True Grit


TRUE GRIT =46/118. Hero =46. Death =118. Sacrifice =46/73. Rooster Cogburn =73, Jeff Bridges’ character, the man possessed of True Grit (conveniently with the one-eye symbolism). Ezekiel =46/73, the biblical character Mattie felt like after sleeping in the funeral parlor. 

  • Joel Cohen & Ethan Cohen =74. Masonic =74. The Cohen Brothers =93. Propaganda =93. Cohen =106. Alphabet Key =106. Prophecy =106.
  • The film was released on 22 December 2010. [12+22+10] =44. Kill =44. [12+22+20+10] =64. Israel =64. Zion =64. True =64. Jeff Bridges =64. The 64th prime is 311. The Beast =311.

The film opens with a quote from Proverbs 28:1, “The Wicked Flee When None Pursueth” =144. Time =144. Mark of the Beast =144. The sum of the first 144 decimals points of Pi equal 666 and this will be an ongoing theme throughout. In the intro monologue, one phrase stood out: SCOTT-FREE =48/666. Six-Six-Six =48.


The young female protagonist MATTIE ROSS =555, 58/139 (FREEMASONRY =58/139) sees to it that her father is buried in his mason’s apron. Can it be any more blatant? The undertaker says the embalming’s particulars require “Time and Art” =42/105. Masonry =42/105. Zionism =42/105. Still within the first five minutes, Mattie tells the sherrif that “Mama was never any good at sums and she could hardly spell ‘cat'” – direct allusions to the sacred alphanumerics of Gematria. CAT =144.

  • The undertaker emphasizes the following phrase by repeating it three times: “It Would Be Alright” =78. Cohen Brothers =78. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a coded tribute.
  • Mattie’s late father is “Frank Ross” =67/121. Blood Sacrifice =67/121, strongly suggesting that he was murdered by the numbers.
  • The Ross family is from Yell County. Yell =54. Grit =54. Mattie’s sister is “Victoria Ross” =96. Freemason =96.

Coffee =40. Zionist =40. Mattie Ross =40. Frank Ross =40. The gun, the Masonic compass & square, and the clock, with their names literally written all over it.


Vancouver’s Burrard Bridge: Gematria IRL


I was strolling across Vancouver’s Burrard Bridge last night and along with this beauty 144 tag I noticed a fine example of Gematria coding. With the s-exception, the crest on the bridge reads BY SEA AND LAND WE PROSPER =111. VANCOUVER BRITISH COLUMBIA =111. This city is named after CAPTAIN VANCOUVER =185. VANCOUVER CANADA =185. THE POWERS THAT BE =185.

  • Captain George Vancouver =242. Vancouver British Columbia Canada =2442. Canada =24. Freemason =42. Brotherhood of Saturn =242.
  • Burrard Bridge =73. City of Vancouver =73. Burrard =37. Its architect was ‘George Lister Thornton Sharp’ =137, the 33rd prime. Authority =137. By Sea and Land We Prosper =237. Invisible Fraternity =237.

The bridge opened on July 1, 1932. That’s the 182nd day of the year: Burrard =82. That’s also ‘Canada Day’ =54. Molson Canadian =54. Freemasonic =54. Vancouver BC =45. Canada Day =27. Burrard Bridge =127. The Jesuits =1207.

  • [7+1+19+32] =58. Freemasonry =58. False Creek =58/40. [7+1+32] =40. Vancouver =40. Zionist =40. Satanist =40. Enslavement =40.

The Queen’s Birthday Gift: The Ritual Sacrifice of Prince

Sorry for the delay in game, truth-seekers! I’ve been going full steam ahead at my book and am now up to 48,000 words. I’ve been getting a few requests for the Prince story so, old news but let’s have at er. Prince and Chyna, two transgender icons, dying on the Queen’s birthday – the same day that ex-MLB pitcher Chris Schilling was fired from ESPN for transphobic comments. They died 14 weeks 4 days (3 months 11 days) after the death of another androgynous icon, David Bowie. All just coincidence I’m sure 😉 Prince who donated to 9/11 Truth organizations and spoke out against chemtrails.

