Harry Dean Stanton RIP

Harry Dean Stanton, legendary character actor of many epic cult films, has died on Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday, at the ridiculous age of 33,300 days old and 303 days before his 92nd birthday (well, if we start counting from his first full day of life). Harry Stanton =133 was in some of my favourite movies: Repo Man, Escape from New York, Twin Peaks, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, and Alien – his costar in the latter flick, John Hurt =133, died 33 weeks 3 days before him.

  • And Harry dying on Harry’s birthday, the same day as the Parsons Green Bombing Hoax – the one with the Invictus connection to the White Horse of Kent. And as it turns out, a suspect was arrested today in Kent, the day another apartment fire broke out, also in Kent.
  • Harry Dean Stanton =195 was born on the 195th day and died on 9/15. Born with 170 days remaining and died with 107 days remaining, he started his career as Dean Stanton =170. Cassini =17. Invictus =117. Royal Family =117/1017.

Stanton was also exactly 91 years 2 months old when he died. Windsor =612. Monarchy =612. The Mother of Satan =216 was the name of the bomb at Parsons. Prince Henry of Wales =216 aka Prince Harry of Wales =216 was 12 years 11 months 16 days old when his mother was killed, 20 years 16 days before his 33rd birthday. Prince William was born on 21/6 a span of 216 years after the birth of King William IV.

Harry Stanton =162. Dean Stanton =62. Captain of My Soul =62. The White Horse =162. Parsons Green =162. Tube Bombing =162. Boom =162. Prince Henry of Wales =1620. Prince Harry =162. Parsons Green Tube Station =126. Stanton was born in ’26 same as the Queen =26 who took the throne on 2/6 and was coronated on 6/2. 


London Bombing Hoax PART 2: The White Horse of Invictus

Parsons Green S.W.6. In reduction, S=1 W=5. So that’s code for 156. As in: False Flag =156. Underground =156. Thirty-Three =156. Time Bomb =156. Sloaney Pony =1156. Cobra =156. Manchester Arena =1560. Fifth Terror Attack =1560. Bucket Bomb =1056. Mother of Satan =56. Unconquered =56. Cassini Mission =560. It happened 506 days after Harry’s Invictus ad (which we’ll explore here) on the date of 15/9 in the synchronistic location of West London =1059. Parsons Green Tube Station =590. Government =159. I am the Master of my Fate I am the Captain of my Soul =159. According to the Hebrew Calendar, Donald Trump was born 15/9 – and on this very day the Cassini Probe bombed itself into Saturn, thus fulfilling its mission by the numbers.

  • Now what better way to celebrate Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday than by a False Flag =33. Cobra =33. Lidl =33. The Tube =133. Improvised Device =133. Theresa May =133. Freemasons =133. Government =133. The event happened in the suburb of Hammersmith and Fulham =333 and Cassini’s mission lasted exactly 13 years 1 month. Terror Incident at West London Station =131. Sloaney Pony =131. Time Bomb =131. Saturn the God of Time.

On 27 April 2016 a promotional video for Prince Harry’s Invictus Games was released, where he makes a hand gesture of dropping a bomb as he says “Boom”. In the ad he gets a text from Michele Obama at 18:15. If we reduce the 18 that’s 9/15, the date of the fake bombing on Harry’s birthday. Reduced further it’s 96. Like it happening at Parsons Green =906 exactly 96 weeks after the Paris Attacks. Harry =96 and all the other 96s covered last post. And just to confirm again, the battery is at 69%. Saturn =69. FLOTUS =69/696. White Horse of Kent =96. NO SURRENDER =906. Unconquered =960/169. It happened 1169 weeks after the Oklahoma City Bombing, the connection to which we’ll get to shortly, same as all the aforementioned references you didn’t yet understand.

We’ll also get to the timespan between that date and the fake bombing in a moment, but there’s a huge clue here that all but verifies this staged event as a tribute to Harry & the Royal Family. One Harry Cole, Westminster correspondent at The Sun, posted this tweet reading “NO SURRENDER Can reveal famous Parsons Green watering hole The White Horse will reopen at 7pm.” Also known as the Sloaney Pony, the White Horse is one of the most historic pubs in London – located 0.1 miles from the tube station – and just so happens to be perfectly synched with Invictus.

Indeed the Invictus from Harry’s Invictus Games is based on an 1888 poem by William Ernest Henley, which in turn is based on Invicta – Latin for “Unconquered” – which is another name for the White Horse of Kent. Last year I wrote this post about the White Horse as connected to Princess Diana and the Indianapolis Colts, and here it is blatantly, a tweet displayed on the BBC Live Updates page to spark this angle.

And as per the poem and the Games, it was read in another promotional video prior to the inaugural event by several entertainers, including Tom Hardy – who just so happens to be born on September 15th – just like Prince Harry and the date of the Parsons Green Hoax. The poem includes the line, “Bloody and Unbowed,” which was the exact headline in Daily Mirror the day after the 7 July 2005 London Bombings. Invictus was also chosen by Oklahoma City bomber/patsy Timothy McVeigh as his final statement before his execution. And in light of these easily identifiable cultural references to Invictus, Harry & Elizabeth’s BOOM video becomes more than just a little bit unsettling. (The picture below being the Madrid Bombing – which is what a real detonation would look like, not an uncracked bucket and no burn marks).

The poem ends with the line, I  am the Master of my Fate I am the Captain of my Soul =2270. United Grand Lodge of England =227. Harry was exactly 1722 weeks old on this his 33rd birthday which came 72 weeks 2 days after the Boom Video. The Pi Sequence (22/7=3.14) it happened 31 weeks 4 days after the anniversary of the Queen taking the throne and 3 months 14 days after the anniversary of her coronation. Nice timing. Princess Diana =1314.

  • On the theme of train bombings, it happened 705 weeks after the Madrid Train Bombing, and 507 days after the Boom video. Tube =507. Terror Attack =570. The White Horse =57. Diana =57. Mother of Satan =57. Parsons Green =157/571. Prince Harry =157. The Cassini Mission lasted EXACTLY 157 months. 
  • New World Order =175/75. White Horse of Kent =75. Prince Henry of Wales =75. Queen Elizabeth =75. The Underground =75. Hammersmith and Fulham =75. Time Bomb =75. The Captain of My Soul =75. The Oklahoma City Bombing happened when Harry was 10 years 7 months 5 days old. They’re saying the IED was called the The Mother of Satan =175. And I see now that the UK has jacked the terror level up to CRITICAL =75. 

