Operation London Bridge


The very day I wrote the previous post on the secret plan of the death of Queen Elizabeth, news broke of a secret plan to inform the world of the death of Queen Elizabeth — Operation London Bridge. I discovered this synchronicity the following day, and as we’ll see, it fits in perfectly with the target date of 4 April 2017. The coded message “London Bridge is Down” will be used to declare the Queen is Dead, which explains why we’ve seen so much bridge destruction symbolism in movies lately. Before we decipher the Gematria of London Bridge & the upcoming public retirement of the Queen, we’ll begin with a clue we uncovered in a British pop song from the ’80s.

Thanks to a reader suggestion, we found a tasty morsel of 9/11 subliminal programming and Thelema tribute in the song “Sowing the Seeds of Love” by Tears For Fears (the video saturated in occult symbolism). The single released on 21 August 1989 — a beautiful span of 4404 days before 9/11/01. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law =444, the motto of Aleister Crowley’s religion of Thelema. Masonic =444. Lucifer =444. Occult =444. If you Google “Prince Charles King Charles” the featured article from Closer Weekly states that William will be crowned. It was published on 1/6/16, a span of 444 days before our 4/4 target date. London =444. The King =444. 

  • Tears For Fears =606. The Seeds of Love =66. Crowley =606. Sowing Thelema =606. William V =606. King William =66. Charles III =66. Both of those the titles for whomever is crowned the next King =66. Queen Kate =666. Thames =66. Mrs Robinson =66, the name substituted for Queen Elizabeth in news station practices for the reporting of her passing.
  • Tears For Fears =906. The Seeds of Love =960. The British Empire =96. MK-Ultra =96. Satanism =96. True Will =96. Prince William =196. Elizabethan =691. Thelema =169. Illuminati =69. False Flag =69. Nine Eleven =69. Ceremonial Magick =69. River Thames =69. Crowley died 69 years ago and Prince Charles was born 69 years ago. Charles III =69. King William =69. April 4th is 16,090 days after the London Bridge opened to traffic.

Our new target date of 4 April 2017 is 5 months 23 days after Crowley’s birthday & 5 months 23 days after Elizabeth became the longest currently reigning monarch and head of state upon the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. 523, a number we’ve associated with US President Donald Trump =99, is the 99th prime. Do What Thou Wilt =199. King Charles the Third =199. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =99 the birth name of Elizabeth II who became the longest serving monarch of all time on 9/9. Duchess of Cambridge =99. Queen Kate =99. William King of England =99. London Bridge Is Down =99. 

4 April 2017 is also 10,088 days after the release of “Sowing the Seeds of Love”. The Death of the Queen =88. Queen =88. Elizabeth =88. Second Elizabethan Era =88. British Empire =88. London =88. King William V =88 (as William will be known). Camilla Parker-Bowles =88 who was born 88 days before the death of Crowley =88. Trump =88. President Trump =1188. Bavarian Illuminati =188. Synagogue of Satan =1088. King Bhumibol died at age 88.

April Fourth Twenty Seventeen =144 is also 1441 weeks after the coded song released, 141 days after Prince Charles’ birthday, and 4 months 4 days after Crowley’s death anniversary. Crowley was born 141 years ago and Queen Elizabeth I died 414 years ago. The Coronation of King Charles =141. Charles Philip Arthur George =141 born on 11/14 a span of 11 months 14 days after the death of Aleister Crowley =1140. The British Empire =1104. Camilla Duchess of Cornwall =114. My Fair Lady =114. Elizabeth =114. The Queen’s birthday 11 months 14 days before our target date and the film London Has Fallen premiered 1 year 1 month 4 days earlier.

  • Assassin =411. Princess Diana was born 11 months 14 days after Camilla’s 13th birthday and was ritually sacrificed 4 years 11 days before Nine Eleven Two Thousand and One =411. London Bridge Is Falling Down =411. 

The Operation London Bridge story broke on the 44th anniversary of the opening of the London Bridge. Elizabeth II =44. Catherine =44. Buckingham =44. Aleister =44. Edward Alexander Crowley =1440. Prince William =144. Queen Kate =144. QEII =144. Monarchy of the United Kingdom =144. Death of Quen Elizabeth =1144. Charles Philip Arthur George =144 aka Prince Charles =404 (Jewish Gematria). Queen Camilla =404 (Jewish). April 4th is 40 weeks 4 days after Brexit. Secret Plan =404. LONDON BRIDGE IS DOWN =1404 (Jewish).

London Bridge is Down =94. The British Empire =94. William King of England =94. April 4th is the 94th day of 2017 and the sum of the divisors of 94 equal 144

LONDON BRIDGE =311 (Jewish). King William the Fifth =311. The Beast =311. The New World Order =311. The Royal Family of the United Kingdom and the Other Commonwealth Realms =311. USA =311.

  • LONDON BRIDGE =119. King of England =119. Death of Queen Elizabeth II =119. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton =119. Camilla Parker-Bowles =119. Monarchy =119. Divine Rule =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. USA =119.
  • LONDON BRIDGE =65. King of England =65. The Queen is Dead =65. Elizabeth =650. The Seeds of Love =650/65. Do What Thou Wilt =65. All-Seeing Eye =65. Star of David =65.
  • LONDON BRIDGE IS DOWN =205. The Illuminati =205. World Government =205. The Board of Directors =205. Leaders =205. EU =205. Israel =205.

LONDON BRIDGE IS DOWN =62. King Charles =62. We can’t talk about the Queen without again bringing up the 26/62 connections, always adding more evidence to these royal numbers. Queen =26/62. Crown =26/62. She was born in ’26, took the throne on 2/6, and was coronated on 6/2. Royal =26. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. Middleton =262. The British Empire =262. All Heil The King =262 (Jewish). From Elizabeth II surpassing her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria to become the longest reigning British monarch in world history (9/9/15) to our target date is 1 year 6 months 26 days. It’s also 20 weeks 6 days after Trump was elected.