  • Chyna =452. Transgender =452. Nelson =245 (Prince’s surname). My favourite Prince song is “Gett Off” =79/34 (Murder =79/34, Prince Dead =79, Nelson =34, and he died on a 34 date – now we know why the odd spelling of Gett). The song’s hook goes, “Let a woman be a woman and a man be a man,” which takes on a whole new meaning in light of the current transgender hype.
  • Chyna =51. Transphobia =51/123. Conspiracy =51/123. It Was Murder =151. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince =151. Royalty =1051. 

Royal Sacrifice =144. Gender Neutral =144. Prince Gett Off =144. Prince’s real name is “Prince Nelson” =144. Prince William =144 and Prince (born with 90 numerology [6+7+19+58]) died on William’s grandmother’s 90th b-day. Queen =62. Transgender =62. Transphobic =62. Transhuman Agenda =62. Prince & Chyna =62. The perfect dual sacrifice set to the perfect soundtrack: When Doves Cry =62. Ritual Murders =62. Musicians Killed =62. By The Numbers =62. King Charles =62, as we’ll have once Queen Elizardbeth kicks the bucket.

  • Consider his trademark purple colour theme, the symbol of ROYALTY =71. Rockstar Killing =71. Musicians Killed =71. Joan Marie Laurer =71 (Chyna’s real name). Transhumanism =71, which is what the transgender agenda is leading to and priming for. Seventy-One =144. PURPLE REIGN =69. Harmony =609. Prince Public Death =609. This is the symbol of cancer that we’ve seen connected to every death by ‘cancer’ in 2016, including Bowie who died at age 69. Indeed it would appear in some cases that these blood sacrifices are engineered public deaths of the celebrity character, the Prince and Bowie rippin duets together in some deep underground military base or secret island.
  • Prince Public Death =166. Transgenderism =166. Joan Chyna Laurer =166.
  • With the 69 theme, we’ve seen that 6 can be expressed in reverse as 9. Prince Nelson Fake Death =97. Prince =197. Lebron =197, which is an interesting connection to Lebron James’ Cavaliers, as historically, a cavalier is a soldier who fought for King Charles.

Born on 6/7, Prince died 67 days after the death of Vanity, his protege. Blood Sacrifice =67. Joan Chyna Laurer =67. Transgenderism =67. She died 113 days before Prince’s next birthday, like the 3 months 11 days after Bowie, reminding us of the Paris Attacks of 11/13 coming 311 days after Charlie Hebdo. Chyna and Prince Sacrificed =131. Prince died at ‘Fifty-Seven’ =131, 131 days after the release of the second phase of his last album. Assassinated =131. They’re saying he was found “Unresponsive In An Elevator” =313. This was the exact frame in the Zapruder Film that showed Kennedy’s split melon.

Transhuman =48. Six Six Six =48. Hollywood =48. Prince died 48 days before his 58th birthday, born in ’58. Vanity was sacrificed the day of the 58th Grammys -it was said she died of “Kidney Disease” =58. Purple Rain =58. His ’84 movie based on the song ran 111 minutes and his death date of 4/21 is usually the 11th day. His final tour was called the “Piano & A Microphone Tour” =111. Year of the Celeb Assassinations =111. Slaughter =111. The Windsor-Bush Bloodline =111.

  • Prince =38. Mr. Nelson =38. Death =38. And he died in a town called “Chanhassen” =38 in “Minnesota” =38.
  • He died at age 57 in “Carver County” =57. Transgender Agenda =157. Prince @ Fifty-Seven =88. Purple =88.
  • Year of the Dead Celebrity =216 (6x6x6 =216). Year of the Dead Celebrity Continues =2016 (666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016).Gender Neutralization =63 (sum of 1 through 63 equals 2016).

Notice Prince’s death date of 4/21 can be expressed as 421, the 82nd prime number. April Twenty-First =82. His last studio album was released 226 days before the death of “Prince Rogers Nelson” =226. Purple Prince Sacrifice =226. Chyna was known as “The First Lady of Sports Entertainment” =181. Gender Bending Chemicals =181, which she would have been on. Maybe that’s part of what they’re spraying in the chemtrails.


Fight Club’s 9/11 Programming and Operation Northwoods


Operation Northwoods was a proposed false flag operation by the Department of Defense in 1962 with the aims of manufacturing consent for a military intervention in Cuba by orchestrating terrorist operations on the homeland to be blamed on the enemy. The memorandum was approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and submitted to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, though it was never officially authorized. It’s logical to assume, however, that Northwoods simply went underground to be activated at a later date, perhaps at a time when America has replaced the Evil Communists with the Evil Terrorists as the bogeyman-du-jour. Indeed many of the points revealed through the memorandum’s insight into the psychopathic mentality of the war criminals in the White House (and the secret societies pulling their strings) have since come to pass, including but not limited to the hijacking of passenger planes and the faking of funerals. 

