David Rockefeller & the 9/11 Conspiracy


David Rockefeller, the man with a net worth of $3.3 billion who was born on 33 numerology has died on 33 numerology. The man from the most powerful family in the history of the United States; the man who founded the Trilateral Commission and served as honorary chairman for the Council on Foreign Relations and the only member of the Advisory Board for the Bilderberg Group. Let’s crack his code and see how his death fits the puzzle.

Rockefeller =110 the CEO of Chase Manhattan Corporation =110 died on March 20th 2017 at the age of 101 from Congestive Heart Failure =111 in his home at Pocantico Hills New York =111. The British Royal Family =111. Jorge Mario Bergoglio =111. David Rockefeller, Illuminati AF and the grandson of John Davison Rockefeller =1011 (the richest person in modern history), died 1011 days after his brother Richard died in a plane crash. Westminster Palace is 1001 years old and the Westminster Attack happened 1110 days after the disappearance of Flight MH-370. Donald John Trump =1110. Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =1110. David Rockefeller was the man who proposed the construction of the 110-story World Trade Center =1110 in New York =111. He’s considered by many to be one of the masterminds behind the Nine Eleven False Flag =111. New York City Eleven =111. 9/11 leaves 111 days remaining and Queen Elizabeth was born on the 111th day. Nine One One =110. Osama Bin Laden =110. Darwinism =110, which the Rockefellers heavily promoted to justify their elitism.

  • David =66. Rockefeller =660. Chase Manhattan Bank =66. JP Morgan Chase =66. Rockefellers =66. March Twentieth =66. Pocantico Hills =66. New York New York =66. New York =666. King William =66. King =66. William V =606. Charles III =66.
  • March Twentieth =211. Bilderberg Group =211. Chase =211. Mason =211. World Government =2111. Rockefeller Foundation =112. John Davison Rockefeller =112. Oil Era =112. President Donald Trump =112. 

211 is the 47th prime. Chase Manhattan =47. The King =47. Mafia =47. Obey =47. Authority =47. William =47. Illuminati =470. Trump =470. Shape-Shifting Reptilian =1470. Freemason =147. Establishment =147. Standard Oil Company =74. King William V =74. William =474. Coronation =474. Francis I =474. The 747th prime number is 5669 and as it happens, David Rockefeller died 5669 days after 9/11/01.


Rockefeller died exactly 810 weeks after 9/11/01. Terrorism =810. The Rockefellers =81. Nelson Rockefeller =81. Standard =81. Prince William =81. Jorge Bergoglio =81. President Trump =81. Act of Terrorism =180. Nine Eleven Attacks =180. New York Nine Eleven Terrorism =180. Time To Get Paid Blow Up Like The World Trade =180. Chase Manhattan =180. Chase =18.

  • Rockefeller died 2 months 23 days before his birthday. Masonic =223. Military Industrial Complex =322. Nine Eleven Terrorist Attacks =322. The World Trade Center =322. Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller =322. Richard Rockefeller =223, David’s brother who died in the plane crash on Friday the Thirteenth =223, a span of  144 weeks 4 days before David’s death.

Tareyton =144. New York Nine Eleven Terrorism =144. Hudson Pines =144, David’s family estate & his grandfather died on the 144th day of the year. London Bridge Is Down =1404. Jesuit Order =144. Pope Francis =404 the Bishop of Rome =440. Prince Charles =404. Prince William =144 was 1004 weeks 4 days old on 9/11/01. It should also be noted that our 4/4 target date is exactly 44 years after the Twin Towers opened on 4/4 of 1973.

  • The Twin Towers were destroyed exactly 1484 weeks after they opened. On our 4/4 target, Francis will have been Pope for 1484 days. Murderer =484. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge =484 (aka Kate Middleton).

Prince William was 7031 days on 9/11. Francis was consecrated 7 months 31 days before the ’93 WTC Bombing. Royal Family =137. Monarch of the United Kingdom =137. Government =137. Authority =137. World State =137, the 33rd prime. And here’s Pope Francis kissing David Rockefeller’s hand.

And speaking of Pope Francis the Jesuit’s 9/11 connections, he’s the 266th Pope (who visited the White House on the 266th day of 2015) and there were 2,606 people killed in and within the vicinity of the Twin Towers. Church of England =266. St Thomas of Villanova =2066, the namesake of the Jesuit school who won last year’s Final Four; this year’s tournament began 26 weeks 6 days before the Jesuit birthday & Gonzaga is the only Jesuit university left. Gonzaga Bulldogs Two Thousand Seventeen National Champions =266. 

  • As we’ve been covering ritual fires, the WTC experienced one such inferno on 2/13/75, which just so happens to be 1 year 10 months 9 days after it opened – another clue for the 9/11 event to come. From the 29/5/15 opening of One World Trade Center to our 4/4 target is a gloriously perfect mirror duration of 1 year 10 months 6 days. Francis visited the White House 116 days after One World Trade opened.

We’ve been searching for the 116=Royalty connections, and we find them here too. Bilderberg Group =611. Assassination =611. Chase Bank =116. Goldman Sachs =116. Globalists =116. John Davison Rockefeller Sr =116 died 10 months 16 days after his birthday. John Davison Rockefeller Jr =116. Bergoglio =116. The Survival of the Fittest =116. Rothschild =116. Research reveals that the Rockefeller family were of Jewish origin who operated as Rothschild agents upon immigrating to America.

David =22. David Rockefeller =202. Born with 202 days remaining and died at age One Hundred One =220. Pope Francis became a cardinal 202 days before 9/11. King William V =220. The Rothschilds =220. That’s 22 the Master Builder Number =220. The 22nd prime is 79 and David Rockefeller died on the 79th day of 2017. Oil =79. Nelson Rockefeller =79 who died in ‘79. Francis I =79, who also has a target on his back. Assassination =79.