  • The King =126. Monarchy of the United Kingdom =126. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =126. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. The United Kingdom =621.
  • Catherine Elizabeth Middleton =1602. Duchess of Cambridge =162. Prince William Duke of Cambridge =1602. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom =162. Death of Queen Elizabeth II =1162. London Has Fallen =62 the film that featured the death of UK Prime Minister James Wilson =62 and released 396 days before our target.

Charles =396. Charles Philip Arthur George =396. Thames =396. Aleister =369. 


April 4th 2017 is 15 years 5 days after the death of the Queen Mother. Elizabeth =155. King William =1055 (Jewish). Age of Horus =155. Royal =551. The Illuminati =551. 

  • Charles Philip Arthur George =135 was born 350 days after the death of Aleister =35. Magick =35. Thelema =35. Illuminati =35. Bridge =35. Royal Death =35. William =35. An ocean liner named Queen Elizabeth 2 was retired 3050 days before our target date. Elizabeth the Second =305. 

The Guardian article linked above mentions that one of the mock storylines that BBC news teams rehearsed involved the death of Princess Diana in a car crash on the M4… Which sounds a lot like the predictive programming of 9/11 scenarios practiced prior to the event. Princess Diana was born 5099 days after Camilla. Prince William =599, the 109th prime.

  • The Death of Queen Elizabeth =109. Royal Death =109. Diana Spencer =109. Catherine =109 and was born on 1/09. Pope Francis’s birthday 109 days before our target. King Charles the Third =109. 
  • Elizabeth the Second =91. King Charles III =91. Elizabeth II =191. Her Royal Highness =191. House of Windsor =191. Regis =191. Long Live the Queen =191. Ceremonial Magick =191. Society of Jesus =191. Assassination =191. Fourth of April Two Thousand Seventeen =191. 

Speaking of the Society of Jesus, which is the Jesuit Order, Francis – the first openly Jesuit pope – began his papacy 1484 days before our target window. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge =484. That’s also exactly 212 weeks. Pope Francis Bergoglio =212Catherine Elizabeth Middleton =212. Prince Charles of Wales =212. That’s also 4 years 23 days. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother =324. William =324. Duchess of Cambridge =324. William King of England =342. 


Bliss N Eso Stuntman Death

Johann Ofner, stuntman, was shot and killed on January 23rd while filming a gunfight scene for Australian hip hop group Bliss N Eso’s latest video. “The exact cause of his fatal injury is still to be confirmed,” the band said, “but as the gun was loaded with blanks, not live ammunition, the cause was not a bullet or live round.” As you may also be thinking, this sounds a lot like Brandon Lee’s ‘accidental death’ on the set of The Crow (which as we’ll see, connects to the sacrifice of Heath Ledger). Ofner & Lee & Ledger all died at age 28 — Johann & Brandon exactly 8,700 days apart. Truth =87. Justice =87.

Ofner died on 23/1 in Brisbane Australia =1032. Max MacKinnon =132 (MC Eso). Lee =132 and Brandon =32 was born on the 32nd day of the year, the son of Bruce Lee =320. Stuntman =32. Joker =32. The 32nd prime is 131. Lee died 1 month 31 days after his birthday. Ofner =31. Lee =13. Lee was pronounced dead at 1:03 pm on the 31st of March.

  • Bliss N Eso =33. Gold Coast =33. Ofner died on happened on 33 date numerology (23+1+2+0+1+7) and Lee died on 3/31. Ledger =33. Sixteen =33 and the date also had numerology of 16/61. Bliss =16/61.
  • The 33rd prime is 137. Brisbane Australia =731. Ledger was 730 weeks 1 day old when Lee died. The 137th prime number is 773. Brandon Lee & Heath Ledger died exactly 773 weeks apart. This is particularly interesting because Ledger also died age 28 during production of The Dark Knight, where he played the Joker, in similar makeup as the Crow.

Johan Ofner =720. Chad Stahelski =720 (Lee’s stunt double who took over his role in The Crow). Eric Draven =72, Lee’s character in The Crow =92. The Joker =92. Johan Ofner =920. Stahelski was born on 9/20. Ofner died 9 years 2 days after Ledger.

The Joker =38. The Crow =38. Lee died 308 days before his birthday. Death =38. Kill =44. That’s also exactly 44 weeks and he was shot with a .44 Magnum in North Carolina. The Bliss N Eso music video is for ‘Friend Like You’ featuring Lee Fields, a soul artist from North Carolina.

  • Blood Sacrifice =67. Human Sacrifice =67. North Carolina =67. Brandon Bruce Lee =67. Brooklyn Standard =67, the name of the bar in Brisbane where the ‘accidental shooting’ took place. Circus in the Sky =67, Bliss & Eso’s previous album.

Sacrifices to Saturn =93. Heath Ledger =93. Lee died in ’93; Ledger began his acting career in ’93. Ledger was 5110 days old when Lee died. Saturn =511. 

The George Michael Sacrifice


George Michael =230. Bergoglio =230. Turns out dude’s got a few connections to Pope Francis Bergoglio, appropriately enough with his trademark cross earring and his hit “Faith” (which he died 10,666 days after). Michael died at age 53 on 53 date numerology. Fifty-Three =59/122. Pope Francis =59/122. Prince George =122. Michael died on Christmas, the occult celebration of Saturnalia =35. Religion =53. George Michael died 3 years 5 months 3 days after the birth of Prince George and 35 weeks 3 days after the death of Prince. Blue Blood =353, the 71st prime number.

  • Seventy-One =144. Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou =144. Prince Nelson =144. Royal Sacrifice =144. That’s Michael & Prince’s birth names synching up to the master assassin number.
  • Limp Bizkit’s cover of Faith released 11 years 19 days after Michael’s original. Master Plan =119. Star of David =119. All-Seeing Eye =119, you know the drill. And I appreciate how Faith =124. Lies =124, the mirror of Prince’s 4/21 death date on the Queen’s birthday.
  • End date included that’s 11 years 20 days. Queen Elizabeth II married on 11/20 synched up with her full title equalling 1120, this number of Divinity =112. Elizabeth celebrating her coronation 1 month 12 days after her birthday. The character George Michael Bluth from Arrested Development is born on 11/2.

