Haile Selassie I and the Lucy Conspiracy

The theory of Lucy the Hoax just got so much juicier, truth-sleuths. Her skull & bones were discovered exactly 115 years to the day after Darwin’s Origin of Species, as we documented in the previous post, at a time when Ethiopia was going through an evolution of its own. A civil war had began 74 days earlier, following a Marxist coup d’etat and the ousting of Emperor Haile Selassie I, the man believed in Rastafarianism to be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The timing gets even more suspicious as the very day before Lucy the Missing-Link was unearthed, the Massacre of the Sixty (or Black Saturday) occurred when sixty former high officials of the imperial government were executed without trial, including Selassie’s grandson and two former Prime Ministers. Thus was declared the end of the Solomonic dynasty, the former ruling Imperial House of the Ethiopian Empire said to be the descendants of King Solomon of Israel and the Queen of Sheba. In the Rastafari frame, Zion is Ethiopia, the promised land and birthplace of humankind, and some Rastas believe themselves to represent the real Children of Israel in modern times.

Now just think about that symbolism. The day after the supposed Messiah’s dynasty was ended the poster-child for evolution, and thus Atheism, was discovered in the same African nation. They called her Lucy, like Lucifer – the ‘light-bringer’ who brought divine knowledge to humans after being cast out of heaven by God. According to the philosophy of the occult elite, it was Lucifer who gave the divine spark to Adam (or Lucy), the first human. It’s all too perfectly orchestrated – especially when we break down the numerology – but when coincidence theory is the indoctrinated operating system, hardly anyone looks twice.

Haile Selassie =227. Solomonic Dynasty =227. Emperor Haile Selassie =314. Second Coming of Christ =1314. He was officially buried 1314 weeks after his death, a long time to wait to get the numbers ripe for the pi-coding. His youngest son Prince Sahle Selassie =314 was born on 2/27 (in ’31 and died age 31). And get this, the 314th prime is 2083 and Haile Selassie I died an unbelievable span of 2083 days before the death of Bob Marley, the two leading figures of Rastafarianism, the religious movement developed in Jamaica during the 1930s in opposition to ‘Babylon’ – the oppressive powers which is the occult elite.

Emperor Haile Selassie I =133 was born as Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael =330. Haile Selassie I =133. Ethiopia =133. Jah =33. Living God =33. Solomon =33. Christ crucified at age 33 after performing 33 miracles in the bible. The Massacre of the Sixty =303 aka Black Saturday =33 was carried out by a group called the Derg =33.

And for the big connection: Darwin =33 died a perfect 10 years 3 months 3 days after the birth of Selassie I, the exact same sequence as Lucy =1033. 

Now let’s break down this 47-74 sequence we see coded so often.

Lucy =47 was discovered in ’74 at the Awash River =74 a span of 74 days after the forced removal of Haile Sellasie =74 who was born Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael =74. This number is very much associated with all things religious: Jesus =74. Lucifer =74. Messiah =74. Cross =74. Y’Shua =74. Iesous =74. Holy Spirit =74. Trinity =74. Divine Creation =74. Etcetera. Derg =74/174. God is Dead =174, as Nietzsche proclaimed in 1882 – the same year that Darwin died.

  • Nietzsche also wrote about “master-slave morality,” wherein Slave morality values things like kindness, humility, and sympathy, while Master morality values pride, strength, and nobility. This is another expression of the Luciferian philosophy of the occult elite, the Social Darwinism that enables psychopaths and sociopaths to reach and maintain positions of power within the Babylon system. 

His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellasie I =174.  The Reincarnation of Jesus =1074.

In Ethiopia, the collection of fossils that included Lucy is known as Dinkinesh =147. Lucifer =147. Selassie =147. Origin of Species was published when Haile Selassie I =1470 was 7 years 4 months 1 day old. The Second Coming =147. Marley =147. Ethiopia =47. Solomonic Dynasty =47. Jah on Earth =47. Lion =47. HIM =47 (His Imperial Majesty). Obey =47. Authority =47.


Haile Selassie I =169. Rastafarianism =169. Selassie I’s wife and youngest child both died in 1962, a span of 69 days apart. Darwin =69. Evolutionism =69. Illuminati =69. State of Israel =69. The Star of David =69. Freemasons =690. Lion of Judah =690. Lucifer =690. 

The Ethiopian Civil War lasted 6110 days. Darwinism =116. The Survival of the Fittest =116. Royals =116. Royalty =116. Kingdom =116. Addis Ababa Ethiopia =116. Emperor =116 Selassie I died 11 month 16 days after he was ousted from power and 11,160 days after the birth of Bob Marley, another crazy synch with the two Rasta giants.

Speaking of music, Lucy was named after the Beatles’ song ‘Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds’, said to have been playing on repeat when they discovered the fossil. While the popular myth says the title is an acronym for LSD, Lennon & McCartney said it was based on Alice in Wonderland – the book published exactly 101 years 6 months before the Beatles song released. Fitting, if the missing link is a hoax, that’d she’d be named after a seemingly nonsensical yet symbol-drenched fantasy tale.

The Ethiopian name for Lucy, Dinkinesh, means ‘you are marvelous’ in the Amharic language. This adds another layer of occult meaning as one definition of Marvelous is “improbable or incredible.” Like the theory that all the sacred geometry in nature is a total random accident and the result of billions of ‘marvelous’ coincidences.

There’s a stand-out line from Wikipedia that tells us: “The phrase ‘Lucy in the sky’ became ‘Lucy in disguise’ to the anthropologists, because they initially did not understand the impact of their discovery.” Lucifer in disguise. Diamond =33. LSD =33. Ganja =33. Teacher =33. Spiritual evolution and the revelation of the method.

  • What does LSD stand for numerically? L=3 S=1 D=4. More pi-coding in the substance that can help people see the truth of their reality by revealing its energetic framework. The substance that the CIA used to experiment on unwitting participants through their MK-Ultra mind control program.
  • The CIA is also said to be heavily entrenched in the fields of archaeology / anthropology, covering up the true history of Earth, which could explain the timing of the ’74 Ethiopian coup, using agents disguised as scientists. Indeed an article from the CIA’s own archives titled Did Lucy Have CIA Connection discusses rumours of agent infiltration.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds =337 released 37,070 days after the publishing of Alice in Wonderland and Bob Marley did exactly 337 weeks after the discovery of Lucy. Emperor Haile Selassie I =337. Solomonic Dynasty =1377. 