Boom =42. That video happened 1 year 4 months 20 days before this event. Harry =420. Loser Terrorist =420. The Tube =420. Queen Elizabeth =142. Terror Attack =142. Terrorist =142. Sloaney Pony =142. Freemasons =142. Cobra Committee =142. Tube Bombing =42. West London =42. Freemason =42. Windsor =42. The Royals =42. Illuminati =42. Saturn =42. Unconquered =42. 

A bomb detonated on a packed train at the height of rush-hour causing a massive fireball that engulfed the carriage. This is the story we’re still being told despite all the evidence to the contrary. This case a perfect example of how cognitive dissonance is used as psychological warfare – your brain in total contrast with the authority telling you the “truth” instead of you taking the truth as authority. The truth being what you believe it to be, you’d be wise to come to your own fact-based conclusions.

And as a result of this total facade, 1000 military forces are now taking over police duties to protect public transit. Just like those troops I saw in Bordeaux, there’s no way this will now easily ever get reduced. It’s the Peter Principle in action – whereby employees only stop being promoted once they can no longer perform effectively, and managers rise to the level of their incompetence. Though on the Police State level, once it’s elevated to a certain norm that’s where it will stay, here in the endless war of terror. Where again, terrorism originally was defined as “government by intimidation,” which is just what’s happening now, continuously and ongoing. And which is why it’s so important to see the farce for the trees. To see that bucket bomb for the utter horse shit that it is (which of course means fertilizer for yet other things to grow).

And if anyone who knows more about chemistry than I would care to comment on how exactly the bucket bomb could cause a fireball throughout the entire carriage yet leave the bucket completely intact without so much as a heat mark on the seats and walls, I would very much love to hear that argument. I don’t watch YouTube so I don’t know what anyone else is saying about this but I’d imagine the same critiques are happening all over this reality of ever-awakening beings.

And I gotta point this out too, because a google image search for “Cassini Images of Saturn” turns up almost nothing but computer animations. As they showed on the news, OBVIOUS fucking CGI. I mean can people really not distinguish Pixar from reality?? This is the height of the mockery and of the mind control, when you can show people essentially a video game and they believe it to be rock-solid objective reality. Which come to think of it, might just be yet another clue that we are indeed inhabiting a holographic universe…

Parsons Green Bombing Hoax

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 12.16.09 PM.png

Brother Berg is now in Wales sitting a house with SkyNews on the tele, making for my first time watching the news in years – perfect timing to observe the live coverage of this latest 15/9/17 terror attack in London (the fifth in the UK since Theresa May became Prime Minister) when a time bomb allegedly went off in a train car full of morning commuters at Parsons Green tube station, injuring 22, on Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday. 

I had to laugh when they showed a picture of the ‘bomb’ in a builder’s bucket inside a pristine carriage with not so much as a burn mark on the plastic walls. Especially when a young man named Charlie was interviewed saying he saw a huge fireball rushing down the packed car and engulfing everyone, “just like in the movies,” traveling at “the speed of sound” and “absorbing people” into the explosion. Despite police saying the device didn’t fully detonate and no one is seriously injured. And once again we have the suspect(s) on the run, which means the police state gets cranked up to hunt for bogeymen and psychologically traumatize the citizens even further.

And as for the classic Masonic symbol, the helicopter shot of the train clearly shows a pair of shoes sitting outside the door while another well-rehearsed young lady witness makes a point of saying she lost one shoe in the stampede of panicking people – before cutting to a shoe commercial, no shit. If you’re new to this highly ritualized symbol, we see it in nearly every government staged terror attack – a shoe or a pair of shoes placed prominently in the scene. This Masonic ritual of the Entered Apprentice apparently symbolizes the exposure of the heel to the attack of the devil. In Biblical times, the act of removing one’s shoe was a confirmation of deeds done, and more broadly it represents entry into a holy site. 

Prince Henry of Wales =1802. Theresa Mary May =182. Terror Incident =82. London Underground =82. It happened at 8:20 AM on September Fifteenth Twenty Seventeen =820 at Parsons Green Tube Station =282. Cobra Committee =282. Metropolitan Police =282. West London =280. Fifteenth of September =208. Jihad =28. Fireball =28. London Bombing =128. Manchester =128. Freemason =128. It also came 12 years 2 month 8 days after the 7/7 London Bombing. Theresa May =228. Prime Minister Theresa May =2028. Queen Elizabeth =228. British Royal Family =228. Royal Family =822. Government =822. 

  • 8:20 is the 116th minute of the day and the Fifth Terror Attack =116 happened 116 days after the Manchester Bombing and 11 weeks 6 days after Freemasonry’s 300th anniversary. It also happened 11 months 6 days after Mayor Khan’s birthday and 61 weeks 1 day after Theresa May =116 took office; her birthday coming 16 days later. Prince Harry =1116. Royalty =116. Kingdom =116. Britain =116. The Queen =116. Invictus =116. Bombing =116. 
  • Government =161. Time Bomb =161. Terrorism =161. Terrorist =61. Parsons Green =61. Tube Bombing =61. Cobra Committee =61. Cobra =61. Terror Attack =610. ISIS =160. And it happened on numerology of (15+9+20+17) =61 a span of 106 days after the anniversary of the Queen taking the throne.

Terror Attack =164. This latest Terror Incident =164 on September Fifteenth Twenty Seventeen =164 also comes 16 weeks 4 days after Manchester =164 and 16 years 4 days after 9/11/01. Prince Harry =64. Theresa Mary May =64. Parsons Green Attack =64. It’s also 64 years since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth =640. 

The 64th prime is 311. It happened 31 weeks 1 day before Queen Elizabeth’s birthday and 1 year 10 month 3 days after the 11/13 Paris Attacks. United Grand Lodge of England =1113. Time Bomb =113. The Royal Family =1130. The NWO =1103. The Throne =113. Mind The Gap =113. 

Again, look at the “bomb”. They’re still reporting that the device didn’t fully detonate yet the blast sent a fireball through the packed rush-hour train – while the bucket didn’t even crack, haha. Give me a fucking break. A homemade bomb would blow that bucket to smithereens and definitely leave some mark on the plastic inches away.