Michael =33 was born 151 days before the Kennedy =33 Assassination. Royalty =1051. Global Takeover =1051. That’s also 41.10% of the year, Assassin =411 like JFK shot from 411 Elm Street. That’s also 216,000 minutes (6x6x6) and Michael died in 2016. That’s also 3600 hours and the 36th prime is 151.


Wham! =270. George Michael =72. Careless Whisper =72. Last Christmas =72. Prince William =72. President Trump =72. The Establishment =72. 

Apologies for the lack of posts, I’m still living on a beach in Thailand and wifi comes and goes. And how bout them Colts eh! Straight to the glue factory. So it goes.

Ghanaian Royalty & Ashanti

Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II, the Queen Mother of Ghana’s Ashanti Kingdom, passed away on 11/15/16. That’s numerology of 26 (11+15) and 62 (11+15+20+16). Nana Ampem II began her reign on 2/6 and was coronated on 6/2 the following year. Elizabeth II began her reign on 2/6 and was coronated on 6/2 the following year. Queen =26/62. Royal =26. God =26. Accra =26 (the capital of Ghana). Ghanaian Royal =126. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. 

In other words, the Ashanti Queen began her reign exactly 25 years after the British Queen and was coronated 250 days after her reign began. Goddess =250. Leaders =205

  • England =57. Ghana =57. Golden Stool =57, the divine throne & unifying symbol of the Ashanti kingdom (depicted on their flag above), which very much resembles the symbol for Pi… Nana Ampem died 157 days (or 5 months 7 days) before Queen Elizabeth’s next birthday.
  • Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II =109 and she died at age 109. Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem =91. Matriarch =91. Queen Elizabeth is currently 91 and the sum of 1 through 13 is 91 and Ampem II was the 13th Queen Mother of the Ashanti Kingdom.
  • Nana is her title which makes her birth name Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II =115. The news of her death correspondingly broke on 11/15. Freemasons =115. Royal-Illuminati Coven =115. 

Accra =17 and 17 days after her death, a Ghanaian King died on 2/12: Odeefuo Boa Amponsem III =212. Monarch =212. Charles Prince of Wales =212. 

  • Odeefuo Boa Amponsem =1110 died 11 months 10 days after his 11/11 birthday. The British Royal Family =111. Elizabeth II was born on the 111th day. 

What else is interesting about the back-to-back deaths of these Ghanaian Royalty is the theme we’ve been seeing about the potential future timeline occurrence of Queen Elizabeth passing away to pass the torch to King Charles, only to see him also die shortly thereafter for the ascendance of King William V… Indeed Nana Ampem actually passed over on 11/14, her death announced the following day. That’s Prince Charles’ 68th birthday. 

This all reminds us of the R&B singer Ashanti, whose number may also soon be up. Her birth name is a synch with both recently deceased members of Ghanaian Royalty: Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas =127/271. Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II =127/217. She also has the numbers for 27-Club membership: Ashanti =27/72. Odeefuo Boa Amponsem III =1272.

  • Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas =1626. Queen =62/26. Nana Ampem died 6 months 26 days after Queen Elizabeth’s birthday.
  • Odeefuo Boa Amponsem III =113. Ashanti was born on 10/13, the anniversary of the mass arrest of the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th. Charles Prince of Wales =113. President-Elect Donald Trump =113. 
  • Ashanti was exactly 13,200 days old when King Amponsem died. Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II =1302. Hillary Clinton =1032. 

Curiously, Ashanti will be 13,220 days old on 12/23 (and in her 1888th week of life). Nana Ampem died 22 weeks 3 days before Queen Elizabeth’s next birthday. Masonic =223 and the #322 of Skull & Bones.

Recalling the 91 connections listed above, Ashanti was born exactly 91 weeks after the birth of Aaliyah, the popstar who died young in a plane crash – 17 days before 9/11/01, like the 17 day span between the Ghanaian Royals deaths.

  • NY =440. Aaliyah =440. Forty-Four =144. Royal Sacrifice =144. She died 144 days before her birthday.
  • Aaliyah was born on 1/16. Matriarchy =116. Royalty =116. Princess Di =116. She was buried exactly four years after Diana was ritually sacrified.

And to continue our list of the Killing of the King ritual: Luis Monge, former President of Costa Rica, died on 11/29. Ioannis Grivas, former Prime Minister of Greece, died on 11/27. Peter Kolvenbach, Superior General of the Society of Jesus, died on 11/26. Moeenuddin Qureshi, former Prime Minister of Pakistan, died on 11/22. Konstantinos Stephanopolous, former President of Greece, died on 11/20. Virgilio Godoy, former Vice-President of Nigeria, died on 11/17. Sixto Ballen, former President of Ecuador, died on 11/15 – the day that Nana Ampem’s death was announced. 

Donald Trump & Pink Floyd – The Wall

PINK FLOYD =49. DONALD J TRUMP =49. The 49th prime is 227 and Trump was elected 2 months 27 days after the anniversary of the Berlin Wall being built (which began construction 2 months 27 days before JFK was elected) and Trump’s tombstone appeared in Central Park 227 days before his election. 22/7 the Pi factor like Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. JFK died in car #227 a span of 3 years 14 days after his election. The Berlin Wall stood for a total of 10,314 days. Bank of Manhattan Building =1314. Forty Wall Street =1314. Trump Assassinated =1314. 

The Wall =27. JFK =27. Masons =27. As you may have heard elsewhere, Trump was elected on the 27th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall (the actual deconstruction began weeks later but 11/9 was the date it was announced and the date that is remembered). Of course one of Trump’s most audacious campaign pledges was to build a wall between USA & Mexico, and the Trump Building in NYC (previously known as the Bank of Manhattan Building) is located at the aforementioned 40 Wall Street address.

On 20 May 1946, a twin-engined airplane crashed into the 58th-floor of this building that would later be owned by Trump =25. Brick =25. It happened on 20/5 a span of 25 days before Trump was born and his Trump Tower HQ, a few blocks away, is 58-stories tall (though the top floor is numbered 68 like Donald John Trump =68, born on the night of a Total Lunar Eclipse =68).

