The Assassination of Jean Paul Marat

Jean Paul Marat was one of the most radical voices of the French Revolution, a bloodthirsty propagandist who printed an incendiary newspaper called L’Ami du Peuple (Friend of the People), designed to provoke the lower classes to rebellion against their masters. Of course it was the bourgeoisie that started the revolution in the first place, protesting the increased taxations on the rich instituted by Louis XVI in his attempt to repair state finances. The French Revolution was an inside job from the outset: the monarchy usurped by Freemasonry and the Masonic Order usurped and radicalized by the Jesuits. The orchestrated revolution also gave the Jews the opportunity to burst through into the forefront of world politics for the first time since the fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE, and it was here that the Masonic-Judeo conspiracy theories really took root, with ample evidence to support the claims.

Marat, a Mason like all the players in the Revolution, is also the man held responsible for the horrific September Massacres – his paper rallying for a pre-emptive strike on the political prisoners of the Revolution, resulting in some 1400 inmates in Parisian prisons massacred in their cells because they believed something contrary to Marat. None of this sat very well with a young woman named Charlotte who set out to assassinate the propagandist in the hopes that the violence would end with his death. In her execution she became a martyr, yet the bloodshed only increased in the wake of Marat’s assassination as fears of a widespread murderous conspiracy of counter-revolutionaries were promulgated through the media, leading to yet more and more arrests and executions – and ultimately to the Reign of Terror, which guillotined thousands in a frenzy of slaughter and paranoia. The death of the propagandist a huge victory for propaganda.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 9.30.12 PM

Jean Paul Marat =138 was assassinated by Charlotte Corday =138. Charlotte =38.  Masonic =38. Marat =318. Assassin =381. Knights Templar =1038. French Revolution =83. Jean Paul Marat =83. France =83. French Revolution =83. Reign of Terror =183. 

  • Jean Paul Marat =133 was assassinated exactly 330 weeks before the end of the French Revolution and 3 months 3 days before the execution of Marie Antoinette. Corday =33 was guillotined four days later at the age of exactly 1303 weeks old, later acquiring the nickname The Angel of Assassination =331. The French Revolution began 13,330 days after George Washington joined the Freemasons =133 and Napoleon died 10,330 days after the execution of Louis XVI. Executed =33. Appropriately, the very first guillotine execution took place at 3:30 PM. Judeo-Masonic Conspiracy =330. 

The 33rd prime is 137 and Marat died on 13/7. Authority =137. Government =137. The Declaration of Independence =137. The Templars =137. World State =137. Judeo-Masonic =137. Global Government =1037. 


Marat’s initials: JPM =144. He was assassinated 444 days after the first person executed by the guillotine, a Highwayman =44/1404 by the name of Pelletier =444. The French Empire =444. Society of the Jacobins =444. Napoleone di Buonaparte =444. Execution =44. France became a republic 44 days after the suspension of the monarchy. Napoleon =144 was 11,044 days old when the French Revolution ended.

  • President Washington =1440 was 44 years 4 months old when America was founded, 441 days after the American Revolutionary War began. Benjamin Franklin died 144 weeks after the death of Louis XVI.
  • Founding Fathers of the United States =144. John Adams + Benjamin Franklin + Alexander Hamilton + John Jay + Thomas Jefferson + James Madison + George Washington =444. Washington was Army Commander for 444 weeks 4 days. 

Charlotte’s great-great-grandfather was Pierre Corneille, considered one of the three great seventeenth-century French dramatists, along with Moliere whose curious death we’ll investigate at another time. An detail of Corneille is his date of birth, 6/6/1606, reminding us of Donald Trump’s grandmother, Elizabeth Christ Trump, who died on 6/6/1966. The French Revolution began 669 weeks 6 days after 4 July 1776. Independence Day was 66 days after the Satanic holyday of Beltane, which coincided with the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati on May First =666. Providence =666. Patriotic =666. Star Spangled Banner =666. E Pluribus =666. Secrecy =666. Black Nobility =666. The Gods =666. The Beast System =1666. 

“Man has the right to deal with his oppressors by devouring their palpitating hearts.” – Marat

“My dear fellow-citizens, believe a man who knows all the intrigues and conspiracies of conspiracies, and who for three years has never ceased for a moment to watch over your salvation.” – Jean Paul Marat

I was reminded of Marat after reading the latest insane rant on FTFT, calling for the guillotine of every single American citizen that voted for Trump and continuing to rage against other investigators as they rage at him, as if divide-and-conquer isn’t the strategy of the same occult forces behind the French Revolution – which frickin invented the left-right pardigm in the first place, as those on the side of the king VS those on the side of the revolution. Last year it was Flat Earth VS Round Earth fuelling infighting and now it’s False Flag VS Hoax keeping the truthers squabbling like hens and calling everyone else out as shills. It’s fucking embarrassing is what it is. What are we, in elementary school? More importantly, it’s self-destructive and a detriment to the movement.

JP Marat claimed to be the voice of the people, a truth-seeker revealing the tyranny and oppression, and increasingly becoming more radicalized and bloodthirsty. What he did, enlightening the masses as to the extent of the control, is what’s known in Masonic terminology as the Revelation of the Method – whereby the big reveal of exactly what’s going on ironically only serves to fasten the ankle-cuffs even tighter as people come to believe they are powerless in the face of such a machine. Marat would preach about omnipotent and omnipresent evil conspiracy, fear-mongering the masses, and presenting the only solution as mass murder – which, after all, was the intention of the occult elite (for whom he worked) all along.   

And based on those perfect 133 synchs, there’s a fair chance Marat had his death staged and this Charlotte character is but a fiction, for his assassination certainly benefitted him and his masters’ strategies much more than it did Charlotte’s. Much more than it did the people. With the help of underground media as controlled opposition, the occult elite posing as populists were able to subvert the establishment even further. The French Revolution landed 360 degrees in the same direction, from absolute monarchy to military dictatorship – and a whole lot of blood sacrifice for nought. 



Canadian Twins Trick: Gord Downie & John Dunsworth RIP

Two Canadian legends have passed away within 24 hours of each other, Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip (10/17/17) and John Dunsworth (10/16/17), better known as Officer Lahey on Trailer Park Boys. The two men were born exactly 930 weeks apart. Occult Ritual =930. Martin Luther King Jr =93 delivered his last ever speech on the 93rd day of the year in front of a Masonic Temple at 930 Mason Street. But I digress. Tragically Hip =193. Gord Downie =39. The Hip =39. Downie =139. Officer Lahey =139. Gord Downie + John Dunsworth =93. 

