Rob Ford: The Mayor of Heaven

PJT-Rob Ford Funeral-2.jpg


Blood Sacrifice =121/67. He’s the Mayor of Heaven Now =121. Mayor of Heaven =67. Ford died 67 days before his 47th birthday. On his ominous death date of 3/22 he was exactly 2443 weeks old. The Mayor of Toronto =243. March Twenty-Second =75. Mayor of Toronto =75. Stephanie =43. Rob Ford =43. “Stephanie I might not be here for too much longer” =217/460. Ford’s birthday leaves 217 days in the year and he died at age 46.

  • The Mayor of Heaven =181. Politician Sacrifice =181. Barack Obama =181. In a non-leap-year, 3/22 is the 81st day of the year and his funeral is on the “Thirtieth of March” =181.
  • Mayor of Heaven =148 and he was born on the 148th day of the year. His funeral comes exactly 44 weeks after his last birthday. Rob B Ford =44. Cancer =44. Kill =44.

Political Sacrifice =170. Robert Bruce Ford =170. Mayor Ford =701. Rob Ford Mayor of Toronto =117. Toronto =117. Crack Smoker =117. Toronto Mayor Ford =1171. He was 17,100 days old when he died. “I want you to remember that I’ll always love you. I need you and your brother to be strong for Mom” =1017.

Rob Ford; Doug Ford; Doug Ford Jr.; Stephanie Ford; Renata Ford; Ruth Ford;

How’s the license plate: Rob Ford Mayor of Heaven =226. “Stephanie I might not be here too much longer” =226. Royal Canadian Mounted Police =1226. RT (9+2) =11. So that’s a coded 226611. The Flawed Everyman =1122. The sum of [22+66+11] =99. Masonic Ritual Murders =99. Elaborate Death Hoax =990. Ford died on the 22nd. Thirty-Three =66. Rob Ford Murdered =166. His funeral on 3/30/16, the 90th day of the year (The Mayor of Toronto =90). Ninety =33, Sixteen =33. Thus embedded into the funeral date we find: 33+33+33 =99. 

Thirty-Three Day =1116. Terror in Belgium =1116 (which occurred at almost the exact time as Ford’s death, and mutually coded into that 272 Newsweek cover). Rob Ford’s Ritual Sacrifice =116. Ford Nation =116/53. Ford Motor Co =503. Ford Motor Company =211. The Flawed Everyman Rob Ford’s Tumultous Life =211. He’s The Mayor of Heaven Now =112. Mason =211. Zionist =112.

FORD NATION =696: Ford was born in ’69 and died from ‘Malignant Liposarcoma’ =96/213. Rob Ford’s Tumultuous Life =96/312. Freemason =96: the ranging degrees of Scottish Rite [31+32+33] =96 and the Keystone (33) in the Masonic Royal Arch is the 69 symbol of cancer.


EgyptAir Hijacking and the All-Seeing Eye of Horus

EgyptAir jet hijacked today 3/29, the mirror of 9/23. MH-370 vanished with 239 people and 239 is the 52nd prime number. Plane Crash =52. E Pluribus Unum =1152. This comes 189 days after 9/23 (as 3/29 is the 89th day of the year) or 6 months 6 days. Thirty-Three =66. Eye of “Providence” =666. All-Seeing Eye of God =166. The Eye of Ra =660.

  • EgyptAir Flight 990 crashed on Halloween ’99: on a date with 33 numerology in the only month with 33 Gematria, having left JFK Airport (Kennedy =33) and reaching a cruising altitude of 33,000-feet before crashing into the sea off Nantucket =33 exactly 33 mins after takeoff with 33 senior Egyptian military officers on board. No shit. Then exactly 16 years later the Flight 321 Halloween Crash in the Sinai: Sixteen =33. Both flights killed all 217 aboard. How about that!

CNN’s headline was “Highjacking Over Ex-Wife” =1224/114/105. Sept 23rd 2015 marked 224 years on the French Revolutionary Calendar. Novus Ordo Seclorum =114. Flight Three Seventy Hoax =114. Flight MH Three Seventy =105. False Flag Terrorism =105. Hijacked =51. Conspiracy =51. Hypothalamus =51.