“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” —David Rockefeller

Chuck Berry & Chuck Barris

Chuck Berry died on 3/18 and Chuck Barris died on 3/21. That’s the Father of Rock n’ Roll and the legendary game show host / creator who claimed to have killed 33 people while moonlighting as a “CIA Assassin” =33. That’s two men named Charles (Berry dying in St Charles County) as we’ve been decoding for Prince Charles & the Royals lately, born exactly 137 weeks apart. Royal Family =137, the 33rd prime number. Making this even more intriguing after the 3/22 Westminster Attack, the architect who designed the Palace of Westminster was none other than Sir Charles Barry. Ha! Charles Berry, Charles Barris & Charles Barry. Some coincidence eh.

Charles Berry =62 (born in ’26). Charles Barris =92 (born in ’29). King Charles =62. Crown =62. Parliament =62. Berry’s most famous song is Johnny B Goode =62 and Barris’s most famous song is Palisades Park =62. Barry & Barris =162. King Arthur =62, the upcoming movie starring yet another Charles, Charlie Hunnam =26. Sword in the Stone =260. Excalibur =620. 

  • CHUCK =26. Royal =26. Queen =26/62. Crown =26/62. Host =26/62. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. The British Empire =262. Westminster Bridge =262. BARRIS =262 (he was born 162 weeks 6 days after the the birth of the Queen and died 292 days after his birthday; Berry born on the 292nd day of 1926). President Donald Trump =292. Presidential Assassination =292. The King Is Dead =292.
  • Charles Edwin Anderson Berry =126 (pronounced dead at 1:26 pm). Charles Hirsch Barris =126. Westminster Bridge =1260. The King =126. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =126. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. The United Kingdom =621.

I’ve been documenting all the “Kings” who have perished lately: The King of Golf, the King of Hockey, the Goblin King, the Strikeout King, the King of Boxing, the King of Thailand, and Nat King Cole’s daughter. And now in theatres is the new King Kong with King Arthur coming soon. A bit of a pattern continuing to unfold here…

KING =67. BERRY =67. BARRIS =67. KHALID MASOOD =67. MASOOD =67. Freemasonry =67. The 67th prime is 331. From Nothing Comes A King =331. Charles Barris =133. Kingdom =33. The Gods =33. Masonry =33. (Notice the logo for King Arthur is the compass & square).

  • 1303 is the 213th prime. Berry died 21 weeks 3 days after his birthday and Barris on 21/3, a span of 2 months 13 days before his birthday. Matriarch =312. Holiness =312.
  • KING =32. Arthur =32. Berry =32. Father =32. Charles B =32. CB =32. Masood =32. Queen =320. 

Mason =211. Barris was born with 211 days remaining. Charles Edwin Anderson =211/112. Khalid Masood =112, the terrorist character of the Westminster Attack =112. The Greatest of All Time =112. Rock Music =112. Compass =112. Prince Charles of Wales =112. King William the Fifth =112. Arthur =112. With respect to the timing of the upcoming King Arthur film, both Prince Charles & Prince William happen to have Arthur as a middle name. The Knights of the Round Table =112. 

  • Back to the Future programming continues to play out with Trump/Tannen as the Forty-Fifth US President =112; the Chicago Cubs World Series =112; and now Chuck Berry, whose cousin Marvin introduces him to that new sound he’s been looking for. Marty McFly time-travels to 21/10 in the year 2015 and BOOM: 1 year 12 days later the Cubs win the 112th World Series on 11/2.

Now get this: from the date Marty originally travels back to – 5 November 1955 – to the death of Chuck Berry is exactly 3202 weeks, the number of Skull & Bones. The Westminster Attack occurred on 3/22 synched with the Queen’s title: Queen of the United Kingdom Canada Australia and New Zealand and Head of the Commonwealth =322.

Charles Edwin Anderson Berry =144. Charles Hirsch Chuck Barris =404. Charles Philip Arthur George =144. Prince Charles =404. London Bridge Is Down =1404, the code name for the death of the Queen. The Westminster Attack started at 14:40.

Barris =95. Berry died exactly 90 years 5 months old. Assassination Threat =905. The Queen =95. President Donald Trump =95. Charles Prince of Wales =95.

  • Chuck Barris =59. Johnny B Goode =59. Rock Music =59. Queen of the United Kingdom and the Other Commonwealth Realms =590. King Charles =159. Barris & Berry were born 959 days apart.
  • Chuck Berry was born 181 days after the birth of Elizabeth II, 181 the 42nd prime. Charles =42. King Chuck =42. The Royals =42. The Gods =42. Charles Edwin Anderson Berry =2042. CIA Assassin =424.

Chuck Barris =113. The Father of Rock N Roll =113. Charles Prince of Wales =113. The Palace of Westminster =113. London Bridge =311. King William the Fifth =311. The Beast =311. The New World Order =311. The Royal Family of the United Kingdom and the Other Commonwealth Realms =311. 

Operation London Bridge


The very day I wrote the previous post on the secret plan of the death of Queen Elizabeth, news broke of a secret plan to inform the world of the death of Queen Elizabeth — Operation London Bridge. I discovered this synchronicity the following day, and as we’ll see, it fits in perfectly with the target date of 4 April 2017. The coded message “London Bridge is Down” will be used to declare the Queen is Dead, which explains why we’ve seen so much bridge destruction symbolism in movies lately. Before we decipher the Gematria of London Bridge & the upcoming public retirement of the Queen, we’ll begin with a clue we uncovered in a British pop song from the ’80s.

Thanks to a reader suggestion, we found a tasty morsel of 9/11 subliminal programming and Thelema tribute in the song “Sowing the Seeds of Love” by Tears For Fears (the video saturated in occult symbolism). The single released on 21 August 1989 — a beautiful span of 4404 days before 9/11/01. Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law =444, the motto of Aleister Crowley’s religion of Thelema. Masonic =444. Lucifer =444. Occult =444. If you Google “Prince Charles King Charles” the featured article from Closer Weekly states that William will be crowned. It was published on 1/6/16, a span of 444 days before our 4/4 target date. London =444. The King =444. 