  • Saturn =93. As so often we see these artists leaving the scene in perfect synchronicity with a sacrifice to Saturn =511. Downie died 511 days after his brain cancer announcement. Musician =115. Lahey =15. The Tragically Hip =105. Gord Downie Introduce Yerself =151. That’s Downie’s latest solo album – due to release 10 days after he died.

193 is the 44th prime number. The news of Dunsworth’s death broke on the day Downie died, a date with numerology of (10+17+17) =44. Gord Downie =44. Gord =44 died in his hometown of Kingston =44. Musician =44. The Tragically Hip =1044. Trailer Park Boys =44. Mr Lahey =44. John Dunsworth =1440. Canada =144. Faith No More also released an album called Introduce Yourself in 1987, Downie’s album drops 11,144 days later.

Canadian =113. Officer Lahey =113 died 3 years 1 month 11 days after the revival of Trailer Park Boys and Downie died 113 days before his birthday. Gord Downie + John Dunsworth =311. His penultimate album was Gord Downie Secret Path =311/113 which released 11 months 30 days before his death. Fake Death =113. Freedom =311. 

  • So the Canadian Twins Trick comes on 10/17. Musician =117. Exactly 17 weeks earlier (6/19/17), Downie was appointed to the Order of Canada and Trailer Park Boys was renewed for Season 12. Jim Lahey =107. Officer Lahey =107. Mr Lahey =107. Canadian =17. Downie & Dunsworth =170 were born 17 years apart. Kingston =107. Introduce Yerself comes out 1 year 7 days after the last album by Leonard Cohen =170. Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker =117. Cohen died on 11//7. 

Downie’s album ‘Introduce Yerself’ released 10 days after his death reminds us of David Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ released 2 days before he died and Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want It Darker’ released 19 days before his death. And we can certainly expect Downie’s album to be a big seller too.

World Series & the Death of Daniel Webb (Plus Stephen King’s Rage)

The four finalists for the World Series =147 – New York / Los Angeles / Chicago / Houston – also just so happen to be the four most populous cities in America, in that order (also the only four teams I’ve been covering this season at Extra-Capsa). Those four cities in the Championship Series =74 aka the LCS =74 have a combined population of 17.4 million. The two matchups are Chicago + Los Angeles =74 and Houston + New York =74. Seventeen World Series =1704. Twenty Seventeen World Series =147. Seventeen World Series Champions =174. Comparing the potential World Series matchup with this number bears only two possibilities: Chicago Cubs + New York Yankees =174 and Los Angeles Dodgers + New York Yankees =174.

  • On 14 October 2017, the day Astros beat the Yankees, former White Sox pitcher Daniel Webb died in an ATV accident at the age of 28. Born Robert Webb =47, he died 1 year 7 months 4 days after being let go from the Chicago White Sox =74. 

Webb =14 went to Heath High =1014 and died in an ATV Accident =114 on 10/14 during the 114th year of Major League Baseball =1140 a span of 4 years 1 month 11 days after his MLB debut with the Chicago White Sox =1014. Of the teams with this coding: Astros =411. That’s the only one with the 114 in the team name. And what’s really weird is Webb also died 40 years 1 month 1 day after Stephen King’s novel Rage.

There we have the Astros numbers, and he played his career in Chicago for the Cubs reference and when he was born the LA Dodgers were world champions. No direct Yankees connections to the death of Daniel Webb. A fun fact though is that Webb attended Heath High School in Paducah Kentucky, the location of an early school shooting on 1 December 1997 when a 14-year-old kid opened fire on a student prayer group, killing three and injuring five.

Going deeper down the rabbit hole we find the stand-out detail from this Heath High Shooting is that the shooter Michael Carneal had a copy of Stephen King’s novel Rage, which includes a scene of a school shooting… (ANOTHER instance of Stephen King predictive programming!) It’s actually about a kid named Charlie Decker who murders two teachers then holds his classroom hostage with the police and media outside. This Heath incident was the fifth school shooting associated with Rage (and the third in Kentucky), and the event that caused King to pull the plug and ban his own book. This would go on to be but the first of several tragedies that were first depicted in a King novel before occurring in real life.

  • Rage was written under King’s pseudonym, Richard Bachman, which reminds me of his other novel The Running Man – quite different from the Schwarzenegger version. The book ends (spoiler alert) with the protagonist game show contestant (on the run from hitmen across the entire country) hijacking an airplane and crashing it into the skyscraper headquarters of the propaganda corporation. And of course the kids from Columbine planned to hijack an airplane and crash it into the World Trade Center after shooting up the school. Predictive Programming at its finest.

The Heath High School shooting happened 72 weeks 2 days before Columbine and 20 years 2 months 17 days after Rage was published. This sequence reminds us of the recent 8/6/17 death of MLB player Darren Arthur Daulton =227 who played his last game 20 years 27 days before the start of the Twenty Seventeen World Series =722 and died 7,222 days after winning the ’97 World Series. Daulton also died a perfecct Pi span of 20,207 days after the Colt 45s’ first game in Houston (before they changed their name to the Astros. All this I covered in the post here, where I also mentioned for the second time (the first time back in May) that George Springer =227 and the Astros were on the 30 June 2014 cover of Sports Illustrated boldly predicting Astros as “Your 2017 World Series Champs.” It came out 3 years and 3 months 14 days before Webb died.

And free-association here connects Daniel Webb to David Webb, which is the birth name of Jason Bourne from the movie series; the last flick Bourne featuring the climax set in Las Vegas with a false flag assassination attempt and a destructive high-speed chase right down Vegas Boulevard. I haven’t seen it since cinema but I’d wager that it shows the sight of the Vegas Shooting. And isn’t this interesting – I look up ‘Bourne + MLB’ and find one Michael Bourn, a current free agent who just so happens to be born in Houston and played three seasons with the Astros. Hmm…

It seems a bit too blatant that Astros win after Sports Illustrated predicted they would back in 2014, but who knows. Shit is getting more blatant every day, in what really seems to me a deliberate move. Personally I’m interested in the Stephen King angle the most, but if you’re diggin the sports stuff I should say that Gematria Club called 3/4 of these World Series finalists back during the season, and they’re currently 24-3 for weekly NFL picks. Not too shabby! 