It also comes exactly 96 weeks after the Paris Attacks. Fireball =906. Parsons Green =906. Tube Station =906. Parsons =96. Parsons Green Tube Station =96. Parsons Green Bombing =96. Cobra =96. Counterterrorism =96. IED =96. Harry =96. Freemason =96. MK-Ultra =96. British Royal Family =96. Royal Family =960. Terror Attack =960. Underground =960. United Grand Lodge =960. Freemasons =690. Theresa May =690. Terror Incident =169. September Fifteenth Twenty Seventeen =169. ISIS =196. Parsons Green Attack =196/69. London =69. Invictus Games =69 which Prince Harry created and will be held in Toronto eight days after the bombing.

  • Queen Elizabeth =202. Parsons Green Bombing =202. Tube Bombing =202. Terror Attack =202. West London Station =220. ISIS =22. Mayor Khan =22. Bucket =22. There are 22 injured, just like the 22 killed by a Suicide Bomb =202 in Manchester England =220 by 22year-old named Salman =222 at the Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour =2022 in the 22nd hour on the 22nd day on the eve of 222 days remaining in the year.
  • Improvised Explosive Device =2220 and it was in a bag from the European supermarket chain Lidl =222. 

Remember how all these terror attacks have been synched up with the novel release of Stephen King’s Mr Mercedes? Parsons Green Bombing =102 happened 1200 days after the book’s publishing at Parsons Green Tube Station =1102 and 1 year 10 months 2 days after the Paris Attacks. British Royal Family =120. Illuminati =120. Trump called the attacker a Loser Terrorist =1002. 

Fun Fact: Theresa May =930 was born exactly 93 years to the day after the London Underground opened in 1863. Freemasons =930. Prince Henry of Wales =193. West London =193. Grand Lodge of England =193/93. Propaganda =93. 

Theresa May declares the threat level is to remain at severe (not enhanced to critical) while militarized police presence will be enhanced and further internet crackdown will be taking place. I was visiting a friend in Bordeaux the other day and as we were lunching outside a cafe downtown, a military patrol of ten soldiers holding automatic rifles walked by – a sight he says is commonplace since the Paris Attacks. The normalization of the Police State.

Barcelona Attack: Part II

Now that the dust has settled, the official narrative is in place, the alphanumerics cast. As the story goes, soldiers of the Islamic State plowed a van 550m down the pedestrian strip of Las Ramblas before coming to a perfect stop on a Joan Miró mosaic. Early the next morning la policia killed five terrorists (wearing “fake suicide vests” ha) in Cambrils who were allegedly prepping for the next event. The day before the vehicle attack a house in Alcanar was destroyed in an explosion, which police say is connected. And of course the suspect is now at large so that the police can conduct their massive manhunt drill – drilling fear into the gullible populace.

Drill =13. I discussed the importance of 113 and sure enough the kill count is 13 dead 100 injured, or 113 casualties, not including the post-crash shootout in Cambrils =113 where suspects were traveling in an Audi A3 (AA3=113). Thirteen Dead =113. Terrorists =113. The first Spanish terror attack in 13 years happened 1 year 1 month 3 days after Nice and exactly 113 weeks after Charleston SC =113, where Mr Mercedes =103 is filmed. The Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau Ballano =31 (Colau =103) has been in office for 113 weeks. 

  • Barcelona Spain =130. La Policia =130. Catalan =103/13. Rambla =13. Pla de l’Os =130. Boqueria =103. Manhunt =103. Mossad =31. Spain =31. Spanish =103. Franco =113. Ramblas =311. Viva Espana =113. The King of Spain, Felipe =103, was born on 1/30. 

The connection to Joan Miro and his surrealist artwork is intriguing in light of the surrealism we see presented in these staged events. The mural highlighted in this incident is called the Mosaic of the Pla de l’Os and is said to represent the cosmos. It’s also said to have been conceived as a Milestone =131 to Toponymy =1130, which is very curious, as toponymy is the study of place names and mystical toponomy is very much an obsession of the occult – and ours by extension through its deciphering.

Joan Miró i Ferrà =48 was born on the same day as Adolf Hitler, exactly 4 years earlier. We just covered how Big Ben will be silent for Four Years =48 and that’s exactly 48 months. Hoax =48. Spain =48. Anti-Fascist =48, and like Nazi Germany, Spain went through a fascist period under the rule of Francisco Franco Bahamonde =1048. ISIS Terror =148. Drill =480. Pawley =480 is a man who happened to survive both this incident and the Manchester Bombing (as somehow every event has someone who shows up at another event). The manhunt is ongoing for the 18-year-old driver, Moussa Oubakir =48. 

  • Now from the date this mural was inaugurated (12/30/76) to the Barcelona Attack was 14,840 days. The Twin Towers stood for exactly 1484 weeks. 
  • Barcelona Van Attack =1118. It occurred exactly 81 years 1 month after the Spanish Civil War =118 began on 17 July 1936. Francisco Franco Bahamonde =118. Ku Klux Klan =811. Reenactment =118. 

Drill =330. Miro =330. Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy =330. Obama made history for the most ever likes on a tweet the day of the Charlottesville Rally, quoting Nelson Mandela: “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion =330. [Mandela was born on 7/18 and Barcelona happened on the mirror date of 8/17.] Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela =303.

This also matched a prominently displayed banner in that opening scene of Mr Mercedes that read “First Annual City Jobs Fair One Thousand Jobs Guaranteed” =3300. Adolf Hitler =303. Saturn =303. Do What Thou Wilt =303. Viva Espana =33. Guernica =33. Picasso =303. All of which bring us to this crazy perfect synch: Francisco =33 Franco =33 Bahamonde =33 died (a supposedly natural death) at the age of 30,300 days old. Does anyone still doubt the long-count? The Mayor of Barcelona was also born on 3/3. 

Franco died on 11/20, exactly 39 years after José Antonio Primo de Rivera (the founder and first president of the party that would become Franco’s dictatorship) was executed on 11/20. Fascist =112. Spanish =112. La Rambla =112. Oukabir =112. Barcelona happened 12 years 1 month 10 days after the London Attacks of 7/7/05 and 21 weeks 1 day after the Westminster Attack. Mason =211. In Spain the date is 20/11 and 211 is the 47th prime number.

  • Barcelona Spain =47. Rambla =47. Catalan =47. Alcanar =47. Joan Miró i Ferrà =47. Miro =47. Miro’s mural was inaugurated 407 days after the death of Franco. Terror Drill =47. Illuminati =470. 
  • This staged event in Barcelona =71 happened exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing. Mossad =71/17. Rambla de Barcelona =107. Espana =17. Pawley =17. Spain =117. Charlottesville Virginia =117. Vehicular Terrorism =117. Manhunt =117. Francoist =117. The vehicle attacks in Charlottesville + Barcelona =117 happened 117 hours apart.