To me, all of this suggests Lucy in Disguise with Blood Diamonds, especially with the proven track record of the Agency destabilizing foreign nations to pave the way for Western industry. The Babylon System in full effect. Which leads to another explanation on the given code-name and symbolic cover story: Lucy =13. CIA =13. The number of rebellion associated with Lucifer.

Mobb Deep’s Prodigy: Blood Sacrifice

Prodigy from Mobb Deep has passed away from sickle-cell anaemia on 20 June 2017 at the age of 42. Representing Queens New York, Prodigy died in Las Vegas, a parallel to Tupac born in Harlem and killed in Vegas. The rapper born as Albert Johnson was a outspoken Truther who exposed the Illuminati, talking about the blood sacrifices, occult symbolism, and mental enslavement of the secret society controlled music industry.

Mobb Deep’s best known album is The Infamous =260 and Prodigy =26 from Mobb Deep =126 coming out of Queensbridge =126 died on 20/6 during The Art of Rap =206 tour, a span of 1 month 26 days after the 22nd anniversary of that record. His final album Hegelian Dialectic (the philosophy of problem-reaction-solution) dropped exactly 1062 weeks after Tupac died & Prodigy passed away exactly 1262 weeks after The Infamous. The full title of his last record is coded with his death date: Prodigy Hegelian Dialectic The Book of Revelation =206. Hip-Hop Sacrifice =260. 

  • Prodigy was arrested on 10/26 of 2006. That was a clean 555 weeks 5 days before his death. Juvenile Hell =555The Masonic Order =555.
  • Albert Johnson =198 from Queensbridge =198 died exactly 1098 weeks after Tupac’s diss track Hit Em Up, where he mentioned Prodigy’s sickle cell. Mobb Deep Shook Ones =1098. 

Prodigy died 167 days before Jay-Z’s birthday & exactly 1167 weeks after the single for Shook Ones =67. Shook =67. Havoc + Prodigy =67. Queensbridge =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. He also died 1176 days after their last & final album. 

Prodigy =570 was born Albert Johnson =570. Art of Rap =570. The Infamous dropped 507 days before Tupac died & Prodigy died at the age of 15,570 days old. 557 is the 102nd prime. Mobb Deep Shook Ones =102.

  • Mobb Deep =35/372/122. Prodigy + Havoc =135/1372/122. That’s the two rappers triple-synched with their group name.
  • Albert Johnson =666. The Infamous =996. Prodigy had 666 tattooed on his neck.

Al Johnson =135. Shook =135. Las Vegas Nevada =135. Their debut album Juvenile Hell =135 dropped exactly 3 years 5 months before Tupac died. Prodigy died 135 days before his birthday. This number stands out as the only underlined section in a letter Prodigy wrote (read it here) exposing the Nuwabian Nation as the black arm of the New World Order that Jay-Z represents.

As Prodigy writes, “J.Z is a God damn lie. I have so much fire in my heart that I will relentlessly attack J.Z, Illuminati, and any-every other evil that exists until my lights are put out.” His death comes days after Jay-Z’s ad campaign for his new visual album, 4:44. Albert Johnson =44. Kejuan Muchita =44. Shook Ones =44. That’s the birth names of Prodigy & Havoc synched up with their biggest hit.

Mobb Deep broke up for 7 months 22 days (7/27/12 – 3/22/13) and The Infamous dropped 72 weeks 2 days before Tupac died. Hegelian Dialectic =722. Prodigy Hegelian Dialectic The Book of Revelation =722/227. The Pi sequence, Prodigy died 4 months 13 days before his birthday.

  • Johnson =33 died in Las Vegas Nevada =133 exactly 33 weeks after his birthday and excluding end-points, 333 days before Havoc’s birthday, like his 333 neck tat. Art of Rap =33. Hit Em Up =33. Nuwabian =33. Masonry =33. Illuminati want my mind soul and my body =133. 
  • Mobb =84. Deep =84. The 84th prime is 433. Havoc was 43 years 30 days old when Prodigy died, 334 days before Havoc’s birthday or exactly 48 weeks.

“The enemy is government tyranny, all that other shit don’t matter.” – Prodigy

Drake’s Back to Back: Historic Convergence & Fractal Time

Drake dropped a single called Back to Back on 29 July 2015. We just saw Real Madrid & Oklahoma Women’s College Baseball both win back-to-back championships and now Cavaliers & Penguins are poised to do the same. We’ve identified a 25-year cycle that brings us back to 1992 and the repeat champions Chicago Bulls (’92/’93) and Penguins (’91/’92). The Toronto Blue Jays also went back-to-back in ’92/’93.

But that’s not all.

Michigan lost the NCAA Basketball Finals in ’92/’93 and Duke went back-to-back in ’91/’92. Dallas Cowboys won back-to-back in ’93/’94 and the Buffalo Bills made the Super Bowl four years in a row (’90-’94) winning only once in ’92. Manchester United won the Premier League in ’92/’93 and Stefan Edberg won the US Tennis Open in ’91/’92. What appears to be happening here is called convergence, or historic recurrence.

That unsettling feeling of deja vu as a byproduct of fractal time.

Now the first line of Drake’s track goes: “I learned the game from William Wesley.” Wesley is a consultant for Creative Artists Agency and considered one of the most influential power brokers in the NBA, associated with both LeBron James & Michael Jordan.

Wesley’s nickname is World Wide Wes, and as W=6 in Hebrew (vav), WWW =666. Internet =666. Computer =666. Calculation =666. The track ends repeating 6-6-6-6-6-6 into a fadeout. Back to Back released 666 days before James beat Jordan’s record and made The NBA Finals =666. Penguins =666. NBA +NHL =666. Trilogy =666. Karma Cycles =666. Zodiac Wheel =666. Convergence =666. 

History Repeats Itself =125. Fractal =25. Deja Vu =25. Mario & Michael =250. History Repeats =250. Back to Back runs 2:50 in length. The 25-year cycle. And of all the names, Wesley’s middle name is Sydney =25. 

Twenty-Five Years =213. Drake Back to Back =213. The track released 12 years 1 month 3 days after LeBron was drafted. Jordan was born 21 years 10 months 13 days before James and Lemieux was born 21 years 10 months 3 days before Crosby. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =2130. Penguins Two Thousand Seventeen Stanley Cup =213. Toronto Blue Jays =213. I Learned the Game from William Wesley =3102. Back to Back =312. 

If we exclude the end points, Jordan & James were born 21 years 10 months 11 days apart and Lemieux & Crosby were born 21 years 10 months 1 day apart. Joe Carter was born 2 years 11 months 10 days before MJ. If Cavs win Game 7 it will be 1 year 10 months 20 days after Drake’s Back to Back, the track released 2 years 1 month 10 days after LeBron won back-to-back with the Heat. Historic Recurrence =211/112. Fractal =211. 