Hurricane Ophelia

Hurricane Ophelia, the strongest eastern Atlantic hurricane on record, makes landfall in the UK on 16 October 2017, exactly 30 years to the day after the Great Storm of 1987 smashed up England, killing 22 people. Writing this the night before and reports say it’ll hit Northern Ireland the hardest, which is interesting as The Troubles there also lasted 30 years, just like the Thirty Years War also waged between Protestants and Catholics as also orchestrated by the Jesuits. PS I’m living on a sheep farm in SW England at the moment and we’re already getting some heavy duty wind action.

The thing about thirty years is that’s exactly 360 months later, like the degrees in a circle. Ophelia =36/63. Hurricane Ophelia =136/163. Great Storm =136 which brought winds of 136 mph. Ophelia reminds me of the song by the Lumineers =36 which released on the 36th day of 2016, exactly 36 weeks before Ophelia =36 makes landfall in Ireland =36/63 on numerology of (16+10+2+0+1+7) =36 and (16+10+20+17) =63.

  • The UK =63. Weather Weapon =306. It’s the worst storm to hit Ireland since Hurricane Debbie =36 in ’61. Ophelia is from the album Cleopatra =63, mentions The Flood =36, and the band’s frontman is Wesley Schultz =63. Ophelia =63 also makes landfall 630 weeks after another Hurricane Ophelia hit the eastern United States in 2005. Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley =360 is starring as the titular role in the upcoming film Ophelia.

The thing about Ophelia by The Lumineers is that the music video (pictured above) features their frontman dancing in the streets while it’s raining, getting progressively wetter as the storm approaches and the hook sings, “Ophelia you’ve been on my mind girl since the flood.” Ophelia is a character from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, who drowns after falling into a river while gathering flowers, singing a song as she went. Further, in Greek the name Ophelia means HELP.

Hamlet’s Ophelia is a woman driven insane by her inability to reconcile her conflicting personas (daddy’s girl vs Hamlet’s whore), reminding us of the cognitive dissonance that plagues the world today. William Shakespeare the pen name for Sir Francis =116 Bacon =116. And the hurricane making landfall on 10/16. Britain =116. Kingdom =116. Royals =116. Lumineers =116. The Cleopatra album cover features silent film star Theda Bara who died 61 years 1 day before the album released. The painting of Ophelia there is by John Everett Millais =116.  

  • We see that Sir Francis Bacon allegedly died on April 9th, the same day as the birth of both Hugh Hefner and the Vegas patsy Stephen Paddock. In fact Hefner =30 was born exactly 300 years after Bacon died, like Ophelia =30 coming exactly 30 years after the Great Storm =300. This number in association with Ireland reminds me of The Invincibles =300 aka The Irish National Invincibles =300, a group of assassins in the late 19th century. And remember that the 300th anniversary of the United Grand Lodge of England =1113 came this year, 113 days before the storm hit the UK =30. 

The 30th prime is 113. England =113. Geoengineered =113. A Geostorm =113. Help =113. Ophelia =311. Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley =311. Curiously, Wesley Schultz was born 10,130 days after the death of Cleopatra cover model Theda Bara and news reports are predicting Hurricane Ophelia to reach wind speeds of 113 km/h. The movie Geostorm comes out four days later, 10/20, and stars Gerard Butler (from Scotland) born on 11/13. 

Since we brought up The Invincibles =227, their most famous hit was carried out on Frederick Charles Cavendish =314, the Chief Secretary for Ireland stabbed to death in the so-called Phoenix Park Killings =314 on the very day he took office, 17 years 22 days after the assassination of Lincoln (by John Wilkes Booth =1314) who was pronounced dead at 7:22 AM. 

  • Reminder that John Jack Fitzgerald Kennedy =314 died 3 years 14 days after his election and 31 weeks 4 days after the death anniversary of Lincoln. JFK also died 30,014 days after the assassination of President Garfield and 3 months 14 days after the death of his infant son Patrick, the Kennedys from Ireland.
  • Robert Todd Lincoln was Abe’s only child to survive into the next century as Caroline Kennedy was JFK’s only child to survive into the next century. Robert died exactly 31 years 4 months before Caroline was born. And since we mentioned Hugh Hefner again, we should point out that he died a clean 2270 days after a death hoax was circulated about him.

Karl Marx also died on 3/14 a span of 314 days after his birthday and Gandhi died 3 months 14 days before Israel became a state. Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior =3114 was assassinated 3 years 1 month 14 days after the assassination of Malcolm =314 X, whose funeral was on 2/27. MLK Junior =227. Martin Luther King Junior =1722. Dr Martin Luther King Jr =1722. Nonviolent Resistance =1722. The patsy James Earl Ray escaped from prison 3014 days after his confession. Pi Cycles spinning around & around like Circles =314. Like hurricanes.

That’s the first Daisy Ridley photo from Ophelia, a re-imagining of Hamlet as told from her perspective. Manmade hurricanes named for film promotion would make a nice detail of a sci-fi dystopia. Ridley is from Westminster London and it’s quite interesting how all this synchs up, innit. 

Vegas Shooting: Simpsons Predictive Programming

Some gumshoes are saying the episode ‘Homer Loves Flanders’ (S5E16) of The Simpsons contains predictive programming for the Vegas Shooting as there’s a scene where Flanders climbs a clock tower with a rifle and opens fire, an homage to Charles Whitman at the University of Texas at Austin in 1966 – the first major mass media staged shooting. Stephen Paddock, the shy accountant, by all accounts quite the nerd himself.

The episode (the last pitched by writer Conan O’Brien before he left the show for late night stardom) opens with the news program Eye On Springfield reporting on the a program training people to kill: “the government calls it the army, but a more alarmist name would be The Kill-Bot Factory.” Curious that the very first bit is the same sorta MK-Ultra theme as The Blacklist from the previous post. The real mind control is being carried out on the home audience eating this shit up, whether they buy the official story or are arguing over whether it’s a false flag or hoax.

What apparently no one has mentioned is that the episode aired precisely 8600 days before the shooting in Las Vegas =86. False Flag =186. The Golden Knights =186. Flanders’ full name is Nedward Flanders =86 aka Nedward Flanders Jr =86. Catalonia =86. The disputed referendum occurring the same day as the Vegas Shooting.

And check out the other perfect long-count duration between the episode and the Texas Tower Shooting in Flanders’ dream sequence: 10,091 days. That number AGAIN. Mass Shooting =191. Mandalay Bay Hotel =191. Domestic Terrorist =191. Happening a span of 191 days before the birthday of Stephen Paddock =191 and exactly 1091 months after the birth of Paddock’s bank robber father. What a coincidence.