Rambla de Barcelona =722. Pla de la Boqueria =227. Espana =227. ISIS Terrorism =227. Colau =227. Ada Colau Ballano =227. This happened 2 months 27 days after the Manchester False Flag =227. Picasso’s Guernica painting helped bring worldwide attention to the Spanish Civil War. Notice the all-seeing eye.


The King of Spain, Felipe VI, began his reign on 19 June 2014 – the same day of the year that Stephen King was hit by a van and Anton Yelchin was killed by his Jeep. Ya learn somethin weird every day. 

Mr Mercedes: Predictive Programming

As promised, a decode of the heavy predictive programming present in the new series Mr Mercedes based on Stephen King’s trilogy that begins with a young man committing a vehicle attack on a crowd of innocent people. Aside from the obvious visuals, the entire book & show is absolutely saturated in alphanumeric coding synched up with pitch perfect durations between all the staged events in this ongoing car-ramming saga. The suspenseful psycho-thriller the entire planet is being bombarded with on a seemingly weekly basis, where the nightly news is the ultimate Reality TV show and the leader of the free world is a frickin game show host.

Vehicle Ramming =1434. Mercedes =143/34. Benz =43. Mercedes Benz =43. Vehicle Attack =43. The pilot episode aired on 34 numerology and opens in Bridgton Ohio =134 at exactly 3:04 AM (Propaganda =304 / Charlottesville + Barcelona =304) with a man named Augie Odenkrik =430 (Augie =43) showing up to the Early Bird Line =134 at City Center =43 for the City Jobs Fair =34. Hit and Run =134. A bunch of people out of work due to The Economy =34. Murder =34. Inside Job =34. Masonic =34. Allegory =34. Massacre =43. Masonic =43. Freemasonry =43.

Stephen King was himself hit by a van on 19 June 1999 at 4:30 PM in Lovell Maine =43. Predictive Programming =143. And we’re off to a pretty crazy start.


As we covered earlier, the show’s antagonist – the character Brady Hartsfield (played by Harry =34 Treadaway =34) who rams his car into the Jobs Fair – was originally cast as Anton Yelchin, but the young actor he was tragically killed in pre-production when his own Jeep Cherokee rolled down his steep driveway and rammed him to death against his fence. How ironic. And the protagonist in Mr Mercedes drives a black Jeep Cherokee.

  • The first spoken word in the show is “Welcome =113/1013. Stephen =113. Yelchin =113. Anton Viktorovich Yelchin =113 was born on 3/11 and died  11 months 3 days before the Manchester Bombing (Grande =113) and 1 year 1 month 30 days before the 113 casualties (13 dead 100 injured) in Barcelona. Mr Mercedes was published 110 weeks 3 days before the Nice Attack.
  • The next time Augie looks at his phone its now 4:17 AM (the pilot aired 417 days after Yelchin died). That’s a span of 1 hour 13 minutes after 3:04 AM and the show is filmed in Charleston SC =113. The Charlottesville Attack (which happened 3 days after the show’s premier) featured two licence plates with the letters GVF =113 and the perp was James Fields =113 (pretty close to Hartfield). The previous two posts on Extra-Capsa discuss the prevalence & importance of this coding.

Clown =1013. A Killer Clown =113. Pennywise =113. Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon has attacked white nationalists as “Clowns” =1103 and Mr Mercedes wears a clown mask, in part promotion for King’s upcoming remake of It. How perfect then that an upcoming pro-Trump rally on 9/16 in DC is coinciding with a Juggalo march on the mall (the subculture based on the rap group Insane Clown Posse).

Mr Mercedes =103, the 27th prime and the show premiered on 27 numerology. Vehicle Ramming Attack =2070. Stephen King was struck by a van while on a walk, 270 days before his birthday at the age of exactly 2700 weeks old. The protagonist’s surname is Hodges =27. Anton =127 died at age 27 a span of 270 days into the Jubilee Year. Charlottesville Virginia =270. Las Ramblas =27. Van Attack =27. Pennywise =127. The full title of the new It film: It Part 1 The Losers’ Club =270. 

Now here’s the craziest part: Stephen King & Anton Yelchin were both hit by cars on June 19th. WTF right!? 6/19/99 and 6/19/16, exactly 17 years apart, and Mr Mercedes premiered on 8/9/17, reducing to 17/17.

  • Anton =71 Yelchin =71. Car Crash =71. Jeep =71/17. Van =17. Predictive Program =71. Virginia =71. Barcelona =71. Spain =117. Charlottesville Virginia =117. Vehicular Terrorism =117. The vehicle attacks in Charlottesville + Barcelona =117 happened 117 hours apart. It Part 1 The Losers’ Club =117/71. Ariana Grande Concert =117/171. Clowns =171.

Barcelona happened 1171 days after Mr Mercedes was published, exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing, and the day after the second episode aired, titled On Your Mark =107. 

17 years is exactly 204 months. Mr Mercedes =204. James Fields =204. Inside Job =402. First Annual City Jobs Fair =402

  • 17 years is also 6210 days. Barcelona + Charlottesville =126. Vehicular Terrorism =126. The City Center Massacre =126. Anton =26. Stephen Edwin King =261. A Ramming Attack =261. No Man Stands So Tall As When He Stoops To Help A Child =261, as the Shriners bumper sticker read in Charlottesville. Assassinated =261 and again, Trump will be 26,001 days old on the Eclipse. Mr Mercedes writes the detective Bill Hodges an email with the subject Long Time =261. 

The Mr Mercedes wikipedia tells us “King said that while [the book] was started prior to the Boston Marathon bombings, Mr. Mercedes involves a terrorist plot which is ‘too creepily close for comfort.'” What the page doesn’t mention is that his book also features a climax where Brady Hartsfield attempts to bomb a pop concert for young girls. Exactly like the hoax at the Ariana Grande show in Manchester, the book depicted a single man who smuggles a homemade nail bomb past lax security into an arena full of screaming teeny-boppers.

Stephen King Mr Mercedes =966. Mister Mercedes =696. The City Center Massacre =969. King hit on 6/19/99 and Yelchin on 6/19/16. Excluding birth & death dates, Yelchin was alive for 9960 days. Augie’s full name is August Odenkirk =666. And before smashing into the crowd, the domestic terrorist in his Mercedes Benz slips on a Clown Mask =666.