  • All-Seeing Eye =65. The hijackers’ name is ‘Seif El Din Mustafa’ =65/74. Hijacker =65/47. EgyptAir =47/101. EgyptAir Hijacking =101. History Repeating =101.
  • Egyptian Hijacker =81. It was originally reported that there were 81 passengers on this Flight 181. Horus =81, the Egyptian falcon god on the airline’s brand who represents Saturn. He’s known as “God of the Sky and Kingship” =1008. Horus is linked to the all-seeing eye, also known as ‘The Eye of Ra’ =108.

All-Seeing Eye of Horus =95. The Sigil of Saturn =95. Saturn is Overlord =95. Thalamus =95. Pineal Gland =95/570. Providence =57. E Pluribus Unum =57. Occult Symbolism =57. All-Seeing Eye =56. Medulla Oblongata =56. Mind Control =56. Manifestation =56. Today’s incident has now settled on the number of 56 passengers.


Third Eye of Horus =88. It’s the 8th hijacking for the airline, less than 48 hours after the 8th terror attack in Pakistan this year. [3+29+16] =48. Hoax 48. Illuminati =48. Propaganda =48. EgyptAir Hijacker =166/85. Three Seventy =166/85. Seif El Din Mustafa =616. JFK =616, the airport where the EgyptAir 990 crashed in ’99.

This comes 137 days after the Halloween Crash. MA Flight MH Three Seventy =137, the 33rd prime (Manifest =33). Eye of Horus =137. Great Pyramid =137. Mind Control =137. Vanished =37. That’s also 371 days after GermanWings Crash (53 weeks; Corpus Callosum =53) and 2 years 21 days (221) since MH370. All-Seeing Eye of Horus =221.

  • 370 disappeared with 227 passengers 722 days before 2/27 and from 2/27 to this hijacking incident (of history repeating) is 4 weeks 3 days: Plane Crash =43. Hoax Crash =43. Metacortex =43. Old Sun Saturn =43. The 14th prime number is 43 and today’s hijacking was the 14th incident in EgyptAir’s history, coming 14 years after 9/11.


The Consciousness Hijack

Tonight I rediscovered a spoken word piece I did back on November 4th 2015. That’s 20 weeks 6 days ago and as it turns out I was born on the 206th day of a leap year; my girlfriend’s full name in Gematria equals 206; and I was 26 years old when we first met, 6 years ago. There are 206 bones in the human body. 

Enchanted =206: I feel. The Con =206: I expose. Sacrifice =206: my time and energy for the cause. Intelligent Nature =206: I rely upon and seek to commune with as much as I can. (Preferably on a sunny summer afternoon in the forest with some psyclocibin.)

Pythagorus called 26 the God number and GOD [7+15+4] =26. Like the 26 letters in our alphabet. Like the 206 bones in our skeleton. This so-called phsyical manifestation of our corporal framework, our TEMPLE =26. In numerology, my soul number is 26. I was born in ‘Calgary Alberta’ =126, my full name in Gematria equals 126, and I currently live in ‘Vancouver BC’ =126.

Ain’t this illusory reality of ours somethin truly wonderful.

This prose vid is my MISSION STATEMENT =62, the reflection of the divine essence, as the alphanumerics tell us. And this right here has been a Brother Berg fireside chat, so while I’m at it let me say THANK YOU – SO MUCH for reading and for sharing your time and energy with me, as together we Truth-Seekers Unite to ignite awareness as we activate and fulfill this Deprogram Program that is our destiny. 


Trump’s Central Park Tombstone and the Back to the Future Prophecy Revisited

Trump’s tombstone appeared in Central Park on Easter Sunday in one of the more overtly ominous signs of a coming blue-chip assassination. The epitaph reads, “Made America Hate Again” =139. Assassination of Donald Trump =139. Freemasonry =139. Ford’s Theater =139. Masonic Hitman =139. The Killing of the Divine King =139. Trump National Golf Club =1039 (where Trump has recently decided he’ll be buried). His Easter tombstone was planted exactly 13 days 9 months after his last and 69th birthday… That’s also 287 days: Donald J Trump Made America Hate Again =287. Boom.

