Canadian Twins Trick: Gord Downie & John Dunsworth RIP

Two Canadian legends have passed away within 24 hours of each other, Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip (10/17/17) and John Dunsworth (10/16/17), better known as Officer Lahey on Trailer Park Boys. The two men were born exactly 930 weeks apart. Occult Ritual =930. Martin Luther King Jr =93 delivered his last ever speech on the 93rd day of the year in front of a Masonic Temple at 930 Mason Street. But I digress. Tragically Hip =193. Gord Downie =39. The Hip =39. Downie =139. Officer Lahey =139. Gord Downie + John Dunsworth =93. 

  • Saturn =93. As so often we see these artists leaving the scene in perfect synchronicity with a sacrifice to Saturn =511. Downie died 511 days after his brain cancer announcement. Musician =115. Lahey =15. The Tragically Hip =105. Gord Downie Introduce Yerself =151. That’s Downie’s latest solo album – due to release 10 days after he died.

193 is the 44th prime number. The news of Dunsworth’s death broke on the day Downie died, a date with numerology of (10+17+17) =44. Gord Downie =44. Gord =44 died in his hometown of Kingston =44. Musician =44. The Tragically Hip =1044. Trailer Park Boys =44. Mr Lahey =44. John Dunsworth =1440. Canada =144. Faith No More also released an album called Introduce Yourself in 1987, Downie’s album drops 11,144 days later.

Canadian =113. Officer Lahey =113 died 3 years 1 month 11 days after the revival of Trailer Park Boys and Downie died 113 days before his birthday. Gord Downie + John Dunsworth =311. His penultimate album was Gord Downie Secret Path =311/113 which released 11 months 30 days before his death. Fake Death =113. Freedom =311. 

  • So the Canadian Twins Trick comes on 10/17. Musician =117. Exactly 17 weeks earlier (6/19/17), Downie was appointed to the Order of Canada and Trailer Park Boys was renewed for Season 12. Jim Lahey =107. Officer Lahey =107. Mr Lahey =107. Canadian =17. Downie & Dunsworth =170 were born 17 years apart. Kingston =107. Introduce Yerself comes out 1 year 7 days after the last album by Leonard Cohen =170. Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker =117. Cohen died on 11//7. 

Downie’s album ‘Introduce Yerself’ released 10 days after his death reminds us of David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ released 2 days before he died and Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want It Darker’ released 19 days before his death. And we can certainly expect Downie’s album to be a big seller too.


World Series & the Death of Daniel Webb (Plus Stephen King’s Rage)

The four finalists for the World Series =147 – New York / Los Angeles / Chicago / Houston – also just so happen to be the four most populous cities in America, in that order (also the only four teams I’ve been covering this season at Extra-Capsa). Those four cities in the Championship Series =74 aka the LCS =74 have a combined population of 17.4 million. The two matchups are Chicago + Los Angeles =74 and Houston + New York =74. Seventeen World Series =1704. Twenty Seventeen World Series =147. Seventeen World Series Champions =174. Comparing the potential World Series matchup with this number bears only two possibilities: Chicago Cubs + New York Yankees =174 and Los Angeles Dodgers + New York Yankees =174.

  • On 14 October 2017, the day Astros beat the Yankees, former White Sox pitcher Daniel Webb died in an ATV accident at the age of 28. Born Robert Webb =47, he died 1 year 7 months 4 days after being let go from the Chicago White Sox =74. 

Webb =14 went to Heath High =1014 and died in an ATV Accident =114 on 10/14 during the 114th year of Major League Baseball =1140 a span of 4 years 1 month 11 days after his MLB debut with the Chicago White Sox =1014. Of the teams with this coding: Astros =411. That’s the only one with the 114 in the team name. And what’s really weird is Webb also died 40 years 1 month 1 day after Stephen King’s novel Rage.

There we have the Astros numbers, and he played his career in Chicago for the Cubs reference and when he was born the LA Dodgers were world champions. No direct Yankees connections to the death of Daniel Webb. A fun fact though is that Webb attended Heath High School in Paducah Kentucky, the location of an early school shooting on 1 December 1997 when a 14-year-old kid opened fire on a student prayer group, killing three and injuring five.

Going deeper down the rabbit hole we find the stand-out detail from this Heath High Shooting is that the shooter Michael Carneal had a copy of Stephen King’s novel Rage, which includes a scene of a school shooting… (ANOTHER instance of Stephen King predictive programming!) It’s actually about a kid named Charlie Decker who murders two teachers then holds his classroom hostage with the police and media outside. This Heath incident was the fifth school shooting associated with Rage (and the third in Kentucky), and the event that caused King to pull the plug and ban his own book. This would go on to be but the first of several tragedies that were first depicted in a King novel before occurring in real life.

