A League of Their Own: World Series Predictive Programming

We found another fine piece of World Series predictive programming thanks to a discovery by our reader Wayne who happened to watch the 1992 film A League of Their Own, the story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) created during World War II and the Rockford Peaches, a team that favoured theatricality over technical skill.

In the movie the AAGPBL is created by fictional Cubs owner Walter Harvey and the gals try out at Harvey Field in Chicago. In reality the All-Girls League was created by Philip K Wrigley, the actual former owner of the Cubs and namesake of Wrigley Field. So with regards to Hurricane Harvey (the costliest tropical cyclone on record) smashing up Houston a few weeks before the World Series, it’s a very interesting name choice, seeing as the Astros won the championship after the Cubs. Seeing as Matt Harvey of the New York Mets (the pitcher who was benched after his 111th pitch in the 111th World Series on 11/1) was the first to pitch against Houston after the flood, and all this stuff about Harvey Weinstein.

Historically inaccurate, the Rockford Peaches win the World Series in 7 Games, another Cinderella story, just like the Astros who were worst in the league when Sports Illustrated said they’d be 2017 World Champions – a feat they accomplished after Houston was flooded by Harvey and the city came together to overcome all odds and bring home the Commissioner’s Trophy. *Roll credits*

Now, Wayne’s initial big find is that A League of Their Own is set in ’43 and released exactly 304 months before the Astros won the World Series, a perfect inverse with All-American Girls Professional Baseball League =403. We’re reminded that each team scored 34 runs in these World Series that finished exactly 3 years 4 months (counting days between) after that Sports Illustrated issue dated 30 June 2014 that read Baseball’s Great Experiment =143. Even if we keep it to the standard count it’s 3 years 4 months 3 days including end date after the SI Prophecy.

  • One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =434. Astros World Series =1434. 
  • Twenty Seventeen World Champion =3400. The Houston Colt Forty-Fives =340. Houston =34. The Astros =34. Houston Texas =1034. Twenty Seventeen =1134. Astros =43 and they won 4-3. MLB =43. 

Tropical Cyclone =340. Harvey =34. The Peaches play in Rockford Illinois =1134 and the entire cast is 34/43 friendly: Tom Hanks =43 plays former Cubs slugger Jimmy Dugan =43. Geena Davis =34 plays Hinson =34/43. The film was directed by Penny Marshall =314. Marshall =34 was born in ’43. Garry Marshall =143/304 was born in ’34 and plays candy bar magnate Walter Harvey =134/314 the maker of the fictional Harvey Bar =143. Garry Kent Marshall =403 just died last year, 1 year 3 months 14 days before the Astros WS win. The actual women’s team that won the World Series in in 1943 was the Racine Belles =1314. Tropical Cyclone =1314. 

Houston Twenty Seventeen =334. The Houston Colt Forty-Fives =334. And wouldn’t you just know it, Garry Marshall was born 30,304 days before the November 1st Game 7 Final.

We find another gem long count based on a date given up on the Wikipedia page: “On December 19, 2012, it was announced that the film would be preserved as part of the United States National Film Registry.” From that date to the Astros World Series was 4 years 10 months 13 days, yet another big Pi sequence, as the previous post covers.

But the thing about that duration is it’s also exactly 254 weeks, which as we see above is a perfect match with the exactly 25 years 4 months between the movie’s release and Astros’ World Series victory. Garry Marshall died 1254 weeks after the film release. Carlos Correa =254. Colt Forty-Five =254. The Colt Forty-Fives =452. 

And we can add a few more 113s to the list for the 113th World Series: Peaches =113 played at Harvey Field =113 with Geena Davis’ character Dorothy Dottie Hinson =113 and the real life AAGPBL had a total lifespan of 11 years 3 months. 

  • Sports Illustrated released a commemorative issue of their prediction titled Baseball’s Great Prophecy =113 instead of the original ‘Baseball’s Great Experiment’ header with the call: Your Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs =1103. Dodgers Astros World Series =113. And another synch with the actor who played Harvey the candy magnate, Garry Marshall was born on 11/13. 

Now if we count from Marshall’s date of birth to the day before Game Seven we see that’s 30,303 days. This resonates because not only does that Sports Illustrated call equate: Your Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs =3330. The issue is also dated 3 years 3 months 3 days before the Playoffs began. World Series =1333. And we covered previously with regards to the NASA/Disney connections in Houston/LA that on the day the Dodgers last won the World Series, 20 October 1988, Disneyland =133 (with its private Club 33) had been open for 33 years 3 months 3 days. And the team from the movie: Rockford =333 Peaches =33

Houston Astros World Series =1191. Another very curious detail is that Harvey was the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Wilma in 2005, the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic basin. Not only is the name Wilma associated with the Flintstones, another Hanna-Barbera production like Jetsons, but it heralded the last and only other time the Houston Astros made the World Series, dissipating the day before Astros lost to the Chicago White Sox.

The problem here though is aside from the Harvey references, there’s far more Cubs associations to suggest the 2016 World Series. So we run the numbers there and find the movie released exactly 1270 weeks before the Cubs =270 won their first World Series in 108 years. Chicago Cubs =127, in the Kabbalah method, which we can give another point to after further validation like this – an example of how I’ve come to trust my methods through experimentation.

  • Cubs =27. Peach =27. Madonna =127. Geena Davis =172. The Rockford Peaches =172. Garry Marshall =72. MLB =27/72. Major League Baseball =72. And that number, if it’s tied into all World Series, we find Astros =27 winning 12 years 7 days after their 2005 WS loss, immediately preceding Hurricane Wilma =207/72. 

The Rockford Peaches =108 with the letter R=108 on the hat playing in Rockford Illinois =108 hinting at the 108 year drought for The Cubs =108. Philip K Wrigley =1080. Houston Astros World Series =108. And this is why looking back matters, to better predict the future.


Philadelphia Eagles & Invincible

Alright so even though all my research seems to be connecting with little more than my handful of loyal readers, I’m gonna keep putting this work out because it matters – or at least because I think it’s damn interesting. And I figure we look into the Disney film Invincible about the Philadelphia Eagles, as they’ve currently got the best record in the NFL. The movie from 25 August 2006 is the story of the oldest rookie in NFL history who didn’t play college ball, the Cinderella story of Vince Papale who miraculously made the Eagles under Dick Vermeil, the former coach who also led the Rams & Chiefs.

  • I wrote about Dick Vermeil & the Eagles back on Halloween (read here) with the sacrifice of former Eagles player Daniel Te’O-Nesheim who died on Vermeil’s birthday, at the age of 11,100 days old. Dick Vermeil =111. Philadelphia Eagles =111. Super Bowl LII =111. Minneapolis Minnesota =111Papale =111 played by Marky Mark =111. Counting only days between, Invincible opened 11 years 11 days before the start of this NFL season. 