That’s also 79 days to his next birthday. Assassination =79. Murder =79. Illuminati Puppet =79. Makeshift Memorial =79. That’s also 11 weeks 3 days: Donald J Trump Sr Killed =113. Trump Assassinated =93. Donald J Trump Easter Sunday =93.

  • Easter =68. Trump Fake Death =68. Trump’s Tombstone =68. Donald John Trump =68. The Apprentice =68. Back to the Future =68. Tannen =68. Easter Sunday =44. Kill =44. Mad Dog =44. And notice the four-four floral design on the tombstone.
  • Donald J Trump Made America Hate Again =134. Assassination of President Barack Obama =134. Shot In The Back By Buford Tannen =134. Over A Matter of Eighty Dollars =134. Buford Tannen =134. A Matter of Eighty Dollars =110/254. Donald John Trump =1110. President =110 and 9/11 is the 254th day of the year.

Donald J Trump Made America Hate Again =1722. There’s the millionth example of Pi coding we’ve seen this week alone. On 7/22, Trump received approval to build a private cemetery at the Trump National Golf Club in ‘Bedminster NJ’ =52/133. Tombstone came 227 days before the election and it was exactly 22 years 7 days from the date on the Denver Airport capstone to the evening that someone mysteriously installed Trump’s headstone in the park at ‘Sheep’s Meadow’ =52/133. Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster NJ =408. Tannen =408. Emmett Brown =148. Donald J Trump =148.

And speaking of deja vua: Donald =23. Biff =23/138. Donald Trump =138. Trump’s Tombstone =1380. 


In the movies we learn that Biff’s birthday is March 26th 1937 – exactly 79 years later we find Trump’s headstone, exactly 79 days before Trump’s birthday. The date September 7 can be written 7/9… Doc was shot by ‘Buford Mad Dog Tannen’ =79. The Simpsons episode that foreshadowed a disatrous Trump presidency followed by Lisa Simpson as Hillary aired on the 79th day of the year, production code BABF13 =79. It was episode #243, like our vaunted 24/3 date.

Trump’s private cemetary plans came 8 months 5 days before the tombstone appeared. Trump and Biff also share birth numerology of 85. Made America Hate Again =85. Doc died in ’85. And how’s this for trippy: DONALD J TRUMP =888. EMMETT BROWN =888. TIME PORTALS =888. TRUMP =88. HELLO, MCFLY =666. EIGHTY-EIGHTH =666/131. Doc died 131 years ago. Coincidence, or proof of deep-coded programming?


In the alternate 1985 of Hell Valley, Biff/Trump kills Marty’s old man on the Ides of March, the date Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC. April Fools Day is the 91st day of the year and [3+15+73] =91. Zionist Conspiracy =91. Masonic Ritual Murders =91. Deception =91. But based on the film’s newspaper headline below, perhaps what we’re meant to see is this:

  • DONALD TRUMP MURDERED =91. [Murdered =88. Trump =88. Like the 88 mph to time travel.] When Marty changes the future the headline changes to ‘Honored’ which has the same Gematria as ‘Murdered’, thus keeping the source code intact.

From the date of Trump’s Easter epitaph to the 44th anniversary of George McFly’s death is 11 months 16 days. George McFly =116. Another Nine Eleven =1116. Psychological Operation =1116. Assassination of President Obama =116. Shot in the Back by Buford Tannen =116. Hey Butthead =119. Central Park =119. The 911th prime is 156 and ‘Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster NJ’ =156. The President of the United States =156. Six Six Six =156. Thirty-Three =156.


