Bill Paxton: Ritual Sacrifice

Sorry for the delay in game, truth-sleuths. Brother Berg’s been rocking out in paradise on some idyllic Thai island on a digital detox far removed from the daily onslaught of propaganda programming. I checked back into Wikipedia’s Deaths in 2017 page (one of my morbid favourites) & was shocked to learn that Bill Paxton has joined the Celebrity Sacrifice Squad, passing away on February 25th at age 61, the day before the 89th Oscars. Let’s see what coding we can find here about the only actor to be killed onscreen by a Predator, a Terminator, & an Alien.

Bill Paxton =44 died on 44 numerology (2+25+17) a span of 40 weeks 4 days after his birthday & during production of his final film, The Circle =44, in which he plays a terminally-ill man. His father, actor John Paxton, died 4 months 4 days after his own birthday. His last episode of Training Day, which aired two days before his death, was titled Code of Honor =17/64/44. Kill =17/64/44. At the Oscars, Best Actor went to Affleck =44 & Best Picture to Moonlight =44, appropriately enough with all the lunar symbolism we’ve been seeing lately. Trump was born on the night of a lunar eclipse, Paxton died the night before a solar eclipse, 10 days after Lupercalia =44, in surgery like Joan Rivers =44. Forty-Four =144. Ten Days Later =144. Royal Sacrifice =144.  Space =44.

The 44th prime is 193Illuminati Sacrifice =193. Eighty-Ninth Academy Awards =391. NASA =139. Moonlight =139 & Paxton died with 309 days remaining. Detective Frank Rourke =309, his character in the ongoing series Training Day. Joan Rivers =139. Lunar Sacrifice =139. Oscars =39. His character in Titanic was Brock Lovett =44 (the Titanic 3D rereleased on 4/4), & the original came out 903 days after Apollo 13, both examples of Propaganda =93. (Titanic currently relevant as La La Land tied it for most ever Oscar nominations).


February Twenty-Fifth =252. Paxton died on 25/2 a span of 2 years 5 months 20 days after Joan Rivers died (also suspiciously during surgery). Titanic came out 2 years 5 months 20 days after Apollo 13. Both films about doomed ships (same with Aliens). That’s also a span of exactly 129 weeks. Oscar Sacrifice =129. Apollo 13 came out 9211 days after the launch of the actual Apollo 13; actors playing actors, very meta.

  • The 129th prime is 727. Paxton =72/27. Paxton’s father passed away 7 months 27 days before his own birthday. Fort-Worth Texas =1272. The Oscars were held on 27/2 European time, or 2/27, the Pi sequence synched up with the big winners: Casey Affleck =227. Moonlight =314. Oscars =314. Complications from Surgery =314 (the given cause of Paxton’s untimely demise). Celebrity Sacrifice =314. Rivers died 2 months 27 days after her birthday.

Moonlight =113. Eighty-Ninth Academy Awards =113. Fake Reality =113. Dreamworld =113. Titanic =113. Surgery =113, where Paxton perished a span of 1130 weeks after the release of Apollo 13 (1995), the actual fated space shuttle spectacle launching at 13:13 CST. His character in the film named Haise =113. Illuminati Blood Sacrifice =113. Paxton was 3111 days old when JFK died.

The Academy Awards =61. Casey Affleck =61. The Moon =61. BILL =61. WILLIAM PAXTON =61 from Fort Worth TX =61 died at age 61. PAXTON =116. Eighty-Nine =116. Celebrity Sacrifice =116. Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise =116, his character in Apollo 13. Paxton died 11 weeks 6 days before his 62nd birthday & 62 days before the release of The Circle.

  • BILL PAXTON =602. Sacrifice =206. Joan Rivers =62. Eighty-Nine =62. Apollo Thirteen =62. Titanic =262. The Oscars on 26/2. Stone =62/26. Affleck =26. Apollo =26. Space =26. Royal =26. Oscar =26. God =26. Queen =26/62. Mason =26/62. Paxton’s old man died 126 days after his birthday (and 240 days before his next).
  • For more let’s break down that #89, the 24th prime number. WILLIAM BILL PAXTON =204. Cardiac Surgery =204. Affleck =24. Stone =24. Space =24. Aliens =24. Twister =42. Outer Space =42. The Moon =142. Oscars =42. The Eighty-Ninth Academy Awards =420/142. Illuminati Blood Sacrifice =124/241. 

Bill Paxton =182. These Oscars were 11,182 days after the release of Aliens. That’s also 30 years 7 months 9 days & 379 is the 75th prime number. Bill Paxton =750 (born on 17/5). Oscars =75. 

