona senator who played along with a hoax assassination attempt in 2011 and pretended to relearn how to speak.  The twins are apparently so identical that one also shaved off his mustache and was indistinguishable from the other. 

Aka it’s the same NASshole actor deceiver being a good little bitch in yet another aspect of the con. Maybe they’re real twins… Close call. But if two they’re both frauds.  

And just listen to these astroNOTs speak. They all sound like retards. Uh, uh, uh. Using poor grammar. They’re supposed to be the ultimate cream of the crop. The best and brightest. Then we get dumb-dumbs like Don Pettit who is an absolute joke. The Powers That Be are LAUGHING at us. Look at these lying eyes…



NASA Hoax: £322 Million x 322′

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.54.17 PM

“The £322million PER LAUNCH super space rocket NASA hopes will send man to Mars” =270. Psychological Warfare Machine =270. Hilarious article from (posted at 13:11) about a 322-foot-tall rocket that costs £322 million per launch. MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX =322. The symbol of Yale’s Skull & Bones secret society. MASONIC =223. THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN =223. SKULL AND CROSSBONES =223.


Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.57.18 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.56.55 PM


  • Liar’s Club =43. Yale =43. Secretive =43. Bloodline =43. GHW Bush =43 (he was the 43rd VP). And there’s 43 days left on the 322nd day.

The Blood Sacrifice of Celine Dion’s Husband and the Cancer Moonshot Hoax


René Angélil died from cancer on the same day that Alan Rickman died from cancer. Four days after Bowie died from cancer. Two days after Obama vowed to cure cancer and Angélil died two days before his 74th birthday (when Celine is 47) – like Lemmy dying of cancer two days after being diagnosed and four days after his birthday! What a gong show!

All this cancer propaganda is absolutely bizarre and clearly setting the stage for something huge. All this coming as Obama announces his ‘Cancer Moonshot’. Emphasis on SHOT. As in what if all this hype is being set up to roll out a mandatory cancer vaccine?..

  • Born 1/16/42. That’s a life lesson number of 33. And numerology of [1+16+42] =59. He’s HALF-SYRIAN =59. Notice 1+16=17. Kill=17/59.
  • He dies at age 73. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Sacrifice =73. Bowie died on the night of the 73rd Golden Globes. Cancer Moonshot =73. 

RENE ANGELIL =57. ANGELIC RENE =57. CANCER VACCINES =57. MOON =57. Speaking of which, Bowie’s son Duncan Jones directed Moon (2009) released on 7/3. And the cloned character in that flick is SAM BELL =64. CANCER MOONSHOT =64. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA =64.

  • Rene Angelil =102. Angelil =102. A Cancer Vaccine =102. Murderer =102. Apollo Moon Landing Hoax =102.
  • RENE =130. CURE FOR CANCER =130. PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION =130. And check the tweet time from his wife’s emotional message.

  • RENE =24. Died on a date with 24 numerology when Cancer’s symbol CRAB =24.
  • ANGELIL =33. Life life lesson number of 33. ILL =33. AIDS =33. Celine born on 3/30. RENE ANGELIL BLOOD SACRIFICE =133. Autocorrect calls him ANGELIC =33/51 and he died on a date with 51 numerology (1+14+20+15). TWO DAYS EARLY =51.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 5.13.23 PM

He died from THROAT CANCER =54. CELINE DION =54. Is that code that she sacrificed his ass? BOWIE =54. INDUSTRY SLAVE =54. He’s survived by 6 children and 7 grandchildren (67). Blood Sacrifice =67. Titanic =76. Celine Dion’s Sacrifice =101. Cancer Vaccine =101. Assassin =101.


Moon Shots and Cancer. As the fable goes, America landed on the Moon on July 20th, 1969. That’s during the time of Cancer, whose symbol is 69 – matching with the year. Furthermore, Cancer ends on the 22nd of July and 22/7=3.14, an approximation of Pi – connecting to and emphasizing the cyclical nature of 69 and the fractal time it represents.

  • 69 is a symbol of infinity and it even reduces to 8 (6+9=1+7).
  • The other symbol of cancer is the Crab=144. Forty-Four =44. Cancer =44. Chemo =44. Kill =44. Space =44. NASA Lies =44.
  • And to reiterate one of my favourite discoveries of the day: REINCARNATION =69.

Speaking of which, the only Celine Dion song I know is MY HEART WILL GO ON =197. EVERLASTING LIFE =197. Notice that 197 also reduces to 8 for Infinity. Again, all this under the umbrella theme of Lazarus rising from the dead – symbolizing rebirth.