Northwoods =1372. Project Mayhem =1372. In Chuck Pahlianuk’s novel Fight Club (1996), Project Mayhem is the cult-like organization that employs guerrilla warfare tactics on society to bring down modern civilization, much like Operation Northwoods. Viewed through the lens of predictive programming, the story becomes a vivid allegory to the Programmers who operate in secrecy using terrorist fronts to achieve their aims of order through chaos. The increasingly elaborate pranks on corporate America and the consumer culture that it breeds culminate in a plot to bring down a skyscraper, and while the bomb malfunctions in the novel, the film adaptation shows the building detonating into its own footprint – exactly as the Twin Towers would do, two years later.


Fight Club premiered at the Venice Film Festival on September 10th, 1999. That’s 104 weeks 4 days before 9/11. Nine Eleven Terrorism =1440. New York Nine Eleven Terrorism =144. Government Sponsored Staged PsyOp =144. Psychological Warfare Machine =144. Corporation =144. September 10th leaves 112 days in the year and “False Flag Terror Attacks” =112. It was released in North America on September 21st. That’s exactly 103 weeks (Terrorist Incident =103) or 722 days before 9/11, the perfect Pi ratio representing the full circle and Life is a Wheel.

  • Tyler Durden is the influence behind Project Mayhem who is revealed to be a psychic projection of the narrator himself, as if possessed by an unseen force that is scripting events and operating through proxies to carry out its agenda. Tyler Durden =146. Invisible Jewish Government =146. Global Control =146. The Council on Foreign Relations =146. International Business Crime =146. Negative Extraterrestrial Forces =146. Destructive =146. Manifestation =146. Once again, all perfectly thematic energetic synonyms for each other.
  • The film came out exactly 1119 days after the book’s release (8-17-96), coding in not only another warning for 9/11, but the call-sign of the Programmers playing the part of Tyler Durden. The Gang of Thirty-Three =1119. Super Terrorists =1119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. Ancient Ones =119. Divine Rule =119. International Business Crime =119. And as it just so happens, the Knights Templar, the root of modern Freemasonry, was founded in 1119 CE.

It would appear that the author himself is versed in the secret language of language. Chuck Palahniuk =58/139. Freemasonry =58/139. The double-word score strongly suggests that Mr. Palahniuk is an insider, a tool used for predictive programming, as we’ve seen with many other mainstream authors, most notably on this blog, Stephen King.


The Things You Own End Up Owning You =156. False Flag =156. As Above So Below =156.

PS: Just a heads-up, truthseekers; I’ve finally broken through my writer’s block that set in after my 90,000-word manuscript was lost over Christmas and I’ve since been rippin’ full-steam ahead at writing my book (working title: Mental Malware and the Alphanumeric Conspiracy). I’ve hit the 20k-word mark already and shooting for a July launch. I’ve been inspired by our man Zach from FTFT who’s also prioritizing his focus on finishing his book. So we’re gonna hit the world with a double-whammy of truth this summer. In the meantime, my output may be a bit lower than usual, but I’ll be posting up new discoveries that’ll be going into the book, like this Fight Club bit – and oh, baby, I’ve discovered some mighty fine gems with regards to the Classics. Here’s a few examples:

  • 2996 people died on 9/11. Two Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-Six =172. The Morning of Tuesday September Eleventh =172. Two Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety-Six Killed =180. Act of Terrorism =180. Nine Eleven Attacks =180. New York Nine Eleven Terrorism =180. Two-Nine-Nine-Six =77. World Trade Center =77.
  • Four Coordinated Terrorist Attacks =142 (Terrorist =142 and the attacks lasted 1 hr 42, as we know). September Eleven Attacks =241.

The opening line of the bible reads “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God” =299. The motto of Thelema is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, Love is the Law, Love under Will” =299. Nine Eleven Two Thousand One =299.

