Burlington Perp Arcan Çetin

They’ve captured the perp from the Burlington Mall Massacre and as we all saw coming after my decipher, he’s fully coded up to the Royals too (as well as both presidential candidates, yet again). I was saying that his blurry CCTV snap could have been Omar Mateen from the Pulse hoax and then they go and give us a name that rhymes: Arcan Çetin [che-teen]. They even repeat the narcissistic bathroom selfie shot. One silly detail from the story is that despite the shittiest image the arresting officer said he spotted Çetin from his squad car and “immediately recognized him” as the Suspect =103Omar Mir Seddique Mateen =103 and there were 103 casualties in Orlando – then 103 days later was Burlington. Princess Diana died 1 year 3 days after her divorce, her car hitting the 13th pillar in the tunnel. The perp’s initials AC=13. 

Arcan Çetin =282. The incident occurred exactly 282 weeks after the royal wedding of William & Kate. President Hillary Clinton =282. Britannia =282. Time =282. Obey =282. Diana & Charles divorced on 8/28. Let all that sink in. 


That’s also 1974 days, which is interesting as 1974 in English Gematria is always equivalent to 329 in Simple Gematria (a factor of 6). That’s the date reflection, 9/23. And as it happens, 282 is equivalent to 47. Authority =47. Mafia =47. President =47. Adana =47, the city in Turkey where Çetin was born. (And keeping with my example, Crowley’s nickname was the Beast).


Çetin was arrested in Oak Harbor Washington =219 and it happened 219 days before Kate & William’s sixth-year anniversary. Hillary Rodham Clinton =219. Turkish National =192. Remember all the 29s? The arresting officer was Mike =29 Hawley =29. 

  • Çetin =51 and Princess Charlotte was 510 days old. Burlington =51. Mass Shooting =51. Royal Visit =51. Elite =51. Giant =51/157.
  • Çetin =157 and Macy’s is 157 years old. It’s 157 days from 9/23 to 2/27 and 157 is the 37th prime. Arcan =37. 

Arcan =222. Duke and Duchess of Cambridge =222. British Royal Family =222. Donald John Trump Sr =222. This shooting hoax happened 22 weeks 2 days after the Queen’s birthday.

  • A Çetin =52. Turkish =52. Princess Charlotte born 5/2 and the 52nd prime is 239, again like the incident date 23/9.
  • Adana Turkey =842. President Donald Trump =248. 


6:26 post time like Queen =62/26. From 1/18/15 to 9/23/16 is 614 days. Duke of Cambridge =416, Prince William’s title. Dang that’s a lotta coincidence…


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