  • Rage was written under King’s pseudonym, Richard Bachman, which reminds me of his other novel The Running Man – quite different from the Schwarzenegger version. The book ends (spoiler alert) with the protagonist game show contestant (on the run from hitmen across the entire country) hijacking an airplane and crashing it into the skyscraper headquarters of the propaganda corporation. And of course the kids from Columbine planned to hijack an airplane and crash it into the World Trade Center after shooting up the school. Predictive Programming at its finest.

The Heath High School shooting happened 72 weeks 2 days before Columbine and 20 years 2 months 17 days after Rage was published. This sequence reminds us of the recent 8/6/17 death of MLB player Darren Arthur Daulton =227 who played his last game 20 years 27 days before the start of the Twenty Seventeen World Series =722 and died 7,222 days after winning the ’97 World Series. Daulton also died a perfecct Pi span of 20,207 days after the Colt 45s’ first game in Houston (before they changed their name to the Astros. All this I covered in the post here, where I also mentioned for the second time (the first time back in May) that George Springer =227 and the Astros were on the 30 June 2014 cover of Sports Illustrated boldly predicting Astros as “Your 2017 World Series Champs.” It came out 3 years and 3 months 14 days before Webb died.

And free-association here connects Daniel Webb to David Webb, which is the birth name of Jason Bourne from the movie series; the last flick Bourne featuring the climax set in Las Vegas with a false flag assassination attempt and a destructive high-speed chase right down Vegas Boulevard. I haven’t seen it since cinema but I’d wager that it shows the sight of the Vegas Shooting. And isn’t this interesting – I look up ‘Bourne + MLB’ and find one Michael Bourn, a current free agent who just so happens to be born in Houston and played three seasons with the Astros. Hmm…

It seems a bit too blatant that Astros win after Sports Illustrated predicted they would back in 2014, but who knows. Shit is getting more blatant every day, in what really seems to me a deliberate move. Personally I’m interested in the Stephen King angle the most, but if you’re diggin the sports stuff I should say that Gematria Club called 3/4 of these World Series finalists back during the season, and they’re currently 24-3 for weekly NFL picks. Not too shabby! 

Vegas Shooting: Simpsons Predictive Programming

Some gumshoes are saying the episode ‘Homer Loves Flanders’ (S5E16) of The Simpsons contains predictive programming for the Vegas Shooting as there’s a scene where Flanders climbs a clock tower with a rifle and opens fire, an homage to Charles Whitman at the University of Texas at Austin in 1966 – the first major mass media staged shooting. Stephen Paddock, the shy accountant, by all accounts quite the nerd himself.

The episode (the last pitched by writer Conan O’Brien before he left the show for late night stardom) opens with the news program Eye On Springfield reporting on the a program training people to kill: “the government calls it the army, but a more alarmist name would be The Kill-Bot Factory.” Curious that the very first bit is the same sorta MK-Ultra theme as The Blacklist from the previous post. The real mind control is being carried out on the home audience eating this shit up, whether they buy the official story or are arguing over whether it’s a false flag or hoax.

What apparently no one has mentioned is that the episode aired precisely 8600 days before the shooting in Las Vegas =86. False Flag =186. The Golden Knights =186. Flanders’ full name is Nedward Flanders =86 aka Nedward Flanders Jr =86. Catalonia =86. The disputed referendum occurring the same day as the Vegas Shooting.

And check out the other perfect long-count duration between the episode and the Texas Tower Shooting in Flanders’ dream sequence: 10,091 days. That number AGAIN. Mass Shooting =191. Mandalay Bay Hotel =191. Domestic Terrorist =191. Happening a span of 191 days before the birthday of Stephen Paddock =191 and exactly 1091 months after the birth of Paddock’s bank robber father. What a coincidence.

And as for the alphanumeric synonyms that this sequence may represent: Freemason =191. The British Crown =191. House of Windsor =191. Elizabeth II =191. Her Royal Highness =191. Regis =191. Church of England =191. Society of Jesus =191. Kabbalists =191. Black Hole Sun =191, like Jason Aldean’s eclipse tattoo (featured below). Total Solar Eclipse =191. 

There are two episodes where The Simpsons visit Las Vegas, the first time featuring this awesome shot of Caesar’s Palace as Nero’s Palace – a reference to what is known as the original false flag, when Nero burned down his own palace and a big part of Rome and blamed it on his enemies, the Christians; Ned the bible-thumper.