The killer Mercedes license plate reads 2B8-52QT.

  • That sums reduced to (2+2+8+5+2+8+2) =29. It =29. Christine =209. The show is developed by David E Kelley =209 and opens in 2009 with a Stolen Mercedes =209 in Ohio =29, the home state of James Fields. Or if we separate the reduction, 12-17 or 3-8).
  • Using the full count: (12+7+17+20) =56. City Jobs Fair =56. Stephen King =56. Hodges =56. Anton Yelchin =560. Manchester =56. Christine =56. August Odenkirk =1056. Bridgport Ohio =156. Mister Mercedes =156. False Flag =156. I’ve covered in the past that Stephen King films routinely code 56 into license plates.

What follows is an extremely graphic depiction of a vehicle ramming attack. 16 dead 48 injured. That’s 64 casualties. Hodges =64. Detective Hodges =64. Anton =64. The City Center Massacre =464 (the name of the vehicle ramming in the story). Mister Mercedes =646. Yelchin & Treadaway were born 1646 days apart. Donald J Trump =46 born  on the date of 14/6/46. 

Yet what’s most shocking in the show’s intro sequence is the lack of press immediately swarming the crime scene. Further, they say 16 dead and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a total of 16 dead between the Charlottesville & Barcelona events.

First Annual City Jobs Fair =2027. Barcelona happened 2 months 27 days after the Manchester False Flag =227Vehicular Terrorism =227. Vehicular Murder =227. David E Kelley =227. Pennywise the Clown =227. Mr Mercedes the novel released 31 years 1 month 4 days after his novel Christine, about the car that kills people.

As if the teaser poster for It isn’t a perfectly hidden-in-plain-sight Pi symbol…

IT-2017-Movie-Poster (1)

Terror in Barcelona

Yet another “yet another” vehicle ramming attack, this time in Barcelona, as a van plows through Las Ramblas. According to the Vehicle-Ramming Attack page on Wikipedia, this is the 32nd such incident since the 1981 Iraqi Embassy Bombing. Las Ramblas =1032. Barcelona =1032. Spain =32. Placa Catalunya =32. A Ramming Attack =132. Stephen King Mr Mercedes =132. The primary press conference confirmed 1 dead 32 injured – just so we know we’re not fucking around with these numbers, 10/32 are seriously wounded. The perps holed up in a Turkish =132 restaurant with hostages. Israeli Secret Intelligence =132. 

(Although judging from the eye-witness videos immediately preceding the event, there are hardly any people on Las Ramblas, 1/1000th as many as we see in the image above of the popular tourist strip on a good day.)

  • Again, this very bizarre pattern of vehicle-ramming attacks synched up with the release date of King’s 2014 novel, featuring a vehicle-rammer, that immediately preceded the latest spike in such events. It released 1172 days earlier. Barcelona =172. Las Ramblas =172. And it happened at 17:20 local time. La Rambla =72. The Brussels Bombing happened 1072 days after the Boston Bombing. And wouldn’t you know, they’re saying the van was rented by a man named Driss Oukabir =172. 
  • If we exclude the end date that’s 1171 days later in La Rambla =17 on the 17thVan =17. Spain =117. Barcelona =71. White Van =107. Fiat Talento =117. Talento =71. It happened exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing.

Madrid =113 was hit on 3/11. The Paris Attacks of 11/13 came 311 days after Charlie Hebdo (which began at 11:30) and the Champs-Elysees Attack happened 311 days after the Pulse Massacre. This one in Barcelona with A White Van =113 (specifically a Talento =113) happened 1 year 1 month 3 days after the Vehicle-Ramming Attack in Nice. The Bangkok Bombing of the statue of Phra Phom =113 happened 11 months 3 days after two British tourists were murdered by the mafia on Koh Tao and 31 weeks 1 day before the Brussels Bombing killed 31 people in 13 minutes a perfect 130 days after 130 people supposedly died in the Paris Attacks. Barcelona also happened exactly 113 weeks after the Charleston Church Shooting Hoax, and as it turns out – the Mr Mercedes TV show (the second episode airing the day before Barcelona) is filmed in Charleston SC =113. 

This picture of the terror suspect in Masonic checkerboard pants was arrested in Barcelona 113 days earlier. And we just saw in the previous post how prevalently 113 was coded into the Charlottesville event. This is an undeniable pattern (and again, as I see it, the gematria supports the date counts, not the other way around) where all we really need to do is identify the organization that is A) obsessed with numerology, and B) capable of orchestrating all of these events by the numbers as synchronized with media coverage, and there we have our culprits. Or some of these events are real and the collective consciousness operates on a mathematical base function of 113 derivatives.

  • That inaugural ’81 Embassy Bombing happened 13,030 days before this incident. Spanish =331. White Van =33. The next one – which undoubtedly will come before August is up – will be the 33rd. As the 32s synch up with this location, watch for somewhere like Paris =33 with the +33 country code to get hit next.

It happened 12 years 1 month 10 days after the London Attacks of 7/7/05 and 21 weeks 1 day after the Westminster Attack. Turkish =211. Stephen King Mr Mercedes =112. La Rambla =112. Oukabir =112. The emergency number is 1-1-2 in Europe.

Alright I’m gonna watch this Mr Mercedes show and get back to you with my findings.

Chloe Ayling Kidnapped Model

Did you hear the one about the British model Chloe Ayling who was kidnapped in Milan by a syndicate called Black Death to be auctioned into slavery and after allegedly being held hostage for six days was released on 17 July 2017 once her kidnappers learned she had a child? Here’s the punchline: Chloe was also allegedly at the scene of the Champs-Élysées Attack on 20 April 2017, a pretty clear case of staged terror hoax, making this whole kidnapping story quite suspect. And we haven’t even looked at the coding yet.

Chloe was born on 14 June 1997, Donald Trump’s 51st birthday (which is the find that made this post happen). Chloe Ayling =51. A British Model =51. Kidnapping =51. Borgial Italy =51 (where she was held). Conspiracy =51. Freemason =51. Zionism =51/105. Masonry =105. False Flag Scam =105. Black Death =105. The Black Death =150. Sex Slavery =150. President Donald J Trump =105. President Donald John Trump =115. Human Slavery Market =115. British Model Chloe Ayling =115 played the lead role of a kidnapping victim 11 weeks 5 days after her performance as an extra in the Champs-Élysées False Flag =115. 

