Porn Stars Twins Trick

August Ames & Shyla Stylez, two Canadian porn stars, have both died recently – and very much by the numbers. Shyla (aka Amanda Friedland) was from BC, performed in more than 400 movies, and made the AVN Hall of Fame last year before being found dead at her mother’s house on 9 November 2017. August (aka Mercedes Grabowski) was from Nova Scotia, performed in some 290 movies, and won two AVN awards in 2015 before allegedly committing suicide on 5 December 2017 after being roasted on Twitter for cyberbullying.

August Ames =46/36/40. Shyla Stylez =46/36/40.

It’s been pointed out their initials are both 11. AA=11. SS=11. But leaving it here and moving on is such a disservice to the decode, as it’s very easy to see that they were both born on the 23rd of the month, which means the duration between their births will produce a nice clean number for us.

And sure enough, they were born exactly 11 years 11 months apart. I mean c’mon. Either the universe is doing some crazy shit or these two ladies were ritually sacrificed. August Ames + Shyla Stylez =110. Same as their real surnames: Grabowski + Friedland =110 and their real first names: Mercedes + Amanda =101.

  • Porn =11. Ames =11. Stylez died 11 weeks 1 day before the 2018 AVN Awards Ceremony, the Oscars for Porn, where you know there’s gonna be a dual tribute to these gals. There was a lesser known porn star named Tera Bond =101 who just died on 10/11 of this year, for another score.

11 years 11 months is exactly 143 months apart. August Ames =143 was married to Kevin Moore =143. Porn Queen =143. Mercedes + Amanda =43. Richard Basciano =431, known as the Porn King of Times Square (keeping with the royalty theme) died this year on May 1st.

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 11.19.54 AM.png

August Ames =62 aka Mercedes Grabowski =1062 and Shyla Stylez =62 aka Amanda Friedland =62 have died 26 days apart. August + Shyla =62/206. Pornography =62/1206. Porno =62. Triple X =206. 

  • Stylez =26. Ames =126 was born on numerology of 8+2+3+(19+94) =126 and died with 26 days remaining in the year, 262 days before her birthday. Queen =26/62 and these two women are both considered Porn Queens =126. The obituary for Stylez featured a reference to Marilyn Monroe, who was born in ’26 and killed in ’62. 

Porn =270/27. Pornography =72. XXX =72. August Ames + Shyla Stylez =72. August Ames =172. Shyla Stylez =127. 

Here’s a link to an article called World Famous Porn Stars Who Died in the Most Mysterious Ways. As we do over here at the Extra-Capsa corner (where we understand that this game is very much experimental) it’s rewarding to draw long strings between dates and see what patterns emerge so have at it if you’re interested. I’ve found a few.

  • Lolo Ferrari, the woman with the world’s largest breasts, was suffocated to death with no one ever convicted and 9 years 9 months 6 days later (XXX=666) Andrew Grande also suffocated to death, trying to swallow a bag of weed while being arrested. 6x6x6 =216. Adult Entertainers =216. Shyla Stylez was exactly 21 years 6 months old when the body of Canadian porn star Taylor Summers was discovered, murdered by her photographer, 1999 days before the brutal murder of porn star Felicia Tang.

We see the 79/97 sequence repeating as well. Stylez =79 died 11 years 7 months 9 days after the mysterious death of Angela Devi. August Ames =179 died exactly 17 years 9 months after Lolo Ferrari and was exactly 9 years 7 months old when the body of Taylor Summers was discovered. Adult Entertainer =790. Pornography =179. Marilyn Monroe =179. Porn Actresses =179. Ritual Murders =179. 


9/11 Numerology & Long Count Synchs

My apologies for the delay in posts, I’ve been working overtime on the book. Here’s a teaser that will focus solely on the 911/119 coding on the September 11th False Flag. And I continue to find huge examples that confirm the long count as one of (if not the) most important factors in the Alphanumeric Program. As you’ll see, the bigger the sequence synchronization the more powerful (and thus persuasive) it appears. This post is a page from my notes, and it’s a bit long to make up for all the days of absence and will probably take several reads to properly absorb all the information, but I’ve included several links (that open in new windows) so you can go down the rabbit holes of some related incidents I’d never heard of until the last couple weeks.

9/11/01 appeared a perfectly parallel span of 90 years 11 months 10 days after the Los Angeles Times Bombing of 1/10/1910, the first terrorist bombing of a building in the history of the United States. It was dynamited by the McNamara Brothers, anarchists opposed to capitalism, who were arrested in 1911. We find another massively coded clue when we calculate the full name of the union to which the domestic terrorist brothers belonged: International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers =911 (in English Ordinal) and =1119 (in Francis Bacon). This is a perfect example of how this all functions.

  • Anarchy =119. Anarchist =119. McNamara =116. The LA Times Bombing also came a span of 9 years 11 months 16 days before the Wall Street Bombing. Notice the doubly reinforced sequence 9-11-16 encoded into the first false flag terror attacks in America on media and finance. It’s important to point out that eye-sight is processed upside down in the brain, so 116 reaches the subconscious mind as 119 or 911.
  • The Office of Naval Intelligence (the first intelligence agency in North America) was founded in 1882, a span of 91 years 11 days before the World Trade Center opened and 119 years before 9/11/01. So we could say it was a tribute coded to the Intelligence Community as well, and we’d be right.

The Islamic State =911. Jihadists =911. World Trade =119. The World Trade Center Twin Towers =119. Tower 7 was the Salomon Brothers Building =119. The Pentagon =119. Airplane Crash =119. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed =119. Hani Hanjour =119. Cheney =119. US Embassy =119. USA =119. And the Twin Towers were even aligned to a heading of 119 degrees, the date of their destruction encoded right into the blueprints.

The World Trade Center officially became the world’s tallest building on 10/19 of 1970. The first tower to fall collapsed completely in 11 seconds, the second in 9 seconds. The 7/7 London Bombings took place at 8:49 AM, or 11 to 9. The Madrid Train Bombings of 3/11/04 happened 911 days after 9/11. We’ve used those ones a few times now but I don’t think we’ve heard of these:

  • The three-alarm fire that broke out on the 11th floor of the North Tower on 13 February 1975 happened 1 year 10 months 9 days after the World Trade Center’s grand opening (the ceremony 60 years 11 months after the Titanic sunk). The Pentagon opened 1 year 1 month 9 days after Pearl Harbor and NORAD formed 9 years 11 months after the formation of the CIA. The 2017 Halloween Attack (just down the street from Ground Zero) happened 9011 days after the ’93 Bombing. 

The WTC Project was approved by the Port of New York =1911 a span of 9 months 11 days after the birthday of Larry A Silverstein =119 who signed the WTC lease (7/24/01) a span of 1 month 19 days before 9/11/01. In 1980 Silverstein also won a bid to construct Tower 7, aka Seven World Trade Center =119. Federal Reserve Act =1190. September Eleventh Attacks =116/1109.

And we could stop here having shown more than enough examples – but as always, Gematria is the gift that keeps on giving. Especially when we experiment with new methods and techniques and compile the evidence, as I’ve done for the long-count veracity. Now what I’ve done here to start is used this timeline of key dates in the history of the Twin Towers and went through the process of correlating them to each other as well as to other key “birth” dates, such as the CIA founded on 9/18/47 and the Mossad on 12/13/49. And the patterns continue to repeat.

Psychological Operation =1116. The Twin Pillars =1116. Day Which Will Live In Infamy =1116. We find this sequence repeating often as well, a perfect mirror of the date 9-11-01. The ’93 Bombing happened 111 weeks 6 days after the Oklahoma City Bombing. Usama Bin Laden =116 (killed exactly 119 weeks after Obama took office) was introduced to the world with the US Embassy Bombing =1116 and became the 1st General Emir of Al-Qaeda on 11 August 1988, a span of 10,016 days after Port approval for the WTC project, its proverbial date of inception.

There’s an incident from 16 March 1970 that is perfectly symbolic. Four separate explosions went off during construction of the Twin Towers (like the four hijacked airliner explosions) less than half an hour after a bomb threat was called into the site – an apparent totally unrelated hoax that police called coincidental (read the NY Times article here). So funny, especially when we see that so many threads from that date produce A+ juicy sequences.