There’s an association here as we’ve just seen the deaths of three professional sports players from Kansas City: Nate Hobgood-Chittick (DE with the St Louis Rams who won Super Bowl XXXIV under Vermeil then finished his career with the Chiefs) and Rance Pless (who played baseball with the Kansas City Athletics) both died on 11/11/17. Then two days later on 11/13 was the death of Jim Rivera, who also played with the Kansas City A’s. The Rams are playing their first season in LA and have one of the best records in the league, while the Kansas City Chiefs served the Eagles their only loss of the season.

Now let’s see how all this connects – and what it may say about the upcoming Super Bowl LII.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 1.02.48 PM.png

INVINCIBLE =1026 came out in 2006 about Vince Papale =206. Vince =26. Papale =26/261 who was coded up perfectly with The Philadelphia Eagles =261. Eagles =26. Philly =26. Philadelphia =62. Pennsylvania =62/206. Philadelphia PA =206. They play at Lincoln Financial Field =262.

  • Greg Kinnear =62 plays Dick =26 Vermeil =26. The movie opened 126 weeks after Eagles old venue, Veterans Stadium, was demolished. Coach Pederson =126. Douglas Pederson =206. Douglas Irving Pederson =262. Eagles Owner Jeff =162 Lurie 26/62 and their QB Carson James Wentz =62/206. Carson Wentz =126.
  • Super Bowl LII =162. Minneapolis MN =162. Minneapolis =62. Super Bowl =260. 

Kansas City Chiefs =260. KC =26. KC Chiefs =62. Rams won the 2000 Super Bowl in their 62nd season with Kurtis Warner =1062 the QB who also had a Cinderella script, the legend that he was formerly bagging groceries. Super Bowl LII =62. Rance Pless played only 162 days with the Athletics and died 10 months 26 days after his 12/6 birthday. Rivera =26 died 16 weeks 2 days after his own birthday. Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =262. Eagles Super Bowl LII =1260. 

Super Bowl LII =966. Papale =666 played by Marky Mark =666 and Invincible opened when Papale was 60 years 6 months 16 days old. Dick Vermeil =666. Nate Hobgood-Chittick =696 (JG) played for the St Louis Rams =996 and died 6 years 6 months 9 days into the term of Sly James, Mayor of Kansas City. Tony Danza will be 66 years 9 months old for Super Bowl LII =966. 

  • There was another Disney flick starring Tony Danza =42 called The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon =204, (aka The Philadelphia Phenomenon =124/241) about a garbageman named Barney Gorman =124 who becomes the Eagles kicker, aired on 15/2 of ’98, exactly 1042 weeks before Super Bowl Fifty-Two =204 at US Bank Stadium =204 on the date 2/4. Papale =24. Lurie =240/420 the Eagles owner makes an appearance in the movie as Danza’s best friend. Fifty-Two =124. Vermeil =42. 

Kansas City =242/42/24. Kansas City Missouri =124. KC =240. Hobgood =24 Chittick =242/42 died at the age of 42 or exactly 2241 weeks old. Rams =24. LA Rams =142/24/42. He also died when Kurt Warner =42 was 2420 weeks 4 days old and 4 months 20 days (142 days) after Warner’s birthday. Dick Vermeil will be the inverse age of 4240 weeks 2 days old for SB LII. Hobgood-Chittick born 11 months 24 days after Pless’s birthday. Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =421. Glenn Frey =421, founding member of the Eagles rock band who died on 18 January 2016, a clue to the Philly Eagles success as we discussed back then.

The Philadelphia Phenomenon is pretty much the same story as Invincible, as the Eagles owner in the former movie says it’s a clever publicity stunt, “giving an average Joe a shot at the NFL.” Eagles now play at Lincoln Financial Field, which opened on 3 August 2003, a clean 5300 days before Super Bowl Fifty-Two =1530 in Minneapolis =153. Pennsylvania =53. Carson Wentz =153. Dick =53. Vince =53. Barney Gorman =153. Jim Rivera’s nickname was Jungle Jim =153. The Philadelphia Phenomenon =503. 

  • Invincible =54. Veterans Stadium =54. Coach Pederson will be 50 years 4 days old for Super Bowl LII. Carson Wentz =54. Wentz =1545. Pennsylvania Philadelphia =504/405. Philadelphia PA =54. Te’O-Nesheim =54. Kurt Warner was 10,450 days old when he was named MVP of Super Bowl XXXIV. Glenn Frey =45. 

With end date, Douglas Irving Pederson =505 will be 50 years 5 days old. Veterans Stadium =1505. US Bank Stadium =155. Minneapolis =55. Minnesota =515. Mark Wahlberg =55. Vince =55. Rivera =55. Wentz =1555. Invincible opened 11 years 5 months 11 days before Super Bowl LII, and maybe this is all too much intel but that 115/511 sequence has been hot lately.

Douglas Pederson =230 was 13,200 days old when Veterans Stadium was demolished. Mark Wahlberg =132/1230. Wahlberg =1023 (JG). Fifty-Two =132. Wentz was born on 12/30. Philadelphia Phenomenon =1320. Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII =231/302. NFL =32 for its 32 teams.

  • Kansas City Missouri =1302/231 was incorporated as a city 1032 days after its incorporation as a town. Missouri =123. Kansas City Chiefs =1032. The Kansas City Chiefs =1230.  Hobgood =123 Chittick =23 was part of the Rams team that won Super Bowl XXXIV when he was exactly 302 months old; he then died exactly 32 weeks before Warner’s birthday. Hobgood-Chittick + Pless =1320/320. Gorman =32. Kansas City =32. 

The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon =312 came out 3112 days before Invincible (444 weeks 4 days). Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =312 played 444 days with the Eagles. Invincible also opened 888 days after Veterans Stadium demolished, so we know that number matters. Kansas City =888. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.30.06 PM.png

Eagles Super Bowl LII =314. It’s also 3114 days between the two Eagles movies of coded predictive programming. Lurie =314 (JG). Carson Wentz =314 (FB). Manuel Joseph Jim Rivera =314 born 22/7. Douglas Pederson =227. Twenty Seventeen =227.

  • Hobgood-Chittick =86 died 86 days before Super Bowl LII =68 which comes 18 years 6 days after his 2000 SB. Veterans Stadium was open for a total of 11,860 days. KC Athletics =186/189. Carson Wentz =1809. The 1089th prime is 8737 and the twin trick 11/17 deaths of Hobgood-Chittick & Pless came exactly 8737 weeks after Kansas City was first incorporated as a town.

Editor’s Note: Brother Berg has not watched a single play of a single NFL game this year because he’s got better things to do – like proper research and pattern analysis in instances of predictive programming. Because as we saw with the Astros (he also didn’t watch a single inning of a single MLB game), it’s all hidden out there in plain sight, in a lot more interesting places than a rigged sports game. 

Astro’s Big Moment – World Series Predictive Programming in The Jetsons

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 9.00.55 PM.png

Digging through the Extra Capsa archives I’m reminded of my Astro Jetson article from 21 November 2016 that was full of gems to suggest the Houston World Series a year later. Astro was the dog on The Jetsons, the cartoon that first aired in 1962, during the Houston Astros first season in the MLB as the Colt 45s. George Jetson’s boss was Cosmo Spacely, which reminds me of Kevin Spacey, all over the news of late for sexually assaulting men. Emphasis on Space, coinciding with news of the Chinese building a space navy with the Americans 40 years behind in the space race and the recent focus on the cosmos with the solar eclipse and the satellite crash landing on Saturn.