  • Freemasonry =58 and Trump won the 58th election. Masonic =223 and that 1946 plane crash happened 20,203 days before 9/11/01.
  • Trump Tower opened on 11/30 of ’83. The Wall released on 11/30 of ’79. President-Elect Donald Trump =113. Pence =113. And 1130 days is 3 years 1 month 4 days, tying ‘er back to the intro Pi sequence of history repeating.

11/30 is the 334th day of the year. See You On The Dark Side of the Moon =334. US+Them =433 (name of Pink Floyd’s upcoming 2017 tour). We Don’t Need No Thought Control =334/127. Building a Wall =127, the 31st prime. 11/30 leaves 31 days in the year. What don’t we need? No Thought Control =81. Wall Street =810. The Wall =81. The Establishment =81. President Trump =81. All alphanumeric and symbolic opposites of Freedom =180. 


All that’s pretty wild as it is, but the coding get crazier: The Wall released 9 years 11 months 11 days before the fall of the Berlin Wall on 11/9 (its border length between East & West Germany a convenient 111.9 km). Pink =119/50. Donald =119/50 elected on 11/9.

  • 9/11 is the 254th day. Trump Administration =254. He was elected when he was Seventy Years Old =1254. Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon =1254 (JG) & 156. 
  • 911 is the 156th prime. Berlin =156. Kings =156. False Flag =156. Ich Bin Ein Berliner =156. That’s JFK’s infamous linguistic blunder where he said “I am a Jelly Donut.”
  • Jelly Donut =138. Construction of the Berlin Wall began on 13/8 and JFK died 831 days later. The anniversary of its collapse saw the election of Donald Trump =138

The President of the United States =138The Wall came out when Trump was 33 years old, and released exactly 13,800 days before 9/11/17. Vice-President Mike Pence =1380. We Don’t Need No Education =1380. We Don’t Need No President Trump =138. President Donald Trump Murdered =138. The American Dream =138. The Donald =38/83. Election =38/83. Trump-Pence =183. Forty-Fifth President Donald Trump =381. 

That’s also exactly 519 weeks from The Wall to the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Cleveland Ohio =915, where the Republican National Convention was held this year, 33 days after the Cavaliers won the NBA Finals =33. Cleveland =33. Teacher =33. Berlin =33. 

Another Brick in the Wall =102/228. United States of America =102/228. Rothschild Zionist =102/228. Ich Bin Ein Berliner =102. I Am a Jelly-Filled Doughnut =102, as other translations have it – in perfect synch between languages. The Dark Side of the Moon released exactly 2280 weeks before Trump was elected – and he was born on the night of a total lunar eclipse.

  • There are 120 bricks on the album cover and it released on numerology of (11+30+79) =120. Illuminati =120. The British Royal Family =120. The Royal Family =1020. Long Live The King =1020. Death of a President =1020. Israel-Gaza Barrier =1020. 
  • Illuminati =48. Windsor =48. DONALD TRUMP =48. WALL =48. FLOYD =480. DRUMPFT =480 (the original German spelling of the surname Trump).

The Berlin Wall was officially the Anti-Fascist Protective Wall =302, and appropriately there were 302 watch towers along its length. Central Bank =302. America =32. US + Them =23. Donald =23. Total Lunar Eclipse =203. We Don’t Need No Education =230. 

  • President of the United States =114 John Fitzgerald ‘Jack’ Kennedy =114 gave his Jelly Donut speech 1 year 10 months 14 days after the Berlin Wall began construction and he was shot from Four Eleven Elm Street =114. Trump Card =114. President Elect Donald J Trump =114 was born 411 days after Hitler supposedly died. Assassin =411.

The Wall released on numerology of (11+30+19+79) =139. You’re Just Another Brick In The Wall =139. Freemasonry =139. The Donald Trump Administration =139. Trump was elected 139 days after Brexit. President Donald J Trump Murdered =139. Assassination of Donald Trump =139. 

How’s this, Trump tweeted that The Wall is his favorite album on the 135th day of the year. Death By Assassination =1350. No Thought Control =1350. Wall Street =135. 

Fun Fact about Pink Floyd is that members Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, and David Gilmour were all born on the 6th day of ther respective months. 6x6x6 =216. The actual deconstruction of the Wall began 216 days after its announcement on 11/9. Also, the only member to be featured on every single one of their albums was drummer Nick MASON =62. FLOYD =62. Powers That Be =62. Dead Presidents =62. The 62nd prime is 293. Target =293. President-Elect Donald Trump =293.


Super Bowl Mind Control: Lady Gaga & Dunstan the Patron Saint of Horsehoes

Lady Gaga is doing the halftime show at Super Bowl 51. As we’ll see, she’s obviously perfectly coded for the occult mega-ritual ceremony that is the Super Bowl, this one in particular appearing to be a tribute to Mind Control. Even without examining her matrix coding, we all know there is hardly any other artist more saturated in Illuminati symbolism than this demon host – except maybe Katy Perry & Beyonce, and they performed at the last two Bowls!

In Roman numerals 51 is LI like Lie, and Gaga’s big single in the lead-up to the game is called Perfect Illusion… Luck =233. Houston =233. A Mind Control Tribute =233. MK-Ultra Mind Control =233. Freemason Mind Control =233, the 51st prime number. Freemason =51. Zionism =51. Conspiracy =51. A Fake Reality =51. Now watch how the tribute continues to synch:

  • LADY GAGA =441. MK-ULTRA =441. Germanotta =414MK =144. Gender Neutral =144. Seventy-One =144. Stefani Germanotta =71. Gaga (7+1+7+1). MK (4+2). Germanotta =42. Satanism =42|24. MK-Ultra =24.
  • GAGA =96. MK-ULTRA =96. PEPSI-COLA =96, who is sponsoring the half-time show. Which is a hidden way of saying, brought to you by MK-Ultra.