Charles Joseph Whitman =110. Austin =110. Conan O’Brien =110. Domestic Terrorism =110. The Vegas Golden Knights =101 began their first NHL season three days after the 10/1 shooting in the league’s 101st year. The Vegas connection to The Simpsons and Flanders is the episode Viva Ned Flanders =111. It aired on 1/10 of 1999 (the exact opposite date of 10/1) in what was the 10th episode of the 10th season. Is anyone out there also mentioning the episode where Homer acted as a sniper taking aim at a crowd below? It happened in Treehouse of Horror XVIII. Treehouse of Horror =101. XVIII =101. The episode Flanders becomes the Devil.

  • Route Ninety-One Harvest =101. It happened 1001 days after the Vegas sheriff took office and 1010 weeks after the release of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – which is parodied in the Viva Ned Flanders episode.
  • And because it deserves repeating, the 101st prime is 547 and there are allegedly 547 casualties (58 dead + 489 injured). Thomas Petty =547.

And check out the show’s version of Vegas, with the Luxor Pyramid across from the Nero’s Palace false flag reference next door to a cowgirl across from a big sign reading DUPES. What an artwork! It really is almost too perfect. Like something a truth-sleuth would draw after the fact, not 18 years earlier – the same year that Mandalay Bay opened. (In fact the Viva Ned Flanders episode aired 51 days before the grand opening of Mandalay Bay =151. Mass Shooting =51. Conspiracy =51. Jack Ace =51. The Texas Tower Shooting happened 51 years earlier.)

And a final discovery regarding Simpsons predictive programming. You know how Tom Petty’s wife called 9-1-1 on him at nearly the exact same time as the Vegas Shooting? Petty was in one episode of the Simpsons on 11/10/02 titled ‘How I Spent My Strummer Vacation.’ It aired exactly 777 weeks before our 10/1/17 date. Like the jackpot on a slot machine.

Jason Aldean, the country singer on stage when the shooting (sound effects) broke out (over the speakers), has this tattoo of a Jack-Ace blackjack – exactly like the cards in the Illuminati game, down to the spades suit. Jack equals 10 and Ace equals 1, so that’s code for 10/1, the date of the Vegas Shooting. Crazy that yet another of those cards comes true. You Control The House =101. Trump Administration =101. Jack Ace Blackjack =110. The psychological operation in Vegas also happened a perfect span of 1 month 10 days after the Solar Eclipse, which could also be interpreted through Aldean’s tattoo when read in reverse.

Tom Petty RIP

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =102. Tom =12 aka Thomas =102 died on 10/2 and was born on 10/20. Traveling Wilburys =102. Cardiac Arrest =120. Heartbreaker =112. Petty =112 died 11 month 20 days before his birthday. Thomas Earl Tom Petty =2010. He voiced a character on King of the Hill (which premiered on 1/12) called Elroy “Lucky” Kleinschmidt =112. Lucky =12. Route Ninety-One Harvest =112. The staged event on Las Vegas Boulevard =102 that happened the day before Petty died. His last gig was at the Hollywood Bowl =1020. Petty received the ceremonial key to his hometown Gainesville Florida =210 exactly 11 years 12 days before his death.

  • Thomas Earl Petty =81. Thomas Petty =810 died 18 days before his birthday and exactly 1081 weeks after the premier of King of the Hill. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =108/118. Mandalay Bay =18 which opened 18 years before the shooting in Sin City =18. Vegas =18/81. He died 8 days after his final gig at the Hollywood Bowl =181 and exactly 18 weeks before the ’18 Super Bowl. His final album was called Hypnotic Eye =1810/1080. 

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =282. Lucky Kleinschmidt =28. Tom Petty =82 also died 20 years 8 months 20 days after the premier, the show ran for exactly 12 years 8 months, and he died 8 years 20 days after its finale. Route Ninety-One Harvest =1028/281/2108. Stephen Paddock =280. Life is a Highway =280. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers =128. Petty played the halftime show of the 2008 Super Bowl.

2008 was Super Bowl 42. Petty died 4 months 2 days before Super Bowl Fifty-Two =204 on 2/4 at US Bank Stadium =42 in Minnesota =142. Life Is A Highway =142. He died 2 weeks 4 days before his birthday and exactly 420 weeks after the series finale of King of the Hill. Thomas Earl Petty =1242. Thomas Earl Tom Petty =240. Petty =24. Paddock =24. Thomas Petty =214. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers =412. American Girl =214 was the last song he ever played.