  • Recurrence =960. Historic Resonance =96. History Repeats Itself =96/969. Twenty-Five Year Cycle =69/96. The track released 190 weeks 6 days after the second Heat championship and this Game 7 will be 690 days after the release of Back to Back =69. Pi =69. Convergence =169. Synchronicity =169. 

Back to Back is a diss rap at Meek Mill, and he & Drake were born 6 months 11 days apart. Real Madrid won 1 year 10 months 6 days after the release of the song and if Penguins win in 7 it will be 1 year 10 months 16 days later. Fractal Time =116. Convergence =1116. 

Historic Resonance =663. Drake was born 663 days after LeBron. Penguins Twenty Seventeen Stanley Cup Champions =663. Drake Back to Back =633. Penguins’ owner Ron Burkle was ranked the 633rd Richest Person on the Planet by Forbes. Synchronicity =363. 

  • Fractal =306 and the 306th prime is 2017. Perfectly timed.

Historic Resonance =227. Joseph Chris Carter =227. Penguins + Cavaliers =227. Repeat Champions =227. Back-to-Back Win =227. Twenty Seventeen =227. Penguins head coach born on 2/27 and the day before the NBA Finals began (when LeBron got his house tagged) was 13 years 11 months 4 days after LeBron was drafted. Historic Repetition =314. Resonance =314.

“A favorite theory of mine—to wit, that no occurrence is sole and solitary, but is merely a repetition of a thing which has happened before, and perhaps often.” – Mark Twain

Kanye West & Michael Jordan

Alright check this shit out. Kanye West was 11,113 days old when his mother died and Michael Jordan was the EXACT same age of 11,113 days old the day before his father was murdered. That’s the definitive case closed on the long-count theory, especially when the Gematria synchs.

Michael Jordan =113/311. Yeezus =311. Kim Kardashian =113. Kimberley Kardashian-West =113. Her father, Robert George Kardashian =113, died another perfect long-count at the age of exactly 3110 weeks old. Robert was the attorney of OJ Simpson =113. The span of 1130 days is equivalent to 3 years 1 month 4 days, the Pi-Cycle of history repeating. The day before Michael Jordan’s dad dying was 22/7, and 33 days after MJ won his back-to-back title.

James R Jordan =213. Donda West =213. The sacrificed parents perfectly synched with all this: LeBron Raymone James =1230 (born 12/30) & Michael Jordan =123 were born 21 years 10 months 13 days apart, Sidney Crosby & Mario Lemieux were born 21 years 10 months 3 days apart, and Eldrick Tiger Woods =213 (born 12/30) & Michael Jordan were born 12 years 10 months 13 days apart. House of Cards premiered on 2/1/13. President Donald J Trump =312. Stephen King’s novel Dolores Clairborne features a solar eclipse; its UK release comes 21 years 11 months 13 days before the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse on 8/21. Kanye + Jordan =1231.

We’ve been noticing 52/25 coding lately and MJ & Kanye were born 5225 days apart. 

Eldrick Tiger Woods =1182 was 11,082 days old when his father died.

We Are Humanoids. We are 138.

I just want to do a quick post here pointing out a few awesome long-count 138s I’ve found involving the death of motorcycle racer Nicky Hayden and the birth of Kate Middleton. First a reminder of the highlight 138s we’ve discovered so far:

As we connect occult rituals to Saturn worship, each side of the planet’s hexagonal cloud has equal sides each measuring 138,000 km in length. Chris Cornell =1308 died at the MGM Grand Casino =138. Death Hoax =138. Donald Trump =138 began his campaign 1 year 3 months 8 days after Flight MH-370 vanished and the Solar Eclipse comes exactly 113 years 8 months after the Wright Brothers made aviation history. Trump was exactly 1138 weeks old when Martin Luther King was assassinated. We also connected this to The Great Crash =1308 also known as Black Tuesday =138 which led to the Great Depression =1380.

Pi Cycles =138. Holographic =138. The American Dream =138. Hypnotize =138. Secret Language =138. Codename =138. Nickname =138. Klu Klux Klan =138. Zionist =138. Kingdom of Judah =138. Knights Templar =1038. Great Architect =138. 

And now for yet more evidence as to the power of the long-count:

Nicholas Hayden =138 died age 13,080 days old and Kate Middleton =1308 will be 13,008 days old for the Eclipse. If this is part of a Saturn =511 ritual, Middleton & Hayden were born 5 months 11 days apart. In the wake of Hayden’s death we saw Austin Dillon =138 win the Coca-Cola 300 and Takuma Sato, racing for Andretti Autosport =831, win The Indianapolis Five Hundred =308 featuring honorary starter Jake Gyllenhaal =1138 (Gyllenhaal =1038), Bebe Rexha =138/1038 singing the anthem, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (JD Morgan =38) driving the pace car, a Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport =308/381.

There’s a song by The Misfits called ‘We Are 138.’ Song-writer Glenn Danzig’s birth name was Glenn Anzalone =138. Humanoids =138. Which is what the song is about. We’ve learned that 138 represents the fulfilment of 38. The Misfits =38. Anzalone =38. Masonic =38. Lucifer =38. Cyborgs =38. Robotics =38. Walk Among Us =38. Android =38. Robot Police =38. Humanoid Robot =308. 

As the internet tells us:

This song was written by Misfits lead singer Glenn Danzig, who when asked about the song, says that it is about violence. Then he stops talking and waits for the next question. It’s likely that the 138 is a reference to THX-1138, which was the first movie by George Lucas. In the film, humans have been given names resembling license plates, and THX-1138 is a character portrayed by Robert Duvall who works in a factory making robot police. Misfits bass player Jerry Only and guitarist Bobby Steele have said that the band had buttons made showing a humanoid robot with the number 138 on its head. The idea was that people were being turned into androids like in the movie. Danzig’s response to their statements: “They didn’t write it, and they don’t know what the f–k it’s about.”

Duvall =38. Robert Duvall =138. The 138th prime number is 787. Freemasonry =787.

* Glenn Anzalone, Robert Duvall, & Humanoids all sum to 138 in Kabbalah Gematria, as yet further evidence to its significance. * Kabbalah =38. Gematria =38. 