  • I’ve called that ritual event the Explosion Coincidence of 1970, and it struck a too good not be staged span of 1116 days before 9/11/01… I mean c’mon. It also happened 11,190 days after the first fatal airplane hijacking in history.
  • The same sequence, 1116 weeks before 9/11, there was an evacuation on the 106th floor due to electrical fire. The Patriot Act was signed 1116 weeks after the Statue of Liberty was damaged in the Black Tom Explosion.

On 15 February 1964, the New York Times published an article concerning the safety of the World Trade Center in the case of an airplane crashing into the Twin Towers, a structural engineering firm proving that “if a tower were hit by an airliner at 600 miles per hour, the damage to the tower would be only local and its occupants outside the immediate area of impact would not be endangered.” (Read the original article here). Exactly 9 years 11 days after it published was the ’93 Bombing. Too perfect.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 3.04.40 PM.png

Mass Media Initiation Ritual =119/1160. Jachin and Boaz =116. On 20 February 1981 an Aerolíneas Argentinas 707 (another AA=11 and another 77) airliner heading for a possible collision with the North Tower makes an emergency turn less than 90 seconds from impact. A search reveals that another Aerolíneas Argentinas 707 aircraft crashed due to severe turbulence on 4 Feb 70, another similar span of 11 years 16 days before the 1981 near-miss. The WTC was completely evacuated on 3 August 1977 following a series of bomb threats and bombings in two other buildings by radical Puerto Rican separatists, 10,911 days after the CIA was founded.

  • On 26 May 1977 a man named George Willig climbed the South Tower with special clamps he made himself as crowds watch from below. His mother was a survivor of the 1945 incident in which an Army bomber crashed into the 79th floor of the Empire State Building, where she was working at the time. George Willig =1119 was born on 6/11 and his climb happened 6 years 11 months 11 days after the Explosion Coincidence of 1970 and exactly 119 weeks after the ’75 Fire.

The previous title holder for tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building, experienced a similar event when a B-52 Mitchell Bomber from the US Army piloting through heavy fog crashed into the skyscraper on 28 July 1945, causing fourteen deaths. That collision on the Empire State =116 piloted by William Franklin Smith =116 occurred 11 months 9 days before the birth of George W Bush (born 1 month 16 days after the 40 Wall St Plane Crash) and 111 weeks 6 days before the formation of the CIA (and 1600 days before the formation of the Mossad). The Wall Street Plane Crash came 10 years 1 month 16 days before the Mossad was formed.

I hope you guys got a few good WOW-moments out of these finds like I did. As you know, I find the predictive programming stuff to be the most fascinating shit around so I go pretty deep into it. And I’m gonna be releasing the sections in instalments because it’s already taken way too long to finish the entire book as a whole. So it shouldn’t be too much longer! I’m almost ready to set a date and commit to it… Living by the beach in Southern Turkey for the next few months where the inspiration is fully charged.


David Cassidy & The Partridge Family Temple

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.28.36 AM.png

Former teen idol David Cassidy, best known for playing Keith on The Partridge Family, has passed away on 21 November 2017 at the age of 67. The man who once had a larger fan club than both the Beatles & Elvis was admitted to the hospital for complications of dementia on the 18th, the very day that AC/DC’s Malcolm Young died of dementia. Cassidy was born on April 12th, which reminds me of the Queen’s April 21st birthday (the day Prince died on) and as Cassidy died the day after the Queen’s 70th wedding anniversary on 11/20, we can start by seeking tribute connections to her.

Cassidy =26. Keith =26. The Partridge Family =206. Partridge Family =1262. Queen =26/62 born in ’26 took throne on 2/6 coronated on 6/2 and married at 1126 weeks old. Crown =26/62. Her Majesty the Queen =1602. Teen Idol =126. Another teen idol is Ariana Grande born 6/26 and David died 26 weeks 2 days after her concert bombing. David’s stepmother is Shirley Jones, 16 years 12 days older than him, and she plays his mother on the show, also named Shirley =612. David’s father was actor Jack Cassidy, who died when David was 26 years old.

  • In fact, David =32 was aged precisely 26 years 8 months when his dad died, or 320 months old to be exact. Queen =320. David Cassidy =32 died of Dementia =32 exactly 32 weeks after his birthday and 20 weeks 3 days before his next. Partridge Family Temple =1032 was a religious group the show spawned.
  • And as today is the anniversary of the JFK =132 Assassination, we can point out that JFK Jr was killed a clean 13,020 days after the death of his father (exactly 1860 weeks). Kennedy =132. Freemason =32. We find another parallel here as David died 11,320 days after the birth of his daughter Katie Cassidy.

JFK Jr died at the of exactly 2016 weeks old. Cassidy was the third cast member to pass away, the other two coded to the same specifications. Suzanne Crough =162 just happened to go 2 years 6 months 26 days before the death of Cassidy, while Dave Madden died 200 weeks 6 days earlier. Sacrifice =206. The Central Intelligence Agency =262. Princess Diana =262. The British Empire =262. Queen of the United Kingdom =262. Further, as we keep seeing gorgeous durations synched with the royal children, Cassidy died when Princess Charlotte was 2 years 6 months 20 days old.

With the Queen born on the 21st and Cassidy dying on the 21st, we can look for a long count and find exactly 91 years 7 months. In the English Extended method, Cassidy =917 and he died 7 months 9 days after his birthday. Keith Partridge =79. Keith =79. Dementia =97. The Partridge Family =197 was based on the real life musical family The Cowsills =197 and the show premiered in 1970. Partridge Family Temple =970. The Partridge Family cartoon aired on 9/7. 

  • The series premiered when David Bruce Cassidy =67 was 1067 weeks old and its finale came 7600 days after the Queen’s coronation. Cassidy was admitted to the hospital 6700 days after the 16/7 death of JFK Junior, another heart throb. Blood Sacrifice =67. Freemasonry =67. 

Then you know the next step is breaking 91 years 7 months down further into exactly 1099 months after the Queen’s birth. David Keith Cassidy =199 (Kabbalah) for a perfect match. David Keith Cassidy =169. Teen Idol =166. Heart Throb =690. Queen Elizabeth =69/66. Shirley Jones =990/66. Freemason =96. Partridge Family Temple =96. Keith Partridge =906 and there were 96 episodes of the show. David =66. And for a real beauty to connect this up with the Queen (actually the first duration I searched in this investigation) David Cassidy =66 born on 66 numerology was 666 days old when Elizabeth II took the throne.

Her Majesty the Queen =1314. Partridge =413. The show aired 413 days after the Tate Murders and Cassidy died the day after Charlie Manson =1314, and 3 years 10 months 4 days after his costar Dave Madden. His father’s full name also fits the Pi bill: John Joseph Edward Jack Cassidy =314. Dementia =314. 

  • Keith Partridge =227. Cassidy was admitted to the hospital 17,220 days after Partridge Family premiered then died 7 months 22 days after the birthday of his stepmom Shirley Mae Jones =227. Jack Cassidy himself died 7 months 22 days after the Queen’s birthday and 1227 weeks after her coronation. John F Kennedy Jr =314/1314 died 7 months 22 days after his birthday. David’s daugther Katie Cassidy =722 in JG.
  • Prince George was born on 7/22 and on 11/26 he’ll be exactly 227 weeks old so especially with the 126 coding, watch for this day for a big sacrifice – especially as that day will also be 20 years 2 months 27 days after the death of Diana.

Partridge =124/42. David =240. David Cassidy =204 was born on 4/12 and Partridge Family =241 aired 412 days after the Tate Murders and wrapped up exactly 241 weeks later. Charles Manson =124/142. Her Majesty =124/42. Queen Elizabeth =142/240 born on 4/21. Cassidy died 142 days before his own birthday – and on the day that current teen idol Harry Styles was exactly 1242 weeks old, and exactly one moth later Justin Bieber =1142 (JG) will be exactly 1242 weeks old as well. Selena Gomez =242. 

The partridge is a symbol of fertility and is widely associated with lunar forces. In Greek lore, it was believed to be a person transformed into a bird, which has led to its significance in alchemy as assisting in creation and transmutation. In the biblical tradition, the partridge represents the deceitful ways of the devil, as the bird is known to steal eggs from other birds and hatch them as its own – like the whole stealing souls concept, inextricably woven with Hollywood.