George McFly Murdered =1021. Predicting the Future =1021. Warn =1021. Shrink the zero and that code looks a lot like ‘One Point Twenty-One Jigowatts’ =121. Dr E Brown Enterprises =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. Easter Assassination =121. Ninety-One =121. Aleister Crowley was born on 10/21 – which coincidentally is the release date of The Dead Zone, which is also full of Trump predictive programming (read my post here). In the Back to the Future universe,  10/21 is a date of cosmic significance – a fantasy realm inextricably interwoven with that which we call our consensus illusory reality.

The Death of Eagles’ Kevin Turner and a Giants Super Bowl Foreshadow


Ex-NFL fullback Kevin Turner died on our 3/24 target from ALS. He was born on a date with numerology of 34 [6+1+2+1+9+6+9], like his jersey number and the 34 points scored in Super Bowl 50. Giants =34.  The mirror is 43, the way Hebrew is read, the way of Crowley’s Law of Reversals, matching both his life lesson number [6+12+1+9+6+9] =43, and his death date [3+24+16] =43. With his passing, the media reminds us that linebacker “Junior Seau” =43, died a few years back at age 43 — 1423 days before the mirror, 3/24, to be exact. Houston Super Bowl =243. 

  • Junior Seau =52, played for the ‘Chargers’ =52 and ‘Dolphins’ =52. He died on 5/2 after shooting himself in the ‘Heart’ =52, or so we’re told.
  • Seau’s death is said to mirror the death of NFLer Dave Duerson who also shot himself in the heart, exactly 63 weeks before Seau did. Turner died on a date with 63 numerology [3+24+20+16]. The full name is “David Russell Dave Duerson” =2402. Kevin Paul Turner =1242/207. Like the last Super Bowl date, 2/7.
  • Seau =46. Turner died 46 days after Super Bowl 50, or 6 weeks 4 days: Tiaina Baul Seau Jr =164. NY Giants =46. New York Giants =64/181. Houston Texas =46/64/181. Fifty-One =46. 

Duration between Turner’s death and Super Bowl LI is 10 months 12 days (112). Houston =112. Andrew Luck =112. 

Kevin Turner =58. He died from “Lou Gehrig’s” =58 (Freemasonry =58), aka “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis” =133. Super Bowl Fifty-One Houston Texas =133. Junior Seau =331. Junior =33. In lieu of a suicide note, Seau is said to have left the lyrics to his favourite song “Who I Ain’t” =1117. Turner died 1 month 17 days after the Super Bowl.

  • 117 numerology is shared by the dates of both Super Bowl 58 and Super Bowl 59 (which came 58 years before the next SB), both between Giants and Colts – as is predicted to be the next matchup. Giants Colts =58. Colts currently lead the series 11-7 over the Giants.
  • The Giants are further connected to Turner via Frank Gifford, who also had CTE, and played in the Giants 58 and 59 Championship games.

Gifford died 32 weeks 4 days before Turner died on 3/24, like the 1423 days between Turner and Seau. That’s also 228 days, and a long-time Giants trainer John Johnson passed away last year on 2/28 — 3 weeks 4 days before Turner, who wore #34 like his life lesson number. Johnson died at age 98 and Gifford died on 9/8 (Aug 9). Eli Manning =98. Champions =98.


Make sense? No? Good. As Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” 

Brussels Airport and the Bloody Three

The logo for the Brussels Airport is the same dang font and colour as the 33 on the airport doors is the same damn font and colour as the 3 smeared into the floor with fake blood at the ‘Bataclan Theatre’ =131. Blood Red Three =131. Ten of Hearts =131. Brussels came 131/130 days after Paris that hoax-killed 130. Brussels International Airport =130. Master Teacher Thirty-Three =130. Skull & Bones =130, whose number is 322 like the 3/22 date. Maelbeek Metro Station =223. Friday the Thirteenth =223. Skull and Bones =41 and Brussels came 4 months 10 days after Paris on a date with 41 numerology. And 41 is the 13th prime.

  • It could also be an M=13. M=30 (Jewish Gematria). MM =156. Thirty-Three =156. False Flag =156. Two Red Hearts =156. And the 911th prime number is 156.
  • The Heart of Europe =1116. Terror in Belgium =1116. Another Nine Eleven =1116. Psychological Operation =1116.

