John McCain & Die Hard

Senator John McCain has brain cancer, just like Jimmy Carter. But what I’m more interested in is how his name is an NLP synch with Bruce Willis’ character from Die Hard, John McClane. Especially with that awesome 9/11 predictive programming in the movie poster. DIE =9 HARD =101. 

The target in the movie was Nakatomi Tower =1116, an inverted 9-11-01. Die Hard II came out 1 year 11 months 16 days after the original premiered and McCain’s cancer was announced 1 year 11 months 16 days after Carter had surgery to remove a tumour on his liver. John =16. McClain =16. McCain =106. His news also comes a perfect 10,600 days after the premier of Die Hard. 9/11 happened 1 week 6 days after McCain’s birthday. September Eleventh Attacks =116/1109. 

The real building is LA’s Fox Plaza (Fox =666), where Reagan used to have an office and the tower that was brought down at the end of Fight Club. The first Die Hard was about terrorists wanting to blow up a building; the sequel was about terrorists in an airport; and the third was about terrorists in New York City, involving a series of riddles McClane must solve to save the day. Sound familiar?

John McCain =440/98. John McClane =44/98. The State =44/98. 

Some screenshots from Die Hard. Notice the Masonic logo on the M. 

John McCain was exactly 2707 weeks old when Die Hard opened in theatres. Freemasonry =277. The Secret Society =277. The Shadow Government =277. The Twin Towers =277. Now we take it a step deeper and see that 277 is the 59th prime. Osama =59Twin Towers =59. The World Trade Center =159.

  • Brain Cancer =156. The news comes 11,156 days after he became Arizona Senator =1056 and 5 weeks 6 days before his birthday. False Flag =156. The 156th prime is 911.
  • McCain was born 11 years 10 months 29 days after the birth of Carter, and his brain cancer announcement comes 1 year 10 months 29 days after Carter’s brain cancer announcement. America =129. Politics =129. Allegories =129. 

John McCain =784. Die Hard opened 4807 days before 9/11 and 487 is the 93rd prime. John =93. United States of America =93. Propaganda =93. Al Qaeda =93. Flight 93 crashed into Shanksville =993 like the 1993 WTC Bombing and the first ‘plane’ hitting floors 99-93 while the second tower was struck at 9:03 AM. 

The Death of George Romero

George Romero, the film director and godfather of zombies, has died on 16 July 2017 at the age of 77 – or to be precise (because anything else in this line of work is straight-up sloppy), exactly 4041 weeks old and 44 weeks 1 day after the second most recent zombie film, The Girl with All the Gifts, premiered on 9/9/16. The most recent zombie flick was Resident Evil The Final Chapter =441. Death Cult =441. MK-Ultra =441. Sorcery =441. In computer science, a zombie is a computer connected to the Internet that has been compromised by a hacker, computer virus or trojan horse program and can be used to perform malicious tasks of one sort or another under remote direction. This is a perfect metaphor for the subconscious manipulation of mankind through the mental malware of alphanumeric programming, unconsciously projecting our rigged reality.

Zombies =44. The Undead =44. Walkers =44. Grimes =44. Georgia =44. Brainwashing =44. Mind-Controlled =44. Quiet Man =44/144. It’s reported that Romero was listening to the soundtrack from The Quiet Man (1952) when he passed. Scopolamine =144the truth-serum drug (aka Devil’s Breath) that makes a victim completely vulnerable to suggestion, obeying every command.

  • Speaking about horror stories, a classmate of mine in university got drugged in Hong Kong on Devil’s Breath and after being made to fork over his life savings to these gangsters they made him have sex with an underage girl and filmed it as blackmail so he wouldn’t go to the authorities. Dirty tricks like this are almost definitely used on public figures to make them do what they’re told – or else.

 The 44th prime is 193. George Romero =193. Brainwashed =193. 

His death comes three days after a stuntman named John Bernecker died on the set of The Walking Dead. Bernecker =34. Romero =34. George Romero =134. Mass Mind Control =1134. The Undead =134. Zombie =34. The Dead =34. Horror =34. We’re Just Getting Started =304. 