A fun fact about Paxton is that he was in the crowd in Dallas on the morning that John F Kennedy was assassinated. JFK =27. Kennedy =27. Paxton =27 died 270 days before the 54th anniversary of JFK’s death. JFK =54. Kennedy =504. Paxton =540. William Paxton =1540. Eighty-Nine =154. Paxton died 15 weeks 4 days after Trump’s election & 15 weeks 4 days before Trump’s next birthday, smack-dab in the middle. That’s also 8 months 28 days before the upcoming JFK anniversary. Frank Rourke =828, his character in Training Day. William Bill Paxton =282.

  • JFK connected back to NASA via the Kennedy Space Center =1122. JFK assassinated on 11/22. Fort Worth TX =1122. James Francis Cameron =1122. 
  • Paxton was 3112 days old when JFK died. 2113 is the 319th prime. Illuminati Blood Sacrifice =319. Crucified =319. Assassination of Donald Trump =319.

Another way of looking at it is Bill Paxton =44 was 444 weeks 4 days old when JFK died. This reminds me of Sandy Hook occurring 44,444 days after the first ever school shooting in America. Killing =444. Masonic =444. Order of Thelema =444. Occult =444. Speaking of space, John Glenn & Buzz Aldrin were born exactly 444 weeks apart & Yuri Gagarin died 4 years 4 months 4 days after JFK.


Let’s go ahead and break down that number 89 a little more & see what we find. The 89th prime number is 461. Sudden Death =461. If we’re to dig even deeper down this thread, the 461st prime number is 3259. Wouldn’t you know it: Bill Paxton was born 3,259 days after the birth of Donald Trump. Now that shit cray; especially with them JFK connections…


I’m wondering if Paxton was a blood sacrifice for either James Cameron or Arnold Schwarzenegger, both of whom Paxton’s worked with several times. He was born exactly 407 weeks after Arnie was born & died 211 days after Arnie’s last birthday (211 the 47th prime). Arnold Schwarzenegger =223 & Paxton’s last episode of Training Day aired on 2/23. Masonic =223. Lupercalia Sacrifice =223. Manifestation of Will =223, the 48th prime. Hollywood =48. Tell-A-Vision =48. Illuminati =48. 

James Cameron =207/702/54. Paxton =27/72/540. Paxton was born 39 weeks 1 day after Cameron was born & died 193 days after Cameron’s last birthday [see 3rd & 13th paragraphs]. Paxton was born 9 months 2 days after Cameron =29/209. Lupercalia Sacrifice =92. Celebrity Sacrifice =92. The Academy Awards =92. Eighty-Ninth Oscars =92/292. Oscar Sacrifice =129. The Eighty-Ninth Academy Awards =290. Oscar =29. 

Dream Kardashian & Celebrity Cloning

You know what they say: another Kardashian spawn, another coded 41 sequence. On 11/10/16, Rob Kardashian and his gal Blac Chyna gave birth to a girl named Dream =41. Kardashian =41. Rob & Chyna =41. Satanists =41. Black Widows =41. Think about the NLP cues in these names as connected to Trump, elected the day before Dream’s birth, a day on which millions of people around the world were wailing and mourning over their shattered dreams. Like Kim K recently Robbed in Paris, the Hillary Zombies were Robbed by the horror-clown whose best soundbyte involves his pronunciation of CHI-NA.

Rob posted a pic on Instagram comparing Dream to his late father Rob Kardashian Sr, OJ Simpson’s defence attorney, stating: “She’s an exact copy.” That’s a creepy sentence when you consider that Dream was born exactly 717 weeks after the death of Dolly the Sheep, the first (officially) cloned mammal, and Rob Kardashian Sr died 7 months 17 days after Dolly died. Manufacturing =717. Construction =171. Aka tribute to the manufacture and construction of secret celebrity clones. Hey, stranger things have happened. And if we sum those durations we get Donald J Trump =888. 

  • Dream Kardashian =64. Dolly The Sheep =64. A Kardashian Clone =64. MLK Jr =64. Civil Rights =64, Act signed in ’64. I Had a Dream =64/46. Forty-One =46.
  • Dream =41 born 41 days after the 13th anniversary of Rob Sr’s death – and the 13th prime is 41. Kardashian =41. Dream Come True =141. Shattered Dream =141. Six Months =141 and Chyna gave birth exactly six months between her birthdays, a perfect half-year duality on the astrology charts.

MLK gave his ‘I Have A Dream’ =87 speech 87 days before JFK was killed. 87 days after Rob & Chyna literally had a Dream is Super Bowl Fifty-One =87 on February Fifth =870. American Nightmare =87, as the Kardashians represent.

Dream World =113. Mainstream =113. Kimberley Kardashian West =113. Robert George Kardashian =113. And he died 13 years 1 month 11 days before the birth of what may very well be his clone. USA =311. The Beast =311, the 64th prime for Dream Kardashian =64.