Marcus Intalex & the Ghost Ship

Marcus ‘Intalex’ Kaye, one of the pioneer DJs of British drum & bass, has died on 28 May 2017, a span of 25 weeks 2 days after the Warehouse Fire =205/152 at Ghost Ship. Kaye =252, A Drum & Bass Pioneer =252, that sequence appearing again. The find that inspired the post is this: Intalex did a remix of Lana del Rey’s ‘Born to Die’ that released on 5/28/12 – exactly five years to the day before his death. The man from Manchester (in the wake of the Arena Bombing) with no public birth date, the search for which led to this & these discoveries.

Marcus Intalex Kaye =202. Born To Die =202. Lewis Allan Reed =202. Solar Eclipse =202. Buzz =1202 Aldrin was hospitalized on 12/2, the same day as the fire at Ghost Ship =122 on the 122nd meridian, Kaye from Burnley Lancashire =1122. BURNLEY. Del Rey’s birth name Elizabeth Woolridge Grant =122. Great American Eclipse =122. Frequencies =122. Marcus Intalex =212. Derick Ion Almena =212, the founder of Ghost Ship.

Marcus =22. DJ =22. Reed =22. CERN =22. Manchester England =220. Marcus Intalex Kaye =222. Take a Walk on the Wild Side =222. Chelsea Faith Dolan =221. Dolan =221. Edwin E Buzz Aldrin Jr =221. Born To Die (Marcus Intalex Remix) =122. Prince died exactly 221 weeks after Lana’s Born to Die single. And remember the plethora of 22s from the Manchester Bombing.

  • The Station Nightclub Fire in Rhode Island happened on 2/20 of 2003, exactly 22,000 days after the deadliest nightclub fire in world history at Cocoanut Grove in Boston.
  • Manchester =211. Oakland Warehouse Fire =211/112 and it broke out at 11:20 PM in Fruitvale =1121. Five Years =112. The deadliest nightclub fire in America (602 killed) was the 1903 Iroquois Theatre Fire =112 which happened 112 years 11 months 2 days before the Ghost Ship Fire.

I dropped Lou Reed’s name in there because Lana’s chorus in that track says, “Come and take a walk on the wild side,” which is of course a nod to Reed =19 who died exactly 1 year 9 months after the single. Almena =19. 

Oakland Warehouse Fire =206. Hundred Percent Silk =206. Disc Jockey =206. DJ =26. Marcus =26. Lana =26. Da Intalex =126. Cherushii =126, was a popular DJ killed in the fire. The original Born to Die single released exactly 260 weeks before Trump’s inauguration and the remix exactly 260 weeks before the Manchester Bombing. Soul:R =260, Kaye’s own record label, like Total Solar Eclipse =260. 

Golden Donna =261 was the DJ that night at Ghost Ship and Kaye grew up in Burnley Lancashire =261. That’s also a span of 260 weeks 1 day to Trump’s first full day in office. As we broke down earlier, Five Years =162 is exactly 261 weeks, the span predictive programmed in the remix track corresponding with the 261 weeks between the first orbit of Earth and Kurt Cobain’s birthday and the 261 weeks between Chris Cornell’s birthday and the first lunar landing. “You and I We Were Born To Die” =1620. Bowie who sang ‘Five Years’ died 206 weeks 1 day after Born to Die released.

  • Buzz Aldrin was exactly 2061 weeks old for the Moon Landing & Donald Trump will be 26,001 days old for the Great American Eclipse, 1261 days after the disappearance of MH-370. Roger Ailes was 20,601 days old when he founded Fox, Tupac was shot 26 weeks 1 day before Biggie died, and MLK died exactly 261 weeks before the Twin Towers opened.

And just as we covered previously, 261 weeks can also be read as 260 weeks 6 days, a sequence coded into the chorus: Take a Walk on the Wild Side =266. You and I We Were Born To Die =266. Oakland Warehouse Fire =1266. Cobain was born 260 weeks 6 days after the first orbit and Cornell was the exact same age of 260 weeks 6 days old when Apollo Eleven =266 landed, 2060 weeks 6 days after the birth of Edwin Buzz Aldrin =266, and 2066 days after the assassination of John F Kennedy. Solar Eclipse =266. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 11.45.22 PM.png

Ghost Ship was the deadliest structural fire in Californian history since the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, which happened 40,407 days earlier. The Ghost Ship Fire also happened 74 years 4 days after the Cocoanut Grove Fire. Marcus Intalex died 74 weeks 4 days after Aleister Crowley’s manor burned down. Frequency =774. 

  • Marcus Intalex Kaye =280. DJ =28. Lana =28. Del Rey =28. Fire =28.
  • Intalex =330. del Rey =33. Rey =33. Born to Die =33. Lana del Rey Born to Die =303. You Like Your Girls Insane =330. Satya Yuga =33. 
  • The 33rd prime 137. Soul:R =137. Kate Middleton will be 13,007 days old the day before the Eclipse =137.

Lana del Rey Born to Die =314. “You and I We Were Born To Die” =314. Bowie died 3 years 11 months 14 days after Lana’s single. Fruitvale =227. Frequency =227. 

There was a shrine to Shiva inside Ghost Ship, same as the one outside CERN (the laboratory where they perform mock human sacrifice). The Large Hadron Collider was officially commissioned on 6/17/76, a span of 15,040 days before the Great American Eclipse. The Ghost Ship =154. Oakland California =154. Born to Die =154. Da Intalex =540. The LHC =54.

Lord Shiva =118. Frequency =118. Da Intalex =118. British Disc Jockey and Record Producer =118. The LHC fired its first protons 8 years 11 months 11 days before The Great American Eclipse =118 and its official inauguration was 8 years 10 months 1 day before the Eclipse. Intalex died 11 months 8 days after del Rey’s birthday. The Mayan Calendar began on 8/11 of 3114 BCE. Who knows what exactly the connection is here but I’m thinking it has something to do with frequency manipulation, string theory, multiple dimensions, and the programming of reality.

The other day I was talking code with a stock broker who’s made millions off an algorithm he developed to track market fluctuations, an old dude very much switched on to the Conspiracy. He too knows that everything is an expression of the universal language (or source code) of mathematics based on the principles of sacred geometry, and that any major event requires several minor events programmed as stepping stones for the initial output of energy to leap-frog onwards, increasingly gaining momentum towards the target. And I think that’s exactly what we’re looking at with these sacrificial offerings by the numbers.