I think I just hypnotized myself in that mind control maze of an occult-coded stage name. And her latest single, Perfect Illusion; what a summary statement, as that’s basically the goal of the reality programmers – an illusion so perfect nobody even knows it’s there. In the music video she rocks the #74. Lucifer =74. The Beast Six-Six-Six =74. House of Windsor =74. Music Industry Slave =74. Colts Super Bowl =74. 

Lady Gaga =31. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta =310. Satanist =31. Houston =31. The Fame =31, her debut album. Gaga turns 31 y/0 exactly 51 days after Super Bowl 51Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta =130. White Horse =130. Colts Win Super Bowl Fifty-One =130. The Vatican =103. Indianapolis Indiana =103. Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour =103, which is her Bud Light sponsored promo tour for her new album.

Her birthday is on the 87th day. Super Bowl Fifty-One =87. Mind Control Matrix =87. Colts AFC Champions =87. Colts Win Super Bowl LI =87.

  • Lady Gaga Perfect Illusion =116. Peace Symbol =116 (which Gaga has tattooed on her wrist). Peace Symbol =666. Witchcraft =666. Illusion =666. Stefani A Germanotta =666. Yes, her birth name equals 666. NFL Champion  =666.
  • Six-Six-Six =156. Lie =156. Eli =156. 
  • Stefani Germanotta =665. Terry =665, the nametag on the clerk carding the Colts fan in the horse mask from the Bud Light ad. St Dunstan =665. Who the hell is St Dunstan, you ask?

Dunstan is the patron saint of blacksmiths and the being most associated with horseshoes. As the story goes, the Devil rode into Dunstan’s village to have his horse re-shoed and instead the man tricked the Devil himself and nailed an iron shoe to his cloven hoof. The Devil begged him to remove it and Dunstan agreed on one condition – anyone with a horseshoe nailed to the wall of their home would be immune from the Devil. Dunstan was the Archbishop of Canterbury (canter like the horse verb), and it appears that the occult coded tributes may indeed stretch to the Vatican – in perfect step with a celebration of mass mind control.

Bud Light x Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour =129. She was announced as half-time act 129 days before Super Bowl Sunday =129. LI =12+9. Dunstan was canonized in 1029 AD and (oddly enough) it will soon be exactly 1029 years after his death – the anniversary coming 102 days after the Super Bowl. Devil’s Horseshoe =102. Colts Super Bowl Fifty-One =102. The last time the Colts won the Super Bowl was 10 months 2 days before SB 51.

  • That’s 3 months 13 days from SB  LI to the 1029 anniversary. Pope Francis’ b-sday falls 313 days after SB LI and his papacy began on 3/13/13. Six Hundred Three Score and Six =313.
  • Pope’s birthday is 53 days before Super Bowl LI =53. The 53rd prime is 242. Satanism =24/42. Lady Gaga Perfect Illusion =242. Justin Portal Welby =242. 

Justin Welby is the current Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Church of England, a former big oil executive in the same role that Dunstan once played. St Dunstan =24. Colts =24. Welby elected 2/4. Francis will have been Pope for exactly 204 weeks on Super Bowl Sunday. Welby =42. Germanotta =402. Forty-Two =142. Welby was installed as Archbishop exactly 1420 days before the Super Bowl and get this — The Church of England is currently 1420 years old!

The Church of England is the official religion of the Royal Family. Before changing its name from the House of Saxe-Coburg Gotha (because Ze Germans were about to become the bad guys), The House of Windsor was originally known as the House of Wettin, which was founded – 1116 years ago! If you’ve been following along, Royalty =116 coding has been ubiquitous. Lady Gaga Perfect Illusion =116. Well get this beauty duration: on Super Bowl Sunday, Welby will be aged 61 years 1 month 1 day. Mirror mirror on the wall.

  • Illuminati Family =1116. Psychological Operation =1116. Super Bowl LI is also 1106 days after the Pope released a peace dove that was immediately attacked by a crow. How do you script that? That’s also 3 years 11 days. The Beast =311.

Archbishop of Canterbury =112. Horseshoe =112. Andrew Luck =112. Houston =112. Romulus and Remus =1120. House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =112. Catholicism =112. Manipulate =112. Subliminal =112.

The Canterbury Cathedral is located on the 51st parallel and Welby was installed 510 days after his consecration. Prince George, the young 7/22 lad so synched up with damn near every event, was born exctly 5010 weeks after his relative, George V, declared the rebranding of the House of Windsor. Romulus & Remus =51. Rome =51.

  • Dunstan =93. Indianapolis Colts =93. Saint Dunstan =39. Seven Nails =39, which is the traditional setting for a lucky horseshoe.
  • Good Luck Charm =68/131. Championship =68|131. Super Bowl =131. 
  • Iron Horseshoe =96. Super Bowl Fifty-One =96. Gaga=96. Justin Welby =960. MK-Ultra =96. Satanism =96. Subliminal Mind Control =96. One World Religion =96.

Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Fifty-One Champions =2910. Prince died on the Queen’s birthday, 291 days before the Super Bowl and Welby was elected Archbishop 209 weeks 1 day before Sunday February Fifth Two Thousand Seventeen =192. Indianapolis Colts =192. Andrew Austen Luck =192, born 9/12. Super Bowl LI =912. 

Saint Dunstan canonized in 1029 and the upcoming 1029 years since his death. Houston was nominated as host city 1209 days before the Super Bowl and Luck’s birthday is on 12/9.

The first stop on Gaga’s Dive Bar Tour was on 10/5, the same day that Welby, the 105th Archipbishop, met with Pope Francis for the issuance of the Common Declaration =1050, the merger of their churches. One World Religion much? The Royals =123. Indianapolis =123. That 10/5 date was 123 days before Super Bowl 51. Conspiracy =123/51/736. Joanne =736, Gaga’s new album.

Bud Light x Lady Gaga Dive Bar Tour =147. Super Bowl =1407. Gaga was named halftime show 4 months 7 days before the 47th Super Bowl of the modern era when the first Super Bowl was in the 47th year of the league. Luck =47. Christianity arrived in the U.K. in 47 AD.

Christianity =155. The Illuminati =551. Royal =551. Anne Boelyn was decapitated by King Henry VIII exactly 155 weeks after becoming Queen Consort of England – and Henry VIII established the Church of England with himself as the head, a title the reigning monarch still holds today. 