  • 51 years means Trump was exactly 612 months old when she was born. A British Model =216. 6x6x6 =216. Milan Italy =696. Borgial Italy =699. Black Death Group =669. Hoax =669. Human Trafficking =966. CHLOE AYLING =666 (a crisis actor apparently cast for her gematria – and possible resemblance to Melania Trump).
  • AYLING =66. A British Model =66. Kidnapped Model =66. Dark Web =66. Dark Web Auction =66. Six Days =606. Donald J Trump =166. Herba =606 is the Polish man using the alias Daniel Zawada =606 arrested on kidnapping charges. False Flag =66. Fake News =166. The Russian Mafia =166. 

This sequence continues with her connection to the scene at Champs-Élysées =66 near the Arc de Triomphe =66 in Paris France =660 where a man named Karim =66 shot three cops in the Security Forces =66 with a Kalashnikov =66 on the birthday of Adolf Hitler =660 during the final debate of the French election, won by the Rothschild agent Macron.

We find another perfectly coded gem sequence when we see that she was kidnapped for the Human Slavery Market =227 at the age of 20 years 27 days old and was freed 2 months 27 days after the made-for-TV spectacle staged at the Avenue des Champs-Élysées =227/314 (a rare dual-Pi sum). French Terrorism =227 and the cops were shot outside the Franklin D Roosevelt Station =314. Manufactured Terrorism =314. False Flag Terror Attack =1314. The Champs-Élysées Shootings happened 1 year 3 months 14 days after the Paris Police Station Attack which happened on the one-year anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo Hoax.

And how’s this suspicious paragraph from the Black Death’s Wikipedia:

“The group gained notoriety when in 2017 a British model in Italy was kidnapped with the apparent intent of being auctioned off on the [dark web]. It remains unclear whether the events are anything more than a false flag scam, or as a publicity stunt for the group. Whilst captive, Miss Ayling is said to have attempted to sell her story about being captured to The Mirror, went shoe shopping and when being returned to the British consulate, breakfasted at a cafe with her apparent abductor who she had previously met on a Paris business trip.”

False Flag Scam, ha. Indeed Italian police are now investigating the possibility that she colluded with her kidnappers and staged the whole thing. That appears to be all but a certainty, though as we can discern from her numbers, Chloe is but another eager fame-seeker willing to play the part in an ongoing series of ritualized riddles that were scripted from forces far beyond her.

Interesting to see that several articles show her wearing Chicago Bulls attire. Perhaps it’s a clue to Back-to-Back Cubs Championships, what with her heavy Pi-Coding of history repeating. She was kidnapped by Black Death =113 a clean 113 days before Game 7 of the 113th World Series. Cubs Back to Back Champions =113. Theo Epstein =113.

House Whip Scalise & the Staged Assassination Attempt

Rep. Steve Scalise, House Majority Whip, was shot & injured after a gunman opened fire during congressional baseball practice near Eugene Simpson Stadium Park in Alexandria Virginia on the morning of 14 June 2017 – Donald Trump’s 71st birthday. Most likely this is a staged hoax and part of the ongoing scripted narrative designed to look like a warning to Trump to obey or else. As the alphanumeric synchronicities reveal, it was certainly perfectly timed.

This assassination attempt of a high-ranking American politician at Eugene Simpson =188 Park in Alexandria Virginia =808 comes in that target window between 88,000 & 88,008 days after the birth date of the United States. Trump =88. Donald J Trump =888. Zionists =888. Elders of Zion =888. Washington =88. What’s immediately intriguing to me is the age of Rep Steve Scalise =88 at his shooting: 18,880 days old on June Eighteenth =188 and 8 months 8 days after his birthday. Lobbyist Matt Mika =88 was also wounded.

To be precise, Scalise was shot 88,003 days after the birth of America. We’ve been seeing a lot of 883/338 lately, like Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin =338 born precisely 338 weeks apart. The thing about 883 is it’s the 153rd prime. Assassination Attempt =1530. The Secret Society =1053. The Illuminati =153Congressional Baseball =351.

  • Scalise was shot 1048 days into office. Donald J Trump =148. Donald Trump =48. Stephen Joseph Scalise =184. Rep Steve Scalise =84. Like the 88,004 days into America with end date. And notice that sequence of 2-1-13 showing up again.
  • 213 & Scalise is directly synched with the 2/13/16 assassination of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia =184 – who died 488 days earlier (the mirror of 88,004). Justice Scalia =184. Congressional Baseball =408. 

Truth-Sleuths out there, pay attention for clues in this riddle related to the Washington Nationals World Series campaign.

This shooting also comes a clean 3330 days after Scalise assumed office in the House of Representatives. Thirty-Three =156. Steve Scalise =56 was shot by James Hodgkinson =56 exactly 156 weeks after being elected as Majority Whip (and 15 weeks 6 days before the MLB Playoffs begin). Donald J Trump =1056. False Flag =156. The President of the United States =156. Home of the Titans =156. 

This whole scenario reminds me of House of Cards where before becoming President, Frank Underwood was House Majority Whip, a good ol’ boy from the deep south, like Scalise from Louisiana. Underwood survived an assassination attempt 504 days into office.

  • On June 18th, when it will be 88,008 days into America, it will also be exactly 504 weeks after Rep Steve Scalise =154 was elected to the Senate (10/20/07). Donald J Trump =154. Hodgkinson =154. James Hodgkinson =54. Mika =54. Nats =54. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise =504. GOP Congressional Baseball =405. 
  • We’re told the date President Underwood was shot is 17 March 2016. 504 days after that is 3 August 2017, so let’s watch for that one too. The 54th prime is 251 and he was shot 251 days after his birthday at Eugene Simpson Park =251.

President Underwood was shot in Season 4 Episode 4 which released (3/4/16) a span of 66 weeks 6 days before Scalise got shot. Notice too that’s a man named James shooting a man named Stephen two days after Curry beat LeBron in the NBA Finals. 

Ariana Grande Bombing: A Riddle

A suicide bomber strikes an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in Manchester England on 22 May 2017, hours after Donald Trump prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on an overseas tour of his own. The nail bomb detonated in the foyer as spectators were leaving the show, and we’re told most of the dead were trampled. This staged event appears to be part of the ongoing saga suggesting an ominous fate for President Trump.

Now as for that 5/22 date: Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman =522. Dangerous Woman indeed. It happened 52 weeks 2 days after the release of her Dangerous Woman album, 122 weeks 5 days after Manchester Arena received its current name, 225 days after UFC 204 was held here, and 2025 days after Britney Spears performed here during her almost identically named tour, Femme Fatale =522.