  • Tom Petty + King of the Hill makes me think of Richard “The King” Petty the NASCAR legend who I suggested several months ago most likely has his number drawn what with all the king references we’ve been seeing in celebrities biting the dust.
  • Richard Petty =1380 was exactly 80 years 3 months old when Tom died. Mandalay Bay Hotel =1083. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =1138. Las Vegas =138. That’s also exactly 963 months, like the inverse of the infamous 369 sequence popularized by Nikola Tesla. Las Vegas Boulevard =369.

Petty was born exactly 227 weeks after the birth of Trump, whose tombstone appeared 227 days before his election and 22 years 7 days after the date on the capstone at New World Airport in Denver Colorado =227. His son is Barron William Trump =227. Donald J Trump Made America Hate Again =1722, as the tombstone read. Petty’s last album shares the same name as a horror film from 1960, The Hypnotic Eye, that released on 2/27. 


Tom Petty’s wife called 911 to report him unconscious at around the exact same time as the Vegas incident, and as we covered earlier with the importance of the 91 & 191, we find some similar coding with Petty. As a refresher, the Mass Shooting =191 happened at Mandalay Bay Hotel =191 a span of 191 days before the birthday of the gunman Stephen Paddock =191 and exactly 1091 months after the birth of his bank robber father, from the Thirty-Second Floor =91 with 91 days remaining in the year at the Route 91 festival at Las Vegas Village =91. Lone Wolf Terrorist =91. Domestic Terrorist =191. 

  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =109. Petty was born 901 days after the birth of Paddock. His character Lucky Kleinschmidt =91/191 and his last album Hypnotic Eye =191. Petty also died 19 days before his birthday.

Hypnotic Eye was Petty’s 13th album and Paddock appears to have a 13 tattooed on his neck. Here we see more all-seeing eye symbolism along with the number 13 and the Route 91 PsyOp occurring across from the pyramid at Luxor. There’s also a victim named Tina Frost who miraculously survived after being shot directly in her right eye…

Thomas Petty =547 and Wikipedia currently says 547 casualties (58 dead + 489 injured). The best part about this is that 547 is the 101st prime. Route Ninety-One Harvest =101 on 10/1 a span of 1001 days after the Vegas sheriff took office and 1010 weeks after the release of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. 

Another fun fact is that Paddock is from Clinton Iowa, also home to no less than three NASA astronauts, especially as I pointed out how the shooting allegedly killed 59 people including Paddock and happened exactly 59 years after NASA went operational. Heartbreakers =59. The Hypnotic Eye =59. Tom Petty was born 1590 days after the birth of Donald Trump =159. Government =159. 

Death of Army Goat Shenkin III

Looking up the address for The Goat Major, a pub in Cardiff, I learned that a legendary Royal Welsh mascot goat named Lance Corporal Shenkin III just died suddenly on 26 September 2017 at age of seven. Shenkin was quite the majestic beast, a similar breed as the head of Baphomet, which is probably why a goat made Lance Corporal in the first place. And what makes this story share-worthy, is this detail: Shenkin the First died on the exact same day that Diana Princess of Wales died. No coincidence that Shenkin is a perfect eight-figure anagram of Baphomet.

  • SHENKIN =27/35/46/76/80/106/159/480.
  • BAPHOMET =27/35/46/76/80/106/159/480. 

Lance Corporal Shenkin III =240. Shenkin III =42. He died exactly 420 weeks after his selection. Royals =42. Wales =42/24. Satanism =24/42. Magick =24/42. Qabalah =24/42. Shenkin =242. Kashmir Goat =242. Billy =24. Billy Goat =204. Diana =204. Royal Welsh =124. Diana Spencer =142. Queen Elizabeth =142. Hugh Hefner =142, died the day after Shenkin and 24 weeks after his birthday. Playboy =24. Hefner =42 died on the birthday of the Jesuit Order. Jesuit =42. 

A goat mascot named William Windsor (the origin of the term Billy Goat) has served the 1st Battalion of the Royal Welsh since 1884 and the regimental goat mascot was first mentioned in 1775. Considering the Baphomet reference, this line from Wikipedia stands out: “The goat is more than a mascot. It is a full member of the battalion and in the days gone by, when it was a 1,000-strong unit, it was 999 men plus the goat.” The inverted 666.

Look at that: Shenkin dies 20 years 27 days after the death of Diana. Another perfect Pi sequence synched up with blood sacrifice. The Royal Welsh Third Battalion =314. That’s the same duration from Di’s death to that of Hugh Hefner. The Society of Jesus =227.