And as for the alphanumeric synonyms that this sequence may represent: Freemason =191. The British Crown =191. House of Windsor =191. Elizabeth II =191. Her Royal Highness =191. Regis =191. Church of England =191. Society of Jesus =191. Kabbalists =191. Black Hole Sun =191, like Jason Aldean’s eclipse tattoo (featured below). Total Solar Eclipse =191. 

There are two episodes where The Simpsons visit Las Vegas, the first time featuring this awesome shot of Caesar’s Palace as Nero’s Palace – a reference to what is known as the original false flag, when Nero burned down his own palace and a big part of Rome and blamed it on his enemies, the Christians; Ned the bible-thumper.

Charles Joseph Whitman =110. Austin =110. Conan O’Brien =110. Domestic Terrorism =110. The Vegas Golden Knights =101 began their first NHL season three days after the 10/1 shooting in the league’s 101st year. The Vegas connection to The Simpsons and Flanders is the episode Viva Ned Flanders =111. It aired on 1/10 of 1999 (the exact opposite date of 10/1) in what was the 10th episode of the 10th season. Is anyone out there also mentioning the episode where Homer acted as a sniper taking aim at a crowd below? It happened in Treehouse of Horror XVIII. Treehouse of Horror =101. XVIII =101. The episode Flanders becomes the Devil.

  • Route Ninety-One Harvest =101. It happened 1001 days after the Vegas sheriff took office and 1010 weeks after the release of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – which is parodied in the Viva Ned Flanders episode.
  • And because it deserves repeating, the 101st prime is 547 and there are allegedly 547 casualties (58 dead + 489 injured). Thomas Petty =547.

And check out the show’s version of Vegas, with the Luxor Pyramid across from the Nero’s Palace false flag reference next door to a cowgirl across from a big sign reading DUPES. What an artwork! It really is almost too perfect. Like something a truth-sleuth would draw after the fact, not 18 years earlier – the same year that Mandalay Bay opened. (In fact the Viva Ned Flanders episode aired 51 days before the grand opening of Mandalay Bay =151. Mass Shooting =51. Conspiracy =51. Jack Ace =51. The Texas Tower Shooting happened 51 years earlier.)

And a final discovery regarding Simpsons predictive programming. You know how Tom Petty’s wife called 9-1-1 on him at nearly the exact same time as the Vegas Shooting? Petty was in one episode of the Simpsons on 11/10/02 titled ‘How I Spent My Strummer Vacation.’ It aired exactly 777 weeks before our 10/1/17 date. Like the jackpot on a slot machine.

Jason Aldean, the country singer on stage when the shooting (sound effects) broke out (over the speakers), has this tattoo of a Jack-Ace blackjack – exactly like the cards in the Illuminati game, down to the spades suit. Jack equals 10 and Ace equals 1, so that’s code for 10/1, the date of the Vegas Shooting. Crazy that yet another of those cards comes true. You Control The House =101. Trump Administration =101. Jack Ace Blackjack =110. The psychological operation in Vegas also happened a perfect span of 1 month 10 days after the Solar Eclipse, which could also be interpreted through Aldean’s tattoo when read in reverse.

OJ Simpson’s Vegas Connections: Paddock Note ’95 & The Blacklist

Stephen Paddock allegedly left a note in his Mandalay Bay hotel room full of numbers, which sources say were calculations for his shot trajectories. No sign yet on what exactly was written, though I’m sure if it’s released it’ll be chock full of clues for us to decipher. What I did see when googling ‘Paddock Note’ is a retro Japanese video game called Paddock Note ’95, interestingly about horse racing – as we’ve been discussing the horse symbolism as related most recently to the Royals & Invictus. Though it’s the duration from the game’s release date that makes this esoteric reference worth noting.

  • As is the ‘95 since Paddock killed 59 people including himself; synched up with two key words we’re going to explore in this post: The Blacklist =59. Mesquite =509. We also see that OJ =95 Simpson, released from prison the same day as the shooting, was born exactly 5 years 9 months after the birth of Paddock. OJ arrested in Las Vegas for armed robbery & kidnapping and locked up in a Nevada prison on a 33-year bid.

Stephen Paddock =440. SCP =44. Mesquite =44. Blacklist =44/404. Ray Reddington =44. Stephen C Paddock =144. Donald Trump =144. Casino and Hotel =144. Orlando Florida =144. Paddock Note released on 14/4 of 1995 and the 144th prime number is 827. The Vegas PsyOp happened 8207 days after the release of the video game. Perfect synch to the Assassinated =144 sequence we see so predominant in Masonic Rituals =1044. Masonic Grand Lodge =441. MK-Ultra =441. Thomas Earl Tom Petty =1440 who played the character Elroy Lucky Kleinschmidt =1044 and his last ever live song, American Girl, contains the lyric “Out on 441 like waves crashin’ on the beach,” in reference to the highway that runs through Florida.

We also find a subtle Pi connection in this duration, as the Vegas Shooting occurred 1172 weeks 2 days after the release of Paddock Note (and the Blacklist episode we’re about to discuss has the main character of Raymond Red Reddington =227 and aired on 13/10/14. OJ Simpson released from prison when he was 70 years 2 months 22 days old. This NHL season was the first to include the new expansion team from Las Vegas, the Vegas Golden Knights =227/1722. The season started three days after the shooting and the Golden Knights play at T-Mobile Arena, just a mile away from the Route 91 Festival. We mention this to tie these two vectors to a third, as the first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666.

  • Paddock Note ’95 was created by a company called Fuji Television =666 (in Satanic Gematria). Stephen C Paddock =669. Sun City =666. Pulse Club =666. Charleston Church =699. Mandalay Bay was opened for 969 weeks for the incident. OJ was found liable 969 days after the murders. Red Reddington is played by James Spader =666/966If we only count the days between, this Blacklist episode aired 666 days after Sandy Hook, which if you’ll recall happened when Donald Trump was exactly 66 years 6 months old. Jerry Montgomery born 9660 days after Paddock’s birth (explained momentarily).
  • 6x6x6 =216. Nicole Simpson & Ron Goldman were found stabbed to death on 6/12. OJ was released exactly 1216 weeks later. Remember the previously worst mass shooting in US history occurred in Orlando on the palindrome date of 6/12/2016. Spader turned 21,060 days old five days after the shooting.