Brazilian Impeachment and the Clinton Connection


Dilma Rousseff, the 36th President of Brazil and the nation’s first female president, has been voted for impeachment on the 107th day of the year. Impeachment =107. Her and Hillary were born 1 month 19 days apart in ’47. Star of David =47/119, the symbol of the masters behind both these puppets. President Dilma Rousseff =132. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. William Jefferson Blythe III =132. America =32. Brazil =32/68. Rousseff to be impeached at age 68, Hillary for president at 68.

  • Brazil =612. President Rousseff =219/93. Parasitic Powers =93. Impeached President =93. Hillary For America =93. President Hillary Clinton =1193. Hillary Clinton =73. Rousseff =37. Impeach =37.
  • And check out their birth numerologies, 10 points off each way: Rousseff: [12/14/1947] = 73, 91, 47, 29. Hillary: [10/26/19/47] = 83, 101, 57, 39. And notice Hillary born 10+26 and Rousseff the 36th president.

President Rousseff =84. Ordem E Progresso =84, the script on the Brazilian flag, which looks suspiciously like a reptilian eye… It’s got 27 stars. Star =271. Hillary Clinton =172. Brazilian Flag =64. Impeached =64.

In classic coding, the Brazilian congress needed 342 votes to advance the case to the upper house. Forty-Fifth US President =243. Queen Hillary Clinton =243. It was episode #243 of the Simpsons that forecast President Lisa in the wake of a disastrous Trump administration. Bill’s birth surname, Blythe =432. Donald J Trump =888. Dilma Rousseff =888.

Bill Clinton was impeached (then acquitted), and there’s even a picture on Rousseff’s wikipedia of her and Bill together, predictive programming. The duration between Bill’s impeachment and Brazil’s vote for impeachment come exactly 904 weeks apart. Oral Sex =94, Bill’s scandal for gettin head in the Oval Office. Guilty =94. Social Engineering =94. Masonic Mind Control =94. Impeachment Process =94.


  • William Jefferson Clinton =111 and became governor on 1/11. President Rousseff =111 and she became president on 1/11/11. Four Eleven =1111. Reptilian Freemasonry =1111. Problem-Reaction-Solution =111. Subconscious Programming =111. Michel Temer =111.
  • Dilma Vana Rousseff =1116. Illuminati Family =1116. Pscyhological Operation =1116. Dilma Vana Rousseff =1333 (JG). Government =133. Bill Clinton =313.

There’s still a ways to go but if/when she’s removed from office, her VP will take over for the remainder of her term: Michel Temer =666, born 9/23. The vote (reminiscent of some House of Cards shit) happened 22 weeks 7 days before his next birthday. Indeed there is much talk in the press of how Temer is conspiring for a coup. Bill got off but we’ll see how it turns out in Brazil, and what connections we can make with the future of Hillary.


Dilma =39 (Hillary with 39 birth numerology). Mosquito =39/48. President Rousseff =84. Bloodsucker =44. Parasite =44. Bloodsucking Parasite =113, add that one to the list. 

272: Earthquakes and Slavery Propaganda

This NY Times article focuses on one ‘Cornelius Hawkins’ =93/102. Propaganda =93. Jesuit University =93. United States of America =102. Slavery =102. The date on the tombstone in the picture reads 4-16-1902. That’s the 93rd day of the year that leaves 272. [4+16+02] =41. Slave =41. Two Hundred Seventy-Two =93/102. Ultra-coded with the subject of the article – but that’s not all:

  • Slaves Were Sold To Save Georgetown =390, 201, 129. Slavery =39. Cornelius Hawkins =201. Two Hundred and Seventy-Two =129. Georgetown =129. Georgetown University =291. And it even cites a slave ship hauling 129 passengers.
  • Fun fact from the article is the trade deal was worth $3.3 million in today’s dollars. Slaves =33. Race War =33. Race Battle =33. Black Lives =33.

Georgetown is America’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university, appropriate timing with all the discussion of rigged sports championships connected to Catholic and Jesuit schools. Founded in 1789, Georgetown is 227 years old, the symbol Pi and an anagram of 272.