Queen Elizabeth the Second Queen By the Grace of God Queen of This Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120 was married on 11/20 and coronated 1 month 12 days after her birthday. David Cassidy died on 21/11 and his dad Jack Cassidy =1211 was born 10 months 12 days after the birth of the Queen. The Partridge Family ended 11 months 2 days after the Queen’s birthday and 11 months 12 days after David’s. Again they were based on the real band the Cowsills =112. Partridge Family Temple =211. Mason =211. Freemason =112. 

  • Freemason =411. David Cassidy =114 died 4 months 11 days before Shirley’s birthday and 40 years 11 months 10 days after Jack, who died 4 months 1 day before David’s 27th birthday. Counting days between, Partridge Family aired 411 days after the Tate Murders. JFK Jr died at the age of 14,111 days old.

Prince George was exactly 4 years 4 months old for the death of Cassidy =44 which means that on our sacrifice target 11/26 he’ll be 4 years 4 months 4 days old. Mix that with his exactly 227 weeks of life (and Diana’s own 227 connect) and there’s little to no way that day will go without either a staged terror attack or the death of a celeb.

Check it out, they did a Jetsons spinoff cartoon set in the year 2200 AD. Why? Partridge Family =220 in Kabbalah. 22 the Master Builder Number =220. Prince George =202. Queen Elizabeth =202 was married exactly 220 weeks before her father died and she took the throne, and she was coronated 2020 days after her wedding. The CIA was founded 2 weeks 2 days after her wedding. Cassidy died 20 years 2 months 22 days after the death of Princess Diana. Partridge Family Temple =222. British Royal Family =222.

  • Based on the Queen’s 70th wedding anniversary, imagining the consecutive ritual sacrifices of Malcolm Young, Charles Manson & David Cassidy are all her anniversary gifts. 70 years is exactly 840 months. David Cassidy =84. David Bruce Cassidy =84 his hit single I Think I Love You =84. Selena Gomez =184 and Justin Beiber =804 were born exactly 84 weeks apart. Jesuit =84 and other stuff too of course but what matters is thematic synchs, not every time you see 135 stating that it definitively means The Key of David.

Last one I’ll bring up with regards to our November 26th target is that’s exactly 1056 weeks after the death of Princess Diana. John F Kennedy Jr was exactly 156 weeks old when his old man was assassinated. False Flag =156. Also on 11/28 (33 days remaining) Trump will be exactly 26,100 days old; then on 8 March 2018 he’ll be 26,200 days.

The Charles Manson Hoax

Charles Manson died in prison on 19 November 2017 at the age of 83, less than a week after I discussed him in my Kingsman Church Massacre post ft Marilyn Manson, the shock rocker named after the folk musician turned cult leader. I’ve been looking into this whole Manson Family story, and man did it ever come at just the time to be the ultimate buzz kill. 1969 and the peak of the hippy movement, two weeks after the Moon Landing and one week before Woodstock. Flower power and free love. Then on August 9th the horror of the Tate Murders is broadcast to the nation. Pure psychological warfare designed and programmed to crush the spirits of those beginning to question authority.

Indeed with our 21st century hindsight and understanding of cause & effect, it becomes obvious that the culprit there was not the 5’3″ ex-con bum named Manson but rather the black op programs like COINTELPRO (FBI) and Project CHAOS (CIA), covert government operations designed to infiltrate truth-seeker movements like the hippies – and thus the anti-war protestors – in order to “misdirect, discredit or otherwise neutralize.” It becomes obvious that the targets weren’t Sharon Tate and her rich actor buddies but the American psyche. And the Manson Murders perfectly fit the agenda of the occult elite. Successfully derailing the hippy & anti-war movements, we can now quite clearly see that the Manson Family Murders was one of the original made-for-TV hoaxes, fake deaths and actors following scripts, all produced and directed by the spooks in military intelligence for the purposes of mass mind control.

Manson =26/62. And we’ll see this old pattern in full force yet again. Charles =62. Charles Manson =62. He died on November Nineteenth =260. The Tate Murders =1206/1062 happened on August Ninth =206 in LA’s Benedict Canyon =126/62 and were carried out by Family member Charles Denton Tex Watson =126. Charles Denton Watson =206/262 was said to be following orders from the other Charles.

Tate =206/26/62. Indeed the name of the main celebrity victim is coded similarly, in all variations: Sharon Polanski =206/162. Sharon Tate-Polanski =206/260. Sharon Marie Polanski =206. One of Hollywood’s biggest upcoming stars, Sharon was 26 years old and “died” 1 year 6 months 20 days after her marriage to Rajmund Roman Thierry Polanski =162. Her funeral was held 6 months 20 days after her 26th birthday. And it keeps going because this psychological operation occurred just 2 weeks 6 days after the staged Moon Landing Hoax.

  • CHAOS =26. COINTEL =260. And for yet another gem, Sharon Tate’s funeral was held exactly 1026 weeks after the formation of The Mossad =206. 
  • The Tate Murders also happened exactly 262 weeks after The Gulf of Tonkin Incident =126/261 which connects as a false flag with entertainment industry ties because the commander of US Forces during that Tonkin hoax was none other than Jim Morrison’s father, which is all connected to the Laurel Canyon scene and the military intelligence control of pop music and propaganda. Jim’s hairdresser, Jim Sebring =162, was allegedly killed alongside Tate and the heiress to the Folgers Coffee fortune.

Folgers Coffee =162. Which reminds us of the first commercial to air after the news of JFK’s assassination broke, the ad for Nescafe (Folgers main competition) with the hypnotist’s pendulum. Neil Young wrote a song about Manson called Revolution Blues =262/1260. AntiWar Protests =206. Sacrifice =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. Mass Murderer =206. Manson Family Murders =1206 (JG). Psychological Operations =1206. 

Helter Skelter =162 was Manson’s vision of an apocalyptic race war that he would start and later lead, with the murders intended to be blamed on the Black Panthers (another group massively infiltrated by COINTELPRO). Of course that name is the Beatles song from The White Album =602 which Manson believed was full of coded messages. The record released on 11/22/68, or a perfect 260 days before the Tate Murders. Manson was admitted to prison 620 days later.

As if we need any more proof of the power of this sequence, we got another bomb: Add 6 years 26 days to the Tate Murders of 8/9/69 and we have the attempted assassination of President Gerald Ford =260 by a Manson Family member, a 26-y/o woman coded perfectly in Satanic Gematria: Lynette Fromme =626. Gerald Ford =126. Lynette Fromme =1026 was an environmentalist protesting pollution with an empty gun, and very obviously another COINTELPRO/CHAOS stunt designed to “misdirect, discredit or otherwise neutralize” the environmental movement, and continue to drag out the Manson hoax in order to terrorize the population.

The Tate Murders also happened 1 year 1 month 26 days (or 60 weeks 2 days) after the release of Rosemary’s Baby, the Roman Polanski film about the evil cult that wants to kidnap a woman’s infant for Satanic rituals. And we’re made to believe it’s a coincidence that Polanski’s pregnant wife, an actress, is killed in a Satanic murder alongside other actors in the home of a director of Satanic murder movies. Indeed it’s not much of a stretch to suggest that Polanski (conveniently out of town at the time) was involved in producing this psy-op, along with Sharon Tate’s father – a colonel in army intelligence. I mean c’mon. Manson’s father was also one Colonel Scott.

The mainstream story also has Sharon’s father going undercover as a hippy to find the killers, as if he hadn’t already infiltrated the movement to help produce this manufactured tragedy. The Manson Family also hilariously lived on a movie set, squatting for free (and apparently above the law) at Spahn Ranch, which clearly appears to be the staging ground for this hoax.

  • FUN FACT: Trent Reznor =162 of Nine Inch Nails was the final tenant of the mansion before its 1994 demolition, setting up a studio there called Le Pig where he recorded most of his breakout album, The Downward Spiral =1260/206. Downward Spiral =1206/1602. 
  • Nine Inch Nails =247 and The Downward Spiral released exactly 24 years 7 months after the Tate Murders. Cognitive Distortion =247.

I’ve previously discussed this pattern of exactly five year spans with regards to the entertainment & military industries, such as Kurt Cobain born exactly 5 YEARS after John Glenn made the first orbit of Earth and the Moon Landing occurring exactly 5 YEARS after the birth of Chris Cornell. We find two more here: Beatles’ White Album released exactly 5 YEARS after the JFK Assassination and Nixon resigned exactly 5 YEARS after the Tate Murders. Five Years =162 equal to exactly 261 weeks. Lookout Mountain =216 (the military film studio said to be the operations command for the psy-op). Mass Mind Control =216 (6x6x6).