We also see that OJ Simpson =1019 was released 10 years 19 days after his armed robbery stunt in Vegas. The O stands for Orenthal =119. The Vegas Event happened 119 weeks after the Charleston Church Shooting. Stephen Paddock =191. Mandalay Bay Hotel =191. Mesquite =109. Micah Xavier Johnson =109, the shooter of the Dallas Police Ambush on 7/7/16.

Mandalay Bay Casino and Hotel =223 was open for exactly 223 months when it happened. Masonic =223. Order of the Illuminati =223. Domestic Terrorism =223. Casino =223. Juice =223. Ron Goldman =322. Theatre =322. We Make Dreams Come True =322. 


Our reader RainyGem pointed out an episode from The Blacklist (S2E4) about MK-Ultra mind control experiments turning normal people into killers. In it, the lead character Ray Reddington (a man previously on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted – just like Paddock’s father) tracks down a man who can discern redacted government BlackOps documents regarding why innocent non-offending civilians are suddenly committing violent crimes out of nowhere – just like Paddock with no record or warning signs. They discover that an underground social-psychological experiment carried out by the government is underway.

  • The opening scene is at the Sun City Bank, which the subconscious registers as Sin City, with a lady who keeps staring at a sign reading “We Make Dreams Come True”. She then walks bank into the bank with a gun and opens fire as a man in a car across the street with her case file in his lap says into a microphone, “Successful activation of AR-105 complete.” Implying that she’s been mind controlled to carry out a staged mass shooting.

Blacklist =84. The episode is titled Dr Linus Creel =184 and it aired 1084 days before the Vegas Shooting and 8 months 4 days before the Charleston Church Shooting. Paddock =84. Simpson =84. Orenthal James Simpson =84. Las Vegas Strip =84. Mandalay Bay Hotel =84. Paddock =84. Music Festival =84. Paradise Nevada =84. Las Vegas NV =84. Las Vegas Massacre =84. VegasStrong =84. Micah Xavier Johnson =184.

In the episode, this black ops program discovers that some people have a specific genetic abnormality, the ‘warrior gene,’ that the government exploits in experiments to turn them into killers. Truth disguised as fiction and hidden in plain sight? Now there’s a particular scene at 15 minutes in that RainyGem pointed us to that involves an argument with a Mossad operative called the Polyglot about a crazy night gambling in Vegas. The Polyglot says in a throw-away line: “I woke up in that hotel, I don’t even know how I got to MESQUITE.”

Now we mentioned previously that Paddock lived in Mesquite Nevada, but a scour through the Wikipedia reveals he also previously owned an apartment complex in Mesquite Texas, just outside of Dallas. Must be something in a name eh. As it turns out, Micah Xavier Johnson is from Mesquite TX. From Mesquite NV is the aforementioned Jerry Montgomery, who is currently a defensive coach for the Green Bay Packers – and grew up in Iowa as did Paddock.

As for other shows, Bojack Horseman aired an episode about a mass shooting at a mall titled ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ on 9/8/17. a span of 3 weeks 3 days before the Vegas Shooting.  There’s also an episode of American Horror Story airing on 10/10/17 titled ‘Mid-Western Assassin’ that features a mass shooting, apparently involving a politician at a campaign rally. It was filmed the previous month and there’s talks of it being heavily edited or even cancelled in the wake of the Vegas Shooting.

As the Telegraph writes, “If this new episode is pulled or at least hastily re-edited, American Horror Story will join a long history of US television series forced to delay provocative episodes due to their unexpected similarities to real-life shootings. The Ryan Phillippe action drama Shooter had its premiere date delayed twice due to real-life mass shootings, while Mr Robot had its first season finale postponed after a TV reporter and her cameraman were shot and killed on live television. An episode of Hannibal involving murderous children was also pulled in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre. A 1999 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was additionally delayed for several months as its plot revolved around an outcast high school student attempting to mount a mass shooting. The episode was originally due to be broadcast a week after the Columbine High School massacre.”

This appears to be an important step in the alchemical process of traumatizing the collective psyche through made-for-tv massacres indistinguishable from those we see dramatized, as step-by-step the line between fiction and reality is increasingly blurred. The big one the Telegraph failed to mention is the episode of Route 66 titled ‘I’m Here To Kill A King’ about an assassination originally scheduled to air the day that John F Kennedy was assassinated. None of this being coincidence.

Tom Petty RIP

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =102. Tom =12 aka Thomas =102 died on 10/2 and was born on 10/20. Traveling Wilburys =102. Cardiac Arrest =120. Heartbreaker =112. Petty =112 died 11 month 20 days before his birthday. Thomas Earl Tom Petty =2010. He voiced a character on King of the Hill (which premiered on 1/12) called Elroy “Lucky” Kleinschmidt =112. Lucky =12. Route Ninety-One Harvest =112. The staged event on Las Vegas Boulevard =102 that happened the day before Petty died. His last gig was at the Hollywood Bowl =1020. Petty received the ceremonial key to his hometown Gainesville Florida =210 exactly 11 years 12 days before his death.

  • Thomas Earl Petty =81. Thomas Petty =810 died 18 days before his birthday and exactly 1081 weeks after the premier of King of the Hill. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =108/118. Mandalay Bay =18 which opened 18 years before the shooting in Sin City =18. Vegas =18/81. He died 8 days after his final gig at the Hollywood Bowl =181 and exactly 18 weeks before the ’18 Super Bowl. His final album was called Hypnotic Eye =1810/1080. 

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =282. Lucky Kleinschmidt =28. Tom Petty =82 also died 20 years 8 months 20 days after the premier, the show ran for exactly 12 years 8 months, and he died 8 years 20 days after its finale. Route Ninety-One Harvest =1028/281/2108. Stephen Paddock =280. Life is a Highway =280. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers =128. Petty played the halftime show of the 2008 Super Bowl.

2008 was Super Bowl 42. Petty died 4 months 2 days before Super Bowl Fifty-Two =204 on 2/4 at US Bank Stadium =42 in Minnesota =142. Life Is A Highway =142. He died 2 weeks 4 days before his birthday and exactly 420 weeks after the series finale of King of the Hill. Thomas Earl Petty =1242. Thomas Earl Tom Petty =240. Petty =24. Paddock =24. Thomas Petty =214. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers =412. American Girl =214 was the last song he ever played.