And since we’re talking Ghost Ship I’ll share an insider comment from a reader who was there:

‘I was a tenant of the Satya Yuga/The Ghost ship.
There is a reddit article that was deleted about a survivor who heard a girl telling people to stay up stairs (who most likely increased the level of the tragedy). I personally witnessed this girl as well, along with my friend who was visiting me. This girl was telling people not to come down the stairs, she was chanting “This is the will of the spirits of the forest”. There was a fight that broke out that seemed sinister by the intonations of the voices right before the fire, in my opinion I believe someone caught someone else in the act of starting the fire and may have caused a fight or scuffle (which is what me and my friend heard) when I went to go check, multiple people fled the scene, so it could have been a group effort. I personally have been very into the occult as an avid reader and intellectual, and have been knee deep in the electronic music scene for quite some time. Satya Yuga was an art enclave/installation/stage for Symbiosis 2016. The thing that really spooks me, was that the last DJ of the festival at the Satya Yuga stage played the song “Burning down the house” and I refused to dance to it because I got an extremely weird “vibe” as if there was some sort of mockery going on. The night of the fire, the DJ that night was also playing a song about fire according to other witnesses (I couldn’t tell because I was downstairs, it all sounded the same to me). Someone asked him to turn down the music because there was a fire, he supposedly handed him a water bottle and said “Then just put it out yourself” and continued to turn up the music. There are other elements and suspicions but these are the facts.’ – Zero

Catch up on the full story and read some more awesome comments on my old post Oakland Ghost Ship Fire & The Ongoing Fire Ritual.

** Lana Del Rey was 1666 weeks old when Intalex died and she’ll be exactly 32 years 2 months old for the Eclipse, she was born on Prince William’s third birthday. Her name means something like Child of the King. Princess Charlotte will be 120 weeks 2 days old for the Great American Eclipse =122. 

Gregg Allman RIP

Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers Band, has passed away on 27 May 2017 at the sacrificial age of 69. The behind-the-music story is a fascinating web of synchronicities, starting with Gregg’s father who was murdered by a hitchhiker when Gregg was two. Duane Allman, considered one of the greatest guitars player in history, died in a motorcycle crash (10/29/71) just as the band was blowing up – then a year later the founding bass player Berry Oakley also died in a motorcycle crash (11/11/72) just three blocks away from where Duane wrecked in Macon Georgia. Born in Jacksonville & Chicago and they both die in bike crashes in the same backwater Georgia town.

Fast forward to 2017 and the founding drummer Butch Trucks kills himself in front of his wife (1/24/17) three months before Gregg. The curse continued with Midnight Rider: The Gregg Allman Story, a feature film about the man, when on the very first day of filming (2/20/14) one of the crew members was hit by a freight train on a trestle bridge and killed. The director Randall Miller became the first director to go to jail for the death of a cast or crew member.

  • Fun Fact: Miller directed H-E Double Hockey Sticks about a hockey player who sells his soul for his team, the Delaware Demons (a thinly veiled version of the New Jersey Devils) to win the Stanley Cup. The film released (10/3/99) two days into the NHL season that sure enough led to a New Jersey championship. The Devils won 252 days after the predictive program.

Hot on the trails of the previous post’s Christ connections, Allman published an autobiography titled “My Cross to Bear” that released 5 years 25 days before his death for yet another 525 for the list. He was also born 1 year 5 months 25 days after Donald Trump. The Allman Brothers Band =252. If we exclude end points, John Lennon died 12,052 days after Allman was born.

There’s another connection to Jimmy Carter here, with Gregg Allman dying the day after Carter’s national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Allman Brothers Band being major donors to his campaign and playing at Carter’s Inaugural Ball.

Gregory Allman =1218 and he was born on 12/8. John Lennon died on Allman’s 33rd birthday. Rockstar =33. Midnight Rider =133. Duane + Gregg =133. Duane died exactly 33 weeks after recording At Filmore East =128. The Tavistock Institute =218. Tavistock Institute for Human Relations =218. Social Engineering =218. 

  • Allman Brothers =314. Allman Brothers Band =227. James Earl Carter =227. Raymond Berry Oakley =227. Claude Hudson Trucks =1314. Oakley died 31 weeks 4 days after his bday. Lennon died when Gregg was exactly 1722 weeks old.
  • Allman died 3 years 3 months 8 days after the train death. Jimmy Carter =1338. The Brothers were born 383 days apart, that number again.

Gregg & Duane were born 1 year 19 days apart. Berry Oakley =119. James Marshall Hendrix =119. Richmond Hill =119. Duane died 11 months 9 days after his birthday when he was 9110 days old. 911 is the 156th prime and Hendrix died age 10,156 days old.

Rolling Stones ranked Howard Duane Allman =47 the second greatest guitar player of all-time after Jimi Hendrix. Allman Brothers =47. Allman + Hendrix = 47. The two legends were born 407 days apart. Illuminati =470. Trump =470. John Lennon =47. Rock =47. 

  • That’s exactly 58 weeks between the births of Duane & Jimi Hendrix =508. Rock Music =58. Social Engineering =58. Freemasonry =58. Macon Georgia =58. At Filmore East =58. Butch Trucks =158. Allman Brothers =158.  
  • The Allman Brothers Band =86. Duane + Gregg =86. Kurt Cobain died 8,600 days after Hendrix. Tavistock Institute =86. Rock N Roll Mind Control =86. Rockstar =86. 

Duane died in 71 in Macon Georgia =170 then Gregg died in 17 in Richmond Hill =71. Duane died 7 years 11 months 7 days after the Kennedy Assassination. Trump =171 will be 71 years 17 days old on 7/1/17, Canada Day, and on the upcoming 48th anniversary of the Moon Landing, President Trump =71 will be 71 years 1 month 7 days old. Berry Oakley died 1 year 7 months 17 days after their Midnight Rider single released.

Ariana Grande Bombing: A Riddle

A suicide bomber strikes an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in Manchester England on 22 May 2017, hours after Donald Trump prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on an overseas tour of his own. The nail bomb detonated in the foyer as spectators were leaving the show, and we’re told most of the dead were trampled. This staged event appears to be part of the ongoing saga suggesting an ominous fate for President Trump.

Now as for that 5/22 date: Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman =522. Dangerous Woman indeed. It happened 52 weeks 2 days after the release of her Dangerous Woman album, 122 weeks 5 days after Manchester Arena received its current name, 225 days after UFC 204 was held here, and 2025 days after Britney Spears performed here during her almost identically named tour, Femme Fatale =522.

  • The Israelites =522. Knights Templar =225. The New World Order =225. The British Royal Family =255. Sefirot =552. Trump was elected exactly 2205 weeks after Nixon resigned.