Hugh Marston Hefner =1200 was born just 12 days after the birth of Queen Elizabeth. Windsor =102. Hugh Hefner =1020. Lance Corporal Shenkin III =201/120. Shenkin =210. Jesuit =21. Rabbit =12. Playboy =102 was founded 121 days after Elizabeth’s coronation. Hugh Hefner =121. Royal Welsh Third Battalion =121. 

Coronation Street Triplets Trick

The long-running British soap opera Coronation Street just saw THREE of its former actors die on the same damn day, Elizabeth Dawn & Bobby Knutt, & Tony Booth ,all on 25 September 2017. But that’s not all, as yet another former actor from Coronation Street, Suzan Farmer, also passed away this month, a week earlier on September 17th. Now what are the frickin odds. I’d love to see how mainstream sources are reporting this “coincidence.”

Ok so the longest-running drama series in world history would have racked up quite a cast over the decades and while the others weren’t major characters like Liz Dawn – whose death is currently the lead news story in the UK – the show was for all of them their biggest acting credit. Knutt played a garage boss for three years (80-83), Farmer played a chiropodist for one season (1978), and Booth only appeared in the 1960 season; but how’s this spot of trivia – his daughter Cherie is frickin Tony Blair’s wife… Which makes the former Prime Minister the son-in-law. of Tony Booth Further, Suzan Farmer’s brother is Lord Farmer, former treasurer of the Conservative Party and life peer in the House of Lords. Not to be left out, Bobby Knutt was married to an olympic medal-winning athlete, which draws a string to the Invictus Games.

Now I’ve never seen Coronation Street but it’s a significant part of British culture, making these FOUR deaths of actors credited on the show all very interesting in the wake of Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday and the countdown to the death of Queen Elizabeth – which would precipitate the CORONATION of either Charles or William.

Liz Dawn =34 was 34 years old when she was cast as Vera Duckworth =143 who she played for 34 years. Liz =34/43 dying 43 years after her first appearance. Elizabeth =43. Her Majesty =43. The Royals =43. Bloodline =43. Monarchy =43. Soap Opera =43. Invictus =143. 

  • Dawn =555 passed away 505 weeks 5 days after the death of her character. Masonic Blood Sacrifice =555. The Masonic Order =555. Queen Elizabeth =55. Elizabeth =155. King William =1055/505. Freemasons =155. The Illuminati =551. Coronation St =55.

Coronation Street =221. Coronation =122. Elizabeth Dawn =221. Vera Duckworth =221 and the character’s TV funeral was on 22/1 sure enough. Duckworth =122. Butterfield =122 was Dawn’s birth name. And watch this pattern continue through all of them: Tony Booth =122 aka Anthony George Booth =202. Bobby =221, birth name Robert Wass =122. Wass =202. Suzan =22 Farmer =22/202. The pub in the show is called the Rovers Return Inn =222.

Soaps =22. Queen =22. Queen Elizabeth =202. Knutt was born 1022 weeks after the birth of the Queen. Dawn was 12 years 2 months old when Elizabeth took the throne. Freemason =122. Regicide =122. The 22 the Master Builder Number =220.

Nice emphasis on I AM THE MASTER in the Invictus branding and there’s Harry meeting Melania on 9/23 in Toronto to kick off the games. He’s doing the Masonic hidden hand and the sign of the horns all in one. 

Coronation St =71. King Charles =71/107. Bobby Knutt =170. Knutt =171 real name Wass =17/701 played the role of Ron Sykes =117 and died at the age of exactly 71 years 10 months old. Dawn died 10 months 17 days after her birthday and her last appearance on the show (as a ghost) came the day the actress turned 71. The show was set in the fictional town of Weatherfield =117. Coronation =117. Royal Family =1017. Monarch =117. England =117. Invictus =117. Dawn & Knutt & Booth all died a couple days into Prince Harry’s Invictus Games.

  • Coronation Street =771. King William =177. Elite =77. Secret Society =77. The Powers That Be =77. Shadow Government =77. Liz Dawn died age 77 and was born exactly 707 weeks AFTER the birth of the Queen (and get this) the same span the other way of 707 weeks BEFORE the Queen’s coronation. Don’t know if we’ve seen anything quite like that before. Especially this directly connected – the frickin matriarch from Coronation Street synched up to the coronation of the Queen and they’re both named Elizabeth?? C’mon.