  • Tears For Fears =606. The Seeds of Love =66. Crowley =606. Sowing Thelema =606. William V =606. King William =66. Charles III =66. Both of those the titles for whomever is crowned the next King =66. Queen Kate =666. Thames =66. Mrs Robinson =66, the name substituted for Queen Elizabeth in news station practices for the reporting of her passing.
  • Tears For Fears =906. The Seeds of Love =960. The British Empire =96. MK-Ultra =96. Satanism =96. True Will =96. Prince William =196. Elizabethan =691. Thelema =169. Illuminati =69. False Flag =69. Nine Eleven =69. Ceremonial Magick =69. River Thames =69. Crowley died 69 years ago and Prince Charles was born 69 years ago. Charles III =69. King William =69. April 4th is 16,090 days after the London Bridge opened to traffic.

Our new target date of 4 April 2017 is 5 months 23 days after Crowley’s birthday & 5 months 23 days after Elizabeth became the longest currently reigning monarch and head of state upon the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand. 523, a number we’ve associated with US President Donald Trump =99, is the 99th prime. Do What Thou Wilt =199. King Charles the Third =199. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =99 the birth name of Elizabeth II who became the longest serving monarch of all time on 9/9. Duchess of Cambridge =99. Queen Kate =99. William King of England =99. London Bridge Is Down =99. 

4 April 2017 is also 10,088 days after the release of “Sowing the Seeds of Love”. The Death of the Queen =88. Queen =88. Elizabeth =88. Second Elizabethan Era =88. British Empire =88. London =88. King William V =88 (as William will be known). Camilla Parker-Bowles =88 who was born 88 days before the death of Crowley =88. Trump =88. President Trump =1188. Bavarian Illuminati =188. Synagogue of Satan =1088. King Bhumibol died at age 88.

April Fourth Twenty Seventeen =144 is also 1441 weeks after the coded song released, 141 days after Prince Charles’ birthday, and 4 months 4 days after Crowley’s death anniversary. Crowley was born 141 years ago and Queen Elizabeth I died 414 years ago. The Coronation of King Charles =141. Charles Philip Arthur George =141 born on 11/14 a span of 11 months 14 days after the death of Aleister Crowley =1140. The British Empire =1104. Camilla Duchess of Cornwall =114. My Fair Lady =114. Elizabeth =114. The Queen’s birthday 11 months 14 days before our target date and the film London Has Fallen premiered 1 year 1 month 4 days earlier.

  • Assassin =411. Princess Diana was born 11 months 14 days after Camilla’s 13th birthday and was ritually sacrificed 4 years 11 days before Nine Eleven Two Thousand and One =411. London Bridge Is Falling Down =411. 

The Operation London Bridge story broke on the 44th anniversary of the opening of the London Bridge. Elizabeth II =44. Catherine =44. Buckingham =44. Aleister =44. Edward Alexander Crowley =1440. Prince William =144. Queen Kate =144. QEII =144. Monarchy of the United Kingdom =144. Death of Quen Elizabeth =1144. Charles Philip Arthur George =144 aka Prince Charles =404 (Jewish Gematria). Queen Camilla =404 (Jewish). April 4th is 40 weeks 4 days after Brexit. Secret Plan =404. LONDON BRIDGE IS DOWN =1404 (Jewish).

London Bridge is Down =94. The British Empire =94. William King of England =94. April 4th is the 94th day of 2017 and the sum of the divisors of 94 equal 144

LONDON BRIDGE =311 (Jewish). King William the Fifth =311. The Beast =311. The New World Order =311. The Royal Family of the United Kingdom and the Other Commonwealth Realms =311. USA =311.

  • LONDON BRIDGE =119. King of England =119. Death of Queen Elizabeth II =119. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton =119. Camilla Parker-Bowles =119. Monarchy =119. Divine Rule =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. USA =119.
  • LONDON BRIDGE =65. King of England =65. The Queen is Dead =65. Elizabeth =650. The Seeds of Love =650/65. Do What Thou Wilt =65. All-Seeing Eye =65. Star of David =65.
  • LONDON BRIDGE IS DOWN =205. The Illuminati =205. World Government =205. The Board of Directors =205. Leaders =205. EU =205. Israel =205.

LONDON BRIDGE IS DOWN =62. King Charles =62. We can’t talk about the Queen without again bringing up the 26/62 connections, always adding more evidence to these royal numbers. Queen =26/62. Crown =26/62. She was born in ’26, took the throne on 2/6, and was coronated on 6/2. Royal =26. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. Middleton =262. The British Empire =262. All Heil The King =262 (Jewish). From Elizabeth II surpassing her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria to become the longest reigning British monarch in world history (9/9/15) to our target date is 1 year 6 months 26 days. It’s also 20 weeks 6 days after Trump was elected.

  • The King =126. Monarchy of the United Kingdom =126. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =126. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. The United Kingdom =621.
  • Catherine Elizabeth Middleton =1602. Duchess of Cambridge =162. Prince William Duke of Cambridge =1602. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom =162. Death of Queen Elizabeth II =1162. London Has Fallen =62 the film that featured the death of UK Prime Minister James Wilson =62 and released 396 days before our target.

Charles =396. Charles Philip Arthur George =396. Thames =396. Aleister =369. 


April 4th 2017 is 15 years 5 days after the death of the Queen Mother. Elizabeth =155. King William =1055 (Jewish). Age of Horus =155. Royal =551. The Illuminati =551. 