It was her 45th show of the tour & Trump is the 45th man elected. Impeachment =45. Ariana Grande =145. Manchester Arena =145. Greater Manchester Police =1045. Star of David =1045. Western Wall =145. Temple Mount =145. Her space-themed music video for Break Free premiered exactly 145 weeks earlier, and featured Ariana stealing the 10 Sephirot (or Sefirot, the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, called Etz haChayim in Hebrew) from a wizard to power her spaceship. Heavy symbolism of Jewish Mysticism =45. 

Chaos =19. The bombings killed at least 19 spectators on date numerology of 19 and the Western Wall, built in 19 BCE, stands 19 metres high. The fulfilment of 19 is 119. Donald =119. Ariana Grande-Butera =119. Etz haChayim =119. Star of David =119. Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman =119. Manchester =119. Nixon died 11,109 days after JFK.

  • The 19th prime is 67. Dangerous Woman =67. Manchester Arena =670. Blood Sacrifice =67. Christina Grimmie =670. Jerusalem’s Old City =67. Jewish Kabbalah =67. The Ten Sefirot =67. The bombing happened 16,070 days after Nixon confessed his role in the Watergate scandal (exactly 44 years earlier).

Grande-Butera =116. Ariana Grande Gig =116. Cathedral Gardens =116. Western Wall =116. Royals =116. Royalty =116. Psychological Operation =1116. Christina Grimmie was shot dead after her show 11 months 16 days after Grande’s birthday and this bombing happened 11 years 10 months 16 days after the London Bombing. The Break Free music video premiered 1106 days before the Great American Eclipse.

Ariana =26 born on the 26th of June =62, with very Royal =26 coding. Manchester Arena =260. As Above So Below =260. The Ten Sephirot =260. Ten Sefirot =260. President Trump =260. Grande was born 260 days before the birth of Grimmie (who has a posthumous album dropping this 6/2).

  • Dangerous Woman =62. Suicide Bomber =62. The Manchester Arena =602. Jewish Kabbalah =602. The Tree of Life =62. The bombing comes 62 days after the Westminster Attack.  Cathedral Gardens =62. Jerusalem Israel =162. Watergate Scandal =162. 
  • Watergate =126. Sephirot =126. Jewish Mysticism =1206. The bombing happened 10 months 26 days before Grande’s birthday. As she tweeted: “Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words” =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. Sacrifice =206. Temple Mount =206. 

Her Dangerous Woman single released on 3/11/16, the 12th anniversary of the Madrid Bombings or exactly 626 weeks and she’s born 6/26. Suicide Bombing =262. The Great American Eclipse =262 for which Trump will be 26,002 days old. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. The British Empire =262.

It happened when Grande was 8,731 days old and 8731 is the 1088th prime and she was born with 188 days remaining to emphasize the code. Synagogue of Satan =1088. The Manchester Arena =88 is located in Hunts Bank =881. Royal =881. Reminding us of Oswald =88 being 8801 days old for the assassination of John F Kennedy =188. President Kennedy =188. 

  • President Trump =1188. The bombing happened 8 years 8 months after her career launched with the Broadway musical 13 about a Bar Mitzvah and on 8/8 Nixon resigned. The Manchester Arena =808. Old City =88. Sefirot =88. Trump =88. Donald J Trump =888. Nail Bomb =888. Ten Sephirot =888. 

Grande =69. The Wailing Wall =69. Jerusalem Israel =69. State of Israel =69. Illuminati =69. Benjamin Netanyahu =69. Jewish Mysticism =69. Tree of Life =169. The bombing happened 1 year 6 months 9 days after the Paris Attacks. “Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words” =609. Freemasons =690. Initial reports say 69 casualties.

  • The 69th prime is 347. The Grande Bombing happened 347 days after Christina Grimmie was gunned down outside her concert in Orlando, the day before the Pulse Massacre Hoax.

Jerusalem’s Old City =211. Manchester =211. Mason =211. That’s 11 months 12 days after the death of Christina Victoria Grimmie =1112. Ariana Grande Gig =112. Greater Manchester Police =112. President Donald Trump =112. The Dangerous Woman single released 1 year 2 months 11 days before the bombing. Nineteen =112. Zionist =112. Judaism =112. Jewish Kabbalah =112. 

Royal =551. The Illuminati =551. False Flag Operation =551. Manchester England =155. Christina Victoria Grimmie =155. Freemasons =155. Masonic Ritual =155. Break Free =55 released 1055 days / 150 weeks 5 days before the bombing. The Sephirot =515. The Manchester Arena opened on 15/5 and the bombing happened 555 days after the Paris Attacks. Trump was inaugurated 15,505 days after Nixon resigned. The Masonic Order =555. Mahatma Gandhi =555. Lunar Eclipse =555.

Jewish Mysticism =218. The Eclipse on 21/8 and Break Free video premiered on 8/12. The Manchester Arena opened 2 years 18 days after Grande was born and the bombing came 21 years 10 months 8 days after the Arena opened. President Donald John Trump =2118. TRUMP =218. 

  • That’s also 1140 weeks 2 days on the 142nd day of the year. Ten Sephirot =142. Terrorist =142. 
  • Dangerous Woman Tour =322. Judaism =322. Order of the Illuminati =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Ariana Grande Concert =223. This happened with 223 days remaining in the year and the Westminster Attack on 22/3. 
  • The 48th prime is 223. Nail Bomb =408. Illuminati =48. Grande-Butera =48. Tree of Life =48. Etz haChayim =48. Ten Sephirot =148. 

The Arena opened exactly 107 weeks after Ariana was born and the Bombing happened 107 days into her tour. The Manchester Arena =170. Dangerous Woman =170. The Royal Family =170. Impeachment =107, the 28th prime & Nixon’s impeachment process took exactly 28 weeks. He announced his resignation was Trump was 10,282 days old.

Domo Arigato Viktor Gorbatko: MTV & The Masonic Space Program

Continuing on this bizarre synchronicity between rockstars & the space program (perhaps the real Rock Star is the Moon) a Russian cosmonaut named Viktor Gorbatko died on the very same day as Chris Cornell – another nifty Twins Trick. There’s gotta be some deeper occult significance to the MTV Video Music Award (known as the Moonman) being an astronaut. Perhaps it’s because MTV first aired 15 years 5 months 5 days after the first Apollo flight. Entertainment =555. The Masonic Order =555, which is what the M really stands for. Masonic TV and the Masonic space program.

Viktor Gorbatko =1104. Great American Eclipse =1104. Pseudocide =1014. Apollo Mission =1014. Christopher George Latore Wallace =114. Kurt Cobain =114, his body discovered 114 days after the TV release of Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York =411. Cosmonaut =114. The upcoming Solar Eclipse =1140 is exactly 114 weeks after the Trump campaign began. President Donald John Trump =114. Crucifixion Darkness =114, the name for the solar eclipse on the afternoon of Christ’s crucifixion.