And skimming the Wikipedia on Vera Duckworth’s character we see this line: “Vera believes herself to be a second cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II.” Ha, I mean it just keeps piling on. I also read that there was another example of life imitating art (predictive programming) when the series was temporarily taken off-air following the Cumbria Shootings of 2 June 2010, “as it was felt the plot was too similar to real life events.” I’m not familiar with that event but one of the worst shootings in British history mirroring a storyline on Coronation Street? That’s almost assuredly a staged hoax event without even looking at it. So we’ll see what’s in store here for the Royals as the tributes continue to pour in.

PS: Looking into Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle, Wikipedia has this to say: “Markle’s father’s family history revealed that Meghan’s great great great grandmother, Mary Bird, was a member of staff of the Royal Household at Windsor Castle in 1856.” What a total coincidence eh…

PPS: Thinking about that surname Duckworth, like Kendrick Lamar’s real last name. Turns out Kendrick will be a perfect 11,060 days old tomorrow, 9/27/17. Invictus =116. The Queen =116. Kingdom =116. Britain =116. Royals =116. Royalty =116. And with numbers like this we indeed see these sequences coded all over royal families worldwide, the inverted 9-1-1. So we’ll see what goes down that day. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 9.13.41 PM.png

HAARP Storms & Raging Bulls

September has been a doozy for weather warfare, hasn’t it. Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Jose. Hurricane Maria. The Central Mexico Earthquake. The Leeward Islands (those of the north-eastern Caribbean) got Fucked, with three major hurricanes in two weeks running absolute rampage – and Puerto Rico experiencing the most intense hurricane to hit the territory in recorded history, with all of Puerto Rico without power, maybe for months, in what is described as an apocalyptic scene. (Apocalypse, again, meaning the Unveiling). And sorry about the delay in posts! I been hiking all over Wales.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program =227. Weaponizing Weather =1314. Tropical Cyclone =1314. The Central Mexico Earthquake struck at 13:14 CDT. The quake occurred on the 32nd anniversary of the 1985 Mexico City Earthquake, which killed about 10,000 people, commemorated with a national earthquake drill at 11 a.m. local time, two hours before this earthquake struck.

  • Exactly 32 years later. Earthquake =32. Big One =32. DARPA =32. Leeward =32. Geoengineered =302. Weather Warfare =302. Hurricane Harvey + Hurricane Irma + Hurricane Jose + Hurricane Maria =302. Harvey + Irma + Jose + Maria =302. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program =2030. The death toll the day after the quake was 230 souls. LaMotta =302. Giacobbe Jake LaMotta =302. 

Jake =42 LaMotta =24, the boxer known as Raging Bull =204, passed away on 19 September 2017, the same day as the Central Mexico Earthquake. Excluding end date, LaMotta ironically died 24 days after Extra-Capsa deciphered him as another example of how commonly 24/42 is coded into professional boxing (read it here). That’s also 24 days after the McGregor-Mayweather fight, which was heavy in 24/42. Maria =24/42. Harvey =24/1204. The story of Giacobbe LaMotta =204 was made into a movie starring Deniro =24. The film also portrays Sugar Ray Robinson =240/224. Robinson =24 died on 12/4. Weather Warfare =204. DARPA =240. HAARP =24. Ionosphere =124. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 8.15.35 PM.png

LaMotta was the fifth professional boxer to die this September. On the 13th was the death of David Bey =124/24/42 who died in a construction accident, hit by a Steel Sheet =42. On the 8th was the death of A Joseph DeNucci =142. On the 6th was the death of Raul Castaneda =42 shot dead in an ambush and on the 3rd was the death of Sugar Ramos =42. And again, the major coding in boxing is 24/42. And if you exclude start & end points, Bey was born 60 years 6 months 6 days before the death of LaMotta.

And i’ll try and keep up with more posts here Truth-Sleuths, what should I investigate??

Harry Dean Stanton RIP

Harry Dean Stanton, legendary character actor of many epic cult films, has died on Prince Harry’s 33rd birthday, at the ridiculous age of 33,300 days old and 303 days before his 92nd birthday (well, if we start counting from his first full day of life). Harry Stanton =133 was in some of my favourite movies: Repo Man, Escape from New York, Twin Peaks, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, and Alien – his costar in the latter flick, John Hurt =133, died 33 weeks 3 days before him.

  • And Harry dying on Harry’s birthday, the same day as the Parsons Green Bombing Hoax – the one with the Invictus connection to the White Horse of Kent. And as it turns out, a suspect was arrested today in Kent, the day another apartment fire broke out, also in Kent.
  • Harry Dean Stanton =195 was born on the 195th day and died on 9/15. Born with 170 days remaining and died with 107 days remaining, he started his career as Dean Stanton =170. Cassini =17. Invictus =117. Royal Family =117/1017.