Manson’s mugshot begins with the digits 996 and lo and behold, he died one week after turning exactly 996 months old (83 years x 12 months). Los Angeles =966. The CIA =696. A Cult Leader =669. Hoax =669. Moon Landing Hoax =996. The Tate Murders happened in 1969. And as we prove time and time again, any triplet variation of 6/9 can stand in for 666. COINTEL =666. Black Panther =666. The Family =999. The Murder Hoax happened 196 days after Tate’s birthday and 169 days before her next, her funeral held 9699 days after her birth.

Charles Mille Manson =112 was born on 11/12 a span of 11 years 20 days before the birth of Charles Denton Watson =112 who in turn committed the murders 11 months 20 days before Roman Polanski’s birthday. Tate-Polanski =112. Charles Tex Watson =211. Los Angeles =211. Los Angeles California =211. The Black Panther Party =211. Mason =211. 

  • Neil Young =1211 was also born on 11/12, exactly 11 years after the birth of Manson, and Neil was a supporter of Manson’s music back in the Laurel Canyon days before the psyop went down. Masonic Mind Control =211. Shadow Government =2110. 

Another interesting detail is that the next film from Quentin Tarantino =211 just happens to be a Charles Manson biopic. Tarantino =112. The project had been picked up by Sony Studios just two days before the alleged death of Manson, which now comes as a total Publicity Stunt =211 for the upcoming flick – which will probably be privately screened for Charlie & Sharon and the whole cast of the Tate Murders Hoax.


The Manson Family =830 (JG) and Charles Manson =83 died at age 83. Murder =83. Mass Murder =183. Laurel Canyon =183. Neil Percival Young =803/83 and his song Revolution Blues released 1083 days after the Tate Murders. And we’ve had some readers mentioning the association with the Young Brothers from AC/DC, Malcolm dying the day before Charles. Anti-War Protests =83/1308. Sharon Tate-Polanski =83/1308. Tex Watson =38. The Manson Family =1380. Trent Reznor =1038. Death =38. 

  • John Lennon was assassinated exactly 11 years 4 months after the Tate Murders. Assassin =411. Freemason =41. Charles Tex Watson =411. Apocalyptic Race War =1140. Neil Young =114. Morrison =114. Psychological Operation =114. The Mossad =114. And Lennon’s death is curiously connected as we have Manson basing his Helter Skelter scenario on the Beatles album and Polanski filming Rosemary’s Baby at the Dakota Apartments in Manhattan – which happened to be John Lennon’s home where he was shot.

Nineteen Sixty-Nine =1404. Rajmund Roman Thierry Polanski =144. Tate =44. The Tate Murders happened with 144 days remaining in the year. The Family =144. Killer =144. Kill =44. MK Ultra =441. Woodstock =44/440. Hippy =444. Hippies =44. CHAOS =44. Aquarius =44. Manson Family Murders =1440. 

The Manson Trial was one of the longest and most expensive trials in history, a total media circus and mockery where all the characters were photogenic and the defense rested without calling a single witness. Manson’s attorney Ronald Hughes vanished during the trial while on a camping trip, his body discovered four months later – on the same day the jury returned death penalty verdicts against all the defendants on all counts. It all really gets more and more outrageous the closer you look. I won’t post here but the autopsy photos are a dead giveaway as well. As are all the prison interviews, which very strongly suggest that none of the actors spent more than a day behind bars.

  • I’m reminded of Operation Northwoods (read here) from 1962 that outlines several false flag strategies “designed to lead inexorably to the objective of adequate justification for US military intervention in Cuba.” In particular page 8 that suggests the faking of deaths as a “well-coordinated incident to establish credible attack.” As we see here in the Manson Murders, there is a very strong precedent for this sort of operation, where especially with celebrities / intelligence operatives there appears to be the fake death option to retire form the limelight. The tell-tale quote from Northwoods: “Conduct funerals for mock victims.”

Helter Skelter =314. Here we find the Pi-coded password, as to Manson it meant: Race War =314. Sharon Tate’s unborn child by father Roman Polanski =314 was posthumously named Paul Richard Polanski =413. Charles Manson Family =413. The NBC program Aquarius about Charlie Manson =1314 ran for 1 year 3 months 14 days. The couple killed the day after the Tate Murders and blamed on the Manson Family were Leno and Rosemary LaBianca =314. 

  • Military Intelligence =314. Operation CHAOS =1314. COINTEL =227. 

Nine Inch Nails =314 in Jewish Gematria, perfectly coded to move into the Tate House and record Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral =314. California State Prison Corcoran =314 is where Manson was supposedly incarcerated and John Lennon died at the Pi age of 40 years 1 month 30 days. Charles Denton Watson =227. The Charles Manson Family =227. The Moon Landing =227. Nixon resigned after 2027 days. Mind-Controlled =314.

“I believe what I’m told to believe, don’t you?” – Charles Manson

For more information on the conspiracy, read this great article: The Tate Murders Were a False Flag (and the Greatest Success Story of Project CHAOS) by Miles Mathis.

AC/DC Die Young

Malcolm Young, co-founder and lead guitarist of AC/DC, has passed away on 18 November 2017 at the age of 64, less than a month after the death of his and Angus’s older brother George Young, another rocker in the family. When we see that Malcolm & George were both born on the 6th day of the months we know we’re in store for a good long count, one of many mind-blowing synchs in this post, so take your time with it.

Malcolm born on 6 January 1953 and George on 6 November 1946 means their births came exactly 6 YEARS 2 MONTHS apart – then they died 26 DAYS apart. Quite astonishing when we consider that nearly every single post of mine for the past several months has featured the 26/62 coding in full effect, cyphers notwithstanding. Yet if we were to incorporate some Gematria we’d probably start by pointing out how AC/DC is said to be an occult acronym for either “Anti-Christ Death to Christ” =1626/260 or “Anti-Christ Devil’s Child” =262. Take your pick, as both are coded up.

  • And the official acronym works as well: Alternating Current Direct Current =1620. Which reminds us of the so-called Current War between Nikola Tesla & Thomas Edison =261/126. The winner was Edison with his Direct Current =162 (because it was profitable) and incredibly, Edison & Tesla died a span of 16 years 2 months apart. Malcolm was replaced by his nephew Stevie Young =162.

Bon Scott died 206 days after his own birthday. George Redburn Young =1262/261 died a parallel span of 206 days (or 6 months 21 days) after the 62nd birthday of Angus Young =126. Malcolm + George =1260. Rockstar Family =1026. The Youngs =126. AC/DC hailing from Australia =126. All this points to a blood sacrifice for Angus, paying his club dues. Sacrifice =206. Saturn Sacrifice =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. We could wrap this post up here and it’d be solid but the shit don’t stop and neither do we.

Angus =26 borrowed the Duckwalk =26 from Chuck Berry, aka Charles Edward Anderson Berry =126/162 who just died this year, pronounced dead at 1:26 PM on March Eighteenth =261. Chuck =26 was born in ’26 — amazingly a span of exactly 261 weeks before the death of Thomas Edison (that’s five years apart on October 18th). We could perceive Rock N’ Roll as a celebration of electricity, the Satanism aspect associated with Lucifer the light-bringer. Hard Rock =26. Back in Black =26. For Those About To Rock We Salute You =126. Twins Trick =126. 

  • Now get this: Malcolm Young died on the same day as jazz drummer Ben Riley =126, as well as Olympic gold medalists Gillian Rolton =626 and Naim Suleimanov =1260, both of whom competed in the ’92 Summer Olympics =1206/1062 in Barcelona. That’s crazy eh? Two Olympians from the same games dying on the same day as Malcolm Young… I don’t know about you but it smells like a riddle here.

Now the thing about that 6 years 2 months span between Malcolm & George’s births is that it’s exactly 74 months. Another huge number. Malcolm Mitchell Young =74 died 74 years after the death of Tesla with his Alternating Current =74. Thomas Edison =74/174 died with 74 days remaining. Thunderstruck =74. Hard Rock =74. Rock and Roll =174. Lucifer =74. Devil =74. Occult =74. Masonic =74. Etc, etc.