Continuing on this sequence, the Biggie Mural located at 1114 Quincy St in Brooklyn =114 is scheduled for destruction. The news of this came just before the death of Chris Cornell, the same time as the aforementioned image of Kurt-as-Tupac was injected into the collective consciousness. As we’ve seen, there’s major connections between all four of these counter-culture music legends.

Viktor Vasilyevich Gorbatko =319 died at the age of 30,119 days. Unplugged in New York =319. Nevermind =913 and Tupac died on 9/13. 

  • The 319th prime is 2113 and Kurt Cobain died 2 years 11 months 3 days before Biggie Smalls =213 and 211 weeks 3 days after Andrew Wood, was born on 3/19. MTV first aired on the 213th day. End date included Gorbatko died 30,120 days after his birth and spent a total of 30 days 12 hours in space.
  • Riffing on that 30,119 span, as 6 is interchangeable with 9 we find that 3116 is the 444th prime (MTV first airing 3160 days after the last Apollo mission).

Tupac =444. Makaveli =444. David Bowie =444. Ziggy =444. Lead Singer =444. Man on the Moon =444. Astronaut =444. John Glenn & Buzz Aldrin were born exactly 444 weeks apart and JFK died 4 years 4 months 4 days before Yuri Gagarin died. The Wright Brothers were also born 4 years 4 months 4 days apart. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of the Law =444. Order of Thelema =444. Masonic =444. Occult =444. And if we sum all the names of America’s Founding Fathers: John Adams + Benjamin Franklin + Alexander Hamilton + John Jay + Thomas Jefferson + James Madison + George Washington =444.

The 44th prime is 193, an anagram of 319. Viktor Vasilyevich Gorbatko =193. Tupac Amaru Shakur =193. Assassinated =193. Sacrificed =193. 

Notice 2Pac rocking both the Skull & Bones tee and Star of David ring while Biggie sports the Masonic checkerboard bandana. Thug Life =43/124. Killuminati =43/124. Lies =43/124. Subterfuge =43/124. 

Viktor Gorbatko =1164. Kurt Donald Cobain =164. Notorious BIG =164. Chris Cornell =64 & Gorbatko died 16 weeks 4 days before the Eclipse. Trump born on 16/4. Again, Michael Hutchence was born 1640 days before Cornell and Dave Grohl was born 1640 days after Cornell. The Biggie Mural =64. The King of New York =64. 

Viktor Gorbatko =152/125. Christopher Cornell =152. Tupac + Biggie =152. Christopher George Latore Wallace =152. Tupac Amaru Shakur =1525. INXS =252. Smells Like Teen Spirit =252. The Elite =252. New World Order =252. Kennedy proposed the space program on 5/25.

  • Kurt Cobain died 250 weeks 5 days after Bleach and his body was found 1205 weeks 5 days before Gorbatko & Cornell died and 152 weeks 5 days before Biggie died. Cobain died 2 years 5 months 2 days before Tupac got shot and Tupac died 25 weeks 2 days before Biggie. Cornell died 5 months 25 days after the 19th anniversary of Michael Hutchenson’s death and he died 552 days after Kevin Gilbert’s death. Cornell was born 2522 days after Tupac and Cobain was born 225 weeks 2 days before Tupac.

Space Program =552. Chris Cornell Higher Truth =552. Chris Cornell Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart =552. Nirvana Nevermind =225. Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York =2250. MTV Music Video Award =225. The New World Order =225. 

MTV Unplugged in New York =134. Chris Cornell Higher Truth =134. The single for Smells Like Teen Spirit released exactly 134 weeks before Kurt Cobain died and exactly 1340 weeks before the death of Chris Cornell, who died at the MGM Grand exactly 34,000 days after MGM Studios was founded. Nirvana =34. Cornell =34. Fake Death =34. 

  • Biggie died exactly 2008 weeks after the Smells Like Teen Spirit single. It’s exactly 2008 weeks between this American Eclipse and the last one in ’79. Rock Star =208. The Great American Eclipse =208. 
  • Gorbatko died at age 82, just like Armstrong & Gene Cerman =82, the last man to walk on the moon. Cernan =82. 
  • Nirvana Bleach =218. Bedford Stuyvesant =218. Christopher Cornell =218. Cornell =218 and the Eclipse is on 21/8.

Viktor Vasilyevich Gorbatko =314. Christopher George Latore Wallace =314. Eclipse =314. JFK died 3 years 14 days after his election and Osama Bin Laden was introduced to the public (with the US Embassy Bombings) 3 years 1 month 4 days before 9/11. John Glenn orbited the Earth 314 days after Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space. Gene Cerman was born on 3/14. Here’s our Pi-cycle of history repeating like the spin of the planet.

  • Bedford Stuyvesant =2227, Biggie’s hood. Gagarin died 2227 days after Glenn’s orbit and the Smells Like Teen Spirit single dropped 2 years 2 months 27 days after Nirvana’s debut album BleachThe Moon Landing =227. Mare Tranquillitatis =227. Neil Alden Armstrong =227. Edwin Buzz E Aldrin Jr =227. Michael Collins =227. That’s all three men on Apollo 11 with the Pi code matching their event and landing site, 7 years 22 days after Kennedy Space Center was formed. Glenn =227 and the Great American Eclipse comes 20,270 days after his orbit, the longest eclipse of the 21st century on 2/27 .

227 is the 49th prime and Cornell was born exactly 409 weeks before Biggie Smalls =49. Tupac Shakur =49. Teen Spirit =49. Nevermind =49. David Bowie =49. Space Oddity =49. Apollo Eleven =49. The Moon Landing happened 4009 days after NASA =49 was formed. Neil A Armstrong =49. Donald J Trump =49. Revelation =49/149. Christopher Boyle =149. Viktor Vasilyevich Gorbatko =149. Jesus Christ =149. 

Death of FOX Founder Roger Ailes

So the day after Chris Cornell dies after playing at the Fox Theatre (Prince’s last show before his death was at Fox Theatre in Atlanta) it’s the death of Roger Ailes, the founder and former CEO/Chairman of Fox News. Ailes resigned last year following allegations that he sexually harassed female colleagues, reminding us of President Pussy-Grabber whose campaign Ailes advised, assisting with debate preparation – the 21st Century Joseph Goebbels.

