InstaBull Airport Attack PsyOp


Buddy Ryan died on the same day too eh, interesting, what with the economic jitters in the wake up Brexit and of course the Invictus coding. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131. Islamic State =131. Prince Charles =131. The headline reads TERROR IN TURKEY =82. SOL INVICTUS =82 (Unconquered Sun) was the official sun god of the later Roman Empire and a patron of soldiers.

The fourth terrorist psyop in 2016 to strike Istanbul Turkey =63 in 2016 hit Ataturk Airport =63, because the sum of 1 through 63 equals 2016. What that means is the joint is ripe for Terrorism =63. I’m reminded of a story from the downing of Flight 804 where Turkish pilots en route to Ataturk witnessed a green UFO shortly before the EgyptAir plane went down. That was 41 days earlier. 14 weeks earlier was the Brussels Bombing, a nearly identical airport-themed psyop, and Turkey just elected a new prime minister, 1 month 4 days ago. Airport Terror Hoax =104/239. Terror in Turkey =1239. One World Government =239. Global Elite =239.

  • At the time of posting, the toll is 36 killed 147 injured. Perhaps it’s a mere personal synchronicity, but I just wrote about how Princess Diana died at age 36 exactly 147 days before the Broncos won the Super Bowl as a tribute to her. Andrew Luck’s birthday is 147 days before the Super Bowl. And the Diana connections to Broncos and Colts: White Horse =67. Princess of Wales =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Freemasonry =67. Trippy.

ISTANBUL’S ATATURK AIRPORT =306. It’s said the kill count of 36 includes 3 attackers so that means the terrorists nailed a perfect score of 33. Although the 36 dead plays nicely coming 36 days after Yıldırım took office and the aforementioned 63 thread. Another 36 days from now brings us to our 8/2 target. False Flag Terror =82. Sol Invictus =82. Turkey =28, like this event on the 28th of June. PsyOp =28.

Istanbul Airport Attack =98. Istanbul =98. It happened 98 days after the last airport attack in Brussels. Mossad Job =98. Israeli Intelligence =98. And just like the Brussels Hoax, somehow explosions caused all the ceiling tiles to drop to the floor. The other snap is from an ad for Turkish Airlines, the official airline partner to the Euro 2016 tournament in France. 

UNCONQUERED SUN =191. Winter Solstice =191 (Birthday of Sol Invictus, the Unconquered Sun). Summer Solstice =191 (Prince William’s birthday). Society of Jesus =191 (the Jesuit Order). We’ll see how this connects to the soccer; recall during the Paris Attacks there were the two dud suicide bombers who blew themselves up at a game between France and Germany yet somehow didn’t even injure one  lousy crisis actor…

  • Paris Attacks came 227 days before the Ataturk Airport Attack. Our good ol’ number of history repeating, right on schedule. If France and Germany make it through to the semi-finals, they will face off on 7/7, or 7 months 22 days after they played on 11/13.
  • That’s also 32 weeks 2 days since Paris, like the 3/22 Brussels Bombings. Of course Belgium is still in the Euro Tournament, too. They could play Portugual on 7/6 in the semis, 3 months 14 days after 3/22. Slices of pi for everyone. (And I like Wales as the surprise upset.)

OFF-TOPIC: I noticed something about the deaths of Prince and Zurlon Tipton. COLTS =69. Prince died 69 days before Tipton. Tipton died in Wayne County Michigan and Prince died in Carver County Minnesota. That makes WAYNE CARVER, the nutty medical examiner from the Sandy Hook Hoax. 

  • 1224 days between Sandy Hook on 12/14 and Prince’s death on 4/21. Divide and Conquer =1224. And between Sandy Hook and Super Bowl 51 it’s 216 weeks. 6x6x6 =216.
  • Mind Control Matrix =87. Inside Job =87. Truth =87. Magnificent Thing =87.

5 thoughts on “InstaBull Airport Attack PsyOp

  1. Remember the crazy conspiracy guy commercial? Where they show a Wall with lots of numbers, cities abbreviations, Pictures of cities< flight numbers, Blackout dates? I am absolutely convinced everything they have planned s on that wall.. They only show it quickly but just long enough you to see Paris Eifel tower about 3 times, which had the fake ass bombings. Then Orlando is also on the board, which just had the fake ass gay shootings, they prominently show SFO also so Sanfran is a target for sure!!! The lamp they show us has a pair of sunglasses on it and what looks like a noose around it, just to let us now we are on our last leg in America I suppose.. Anyone reading this google the Hotels .com conspiracy guy wall and try and blow it up. someone smarter than me will surely pick up on the clues they are obviously taunting us with…


    • Its all about Points–93, 349J
      And where to Redeem –50, 129J


      There is a JFK, a SFO, hard to tell what else. A big fat 239 right in the middle for America’s age, and 2140 is all over. Not sure about that one yet.


  2. That’s interesting the patriots put 45 on the colts in the deflate gate game in light of Zurlon scoring the only TD. Think about a Colt .45….. I wonder if that’s what Zurlon was shot with.


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