Rockstar =666. Ronald Belford Bon Scott =969 died when Malcolm Young =906 was 9906 days old and Malcolm died 1969 weeks after the death of Ronald Scott =66. Chuck Berry =66/166 born on March Eighteenth =669. Australian =696. Twin Trick =696.

  • AC/DC =66. Youngs =606/69. Rock and Roll =66. Tesla + Edison =66. Stevie Young =1606. Thunderstruck =166. AC Lightning Bolt DC =960. Angus Young =196. Angus =96. Satanism =96. 
  • Chuck Berry born on the 18th and died on the 18th for a lifespan of exactly 90 years 5 months or exactly 1085 months. Malcolm dying on the 18th as well means his death came exactly 91 years 1 month after the birth of Berry, and further Malcolm was born 9 years 11 months after the death of Tesla. Alternating Current =911. If we break it down, Malcolm died exactly 1093 months after the birth Chuck Berry. Direct Current =193. Thunderstruck =193. Ronald Scott =193. 

AC/DC =33 in Kabbalah, which brings us to some real juicy 33s, always a crowd favourite. Rockstar =33. Rock =33. Ronald Belford Bon Scot =333 died at the age of 33 and five months before the release of Back in Black =33. Ronald Scott =133. Malcolm died 33 weeks after Angus’s birthday and 133 days before Angus’s next, and (for another wild one) exactly 1033 months after the death of Edison =33. Tesla =33. The Devil =33. Satan =330. 

Young =1117. Rockstars =117. Tesla + Edison =117. ACDC Highway to Hell =117. Ronald Belford Bon Scott =117 died 7 months 11 days after his birthday. The Dream Team =117 was the Team USA unveiled at the same ’92 Summer Olympics in the first year to include NBA players. That team featured Earvin Magic Johnson Jr =117 who is co-owner of the Dodgers =117 the team that just lost the World Series on 11/1/17. Ritual Sacrifice =117. 

  • And I’m sure there’s a big clue in here for the NBA Finals, a Dream Team member associated with the 2018 Champion. Maybe Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics =1170 as they’re currently sitting at the best record in the league. Two Thousand Eighteen NBA Champs =117. What else do you guys see here?

This 117 sequence associated with Barcelona reminds us of the recent Barcelona Attack, which was absolutely saturated in 117 coding. It happened 643 days after the Paris Attacks and 643 is the 117th prime. It was the deadliest terror attack in Barcelona since the 1987 Hipercor Bombing which happened 11,017 days before this latest act of Vehicular Terrorism =117 that began in the 1,017th minute of the day in Spain =117 involving a Fiat Talento =117 that killed Thirteen =117 a span of 117 hours after the Charlottesville Attack.

Rock Music =112. Angus Young =112. Scotland =112. Duckwalk =112. ACDC Back in Black =112. George and Malcolm =211. Edison born 2/11. The Dream Team =211. Olympics =112. Ninety Two Summer Olympics =112. Malcolm died 2 years 11 months 20 days after AC/DC’s final album, 11 weeks 2 days before the Super Bowl, 21 weeks 1 day before the NBA season ends, and 211 days before Game 7 of the NBA Finals, so we can assume that the 2018 Championships will have some AC/DC riddles involved.

  • Charles Mille Manson =112 was born on 11/12 (exactly 22 years before Stevie Young) and died 11,112 days after the Barcelona Hipercor Bombing. Earvin Magic Johnson Jr =112 is the NBA’s all-time leader in average assists per game, at 11.2.

AC Lightning Bolt DC =314. Direct Current =314. Malcolm =314 died from Dementia =314 on the same day as fellow Australian Gillian Rolton =314 for a pretty good start to the Pi Sequence. Bon Scott died one week after turning 12,270 days old and was replaced by Brian Johnson who was born 1 year 2 months 27 days after Scott. Malcolm died 4 months 13 days before the birthday of Angus McKinnon Young =227 and George died 22 weeks 7 days before Angus’s birthday. George and Malcolm Young =227. Devil =227. 

Now we’ll leave you with a truly gorgeous series. The midpoint of the ’92 Summer Olympics was 1322 weeks before the death of Malcolm Young, who died on the 322nd day, and was born exactly 322 weeks after the birth of George. Bon Scott died 32 weeks 2 days after his birthday with his last album being ACDC Highway to Hell =322. Back in Black then released 22 weeks 3 days after Scott’s death, the singer replaced by Brian Francis Johnson =223 while Malcolm was later replaced by his nephew Stevie Young =322. 


A League of Their Own: World Series Predictive Programming

We found another fine piece of World Series predictive programming thanks to a discovery by our reader Wayne who happened to watch the 1992 film A League of Their Own, the story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League (AAGPBL) created during World War II and the Rockford Peaches, a team that favoured theatricality over technical skill.

In the movie the AAGPBL is created by fictional Cubs owner Walter Harvey and the gals try out at Harvey Field in Chicago. In reality the All-Girls League was created by Philip K Wrigley, the actual former owner of the Cubs and namesake of Wrigley Field. So with regards to Hurricane Harvey (the costliest tropical cyclone on record) smashing up Houston a few weeks before the World Series, it’s a very interesting name choice, seeing as the Astros won the championship after the Cubs. Seeing as Matt Harvey of the New York Mets (the pitcher who was benched after his 111th pitch in the 111th World Series on 11/1) was the first to pitch against Houston after the flood, and all this stuff about Harvey Weinstein.

Historically inaccurate, the Rockford Peaches win the World Series in 7 Games, another Cinderella story, just like the Astros who were worst in the league when Sports Illustrated said they’d be 2017 World Champions – a feat they accomplished after Houston was flooded by Harvey and the city came together to overcome all odds and bring home the Commissioner’s Trophy. *Roll credits*

Now, Wayne’s initial big find is that A League of Their Own is set in ’43 and released exactly 304 months before the Astros won the World Series, a perfect inverse with All-American Girls Professional Baseball League =403. We’re reminded that each team scored 34 runs in these World Series that finished exactly 3 years 4 months (counting days between) after that Sports Illustrated issue dated 30 June 2014 that read Baseball’s Great Experiment =143. Even if we keep it to the standard count it’s 3 years 4 months 3 days including end date after the SI Prophecy.

  • One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =434. Astros World Series =1434. 
  • Twenty Seventeen World Champion =3400. The Houston Colt Forty-Fives =340. Houston =34. The Astros =34. Houston Texas =1034. Twenty Seventeen =1134. Astros =43 and they won 4-3. MLB =43. 

Tropical Cyclone =340. Harvey =34. The Peaches play in Rockford Illinois =1134 and the entire cast is 34/43 friendly: Tom Hanks =43 plays former Cubs slugger Jimmy Dugan =43. Geena Davis =34 plays Hinson =34/43. The film was directed by Penny Marshall =314. Marshall =34 was born in ’43. Garry Marshall =143/304 was born in ’34 and plays candy bar magnate Walter Harvey =134/314 the maker of the fictional Harvey Bar =143. Garry Kent Marshall =403 just died last year, 1 year 3 months 14 days before the Astros WS win. The actual women’s team that won the World Series in in 1943 was the Racine Belles =1314. Tropical Cyclone =1314. 

Houston Twenty Seventeen =334. The Houston Colt Forty-Fives =334. And wouldn’t you just know it, Garry Marshall was born 30,304 days before the November 1st Game 7 Final.

We find another gem long count based on a date given up on the Wikipedia page: “On December 19, 2012, it was announced that the film would be preserved as part of the United States National Film Registry.” From that date to the Astros World Series was 4 years 10 months 13 days, yet another big Pi sequence, as the previous post covers.

But the thing about that duration is it’s also exactly 254 weeks, which as we see above is a perfect match with the exactly 25 years 4 months between the movie’s release and Astros’ World Series victory. Garry Marshall died 1254 weeks after the film release. Carlos Correa =254. Colt Forty-Five =254. The Colt Forty-Fives =452. 

And we can add a few more 113s to the list for the 113th World Series: Peaches =113 played at Harvey Field =113 with Geena Davis’ character Dorothy Dottie Hinson =113 and the real life AAGPBL had a total lifespan of 11 years 3 months. 