  • Charles Philip Arthur George =135 was born 350 days after the death of Aleister =35. Magick =35. Thelema =35. Illuminati =35. Bridge =35. Royal Death =35. William =35. An ocean liner named Queen Elizabeth 2 was retired 3050 days before our target date. Elizabeth the Second =305. 

The Guardian article linked above mentions that one of the mock storylines that BBC news teams rehearsed involved the death of Princess Diana in a car crash on the M4… Which sounds a lot like the predictive programming of 9/11 scenarios practiced prior to the event. Princess Diana was born 5099 days after Camilla. Prince William =599, the 109th prime.

  • The Death of Queen Elizabeth =109. Royal Death =109. Diana Spencer =109. Catherine =109 and was born on 1/09. Pope Francis’s birthday 109 days before our target. King Charles the Third =109. 
  • Elizabeth the Second =91. King Charles III =91. Elizabeth II =191. Her Royal Highness =191. House of Windsor =191. Regis =191. Long Live the Queen =191. Ceremonial Magick =191. Society of Jesus =191. Assassination =191. Fourth of April Two Thousand Seventeen =191. 

Speaking of the Society of Jesus, which is the Jesuit Order, Francis – the first openly Jesuit pope – began his papacy 1484 days before our target window. Catherine Duchess of Cambridge =484. That’s also exactly 212 weeks. Pope Francis Bergoglio =212Catherine Elizabeth Middleton =212. Prince Charles of Wales =212. That’s also 4 years 23 days. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother =324. William =324. Duchess of Cambridge =324. William King of England =342. 


Prince Richard & the Royal Sacrifice

Richard, 6th Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, the head of the House of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and husband of Princess Benedikte of Denmark, passed away on 13 March 2017 at the age of 82. He was born on the 303rd day and died on 13/3 exactly 33 weeks before his birthday. I’m documenting it here as continuation of the ongoing Royal Sacrifice theme, which appears to be building up to the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the coronation of King William – or a major political assassination. Decoding the death of Prince Richard has led me to identify a massive upcoming target window: April 4th 2017, which as we’ll see, is crazy coded with the Royal Family, perhaps more than any other date we’ve ever seen.

Richard Sixth Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg =262. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. Middleton =262. Crown =26/62. Queen =26/62 (born in ‘26, took throne on 2/6, coronated on 6/2). God =26. Royal =26. The United Kingdom =621. Monarchy of the United Kingdom =126. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =126. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. Prince Richard =126. Princess Benedikte of Denmark =126. Prince William Duke of Cambridge =1602. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom =162. Death of Queen Elizabeth II =1162. 

  • Prince Richard the Sixth =120 was born on the 120th day & died 10 months 20 days after the Queen’s birthday (and the death of the Artist Formerly Known as Prince). The Royal Family =1020. Long Live The King =1020. Death of a President =1020. The British Royal Family =120. King William =120. Illuminati =120. Royal =12. 

William & Kate were married on Princess Benedikte’s 67th birthday, her birth name Benedikte Astrid Ingeborg Ingrid =167. British Royals =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Human Sacrifice =67. Death of the Queen =607/67. Benedikte’s godmother was Queen Elizabeth’s mother, to fuse the connection. 

Assassination =611. Prince Richard Sixth =116. Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg =116. Berleburg =116. Royals =116. Royalty =116. Britain =116. Illuminati Family =1116. William & Kate =116. Princess Di =116. Kate =116. The Death of Queen Elizabeth =116. Diana & Charles were engaged 11 months 6 days before the birth of Kate Middleton. It’s been 116 years since Queen Victoria died.

  • Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg =314. Richard Casimir Karl August Robert Konstantin =227. British Royals =227. Death of Queen Elizabeth II =227. There’s the Pi sequence matching his birth name with his house. He died the day before Pi Day and the news most broke on 3/14.
  • Prince Richard 6th =91. Prince Richard Sixth =109. Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg =109. Donald Trump =190. President Donald Trump =91. Death of Queen Elizabeth =91. The Prince =91 died 1 month 9 days before the 91st birthday of Elizabeth II =191. Her Royal Highness =191. House of Windsor =191. Regis =191. Long Live the Queen =191. Wittgenstein =191. Queen Sacrificed =191. Assassination =191. Fourth of April Two Thousand Seventeen =191. 

Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg =504 died 5 weeks 4 days before the Queen’s birthday in Berleburg =45/54. William and Kate =54. Royals =540. Royal Family =45. Benedikte =450. Trump the 45th President and our target date on numerology of (4+4+20+17) =45. Monarchy of the United Kingdom =405.

Screenshot (69)

Now for the dissection of our April 4th target date. As we’ve covered abundantly, 44/144 is intimately coded into every single major assassination in history, with no exaggeration (search through the Ex-Cap archives for more information). Forty-Four =144. April Fourth =144. April Fourth Twenty Seventeen =144. QEII =144. Royal Sacrifice =144. Richard the Sixth =1044. Death of Queen Elizabeth =1144. New World Order =1044. Monarchy of the United Kingdom =144. Jesuit Order =144. Prince William =144. The USA =404. Buckingham =44. Elizabeth II =44. It’s been 414 years since Queen Elizabeth I died.

On April 4th 2017, Queen Elizabeth II will have been on the throne for exactly 3400 weeks. Queen of the United Kingdom =340. Prince =34. The USA =34. Murder =34. The Death of Queen Elizabeth II =134. April Fourth Twenty Seventeen =134. Buckingham Palace was forced to deny rumours that the Queen had died, 13 weeks 4 days before 4/4/17.

  • The 34th prime is 139 & Trump was elected 139 days after Brexit. Elite =139. Queen Sacrificed =139. Assassination of Donald Trump =139. Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg =139. Princess Benedikte of Denmark =139. Benedikte =39. The Elite =39. The UK =390. Prince =390. Richard the Sixth =93. Trump Assassinated =93. QEII =93. Fourth of April =930. 
  • Prince George will be 193 weeks old on 4/4 and the 44th prime is 193. Prince Richard died 19 weeks 3 days after his birthday. William Arthur Philip Louis =1993, Prince William’s birth name.