Bernecker was filming a scene with Austin Amelio (AA=11), who plays Dwight, when he fell headfirst off a 22-foot balcony at 1:11 PM. Bernecker died in Senoia =33 at age 33 exactly 33 weeks before his birthday and 133 days after his last. Midnight Rider =133. Amelio =330. Dwight =33. Romero =33 died on 33 numerology.

  • John Bernecker =174 was exactly 1741 weeks old when he died. The Living Dead =174. George =174. Romero died 11,704 days after the premier of Day of the Dead =47 and 7 weeks 4 days after the premier of Resident Evil =74 The Final Chapter =74. Lucille =74. Lucifer =74. We’re Just Getting Started =1740. MK-Ultra =174. New World Order =174. 
  • Amelio was 10,670 days old when it happened in front of him. Romero =167 (and he died on 16/7). Blood Sacrifice =67. Senoia =67. John Hagen Bernecker =67. 

Berndecker’s death was the first on-set fatality since Sarah Jones was struck by a freight train while filming the ill-fated Greg Allman biopic ‘Midnight Rider’, as we reported on previously. Both deaths occurred in Georgia, a span of exactly 177 weeks apart. Zombies =177. Walkers =177. Brainwashed =770. Austin Amelio =77. Bernecker =77. Reanimated Corpse =77. Romero died at age 77 on a date (7/16) that reduces to 77. 


Spider-Man Homecoming: Super Bowl LII

A reader asked me to look into the new movie Spider-Man: Homecoming that released on 7 July 2017 with regards to potential Super Bowl predictive programming – and we discovered some absolute gems. I also just saw this article published on 7/11 where former Broncos TE Shannon Sharpe has called Giants VS Ravens for Super Bowl 52, ha.

  • That’d be a rematch of Super Bowl XXXV =64 and Spider-Man Homecoming =64 opened 6004 days after the game in question. Shannon Sharpe =64. Sharpe =64. Peter Parker =164. The Super Bowl =164. 

As I’ve been documenting the Baltimore Ravens foreshadowing, the villain in this latest instalment is Vulture =117 (a bird associated with death, just like the raven) who’s played by a perfectly coded Michael Keaton =117. Of course Keaton also starred in Birdman =107, which opened on 10/17 of 2014. Spider-Man is played by Tom Holland =107 who just so happened to be 1100 weeks 7 days old on opening night. Avenger =117. Avengers =117. The reader (Riven1) pointed out that Spider-Man grossed $117 million on its opening weekend and The Baltimore Ravens =117 franchise was established exactly 1117 weeks before the movie opened, which is a gorgeous span. Super Bowl =117 LII is in Minneapolis =117 and LII is an inverted 117. Off to a strong start here.

  • Spider-Man Homecoming =77 released on 7/7 when Holland was 7707 days old. The premier was held 7 months 7 days before Super Bowl LII, which is 17 years 7 days after Super Bowl XXXV. Peter Parker: PP=77.

Holland =131 will be 1131 weeks old for the Super Bowl =131. The Ravens =131. The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance =131, the subtitle of Birdman.

Spider-Man Homecoming =1206. Super Bowl LII comes 1206 days after Birdman opened. Peter Parker =126. Edgar A Poe =1026. The Ravens’ two Super Bowl appearances were 12 years 6 days apart. Todd Heap’s deceased daughter Holly was born 12 weeks 6 days after their ’13 Super Bowl and was exactly 206 weeks old at death, 2 weeks 6 days before her birthday. Super Bowl XXXV =126. Marvel Comics =126. Joan Boocock Lee =126. 

Joan Boocock Lee is the wife of Stan Lee, the co-creator of Spider-Man, and she passed away the day before Spider-Man Homecoming opened… Coming home, like the return to the afterlife.

  • Spider-Man Homecoming =312 is directed by Jon Watts =312 and opened 213 days before Super Bowl LII =213. Baltimore Ravens =1213. 

Spider-Man =144. Homecoming =44. Peter Parker =44. Adrian Toomes =44, Vulture’s real name, just as Birdman’s is Riggan =144. Baltimore Ravens =1044. Edgar Allan Poe =1440. The Ravens mascots are named Rise & Conquer =144. Nevermore =144. Todd Heap =144 and his daughter died on 14/4. Shannon Sharpe =144/44. Joan Boocock Lee =144. Stanley Martin Lieber =441, Stan Lee’s real name. Marvel =44. Spider =44. 