  • Tom Petty + King of the Hill makes me think of Richard “The King” Petty the NASCAR legend who I suggested several months ago most likely has his number drawn what with all the king references we’ve been seeing in celebrities biting the dust.
  • Richard Petty =1380 was exactly 80 years 3 months old when Tom died. Mandalay Bay Hotel =1083. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =1138. Las Vegas =138. That’s also exactly 963 months, like the inverse of the infamous 369 sequence popularized by Nikola Tesla. Las Vegas Boulevard =369.

Petty was born exactly 227 weeks after the birth of Trump, whose tombstone appeared 227 days before his election and 22 years 7 days after the date on the capstone at New World Airport in Denver Colorado =227. His son is Barron William Trump =227. Donald J Trump Made America Hate Again =1722, as the tombstone read. Petty’s last album shares the same name as a horror film from 1960, The Hypnotic Eye, that released on 2/27. 


Tom Petty’s wife called 911 to report him unconscious at around the exact same time as the Vegas incident, and as we covered earlier with the importance of the 91 & 191, we find some similar coding with Petty. As a refresher, the Mass Shooting =191 happened at Mandalay Bay Hotel =191 a span of 191 days before the birthday of the gunman Stephen Paddock =191 and exactly 1091 months after the birth of his bank robber father, from the Thirty-Second Floor =91 with 91 days remaining in the year at the Route 91 festival at Las Vegas Village =91. Lone Wolf Terrorist =91. Domestic Terrorist =191. 

  • Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers =109. Petty was born 901 days after the birth of Paddock. His character Lucky Kleinschmidt =91/191 and his last album Hypnotic Eye =191. Petty also died 19 days before his birthday.

Hypnotic Eye was Petty’s 13th album and Paddock appears to have a 13 tattooed on his neck. Here we see more all-seeing eye symbolism along with the number 13 and the Route 91 PsyOp occurring across from the pyramid at Luxor. There’s also a victim named Tina Frost who miraculously survived after being shot directly in her right eye…

Thomas Petty =547 and Wikipedia currently says 547 casualties (58 dead + 489 injured). The best part about this is that 547 is the 101st prime. Route Ninety-One Harvest =101 on 10/1 a span of 1001 days after the Vegas sheriff took office and 1010 weeks after the release of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. 

Another fun fact is that Paddock is from Clinton Iowa, also home to no less than three NASA astronauts, especially as I pointed out how the shooting allegedly killed 59 people including Paddock and happened exactly 59 years after NASA went operational. Heartbreakers =59. The Hypnotic Eye =59. Tom Petty was born 1590 days after the birth of Donald Trump =159. Government =159. 

Vegas Hoax: Predictive Programming

Stephen Paddock, the patsy from the Las Vegas Strip hoax, was an accountant with more of an affinity for numbers than people. In the film The Accountant, Ben Affleck plays a mathematics savant with more of an affinity for numbers than people: using a small-town CPA office as a cover, Christian Wolff (aka The Accountant) makes his living as a freelance accountant for dangerous criminal organizations. And they’re both apparently crack shots, like the victim who according to his buddy Mike Cronk got hit three times in the chest with an automatic rifle and cried out, “I’m hit!” but is totally fine.

The Accountant released 11 months 17 days before this event in Las Vegas Nevada =117 on the date of 10/1/17 which is 1 year 10 months 17 days after the Paris Attacks, which also involved a dance floor torn up by firecrackers. Sin City =117. 

  • Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117. The Government =1170. Government Sponsored Hoax =117. Fake Terror =117. Psychological Operations =117. Queen Mary =117 died on 11/17 (in 1558) and 1 month 17 days after the fifth anniversary of her coronation, as we’ll explain momentarily. #VegasStrong =1170. 

Ben Affleck =117. Ben Paddock =117. Stephen Craig Paddock =171. Christian Wolff =171. The Accountant =71. Affleck =71. Steve Paddock =71. Mandalay =71. The Vegas event happened 1 month 17 days after Affleck’s birthday. Bag of Bones =170. 

A buddy pointed out a connection with Mandalay to the term Manderley, which is the fictional estate and central part of Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 novel Rebecca – voted just this year as the UK’s favourite book of the past 225 years. (Spoiler Alert: the Manderley burns down in the end). Rebecca was remade by Stephen King as Bag of Bones, in which he references Manderley. Excluding start & end points, Stephen Paddock =199 was born on the 99th day on numerology of (9+4+53)=66 and was 16,600 days old when Bag of Bones published, 19 years 9 days before the Las Vegas Massacre =990. Mass Shooting =990. Mandalay Bay =99. Sin City =99. Rebecca =99. The hotel was built by Circus Circus Enterprises =1099 aka Mandalay Resort Group =99/66 now owned by MGM Resorts =66. Route 91 Harvest =166. Grim Reaper =660. Joe Lombardo =660. Mass Shooting =66. Music Festival =66. Jason Aldean =66. Stephen Paddock =66. Mandalay Bay Hotel opened 969 weeks before the shooting. #VegasStrong =199/66. It happened 990 days after the release of American Sniper. 

  • And if we include the end date the Vegas Shooting happened 19 years 10 days after the Bag of Bones, for yet another 191. Mandalay Bay Hotel =191. Remember it happenened 191 days before the birthday of Stephen Paddock =191 and exactly 1091 months after the birth of his bank robber father.
  • Bag of Bones =184. The paperback released exactly 18 years 4 months before  The Worst Mass Shooting in US History =184. Las Vegas Strip =84. Mandalay Bay Hotel =84. Paddock =84. Music Festival =84. Paradise Nevada =84. Las Vegas NV =84. Las Vegas Massacre =84. Mandalay Resort Group =84. Jesuit =84. Queen Elizabeth II =84. Elizabeth II =184. #VegasStrong =84. 

Bag of Bones was done as a TV mini-series that aired 12/11/11, a span of exactly 303 weeks before the incident at Mandalay Bay with the pyramid of Luxor watching all. Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor =303. Saturn =303. Jesuit =33. Jason Aldean =33. Las Vegas =33. Las Vegas Strip =333. Las Vegas Nevada =133. October First Twenty Seventeen =3300. 

There’s also an avant-garde Danish film called Manderlay that explores racial inequality through eight chapters: the seventh called HARVEST. Like Route 91 Harvest, with the Saturn sacrifice symbolism we’ve covered previously. The film premiered at Cannes exactly 646 weeks before this event, The Worst Mass Shooting in US History =646/464. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas =1464. It also happened exactly 464 years after the coronation of Queen Mary I of England, speaking about coronations. Bloody Mary was succeeded by Elizabeth the First, for another connection there.