And as M=13 (and 31 people died in 13 minutes 131 or 130 days after 130 died on 11/13), thirteen days after 3/22 is 4/4. And get aload of this factoid from the Maelbeek Metro Station Wiccapedium: “As of 4 April 2009 the lines were reorganised and renumbered 1 and 5.” This looks like a big fucking 61119 to this truth-seeker:

2016-03-27 (5)


NYC Stormtroopers Guarding The Bank

2016-03-27 (4)2016-03-27 (3)

Reasons Terror Risk is Slightly Lower For US Than Europe =243/297. There’s that dang 24/3 date coding again and “New York New York” =2970. Nazi Salutes Disrupt Memorial =142. Terrorist =142. Muslims Fear Backlash After Terror Attacks =142/412. The 9/11 Attacks lasted 1 hour 42 minutes. Guarding the Bank =142.

  • Stormtroopers =211. Guard the Bank =112. Mason =211. Zionist =112.
  • What Terrorists Want =82. NYC Stormtroopers =82. Ordo Ab Chao =82.
  • New York Stormtroopers =322. Military Industrial Complex =322. All this in the wake of the Brussels Bombing Bullshit of 3/22. That’s the number of “Skull and Bones” =59. NYPD =59. Boys in Black =59. Kill =59. Acts of Terror =59/158. The Police State =59/158. Lone Wolf Attack =158. Iran Nuclear War =158. Mind Controlled =158. NYC Stormtroopers =1518.

TD Canada Trust =724. Number of the Beast =724/1044. TD =144. Police State =44. Toronto Dominion =702. Fake Terror =702. Barack Obama Assassination =702. Act of Terrorism =72.

Bomb Blast in Lahore and the Great Whore of Babylon


Easter Sunday and a suicide bomber in a Pakistani public park. BBC is saying 69 dead: Bomb Blast in Lahore =69. Gulshan Iqbal Park = 169. Lahore Pakistan =69. Pakistani Taliban =69. False Flag =69. Next Nine Eleven =69. But my favourite link here is “Huzaifa Huxaif” =69. This is the alias of Noah Pozner, the child who died twice: at Sandy Hook and the Peshawar School Massacre, 104 weeks 4 days apart. (More deets in my old post, Pakistani School Massacre PsyOps and the Mystery of the Mythical Noah Pozner). Let’s all join hands and pray that he hasn’t tragically passed away a third time in Lahore.

  • Noah Pozner =132. Huzaifa Huxaif =141. We’re told 132 children were killed in Peshawar and 141 total. Hilarious. Peshawar was 1 year 3 months 11 days ago (1311). That’s the fulfilment of ‘The Beast’ =311 (aka The Whore). Pakistan =311. And what’s the number of The Beast? If we include the end date, the duration between Peshawar and Lahore Pysops: 66 weeks 6 days. Illusion =666. Witchcraft =666. Sandy Hoax =666. Temple of Baal =666. Father of Life =666. Prophecy =666. Horned Beast =666. Demonic Evil =666. Deathbringer =666. Toasty.

My favourite part, though, is the NLP symbolism of Lahore = La Whore = The Whore. In Revelation, the Whore of Babylon rides the first beast and symbolizes sin leading to death. Also known as Babalon, Scarlet Woman, or the Mother of Abominations, the sacred whore is a key goddess in the mystical system of Thelema.

  • 104 week 4 days between Sandy Hook and Peshawar: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom =144. Edward Alexander Crowley =1440. Scarlet Woman =144. Satanic Hexagram =144. Mark of the Beast =144. Again, the first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666.
  • Babylon the Great, The Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth =727/313. Hex =313. The Edict of Milan gave Christianity legal status in 313 AD. Edict of Milan =666/57. Great Whore =57. The Whore of Babylon =1727. Rigged Reality =727. There are 272 numbers in the Playbook of Revelation and the sum of its reflection: 727+272 =999. Satanic Philosophy =999. Awakened =966. Whore of Babylon =966. Lahore Park Attack =966.
  • Babylon =515. Jesus Christ =151. School Massacre =151. Again, 515+151 =666.