As we see above, that’s also 23,800 days. US President Trump =238. False Flag Terror Attacks =238, which is also a red alert possibility on this date.

The synchronicities get even crazier here. 4/4/17 is exactly 3331 weeks after the Queen’s coronation. 3331 is the 470th prime number. Trump =470. President =47. Richard =47. Obey =47. Authority =47. The Royal Family =47. Catherine =47. Middleton =147. The Queen =147. Fourth of April Twenty Seventeen =147. Death of Trump =147. New World Order =174. The United Kingdom =1074. Benedikte Astrid Ingeborg Ingrid =1704. Catherine Middleton =1074. Richard the Sixth =174/74. United Kingdom =74. The USA =74. House of Windsor =74. The Queen is Dead =74. Princess Charlotte is 704 days old on 4/4.

  • Charlotte is also 1 year 11 months 2 days old on 4/4/17. Four Four Seventeen =112. President Donald Trump =112. Death of President Trump =112. Divinity =112. House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =112. The Head of the Commonwealth =112. Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen By the Grace of God Queen of This Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120. She was married on 11/20 and coronated 1 month 12 days after her birthday. 4/4 is 11 weeks 2 days before Prince William’s birthday.

4/4 is also 1022 weeks 3 days after the death of Princess Diana & 22 weeks 3 days after Prince Richard’s last birthday. Masonic =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. 

  • April Fourth Twenty Seventeen =360 is also exactly 306 weeks after the first state visit of Queen Elizabeth II and Barack Obama. Richard =306. Royals =36. The 306th prime is 2017.

Prince William will be 12,707 days old on 4/4 and 1277 is the 206th prime. Prince Richard 6th =206. Prince Richard Sixth =206. Death of the Queen =206. Sacrifice =206, bringing it full circle back to the Royals. The Death of Queen Elizabeth II =260. 

Orwell’s 1984 & the Sacrifice of John Hurt

George Orwell’s prophetic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four has recently been refreshed back into the collective consciousness, becoming a best-seller in the wake of the Trump Administration & the subsequent spike in dystopian interest. With the scene set thusly, it comes as little to no surprise that not one but two actors from the film version of the book have passed away since Trump took office: John Hurt, the man who played Winston Smith, and James Walker, who played Syme – Winston’s colleague at the Ministry of Truth who gets vaporized for being a free thinker.

Hurt died on 1/25 and Walker died on 2/28. That’s a difference of 33 days. James =33. Winston =33. Smith =33. Eric Blair =33, the birth name of George Orwell, who died 33 years before 1984; John Hurt died 33 years after 1984. G=33. Masonry =33. Order =33. Secrecy =33. Hate Week =33. The number 33 the gang-tag for Freemasonry, in part the analogy and allusion behind Big Brother & the world of the novel a glimpse into the playbook of TPTB. The blueprints for the socially engineered future in which we live.

Government Surveillance =2230. Masonic =223. Manifestation of Will =223. Military Industrial Complex =322. “Who Controls The Past Controls The Future Who Controls The Present Controls The Past” =322. Orwell died 32 weeks 2 days after the release of 1984. Indeed as we’ll see, Orwell appears to have been well-versed in the art of Gematria and esoteric numerology (as his affiliations with elite dynasties and Eton College further suggest), encoding the truth of our reality into his works via alphanumeric anagrams, several steps beyond the obvious clairvoyance.

Orwell =77. Gematria reveals that his was a codeword for his real name, Eric Blair =77. The Powers That Be =77. Power =77. Shadow Government =77. Secret Surveillance =77. Judaism =77. New World Order =177. Police Department =77. Orwell’s initial career was a Police Officer =77 stationed in British India =77. Hurt died at age 77 (on the same day as Mary Tyler Moore =77). As we’ll see, Hurt is incredibly sychronized with Orwell – his death an apparent ritual sacrifice in tribute.

George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four =142. George Orwell =142. Eric Arthur Blair =241/242. Blair =24/42. Social Engineer =242. War is Peace Freedom is Slavery Ignorance is Strength =242. The New World Order =1242. Ingsoc =24/402. John Vincent Hurt =204. Hurt =402. John Hurt =42. Winston =42. Oceania =42. Memory Hole =42. Walker =420. Secret =420. Social Engineering =420. Freemason =42. Masonry =42. Zionism =42. The World =42. Knowledge =42. War =42. Dystopian =42.

  • Eric Blair =67. Hurt =67 died 67 years after Orwell. Blood Sacrifice =67. Human Sacrifice =67. Freemasonry =67. Secret Society =67. Ingsoc =67. The Telescreen =67. Richard Burton died in 1984, a span of 67 days before the film release of 1984 (his last film).
  • Hurt’s death was announced exactly 67 years 7 days after the death of Orwell. War is Peace Freedom is Slavery Ignorance is Strength =677. Nice synch, especially as 677 is the 123rd prime number. Conspiracy =123. Obedience =123. Dystopian =123.

Orwell =32. Government Surveillance =320. George Orwell Nineteen Eighty-Four =132. Prophecy =132. Historical Revisionism =132. Nineteen Eighty-Four =1320. Big Brother Is Watching =1302. Ministry of Truth =1302. Telescreen =132. Burmese Days =132, his first novel. In Myanmar, Orwell is known as the Prophet, his three great novels seen to represent the clairvoyant trilogy of their nation: Burmese Days and the era of imperial rule; Animal Farm as the Burmese experiment in socialism; then Nineteen Eighty-Four as the story of Myanmar under military dictatorship – fractals and microcosms of predictive programming and the collective manifestation of will.