  • The Israelites =522. Knights Templar =225. The New World Order =225. The British Royal Family =255. Sefirot =552. Trump was elected exactly 2205 weeks after Nixon resigned.

It was her 45th show of the tour & Trump is the 45th man elected. Impeachment =45. Ariana Grande =145. Manchester Arena =145. Greater Manchester Police =1045. Star of David =1045. Western Wall =145. Temple Mount =145. Her space-themed music video for Break Free premiered exactly 145 weeks earlier, and featured Ariana stealing the 10 Sephirot (or Sefirot, the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah, called Etz haChayim in Hebrew) from a wizard to power her spaceship. Heavy symbolism of Jewish Mysticism =45. 

Chaos =19. The bombings killed at least 19 spectators on date numerology of 19 and the Western Wall, built in 19 BCE, stands 19 metres high. The fulfilment of 19 is 119. Donald =119. Ariana Grande-Butera =119. Etz haChayim =119. Star of David =119. Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman =119. Manchester =119. Nixon died 11,109 days after JFK.

  • The 19th prime is 67. Dangerous Woman =67. Manchester Arena =670. Blood Sacrifice =67. Christina Grimmie =670. Jerusalem’s Old City =67. Jewish Kabbalah =67. The Ten Sefirot =67. The bombing happened 16,070 days after Nixon confessed his role in the Watergate scandal (exactly 44 years earlier).

Grande-Butera =116. Ariana Grande Gig =116. Cathedral Gardens =116. Western Wall =116. Royals =116. Royalty =116. Psychological Operation =1116. Christina Grimmie was shot dead after her show 11 months 16 days after Grande’s birthday and this bombing happened 11 years 10 months 16 days after the London Bombing. The Break Free music video premiered 1106 days before the Great American Eclipse.

Ariana =26 born on the 26th of June =62, with very Royal =26 coding. Manchester Arena =260. As Above So Below =260. The Ten Sephirot =260. Ten Sefirot =260. President Trump =260. Grande was born 260 days before the birth of Grimmie (who has a posthumous album dropping this 6/2).

  • Dangerous Woman =62. Suicide Bomber =62. The Manchester Arena =602. Jewish Kabbalah =602. The Tree of Life =62. The bombing comes 62 days after the Westminster Attack.  Cathedral Gardens =62. Jerusalem Israel =162. Watergate Scandal =162. 
  • Watergate =126. Sephirot =126. Jewish Mysticism =1206. The bombing happened 10 months 26 days before Grande’s birthday. As she tweeted: “Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words” =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. Sacrifice =206. Temple Mount =206. 

Her Dangerous Woman single released on 3/11/16, the 12th anniversary of the Madrid Bombings or exactly 626 weeks and she’s born 6/26. Suicide Bombing =262. The Great American Eclipse =262 for which Trump will be 26,002 days old. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. The British Empire =262.

It happened when Grande was 8,731 days old and 8731 is the 1088th prime and she was born with 188 days remaining to emphasize the code. Synagogue of Satan =1088. The Manchester Arena =88 is located in Hunts Bank =881. Royal =881. Reminding us of Oswald =88 being 8801 days old for the assassination of John F Kennedy =188. President Kennedy =188. 

  • President Trump =1188. The bombing happened 8 years 8 months after her career launched with the Broadway musical 13 about a Bar Mitzvah and on 8/8 Nixon resigned. The Manchester Arena =808. Old City =88. Sefirot =88. Trump =88. Donald J Trump =888. Nail Bomb =888. Ten Sephirot =888. 

Grande =69. The Wailing Wall =69. Jerusalem Israel =69. State of Israel =69. Illuminati =69. Benjamin Netanyahu =69. Jewish Mysticism =69. Tree of Life =169. The bombing happened 1 year 6 months 9 days after the Paris Attacks. “Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words” =609. Freemasons =690. Initial reports say 69 casualties.

  • The 69th prime is 347. The Grande Bombing happened 347 days after Christina Grimmie was gunned down outside her concert in Orlando, the day before the Pulse Massacre Hoax.

Jerusalem’s Old City =211. Manchester =211. Mason =211. That’s 11 months 12 days after the death of Christina Victoria Grimmie =1112. Ariana Grande Gig =112. Greater Manchester Police =112. President Donald Trump =112. The Dangerous Woman single released 1 year 2 months 11 days before the bombing. Nineteen =112. Zionist =112. Judaism =112. Jewish Kabbalah =112. 

Royal =551. The Illuminati =551. False Flag Operation =551. Manchester England =155. Christina Victoria Grimmie =155. Freemasons =155. Masonic Ritual =155. Break Free =55 released 1055 days / 150 weeks 5 days before the bombing. The Sephirot =515. The Manchester Arena opened on 15/5 and the bombing happened 555 days after the Paris Attacks. Trump was inaugurated 15,505 days after Nixon resigned. The Masonic Order =555. Mahatma Gandhi =555. Lunar Eclipse =555.

Jewish Mysticism =218. The Eclipse on 21/8 and Break Free video premiered on 8/12. The Manchester Arena opened 2 years 18 days after Grande was born and the bombing came 21 years 10 months 8 days after the Arena opened. President Donald John Trump =2118. TRUMP =218. 

  • That’s also 1140 weeks 2 days on the 142nd day of the year. Ten Sephirot =142. Terrorist =142. 
  • Dangerous Woman Tour =322. Judaism =322. Order of the Illuminati =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Ariana Grande Concert =223. This happened with 223 days remaining in the year and the Westminster Attack on 22/3. 
  • The 48th prime is 223. Nail Bomb =408. Illuminati =48. Grande-Butera =48. Tree of Life =48. Etz haChayim =48. Ten Sephirot =148. 

The Arena opened exactly 107 weeks after Ariana was born and the Bombing happened 107 days into her tour. The Manchester Arena =170. Dangerous Woman =170. The Royal Family =170. Impeachment =107, the 28th prime & Nixon’s impeachment process took exactly 28 weeks. He announced his resignation was Trump was 10,282 days old.

The Predictive Progamming of Chris Cornell’s Pseudocide

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 12.14.06 PM

Did Chris Cornell hang himself doing autoerotic asphyxiation? As predictive programmed in his final music video Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart, which features Cornell’s execution by hanging, he gets the noose around his neck while watching a babe rub her breasts for him, very much symbolic of breath play. More poignantly perhaps, also portrayed in this video is Cornell’s fake death.