Spider-Man is a tribute to Saturn, the planet (or dwarf star) ruled by the number 8, like the legs on a spider. Which makes sense that he throws up the devil horns when he shoots a web, like that ensnaring the Earth on the UN logo. Spiderweb =1155. Global Network =155. Social Engineers =155. Capitalism =155. Freemasons =155. Jew =1505. Judeo-Masonic =155. Synarchism =155. Theatre of the Mind =551. The Illusion =551. The Illuminati =551. Spider-Man Homecoming =551. 

The Devil’s Own: 9/11 Predictive Programming

I just discovered a juicy piece of 9/11 predictive programming in The Devil’s Own (1997), the movie with Brad Pitt as Francis McGuire, a Northern Irish terrorist who travels to New York to purchase a shipment of missiles for the IRA. What got me intrigued in its coding is the scene where Francis lands at Newark on 21 February 1993 – as we see on his passport stamp – five days before the ’93 World Trade Center bombing.

After having his passport stamped to show off some numerology he steps out of Gate 9 beside Gates 11 and 10, a subliminal 9-11-01. To the sound of jet engines, he gets in a car with the last digits of the license plate 622, the mirror of the 2/26 WTC bombing date. The subliminal messages are confirmed when driving across the bridge in the next shot as Pitt’s character looks at the skyline with the Twin Towers and remarks, “Ah, that’s it, isn’t it.” Spooky.

The terrorist / freedom fighter’s real name is Francis =119 and from his fake passport’s expiration date to 9/11 we find a perfect span of 1109 days. September Eleventh Attacks =1109. Exactly like the 11-10-9 we see in the gate numbers. Nine Eleven Two Thousand One =119. World Trade =119. The Irish Republican Army =119. Remember in The Matrix, Neo’s passport is shown to have an expiration date of 11 September 2001. Francis then comments, “It’s fantastic.” Fantastic =119. It’s 9-11.

  • 911 is the 156th prime number, coded right into the title: The Devil’s Own =156. False Flag =156. Predictive Program =1560. 
  • From the date Francis lands in America, 21 Feb 1993, to 11 Sept 2001 is 446 weeks. The Devil Zone =1446. Nation of Islam =446. Secret Societies =644. 

The Devil’s Own =141. The Devil Zone =141. Devil Zone =41. The film released exactly 4 years 1 month after the ’93 WTC Bombing and 9/11/01 fell on 41/14 numerology; match the first three digits of the license plate: KVQ =41/14. USA =41. Big Apple =41. Terrorism =41. Mass Murder =41. Foreshadow =41. 

41 is the 13th prime. McGuire’s passport was issued 30/8/88, a perfect 13 years 13 days before 9/11/01. KVQ =13 and we see the clock in the car is 6:25, reducing to 13September Eleventh Attacks =103. Devil =103. Devil Zone =131. Notice the span of 3 years 13 days from the expiration date to 9/11 (one day short of Pi). He landed on the Twenty-First of February =1031, the day that leaves 313 days remaining.

As Francis says to the state judge involved in the conspiracy who picks him up, “If you’re not confused you don’t know what’s going on.” Which reminds me of one of my favourite Mark Twain quotes: “If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed; if you read the newspaper you’re misinformed.”

Ghostbusters II & the Suicide of Baby Oscar


Henry John Deutschendorf II =146 who played the role of Oscar =46 in Ghostbusters Two =460, the targeted host of possession for Vigo the Carpathian =46, hanged himself on 14 June 2017, Donald Trump’s birthday. That’s 14/6 like Ghostbusters II =1146 which opened 146 days before the Berlin Wall fell and 1406 weeks before the hanging. There’s a scene in Ghostbusters II where it’s predicted that the end of the world will be 14 February 2016, Valentines Day =146. Valentines Day Two Thousand Sixteen =146. The Apocalypse =146. The Unveiling =146. 

Ghostbuster =46. Another Ghostbusters actor, David Margulies =46 died 4 weeks 6 days before 2/14/16. Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman =46 was born in ‘46 and was the victim of a death hoax ten days after Deutschendorf died. Ghostbusters actor & cowriter Harold Ramis died on 2/24/14; he played Spengler =46. 