Mother of Abominations =232. Satan =232. Lucifer =323. Love is the Law Love Under Will =323. Sum 232+323 we get 555. Satan Cult =555. Satan Shall Rise =555. Prison Planet =555.


Just the driest cheeks this side of Islamabad… Gardentown =1227. Easter Day Explosion =227. Again, for the thousandth time this year, coded symbolism to Pi. 

Nelson Mandela: The Denver Airport Prophecy Continues



This Easter Sunday marks exactly 119 weeks since the state funeral of Nelson Mandela, like the 1109 days into the Pope’s papacy and the 19,119 days since JFK’s assassination. He died on 12/5; 843 days ago, alarmingly similar to the previous post’s 8043 day span from the Denver Airport capstone, which appears to be another guide to future events. 843 days is 2 years 3 months 22 days (2322) and Denver International Airport Time Capsule =2232/441. Nelson Mandela Memorial Service =144. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =144. Corporation =144. Killer =144.

  • Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela =1350. Nelson Mandela Was A Terrorist =135. Jaguar Island =1053. The DIA capstone’s numerology of 135 and the 5310 days since 9/11. Terrorism =135. False Flag Event =135. Nelson Mandela =48. Illuminati =48. Six Six Six =48.
  • Time Capsule =744. Nelson Mandela =774. Nelson =474/79. Illuminati Puppet =79. President Mandela =79/960. Rolihlahla =96. Freemason =96. Four Six Six Six Four =96 (below). Father of the Nation =609. Robben Island =690, where he was allegedly imprisoned.

Mandela was in office for exactly 266 weeks. Francis is the 266th Pope and visited the White House on the 266th day last year. New World Airport =1266. That’s a span of 5 years 1 month 5 days (515). From Easter Sunday to the 15th anniversary of 9/11 is 5 months 15 days (515). Gods =151. Jesus Christ =151. Holy Spirit =151. And 151+515 is 666. Pretty hot, considering his prison number and the 1511 connections from the previous post. Robben Island =115.

Mandela-Interpreter2016-03-27 (1)

From the capstone to the death of Mandela is 7202 days, like the 22 year 7 day span from the capstone to Easter 2016: again, both 722/227 represent Pi and history repeating. Mandela spent 27 years 3 months 4 days in prison and was released on 2/11. Robben Island =343. New World Airport =211. Twenty-Seven Years =1440. You could say he was doing hard TIME =144. Nine Eleven Terrorism =1440. From his release to 9/11/01 is 11 years 7 months, matching his 11/7 incarceration date. That’s also 4230 days – he was released with 324 days left in 1990.

  • Robben Island Prison =1236. Pretoria Local Prison =236. Population Control =236.
  • Mandela’s prison number was 46664, lol. It’s written Four Double Six Six Four =121. South Africa =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. Easter Assassination =121. Antichrist =121. Devil in Disguise =1201. The Synagogue of Satan =1201. And of course that’s a big 666 pinned between Kill =44. Lie =44. Genocide =44. Mandela’s life lesson number of [7+18+1+9+1+9] =44.

Forty-Four =144. And the sum of the first 144 decimal points of Pi is 666. What a tribute to fractal time and the illusory nature of programmed reality! Illusion =666. Prophecy =666. Witchcraft =666.

Going on a time travel tangent here, Back to the Future (1985) predicted the rise of Donald Trump through the symbol of Biff Tannen and many similarities were made between the Denver Broncos and the ’85 Bears. Also in ’85, Villanova won the Final Four – and they’ve just upset the favourite, Kansas. 1985 is 31 years ago and there were 31 victims in Brusssels. The 11th prime is 31. Illuminati Jewish Banking Cartel =311. The Beast =311.

Thirty One =792. King James =792. That’s more evidence for a Cavaliers championship, Cleveland’s first in 51 years. Super Bowl 51 is in Houston this season, as is the NCAAB Championship and Wrestlemania; back to our 151 point. In 1985, the KC Royals won the World Series, as they did 30 years later in 2015. Thirty =100. Time Machine =100. The Denver Airport time capsule is locked for 100 years. Thirty Years =1273, like today’s Easter date 27/3. His Excellency Nelson Mandela =273. Former President of South Africa =327.