  • Manderlay =150. #VegasStrong =150. Las Vegas Strip =150. Route 91 Harvest =150. October First =150. Queen Elizabeth =150. They Don’t Know =150. It happened in Sin City EXACTLY 150 months after the 2005 release of Sin City. 
  • 150 months is exactly 12 years 6 months. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas =126. Las Vegas Village =1126. Joseph Michael Lombardo =1126. Paddock’s father was born on 11/1/26 and died age 26,011 days old. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas =260. The sequel to Sin City released 162 weeks before the staged massacre that also came 16 years 20 days after 9/11/01. The TV series Las Vegas was filmed at Mandalay Bay and premiered exactly five years after Bag of Bones published, or exactly 261 weeks. 

It happened on 10/1 a span of 1010 weeks after the release of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Paradise Nevada =1001. Antifa =101. Elizabeth II =101. Jesuit =110. MGM Resorts International =110. Joe Lombardo =110, the sheriff, took office 1001 days before the shooting hoax that the local police helped stage, though the orchestration would have come from way higher up.

Rebecca =222. Stephen King’s Bag of Bones =222. Jason Aldine Williams =202. October First =202. The Worst Mass Shooting in US History =202. Queen Elizabeth =202. Las Vegas Boulevard =220. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock =220 was exactly 2200 weeks old when he escaped from prison and there were 2200 people in the crowd.

Las Vegas Massacre Part II

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 2.22.13 PM.png

The Mandalay Bay Sniper is being associated with the Texas Tower Sniper, who climbed a clock tower at the University of Texas at Austin on 1 August 1966 and killed seventeen people. The events happened exactly 2670 weeks apart. Stephen Craig Paddock =267. Antifa =267. My notes on this number show that the CIA was formed exactly 267 weeks after the formation of its precursor, the Office of Strategic Services =267. Apollo 11 also landed on the moon 2067 days after the assassination of JFK. This October 28th, Donald Trump will be 26,070 days old.

We also need to discuss the importance of the 32nd floor in room 132. Paddock =132. Jason Aldean =132. Brian Sandoval =132. Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor =132/320. IHS =32. Route 91 Harvest =1032. Steve Paddock =1032. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock =1302. That’s Paddock’s father, a bank robber who made the FBI’s most-wanted list in 1969 after escaping from federal prison. The shooting happened exactly 132 weeks after Jason Aldean’s last wedding, which happened the day of the Brussels Bombing, and 132 days after the Manchester Attack.

  • The shooting happened exactly 90 years 11 months after the birth of father Ben Paddock; and what’s craziest about this 9-1-1 is it’s equivalent to exactly 1091 months. Lone Wolf =1091. Domestic Terrorist =191. Mandalay Bay Hotel =191. Mass Shooting =191. It happened 191 days before the birthday of Stephen Paddock =191 on the Thirty-Second Floor =91 with 91 days remaining in the year at the Route 91 festival at Las Vegas Village =91. Lone Wolf Terrorist =91. 
  • Lombardo =19. Burma =19/109. Mandalay Bay is named after the former capital of Burma, aka Myanmar (despite there being no actual bay in the city), which has been all over the news this past month for the Rohingya Refugee Crisis =119. Rohingya =91.

911 is the 156th prime number. False Flag =156. Steve Paddock =156. Benjamin Hoskins Paddock =1156. Paradise Nevada =156. Music Festival =156. Las Vegas Village =1506. Aldean had just began playing his song When She Says Baby =1056 when the shooting broke out. It happened 1056 days after the premier of American Sniper and exactly 56 years after the formation of the DIA =56 (Defense Intelligence Agency), America’s first centralized military espionage organization. Theresa May =56 was born in ’56 and celebrated her birthday at the same time as the shooting.

What’s with the only picture of this dude with his eyes closed?! Some eyes wide shut shit right there. And this pic of the dude covering his girl’s one eye is a new variation on the obligatory all-seeing eye symbol – as we showed the loose shoes in the last post. 

They’ve settled on 59 deaths excluding the shooter. Las Vegas =59. Las Vegas Strip =59. Mandalay Bay Hotel =159. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department =159. Music Festival =159. Mass Shooting =159. United States Defense Intelligence Agency =159. October First Twenty Seventeen =159. Lombardo =159. When She Says Baby =59. Kill =59. Live Nation =59. Aldean born on the 59th day of the year and the shooting happened exactly 59 years after NASA went operational.

  • Route Ninety-One Harvest =1028. Like the 10/28 date we identified with Trump. It happened exactly 1028 weeks after the death of Ben Paddock =28. Stephen Paddock =280. Jason Aldean =28 born as Jason Aldine Williams =280. When She Says Baby =28. Joseph Michael Lombardo =208. Mike Cronk =28, is the new Robbie Parker, with this ridiculous interview where he couldn’t stop smiling about his buddy shot three times in the chest who’s just fine.
  • Sheriff Lombardo was 20,051 days old for the incident in Las Vegas Village =251. Stephen Craig Paddock =251. Music Festival =1152. It happened exactly 25 weeks after Paddock’s birthday and 250 weeks after Sandy Hook.

Back to the Myanmar connection, the nation’s latest constitution was enacted on 3/30/11, which will be 6 years 6 months 6 days later on 10/5. The day before the shooting, Sheriff Lombardo was in office for 999 days. Antifa =666. October =666. Concert =666. 

The interview with Paddock’s brother is pretty crazy; the new Dr Wayne Carver, telling us about Stephen’s love for burritos. Then there’s the hispanic couple frantically warning people that they’re all gonna die, 45 minutes before the shooting, before being escorted out by security. And there’s the muzzle flashes from a window nearer the ground, fourth or six floor, visible from multiple amateur footages and directly conflicting the lone wolf on the 32nd floor. And a stand-out final line from the Wikipedia page: “Stock prices of firearms manufacturers rose the day after the mass shooting.” As they always do after these events, firearm manufacturing one of the only remaining industries in America.

I’m looking forward to someone discovering the predictive programming in a movie where someone was shooting out of a window into a crowd. It’s gotta be out there, and it’ll almost assuredly synch up duration-wise with more than one of the numbers we’ve covered in this two-part decipher. And awesome job on all the truth-sleuths contributing their finds! It’s an honour to facilitate a positive environment here, where everyone is helpful and supportive. Especially when other sources out there fuel such negativity and hatred. And for those who know what I’m talking about, I’d just like to say that along my world travels some of the most switched-on & aware truth sleuths I’ve ever met are from France. So, much love to the French, and the whole damn world – which is a mirror. And guess what: we get what we give.