  • Dream Kardashian was born 11 months 6 days after Saint West, on 11/10/16. Kim Kardashian-West =1116. Illuminati Family =1116. Psychological Operation =1116. Trump was born 1 year 1 month 16 days after Hitler died and Dream was born the day after Donald =119 was elected on 11/9. 
  • Kim Kardashian =119Kimberley Noel Kardashian =119, her staged robbery in Paris 10 months 19 days after the Paris Attacks. Famous For Being Famous =119. A Clone =119.

Robert =33. Blac Chyna =33. Khloe =33. Kim =33. Kanye West =33. MK-Ultra =33. Satanism =33. Elitism =33. Kennedy =33 shot on (11+22) =33 by Lee Oswald =33 from the Texas School Book Depository =330 on the 33rd-parallel in Dealey Plaza named after a 33rd-degree Freemason.

The day after Dream’s birth, CNN gives us the following headline, with an androgynous lady looking as goth as the Kardashian Klan in all their gloomy glory. Nightmare for Dreamers =711/1032. Hillary Rodham =711. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. Notice the special emphasis on Dreamers =38/83. The Donald =38/83. 

  • Dream Kardashian =82. Nightmare =280.
  • The American Dream =828. Donald Trump =828. We previously covered how Kim was born 282 days after Charles & Diana’s royal wedding, and they divorced on 8/28. 

Indeed we are inhabiting a dreamworld, much like the Matrix, collectively imagining our reality into being – and such is the power of mind control, by which I mean you control your own damn mind.

Kim Kardashian Robbed At Gunpoint – A Publicity Stunt 

Publicity Stunt =1333. Kanye West =33 had to exit his gig at The Meadows Music & Arts Festival =330 when he heard that Kim =33 Kardashian-West =63 was a victim of Armed Robbery =63 by “Armed Masked Men” =63 in Paris =63 who allegedly made off with some six million dollars worth of jewelry. Solid heist, were it  actually real. Kimye =63. Witch =63. Woman So Heartless =63 were the last words played of his track Heartless before they pulled the plug on the show. Kim & Kanye married on numerology of [5+24+20+14] =63 and on 6/3 her previous divorce was finalized. Saint =63, their youngest child whose next birthday is in 63 days – and like some sort of tribute, he was born 303 days ago.

  • Thirty-Three =66 and Kanye was playing in Queens New York =66 on Rosh Hashanah =66, the Jewish New Year =66, when Jews are forgiven for their sins of the past year. Paris Attacks =66. Held At Gunpoint =166. North West was born on the 166th day of 2013.

Kim Kardashian =119. Kimberly Noel Kardashian =119, her birth name. Kim Kardashian West =1116 of the Kardashian Clan =116 got held at Gunpoint =116 by robbers dressed as coppers while she was in Paris for Fashion Week =116. It happened 10 months 19 days after the Paris Attacks, 116 days after Kanye’s birthday, and 11 months 19 days after that Lamar Odom propaganda. Kim’s next birthday is 11 months 9 days after the Paris Attacks. Kanye was born 11,109 days after David Bowie was born, for a fun fact, and on the Ziggy Stardust album cover the sign reads K West. The next episode of the Kardashian reality show (sure to have great ratings after this) airs 1 month 19 days after the last episode. All-Seeing Eye =119. 


Kardashian =86. The Kardashian Clan =86. Yeezy =86, born 8/6 (as June 8th is written in Paris). In Paris =86 (radio edit title of Niggas in Paris). Kanye West Heartless =86. A Robbery =86. Kim Kardashian West =186. The 186th prime is 1109, to tie it around full circle like a snake eating its own dang tail.

  • The Paris Attacks Hoax happened on 11/13, exactly 31 days after Lamar Odom OD’d on 10/13. Kimberly Kardashian West =113. The Meadows =113. It happened on 10/3 in France on numerology of [1+0+3+2+0+1+6] =13, Kim born with numerology of [10+21+19+80] =130. Saint West =130/31 and he was born 3 weeks 1 day after the Paris Attacks. Yeezy =1310. Keeping Up With The Kardashians =131. 
  • The 13th prime is 41. Kardashian =41The Meadows =41. Madeleine =41, where she was staying. The album Kanye was rapping from when he bounced dropped exactly 410 weeks earlier. Satanists =41. Black Widows =41. The 41st prime is 179. Kanye Omari West =179. Paris Fashion Week =179. 

Kanye cancelled his set at Meadows Festival =1044. Kim and Kanye were married on the 144th day of the year. Ten Days Later =144 and this happened 10 days into the new year according to the French Revolutionary calendar.

Notice the Levi’s 711 ad placed next to the breaking news. This publicity stunt occurred 7 years 11 days after Kanye’s Heartless single dropped. The album it was on, 808s & Heartbreak, came out 7 years 10 months 10 days earlier. Hillary Rodham =711. The Meadows =1193. President Hillary Clinton =1193. 

