Another Turkish Bombing Hoax Coded Tribute

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 4.54.33 PM.pngS23=123. Conspiracy=123. (Turkish Prime Minister) Davutoglu=123.

Meanwhile, as 10 American spies are arrested by the Iranians, an ISIS bombing in an Istanbul Turkey tourist spot killed 10. What’s the connection to 10? Ten Days Later =144. And ten days after the State of the Union address will be one of our major target date windows: January 22nd, 2016 – 1/22. Hmmm… Also TEN=145 (Obama Green Screen / Obama Gets Shot / State Sponsored Terrorism / Order of Thelema).

  • Ten =12 (2+5+5) and the “Twenty-Sixteen Istanbul Bombing” =120. The 2015 Ankara Bombings killed 102 people. This one happened at 10:20 local time, which also reduces to 12. On the 12th of January. And the emergency number in Turkey (and the rest of Europe) is 112, like the date of 1/12.
  • Turkey’s Nine Eleven =224. Terrorist Strike =224. Divide and Conquer =1224. Hagia Sophia & Blue Mosque =224.

On 12 January 2016 at 10:20 local time, there was a suicide attack in Istanbul’s historic Sultanahmet Square district near the Blue Mosque, an area that is popular among tourists. The explosion killed at least 10 people and another 15 were injured. The attacker was Nabil Fadli, a Saudi Arabian-born Syrian national and member of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). — Wikipedia 2016 Istanbul bombing

As clues are always embedded in the event time, TEN TWENTY AM =43. NABIL FADLI =43. Obama is the 43rd man to be President of the United States. Massacre =43. Murdered =43. (And the Blue Mosque is even 43m tall.) Obama is also 54 years old right now and ISTANBUL TURKEY =54.

  •  Sultanahmet Square =62. Suicide Bomber =62. Terrorists =62. Extremists =62.
  • And its initials, SS=11. Like the emergency number for fires in Turkey: 110. Like the Freudian slip typo I came up with: INSTABULL=110. Like the fulfilment of the 10 killed. ISRAEL DID IT =110. PRESIDENT =110.

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 5.06.13 PM

HISTORIC PART OF ISRAEL =241. TERRORIST =142. PRESIDENT OBAMA =142. Blue Mosque =130. Iran =130. Washington =130. Parallel stories today. What else equals 130? PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION =130. Predictive programming?

  • Blue Mosque =49 and there were 25 casualties. Twenty-Five =149. ISIS Propaganda =149. Skull and Bones =149.
  • The attack is being blamed on a SYRIAN TERRORIST =84/228. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA =84/228. And in the previous post we discuss the 84 connection between Obama and Iran. All tributes to the State of the Union?


blue_mosqueThe Blue Mosque is one of the most stunning structures on the planet.

This attack comes exactly 3 months 3 days after the 10/10 Ankara Bombings. Ah-ha, there’s another reference to the double ten. And it comes a week after another suicide bombing near the Blue Mosque which injured 1 killed 2 (another 12 coding).


“The explosion in Sultanahmet occurred close to the German Fountain, a gazebo-style structure that commemorates a visit by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1898. The blast left several bodies around the base of an Egyptian obelisk that was carved around 1490 B.C. and was brought to the city in A.D. 390 by the Roman emperor Theodosius.” – Nytimes 


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