Spacey who primed the world for the nightmare presidency of Donald Trump with his role of President Underwood on House of Cards, surviving an assassination attempt (in S04E04 exactly 44 weeks before Trump took office) and now the actor being taken out by character assassination. It should be noted that long before Mr Trump & The Apprentice, Mr Spacely had the catch phrase “Jetson, you’re fired!”

  • Kevin Spacey Fowler =191 again, the 43rd prime. And get this, on the day The Astros =34 won the One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =434, exactly 3 years 4 months after the prophetic Sports Illustrated issue and exactly 3430 weeks after Elizabeth =34/43 became Queen, Spacey was 3040 weeks 3 days old, the day he stated he’d be going in for treatment. Astros World Series =1434. Jetsons created by Hanna-Barbera =1434. 
  • Astros =43. Mister Spacely =43 aka Cosmo G Spacely =43 was voiced by Melvin Jerome Blanc =343 who died 10,340 days before the Astros won the WS. Houston Texas =1034. 

Houston =34. The Astros =34. Both teams scored 34 runs each in the World Series. #34 Roy Halladay then died exactly 3 years 4 months after the maiden voyage of the plane he crashed in, the exact same 3 years 4 months duration after the Sports Illustrated that predicted Astros (then the worst team in the league) would be World Champions in Twenty Seventeen =1134.

My old post reminds us of the lady in Houston =112 punching a police horse named Astro on the same night as 112 protesters were arrested at an Anti-Trump rally in Portland. The Astros won the Hundred Thirteenth World Series =112 with their 112th win of the season then the sacrifice of Roy Halladay =112 who was on the cover of MLB 2K11 then the Texas Church Massacre started at 11:20, coming 1012 days after Kingsman The Secret Service =1112 and 2 months 11 days after the death of Texas Chainsaw Massacre director Tobe Hooper.

  • Mr Spacely =112 voiced by Melvin Jerome Blanc =211 and Astro the dog was voiced by Don Messick =112. After being cancelled in ’63, The Jetsons came back for 112 weeks with their final episode airing on 11/12 (1987), a span of 11 months 20 days after its 26th anniversary. The voice of George Jetson died on 2/11 and the voice of Jane Jetson died on 11/12 (2003). And get this: the voice actors of George Jetson & Mr Spacely both died during production of the Jetsons Movie in 1989, while the LA Dodgers were World Champions for the last time, a span of 21 weeks 1 day between their deaths. Astros President of Operations, Reid Ryan, was born on 21/11 and they won 11 months 12 days after his birthday.

As I wrote back then: “Remember that the Houston Astros were previously called the Houston Colt 45s, and now here we are with the 45th president and his connections to JFK and the space program, of which mission control in Houston bestows the name Astros. The Colt 45s joined the AL in 1962 (the same year that Jetsons first aired with the family dog’s backstory that he was previously owned by a mega-wealthy industrialist, just as the Astros were an expansion team from the NY Mets), and the year after the Apollo Program began. Colt Forty-Fives =69. Houston Astrodome =69. Apollo Program =69. Fake Moon Landing =69 which happened in ’69.” World Series =69. Spacey =69. 

The big discovery here is the Jetsons episode ‘Astro’s Big Moment‘, which aired on 1 November 1985, exactly 32 years to the day before the Houston Astros’ big moment winning their first ever World Series on 1 November 2017. Pretty funny, especially when the episode involves a rigged dog show. Especially when we see it was Season 2 Episode 27 for the 227 pi coding of history repeating – and yet another example of long distance predictive programming.

  • Spacely =108. Houston Astros World Series =108. This year on 10/8 the Astros beat the Red Sox to make it 3-1 in the ALDS, win that came 20,270 days after Houston Colt 45’s first ever game, which was 20,207 days before the final game of MLB player Darren Arthur Daulton =227 (also the author of a book on occultism & numerology) who was recently sacrificed on 6 August 2017, a span of 2 months 27 days before Game 7 with his final game also 20 years 27 days before the start of the Twenty Seventeen World Series =722, its MVP the dude on that 2014 SI cover, George Springer = 227. Astros World Series =227. 

“Astros Big Moment” was the 51st episode and featured a mobster named Mangler Mars =51 who was forcing George, the judge of the Space Dog Show, to pick his dog as the winner. Houston Astros =51 spent 51 seasons in the NL before switching to the AL and play at The Astrodome =51 in Houston TX =51, the city that hosted Super Bowl 51. Hanna-Barbera =510. 

The 51st prime is 233. The Houston Astros =233 play at Minute Maid Park =233 in Houston Texas =233 and they won the World Series exactly 233 weeks after Reid Ryan was announced as Astros President. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champions =233. The first game at Minute Maid was on 3/30/2000 (332) and as a perfect fit, the approximate population of Houston is 2.303 million. Astro means relating to the stars or celestial objects; Houston the home of NASA’s Space Center and the solar eclipse came on the 233rd day. 

We mentioned the sacrifice of Daulton =332. Darren Arthur Daulton =233 was harmonic age of 20,303 days old on his full last day of life. Kevin Spacey Fowler =233. And notice the Spacely Sprockets logo looks more like the Star of David in a circle than a gear.

Magnum Pi and John Hillerman

John Hillerman, the actor best known for his role on Magnum PI, passed away on 9 November 2017 in Houston Texas. He was also born in Denison Texas, home to President Eisenhower and (if you can believe it) the town where gunslinger Doc Holliday had his dental practice! All this in the wake of the Houston Astros World Series and the sacrifice of Roy Doc Halladay. And if we count to his last full day of life, Hillerman lived a truly phenomenal Magnum Pi (π) span of 31,004 days.

  • John Hillerman =911 (JG) dies on 11/9 a span of 10 months 19 days after his birthday and 9 months 11 days after his Magnum PI costar Tom Selleck’s birthday. PI stands for Private Investigator =119. Denison TX =119.

John Hillerman =191 (FB) played Higgins =190/91. We just went into detail on this number so read the previous post for more context as to why this matters now. Another point that stands out is Magnum’s favourite sidearm: a Colt 45.

Magnum =69. Pi =69. Higgins =696. Jonathan Higgins =96. Hillerman =906. 

And we find another interesting connection to Nostra Aetate as Hillerman was born exactly 12,000 days before that Papal Decree. I can’t imagine what exactly that synch would mean but I interpret it as we’re on the right track using it as a start point.

Stranger Things: Mind Control & Movementarians

Stranger Things =89. Government Coverup =89. Philadelphia Experiment =89. Trauma Based Mind Control =89, which is exactly what the series is about. Shadow Government =189 carrying out MK-ULTRA =189 mind control experiments on kidnapped children and opening a gateway to an alternate dark dimension. The series was originally titled Montauk =89/189, based on the Montauk Project legend of mind control and time travel experiments carried out at the deep underground military base on Long Island. It’s set in Hawkins Indiana =189. 