  • It also happened 172 weeks 2 days after North West was born for the 722 Pi code. Kimberly Noel Kardashian =227.
  • Publicity Stunt =1266. That’s 1206 days after North’s birth. Secretary Clinton =1206 (born 10/26). Armed Masked Men =126. The Paris Attacks happened when North was exactly 126 weeks old and 1260 days after Kanye & Jay-Z performed in Paris for the Watch the Throne Tour, where they closed their set AND encored with Niggas in Paris. Khloe’s New Breast Friends =126, the title of the next episode of the Kardashian show, airing on 10/23.
  • Kim Kardashian Held At Gunpoint =123. Paris Hotel =123. The Meadows Music & Arts Festival =123. Kanye West =123. Conspiracy =123. Odom OD’d 1 month 23 days before Saint West was born and this publicity stunt comes 123 weeks after Kimye’s wedding. 

“Kim Kardashian West held at gunpoint in Paris” =222. The Paris Attacks lasted 222 minutes and Saint West was born exactly 222 weeks after Kanye dropped Niggas in Paris – which came 4 years 2 days before the Paris Attacks. Kanye West =42. Forty-Two =142. North West =142. Kanye Kardashian =142. 

Niggas in Paris dropped on the 15th anniversary of Tupac’s death, exactly 264 weeks before this media prank. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =264. William Jefferson Clinton =264. The original power couple, ha. And I truly wish I didn’t have to always reference these fuckwits but they just keep synching up So. Damn. Well. 

These are stills from the Heartless video. Multiple references to hotels and 3 AM, around the time that Kim was allegedly tied up and robbed in her hotel room, despite what surely must be a black-ops-grade security detail. 

And another beauty synch is the duration from Niggas in Paris winning Best Rap Song at the 55th Grammys on 2/10/13 to the Paris Attacks: 1006 days. False Flag Event =1006. Friday the Thirteenth =106. Prophecy =106. It was also 1006 days between the much-hyped end of the Mayan calendar (12/21/12) and the much hyped start of the golden jubilee (9/23/15). That latter date is 10/6 on the Julian calendar and it’ll be interesting to see what goes down. 

  • 1006 days is 2 years 9 months 3 days (an anagram). Kim Kardashian =293, interestingly enough. Thirteen Illuminati Families =293. That’s the 62nd prime. Kanye Omari West =62. Jay-Z =62. Mason =62. Kim Flees Paris =62. 

Anton Yelchin Joins 27 Club


Anton Yelchin dies in a freak accident when the park brake fails on his Jeep and rolls down his own driveway, crushing him against the fence. As I’ve covered, the previous weekend’s events in Orlando seemed entirely sponsored by Disney – and this incident ties in too. YELCHIN =76. DISNEY =76. He died 7 months 6 days after the Paris Attacks. The first press conference after the Pulse Hoax was staged with a #76 squad car in the background. Saturn Symbolism =76. Dark Lord Saturn =760. San Francisco Bay Area =76.

Indeed the Bay Area’s Sharks and Warriors just lost the finals at home, months after Super Bowl 50, also in “San Francisco” =50 (the gay capital, and 50 killed at Pulse; “Mass Murder” =50). Anton like Anton LaVey (also like LeBron with the French connection) who founded the Church of Satan in San Fran, 50 years ago (the same year that Star Trek premiered). Satanists =50. Black Magician =50. Magic =50. Perhaps there’s more occult upset hurtling down the pipeline for the Bay Area, possibly an artificially induced major earthquake. Disney =548. California Megaquake =548. 

  • Yelchin’s birth numerology certainly connects. [3+11+19+89] =122. San Francisco =122 (located on the 122nd meridian). An Earthquake =122. Pope Francis =122. Maximum Overdrive =122, the Stephen King film about the vehicles that come to life and start killing people.
  • The Beast =311 like his 3/11 birthday also expressed 11/3. Disney Ritual Sacrifice =113. The Royal Family =1130.

Prince William will be exactly 1776 weeks old on July 4th. Chekov =776. And with regards to Yelchin’s 76 coding (reminding us of the 76ers and America’s first capital Philadelphia) he was killed in 2016 by a “Jeep” =670/216. Blood Sacrifice =67 and 6x6x6 =216. Also, “Don Cherry” =670, the legendary broadcaster from Hockey Night in Canada who is ripe for the plucking…

LaVey =1126. Arrival of the King =1126. Her Majesty The Queen of England =126. Earthquakes =126. Tight considering all the Royal coding for the coming coronation of King Charles (or William) and the 126 connecting to all things “Hillary Rodham Clinton” =231. King Charles Coronation =231. Anton =231. He died on the same day that the Cavaliers became the first team in NBA history to come back down 3 games to 1 and win, making them 1-32. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. Israeli Secret Inteligence =132. Nicholas Markowitz =1302, the murdered boy he plays in Alpha Dog.