Autoerotic Asphyxiation =1666. Ejaculation =666. Rockstar =666. Fox =666. 6 years 6 months 6 days was the span between Soundgarden’s comeback on Conan and Cornell’s death. Kurt Cobain was 9906 days old when he died. Saturn Sacrifice =996. Kilmister =696 and Lemmy was born exactly 969 weeks after Cornell. Audioslave =966. Asphyxiation =966. Choked =696. Kevin Gilbert =696 died in 1996 from autoerotic asphyxiation.

  • Black Hole Sun =609. Saturn =69. Eclipse =69. Unplugged in New York =69. Shotgun Suicide =69. Boyle =69. Biggie Smalls =690. A fake image of Biggie & Kurt Cobain circulated just before the death of Cornell. Biggie Smalls aka Christopher Wallace died 1069 days after Cobain. The term for a fake death is Pseudocide =169. 

Kevin Gilbert died on 18 May 1996, exactly 21 years before the news of Cornell’s death broke. Ian Curtis of Joy Division died exactly 16 years before Cornell. All three revolving around that 138th day like the Gematria of INXS frontman Michael Hutchence =138. Christopher Cornell =1308. Autoerotic Asphyxia =1380. Sexual Healing =138, an episode of South Park where Kenny dies from breath play dressed in a Batman costume. Kurt Cobain died 138 days after recording MTV Unplugged in New York. Andrew Wood =138, Cornell’s old friend he dedicated his band Temple of the Dog to and who OD’d in 1990. MGM =138. MGM Grand Casino =138. Faked Death =38. Death Hoax =138. 

A popular video right now is Cornell’s cover of Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U, performed on Sirius XM and published on 9/22/15, a span of 6 months 30 days before Prince’s death and 603 days before Cornell’s. David Carradine =603 who died from autoerotic asphyxiation. Tupac got shot 6 months 3 days before Biggie. Nothing Compares =63. Prince Nelson =63. Christopher Boyle =63. Temple of the Dog =63. Gasper =63. MGM =63. Faked Death =63/36. Death Hoax =36. 

Autoerotic Asphyxiation =126. Hanging =126. Black Hole Sun =1206. Kurt Cobain =126 died a span of 126 weeks before the death of Tupac and 1206 weeks before Cornell, who died 1 year 26 days after Prince. This is the stand-out code here, especially in light of all the 126s we’ve been decoding lately. Especially as the shopped image of Cobain is actually a picture of Tupac, who was shot after leaving the MGM Grand and Cornell died at the MGM Grand. The MGM Grand =126. The King =126.
Masturbation =1026. Jacque Fresco =1026 died the day Cornell’s news broke age 101 years 2 months 6 days. Fresco was a futurist known for The Venus Project =1026 – the resource-based economy model promoted by the Zeitgeist films of the previous decade.
  • Breath Control Play =162. Autoerotic Fatality =261. Chris Cornell + Kevin Gilbert =261. Tupac was shot 26 weeks 1 day before Biggie died. Because it bares repeating over and over again: Cornell was exactly 261 weeks old for the Moon Landing, when Buzz Aldrin was exactly 2061 weeks old, and Cobain was born exactly 261 weeks after John Glenn’s first orbit. The rocket on his last album cover. Trump will be 26,001 days old for the Great American Eclipse and Roger Ailes was 20,601 days old when he founded Fox.

Chris Cornell & Kevin Gilbert were born exactly 2 years 4 months apart and Cornell died 2004 days after his unplugged album Songbook =124. Hypoxia =124. Tupac Shakur =124. Vicky Cornell =124, his wife who blames his death on Anxiety Medication =241. Unplugged in New York =241. Higher Truth =142. Makaveli =142. Cobain died 2 years 11 months 4 days before Biggie and 211 week 4 days or a span of 4 years 21 days after Andrew Wood overdosed, Prince dying on 4/21, the birthday of Queen Elizabeth =142/240. The MGM Grand =240. MGM Grand Casino =240. 

The 24th prime is 89. Songbook =98 released exactly 89 weeks after MTV Unplugged in New York. Hypoxia =98. Asphyxiation =189. Andrew Patrick Wood =189. Kevin Gilbert =198. Christopher Boyle =198. MGM =198. 

The 89th prime is 461. Michael Hutchence & Kevin Gilbert died 1 year 6 months 4 days apart. Notorious BIG =164. Kurt Donald Cobain =164. Michael Hutchence was born 1640 days before Cornell and Dave Grohl was born 1640 days after Chris Cornell =64 who died 64 days after his birthday. Audioslave =64. INXS =64. Asphyxiation =64. Choked =64. 

  • Kurt Cobain =464. Michael Kelland John Hutchence =1464 Apparent Suicide =1464. Rock N Roll Suicide =1464, as David Bowie =146 aka Ziggy Stardust =64 sung on an album released 16,406 days before Cornell’s death.
  • Chris J Cornell also =146 died 10,406 days after Fox Theatre reopened. Sexual Healing =146. Carradine =46. Hypoxia =46. Choked =46. Autoerotic =46. Masturbation =46. Pseudocide =46. 

Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart =281 was released on 8/12 of ’15. Chris Cornell =1128. Pseudocide =128. Faked Death =128. INXS =128. Carradine was born 12/8. Cornell =28. Hypoxia =28. Choked =28. Cornell =218. MGM Grand Detroit =218. Tuapc died 2 months 18 days after his death and the Eclipse is on 21/8. 

  • Rex =282. Autoerotic Asphyxia =282. Higher Truth =282. Sexual Healing =828. Hypoxia =828. MGM Grand Casino =828. Autoerotic Asphyxiation =82. Kevin Gilbert =182. Cornell died 20 years 8 months 10 days after Tupac got shot.

Asphyxiation =187. Soundgarden =187. The MGM Grand =187. Cornell aka Christopher Boyle =187 was born 10,087 days after David Carradine and died 1 year 8 months 7 days after his music video. Detroit =87. MGM =87. Tupac =87. Faked Death =87.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 12.16.57 PM.png

Remember kids: always use a spotter when jerking off with a rope around your neck.

And it should be noted that there’s been no mainstream claims of Cornell dying by autoerotic asphyxiation, only some truthers erroneously reporting it as fact. Though the numbers certainly fit the storyline and his death is currently being called “probable suicide.” Speaking of which, his song Higher Truth really sounds like he says “I am a Truther.”