  • On 3/27/14, Obama met with Pope Francis for the first time at the Vatican and gave him carrot seeds as a gift. That’s 104 weeks 4 days ago: Pope Franciscus I =1044. American President =1044. Carrot seeds for the ‘Easter Bunny’ =144.
  • Carrot Seeds =46/64/508. Human Elites =508. Master Teacher =508 (Seed =33, the master teacher number). The Rules =508. Freemasonry =58. Barack Hussein Obama =64. Thelema =64. Israel =64. Carrot =314. Illuminati is the Government =314. Next Nine Eleven =1314. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. Sowing the seeds of fractal time.

The Order of St John was chartered in 1888. St John =888. Satanic Wizard =888. The Trinity =888. The Eleven =888. Destruction =888.


Denver International and the Easter Ritual Sacrifice of Obama the Jaguar


Today, March 26th, is exactly 22 years 7 days from the date on the mysterious Masonic capstone at ‘Denver International Airport’ =137, the 33rd prime. Mind Control =137. Scientific Technological Elite =137. Invisible Jewish Government =137. Washington DC =137. Authority =137. United States President =1137. Denver International Airport =155. The Council on Foreign Relations =155. Social Engineers =155. The Illuminati =551. The Antagonist =551. The Illusion =551. And that 22/7 is the approximation of Pi, which is hugely integral to the alphanumeric conspiracy (read my past post on the Pi Prophecy for some background, or search 227).

[3+19+19+94] =135. Terrorism =135. False Flag Event =135. The Paris Attacks happened 135 days before Easter Sunday, and today – Easter’s Eve – is 5310 days after 9/11/01… [3+19+94] =116. Passion of the Christ =116. Love is the Law Love Under Will =116 (slogan of Thelema). Another Nine Eleven =1116. March 19th is the 79th day of 1994, a leap year like 2016. Murder =79/34. March Nineteenth Ninety-Four =304/1404. New World Airport Commission =340. Next Nine Eleven =1404. 

  • Wellington E Webb Mayor =240/96. New World Aiport Commission =2040. Freemason =96. The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of AF & AM of Colorado =480. The Beast =480. Aeon of Osiris =480. Illuminati =48. Grand Master =48.
  • New World Airport =211. Denver International =112. Masonic =211. Zionist =112. Zimmerman =112. I punched in every single letter on the plaque and the whole capstone has a combined Gematria of 2222. The 22nd prime is 79, connecting to the date on the capstone. Assassination =79. The Death of Barack Obama =79. Obama’s Ritual Sacrifice =790.


Here’s one of the murals from DIA. The rainbow makes me think of A) Dark Side of the Moon =101 (Assassin / Easter Nine Eleven); and B) the Rainbow Ritual of 6/26/15 at the White House for the passing of the Marriage Equality Act. That’s 272 days before 3/24, the launchpad into the Easter Weekend. Four Score and Seven Years =272. An Apocalypse Scenario =272. Rigged Reality =727. On Easter, Obama will have been in office 7 years 2 months 7 days. It’s also exactly 44 months since the London Olympics Opening Ceremony on 7/27 – the games that had the American flag fall during the anthem on 8/4, Obama’s 51st birthday. And remember that coded Newsweek issue with the suicide vest reading 27.2 dated 2/12, Lincoln’s birthday. Pope Francis Bergoglio =212/1272.

  • The man who painted these murals is called Leo Tanguma =109. Werejaguar =109 (hold on to this thought). Zionist Conspiracy =109. Psychological Warfare =109. Child Sacrifice =109. Masonic Ritual Murders =109. Dystopia =109. War Crimes =109. Obama Sacrificed =109.

New World Airport =1266. Pope Francis is the 266th Pope, sworn in on 3/13/13 and today also marks his 3 years 13 days in office. New World Airport Commission =133, and Pope’s first day of papacy can be written 13/3 and 13 days 3 years since. Government =133. White House =133. Zionists and Freemasons =1330. The Passion of the Christ =131.