Las Vegas Strip Shooting PsyOp

The deadliest shooting in US history happened on the Las Vegas Strip on 1 October 2017 when a gunman located on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel opened fire into the crowd of a Jason Aldean concert across the street, killing at least 59 people and injuring over 500. We talk about these events being ritual sacrifices to Saturn, the god of agriculture, and here’s a slaughter at a country music festival named Harvest. The shooter’s surname is Paddock, the word for a livestock enclosure, which is what the crowd was symbolically reduced to as the dance floor became an abattoir. Paddock was a retired accountant who became a multi-millionaire through real estate investments, reminding us of a certain game show host president.

It happened at the fourth-annual Route 91 Harvest country music festival, so we’d expect the number 91 to play a role. Indeed it happened with 91 days remaining in the year. Lone Wolf =1091. The shooter was Stephen Paddock =191 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel =191. Mass Shooting =191. It happened 191 days after the last shooting on the Vegas Strip killed one injured one and 191 days before Paddock’s birthday. Jason Aldean =190. October First =190. Music =91. Deception =91. PsyOp =91. Masonic Ritual Murders =91. Lone Wolf Terrorist =91. CIA =91. Playboy =191. Hugh Marston Hefner =191. Hugh =19 Hefner was 91 when he died and shares a birthday with Stephen Paddock =191. 

Hugh Hefner & Stephen Paddock were born on April 9th, exactly 27 years apart. What I find notable here is Hefner born in ’26 and Paddock in ’53, as Queen Elizabeth was born in ’26 and was coronated in ’53. Paddock =27. Mandalay Bay =27. The Jesuits =1207/ 270 were founded on the 27th day of September, their logo IHS =27. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas =207. Luxor =27/270. It happened 27 weeks before Paddock’s birthday.

  • Stephen Craig Paddock =109 is from the town of Mesquite =109. Psychological Warfare =109. Saturn =119. Harvest =119. Agriculture =119. It happened on numerology of (1+1+17)=19 in Paradise Nevada =119 exactly 19 weeks after the Manchester Attack and 1 year 10 months 19 days after the Paris Attacks (also with a staged shooting on the dancefloor); the cops recovered 19 firearms in Paddock’s home. Aldean has 19 number 1 hits (sure to be his 20th written about the incident). Freemason =191. House of Windsor =191. The British Crown =191. Elizabeth II =191 and she’s 91. Queen =19/91. Society of Jesus =191. Aka the Jesuit Order.

191 is the 43rd prime number and Mandalay Bay has 43 stories, perfectly designed to its gematria. Las Vegas Nevada =43. Las Vegas Strip =43. The Luxor =403. Elizabeth =403/43. Massacre =43. Aldean earns $43 million per year. The Grim Reaper =143. October First =143. October First Two Thousand Seventeen =143. The Worst Mass Shooting in US History =143. It happened 33,400 days after the birth of Queen Elizabeth and 3044 days after the Crash of Flight 447. Stephen Craig Paddock =334. The sheriff Joe Lombardo =43 assumed office exactly 143 weeks before the shooting.

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 10.28.17 AM.png

The Jesuits celebrated their 477th birthday on 9/28. Ritual Sacrifice =477. This new deadliest US shooting happened 4470 days after the 7/7 London Bombing and 477 days after the last deadliest US shooting, at the Pulse Club in Orlando – Paddock’s home town. On October 4th, Jason Aldean will be 40 years 7 months 7 days old. It happened across from the Luxor, the pyramid-shaped hotel with 4,047 rooms during Queen Elizabeth’s 4771st week of being alive. The 447 reminds me of Air France Flight 447 that crashed in the Atlantic between Rio & Paris.

  • Las Vegas Nevada =47/1470. Mandalay Bay Hotel =147. Route Ninety-One =74. Las Vegas Strip =74. Stephen Craig Paddock =74. Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas =714. Paradise Nevada =741/47. Saturn =741. Grim Reaper =407. Joe Lombardo =47. October First Twenty Seventeen =470/147. October =74. October First =174. The shooting happened 7 months 4 days after Aldean’s birthday and his latest album is titled They Don’t Know =174. Paddock was born 7 weeks 4 days before the coronation of Elizabeth II =74. Queen Elizabeth =174. Queen Elizabeth II =174. The shooting happened 174 days after the birthday of Stephen Craig Paddock =1074. 

The 47th prime is 211. Las Vegas Nevada =211. Las Vegas Strip Shooting =211. Mass Shooting =211. Music Festival =211. Jason Aldine Williams =211. Route Ninety-One Harvest =112. Abattoir =112. Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen By the Grace of God Queen of This Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120 and she was married on 11/20. The 1120th prime number is 9011.

This staged event at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Las Vegas =162 happened 16 years 20 days after 9/11/01. Jason Aldean They Don’t Know =1620. Grim Reaper =162. Joe Lombardo =162. Paddock =162. Stephen Paddock =62. Route Ninety-One =62. October First =62. The Jesuits =62. Queen =62 who was coronated on 6/2. 

  • It was the deadliest shooting since the Pulse Massacre in Orlando on 6/12/16, which was exactly 68 weeks earlier. Route Ninety-One =1068. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department =1680. The Jesuits =168. Las Vegas Strip =168. They Don’t Know =168. Paddock =68. It happened 6 months 8 days after the last Vegas Strip shooting and 6 months 8 days before Paddock’s birthday.

We’ve been showing how important 117 is, especially with the Barcelona Attack that happened in the 1,107th minute a span of 117 hours after the Charlottesville Attack, 11,107 days after the last Barcelona terror attack, and exactly 701 weeks after the Madrid Bombing. And now this one in Las Vegas Nevada =117 on 1/10/17, which is 1 year 10 months 17 days after the Paris Attacks, if we exclude end date. Paddock =107. IHS =107. Mandalay Bay’s second tower has 1117 suites. Coronation =117. Royal Family =1017. Monarch =117. England =117. Invictus =117. Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor =117 which was an occult secret society that predated OTO and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

There’s obviously lots more here so we’ll be doing some follow-up reports. I haven’t even watched any video yet as I’d been on a road trip across the UK. Some people who say most of these staged shootings are hoaxes are saying this one actually happened as a false flag with multiple snipers, and a friend of a friend was there and running away beside a lady who got dropped. But when I look at the images I see a lot of the trademarks of a staged event, like the conflicting body language of someone in the focal acting terrified while people in the background are totally nonchalant. What do you reckon?