Sir John Vincent Hurt =112. Blair =112. Secret Surveillance =112/211. George Orwell died in 1950 on 21/1, a span of 211 days after his birthday. Mason =211. Government Secrecy =211. World Government =2111. Revisionism =1112. Thought Police =211. Outer Party =211. James S. Chalton =211, Walker’s birth name.

  • 211 is the 47th prime and Eric Blair =47 died of Tuberculosis =47. Obey =47. Master Plan =47. Telescreen =47. Aldous Huxley =47 (the author of Brave New World, who died on the exact same day as JFK).

Big Brother =166. Eric Blair =166. John Hurt =166 publically announced his cancer diagnosis on 16/6 of 2015, the very day that Trump launched his presidential campaign. Totalitarian =166. One World Order =166. Secret Society =166. Social Engineering =166. Doublespeak =666. Prophecy =666. 

  • The star of 1984 died exactly 84 weeks after his announcement of Pancreatic Cancer =804. Inner Party =840. Totalitarian =840. United States of America =84. American President =84. Figurehead =84. Eighty-Four =804. James S. Chalton =840. 

Hurt died 590 days after his cancer diagnosis. Kill =59. The Prophet =59. Big Brother =59. Thought Police =159. Outer Party =159. Orwell’s 1984 released on June Eighth =159, the 159th day of 1949. Orwell died at age 46. Big Brother =46. Orwellian =46. Dystopia =46. Surveillance =46. Revisionism =46. Minitrue =46. War is Peace =46. Syme =46. James Walker =46. That’s yet another instance of the actor’s name matching the character’s, par for the course.

New World Order =1044. Airstrip One =144. April Fourth =144. Forty-Four =144. The novel begins on the auspicious date of April 4th. The 44th prime is 193. Mass Surveillance =193. Ingsoc =93. Propaganda =93. John Vincent Hurt =93. Hurt =93. Blair =93/39. John Hurt =39. Doublespeak =39. Prophetic =39. 

2+2=5. The New World Order =225. Blair =252. New World Order =252. Syme =525. 


Bill Paxton: Ritual Sacrifice

Sorry for the delay in game, truth-sleuths. Brother Berg’s been rocking out in paradise on some idyllic Thai island on a digital detox far removed from the daily onslaught of propaganda programming. I checked back into Wikipedia’s Deaths in 2017 page (one of my morbid favourites) & was shocked to learn that Bill Paxton has joined the Celebrity Sacrifice Squad, passing away on February 25th at age 61, the day before the 89th Oscars. Let’s see what coding we can find here about the only actor to be killed onscreen by a Predator, a Terminator, & an Alien.

Bill Paxton =44 died on 44 numerology (2+25+17) a span of 40 weeks 4 days after his birthday & during production of his final film, The Circle =44, in which he plays a terminally-ill man. His father, actor John Paxton, died 4 months 4 days after his own birthday. His last episode of Training Day, which aired two days before his death, was titled Code of Honor =17/64/44. Kill =17/64/44. At the Oscars, Best Actor went to Affleck =44 & Best Picture to Moonlight =44, appropriately enough with all the lunar symbolism we’ve been seeing lately. Trump was born on the night of a lunar eclipse, Paxton died the night before a solar eclipse, 10 days after Lupercalia =44, in surgery like Joan Rivers =44. Forty-Four =144. Ten Days Later =144. Royal Sacrifice =144.  Space =44.

The 44th prime is 193Illuminati Sacrifice =193. Eighty-Ninth Academy Awards =391. NASA =139. Moonlight =139 & Paxton died with 309 days remaining. Detective Frank Rourke =309, his character in the ongoing series Training Day. Joan Rivers =139. Lunar Sacrifice =139. Oscars =39. His character in Titanic was Brock Lovett =44 (the Titanic 3D rereleased on 4/4), & the original came out 903 days after Apollo 13, both examples of Propaganda =93. (Titanic currently relevant as La La Land tied it for most ever Oscar nominations).


February Twenty-Fifth =252. Paxton died on 25/2 a span of 2 years 5 months 20 days after Joan Rivers died (also suspiciously during surgery). Titanic came out 2 years 5 months 20 days after Apollo 13. Both films about doomed ships (same with Aliens). That’s also a span of exactly 129 weeks. Oscar Sacrifice =129. Apollo 13 came out 9211 days after the launch of the actual Apollo 13; actors playing actors, very meta.

  • The 129th prime is 727. Paxton =72/27. Paxton’s father passed away 7 months 27 days before his own birthday. Fort-Worth Texas =1272. The Oscars were held on 27/2 European time, or 2/27, the Pi sequence synched up with the big winners: Casey Affleck =227. Moonlight =314. Oscars =314. Complications from Surgery =314 (the given cause of Paxton’s untimely demise). Celebrity Sacrifice =314. Rivers died 2 months 27 days after her birthday.

Moonlight =113. Eighty-Ninth Academy Awards =113. Fake Reality =113. Dreamworld =113. Titanic =113. Surgery =113, where Paxton perished a span of 1130 weeks after the release of Apollo 13 (1995), the actual fated space shuttle spectacle launching at 13:13 CST. His character in the film named Haise =113. Illuminati Blood Sacrifice =113. Paxton was 3111 days old when JFK died.

The Academy Awards =61. Casey Affleck =61. The Moon =61. BILL =61. WILLIAM PAXTON =61 from Fort Worth TX =61 died at age 61. PAXTON =116. Eighty-Nine =116. Celebrity Sacrifice =116. Lunar Module Pilot Fred Haise =116, his character in Apollo 13. Paxton died 11 weeks 6 days before his 62nd birthday & 62 days before the release of The Circle.