  • Sports Illustrated released a commemorative issue of their prediction titled Baseball’s Great Prophecy =113 instead of the original ‘Baseball’s Great Experiment’ header with the call: Your Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs =1103. Dodgers Astros World Series =113. And another synch with the actor who played Harvey the candy magnate, Garry Marshall was born on 11/13. 

Now if we count from Marshall’s date of birth to the day before Game Seven we see that’s 30,303 days. This resonates because not only does that Sports Illustrated call equate: Your Two Thousand Seventeen World Series Champs =3330. The issue is also dated 3 years 3 months 3 days before the Playoffs began. World Series =1333. And we covered previously with regards to the NASA/Disney connections in Houston/LA that on the day the Dodgers last won the World Series, 20 October 1988, Disneyland =133 (with its private Club 33) had been open for 33 years 3 months 3 days. And the team from the movie: Rockford =333 Peaches =33

Houston Astros World Series =1191. Another very curious detail is that Harvey was the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Wilma in 2005, the most intense tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Atlantic basin. Not only is the name Wilma associated with the Flintstones, another Hanna-Barbera production like Jetsons, but it heralded the last and only other time the Houston Astros made the World Series, dissipating the day before Astros lost to the Chicago White Sox.

The problem here though is aside from the Harvey references, there’s far more Cubs associations to suggest the 2016 World Series. So we run the numbers there and find the movie released exactly 1270 weeks before the Cubs =270 won their first World Series in 108 years. Chicago Cubs =127, in the Kabbalah method, which we can give another point to after further validation like this – an example of how I’ve come to trust my methods through experimentation.

  • Cubs =27. Peach =27. Madonna =127. Geena Davis =172. The Rockford Peaches =172. Garry Marshall =72. MLB =27/72. Major League Baseball =72. And that number, if it’s tied into all World Series, we find Astros =27 winning 12 years 7 days after their 2005 WS loss, immediately preceding Hurricane Wilma =207/72. 

The Rockford Peaches =108 with the letter R=108 on the hat playing in Rockford Illinois =108 hinting at the 108 year drought for The Cubs =108. Philip K Wrigley =1080. Houston Astros World Series =108. And this is why looking back matters, to better predict the future.

Astros Big Moment: Part II

In case you missed the Part One, I discovered an episode of The Jetsons titled ‘Astros Big Moment’ that aired on 1 November 1985, exactly 32 years to the day before the Houston Astros’ “Big Moment” winning the 2017 World Series, as predicted also by Sports Illustrated three years earlier. I finally watched the episode to see what else the sneaky buggers behind Hanna-Barbera hid in there for predictive programming and we’ve found a helluva lot more synchs that strongly suggest a deliberate long foreshadow.

  • The Houston Colt Forty-Fives =2270 (Jewish G). Astros World Series =227. George Springer =227. Twenty Seventeen World Series =722. The first skipper of the Houston Colt 45s, Harry Craft, passed away on 8/3/95, a span of 22 years 2 months 27 days before the Astros win (counting days between); and he died 3 months 14 days after his birthday. This was the One Hundred and Thirteenth =314 World Series. And reminder that the dude from Magnum PI died at the PI age of 31,004 days old.
  • The 1981 NLDS was between the LA Dodgers & Houston Astros, just like these World Series. From Astros losing that one on 10/11/81 to the start of these playoffs was another Pi coded duration of 13,140 days. 

In the episode, George (like the MVP, Springer) is out playing golf with his boss Mr Spacely who’s threatening to fire him if he doesn’t use his power as judge of the Space Dog Show to make his dog win, blatant clues to rigged competition. Spacely is using a laser distance measurer that marks the hole at 410.3 yards. Two Thousand Seventeen World Series =413, the mirror of Pi, represented by the fraction 22/7 and this was Season 2 Episode 27. 

And also on 1 November 2017, the day Astros hoisted the trophy just like Astro the Dog hoisted the trophy exactly thirty-two years earlier, was the day that the Clown Prince of Baseball died, Myron Noodleman. His real name: Richard Martin Hader =314. Richard Hader =227. That’s SNL star Bill Hader’s uncle, coded up with the Pi sequence and primed for the sacrifice.  

In the episode it’s said that Spacely & Jetson are playing golf on a Wednesday =34/143 which is incidentally the same day the Astros =43 won the World Series. Spacely Space Sprockets Space Dog Show =134. Space Dog Show =134. The Houston Colt Forty-Fives =340. Twenty Seventeen World Champion =3400. And again each team scored 34 runs in the WS.

  • Astros owner is Jim Crane =143. Dog Show =143/43. Astro wins the Dog Show after a reference to Clause 14C (143)Joseph Barbera =143. Hanna-Barbera =1434. Astros World Series =1434. One Hundred Thirteenth World Series =434. The One Hundred and Thirteenth World Series =434. 

October 30th was 6066 days after William Hanna died and November 3rd was 6606 days after the final game in the Astrodome, the World Series win coinciding with the death of Rick Hader =996. Two Thousand Seventeen =969. 

Space Dog Show =113 and these were the 113th World Series. Seventeen World Series =113. George =113 like G Springer =113 & G Jetson. George Springer World Series MVP =113. Before they were The Houston Colt Forty-Fives =113 the pro baseball team in Houston were the Buffaloes =113. Carlos Javier Correa Jr =113. 

  • The day before Astros won was 10 years 10 months 13 days after the death of Joseph Barbera and the prophetic SI issue dropped 1 year 1 month 13 days after Reid Ryan became Astros President of Operations.
  • To further connect this number, in their 1975 season Astros pitcher Don Wilson was found dead in his car of carbon monoxide poisoning, 10 years 1 month 3 days after Colt 45s became the Astros (1 December 1964). Astros World Series =113. Two Thousand Seventeen Astros =113. 
  • WS Two Thousand Seventeen =311/113 as all the World Series shirts read, and ol’ Myron Noodleman died five days shorts of being 3110 weeks old.

1103 is the 185th prime and wouldn’t you know it, Springer made his MLB debut exactly 185 weeks before he won the World Series. The Houston Astros =185Houston Astro =185. Noodleman =185.

All the propaganda about North Korea and we have shortstop C Correa =126, exactly 1206 weeks old for the win – another totally perfect long count. Astro Jetson =1206. WS Twenty Seventeen =1206. The Houston Astros =1062 (JG). The Twenty Seventeen World Series =162. Astro =62. Correa =62. Astro Jetson =162. And their World Series win came 12 years 6 days after the Astros lost the 2005 World Series.

Death of Mafia Boss Toto Riina


Salvatore ‘Toto’ Riina, former chief of the Sicilian Mafia, died in prison on 17 November 2017, one day after his 87th birthday. Here we find another great example of why month counts matter, as 87 years is exactly 1044 months. A perfect age for: SALVATORE TOTO RIINA =1404 of the Italian Mob =1044. His nicknames also synch: Toto u Curtu =1044 which means Toto ‘The Short’ =441/44, and ‘La Belva’ =44 (which means The Beast).

  • Don Riina =44. Corleone Italy =144. Jimmy Hoffa =144. Giovanni Falcone =144 was anti-mafia judge who was Assassinated =144 by Riina’s men, in a hit very much synched up with his death as we’ll see. Kill =44. Killer =144. The Chief =144. Invisible Government =144. Order of the Illuminati =1404. Mark of the Beast =1404/144. 

The first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666. Mafioso =666. Mobsters =666. La Cosa Nostra =696. The Sicilian Mafia =699. Directors =666. Black Nobility =666. And for another correlation, there’s an HBO movie about his life called Excellent Cadavers that aired on 16 October 1999 for a perfect span of 6606 days before Riina’s death (counting to his last full day of life, his birthday).

Excellent Cadavers =181. A fun fact about 18 years, seeing as (6+6+6)=18, is that it’s equal to 216 months, and (6x6x6)=216. La Cosa Nostra =216. Which again proves that month-based long counts are very much in play. 

Salvatore =113. Italian =311. Sicilians =311. The Beast =311 aka The Short =113 aka The Boss of the Bosses =113 aka The Godfather =113 for The Sicilian Mafia =113 was born in Corleone =113 and died 11 months 30 days before his birthday. Judge Falcone =113. Controlled Opposition =113. International Brotherhood =113. Another big Corleonesi boss was Luciano Leggio =113 (who died on Riina’s 63rd birthday).