  • The school’s motto is ‘Both Into One’ =56/137, the 33rd prime. Mind Control =56/137, ha. And speaking of which, on the same day of this 272 story we get the death toll from the Ecuador quake leaping from 233 to 272.
  • Remember the suicide vest from the Newsweek cover with the 27.2 dial? God’s Plan =272. All For One =272. One For All =272. The Bloodline of the Serpent =272. Archons =272. Dragons =272. Preparation of the Storm =272. Crackers =272. Brown People =1272. Bavarian Illuminati =1272. End of the World =1272. Southern California Earthquake =1272. Prince Charles of Wales =1272. Technological Singularity =1272. Word Created Life =1272. An Occult Conspiracy =1272. The Truth of Reality =1272. Rigged Reality =727. TPTB (2+7+2+2). There are 272 numbers mentioned in the Book of Revelation.
  • Golden Apple =272 and in astrology, the Golden Apple Alignment occurs on 4/29. Apparently a big deal to the occult, so let’s keep our eyes on this date as a target window. It’s also known as the Orange Alignment =74.

New World Order =75/174. Ecuador Earthquake =75/174, 84. Cornelius Hawkins =75/84. Jesuit University =75/84. Jesuit =84. The Slave Trade =840. And it was a 7.8 quake (like the 87 on buddy’s hat): Slaves =78. Cornelius =44. Haarp =44. Earthquake =44/107. Slave Trade =107. Both these stories coming on the 107th day of the year. 107 is the 28th prime: Quake =28. On Thursday there were two big quakes in Japan, 28 hours apart. Another hot story in the press is the 28 Pages of 9/11 Documents. Twenty-Eighty =156, with 911 as the 156th prime number. Twenty-Eight Pages =78, like the earthquake’s magnitude.


The Big One =85. Hawkins =85. Study of earthquakes goes back to 585 BCE. The man behind the ‘Richter Scale’ =58, Charles Richter =85, died in 1985.

  • It struck at a depth of 19.2 km and happened 29 years 1 month 10 days after the last major earthquake in Ecuador. Georgetown University =291. Two days before the New York primary with its 291 democratic delegates. PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION =291.

This post is all over the map but oh what a tangled web they weave, truth-seeker.

Captain America: Civil War – Race War Programming


Captain America Civil War =103/211. Crackers & Niggers =103. Race War Coming =130. Masonic Mind Control =211. Racist War =112. Mason =211, the 47th prime. Blacks VS Whites =47. Rebellion =47. Star of David =47/56, 119. It’s coming out on 5/6, May Sixth =119. The Second American Civil War =119. The Coming Second Civil War =116. Divided We Fall =116 (the film’s tagline). May 6th is the 127th day this year: Engineered Race War =1270 (JG). COINTELPRO =127. Race =27.

  • Civil War II =61/690. Race War =69. War of the Races =61. Race War Cometh =61. Programmer =61. 
  • Captain America =60. Nigger =60. Death to America =60. Cracker VS Nigger =160. Played by ‘Chris Evans’ =118/82. The Second Civil War =82. Death =118. Pre-release on the 118th day. Chris Evans Captain America =142. The War of the Races =142. Nigger =42. Racist =420.

Civil War =1722 and it has a runtime of 2 hrs 27 minutes. Double coding of Pi cycles, American as apple pi. Civil War Two =2772/155. Engineered Race War =155. Social Engineers =155. False Flag Operation =551. The Illuminati =551. Satan =55. Heil Saturn =55.


There’s a character called ‘Black Panther’ =330/666/48. Six Six Six =48. The Race War =48. Race War =33. Racism =213, that’s the date of Lupercalia – and the movie comes out 2 months 23 days after 2/13. Lupercalia =44 and is the 44th day of the year. Marvel =44/71. Forty-Four =144. Seventy-One =144. Keep Em Separated =144. Race War =414. 

  • Divide and Conquer =1224. Black VS White Predictive Programming =224.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Ba’al

A replica of the arched gate from the Temple of Ba’al, destroyed by “ISIS” on 8-30-15, was to be displayed in NYC and London on 4-20-16, coinciding with the Saturnic festival of Beltane – rooted historically through child sacrifices to the dark lord Ba’al. Hot buzz over the past few months but as of 4/13, the plans have apparently been cancelled; instead a model of the Arch of Triumph of Palmyra will be built in London – and an interdimensional gateway by any other name is still an interdimensional gateway. According to Jewish prophecy, the recreation of the Roman Triumphal Arch that stood in Palmyra, Syria, is a major indicator of the End Times. A cryptic section of the Talmud describes the rebuilding of just such an arch as the precursor to Messiah from the House of David: “When this gate will fall, be rebuilt and fall again, be rebuilt again and fall again. And before it will be rebuilt for the third time the Messiah will appear.”