  • BILL PAXTON =602. Sacrifice =206. Joan Rivers =62. Eighty-Nine =62. Apollo Thirteen =62. Titanic =262. The Oscars on 26/2. Stone =62/26. Affleck =26. Apollo =26. Space =26. Royal =26. Oscar =26. God =26. Queen =26/62. Mason =26/62. Paxton’s old man died 126 days after his birthday (and 240 days before his next).
  • For more let’s break down that #89, the 24th prime number. WILLIAM BILL PAXTON =204. Cardiac Surgery =204. Affleck =24. Stone =24. Space =24. Aliens =24. Twister =42. Outer Space =42. The Moon =142. Oscars =42. The Eighty-Ninth Academy Awards =420/142. Illuminati Blood Sacrifice =124/241. 

Bill Paxton =182. These Oscars were 11,182 days after the release of Aliens. That’s also 30 years 7 months 9 days & 379 is the 75th prime number. Bill Paxton =750 (born on 17/5). Oscars =75. 

A fun fact about Paxton is that he was in the crowd in Dallas on the morning that John F Kennedy was assassinated. JFK =27. Kennedy =27. Paxton =27 died 270 days before the 54th anniversary of JFK’s death. JFK =54. Kennedy =504. Paxton =540. William Paxton =1540. Eighty-Nine =154. Paxton died 15 weeks 4 days after Trump’s election & 15 weeks 4 days before Trump’s next birthday, smack-dab in the middle. That’s also 8 months 28 days before the upcoming JFK anniversary. Frank Rourke =828, his character in Training Day. William Bill Paxton =282.

  • JFK connected back to NASA via the Kennedy Space Center =1122. JFK assassinated on 11/22. Fort Worth TX =1122. James Francis Cameron =1122. 
  • Paxton was 3112 days old when JFK died. 2113 is the 319th prime. Illuminati Blood Sacrifice =319. Crucified =319. Assassination of Donald Trump =319.

Another way of looking at it is Bill Paxton =44 was 444 weeks 4 days old when JFK died. This reminds me of Sandy Hook occurring 44,444 days after the first ever school shooting in America. Killing =444. Masonic =444. Order of Thelema =444. Occult =444. Speaking of space, John Glenn & Buzz Aldrin were born exactly 444 weeks apart & Yuri Gagarin died 4 years 4 months 4 days after JFK.


Let’s go ahead and break down that number 89 a little more & see what we find. The 89th prime number is 461. Sudden Death =461. If we’re to dig even deeper down this thread, the 461st prime number is 3259. Wouldn’t you know it: Bill Paxton was born 3,259 days after the birth of Donald Trump. Now that shit cray; especially with them JFK connections…


I’m wondering if Paxton was a blood sacrifice for either James Cameron or Arnold Schwarzenegger, both of whom Paxton’s worked with several times. He was born exactly 407 weeks after Arnie was born & died 211 days after Arnie’s last birthday (211 the 47th prime). Arnold Schwarzenegger =223 & Paxton’s last episode of Training Day aired on 2/23. Masonic =223. Lupercalia Sacrifice =223. Manifestation of Will =223, the 48th prime. Hollywood =48. Tell-A-Vision =48. Illuminati =48. 

James Cameron =207/702/54. Paxton =27/72/540. Paxton was born 39 weeks 1 day after Cameron was born & died 193 days after Cameron’s last birthday [see 3rd & 13th paragraphs]. Paxton was born 9 months 2 days after Cameron =29/209. Lupercalia Sacrifice =92. Celebrity Sacrifice =92. The Academy Awards =92. Eighty-Ninth Oscars =92/292. Oscar Sacrifice =129. The Eighty-Ninth Academy Awards =290. Oscar =29. 

Assassination of Kim Jong-Nam


Kim Jong-nam, the older brother of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, was assassinated in Malaysia on 13 February 2017, supposedly by North Korean agents. Considered to be the heir apparent, he is believed to have fallen out of his father’s favour after a botched attempt to enter Japan using a fake passport to visit Tokyo Disneyland.

  • Kim Jong-nam =44 died on Lupercalia =44 the 44th day of the year. Kill =44. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea =440. Forty-Four =144. Kuala Lumpur International Airport =144, where he was killed, traveling under the pseudonym Kim Chol =44.
  • He died with 321 days remaining 12 weeks 3 days after his birthday and 123 days after King Bhumibol died. Kim Chol =123. The Royals =123. Conspiracy =123. Jong-nam was Poisoned =123 a span of 3 years 2 months 1 day after the execution of Kim Jong-un’s uncle, Jang Sung-taek, by anti-aircraft machine gun fire.

Kim Jong-un =129 the Supreme Leader =209 was 12,090 days old for the murder of Jong-nam =29, which came 2 months 9 days before the Queen’s birthday (Diana & Kate both married on the 29th of the month). Charles Prince of Wales =290. Charles =92 and it happened 92 days after Charles’ birthday and 9 months 2 days before his next. Rodman =29, Kim Jong-un’s best American friend.

  • Assassination =611. 2/19 will be exactly 1016 weeks since the death of Princess Di =116. Royals =116. Royalty =116. Worker’s Party of Korea =116. Kim Jong-nam died on Lupercalia Twenty Seventeen =116 exactly 1160 days after Jang Sung-taek, so let’s see which royal figure gets knocked off on 19 February 2017. 

Kim =33 is currently 33 years old and Jong-nam died 330 days before Jong-un’s birthday.


He also died on the day that two race horses died: Fame and Glory =58 and Lucky Pulpit =58. North Korean =58. Jang-Sungtaek =58. Freemasonry =58. Supreme Leader =585. The horses were foaled 5 years 1 month 10 days apart and died 1015 weeks after Diana died. Jong-Nam =115.Kim =15.