  • That’s 530 days after Margulies died and Oscar =53 who was possessed by Vigo =53 died 1 year 5 months 3 days after Marguilies. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man =153. Harold Ramis =503 who played Egon Spengler =153. Deutschendorf was Schizophrenic =153. 
  • Ramis =119 died 1 year 10 months 9 days before David Margulies =1160. Who You Gonna Call =1116 (the inverse of 9/11/01). Ghostbusters =1190. Henry John Deutschendorf II =119. Carpathian =119. 

Harold Ramis =126 died 1206 days before Henry John Deutschendorf =260. Oscar =26. Vigo =26. The End of the World =260/206. The Ghostbusters =206. Hank & Will =126, his twin brother Will Deutschendorf =206 who found his body. Ghostbusters II opened exactly 26 years before Trump’s presidential campaign began.

Henry John Deutschendorf II =133/333 died 13 years 3 months 3 days after Wilhelm von Homburg =33 who played Vigo =330 the Carpathian =303/33. Ghost =33. 

This July 4th will be 72 weeks 2 days after the End of the World prediction for Valentines Day 2016. And as we covered in the End of Days predictive programming post, Ghostbusters II released 12 years 2 months 27 days before 9/11, so let’s see what history repeats on America’s 241st birthday. Who You Gonna Call =1314. 

The Interview & the Sony Pictures Hack

On the North Korean situation we’re reminded of the Sony Pictures Hack from 11/24/14 when a group called Guardians of Peace leaked confidential data from Sony studio demanding that it pull its film The Interview, the Seth Rogen comedy about a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, threatening terrorist attacks at cinemas screening the film. US Intelligence alleged that North Korea sponsored the cyber-attack though as I remember thinking back then, this sure smells like a publicity stunt. And as we now see, it is very much coded up with some key durations & Gematria for predictive programming – as is Team America: World Police.

  • Another current event making this decode more relevant is the June 22nd death of Keith Loneker, former NFL player and actor who had a part in Rogen’s film Superbad. Keith Loneker =264 died age 46 years 2 days old. That’s also 2400 weeks 4 days old. Superbad =442. Dual mirror synchs to the core code.

The Interview premiered 1090 days after the death of Kim Jong-Il =109. June 25th is 10,090 days after the Berlin Wall fell. Cyber Attack =109. Keith Joseph Loneker =109. Loneker =109. Sony =910. The Interview released 910 days before the 2017 Summer Solstice, 1 year 1 month 9 days before Otto Warmbier was arrested, and 10 years 1 month 9 days after the release of Team America =119. Superbad =119. 

Sony Pictures =1104. That’s also 1104 days from Kim Jong-Il’s death to the general release of The Interview, the Sony Hack coming 11,004 days after the release of Red Dawn. Kim Jong-Un =114. So between the two dates we find Gematria coded to both North Korean leaders. Cyber Attack =114. James Franco =114. Sony Pictures Studios =114. Sony Pictures Hack =411. Assassin =411. Team America premiered on 10/14. 

Guardians of Peace =1722. The Interview =314. If we exclude start & end points, it’s a span of 30 years 10 months 14 days before Kim Jong Un’s birth and the Sony Pictures Hack. Red Dawn =314. The Wolverines =227. The Warsaw Pact ended 1 year 7 months 22 days after the fall of the Berlin Wall, leading to the dissolution of the Soviet Union on 12/26 of 1991 (a beauty span of 777 days after the Wall fell).

  • The Interview =996. Seth Rogen =666. Temple of Bel =666 destroyed 666 days before 6/26. July 20th 2017 will be exactly 666 weeks after the release of Team America.
  • The Interview opened 2 years 6 months 2 days before 6/26Keith Joseph Loneker =262. The British Empire =262. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. 

Notice above that 3 years 8 days from Kim Jong Il’s death to the Sony Pictures Hack. The 38th parallel north forms the border between North & South Korea, the DMZ =38. Masonic =38. Occult Elite =38. Master Plan =38. 

With all those 333s on June 25/26 we covered previously, we can add this one to the list: June 25th will be 1330 weeks 3 days after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Nuclear War =1330.