  • Ancient Messiah Prophecy =129. House of David =129. America =129. Demon =129. Saturn is the Keeper of Time =129. Moon-Saturn Mind Control Matrix =129. Roman Triumphal Arch =209. Triumphal Arch =600. End of Days =600. The Temple of Ba’al =60.
  • “When this gate will fall, be rebuilt and fall again, be rebuilt again and fall again” =610. The Mark of the Beast =601. God =61 (Jehova / Hebrew / Roman / Church / Pilgrimage / Vril / Programmer / Saturn and Moon / Saturn Matrix / Indiana Jones).


The Temple Ba’al was dedicated in 32 AD – 1984 years ago. It was destroyed by ISIS and rebuilt by the powers behind ISIS in 2016. That’s 32 years after 1984, drenched in Orwellian overtones. The reconstructions in Times and Trafalgar Squares were set to go up on April 19th, a day known on the Satanic calendar as the ‘Feast of Moloch’ =66/138. Temple of Baal Arch =66/138. The Feast of Moloch =81. Terrorist Attack =81. Messiah Prophecy =81/180. Temple of Ba’al =108. From the projection of Kali on the Empire State Building to April 19th is 8 months 10 days.

April 19th is the eve of the 111th day of the 2016. Temple of Bel =111. Ancient Messiah Prophecy =111. New York =111. Translated to English Gematria we get ‘Temple of Bel’ =666. New York =666. Temple of Bel Arch =66. House of David =66. Six Six Six =48. Temple of Bel =48. The temple entry arch is 48-feet tall and set to be built in Manhattan on 48th St. April 19th comes 234 days after the temple was destroyed (234+432=666). That’s also 33 weeks 3 days. Kundalini =333 (the serpent energy rising up through the chakras). Tantric =333. Domination =333. Indianapolis =333.

  • End date not included it’s 233 days, the next Fibonacci number after 144: and from the recreation of the arch to the upcoming 15th anniversary of 9/11 (the day that leaves 111) is 144 days. The first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom =144 (featuring Kali). Messiah =233. Thuggee =332. Blood Sacrifice =332.
  • UNESCO =233 (the group behind the recreation of the temple). UNESCO =77. September Eleventh =77. Dr Jones =869. Nine Eleven =869.

Remember when the statue of Baphomet was unveiled at the Church of Satan in Detroit on Obama’s 6th year 6th month 6th day in office? Yeah, that happened.


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom came out on 5-23-84, the day that leaves 144 remaining. It runs 1 hr 58: Palmyra Syria =158. Temple of Doom =58. Solomon’s Temple =58. Palmyra Arch =53. Short Round =53/152. Indiana Jones =52. Indiana =52. Indy =52. Gaelic May Day =52 (another name for Beltane). Bonfires =52. The Star of David =152. It’ll be interesting to see if anything thematic happens on 4/27 (exactly 1,666 weeks after Temple of Doom) in a lead-up to Beltane on May 1st — exactly 11,666 days after the release of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

  • May First =666. Six Six Six =48 and 6x6x6 =216. Blood of Kali =612/48, the potion that hypnotizes Indy. The Last Crusade =156/48. Six Six Six =156/48.
  • May 1st is usually the 121st day. Blood Sacrifice =121. The Synagogue of Satan =1201. Mola Rama =212 (the villain in Temple of Doom). In the Leap Year it’s the 122nd day, 221 days after 9/23. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Ba’al =122. Satanists =122. One-Twenty-Two =199. Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization =199 (UNESCO).
  • It’s also known as ‘May Day’ =69. Indiana Jones =690. The Temple of Doom =73. Mola Ram =73. Thuggee =73 (the cult in the movie). World Heritage =73. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Sacrifice =73. Beltane =173.

With regards to the aforementioned 333s, the movie made $333 million at the box office with a budget of $28.2 million. Doom =282. The Dead =282. Death =228. Fire =228. Indiana =312. The Temple of Doom =1032, and this year will be the 32nd anniversary of the film’s release, like the Temple of Bel dedicated in 32 AD. First of May =132. Satanists =32. Templars =32. There’s many connections to be made here with the Indianapolis Colts, the horseshoe representing an inverted arched gateway.