  • Henry VIII of England =107. Anne Boelyn =107. King Charles =107. Stefani Angelina Germanotta =107 and her upcoming album Joanne comes out 107 days before the Super Bowl. Kill =17. The 17th prime is 59. Kill =59.
  • Lady Gaga Joanne =117. One World Religion =1170. Hillary Rodham =711.

One World Religion =195. Boelyn had her head cut off on 19/5. Saint Dunstan also died on 19/5. What are the fucking odds? And it’s not like this is some obscure forgotten item from the memory hole, Boelyn & Henry VIII are stars of the popular series The Tudors, so they’re actively in the collective consciousness.  Also, shoutout to Henry on the blue horse like the one with the red eyes at the New World Order Airport in Denver.

Kim Kardashian Robbed At Gunpoint – A Publicity Stunt 

Publicity Stunt =1333. Kanye West =33 had to exit his gig at The Meadows Music & Arts Festival =330 when he heard that Kim =33 Kardashian-West =63 was a victim of Armed Robbery =63 by “Armed Masked Men” =63 in Paris =63 who allegedly made off with some six million dollars worth of jewelry. Solid heist, were it  actually real. Kimye =63. Witch =63. Woman So Heartless =63 were the last words played of his track Heartless before they pulled the plug on the show. Kim & Kanye married on numerology of [5+24+20+14] =63 and on 6/3 her previous divorce was finalized. Saint =63, their youngest child whose next birthday is in 63 days – and like some sort of tribute, he was born 303 days ago.

  • Thirty-Three =66 and Kanye was playing in Queens New York =66 on Rosh Hashanah =66, the Jewish New Year =66, when Jews are forgiven for their sins of the past year. Paris Attacks =66. Held At Gunpoint =166. North West was born on the 166th day of 2013.

Kim Kardashian =119. Kimberly Noel Kardashian =119, her birth name. Kim Kardashian West =1116 of the Kardashian Clan =116 got held at Gunpoint =116 by robbers dressed as coppers while she was in Paris for Fashion Week =116. It happened 10 months 19 days after the Paris Attacks, 116 days after Kanye’s birthday, and 11 months 19 days after that Lamar Odom propaganda. Kim’s next birthday is 11 months 9 days after the Paris Attacks. Kanye was born 11,109 days after David Bowie was born, for a fun fact, and on the Ziggy Stardust album cover the sign reads K West. The next episode of the Kardashian reality show (sure to have great ratings after this) airs 1 month 19 days after the last episode. All-Seeing Eye =119. 


Kardashian =86. The Kardashian Clan =86. Yeezy =86, born 8/6 (as June 8th is written in Paris). In Paris =86 (radio edit title of Niggas in Paris). Kanye West Heartless =86. A Robbery =86. Kim Kardashian West =186. The 186th prime is 1109, to tie it around full circle like a snake eating its own dang tail.

  • The Paris Attacks Hoax happened on 11/13, exactly 31 days after Lamar Odom OD’d on 10/13. Kimberly Kardashian West =113. The Meadows =113. It happened on 10/3 in France on numerology of [1+0+3+2+0+1+6] =13, Kim born with numerology of [10+21+19+80] =130. Saint West =130/31 and he was born 3 weeks 1 day after the Paris Attacks. Yeezy =1310. Keeping Up With The Kardashians =131. 
  • The 13th prime is 41. Kardashian =41The Meadows =41. Madeleine =41, where she was staying. The album Kanye was rapping from when he bounced dropped exactly 410 weeks earlier. Satanists =41. Black Widows =41. The 41st prime is 179. Kanye Omari West =179. Paris Fashion Week =179. 

Kanye cancelled his set at Meadows Festival =1044. Kim and Kanye were married on the 144th day of the year. Ten Days Later =144 and this happened 10 days into the new year according to the French Revolutionary calendar.

Notice the Levi’s 711 ad placed next to the breaking news. This publicity stunt occurred 7 years 11 days after Kanye’s Heartless single dropped. The album it was on, 808s & Heartbreak, came out 7 years 10 months 10 days earlier. Hillary Rodham =711. The Meadows =1193. President Hillary Clinton =1193. 

  • It also happened 172 weeks 2 days after North West was born for the 722 Pi code. Kimberly Noel Kardashian =227.
  • Publicity Stunt =1266. That’s 1206 days after North’s birth. Secretary Clinton =1206 (born 10/26). Armed Masked Men =126. The Paris Attacks happened when North was exactly 126 weeks old and 1260 days after Kanye & Jay-Z performed in Paris for the Watch the Throne Tour, where they closed their set AND encored with Niggas in Paris. Khloe’s New Breast Friends =126, the title of the next episode of the Kardashian show, airing on 10/23.
  • Kim Kardashian Held At Gunpoint =123. Paris Hotel =123. The Meadows Music & Arts Festival =123. Kanye West =123. Conspiracy =123. Odom OD’d 1 month 23 days before Saint West was born and this publicity stunt comes 123 weeks after Kimye’s wedding. 

“Kim Kardashian West held at gunpoint in Paris” =222. The Paris Attacks lasted 222 minutes and Saint West was born exactly 222 weeks after Kanye dropped Niggas in Paris – which came 4 years 2 days before the Paris Attacks. Kanye West =42. Forty-Two =142. North West =142. Kanye Kardashian =142. 

Niggas in Paris dropped on the 15th anniversary of Tupac’s death, exactly 264 weeks before this media prank. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =264. William Jefferson Clinton =264. The original power couple, ha. And I truly wish I didn’t have to always reference these fuckwits but they just keep synching up So. Damn. Well. 

These are stills from the Heartless video. Multiple references to hotels and 3 AM, around the time that Kim was allegedly tied up and robbed in her hotel room, despite what surely must be a black-ops-grade security detail. 