Stranger Things II begins on the date 28 October 1984 – obviously not chosen out of a hat. As I mentioned previously, the season opener mentions the Anniversary Effect associated with PTSD sufferers. As they tell us, “the anniversary of the event brings back traumatic memories, sort of opens up the neurological floodgates, so to speak.” This reinforces the importance of revisiting duration synchs to anniversary events.

For example, the most obviously thematic connection on October 28th is the Philadelphia Experiment, where in 1941 the military conducted a top secret test aboard the USS Eldridge. As the legend goes, they were experimenting with an electromagnetic cloaking device that succeeded in instantly teleporting the ship from Philly to Virginia. It’s said the crew became ‘out of phase’ with the surrounding universe, some later vanishing into thin air or entering what they called the Freeze, where a man would partly fade away and be unable to interact with his environment. One soldier, eating dinner with his family, rose and walked through a wall – never to be seen again. This mythos plays into  the world of Stranger Things (which is especially curious with all the Philadelphia references as of late) so we know it was one of the reasons for this date’s selection.

On 28 October 1956, Elvis Presley received a polio vaccination on national TV – the single event credited with raising immunization levels in the United States from 0.6% to over 80% in just six months. Speaking about mind control, Presley was also based at none other than Fort Hood for his military career, a blatant recruitment stunt for an obvious mind control slave.

  • On 11/13 it will be a very clean 14,700 days since the death of Elvis. Freemason =147. The Papacy =147. New World Order =174. Stranger Things =1074. Obey =47. Authority =47. Dissociation =47. October 28th was also Black Monday =47 when the stock market crashed in 1929. My favourite find here, however, is 28 October 1965: Nostra Aetate =147. 

Also known as the Declaration on the Relation of the Church with Non-Christian Religions, the Nostra Aetate was a papal decree that absolved the Jews of responsibility for the death of Jesus, reversing Pope Innocent III’s 760-year-old declaration. There are a whole bunch of fascinating duration synchs here, play around yourself and see what you can come up with. For a few interesting pi connects: Nostra Aetate came 13,104 days before 9/12/01, the first full day of the War on Terror, and 17,220 days before December 21st 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. A One World Government =2207 (Jewish G).

Nostra Aetate =191 (FB). What really piqued my interest though is that the Jews were officially forgiven for murdering Jesus Christ an extremely Jesuit span of 19,001 days before the Texas Church Massacre. (This also makes the upcoming Nov 13-15 window open for some very juicy duration synchs as well). Assassination =191. President McKinley died in 1901 a span of 1900 weeks 1 day after Lincoln’s death. Anniversary Effect =191.

  • Remember the Mass Shooting =191 at Mandalay Bay Hotel =191 happened 191 days before the birthday of Stephen Paddock =191 and exactly 1091 months after the birth of Paddock’s bank robber father. The Simpsons episode with Ned as the Texas Tower Sniper aired 10,091 days after the Texas Tower Shooting.

Freemason =191. House of Windsor =191. The British Crown =191. Elizabeth II =191 and she’s 91. Queen =19/91. Society of Jesus =191. Aka the Jesuit Order. Global Dictatorship =191. Remember that 191 is the 43rd prime, as we’ve been seeing all that 34/43 coding lately too. With all this in mind I decided to look up the 191st episode of The Simpsons.

‘The Joy of Sect’ where the Simpsons join the cult of Movementarianism =191 (EO) is sure enough the 191st episode. Movementarian =1091 (JG). I haven’t seen in but how perfect that the mass mind control episode is the 191st. (Read the detailed plot summary and review here if you want more info). I appreciate the part where after the Simpsons have been sufficiently deprogrammed, they return home to their television set that tells them “You are watching FOX,” to which they all reply in unison: “We are watching FOX.”

  • I was also thinking of Bill Paxton’s death as he was in Apollo 13 and Tombstone, dual connects to NASA and Doc Holliday’s Colt 45 – and by proxy the Astros. I also see that 19 weeks 1 day after Paxton’s death was July 10th, the 191st day of 2017, on which he would have been 22,700 days old.
The Joy of Sect aired on 8 February 1998. That’s 11,790 days after Nostra Aetate. This number rings a bell because Guy Fawkes of the Jesuit Plot was born a clean 10,790 days after the birth of the Jesuits. Society of Jesus =79. Philadelphia Experiment =179. Stranger Things =179. 

The Gunfight at the OK Corral happened on 10/26, exactly 136 years before Game 2 of the World Series where Astros won to tie it up. From OK Corral =79 to their win on Game 7 was a spectacular span of exactly 7097 weeks. The Houston Astros =797 (Satanic Gematria). 797 is the 139th prime. NASA =139Nostra Aestate =139 and ‘The Joy of Sect’ was the 13th Episode of the 9th Season.

Stranger Things =669 created by the Duffer Brothers =966. 


Sutherland Springs PsyOp Part II

We need to follow-up on this Sutherland Springs Shooting because there are some extremely juicy synchronizations connected to it. In the previous post we saw how the church massacre predictive programming in Kingsman: The Secret Service was perfectly timed up with both the Charleston & Sutherland psy-ops (the term I prefer over false flag or hoax because who really knows what exactly went down aside from the fact that they’re state-sponsored psychological operations). In this post I’d like to dig a bit deeper into the long count duration synchs with other American mass shootings – particularly with regards to this event occurring eight years to the day after the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting.

The thing about eight years is that Sutherland Springs =96 occurred exactly 96 months after the shooting at Fort Hood =96 by the perp Nadal Malik Hasan =96. Kelley =96. Devin Patrick Kelley =196 perfectly synched up with Dylann Storm Roof =196 and the Houston Astros =196. Houston =96. Charleston =96. Church Shooting =906. Anniversary =906. Texas Rangers =906. Kelley was allegedly dressed as the Grim Reaper =960. This surpassed the UT Tower Shooting in death toll, the 1966 killing spree that lasted 96 minutes. 

  • The Texas Rangers =169. The 2009 Fort Hood Shooting happened 1609 days before the 2014 Fort Hood Shooting. Devin Kelley was born on 2 February 1991, a span of 169 days before the Waddell Arizona Buddhist Temple Shooting =169 (as it’s officially known, the previously the deadliest attack on an American place of worship), which itself happened 69 days (or 9 weeks 6 days) before the Luby’s Massacre =169 in Killeen =69 Texas =69/906, the ominously named town right next door to Fort Hood. False Flag =69. Anniversary Effect =69. 
  • That’s all in 1991, which is the birth year of the Kingsman protagonist, Eggsy Unwin =196 played by actor Taron David Egerton =96. Glendronach =96/196 is a Scottish whiskey brand that released a special “Kingsman Edition 1991” of their scotch for promotion. British Royal Family =96. The British Empire =96. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. Vatican =96. Secret =96. Guy Fawkes =1619. 