Back to Godhead - Volume 12, Number 10 - 1977

69 is the symbol for Cancer and “American Cancer Society” =96, the reversal suggesting it’s not looking out for our best interests.  The ACS estimates that 1.69 million Americans will be diagnosed in 2016. Of course it does. THELEMA =169. ONE SIXTY-NINE =74. CANCER VACCINATION =74. Again, Angelil died two days before his 74th birthday. Also curious is that David Bowie died exactly 74 weeks after Robin Williams. MASONIC =74. OCCULT =74. KILLING =74.

In JFK’s ‘Moon Shot’ speech, cited in Obama’s equally audacious call to cure cancer, he says “We Choose To Go To The Moon” =113 (Mainstream / Green Screen / Dishonest / Dream World). Gematria lets us know why he emphasizes WE CHOOSE =93. PROPAGANDA =93. HEBREW MEDIA =93. You see, the psychopathic parasites understand the universal laws of Karma and are thus obligated to tell the truth – so that the Karma is on us who do nothing to stop it and give our silence as our consent – and thus deliberately code these secret messages into their broadcasts.

  • MOON SHOT =47/119. STAR OF DAVID =47/119.
  • Mandatory Vaccinations =88. Poison =88. Program =88. Anti-Cancer =88. Eight Times Eleven =88 (Robin Williams ‘died’ on 8/11). How To Manipulate Goys =88. Goyim Manipulation =88. And Obama’s moon shot speech came 1 month 19 days (119) before the 88th Academy Awards.
  • That’s also a span of 7 weeks 1 day (71). JFK delivered his Moon Shot speech on 5/25/61 — 71 days before Obama was born.  THE CANCER VACCINE =71. SEVENTY-FOUR WEEKS =71. JEW WORLD ORDER =71. TRANSHUMAN AGENDA =71. That’s also 10 weeks 1 day (101). CANCER VACCINE =101. ASSASSIN =101.

Guaranteed they’ve had the cure for cancer for some time now but there’s a depopulation agenda afoot, and whatever will come of this we can be sure it’s not in our best interest.


UPDATE: Celine Dion’s brother is now expected to die any day now from cancer.

The Water-on-Mars PsyOp 


Allow me to preface by saying I don’t believe a goddamn thing the lientists at the Nazi corporation called NASA tell us. As far as I see it, these Nassholes on stage here are paid script-readers used to perpetuate illusions and peddle myths in order to keep humanity dumbed down and ignorant to the truth of our reality. This is just another piece of the Climate Change agenda, timed to coincide with UN’s General Assembly and the propaganda campaign for Global Goals all pushing for Agenda 21 / 2030. The initials CC=33 are telling you what’s really up. 

Then they proceed to show us more CGI images that again, as always, look offensively photoshopped and more like graphics you’d find on a Playstation 2 video game. But NASA says there’s water now and the slaves are celebrating in the virtual streets. It’s bullshit from ten light years away, as always, but in case we needed even more confirmation than our own discernment – it’s all encoded in the Gematria. (JUST WAIT FOR THE “RED PLANET” CONNECTIONS)


#JOURNEYTOMARS = 59 (Kill / Slave / Negro / Exiled / I Am Become Death / John F Kennedy)

THE SALINE SLOPES OF MARS: = 850 (Lucifer: Morning Star [Sirius] / The Planet Saturn [aka the Dwarf Star Saturn] / An Inside Job / Manipulating Others / Atrocious Arrogance / Denial of System /  Olympus)  – the largest known volcano in the solar system is on Mars: Olympus Mons

  • = 251 (Reptilian Infilitration / Planet Venus is Lucifer [Mars and Venus were lovers] / Genetically Modified Children / Ancient Egyptian Bloodline)
  • = 89 (Religion / Osiris / Phallus (Mars governs the gonads) / Jachin & Boaz / End Times / GOD OF WAR


SO the title of this press conference about Mars JUST HAPPENS to have the same numerological value as “God of War” eh. 


MARS = 201 (Apollo / Roman / Champion / Arms / The Alien Age); = 51 (Demon / Rome / Indian / Batman / Giant / Angelic / Bad Karma / Eris / Guard)

  • CURIOSITY = 139 (FREEMASONRY); = 49 (Revelation / Destruction / Global / Crash)
  • ROVER = 33; = 78 (Repent / Genesis) 


  • “Red Planet” has the same Gematria as Sirius the North Star, known as Lucifer the Light Bringer 
  • It’s Obama’s middle name (Barack “God of War” Obama)
  • Neptune is considered the astrological polar opposite to Mars
  • Zodiac sign of Scorpio is ruled by Mars
  • The etymology of ‘martyr’ has a prefix connection to Mars
  • Tuesday belongs to Mars (eg: Mardi in French)
  • In Babylonian times, the head of the pentagram referred to Mars/Aries
  • And kids eat Mars bars on Halloween. 
  • Now try and tell me that’s all a coincidence.