And another beauty synch is the duration from Niggas in Paris winning Best Rap Song at the 55th Grammys on 2/10/13 to the Paris Attacks: 1006 days. False Flag Event =1006. Friday the Thirteenth =106. Prophecy =106. It was also 1006 days between the much-hyped end of the Mayan calendar (12/21/12) and the much hyped start of the golden jubilee (9/23/15). That latter date is 10/6 on the Julian calendar and it’ll be interesting to see what goes down. 

  • 1006 days is 2 years 9 months 3 days (an anagram). Kim Kardashian =293, interestingly enough. Thirteen Illuminati Families =293. That’s the 62nd prime. Kanye Omari West =62. Jay-Z =62. Mason =62. Kim Flees Paris =62. 

9/11 Album Covers: Predictive Progamming


The Coup – Party Music. Boots Riley destroying the Twin Towers using a Covert-Labs digital chromatic tuner as a detonator while DJ Pam the Funktress conducts the orchestra (with her sticks and his fingers both pointed to what would be 9 & 11 on a clock). Scheduled for release on 11 September 2001, it was pushed back after the predictive programming on the album cover came to be. When was it pushed back to, you ask? Why, the mirror date of 9/11 of course: 11/6. No shit. Militarized Police State =116. And making matters even more suspect, the artists say they took the pictures on May 15th, which is 119 days before 9/11. That should be enough right there but the words on the tuner/detonator is the final straw: Engage Covert Labs =1116. Psychological Weapon =1116. That’s 9-11-01 upside down.

  • But that’s not all: Engage Covert Labs =156, the 911th prime number. False Flag =156. The Patriot Act =156.  Thirty-Three =156. Coup =330. False Flag =33. 
  • Covert-Labs =63. Nine Eleven Attacks =63. Terrorist Attack =63. Terrorism =63. The album was pushed back 63 days from it’s 9/4 street date.
  • The display on the tuner reads Engage =39. Hijackers =39. New York =39. 

And how bout their names? DJ Pam =44. Kill =44. Boots Riley =59. Kill =59. 


Dream Theater – Live Scenes From New York. This album depicting the World Trade Center in flames was released right on 9/11/01. It was recorded 377 or 378 days earlier, which is cute since September =377 and Eleven =378. 

  • Live Scenes From New York =105. Nine Eleven =105. Nine Eleven Terrorism =105. False Flag Terrorism =105. Masonry =105. Zionism =105. 

That Dream Theater title gives me chills, supporting the theory that this predictive programming via Gematria coding is subconscious manipulation to project a reality that becomes manifest through the power of our collective thoughts.

Breakfast in America =156, the 911th prime number. False Flag =156. The Patriot Act =156. Supertramp Breakfast in America =123. Conspiracy =123. Patriot Act =123. New York Nine Eleven False Flag =123. The attacks of course happened during breakfast in America, 199 days before the 23rd anniversary of the album’s release:

  • Predictive Program =199. A Terrorist Attack =199. The Twin Towers =199. Nine Eleven Terror =199. The attacks started at Eight Forty-Six AM =199.
  • Supertramp =48. Illuminati =48.
  • The 9/11 is reflected in the letters UP =222. NYC Nine Eleven Attacks =222. New York New York =222. 

Making matters even spookier than 9/11 coded directly on top of the Twin Towers viewed from an airplane window is the name on the waitress’s tag: Libby =55/23. Bush =55/23. Scooter Libby, nicknamed by Bush as his Chief of Staff, was one of the signatories on the Project for a New American Century report which called for a New Pearl Harbor =75. New World Order =75. Breakfast in America =75. Police State =750. The Pentagon =750. 

  • Pentagon =303. Supertramp Breakfast in America =303. False Flag =33. 
  • Project For The New American Century =2226. NYC Terrorism September Eleventh =2226. The ’93 World Trade Center Bombing occurred on 2/26. Jihad =622.  

While lacking the blatant imagery of the others, these two albums released on 9-11-01 are heavily coded in relevant Gematria. 

Jay-Z The Blueprint =77. September Eleventh =77. World Trade Center =77. Shanksville PA =77. Flight 77 hit the 77-foot-tall Pentagon on the 77th meridian. Zionist Israel =77. Judaism =77. Mossad Conspiracy =77. The Powers That Be =77. The Big Lie =77. 

  • The Blueprint =60. Conspiracy =60. Jihadis =60. Death To America =60. New York City =60. The Pentagon was bombed by an invisible airplane on the 60th anniversary of its construction, which began on 9-11-41, the very same day that President Roosevelt authorized Navy warships to fire upon Axis vessels, thus effectively entering America into World War II.

Mariah Carey =102. Kite Hit Steel Plane Must =102, as the children were chanting in the Florida classroom for Bush on the morning of 9/11. United States of America =102. Al Qaeda =102. And the attacks lasted 102 minutes.

  • Glitter =321. Manhattan =321. Conspiracy =123. Psychological Operation =123. Israeli Secret Intelligence =123. New York Nine Eleven False Flag =123. 
  • Mariah Glitter =69. Nine Eleven =69. False Flag =69. 

Lucky Guitars: Colts Owner Acquires Prince’s Legendary Yellow Cloud

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay added Prince’s “Yellow Cloud” electric guitar to his collection, a highly coded incident that bodes very well for a Colts Super Bowl, the 47th of the modern-era. The first Super Bowl was played in the 47th season of the NFL and it’s been 47 years since the Colts first SB appearance. Luck =47 (Colts QB). Prince died 47 days before his birthday. Good Luck Guitar =74. Colts Super Bowl =74. But it’s when we draw the following synchs that this guitar becomes an official clue – and yet another reminder not to neglect the Jewish Gematria when decoding. Andrew Luck’s birthday is 147 days before  Super Bowl 51.

Good Luck Guitar =741. This particular riddle was released on numerology of [6+25+20+16] =67. Prince was born on 6/7 and died 67 days after the death of his protege, Vanity. Prince died the day after “Joan ‘Chyna’ Laurie” =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. The Colts lost their first Super Bowl by a score of 16-7. Colts Super Bowl =1670. Lucky Guitars =167. Yellow Cloud =1672. 