I’ve posted on Killeen TX in the past, the town that sounds like ‘Killing’ =690 the site of three major mass shootings. And as word on the street says, Fort Hood is home to a squad of Delta Mind-Controlled soldiers and a reported saucer base. Mind Control =960. MK-Ultra =96. Sutherland Springs happened 916 days after the (5/3/15) terror attack at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland Texas and 69 weeks after the (7/7/16) shooting of Dallas police officers. And then there’s the legendary MLB pitcher, Roy ‘Doc’ Halladay, who died in the plane crash on 11/7/17. Doc Halladay =96 born Harry Leroy Halladay III =69. 

Again, the Sutherland Springs Shooting happened 26 years 20 days after the Luby’s Shooting =1626. Sutherland Springs Church =1626. Waddell Arizona Buddhist Temple Shooting =2626 [Jewish G]. It also happened 2 years 6 months 2 days after the attack at the Curtis Culwell Center =1620 and 10 years 6 months 20 days after the Virginia Tech Massacre. The 2009 Fort Hood Shooting happened 20,610 days after the Queen’s coronation, (Queen =26 born in ’26 took the throne 2/6 and coronated 6/2). Speaking of witch, Princess Charlotte was 2 years 6 months 2 days old the day before the Sutherland Springs Shooting.

  • Texas Ranger =262. The Texas Rangers =262 were founded on 17 October 1835, a date with numerology of 26/62, and it’s said there are currently 162 members of the Texas Ranger Division =1620, the wild west law enforcement very much a part of the tributes here – especially with the other reference to gunslinger Doc Holliday (deputized by Wyatt Earp for the Gunfight at the OK Corral on 10/26 of 1881). Remember the Kingsman sequel with the cowboy gear.
  • To restate: 26 people killed by a 26-year-old dressed as the Grim Reaper =162 shouting “Everybody Dies Motherfucker” =126 in a Church Shooting =1260 on (11+5+2+0+1+7) =26 in Sutherland Springs =206. Sacrifice =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. Harry Leroy Halladay III =206 dies two days later, the day 26 teenage girls are found dead at sea, African migrants trekking for Europe.
  • And I started watching Stranger Things II for a follow-up post on the mind control theme from the first series, and the date the show opens on (10/28/84) just so happens to be 12,060 days before the Sutherland Springs Shooting. Crazy eh.

And that brings us to the aforementioned ‘Anniversary Effect’ reference, which they cite in the first episode: “We see this with soldiers,” the doctor explains, “The anniversary of the event brings back traumatic memories, sort of opens up the neurological floodgates, so to speak.” Very interesting quote when this Texas church mass shooting happened on the anniversary of the Texas military base mass shooting, which definitely would been traumatic for many people – especially with the whole Remember Remember the 5th of November business. Speaking of which, V for Vendetta opened 11 years 10 months 26 days before this Church Shooting, or exactly 621 weeks(The film set in the year 2027).

It also makes me think of the AMC series Preacher based on the graphic novel (just like V for Vendetta), which while I can’t find any images, definitely features a few gunfights in a little Texas church. Its Season 2 finale was just on 9/11, another synchronous span of 1 month 26 days before this shooting. (And I notice on that finale synopsis it involves a staged attack.)

False Flag =115. Psychological Operations =115. Killing =115. Remember how the 1980 Church Shooting in Daingerfield Texas (also at a First Baptist Church) killed 5 injured 11 and now this shooting on 11/5 is the deadliest in Texas since Fort Hood =115 which also occurred on 11/5. Religious =115. Freemasons =115. The King =115. Saturn =511. The Luby’s perp, George Hennard, was born on 10/15. Kelley escaped from a mental hospital 1105 days before the Charleston Church Shooting and the Sutherland Springs Shooting happened 511 days after the Orlando Nightclub Shooting =115. 

Last post we discussed the power of the 112, like the shooting starting at 11:20 AM. Fawkes =1012 and the Sutherland Springs Massacre happened 1012 days after the release of Kingsman The Secret Service =1112. Kingsman =112. The Secret Service =112. The Knights of the Round Table =112. The Order of the Skull and Bones =112. The Invisible Society =112. Zionist =112. Templars =112. Mason =211. Shadow Government =2110. World Government =2111. First Baptist Church =211. The Fifth of November =211.

  • Like the patsy Devin Kelley, there’s an English soccer player named Devon Kelly-Evans who was exactly 1102 weeks old for the attack. Weird eh. The alternate dimension in Stranger Things is the Upside Down =1102. The San Bernardino Shooting happened 1 year 11 months 2 days before Sutherland Springs. Killeen TX =112. Hood =112. The Luby’s Massacre involving Georges Pierre Hennard =211 happened 1 year 10 months 12 days before the Ecole Polytech Massacre.

Houston =112 won the World Series in their 112th game then came the sacrifice of Roy Halladay =112. Doc Halladay =211. Preacher was picked up on AMC 112 weeks before the church shooting and V for Vendetta premiered on 11/12.

Kelley escaped from the mental hospital on 7 June 2012, which means he was exactly 1111 weeks old or 7777 days. His victims ranged from 17 months to 77 years old. Order Out of Chaos =777, the motto of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. William Henry Harrison, the first president to die in office, died exactly 777 months after American Independence.

Sutherland Springs Church Shooting

November 5th is Bonfire Night in the UK, and this was my first experience in the kingdom, down in Cornwall with fireworks going off all over town for hours like a war zone in a bombing campaign. This is Guy Fawkes Day, the celebration of the state stopping that evil religious terrorist who planned to blow up Parliament and assassinate King James I in the Gunpowder Plot (also known as the Jesuit Treason) of 1605. As we now better understand how the real game works, this was most likely an early false flag. As such, I was wondering if we’d get a terror story on this day, and sure enough there was a mass shooting at Sutherland Springs Church near San Antonio Texas, a 26-year-old white boy named Devin Kelley killing 26 people in what is the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history and the deadliest shooting ever at an American place of worship.

26 people killed by a 26-year-old on the date (11+5+2+0+1+7)=26 in a clearly staged Church Shooting =1260 in the town of Sutherland Springs =206 near the city of San Antonio =126 on Guy Fawkes Day =126 based on the Jesuit Treason =206. It also happened exactly six weeks after another church shooting in Antioch =26 (Tennessee) by a man named Emanuel Samson =206. That event saw one killed eight wounded. Emanuel =26 reminds us of the Charleston Church Shooting =126 at Emanuel Methodist with Dylann Roof =26. And as we’ll also discuss, this was the first church shooting in Texas since 1980 in Daingerfield Texas =1126. Also, ten days later (11/15/17) will be 20,060 days after the last time the Bethel Baptist Church was bombed in Birmingham Alabama.