“Astrologically speaking, Mars is associated with confidence and self-assertion, aggression, sexuality, energy, strength, ambition and impulsiveness. Mars governs sports, competitions and physical activities in general. Mars presides over the genitals, the muscular system, the gonads and adrenal glands. It was associated with fever, accidents, trauma, pain and surgery.”

Mars orbits the sun in 687 days. 687 = Sagittarius / Insatiable Lust (Mars governs the genitals) / Murder the Pope / The President Barack Obama) 

According to astrology, Mars is the ruling planet of Aries – the ram. (Throw a transgender human body on that goat and hey you’ve got yourself a Baphomet.)

  • BAPHOMET = 35 (UN / NASA); = 256 (NASA Lies / UFO / The Rock / Chemtrail / Hell’s Gate); = 80 (Beelzebub / The Beast / Tyler / Creator / Throne / Ill Omen / Romans / Nanotech / Tragedy / Evil Obama / Daredevil / Houdini)
  • So now we know the real meaning behind rapper Tyler the Creator’s name: aka Baphomet the Beast.



  • “CHICAGO BULLS” = 413 (Satanic Thelema); = 112 (Satanic Leader / Cults of Ba’al); = 49 (Revelation / Destruction / Curiosity) 


So we find Mars references are veiled odes to Baphomet – and this water reference is curious indeed. Recall from my report on the Seattle Duck Bus Crash Hoax where I examined the Triangle of Manifestation hand sign and its link to water:


Also 67 = SATANIC / CYCLES / SOUL / REVELATION; as well as the date numerologies of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination (6/28/1914), September 23rd, 2015, the Rainbow White House Ritual (6/26/2015), and the Hindenburg disaster (5/6/1937). There’s some sort of connection here… What do you reckon?


BRING HIM HOME” = 121 (Antichrist / Revelation / Blood Sacrifice / Bruno Mars / Nibiru Hoax / The Gray Goo); = 76 (MARTIAN / Master / Barack H Obama)

  • THE MARTIAN = 46 (HERO) 
  • 10-2-2015 = 47 (OBEY / TIME / AUTHORITY)
  • And notice they spelled out October:


Black Holes Exist Because NASA Says So: Masonic False Flag Codename

    QUITE the coded word, this Black Hole. 

  • 119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye / Order of Death)
  • 69 (False Flag / Checkmate)
  • 33 – the main number of the Cabal


  • 156 can be interpreted as the fulfillment of 56 (The End / ISIS)
  • 5×6=30

THIRTY TIMES = 58 (Metlife Stadium / United States / Destruction / Agenda / Mandate)

  • THIRTY TIMES = 166 (September Eleven / Twin Towers / Bin Laden Nine Eleven / Annuit Coeptis / One World Order / The White House / New York Nuked / Secret Society)

And notice the timestamp (8:04) = 84 = Jesuit (Pope’s numerology) / Obama (his bday 8/4) / United States of America

“The galaxy, with the very clunky name of SAGE0536AGN, was discovered with NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. Scientists think it’s about 9 billion years old.” – CNN Article

  • SAGE0536AGN = 41 (Spitzer / USA / Pontiff / Fourteen)
  • — 41+14 = 414 (Black Hole)
  • SAGE0536AGN = 69 (Black Hole / False Flag)


And there’s that #9 again; the symbol of traumatic change and illusion. 

  • NINE BILLION = 61 (God / Church / Miracle / Fake Death / Fifty-Eight): Obama born in ’61
  • — 58 = Thirty Times
  • NINE BILLION = 115 (Freemasons / Killing) 


“The research team says it confirmed a black hole in the galaxy’s center by measuring the speed of the gas swirling around it. Then, they used the Southern African Large Telescope to gather data to help determine the size of the black hole.”

SOUTHERN AFRICAN LARGE TELESCOPE = 135 (Terrorism / Thelemic Order) 

  • S.A.L.T = 211 (Masons / Black Pope / Killing Machine); = 52 (Pope / Freemason): 52 years since 1963

DR. JACCO VAN LOON = 44 (Kill / Execution / HAARP / Preview)