And as we covered when it happened, Team America with its depiction of terrorism in Paris released a perfect 11 years 30 days before the Paris Attacks of 11/13. 

Update: Hours after this post, British Parliament was hit by a cyber attack. 

The Spectre of Korean War II

Perhaps the Trump / Berlin Wall symbolism is pointing towards War on the Korean Peninsula, which could lead to reunification between North & South, just as the fall of the Berlin Wall led to the reunification of East & West Germany. With the Otto Warmbier psy-op on the collective consciousness, tensions are at a boiling point with an American president eager to exercise an itchy trigger finger.

President Donald John Trump =114 was born 411 days after Hitler died and 4 years 11 days before the Korean War began. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was 11,004 days old on 9/11, which came 4 years 11 days after Princess Diana was killed. Temple of Baal =114. Bel =114. Pyongyang =114. Cold War II =114. The Second Cold War =1014. Soviet-Afghan War =1014. Warmbier returned home 1 year 10 months 4 days after Kali was projected on the Empire State Building (8/9/15).

  • The Korean War =121. Otto Frederick Warmbier =121 was arrested when he was 21 years 21 days old and released when Kim Jong-Un was 12,210 days old. Warmbier’s arrest also marked 12,001 days since the 1984 release of Red Dawn =121, about the Soviets invading America. The 2012 release of Red Dawn came out 1201 weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall. United Grand Lodge of England =121. Cold War =21. 

There’s some good Pi coding in Red Dawn =314 as the teenage guerrillas call themselves The Wolverines =227. Twenty-Fifth of June =227. United Grand Lodge of England =227. The Great Mosque of al-Nuri =314. Again, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was 30 years 1 month 14 days old on 9/11/01 and spoke at this recently destroyed mosque 11 years 3 months 14 days after the Iraq War began. The Solar Eclipse comes 722 days after the Temple of Bel was destroyed. The Second Korean War =1722. 

Patrick Swayze =46 died exactly 406 weeks before June 26th. North Korea =46. Dear Leader =46. Otto Warmbier =46. Pyongyang =146. ISIS Terrorism =1146. 

Last episode we showed that the Temple of Bel was destroyed 666 days before June 26th but what we missed is that Temple of Bel =666. Located in Palmyra Syria =996. Pretty crucial details. Warmbier was released 1666 days after the 2012 release of Red Dawn.

  • Kim Jong-Il died on 12/17/11, the day after the Iraq War ended. 2017 days later is the 67th anniversary of the start of The Korean War =217, our target of June 25th. A Terrorist Attack =217. Prince Philip =217.

Warmbier was released from North Korean custody on June 13th, exactly 3333 weeks after the Korean War ended. On June 25th, Queen Elizabeth II will be 33,303 weeks old. The Temple of Bel Arch was reconstructed in London 33 weeks 3 days after its destruction. Kim =33 Jong-Un has been 33 for the past several years. Twenty-Sixth of June =3003 when the United Grand Lodge of England will be a perfectly synched 300 years 3 days old; a date that is practically impossible for the Programmers not to carry out some sort of tomfoolery. 

The 2012 remake of Red Dawn =33, this time with the North Koreans as the enemy, came out 10,330 days after the original. Otto Warmbier =133. June 26th is 133 days after Jong-Un’s older brother, Kim Jong-Nam, was assassinated on 2/13/17.

  • The Korean War lasted 1129 days. North Korean =129. Kim Jong-un =129 the Supreme Leader =209 was 12,090 days old for the murder of Jong-nam =29, which came 2 months 9 days before the Queen’s birthday (Diana & Kate both married on the 29th of the month). Prince Philip =129. June 25th is 1290 days after the execution of Jong-un’s uncle, Jang Sung-taek, by anti-aircraft machine gun fire — and the 26th is 12,009 days after 

June 25th is 10,090 days after the Berlin Wall fell and exactly 19 weeks after the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam. June Twenty Sixth Twenty Seventeen =901. June Twenty-Sixth Two Thousand Seventeen =191 is 10,091 days after the Berlin Wall fell. This sets up real nice durations forthcoming. North Korean =191. ISIS Terrorism =191. Pyongyang =119. North Korea =119. July 13th will be 10,109 days later or exactly 1444 weeks. July 24th will be 10,119 days later. Aug 21st will be 10,147 days after the Wall fell.

