Another Ankara Inside Job

Another staged terror attack in ANKARA TURKEY =47 coming 4 months 7 days after the city’s previous hoax on 10/10/15, or 130 days (like the 130 fake victims of the Paris Attacks). ANKARA BLASTS =47. And hey it seems they’ve upgraded their special fx team since the previous flop:

Now get this, both event dates share a triplet of numerology synchs: (10+10+15) =35. (2+17+16) =35. (10+10+20+15) =55. (2+17+20+16) =55. (1+0+1+0+2+0+1+5) =28. (2+17+2+0+1+6) =28. And of course they’re reporting 28 dead due to A CAR BOMB =28 in TURKEY =28. 

  • It happened on a street called MERASIM =33. “A ceasefire between the Turkish state and PKK collapsed last year after Isil killed 33 peace activists.” 3 months 3 days after the 10/10 Ankara Hoax,  Turkey’s capital Istanbul was rocked with another devastating hoax terror attack. This one comes 5 weeks 1 day later (Conspiracy =51).  

28 dead 61 wounded. Terrorist =61. That makes 89 casualties, (reminding of the initials 10/10 reports saying 86 killed 186 injured). Central Intelligence =89. Trauma-Based Mind Control =89. 



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