Church of Satan =56/137. Mind Control =56/137. Of course 137 is the 33rd prime number and Yelchin died 33 days before the release of his upcoming summer blockbuster, Star Trek Beyond.

  • In the original Star Trek series, the Chekov character was played by “Walter Koenig” =140/59. Anton Yelchin =140/59. Both actors with exact same coding. Similarly in Yelchin’s film Alpha Dog, the real life murderer was “Ryan Hoyt” =45 and the actor who played him “Shawn Hatosy” =45. Yelchin died on King James’ 450th birthday, 4 weeks 5 days before the Star Trek release.
  • Star Trek Beyond =967. The Vatican =967, for another Pope / Jesuit connection. Divine Father =967, he died on Father’s Day. Divine Bloodline =967. Star Trek Beyond =177. Yelchin =77. William the Prince =177. Prince of Darkness =177. The Mark of the Beast =177. Fourth of July =177, again like how William will be precisely 1776 weeks old on 7/4.

Chekov’s middle name is “Andreievic” =864. The Royal Bloodline =864.

Walter Koenig =1227. That flick opens on 22/7, the fraction equivalent to Pi, whose first 144 decimal points sum to 666. Prince William =144, and his son was born on 22/7. It’s 66 weeks 6 days from Yelchin’s 26th birthday to 6/21 (the inversion of 126) the first full day of summer. Yelchin died 14 weeks 4 days after his last birthday, which was the 71st day of the year. Seventy-One =144. The Church of Satan =71. Mossad =71. Car Crash =71. 

  • [7+22+20+16] =65. Beyond =65. Church of Satan =65. The Queen Is Dead =65. Elizabeth =650.
  • Spock’s actor Leonard Nemoy died on a nearly identical date as this’s film release, 2/27. That’s exactly 73 weeks after Spock died to Beyond opening. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Sacrifice =73. Planet Saturn =737.
  • Leonard Nemoy =64. Spock =64. Anton =64. Chekov =64. Thelema =64. Do What Thou Wilt =64. Israel =64. Zion =64. Alpha Dog =64.

He was murdered by a “Jeep Grand Cherokee” =968. Central Intelligence Agency =968. Ha, or was it the “KGB” =120. Pavel Chekov =120. Illuminati =120. The British Royal Family =120. King William =120. Long Live The King =1020. The Royal Family =1020. There were allegedly 102 casualties at the Pulse Massacre excluding the bad guy.

The Chekov character first appeared in Season 2 Episode 7 on the 27th of October. Yelchin died exactly 27 weeks after the teaser trailer for Beyond dropped and 270 days into the Jubilee Year (9/23) at age 27. LeBron James =923, who won the Finals on the same day. The 27th prime number is 103, like casualties at Pulse including the bad guy whose name gematria equals 103. Yelchin born with [3+11+89] =103. He died on the day of the Cavaliers’ 103rd game of the season. Mr Mercedes =103. The upcoming Star Trek is the 13th film in the series. Yelchin died 133 days after the Super Bowl on 2/7.

  • He died on King James’ 450th birthday as LeBron King James was crowned champion. King =41, which correlates to both his birth and death numerology equaling 41. Death Hoax =41. Yelchin was recently cast in a Stephen King adaptation of Mr Mercedes, about a man who runs over a bunch of people with his car. How ironic. That would have been his second King film, the first being Hearts in Atlantis.

The boy he played in Alpha Dog who was kidnapped and murdered died in real life on 8/9/00, the day that leaves 144. Yelchin would die 15 years 10 months 10 days later (1511). Leonard Nemoy died 511 days before the release of Star Trek Beyond. Saturn =511 (the worship of which is the root of modern Satanism).

Drake’s 4PM in Calabasas – Instant Predictive Programming

DRAKE=100 drops his new FIRE=100 track called 4PM In Calabasas hours before a major wildfire breaks out just after 4PM in “Calabasas CA” =63. Four PM In Calabasas =63. It happened 36 days after the fire in ‘Fort McMurray’ =63, whose one route into town is Highway 63. It also happened 163 days after Aleister Crowley’s haunted manor burnt down on 12/23. Remember how the sum of 1 through 63 equals 2016? (As does 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016)? And how the sum of 1 through 36 equals 666? Well get a load of this:

Calabasas =59.  Alberta =59. Beltane =59, the Satanic festival that demands sacrifice by fire and climaxes on May Day, incidentally the date of the Fort Mac inferno. Bill Clinton’s historic birth home caught on fire two days after Crowley’s, and 5 months 9 days prior to Calabasas. Aubrey Drake Graham =159, Drake’s real name.

  • Aubrey Graham =120. His birth numerology, [10+24+86] =120. Illuminati =120. [10+24+19+86] =139. Drake =39. [10+24+1+9+8+6] =58. Freemasonry =58.