Warriors Win

The Warriors win the NBA Finals, history repeating perfectly in ritual reenactment as the Cavaliers lost the English Civil War. Their win was also predictive programmed in The Warriors movie with its major symbol, the Wonder Wheel. Read my post on it for all the crazy coded ritual sacrifices connecting the actors from that movie to this championship. But this one here is my favourite:

Wonder Wheel =2017, the 306th prime. The Warriors =306. Seventy-First NBA Finals =306. Twenty Seventeen Champions =306. Kevin Durant =136. And that’s fucking gorgeous. 

Golden State Warriors =117 with Steph Curry =117 & K Durant =117 winning the 71st NBA Finals in ’17, The Warriors =71 in Oakland since ’71. LeBron & Curry are born 1170 days apart, both from Akron =117 Ohio =117, and as GSW & Curry both have the 117 connection – Cleveland & LeBron having none – it only makes sense that the best-of-three battles (the past three Finals) goes to the Warriors. Remember the English Civil War was actually three wars.

The Warriors =143/1403 movie came out 14,003 days before the Warriors victory at Oracle Arena =43 with Kevin Durant =43 as MVP. NBA =43. Twenty Seventeen =430. 

  • Kevin Wayne Durant =1350. K Durant =35 wearing #35 was born exactly 503 weeks after the release of The Warriors =1153. And there we see where all the 35 coding was pointing, 20/20 hindsight. NBA =35.

And for the record there’s no way in hell I would ever claim to have predicted the champion, whomever won, when we’ve all been showing compelling evidence for both sides. It’s easy to pick the favourites but part of the fun in Gematria is discovering the underdogs. And to boast that I’m Right You’re Wrong (especially when playing so neutral) is such a disservice to the craft, and the same old divide-and-conquer bullshit that strives to keep us separated. The same old techniques that professional sports is there for in the first place! This is a LEARNING experience and guess what, we’re all learning TOGETHER.

Adam West & the Batman-Cavaliers Connections

Adam West dies on the day the Cavaliers win Game 4 to launch a potential comeback. What’s most intriguing to me about this is all the references over the past years between Batman & LeBron. He’s stated that his two biggest inspirations are Michael Jordan and Batman said he wants to play the Caped Crusader in a movie. He also wore a Batman-style mask during a game on 2/27/14 and posted a drawing of him as Batman on 3/6/16. We’ll also find some interesting parallels to the Dark Knight shooting hoax in Aurora Colorado on 7/20/14, blamed on James Holmes.

  • LeBron Raymone James =88. Adam West was aged 88 years 8 months and change the day before America turned 88,000 days old. Game 7 comes 8 months 8 days after West’s final film and he died 88 days after the anniversary of the Batman season finale. Aurora =88.
  • William West Anderson =216. (6x6x6) =216. Batman =666. The Cavs =666. Game 5 is 666 days after the death of Batgirl, Yvonne Craig. The NBA Finals =666. Double Dribble =666. Adam West died 660 weeks 6 days after Superman, Christopher Reeve.

Adam West =1131. His Batman series ran for 113 weeks 1 day and James Holmes was sentenced 1131 days after the shooting. LeBron’s Batman instagram was posted 1 year 3 months 11 days before Game 7. The NBA Finals =131. Championship =131. Caped Crusader =113. Dark Knight =113. Mayor West =113, his character on Family Guy. An episode of that show featuring a scene where Peter beats Cleveland using a glitch in the old basketball game Double Dribble aired 1 year 1 month 3 days before this Game 7. Batman’s creator, Bob Kane, died on 11/3.

William West Anderson =314. Batgirl =314. Batman’s 1968 finale was on 3/14 and West received his Hollywood Star 3 months 14 days before the Aurora Shooting, which happened 3 years 1 month 4 days before James Holmes was sentenced.

  • West died 2 months 27 days after the 49th anniversary of the last episode & LeBron wore the Batman mask on 2/27. Remember that 227 the 49th prime. Pi =49. Dark Knight =49. Adam West =49. West =49. 
  • The NBA Finals =322. James =223. The Batman series ran for 2 years 2 months 3 days and Game 7 comes 22 years 3 days after the release of Batman Forever.