  • Church Massacre =602. Remember Remember the Fifth of November =621. Sutherland Springs Church =1626. Charleston South Carolina =1626. It also happened 26 years 20 days after the Luby’s Shooting =1626. Charleston Church =62. Baptist =62. November Fifth =62. Kelley & Roof were born 162 weeks apart & Roof was 1106 weeks 2 days old the day before he shot up the church. Sutherland Springs happened 6 months 26 days after Roof was sentenced to life without parole. Kiefer Sutherland =206. Donald Sutherland =260. (Curiously, Donald Sutherland was 30,063 days old for the shooting at Sutherland Springs Church =363). 
  • According to Jewish chronology, God =26 gave the Torah =26 in the 26th generation since Creation. God =26 created Man =26 in his Image =26 and with the Breath =26 of Life =26 named him Adam =26 who is At One =26 with Eve: Adam + Eve =26. Virgin Mary =26/126. Jesus + Mary + Joseph =1206.  The Cosmos =126. Universe =126.  The Book of Genesis has 26 verses, beginning with Adam =26 and ending with God =26. The word Baptism =26 is used 26 times in the Bible. Many more synchronicities firmly entrench 26 as the God number. Saturn =26. 

The Charleston Church Shooting happened 26 weeks after the 12/13/14 premier of Kingsman: The Secret Service, which features a shockingly gruesome massacre scene in a Baptist Church in Kentucky =126 set to the soundtrack of Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird =260. Colin Andrew Firth =162/62. Colin =26 plays Harry Hart =126 code name Galahad =26. The Sutherland Springs Massacre came 1 month 26 days after Firth’s birthday. The Kingsman sequel, The Golden Circle =206, just released at the end of September. And this predictive programmed church massacre happened just four days after that actor Brad Bufanda =126 died at the age of 12,600 days old, 26 weeks after his birthday & 26 weeks before his next birthday.


Kingsman The Secret Service =1112. Kingsman =112. The Secret Service =112. Charleston Church =112. Fawkes =1012 aka Guido Fawkes =1012. The Sutherland Springs Massacre at First Baptist Church =211 on The Fifth of November =211 happened 1012 days after Kingsman released, and the shooting is time-stamped as starting at 11:20 AM (to emphasize this coding). I haven’t seen this flick but found the scene after a search of films with church massacres {watch the clip here}. Samuel L Jackson’s character is behind the scenes gradually cranking up the frequency which appears to be connected to people’s cell phones and making everyone lose their shit – a very blatant allusion to mind control. Then as if Galahad is being remote controlled, he proceeds to slaughter everyone in the church.

The Kingsman =115. Secret Service =1015. Colin Andrew Firth =1115. Dylann Roof =115. Charleston =115. Baptist =115. Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird =115. Roof + Kelley =115. The Antioch Chapel Shooting is timestamped as 11:15. The Daingerfield Shooting (also at a First Baptist Church) killed 5 injured 11. And now this shooting near San Antonio =115 on the date 11/5 that is the deadliest since the 2009 mass shooting at Fort Hood =115 which incidentally also occurred on 11/5 (exactly eight years earlier).

  • The Sutherland Shooting happened 10 months 15 days after David Sutherland’s birthday & 1 month 15 days before his next. Religious =115. Psychological Operations =115. Freemasons =115. Masonic =115. Leader =115. The King =115. Saturn =511. 

Below we see Galahad murdering an innocent woman in a church and on the right is a screencap from the sequel, the one-eye shades and dressed suspiciously like a Texan. 

MK Ultra =24. Antifa =24. Colin Firth was a remarkable 20,004 days old for the Charleston Church Massacre. Birmingham Alabama =2004. 2 years 4 months 20 days later was the Sutherland Springs Massacre =1224 where Devin Patrick Kelley =240 shot up the Baptist =24 Church =24 in Sutherland Springs =224 near San Antonio =242 on Guy Fawkes Day =2024, the anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot =204 and in the wake of the championship for Houston Astros =204/1224. 

  • That’s also 124 weeks after Charleston. Devin Kelley =124Guy Fawkes =124. Texas Ranger =124. It’s also 42 days after Antioch =420. Kelley =420. Astros =420. Sutherland Springs Texas =1420. Sutherland =142. Baptist Church =142. Kingsman The Secret Service =142. Saturn =42.

Charleston Church Massacre =1095 happened at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church =195 with the perp Dylann Storm Roof =195 and started at 9:05 PM. The Secret Service =95. The latest church massacre in Sutherland Springs Texas =95 happened on November Fifth =195, exactly 1950 weeks after the Daingerfield Shooting.

Kingsman The Secret Service =137. Mind Control =137. Government =137. Charleston SC =137. Roof & Kelley were born 1137 days apart. And of course 137 is the 33rd prime. Charleston Church Massacre =333. Charleston South Carolina =333. MK Ultra =33. Mind Control =33. Sutherland Springs Massacre =303. Saturn =303. Hate Crimes =33. KKK =33. Racism =33. Dylann Roof was convicted of 33 federal hate crime charges. Astros =33. 

The Tall Target: JFK-Lincoln Synchronicities & Predictive Programming

There’s a 1951 flick called The Tall Target about a police sergeant who tries to stop the assassination of Abraham Lincoln en route to his inauguration, based on the alleged Baltimore Plot. The name of the cop? JOHN KENNEDY. Crazy right? In the film, Sergeant Kennedy infiltrates a cabal and discovers the conspiracy, which no one else will believe. Another interesting detail is that Kennedy finds an imposter pretending to be him, and the end reveal is that a character is Lincoln in disguise. That theme again, perhaps implying that like Saddam Hussein’s execution (of a man with horrible teeth compared to the real one’s perfect set) the assassinations of JFK and Lincoln used doppelgängers. Also, the train conductor’s name is Crowley for the Aleister/Thelema connection.

The Tall Target =604. It opened on 17 August 1951, exactly 640 weeks before the assassination of John Kennedy =46. The Baltimore Plot =1146/64. Tall Target =64. In the movie he was played by Dick Powell =460/46 who died 46 weeks before the death of President Kennedy =64, 1464. Henry Rathbone, in the booth with Lincoln that night, died exactly 46 years 4 months after the assassination. Did you know know that Rathbone ended up losing his mind and murdering his wife, who was also in the box that night? He died in an insane asylum, and Lincoln’s wife was also committed for a time.

  • Presidency =64. American =64. The American Empire =64. Thelema =64. Do What Thou Wilt =64. Israel =64. Zion =64. Solomon’s Temple =64/640. Temple Mount =640. 
  • The 64th prime is 311: John Fitzgerald Kennedy =311. President Abraham Lincoln =311. USA =311. The New World Order =311. 

Malcolm =64 (X) was assassinated exactly 64 weeks after Kennedy. Bobby Kennedy was the 64th Attorney General until becoming a Senator in ’64 and was shot at the Ambassador Hotel =64 a span of 64 days after the assassination of MLK Jr =64 at the Lorraine Motel =1164. RFK & MLK were born 164 weeks apart. Bobby’s last words were “Don’t Lift Me =604. Again JFK died exactly 640 weeks after The Tall Target =604. As President Trump is allowing the release of the JFK Files on 26 October 2017, finally declassified, it’s fitting that we reopen our own file on the coding & predictive programming behind these major psychological operations.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 5.56.25 PM.png

The actor Dick Powell died in 1963, the same year as JFK: Powell on 1/2 and 10 months 20 days later it was JFK on 11/22. The Tall Target =102/1212. Tall =12. Kennedy =21. Powell died exactly 112 weeks after JFK’s election and 1 year 11 months 12 days after Kennedy took office on 1/20. The film takes place on 22/2 of 1861, 102 years before the JFK hit. Lincoln died on 102 numerology at the Petersen House =102 a span of 1002 weeks before the death of Allan Pinkerton, the detective who made up the Baltimore Plot and took credit for foiling it.