The Death of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, “it-girl” and goddaughter of Prince Charles, passed away on 8 February 2017 at age 45. She died 10 months 16 days before her birthday and 1 month 16 days after her birthday. Royalty =116. Princess Di =116 was engaged to Charles 11 months 6 days (unofficially) and 10 months 16 days (officially) before the birth of their son’s future wife, Kate =116. Illuminati Family =1116. Palmer-Tomkinson’s family having a close relationship with the Royal Family, Tara attended both Kate & William’s wedding and that of Charles & Camilla. Her unexplained death will no doubt also be linked to the upcoming death of the Queen.

Tara Claire Palmer-Tomkinson =112. Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen by the Grace of God Queen of This Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120 and Queen Elizabeth II was married on 11/20. (Charles & Diana’s wedding began at 11:20 AM). Elizabeth was also coronated 1 month 12 days after her birthday. Tara’s fashion line was called Desiderata =112 and she died 111 weeks 2 days after being arrested for drunk & disorderly conduct at Heathrow.

  • That’s also 780 days. Tomkinson =780. Palmer-Tomkinson =78/87. She died 87 days after Prince Charles’ birthday. Queen Elizabeth II =87. 
  • Royal Family =1017. Palmer-Tomkinson =1170 and she died 7101 days after Princess Diana died. The Royal Family =71/170. 
  • Charles Prince of Wales =212 and she died 2112 days after William & Kate’s wedding.

Tara died 293 days after the Queen’s last birthday, the one where recording artist Prince was sacrificed. The Royal Family of the United Kingdom and the Other Commonwealth Realms =293, the 62nd prime. Queen =62. (That’s also exactly 42 weeks later. The Royals =42. Tara =240.)

Pegasus World Cup Royal Sacrifice


Many Clouds, the horse that won the 2015 Grand National, collapsed and died of a pulmonary hemorrhage after a race on 28th January, the very same day that Arrogate won the 2017 Pegasus World Cup at Gulfstream Park, the richest horse race ever staged. As the alphanumeric synchronicities imply, this was no natural death.

  • Many Clouds died aged exactly 510 weeks old. Arrogate =510, the jockey 51 years old.
  • Furthermore, Arrogate =324 was foaled 302 weeks 4 days after Many Clouds.

Making these connections even more intriguing is the royal connection to Queen Elizabeth II. Many Clouds was born on 4/21 of 2007, the Queen’s 81st birthday (Royal Sacrifice =81), and Arrogate was born on 6/2 of 2013, the 61st anniversary of her reign (God =61). As we’ll see, the synchs between rigged horse racing and the Royal Family are abundant.


Pegasus =88/43. Elizabeth =88/43. Gulfstream Park =168. Queen Elizabeth II =168. Arrogate won as Many Clouds died, a span of 2 months 25 days before the Queen’s 91st birthday, matching her birth name: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary =225. Twelve =522.

  • That duration is also exactly 12 weeks, a perfect span for the Pegasus World Cup =1200 with its record-breaking $12 million purse. Twelve =87. Queen Elizabeth II =87.
  • Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach Florida =165. Pegasus World Cup =65. Arrogate’s jockey won 6 months 5 days before his birthday and exactly 65 weeks after American Pharoah completed the Grand Slam. Elizabeth =650. The Queen Is Dead =65. 

Elizabeth II was born on the 112th day with 254 days remaining. Arrogate’s jockey is Mike E Smith =112 (sponsored by Jeff Ruby’s =112) and his trainer is Bob Baffert =254. Yet more major tributes to the Queen and her upcoming death / retirement.


Bob Baffert =77 is known for training American Pharoah =77, the first horse in history to complete the Grand Slam of American horse racing – the Triple Crown plus the Breeders’ Cup Classic. American Pharoah =131 accomplished this feat on 10/31, appropriately enough. Baffert was born on 1/13.

  • The Pegasus World Cup was held 260 weeks 2 days after American Pharoah was born: Queen =26/62 like Elizabeth born on 2/6/26 and coronated on 6/2. American Pharoah completed the Grand Slam exactly 26 weeks after Princess Charlotte was born.

Charlotte =367. American Pharoah won the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing =367 aged 1367 days old and Arrogate won the Pegasus Cup when Charlotte’s brother Prince George was 3 years 6 months 7 days old, yet more pieces of evidence that show these races are rigged via occult numerology as tributes to much larger chess moves.

Princess Charlotte was exactly 91 weeks old for the Pegasus Cup in Hallandale Beach Florida =91 in the lead-up to Queen Elizabeth’s 91st birthday. Ninety-One =121. Pegasus World Cup Invitational =121. Blood Sacrifice =121.


RIP Mary Tyler Moore


Mary Tyler Moore has passed away on 1/25/17 at the age of 80. As a baby of the mid-eighties I associate her first and foremost with Weezer’s song Buddy Holly. Moore & Holly were both born in ’36, a span of 113 days (3 months 22 days apart). Was that song dropping occult clues to the Skull & Bones 322 or something? I Don’t Care What They Say About Us Anyway I Don’t Care Bout That =223. Masonic =223.

So that’s 113 days in ’36 and Moore died on 36 numerology a span of 36 years 3 months 11 days after the death of her only son Richie (due to accidental shotgun blast to the face, 3 months 11 days after his birthday). Richie was exactly 1267 weeks old when he died and the 1267th prime number is 10331. Wouldn’t ya just know it: Mary Tyler Moore =1331.

  • Moore =66. The Mary Tyler Moore Show aired for exactly 6 years 6 months. She died of Complications From Pneumonia =1066.
  • Her ex-husband Grant Tinker, former CEO of NBC, happened to pass away just 59 days before Mary. Kill =59Tinker =77. Mary Tyler Moore =77. The Powers That Be =77. Judaism =77. Zionist Israel =77. Shadow Government =77. 

On 5 November 2014, an internet hoax circulated about the death of Mary Tyler Moore at age 77. She died 812 days later. Mary Tyler Moore =1218. And how symbolic that one of the leading icons of the feminist movement dies five days after the mysoginist president takes office. Feminism =88. Trump =88.