Bruce Wayne =169. William Anderson =169. William West Anderson =69 died on 6/9. West =69. Pi =69. Cleveland Cavaliers =69. The NBA Finals =69. The Caped Crusader =69. Batgirl =69. It’s Not Who You Are Underneath, It’s What You Do That Defines You =690, as LeBron posted with his Batman picture. Game 7 is on the 169th day of the year and Justice League comes out 169 days after the Finals began.

Caped Crusader =47. Cavs =47. The King =47. LeBron’s Instagram post came 470 days before Game 7, which would be his 47th Finals game in the Cavaliers 47th season. Just like the LA Kings staged a comeback in their 47th season. Adam West died exactly 1147 weeks after Batman Forever. The upcoming Batman film is called Justice League =147 and its tagline is Unite The League =147. 

  • One of Batman’s foes is The Cavalier =206, real name Mortimer Drake =1206. 
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers =1206/206. The Dark Knight Rises =206. LeBron Raymone James =206 wore the mask 1206 days before Game 7. The Cavaliers =1206. English Civil War =1026. LeBron =26. Adam West died 11 years 11 months 26 days after the release of Batman Begins. Batman =261. 

LeBron James =164 was 10,064 days old for the Aurora Shooting, which came 9 years 23 days after he was drafted. LeBron James =923.

The NBA Finals =213. Justice League =213. LeBron James was born 2 years 11 months 13 days before the birth of James Holmes. Jordan was born 21 years 10 months 13 days before James and Lemieux was born 21 years 10 months 3 days before Crosby. Drake Back to Back =213 released 12 years 1 month 3 days after LeBron was drafted. The Seventy-First NBA Finals =2130.

Justice League comes out on 11/17. James Holmes was sentenced when he was 10,117 days old. Bruce Wayne =117. King James VI & I =1170. LeBron & Curry both born in Akron =117 Ohio =117 a span of 1170 days apart.

  • (As Gematria Club predicted again, Tapwrit =107 just won the Belmont Stakes =1170 at the same span of 1170 days old, the exact same age as last year’s Belmont winner).

Caped Crusader =708. Adam West =78. Holmes will be 10,780 days old (exactly 1540 weeks) for Game 7 and he and LeBron were born 1078 days apart (exactly 154 weeks). Defend the Land =154Twenty Seventeen Champions =1154.

Mr Mercedes – Terror Hoax Foreshadowing by Stephen King

Vehicular terrorism is at an all-time high. This current wave of truck-ramming attacks began in the wake of Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes (6/3/14), a crime novel about a man who plows his car into a crowd of people and gets away with it. The repetitive incident on London Bridge (6/3/17) happened on the three-year anniversary of the book’s publishing. But that’s not all it predicted.

We’ve discussed this novel before as the actor originally slated for the TV adaptation, Anton Yelchin, was murdered by a vehicle ramming (on Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals) in a freak accident with his own truck. But here’s where it really gets weird: the climax of Mr Mercedes involves an attempted bombing at a pop concert for young girls. Both the book and the Manchester Hoax involved a single male who smuggled a homemade nail bomb past lax security into an arena full of screaming teeny-boppers.

  • Mr Mercedes =155. Vehicular Terrorism =1550. Freemason =155. Masonic Ritual =155. Staged False Flag =155. False Flag Operation =551. Royal =551. The Illuminati =551. The Illusion =551. Theatre of the Mind =551. Ariana Grande’s track Break Free released 1055 days before the Attack at her concert in Manchester England =155, which came exactly 155 weeks after Mr Mercedes =155 was published and 155 days after the Berlin Truck Ramming. The Manchester Arena even opened on 15/5. Theresa May =155. 