To reiterate, F=6 O=6 X=6. Fox =666. Rockstar =666. There were 6 years 6 months 6 days between Soundgarden’s official comeback and Cornell’s death. Soundgarden + Audioslave =966. Apparent Suicide =966. Audioslave =966. Bowie =966. Kurt Cobain was 9906 days old when he died. Fox News launched in 1996ROGER AILES =966. ROGER EUGENE AILES =996. 

  • Also 6x6x6 =216 and Roger Ailes =216. Fox =216. And if we do our in-between duration again, Ailes was born 2160 days before the birth of Trump. 666 is intimately tied to Saturn, and as we’ll see – Saturn is coded like crazy here.

Fox News was founded on 10/7/96, when Ailes =26 was exactly 20,600 days old. Roger Ailes =62. Roger =62. Eugene =262. Fox TV =262. Fox News Channel =62. Fair and Balanced =620. Propaganda =1062. Fox Television Stations Group =126. Fox News CEO =126. Rupert Murdoch =1260/1026. Black Hole Sun =1206. Saturn =26. Warren Ohio =126, where Ailes was born – same as Dave Grohl who appears to be involved (numerologically at least) in Cornell’s sacrifice.

Grohl was born 1 year 10 months 26 days after Kurt Cobain, who died exactly 1026 weeks before Cornell. Grohl debuted a new track two days before Cornell died called The Sky is a Neighborhood =1026. Like heaven’s getting busy up there.

This is hilarious. Fantastic Mr Fox =61. Roger Eugene Ailes =61. Wes Anderson =61. News =61. Fox News Channel =160. The movie that could be a nickname for either Ailes or Murdoch released 7 years 7 months 3 days before the death of Ailes who was 77 years 3 days old at death and 773 is the 137th prime number.

Wes Anderson =137. Fox Television Stations Group =137, the 33rd prime. Saturn =303. Fox Television Stations Group =333. Murdoch =33. Roger =33. Grohl =33. Kristofferson Silverfox =303. Twenty-First Century Fox =330who of course produced Fantastic Mr Fox. 

  • Keith Rupert Murdoch =311 and he’s born on 3/11. Ailes died 1 year 11 months 3 days after the Trump campaign began. Fox News CEO =113. Eugene =113. News Corp =113. Mr Murdoch =113. 
  • Fanatastic Mr Fox =1014. It premiered on 10/14. Roger E Ailes =114. Fox Group =114. Twenty-First Century Fox =114. Grohl was born on 1/14. The 114th prime is 619 and Trump was born 6019 days after the ’29 Wall Street Crash…
  • Black Hole Sun =609. Saturn =69. Roger E Ailes =69. Fantastic Mr Fox opened 6900 days after the death of its author Roald Dahl. Saturn with the average orbital speed of 9.69 km/s. Roger Ailes =96. Ruper Murdoch =196. 

Ailes married a gal named Tilson =309 and was born exactly 309 weeks before President Donald J Trump =309. Grohl =39. Fox News =39. News Corp =393. Ailes resigned 3993 days after becoming chairman. Propaganda =93. Saturn =93. (That’s also a span of 5 years 11 month 1 daySaturn =511). News Corporation =193. Fox Group =1193. Ailes died 11 years 9 months 3 days after being named Chairman of Fox.

Roger Eugene Ailes =85 died on 5/18 and was named Chairman on the mirror date of 8/15. Fox News =158. Fox News Channel =158. Fox Chairman =185/58. Rupert Murdoch =58. Donald John Trump =185. Saturn =185. We’ve almost lost count of how many references to Saturn have been associated with this story.

  • Saturn’s Hexagon =38, associated with much of occult symbolism, has six equal sides of 13,800 km in length. Donald Trump =138. (That makes its perimeter 82.8 km and its called a Hexagonal Cloud =828).

Roger Eugene Ailes =72. Roger =72. Rupert Murdoch =72. President Trump =72. Ailes was married to Elizabeth Tilson =702 and he died 702 days after the Trump campaign began (Cornell born on 7/20).

  • Fox =270. Fox News Channel =207. Elizabeth Tilson =207. Fox News =27. Roger =27. Murdoch =27. Ailes died with 227 days remaining (2 months 7 days after Murdoch’s birthday) and resigned 7227 days after Fox was founded. That’s our Pi-Cycle. Twenty-First Century Fox =314/3014. 

Saturn =119. Grohl =119. Christopher Cornell =911. Trump’s campaign began 9 years 10 months 1 day after Ailes was named chairman. Donald =119 elected on 1/19 and his campaign began 1 year 11 months 19 days after the new 21st Century Fox was founded. Ailes resigned 10 years 11 months 6 days after becoming chairman and died on Trump’s 119th day in office.

Chris J Cornell =146 died 10,406 days after Fox Theatre reopened. To tie back to the Jack the Ripper post, remember the graffiti: “The Juwes are the men that Will not be Blamed for nothing” =1046. And the Whitechapel Murders lasted 1046 days, a span that we saw repeated in the Moors Murders =146 with Ian Brady =146 and his accomplice dying exactly 14 years 6 months apart. Now let’s tie this code in here:

  • Ailes =46 was married 1 year 4 months 6 days after Fox founded and died 1004 weeks 6 days after his wedding. Trump was born on 14/6. Fox News Channel =46. Fox Group =46. Apollo Eleven =146 landed on the moon on Cornell’s 5th birthday.

Ailes died 9 months 20 days before Murdoch’s birthday. Saturn =92. Dave Grohl =92. Fox Group =92. Fox News =29. Eugene =29. The 92nd prime is 479 and Ailes was born exactly 479 weeks after Murdoch. Fox News CEO =479.

As Zach pointed out on FTFT, Chris Cornell from Seattle the Emerald City died on the 117th anniversary of the publishing date of the first Wizard of Oz book. It goes much deeper than that though as Ailes shared a birthday with Oz author L Frank Baum’s. They were born exactly 84 years apart. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz =84. Emerald =84. Dorothy =84. MGM Studios =840. Further, Ailes died exactly 8401 weeks after Baum’s birth.

  • Roger E Ailes =148. The Emerald City =148. Soundgarden =148. Fox Theatre =148. Chris Cornell =408. News Corporation =408. Judy =48. Frances Gumm =48. MGM =48. MGM Studios =148. 

All the connections to MGM is where this synch matters most, as Cornell died in the MGM Grand Casino & Wizard of Oz was produced by MGM Studios — Cornell & Ailes perished exactly 34,000 days after Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios was founded. Ailes =34. Cornell =34. Fox News =34. Fox Chairman =34. Casino =34. L Frank Baum =34.