  • Mafia =33. Mafioso =33. Mobster =33. Boss =330. Don =33. Riina =33 died exactly 1330 weeks after the assassination of Falcone =133, the judge whose hit he ordered in Capaci =33 a span of 33 weeks before Riina’s arrest. Italy =133. The Sicilian Mob =133. Corleonesi =133. Then 133 days after his arrest was a mob-ordered bombing in Florence that injured 33 people. Corleone =303. Sicilian Mafia =33. Sicilian Mob =33. The Boss =333.

The 33rd prime is 137. Mafia Boss =137. Mobsters =137. Palermo Italy =137. The Jewish Mafia =137. Zionist Occupation Government =137. Government =137. Global Government =1037. 

Salvatore Toto Riina =117 worked for The Mafia =117 as Mob Boss =117 aka The Godfather =117 and died on 11/17. Mobsters =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117. The Government =1170. Mafia III =117 is a video game that came out last year, a span of 1 year 1 month 11 days before his death.

  • As the first 144 decimal points of Pi equal 666, we have one last sequence to cover. I punched in the wrong dates but came up with a beauty find: Judge Falcone died 20 years 2 months 7 days after the premier of The Godfather and 7 months 22 days before the arrest of Riina. The mob boss was also 22,700 days old exactly one week before his arrest. Italian Mafia =227. A One World Government =2207.

And how’s this one, just to keep reinforcing the Pi Code in every frickin post: Salvatore Riina died 2207 weeks after the disappearance of Jimmy Riddle Hoffa – that’s right, the middle name of one of the most famous disappearances of all time is Riddle. Italian Mobster =314. 

Mugabe Falls (From Power)

Remember the #MugabeFalls meme of 2015? Robert Mugabe, the 2nd President of Zimbabwe, wiped out in front of a crowd on February 4th of that year, and now on 15 November 2017 the freedom fighter turned dictator has been kicked out of office by a military coup and placed on house arrest. That duration is the first one we’ll look at here, and discover that the seeds of his eventual fall from power were sown 1016 days earlier, the number we see consistently associated with all things Royalty =116. Royals =116. Kingdom =116. Britain =116. Matriarchy =116. The Queen =116. Emperor =116. Dictator =116. And sure enough: Robert Gabriel Mugabe =116. 

  • Mugabe had just returned from Ethiopia when he slipped (possibly as the result of an energy weapon to fit the perfect timing), which reminds us that the Ethiopian Civil War lasted 6110 days. Emperor Haile Selassie I died 11 month 16 days after he was ousted from power and 11,160 days after the birth of Bob Marley, a huge synch with the twin towers of Rastafarianism (as I earlier reported with regards to the Lucy Conspiracy). Darwinism =116. The Survival of the Fittest =116.

The interesting line on Africa is the colonial rule that really only pretends to have been done away with; and we can be assured that Mugabe is just as much a puppet to the occult elite as the other national spokespeople worldwide. Just look at the first ‘sovereign leader’ of Zimbabwe, a cat named Canaan Banana. Yes, President Banana, like Banana Republic, a state that is politically unstable due to the domination of its economy by a single export controlled by foreign capital. Zimbabwe formerly Rhodesia named after diamond miner Cecil Rhodes. A reminder that all 206 nations on Earth are subsidiary corporations in the global conglomerate of the All-Seeing Eye.

Banana=33President Robert Mugabe =330 wiped out with 330 days remaining and took office at the age of 3330 weeks old, before being ousted in a Coup D’Etat =33 a parallel span of 3330 days after the activation of AFRICOM. Coup =330. The capital of Zimbabwe is Harare =33. Elizabeth =33. Rhodes =33 was the founder of the Diamond =33 company De Beers =303 and was an ardent supporter of Imperialism =33 which is Elitism =33 like the 33 degrees of Masonry =33. 

President Banana also fell from grace, imprisoned on charges of sodomy and later buried without the full honours reserved for heads of state. President Canaan Sodindo Banana =113 died on 11/10/03 and 1130 days later was the authorization of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), which came 10 years 10 months 30 days before this Zimbabwean coup d’etat; AFRICOM was then established on 10/1/17, a parallel duration of 10 years 1 month 13 days before the coup. Banana Republic =113. Elitism =113. 

  • Another appropriate span of 11 years 3 months 11 days after Banana’s death was the press conference wipeout of Mugabe, which happened 11 months 13 days before his birthday. That is all quite a lot of long count synchs here, setting the stage for this one: Mugabe =113 was born exactly 113 weeks before the birth of Queen Elizabeth.
  • Digging into the archives on similarly coded and thematic synchs: the Invasion of Iraq lasted 1 month 1 week 3 days and Saddam Hussein was hanged 1113 days after his capture. America transferred control of the Panama Canal back to Panama 10 years 13 days after they invaded and Pablo Escobar died 3 years 11 months 11 days after the Invasion of Panama. Controlled Opposition =113. The New World Order =311. 

And just in case we needed another synch, Mugabe =113 was ousted 3 years 11 months 11 days after the death of Nelson Mandela, and the current President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, took office 3111 days before this coup. I mean it’s ridiculous. And these Programmers would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for us meddling kids.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 10.31.25 AM.png

Mugabe =22 became the 2nd President of The Republic of Zimbabwe =221 on 12/22 (of 1987) and he was born on 2/21 – an extremely clean span of exactly 2 years 2 months before the birth of Queen Elizabeth =202. Colonial Rule =1122. Colonialism =122. Freemason =122. Nelson Mandela =222. 

Digging back into the archives for ousted puppet dictators associated with this Master Builder number we find the following: Noriega =222 died (this year on JFK’s 100th birthday) a span of 10,022 days after being ousted on 12/20 (a parallel duration of 1022 days after The Iran-Contra Affair =1122 ended) and Saddam =22 was ousted 1200 weeks 2 days after 9/11. War on Drugs =1202. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria =122 died on 12/2. 

  • With that 2 years 2 months span we see that Mugabe was born exactly 26 months after the ’26 birthday of the Queen =26 who took the throne on 2/6 and was coronated on 6/2. Crown =26. Mugabe the now former President of Zimbabwe =206 was deposed a glorious span of exactly 206 weeks after the death of Nelson Mandela, like the 206 nations on Earth and 206 bones in the human body. Sacrifice =206. Ritual Sacrifice =206. 
  • As we’ve been talking about these numbers, Mugabe’s fall from power came 6 months 26 days after the Queen’s birthday and a perfect 6 years 26 days after the death of Muammar Gaddafi.

Tin Pot Dictator =262. President Banana =262/62. Harare Zimbabwe =262. Rhodes =26. African Union =62. AFRICOM =26/62 was authorized in 2006 and announced on 2/6 the following year, and the map below shows U.S. military outposts, port facilities, and other areas of access in Africa as of 2015.

Mugabe was ousted exactly 145 weeks after his wipeout and 14 years 5 days after Banana died. When he see synchronizations like this we can start looking for Gematria matches. #MugabeFalls =45. Zimbabwe =45. African Union =45. Colonial =45. Banana Republic =45. He was also ousted exactly 54 months after Zimbabwe’s constitution. The 45th President of the United States Donald J Trump =154 facing the boot eventually as well.

  • I’m also reminded of the Kony =45 psychological operation of 2012 (which really deserves a closer look). Remember this propaganda film that became the most viral video of all time with its push to put US troops in Uganda in order to save the children from Joseph Kony. Jason Russell =145 the guy behind the campaign then had a public meltdown running around the streets buck ass naked in broad daylight and masturbating in front of passing cars.

Queen Elizabeth =240/142 became the Queen a clean 24,024 days before Mugabe was booted from office. Mugabe born in ’24 and became puppet leader of the Republic of Zimbabwe =240. Africa =124. British Imperialism =124. AFRICOM =124. USAFRICOM =420. Banana was president for exactly 402 weeks. New World =42 as in the Order, which is essentially America playing the role of hired muscle / goon for the occult elite. The Central Intelligence Agency =424. Noriega =24/42 was removed from power when he was 20,402 days old, and died 24 weeks 2 days before the removal of Mugabe.

Tin Pot Dictator =1156. Mugabe held office for exactly 1560 weeks. United States Africa Command =156. Cecil John Rhodes =156. Donald J Trump =1056. Zionist Israel =1056. Kings =156. God =156. False Flag =156.