Four PM In Calabasas =81. Inferno =81. Ritual =18. Via satanic reversal, 6+6+6 =18. And 4pm is 16:00 and/or 960 minutes. Sixteen =33/96. Satanism =33/96. It happend 23 weeks 2 days after the Crowley fire on 12/23 (The Synagogue of Satan =223). Satan =232. Lucifer =323. Love Is The Law Love Under Will =323, which is the slogan of Crowley’s Thelema. Everything is connected and life is a wheel.

The Lifetime and Death of The Will Smiths

NFL star Will Smith is murdered on the day before actor Will Smith receives a lifetime acheivement award, the day after Jayhawks football player Brandon Bourbon was found dead. Like Bourbon Street, Smith, a former Saints player, was shot in New Orleans. Will Smith the actor starred in 148 episodes of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ and Will Smith the football player played in 148 career games. Nigger =148. Satanic Ritual =148.

  • The film actor is 47-years old and the sports actor was born 7/4. Neither will be in the next Independence Day, as the upcoming movie remake won’t include Smith and the other, one, well he’s dead.
  • They were born 666 weeks 3 days apart, or 4666 days.

The body of Bourbon, who wore #25, was discovered 25 days after the Kansas Amtrak derailment on Pi Day. Investigating his Twitter, I found that his truck window got smashed in on his last birthday, 8/15. That’s 227 days before he was reported missing, another connection to Pi – and he was found on 4/2 – 3 months 14 days after Will Smith’s movie ‘Concussion’ =42. Bourbon =424 died at 24. And as Behrendt pointed out, even the railroad crossing sign is coded to 24 [9+6+9], and the orbital speed of Saturn is 9.69. The man who shot Smith had the NOPD after the cops killed his father – 10 years 3 months 14 days earlier.

  • $_35Bourbon died of ‘Suicide’ =34, in ‘Kansas’ =34, exactly 3 months 4 days after the Kansas Amtrak derailment. Will Smith died at 34. William =34. Murder =34.

The ominous window smashing event happened 233 days before his body was discovered, or 33 weeks 2 days. The movie Independence Day was 233 minutes long. 233 the next Fibonacci number after 144. Bourbon Street =1044, which is seven blocks from the start of Magazine Street, where Smith was shot dead. Smith’s character in Concussion is ‘Dr. Bennet Omalu’ =144. His full name is ‘Willard Christopher Smith Jr.’ =144. The Smiths =440. Will Smith =44.


Bourbon =33. Smith =33 and his wife aged 33, also shot. Hummer =33, which rear-ended his car then shot him following an altercation. MTV =330, where meanwhile the actor was receiving the Old Dude Award. Smith was shot 106 days after Concussion and 10 weeks 6  days before Independence Day 2. Prophecy =106. The Smiths event took place 7222 days after the ’96 release of Independence Day, for another Pi reference. Willard Christopher Smith =1722.

  • Will Smith died 8 weeks 7 days after Super Bowl 50 and 87 days before his next birthday. Bourbon =87. Bagger Vance =85 came out 805 weeks before the Smiths night. The Legend of Bagger Vance =1116. Eightieth Masters =1116. Having A Blast =116/44, Smith’s last ever tweet.

The picture on the left is a tribute by Bourbon’s buddy and the one on the right is the last image uploaded on Will Smith’s Twitter before his death. Notice the one-eye symbolism. And the entire Gematria of Smith’s last ever tweet = 187, the homicide code. 


Decoding Tony Scott Train Flicks


Unstoppable =141. First establishing shot reads “Stanton Southern Pennsylvania” =141. Based on a 2001 incident involving runaway train CSX-8888, aka “Crazy Eights” =141. The Philly Trainwreck of #188 happened 14 years 11 days after the 8888 event. The train in the movie is #777. Number Seven Seven Seven =88. Fox 43 =88 (the station covering the drama). The train originates in “Fuller Yard” =122. Trainwreck =122.

  • Hero is “Frank Barnes” =64. Train company is “AWVR” =64. Amtrak =64.
  • He says he’s been railroading “28 years, November 13th 1981, 28 years.” From that date to the Philly Trainwreck is exactly 33 years 6 months. (The director) Tony Scott =933. Scott killed himself in 2012 by jumping off LA’s Vincent Thomas Bridge.
  • Exactly 20 years to the day before the 10/26 premiere, Olympic bronze-medalist diver Lawrence Andreasen died on the same bridge, attempting to set the record for highest dive from a bridge. Andreasen was born on November 13th — exactly 36 years before the date Frank Barnes started railroading. This means Unstoppable double coded the future suicide of its director.

The movie premiered on 10/26 and the good guys’ train is #1026. Film official release [11+12+10] =33. The Philly Trainwreck happened on May 13th, the 133rd day of the year. [5+13+15] =33. Stanton =103. Runaway Freight Train =103/238. There were 238 passengers on the Philly Trainwreck.