Stanton was also exactly 91 years 2 months old when he died. Windsor =612. Monarchy =612. The Mother of Satan =216 was the name of the bomb at Parsons. Prince Henry of Wales =216 aka Prince Harry of Wales =216 was 12 years 11 months 16 days old when his mother was killed, 20 years 16 days before his 33rd birthday. Prince William was born on 21/6 a span of 216 years after the birth of King William IV.

Harry Stanton =162. Dean Stanton =62. Captain of My Soul =62. The White Horse =162. Parsons Green =162. Tube Bombing =162. Boom =162. Prince Henry of Wales =1620. Prince Harry =162. Parsons Green Tube Station =126. Stanton was born in ’26 same as the Queen =26 who took the throne on 2/6 and was coronated on 6/2. 

Troy Gentry & Don Williams – A Country Music Themed Twins Trick

Two country musicians died in separate events on 8 September 2017, another instance of the so-called Twins Trick of dual sacrifice. Troy Gentry of the band Montgomery Gentry was killed at the age of 50 in a helicopter crash en route to a gig in New Jersey while Hall of Fame musician Don Williams passed away from emphysema at the age of 78 in Alabama. Right away we see the two men have very similar gematria: Troy Gentry =59//219. Don Williams =59/129. The same pattern in their surnames: Gentry =35/89. Williams =35/98.

Troy Gentry + Don Williams =72 were born 27 years 10 months 10 days apart and died 27 years 11 days after Stevie Ray Vaughan =72 died in a helicopter crash. Donald Ray Williams =270. Don =27 was born on the 27th and they both died on 27 numerology. Montgomery Gentry =72. Troy =72. Eddie =72. Eddie Montgomery =72/172 is the other half of the band, and signs are pointing to this being a Blood Sacrifice =127 on his behalf, as his son died 712 days before Troy. Vaughan died 12 years 10 months 7 days after Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane crash. Tropical Cyclone =72. Harvey + Irma =720/172. 

  • On 27 September 2015, Eddie’s 19-year-old son Hunter =112 was killed in an accident (one of the first posts I ever did), a familiar span of 1 year 11 month 2 days before the death of Gentry. Country Musicians =211. Blood Sacrifice =121. Ritual Sacrifice =212. Helicopter Crash =212. Montgomery Gentry’s first single was called Hillbilly Shoes =211/1121. 
  • Hurricane Irma =115. Gentry & Williams also died 101 weeks 5 days after the death of Hunter Montgomery and 5110 days after the death of Johnny Cash. Saturn =511 the reaper come to harvest.

Montgomery Gentry =62. Eddie Montgomery =162. Troy Gentry =1262. Don Williams =260. Ritual Sacrifice =206. Tropical Cyclone =1026. Donald Ray Williams =1602/216 (6x6x6) was exactly 612 months old when Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a Helicopter =666. Troy was married to Angie McClure =666. Don Williams =996. Lynyrd Skynyrd =669. Tropical Cyclone =696. Hurricane Irma =696 the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin set to make landfall in America the day after they died. Strickland =666. And I’m reminded of the death of country singer Craig Strickland on 12/27/15 who went missing while duck hunting – during a winter storm – and whose body was found lying in the shape of a cross.

Blood Sacrifice =67. Irma =67. Donald Williams =67. Don Williams =67. Troy Gentry =167 was born in ’67 on 76 numerology and 6 months 7 days after Montgomery’s birthday. Don Williams & Troy Gentry =76 were born 10,176 days apart. New Jersey =176. Alabama =76. Country Musicians =76. Hunter =76. Blood Sacrifice =76. Hurricane Harvey =176. Country & Western =76/67. Hillbilly Shoes =76/167. Montgomery Gentry’s last album was titled Folks Like Us =67. Gentry pleaded guilty to killing a black bear he’d purchased named Cubby =607 from inside an electrified enclosure, exactly 67 years 6 months after the birth of Williams. Vaughan died 607 weeks after Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane crash.

  • Steve Ray Vaughan died 10 months 25 days after his birthday and his first studio album Texas Flood =125 released exactly 12,500 days before Hurricane Harvey ended, the storming of course resulting in a major Texas Flood. Strickland =125. Donald Ray Williams =1152. Ritual Sacrifice =251 and they died on the 251st day of the year, 1 year 2 months 5 days (520 days) after the death of Merle Haggard.