On 8/9, the date that leaves 144 days remaining (and the start of the 33rd week of the year), the Hindu Goddess Kali was projected onto the Empire State Building. Kali =33 on a date with 33 numerology. Last Crusade =33. Kali is the Goddess of “Time” =144. Goddess of Time =450, 141. Arched Gate =45. Temple of Ba’al =45. The Temple of Ba’al =141. Kali =198. ISIS =198. Terrorist Attack =198. The August 9th date is also written as 9/8.

  • The Paris Attacks happened 96 days after the Kali projection. Ba’al =96. Satanism =96. For Whom The Bell Tolls =96. Notice the 8/9 connection to the 89 supposedly killed at the EODM =89 concert at the Bataclan. End Times =89. Key of David =1189. Raiders of the Lost Ark =89. Terrorist Attack =809. 
  • The Brussels Bombings of 3/22 came 32 weeks 2 days after the Kali projection. That’s also 227 days, representative of Pi and cycles, history repeating and fractal time.
  • The artists behind the Kali projection were Android Jones (like Indiana) and ‘Obscura Digital’ =69/141. Indiana Jones =690. The Temple of Ba’al =141.

Ba’al =16. Palmyra Arch =116. Saturnalia =116. The Black Sun =116. Psychological Operation =1116. UNESCO founded on 11/16 of ’45. Arch of Triumph of Palmyra =119. Order of Death =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. Ancient Ones =119. Blood Sacrifice to the Beast =119, another name for Beltane. Interdimensional Gateway =119. 

And according to the Wiccapedium, Kali is “Goddess of Time (Creation, Change, Preservation, Destruction) and Empowerment” =308/740. Masonic =38/74. Lucifer =38/74. Killing =38/74. God Saturn =38. The Beast Six Six Six =74. The Temple was destroyed on [8+31+20+15] =74. 


Colt 45 Subconscious Progamming: Works Every Time


Giddying-up on the Houston Colt .45s and the Broncos theme of horses galloping into championships, like the four badboys of the Apocalypse: Indianapolis Colts =192. Super Bowl LI =912. Colts’ QB Andrew Luck was born on 9/12. Colt Forty-Five Malt Liquor =2109. Subliminal Programs =219. (Shoutout to Maestro for the lead.)

Like the Indianapolis Colts, the Colt 45 brand uses a horseshoe as their logo, and it’s gold: Golden Horseshoe =1014. Merge that with Andrew Luck and we get: Lucky Horseshoe =1104. Major League Baseball =1140. Colt Forty-Five Works Every Time =141. Genesis 1:14 cites the Jubilee and we’re in the year of the Golden Jubilee.

  • Luck wears #12: Luck Twelve =1963. The Colt 45 beer company started in 1963, the Houston Colt 45s’ second season, and the Indianapolis Colts are 63 years old.
  • Works Every Time =73. Billy Dee Williams =73. Billy Dee is currently 79 (birth name William =79) and his Star Wars character, ‘Lando Calrissian’ =79/151. Houston Astros =51. Billy Dee =38/74. Masonic =38/74. Williams =44. Forty Oz =44. Rolling Stones’ song Wild Horses came out 44 years ago.
  • Works Every Time =208. This would be the Colts’ 28th playoff appearance.

Billy Dee born on April 6th, the 96th day of 1937. Colt 45 Works Every Time =96. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. MK-Ultra =96.


A horse is only considered a colt for its first 4 years; starting at age 5 the Colt is considered an adult and called a ‘Stallion’ =330. A Stallion =103. Andrew =1030. This will be Luck’s 5th season – his 1st season as a Stallion, as it were. Houston Astros =51. Houston Texans =51. This will be Super Bowl 51.

Wild Horses =132. Blue & White Horseshoe =1302. Superbowl Fifty One =231. Indiana =312. The Indianapolis Colts have the same colors as Israel, but with a Horseshoe in the middle instead of a ‘Star Of David’ =119. Lucky Horseshoe =1019 (in jewish gematria no less), just like the 1019 on the billboard above. Billy Dee’s birth name ‘William December Williams Jr.’ =116, the reflection.

Colors Of Israel =1002. Stallion =102. Look closely: Stallion itself is the code – Stallion is an anagram of “Last Lion”.  But what does that mean?