COLONIALISM =322 in Jewish Gematria, to add to the definition of the Skull & Bones number. Military Industrial Complex =322. Fascism =322. Judaism =322. Mugabe was ousted exactly 2203 weeks after the death of Haile Selassie I and 22 weeks 3 days before the Queen’s birthday. All numbers that support the case of the powers that be who actually orchestrated the Zimbabwean coup and the controlled demolition of Robert Mugabe, another chess move in the Grand Scheme.

Philadelphia Eagles & Invincible

Alright so even though all my research seems to be connecting with little more than my handful of loyal readers, I’m gonna keep putting this work out because it matters – or at least because I think it’s damn interesting. And I figure we look into the Disney film Invincible about the Philadelphia Eagles, as they’ve currently got the best record in the NFL. The movie from 25 August 2006 is the story of the oldest rookie in NFL history who didn’t play college ball, the Cinderella story of Vince Papale who miraculously made the Eagles under Dick Vermeil, the former coach who also led the Rams & Chiefs.

  • I wrote about Dick Vermeil & the Eagles back on Halloween (read here) with the sacrifice of former Eagles player Daniel Te’O-Nesheim who died on Vermeil’s birthday, at the age of 11,100 days old. Dick Vermeil =111. Philadelphia Eagles =111. Super Bowl LII =111. Minneapolis Minnesota =111Papale =111 played by Marky Mark =111. Counting only days between, Invincible opened 11 years 11 days before the start of this NFL season. 

There’s an association here as we’ve just seen the deaths of three professional sports players from Kansas City: Nate Hobgood-Chittick (DE with the St Louis Rams who won Super Bowl XXXIV under Vermeil then finished his career with the Chiefs) and Rance Pless (who played baseball with the Kansas City Athletics) both died on 11/11/17. Then two days later on 11/13 was the death of Jim Rivera, who also played with the Kansas City A’s. The Rams are playing their first season in LA and have one of the best records in the league, while the Kansas City Chiefs served the Eagles their only loss of the season.

Now let’s see how all this connects – and what it may say about the upcoming Super Bowl LII.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 1.02.48 PM.png

INVINCIBLE =1026 came out in 2006 about Vince Papale =206. Vince =26. Papale =26/261 who was coded up perfectly with The Philadelphia Eagles =261. Eagles =26. Philly =26. Philadelphia =62. Pennsylvania =62/206. Philadelphia PA =206. They play at Lincoln Financial Field =262.

  • Greg Kinnear =62 plays Dick =26 Vermeil =26. The movie opened 126 weeks after Eagles old venue, Veterans Stadium, was demolished. Coach Pederson =126. Douglas Pederson =206. Douglas Irving Pederson =262. Eagles Owner Jeff =162 Lurie 26/62 and their QB Carson James Wentz =62/206. Carson Wentz =126.
  • Super Bowl LII =162. Minneapolis MN =162. Minneapolis =62. Super Bowl =260. 

Kansas City Chiefs =260. KC =26. KC Chiefs =62. Rams won the 2000 Super Bowl in their 62nd season with Kurtis Warner =1062 the QB who also had a Cinderella script, the legend that he was formerly bagging groceries. Super Bowl LII =62. Rance Pless played only 162 days with the Athletics and died 10 months 26 days after his 12/6 birthday. Rivera =26 died 16 weeks 2 days after his own birthday. Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =262. Eagles Super Bowl LII =1260. 

Super Bowl LII =966. Papale =666 played by Marky Mark =666 and Invincible opened when Papale was 60 years 6 months 16 days old. Dick Vermeil =666. Nate Hobgood-Chittick =696 (JG) played for the St Louis Rams =996 and died 6 years 6 months 9 days into the term of Sly James, Mayor of Kansas City. Tony Danza will be 66 years 9 months old for Super Bowl LII =966. 

  • There was another Disney flick starring Tony Danza =42 called The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon =204, (aka The Philadelphia Phenomenon =124/241) about a garbageman named Barney Gorman =124 who becomes the Eagles kicker, aired on 15/2 of ’98, exactly 1042 weeks before Super Bowl Fifty-Two =204 at US Bank Stadium =204 on the date 2/4. Papale =24. Lurie =240/420 the Eagles owner makes an appearance in the movie as Danza’s best friend. Fifty-Two =124. Vermeil =42. 

Kansas City =242/42/24. Kansas City Missouri =124. KC =240. Hobgood =24 Chittick =242/42 died at the age of 42 or exactly 2241 weeks old. Rams =24. LA Rams =142/24/42. He also died when Kurt Warner =42 was 2420 weeks 4 days old and 4 months 20 days (142 days) after Warner’s birthday. Dick Vermeil will be the inverse age of 4240 weeks 2 days old for SB LII. Hobgood-Chittick born 11 months 24 days after Pless’s birthday. Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =421. Glenn Frey =421, founding member of the Eagles rock band who died on 18 January 2016, a clue to the Philly Eagles success as we discussed back then.

The Philadelphia Phenomenon is pretty much the same story as Invincible, as the Eagles owner in the former movie says it’s a clever publicity stunt, “giving an average Joe a shot at the NFL.” Eagles now play at Lincoln Financial Field, which opened on 3 August 2003, a clean 5300 days before Super Bowl Fifty-Two =1530 in Minneapolis =153. Pennsylvania =53. Carson Wentz =153. Dick =53. Vince =53. Barney Gorman =153. Jim Rivera’s nickname was Jungle Jim =153. The Philadelphia Phenomenon =503. 

  • Invincible =54. Veterans Stadium =54. Coach Pederson will be 50 years 4 days old for Super Bowl LII. Carson Wentz =54. Wentz =1545. Pennsylvania Philadelphia =504/405. Philadelphia PA =54. Te’O-Nesheim =54. Kurt Warner was 10,450 days old when he was named MVP of Super Bowl XXXIV. Glenn Frey =45. 

With end date, Douglas Irving Pederson =505 will be 50 years 5 days old. Veterans Stadium =1505. US Bank Stadium =155. Minneapolis =55. Minnesota =515. Mark Wahlberg =55. Vince =55. Rivera =55. Wentz =1555. Invincible opened 11 years 5 months 11 days before Super Bowl LII, and maybe this is all too much intel but that 115/511 sequence has been hot lately.

Douglas Pederson =230 was 13,200 days old when Veterans Stadium was demolished. Mark Wahlberg =132/1230. Wahlberg =1023 (JG). Fifty-Two =132. Wentz was born on 12/30. Philadelphia Phenomenon =1320. Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LII =231/302. NFL =32 for its 32 teams.

  • Kansas City Missouri =1302/231 was incorporated as a city 1032 days after its incorporation as a town. Missouri =123. Kansas City Chiefs =1032. The Kansas City Chiefs =1230.  Hobgood =123 Chittick =23 was part of the Rams team that won Super Bowl XXXIV when he was exactly 302 months old; he then died exactly 32 weeks before Warner’s birthday. Hobgood-Chittick + Pless =1320/320. Gorman =32. Kansas City =32. 

The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon =312 came out 3112 days before Invincible (444 weeks 4 days). Daniel Te’O-Nesheim =312 played 444 days with the Eagles. Invincible also opened 888 days after Veterans Stadium demolished, so we know that number matters. Kansas City =888. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.30.06 PM.png

Eagles Super Bowl LII =314. It’s also 3114 days between the two Eagles movies of coded predictive programming. Lurie =314 (JG). Carson Wentz =314 (FB). Manuel Joseph Jim Rivera =314 born 22/7. Douglas Pederson =227. Twenty Seventeen =227.

  • Hobgood-Chittick =86 died 86 days before Super Bowl LII =68 which comes 18 years 6 days after his 2000 SB. Veterans Stadium was open for a total of 11,860 days. KC Athletics =186/189. Carson Wentz =1809. The 1089th prime is 8737 and the twin trick 11/17 deaths of Hobgood-Chittick & Pless came exactly 8737 weeks after Kansas City was first incorporated as a town.

Editor’s Note: Brother Berg has not watched a single play of a single NFL game this year because he’s got better things to do – like proper research and pattern analysis in instances of predictive programming. Because as we saw with the Astros (he also didn’t watch a single inning of a single MLB game), it’s all hidden out there in plain sight, in a lot more interesting places than a rigged sports game.