Tony Scott and Denzel Washington teamed up for another train thriller, The Taking of Pelham 123 about a hijacked train that departs at 1:23. Conspiracy =123. Crazy Eights =1203. It was released on 6/12/09, that’s 2160 days before Philly Trainwreck (5 years 11 months). The Philly Crash happened 5110 days after the Crazy Eights incident, the latter of which was traveling at 51 mph. The Pelham hijackers demand $10 million paid in 60 minutes (notice the 106); the film has a run-time of 106 minutes and the train that crashed in Philly was going 106 mph. Prophecy =106/666.

  • 501 days between Pelham 123 and Unstoppable. Another Amtrak derailed in Vermont on 10/5 of ’15 and we heard from spokesperson “Dana Huoppi” =105. Vermont =1005. That’s 151 days between the Vermont crash and the Kansas crash – and 22 weeks 2 days after Philly. Amtrak =222.
  • Pelham =330/124. Stanton =421 (the fictional town of Unstoppable the reversal of Pelham). The hijackers end up stealing $307 million. It’s 307 days between Philly Crash and that in Kansas on Pi Day.

Remember the Madrid Train Bombings happened on 3/11, 911 days after 9/11/01. The duration between the ’93 WTC Bombing and 9/11 was 3119 days. Similarly, the duration between the Madrid and Philadelphia train events: 11 years 2 months 11 days (11211).

The Dead Zone: Yet More Predictive Progamming for Donald Trump


There’s been much speculation lately connecting Donald Trump to Martin Sheen’s character from The Dead Zone, the flick based on a Stephen King novel. It’s about a man who wakes from a coma with psychic powers which allow him to foresee the psychopathic populist Greg Stillson’s surprising rise to president and the ensuing World War III / nuclear apocalypse that is to come. It’s the classic question of if you could go back in time would you kill Hitler. Of course Hitler was just another actor-agent playing the villain role in this ancient global conspiracy. The connections between Stillson and Trump are alarming, however, giving the savvy viewer a sense of the second sight. Notice the blood-red ribbons of subliminal programming in Stillson’s logo, suggestive of a headshot.

The Dead Zone =107. Stillson For Senator =107. Visions =107/35. Set in Stephen King’s fictional town of “Castle Rock” =107/35. Christopher Walken’s character “Johnny Smith” =56, falls into a coma after crashing his car into a “Milk Trailer” =56/128. Stephen King =56/128. There’s a murder in a gazebo and the line “Gazebo, you like that word?” Gazebo =56/565. And even the tagline for the movie continues that 56 train a’rollin: “He can see the future. But can he escape it?” =156. Peter Hurkos =156, the real life inspiration for the story, a man who awoke from a coma with psychic powers.

Notice the 56 on the license plate; no coincidence. Sheriff =44. Officer =44. Police State =44. Kill =44. Eriff =44. THE DEAD ZONE =722. Like the 22/7 Pi Cycle code of history repeating. Wheels Within Wheels =227. Dead Zone =38/74. Masonic =38/74. Psychic =38/47. Trump =470. President =47.

  • Released 21 October 1983. [10+21+19+83] =133. Crippled America =133 (Trump’s latest book). Elect =133. White House =133. [10+21+83] =114. President of the United States =114. October 21st is now known as Back to the Future Day, the date they travel to in 2015. It’s 156 days (22 weeks 2 days) from 10/21 to 3/24. False Flag =156. Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =1056. President Barack Obama Killed Under Aries =156. The ‘fulfilment’ or activation of 56.

From the film’s ’83 release to our 3/24 date: 11844 days. I see that as an ominous code for Presidency =118, Death =118 / Kill =44. It’s also a span of 32 years 5 months 4 days. Barack Obama =32 and he’s 54 years old. False Flag Event =54. Damn intriguing sequence, IMHO.

  • Greg Stillson =58/157. Freemasonry =58. United States =157. Psychic Energy =157. Stillson =48/120. Illuminati =48/120. Donald Trump =48. Illuminati =48. Six Six Six =48. Donald J Trump =148. The Art of the Deal =148 (Trump’s other book). Destruction =148. Presidential Assassination =148.
  • Gregory Ammas Stillson =91. POTUS =91. Make America Great Again =91. Deception =91. Zionist Conspiracy =91.

The scene at the rally where the crowd is chanting Stillson while Johnny hears KILLSON =38. Donald Trump =138. Death =38. Psychic =38. Dead Zone =38. KILLSON =239. The 44th President Barack Obama =239. Barack ‘Barry Soetoro’ Obama =239. In this the 239th year of America.

  • Trump =88. Uncle Sam =88. Christopher Walken =88.
  • Watch the movie if you haven’t, it’s a beauty. It’s also the second work of King’s that foreshadows the rise of Trump, the other being The Running Man.