  • Last =211. Lion =119. Houston =112. Andrew Luck =112. Lion =50. Colt =50. Zionist =112. Mason =211. The Power of Colt Forty-Five It Works Every Time =211.
  • Last =52. The Colts are from ‘Indiana’ =52. Super Bowl LI =152. MLB =52. Israel =205, or 52, read in reverse like one reads Hebrew, and SB 51 is on the date of 2/5.


And just to further solidify this historic connection with the present, Billy Dee Williams has recently returned as Colt 45 spokesman as of 3/27/16. That’s exactly 27 weeks before the start of the MLB playoffs, with the old Houston Colt 45s as AL favourites. MLB =27. Base =27. Ball =27. It’s also 2 weeks 7 days before the start of the NBA Playoffs, with our other favourite horse-themed team, the Cavaliers. And from his Colt 45 return to Super Bowl 51? Any vibe for Indy? Exactly 45 weeks. Major vibe. 

Houston Astros: A History Aligned

We open with the recent death (or consciousness transfer) of former Houston Astros GM, Spec Richardson, on 4/12/16. HB Spec Richardson =162. MLB =162. Major League Baseball =162 and 162 games in a season. Astros established in ’62. Powers That Be =62. Programmers =62. Code =62.

  • Spec Richardson =71, 523. From his death to 5/23 it’s 42 days. Andrew Jay Hinch =71, the current Astros manager, turns 42 exactly 42 days after opening day. Nolan Ryan =42. Hinch =42. That’s also 1 month 12 days in the season of the 112th World Series: Houston =112. And Nolan Ryan’s son is Astros President.

Spec died exactly 4 years 4 months 4 days after Jeff Luhnow, the new GM started. Luhnow =93, Spec died at 93, and Hinch was named manager with 93 days remaining in 2014. AJ Hinch is born May 15th (a year to the day after Nolan Ryan threw his first career no-hitter) and Reid Ryan was announced as new team president on May 16th, officially introduced on May 17th. Aged 44, Reid Ryan is born in ’71. His dad’s nickname ‘Ryan Express’ =71.


From Reid Ryan‘s first full day in office on 5/18 to the death of Spec Richardson is a span of 1060 days. Opening Day for Astros, the starting pitcher threw 106 pitches against the Yankees. Prophecy =106. Divine Plan =106. Astros won that game 5-3, perhaps in tribute to ‘AJ Hinch’ =53.

  • Nolan Ryan =114. Astros =411. Ryan born 1/31/47 and had his MLB debut on 9/11/66. He’s currently 69 and the Astros used to be the ‘Colt Forty-Fives’ =69. Colts =69. Houston Astros =69. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. MK-Ultra =96.
  • Spec died 73 days (2 months 13 days) after Ryan turned 69 – all numbers connected to sacrifice – and exactly 42 weeks before Ryan’s next birthday. Nolan Ryan =42.
  • Reid Ryan =94. Nolan accumulated a total of 94 strikeouts in his record seven no-hitters, three more than any other pitcher. Was his son named after his record? Umbricht =94, or was he named after the original blood sacrifice for the Astros?

Houston Astros VS Chicago Cubs =2016. Astros VS Cubs =88. Curse of the Billy Goat =223/88. The Curse of the Billy Goat =112. Houston =112 in the time of the 112th WS. Astros VS Cubs =34. Nolan Ryan’s jersey #34 retired (he played with the Astros until ’88). Jim Umbricht played 88 games with Astros. The first Houston baseball team was founded in 1888, the Houston Buffaloes =64/199. Buffaloes =33/42/87. The Gun That Won the West =87/96, the backstory of the Colt .45. Contrary to popular belief, the malt liquor did not come first.

Colt .45s started their inaugural ’62 season sweeping the Cubs. The ’63 season they finished 66-96. Astros pitcher Jim Umbricht died at age 33 (with 133 Ks) on 4/8, the eve of Opening Day in 1964.

  • He was the only Colt .45 to post a winning record in Houston’s first two seasons and his #32 jersey was retired in ’65 – that’s 51 years before 2016. Houston Astros =51. They played played 51 seasons in the NL before moving divisions in 2013 (like Umbricht No. 213). Umbricht was ALL-SEC in ’51 and had 51 hits in ’62. And the 32nd prime is 131, the championship code, longtime in the oven.

Jim Umbricht =54. Forty-Five =54. Baseball =54. The Stros are currently 54 years old. Umbricht died 204 days after his 33rd birthday: Houston Astros =204. He died from ‘Melanoma’ =29. Astros =29.