251 is the 54th prime number and Gentry & Williams died on 54 numerology, 54 years after Williams’ brother was electrocuted to death, 5 months 4 days after Gentry’s 4/5 birthday, and less than a month before Montgomery’s 54th birthday. Ritual Sacrifice =154. Williams was also born with 54 numerology and Vaughan born in ’54Montgomery Gentry Folks Like Us =504. 

Yankees Death of Gene Michael

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 7.14.44 PM.png

As I’ve been reporting on some curious connections to the New York Yankees and their shot at the 113th World Series, we should examine the recent death on 7 September 2017 of Gene ‘Stick’ Michael, a shortstop for the Yankees who later became their coach then manager then GM, winning the World Series in 1978. He also managed the Cubs for two seasons and is credited with building the Yankees team that became a dynasty in the late 1990s, winning another four World Series titles. No slouch, making this a solid sacrifice and thus boosting the chances of the Yankees to go the distance.

Gene Michael =79. Michael =97 died 97 days after his 79th birthday. Yankees Shortstop =790/1179. Derek Jeter =179. The New York Yankees =79. New York Yankees =179. As we reported on earlier, Aaron Judge keeps a note in his phone of the number 179. Steinbrenner =197. George Steinbrenner =79/97. Derek Sanderson Jeter =79/97 for the more memorable Yankees shortstop. Miami =79. Hurricane =97.

  • Eugene Richard Michael =110. Michael =101. He died in Oldsmar FLA =101 and the Yankees will wear Black Armbands =101 for the rest of the season in tribute. Yankee =101. The Bronx =110. Aaron Judge =110. George Steinbrenner =101. NYC =11. New York =111. Michael died 11 months 11 days after the birthday of MLB Commissioner Manfred =111. Yogi =111. Derek Sanderson Jeter =111. Derek Jeter =111/101. New York Yankees Twenty Seventeen World Series =1101. 

Stick Michael =113. Eugene =113. The Yankees =113. The Yanks =113. Seventeen World Series =113. Commissioner’s Trophy =113. Michael died 11 months 13 days after the death of Marlins’ pitcher José Fernandez. Chiapas =113, where the Mexico earthquake hit. Geoengineered =113. 

Eugene =117 died 1 year 11 months 17 days after the death of Yogi Berra and 1 month 17 days before the World Series begins. Excluding start & end points, Michael died 11 years 17 days after groundbreaking at Yankee Stadium. New York City New York =117. Yankees in 117th season with Game 7 on 11/1/17. Weather Manipulation =117. 

  • Eugene Richard ‘Stick’ Michael =444. The New York Yankees =444. Yankees =44. Shortstop =44. NYC =44. NY =440. Michael died exactly 440 weeks after Yankee Stadium opened. HAARP =44. Nuclear Hurricane released on 4/4 of 2007.

Michael & Steinbrenner both died in Florida, where Yankees do their spring training, and Jeter is the incoming CEO and part-owner of the Miami Marlins – Michael =138 born in ’38 and died 38 weeks 3 days before his birthday during evacuations of the state due to incoming Hurricane Irma =138/38 which is set to hit Florida =38 a span of 3811 days after the release of the TV-movie Nuclear Hurricane, the reference given by the Mayor of Miami Beach 1383 days after he took office. Yankees Shortstop =1380. The Bronx =38. Florida =38. NYC =38. Black Armbands =38. Yankee Stadium opened 3080 days before the death of Michael. The Mexico Earthquake struck at 11:49 PM and 2300 hours is equal to 1380 minutes. 

As FTFT reported, the mayor of Miami Beach (not the Florida governor) called Hurricane Irma a ‘nuclear hurricane’ and there’s a movie with the same name about a ‘highly sophisticated computer system’ at a nuclear power plant that becomes sentient and ‘goes crazy’ as a tropical storm is blowing into town. This sounds like my theory that AI has been sentient and actively pulling the strings for some time now, which would explain all the pitch perfect coding in conjunction with the long-since established reality of military weather manipulation.

Houston just got fucked by Hurricane Harvey and now Irma is smashing shit up through the Caribbean en route for a fleeing Florida as the strongest earthquake in a century (8.2) hit off the SW coast of Mexico. That’s HAARP activity in full force. 

And I punched in the wrong coordinates and found something interesting. From Nuclear Hurricane to Jeter’s 44th birthday (6/26/18) is 4100 days. Gene Michael =41. Miami Marlins =41. Irma =41/140. Hurricane Irma =140. Derek Sanderson Jeter =114. Derek Jeter =1014. Eugene Richard Michael =1014. Scott =14. Rick Scott =41 became Governor of Florida on 1/4/11.