Break Free released exactly 30 years 3 months after Queen’s track I Want to Break Free, which released 33 years before the Manchester Incident – a staged drill presented as authentic that involved multiple instances of #33 flashing around the arena. Staged Drill =33. False Flag =33

Mister Mercedes =222. Mercedes =222. The City Center Massacre =222, the name of the vehicle-ramming attack at a Job Fair =22 in the book by King =22. Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour =2022. Dangerous Woman =222. Salman =222, the name of the 22-year-old patsy (like King Solomon) who allegedly killed 22 people with a Suicide Bomb =202 in Manchester England =220 in the 22nd hour on the 22nd day on the eve of 222 days remaining in the year, exactly 22 weeks after the Berlin Truck Ramming. The 11/13 Paris Attacks happened 222 years after Louis XVI was guillotined and lasted 222 minutes. British Royal Family =222. Operant Conditioning =222 .

  • Nice France =222. Nice =22. The Vehicle-Ramming Hoax on Bastille Day was committed by Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel =220. Operation London Bridge =220which if you’ll recall is the codename for the media strategy following the death of Queen Elizabeth.
  • Nice happened 2 years 1 month 11 days after Mr Mercedes (110 weeks 2 days) and the Manchester =211 Drill happened 2 years 11 months 20 days after the book. Stephen King Mr Mercedes =112. Mercedes Benz =112. Salman Ramadan Abedi =211. The London Bridge Attack happened 20 years 11 months 11 days after the Thames’ Millennium Bridge was destroyed in Harry Potter.

Shadow Government =2110. Bilderberg Group =211. Mason =211. The Mr Mercedes TV series premiers 1 year 1 month 20 days after the death of Yelchin =112 who was replaced by Harry John Newman Treadaway =112. One Love Manchester =1112. If we’re to identify another potential target date, 1112 days after the book release is 6/20/17. Or 1111 days. Government Sponsored Hoax =1111. Staged Drill =111. Vehicular Homicide =111.

A Government Sponsored Drill =314. Mr Mercedes released 31 years 1 month 4 days after his novel Christine, about the car that kills people. For some juicy pi-cycle proof, the Manchester Attack happened 3 years 14 days after Theresa May took office. Manchester False Flag =227. One Lve Manchester =227 (as the logo cuts the O). Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour =2227. Vehicular Terrorism =227. Vehicular Murder =227. London Bridge is Falling Down =1227. We Never Sleep =227 (see below).

Let’s also keep our eye peeled for 7/20, the 48th anniversary of the Moon Landing Hoax, when Theresa May will be 22,207 days old. That means on Bastille Day she’ll be 22,200 days old – prime for a manufactured terror fiction. 

  • Stephen King Mr Mercedes =114. Stephen King =1014. Mercedes =114. Vehicle Ramming Attack =114. Anton Yelchin =1104 who was replaced by Harry John Newman Treadaway =114 as the homegrown terrorist. Prime Minister May =411. Freemason =411. Zionists =411. Manifest =411. 
  • Stephen King Mr Mercedes =123. Mercedes Benz =1230. Dark Tower =1230. The British Monarchy =1230. The Royals =123. The Westminster =132 Attack came 1023 days after the book. Psychological Operation =123. Conspiracy =123. 

Mercedes =143/34. Vehicle Ramming =1434. There were 434 injured in the Nice Attack. Allahu Akbar =43/34. Queen I Want to Break Free =343. 

There’s definitely something weird about Stephen King’s predictive programming and vehicle rammings. King himself was struck by a van on 19/6/99 when he was exactly 2700 weeks old, 270 days after his birthday. Vehicle Ramming Attack =2070. Stephen Edwin King =1098 was exactly 18,900 days old. Government Sponsored Hoax =1890. We Never Sleep =189.

Also interesting is that one feature of his story universe involves King appearing as himself, a sort of wizard who manifests his characters into reality. In the Dark Tower series his characters travel from another dimension into this one to meet their creator, Stephen King.

  • Anton Viktorovich Yelchin =1097. The London Bridge Attack came 1097 days after Mr Mercedes. Vehicle Ramming =197. Vehicle Ramming Attack =197. Bill Hodges =97. The Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Ramming Attack (right before the Ottawa Parliament Attack) happened 197 days after the book.

Stephen King Mr Mercedes =2016. The Times Square Crash happened 2 years 11 months 16 days after Mr Mercedes & Yelchin died 2 years 16 days after it. 6x6x6 =216. Illusion =666. Prophecy =666. Witchcraft =666. To Invoke =666. Staged Drill =666.