  • Yellow Cloud =1672, while not an exact match, revealed a connection to “Monday Night Football Live” =1672 which prompted me to investigate when Colts play MNF this season. It’s 12/05 against the NY Jets, which just so happens to be who the Colts lost to in their first Super Bowl appearance.
  • That’s also 5 months 10 days after the Yellow Cloud purchase, here projecting for SB 51 at the home stadium of the “Houston Texans” =51. That’s also 23 weeks 2 days, and with its inverse: “Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl” =323. Satan =232. Lucifer =323.

Jim Irsay =41. Prince performed at Super Bowl 41, where the Colts defeated the Bears, and he died on numerology of [4+21+16] =41. Super Bowl =41. Guitars =41.  Indiana =104. Forty-One =731 and Irsay bought the guitar for $137 grand.

Lucky Guitars =1120. Houston =112. Andrew Luck =112. Horseshoe =112. Rigged =112. Victory =112. Prince died on the 112th day of the year and the Colts’ first SB was played on 1/12. Colts Super Bowl =1200. James Irsay =120. Lucky Guitars =1002. Luck wears #12 and Prince seranaded the Colts to victory exactly 10 years 2 days before Super Bowl 51. The 112th day of the year leaves 254 remaining. Indianapolis Super Bowl =254.

  • Prince died 291 days before Super Bowl 51. Indianapolis Colts =192. Super Bowl LI =912. Andrew Luck was born on 9/12. Colt Forty-Five Malt Liquor =2109. Jim Irsay =1219. 
  • The guitar story comes 65 days after the death of Prince =65. Andrew =65. Good Luck Guitar =65. Colts Super Bowl =65. 
  • Prince’s Guitar =160. Charles David Pagano =160 (Colts coach). Irsay was born 1 year 6 days after Prince, making ’16 a prime year for a second championship.

Super Bowl 51 comes 5 years 11 days after Pagano was hired and  for three seasons in a row his Colts finished 11-5. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince =151. Electric Guitar =151. Super Bowl 51 is also 1838 days after the hiring of “Chuck Pagano” =383. Good Luck Guitars =183. The SB comes 18 weeks 3 days before Irsay’s next birthday and he will be exactly 3008 weeks 1 day old on game day.


Irsay was born 371 days afer Prince and purchased the lucky guitar for $137 grand (the 33rd prime matching the 33rd year of the Colts being in “Indianapolis” =333). Specifically it’s $137,500 – emphasis on 375, a number we’ve seen lately. Pulse =375. Paris France =375. Prophetic =375. Promising =375. The latter two sweetening the deal for this tasty riddle.

  • Irsay also purchased John Lennon’s ‘Paperback Writer’ guitar on 3/9/15, which is exactly 700 days before Super Bowl 51 at NRG Stadium, or 1 year 10 months 27 days. NRG =127/39. The stadium was formerly known as “Reliant Stadium” =166. Paperback Writer =166. He bought it for $530,000. Irsay was born exactly 53 weeks after Prince and Colts were established in ’53. Super Bowl LI =53. 
  • NRG =234. IRSAY =432. Sum those together for 666. LUCKY =432. The first 144 decimal points of pi summing to 666. Prince Nelson =144. Colts Owner =144.

Good Luck =34. Super Bowl comes exactly 34 weeks after Irsay’s 57th birthday, the age now eternal of Prince. Guitar Talisman =57. James Irsay =57. Fifty-Seven =131. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131. The auction sale came exactly 226 days before the Super Bowl. Prince Rogers Nelson =226. Electric Guitar =622. That’s also 32 weeks 2 days before the big game, yeilding familar numbers:

Another Voice Star Gets Whacked


Alejandro Fuentes, who appeared on the Mexican version of The Voice in 2011, was shot and killed in Chicago while celebrating his 45th birthday, just ten days after the Voice’s Christina Grimmie was shot and killed in “Orlando Florida” =144. Another example of “Ten Days Later” =144. What are the frickin chances eh. Royal Sacrifice =144. And remember it was Latin Night at Pulse which happened 22 days after another gay bar massacre in “Mexico” =33. Mexican =33. Gay =33. Fags =33.

  • Alejandro Jano Fuentes =1260. Forty-Five =126, like the Pulse date 12/6 (exactly 33 weeks after Hillary’s 10/26 birthday), which came 126 days after Super Bowl and 11 months 26 days after Charleston Church. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. And the mirror, 6/21 is Prince William’s birthday.
  • Alejandro Fuentes =1020. The Royal Family =1020. Long Live The King =1020. King William =120. Illuminati =120.
  • Fuentes =90. Grimmie died on the Queen’s 90th official birthday. Voice Singer =90. He’d just turned 45. Forty-Five =54. Fuentes =540/27. Voice =54/27. Rainbow Flag =54.

Alejandro Fuentes =170. Grimmie =170, was shot in “Florida” =170, after performing with her band “Before You Exit” =170. Which reminds me of the bathrooms at Pulse being located right next to clearly marked exit doors, yet people chose to trap themselves in the shitter. As in, don’t forget to pee before you leave. The big pink P logo of Pulse. P=96. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. British Royal Family =96. 


Here’s Grimmie and Selena Gomez, who once toured together (Selena’s father-in-law is Grimmie’s manager), in a commercial for XBox Kinect. Goodbye =518. Independent Britain =518. Domestic Terrorism =815. Adam Levine =815, her coach on the Voice who announced in the finale that regardless of the outcome he would sign Grimmie to his label, 222 Records. There were 2 months 22 days between Levine’s last birthday and Grimmie’s death (or a Masonic 223 coding).

  • She died 42 days before Selena’s 7/22 birthday. The Voice =42. Freemason =42. Satanism =42. Zionism =42. Notice that could also be code for 5/18, May 18th. This is Victoria Day, like Grimmie’s middle name. This is also the day of the year that leaves 227 days, like Selena’s 22/7 birthday. Blood sacrifice much?

Those jersey numbers also reduce to a 59. Selena Gomez =59. Kill =59. Brainwashed =59. Monarch Slave =59. And blue and white like the colours of the Orlando Magic. And check out the coded social media message from Pulse Orlando.