The 12th Fibonacci number is the same as 12 squared: 144, our assassination number.

  • The Tall Target =44. Tall Target =44 released 444 days after JFK’s 33rd birthday. Richard Powell =144. Baltimore Plot =44. Assassinations =44.  Assassinated =144. President Assassination =144. Choreographed Rituals =444.
  • Lincoln had a premonition of his death on 4/4. Abraham =44 the Sixteenth President =1404 would be shot Ten Days Later =144 on 4/14, also written 14/4, by the famous actor John Booth =44, with a .44 pistol in company of Henry Rathbone =144 who was stabbed. The week before the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln =440 was a span of 1404 weeks after Booth was born. Ten days is equivalent to 144,000 minutes and Lincoln’s best-known speech was delivered at Gettysburg =144. Confederate Army =144.

JFK was elected in the 44th Quaternary Election, and Oswald =444, who stemmed the phrase Lone Gunman =44, went under the alias Alek J Hidell=44. John =44 was shot from a Book Depository =1440 in a plaza named after 33rd-degree Freemason George Dealey =44 on November Twenty-Second Sixty-Three =144, the first day of Sagittarius =144 a span of 144 days before the 99th anniversary of the 14/4 Lincoln assassination. The doctor at Parkland Memorial =441 who worked on Kennedy, Oswald, & Ruby was Dr Marion Thomas Pepper Jenkins =404 aka Dr Pepper =404 aka Dr Marion Jenkins =1044 (and he died at the age of 4014 weeks old).

The Warren Commission Report =144 was issued exactly 44 weeks after the ritually staged murder. John Bowden Connally Jr =1404 became Texas Governor 44 weeks 4 days before the hit and died 44 weeks 4 days before the death of Nixon. Aldous Huxley & CS Lewis both died on the same day as JFK and were born 4 years 4 months 4 days apart. And if you can believe it, John & Jackie Kennedy =1044 were born an astounding span of 4444 days apart.

  • Oswald was captured in the Texas Theatre =144 watching War Is Hell =44. In case you missed this from my previous work, this matinee that Oswald was watching as he hid out from police following the shooting starred one Baynes Barron who was born on 29 May 1917, the exact date that John F Kennedy was born.

Dick Powell was also born on 11/14. Lee Oswald =411. Assassin =411. Thirty-Fifth President of the United States =411. JFK was shot from 411 Elm Street which was an address used in an episode of the Andy Griffith Show that aired 411 days after Kennedy’s election. Freemason =411. The Cult of the Supreme Being =411. 

The film set on 22 February 1861 (the day before the 2/23 date associated with the assassination attempt) is exactly 1233 months before the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy =233. President Abraham Lincoln =233. Gandhi was born exactly 233 weeks after Lincoln died. US President Kennedy =332. Blood Sacrifice =332. 

  • The Tall =666. Kennedy =666. Lone Gunman =696. Lee H Oswald =996. Dallas TX =966. Jackie Kennedy was 16,666 days old when her second husband died and her son Patrick =666 died a baby at two days old, the same year that JFK & Dick Powell died. 6x6x6=216 and the alleged Baltimore Plot came exactly 216 weeks before Lincoln was killed. Trump is releasing the JFK Files 19,696 days after the assassination. Allan Pinkerton =666. 

Allan J Pinkerton was a spy who served as head of the Union Intelligence Service during the Civil War, a predecessor to the US Secret Service, and his Pinkerton National Detective Agency became famous after he claimed to have saved Lincoln’s life from assassination in the alleged Baltimore Plot. The Pinkerton Agency, with its all-seeing eye logo, began in a local Masonic hall as the North-Western Police Agency – the entire Western police establishment deeply Masonic since its outset.

It’s interesting that many scholars claim there was no threat, as it fits the pattern we see repeating today of terror hoaxes presented through the media to the people as legit. Pinkerton demanded that Lincoln be snuck through Baltimore in the dead of night, the news of which quickly spread across the country, and when his train pulled into Washington he was the laughing stock of the nation. Indeed for the remainder of his presidency, the ridicule never left. He’d been branded a coward, as depicted in this cartoon.

The Tall Target =227. Baltimore Plot =314. The actor who played Kennedy’s imposter, Leif Erickson (like the explorer) died 22 years 2 months 7 days after the JFK Assassination =1227. The Lone Gunman =227. Lincoln was pronounced dead at 7:22 AM. Kennedy took office 7 months 22 days after his birthday and was shot 227 days after General Walker supposedly survived an assassination attempt by Oswald. Making an exclamation point on this sequence, the front license plate on Kennedy’s car read 227-100. The full name of the Warren Commission Report =1722 is The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy =722. UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson visited Dallas a month earlier and was ‘jeered, jostled, hit by a sign, and spat upon,” prompting him to warn JFK not to visit the city. Ambassador Stevenson =1722 died 1 year 7 months 22 days after Kennedy.

  • All the people in the car that day: John F Kennedy + Jacqueline Kennedy + John Connally + Nellie Connally =227. The convoy was en route to the Dallas Trade Mart =227. Martin Luther King died 227 weeks after the Kennedy Assassination. John Bowden Connally =227 (the Governor who was also shot that day) was born on 2/27 and he became Secretary of the Treasury 7 years 2 months 20 days after the hit, Connally best remembered for removing the US dollar from the gold standard, the exact opposite of what Kennedy sought, 7 months 22 days after the anniversary of the Federal Reverse.

Presidential Assassination =314. Jacob Rubenstein =314. John Jack Fitzgerald Kennedy =314 died 3 years 14 days after his election on the same day as Aldous Leonard Huxley =314 and 31 weeks 4 days after the death anniversary of Lincoln. He also died 30,014 days after the assassination of President Garfield and 3 months 14 days after the death of his infant son Patrick, with the pi-coding to boot. Route 66 (the series with the episode I’m Here To Kill A King =413 scheduled to air the day he died) premiered 3 years 1 month 14 days before JFK was killed. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy =413. Aristotle Onassis died 4130 days after JFK. Secret Service agent Roy Herman Kellerman =413, riding shotgun with JFK, was born on 3/14. 

I haven’t seen the film yet but a review from PopMatters says it’s one of the best thrillers ever: “It’s a heck of a ride, and unwittingly eerie in all its talk of rifles with telescopic sights and the constant repetition of ‘Kennedy’.” Eerie yeah, and fitting right in with the pattern of predictive programming – and this just the tip of the iceberg. The Extra-Capsa mini-book on Assassination Synchronicity is coming real soon; the place we’re house sitting in SW England, the homeowners’ parents both worked for MI-5 and the father, Miles Hudson, wrote an awesome comparative history book called Assassination – which in itself, finding it on the bookshelf, is a gorgeous synchronicity. 