Paul Walker and the Furious Publicity Stunt

American Dad pre-programmed the death of Paul Walker. In season 8 episode 4 (Seven =840), the boys find a crashed airplane with a copy of the screenplay to Fast and the Furious 7 in the hands of the writer, Randy Scott Knobson. Notice the writer is killed by a tree, just like Paul Walker was allegedly killed in a car wreck into a tree. [Here’s a clip from the episode.]

  • It’s titled AMERICAN STEPDAD =133 (Psychological Operations / Government / White House). Zionists and Freemasons =1330. 
  • Randy Scott Knobson =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Satanic =67. Serial Killings =67. Publicity Stunt =67. 

It aired on 11-18-2012. Paul Walker died on 11-13-2013. That’s 1 year 13 days later, counting end date; the number of the hoax: FURIOUS PUBLICITY STUNT =113. [Or 112 days: Single Vehicle Collision =112. Publicity Stunt =211. Zionist =112. Mason =211.] And 113 is exactly 54 weeks. Freemasonic =54. Make Believe =54. FAST & FURIOUS 7 =54. 

  • [11+18+20+12] =61. American Stepdad =61. [11+18+12] =41. Walker died on [11+30] =41. 
  • [11+30+20+13] =74 (Masonic / Occult / Killing). [11+30+13] =54. Like Walker died 54 weeks after the show aired, matching the predicted movie title. 

Paul William Walker IV =86/230. Death Hoax =86. Furious Publicity Stunt =320. Born [9+12+19+73] =113. And he death hoaxed 1 year 13 days after the pre-program ritual. [9+12+1+9+7+3] =41. Matching his ‘death’ numerology. American Stepdad =41. 

  • FAST AND FURIOUS =75/174. FURIOUS SEVEN =75/174. NEW WORLD ORDER =75/174. 
  • Furious 7 came out on April 3rd, 2015. [4+3+20+15] =42. Freemason =42. That’s the 93rd day of the year. Propaganda =93. The final report said the car was travelling 93 mph. 
  • The vehicle was a “Porsche Carrera GT” =94. That’s funny because “Fake Car Crash” =94. 

The movie came out exactly 124 weeks after it was predicted in American Dad – and 242 days after Paul Walker’s alleged blood sacrifice. Psychological Operations =124. Mind-Control Programming =124. Trauma-Based Mind Control =242. PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING =242. 

Decent article on the details of the death hoax at Highlights of his death is it happened at 3:30 PM on HERCULES ST =58. FAKE CAR CRASH =58. PUBLICITY STUNT =58. It happened in Santa Clarita =119/38 and the driver, Roger Rodas was 38 years old. Death =38. Hoax Car Crash =119. And last point for 100% case closed: ROGER RODAS =120. PAUL WALKER =120. ILLUMINATI =120. 


12 Monkeys: Break the Past the Future Falls

Monkeys =102. Reducing to 12. Army of the Twelve Monkeys =102. In the SyFy series they’re hunting for LELAND FROST =54. TWELVE MONKEYS =54. Obama is 54 years old now, and 2016 is the year of the Monkey; just saying. THE YEAR OF THE MONKEY =219. Sublminal Programs =219. The recent coding suggests 9 is interchangeable with 6. YEAR OF THE MONKEY =186. UNMAKE THE FUTURE =189. TWELVE MONKEYS =189. 

  • Unmake History =63. Twelve Monkeys =63. Freemasonic =63. 
  • FROST =33. What do ya know. 

And then they go and drop the line that resonates and aligns so powerfully with both my higher self and my highest visions for this Gematria Apocalypse of which you and I are an active participant: “BREAK THE PAST, THE FUTURE FALLS” =102. 

How do we break the past? By exposing the lies. By uncovering the deceit. By revealing the ancient alphanumeric conspiracy that has enslaved humanity since the dawn of Saturnic time. By cracking the code and solving the Ultimate Riddle, we rewrite history. We’re folk heroes, you and I, though most folk have no clue. We’re part of the deprogramming wave, rerouting the hijack one decode at a time. And hey, for that we salute you. Truthseekers, unite. 

The original Gilliam joint was released on Jan 5th 1996. [1+5+96] =102. The intro scene gives the date as April 12th 1990 – the 102nd day of the year. More coded 12s. They’re telling us that by cracking the Gematria we will rewrite the future. Twelve is completion. TWELVE =87. TRUTH =87. JUSTICE =87. MANIFEST =87. So allow this to sharpen your focus and let’s strike. Let’s manifest OUR vision of reality. 

Gilliam’s masterpiece [though my fav is Brazil=68] dropped in ’96. GILLIAM =96/63. TWELVE MONKEYS =63. Speaking of time travel to save the future, this clown:


You see? It’s all there for us to literally flip the damn script and take back what is ours by right as human beings of planet earth. Because hey at the end of the day it’d be rude of us not to.