2016-03-26 (1)

1109 days is interesting, even more than the aforementioned 109 thread. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. The Gang of Thirty-Three =1119 and Knights Templar were founded in 1119 CE. From JFK’s assassination to Easter Sunday 2016 is a span of 19,119 days. And replace that 0 with a slash and we have the date September 11th. That means tomorrow, Easter Sunday, will be 3 years 14 into the papacy, another direct reference to Pi and fractal time, history repeating. 1110 days: Secret Combination =1110. Four Score Seven =1110 (and Easter is the 87th day of the year). Flag of Israel =111. Israel Did It =110. President =110. Easter Assassination =111.


As I covered in a previous post, on our target date of 3/24, Obama visited Nahuel Huapi in Patagonia. This translates to “Island of the Jaguar” =1222. Padre Jorge Bergoglio =1222. Pope Francis =122. Big Cat =122 (and recall the many connections between Obama and the Lion King). Jaguar =22. Jaguar Island =702/1053, an anagram of the 5310 days since 9/11 and ‘Barack Obama Assassination’ =702. Quetzalcoatl =153. Nahuel further signifies “a man who by sorcery is transformed to a jaguar.” Which leads us to the big question: is Obama the dead jaguar we see pictured in the ominous mural at Denver Airport?

Jaguars and Easter assassinations, connected by Mel Gibson’s films, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto. The latter is set in the year 1511, which rings bells, considering Lincoln died 1511 days after his assassination attempt and from his death to the date Obama was transformed into a jaguar was 150 years 11 months 10 days (15111). The Brussels Bombings happened 1 year 5 months 11 days (1511) into the Belgian PM’s term: Brussels =115. Four Score and Seven Years Ago =115. Easter Nine Eleven =1150. Jaguar Assassination =1500. Death of the Jaguar =150. Obama the Jaguar =51, and the flag mysteriously fell on his 51st birthday. Barack Obama Dies =51. Obama Killed =510. It’s 5 months 15 days after Easter Sunday to the 15th anniversary of 9/11. If Obama’s funeral is on 3/31, it’s 5 months 11 days to 9/11. Saturn =511, to whom these ritual sacrifices are given.

  • The time between the releases of Passion and Apocalypto is 1017 days. Dealey Plaza =1017. Jaguar Island =117. Fake Terror =117. The Second Nine Eleven =117. On 3/24, the date Obama was transformed into a Jaguar, Pope Francis was 1107 days into office. Quetzalcoatl =1070.
  • From Passion of the Christ to Easter Sunday 2016 is 4414 days. Death Cult =441. False Flag =414. Nine Eleven Terrorism =1440. Next Nine Eleven Event =1404. Forty-Four =144. Time =144. The Body of President Kennedy =144. Assassination of Barack Obama =1144. It was 4411 days since Passion release on 3/24. Assassin =411.


State Funeral =43/52/142. President Obama =142, he’s the 43rd man elected US president and it’s been 52 years since the JFK assassination. The 52nd prime is 239, the current age of America. State Funeral of Barack H Obama =239/113. Following his death, JFK’s body was placed for 24 hours in the ‘East Room of the White House’ =293/113. If Obama were to actually be (hoax) killed on 3/27, his state funeral would most likely take place three days later, on 3/30. JFK’s funeral happened three days later on the 330th day of a leap year, or the 329th in 1963 – a lot like 239.

  • State Funeral of John F Kennedy =114. President of the United States =114. Assassin =411 and he was shot from “Four Eleven Elm Street” =114. Four Score and Seven =114. Obama Murdered at Fifty-Four =114. Easter Weekend False Flag =114.

Three Days Later =161. Assassination of President Obama =161. Dead at Fifty-Four =161. Planet Saturn =161. Saturn the Eye =161. Second Nine Eleven =1061. One Hundred Sixty-One =239. The date 23/9 was Yom Kippur =899. Three Days Later =899. Jaguar =889.