Canadian Twins Trick: Gord Downie & John Dunsworth RIP

Two Canadian legends have passed away within 24 hours of each other, Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip (10/17/17) and John Dunsworth (10/16/17), better known as Officer Lahey on Trailer Park Boys. The two men were born exactly 930 weeks apart. Occult Ritual =930. Martin Luther King Jr =93 delivered his last ever speech on the 93rd day of the year in front of a Masonic Temple at 930 Mason Street. But I digress. Tragically Hip =193. Gord Downie =39. The Hip =39. Downie =139. Officer Lahey =139. Gord Downie + John Dunsworth =93. 

  • Saturn =93. As so often we see these artists leaving the scene in perfect synchronicity with a sacrifice to Saturn =511. Downie died 511 days after his brain cancer announcement. Musician =115. Lahey =15. The Tragically Hip =105. Gord Downie Introduce Yerself =151. That’s Downie’s latest solo album – due to release 10 days after he died.

193 is the 44th prime number. The news of Dunsworth’s death broke on the day Downie died, a date with numerology of (10+17+17) =44. Gord Downie =44. Gord =44 died in his hometown of Kingston =44. Musician =44. The Tragically Hip =1044. Trailer Park Boys =44. Mr Lahey =44. John Dunsworth =1440. Canada =144. Faith No More also released an album called Introduce Yourself in 1987, Downie’s album drops 11,144 days later.

Canadian =113. Officer Lahey =113 died 3 years 1 month 11 days after the revival of Trailer Park Boys and Downie died 113 days before his birthday. Gord Downie + John Dunsworth =311. His penultimate album was Gord Downie Secret Path =311/113 which released 11 months 30 days before his death. Fake Death =113. Freedom =311. 

  • So the Canadian Twins Trick comes on 10/17. Musician =117. Exactly 17 weeks earlier (6/19/17), Downie was appointed to the Order of Canada and Trailer Park Boys was renewed for Season 12. Jim Lahey =107. Officer Lahey =107. Mr Lahey =107. Canadian =17. Downie & Dunsworth =170 were born 17 years apart. Kingston =107. Introduce Yerself comes out 1 year 7 days after the last album by Leonard Cohen =170. Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker =117. Cohen died on 11//7. 

Downie’s album ‘Introduce Yerself’ released 10 days after his death reminds us of David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ released 2 days before he died and Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want It Darker’ released 19 days before his death. And we can certainly expect Downie’s album to be a big seller too.

World Series & the Death of Daniel Webb (Plus Stephen King’s Rage)

The four finalists for the World Series =147 – New York / Los Angeles / Chicago / Houston – also just so happen to be the four most populous cities in America, in that order (also the only four teams I’ve been covering this season at Extra-Capsa). Those four cities in the Championship Series =74 aka the LCS =74 have a combined population of 17.4 million. The two matchups are Chicago + Los Angeles =74 and Houston + New York =74. Seventeen World Series =1704. Twenty Seventeen World Series =147. Seventeen World Series Champions =174. Comparing the potential World Series matchup with this number bears only two possibilities: Chicago Cubs + New York Yankees =174 and Los Angeles Dodgers + New York Yankees =174.

  • On 14 October 2017, the day Astros beat the Yankees, former White Sox pitcher Daniel Webb died in an ATV accident at the age of 28. Born Robert Webb =47, he died 1 year 7 months 4 days after being let go from the Chicago White Sox =74. 

Webb =14 went to Heath High =1014 and died in an ATV Accident =114 on 10/14 during the 114th year of Major League Baseball =1140 a span of 4 years 1 month 11 days after his MLB debut with the Chicago White Sox =1014. Of the teams with this coding: Astros =411. That’s the only one with the 114 in the team name. And what’s really weird is Webb also died 40 years 1 month 1 day after Stephen King’s novel Rage.

There we have the Astros numbers, and he played his career in Chicago for the Cubs reference and when he was born the LA Dodgers were world champions. No direct Yankees connections to the death of Daniel Webb. A fun fact though is that Webb attended Heath High School in Paducah Kentucky, the location of an early school shooting on 1 December 1997 when a 14-year-old kid opened fire on a student prayer group, killing three and injuring five.

Going deeper down the rabbit hole we find the stand-out detail from this Heath High Shooting is that the shooter Michael Carneal had a copy of Stephen King’s novel Rage, which includes a scene of a school shooting… (ANOTHER instance of Stephen King predictive programming!) It’s actually about a kid named Charlie Decker who murders two teachers then holds his classroom hostage with the police and media outside. This Heath incident was the fifth school shooting associated with Rage (and the third in Kentucky), and the event that caused King to pull the plug and ban his own book. This would go on to be but the first of several tragedies that were first depicted in a King novel before occurring in real life.

  • Rage was written under King’s pseudonym, Richard Bachman, which reminds me of his other novel The Running Man – quite different from the Schwarzenegger version. The book ends (spoiler alert) with the protagonist game show contestant (on the run from hitmen across the entire country) hijacking an airplane and crashing it into the skyscraper headquarters of the propaganda corporation. And of course the kids from Columbine planned to hijack an airplane and crash it into the World Trade Center after shooting up the school. Predictive Programming at its finest.

The Heath High School shooting happened 72 weeks 2 days before Columbine and 20 years 2 months 17 days after Rage was published. This sequence reminds us of the recent 8/6/17 death of MLB player Darren Arthur Daulton =227 who played his last game 20 years 27 days before the start of the Twenty Seventeen World Series =722 and died 7,222 days after winning the ’97 World Series. Daulton also died a perfecct Pi span of 20,207 days after the Colt 45s’ first game in Houston (before they changed their name to the Astros. All this I covered in the post here, where I also mentioned for the second time (the first time back in May) that George Springer =227 and the Astros were on the 30 June 2014 cover of Sports Illustrated boldly predicting Astros as “Your 2017 World Series Champs.” It came out 3 years and 3 months 14 days before Webb died.

And free-association here connects Daniel Webb to David Webb, which is the birth name of Jason Bourne from the movie series; the last flick Bourne featuring the climax set in Las Vegas with a false flag assassination attempt and a destructive high-speed chase right down Vegas Boulevard. I haven’t seen it since cinema but I’d wager that it shows the sight of the Vegas Shooting. And isn’t this interesting – I look up ‘Bourne + MLB’ and find one Michael Bourn, a current free agent who just so happens to be born in Houston and played three seasons with the Astros. Hmm…

It seems a bit too blatant that Astros win after Sports Illustrated predicted they would back in 2014, but who knows. Shit is getting more blatant every day, in what really seems to me a deliberate move. Personally I’m interested in the Stephen King angle the most, but if you’re diggin the sports stuff I should say that Gematria Club called 3/4 of these World Series finalists back during the season, and they’re currently 24-3 for weekly NFL picks. Not too shabby!