Deciphering the ISIS Flag: Jolly Roger and the Pirates of the Levant

If we read the Arabic characters as Roman letters we can perceive the inner circle text as: ALL/OWL-JEW(S)-205. In the upper banner there are definitely two symbols for pi, referring to said inner circle which it calculates and signifies. Viewed upside down, the top line reads: [pi] I NO I [pi] IMO. (I’m #1 in my opinion?) 

In the Greek alphabet, Pi is the 16th letter: KAABA =16. SIXTEEN =33. PIRATE =33. SATURNIC =33. SHAHADA =33 (Islamic declaration of faith, written as upper white banner). Curiously, in the system of Greek numerals pi has a value of 80. The sum of the first 16 digts of Pi also =80. As there are two pi symbols on the ISIS flag, we get another harmonic in 160. Like the fulfilment of 60: Conspiracy =60, Death to America =60, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi =60. Pirate Banner =60. Pirate Standard =60.

  • INOI IMO =197 (Foreign / Mongol), =84 (Sadistic / Men in Black / Iran War), =48 (Propaganda / Illuminati / Hoax / Evil / Blood / Palestinian / Crime / Slaughter / Six Six Six / Blacks / ISIS-Linked)
  • INOI =108 (Be Afraid / The Goddess), =47 (ISIS BANNER / STAR OF DAVID / ISIS IS MOSSAD / Obey / Authority)
  • OWL =970 (Religious Rituals / Training Terrorists / The Chief Ruler of the Archons / Devil Satan / The Incarnation of Horus / Djinn and the Black Hole / Queen Elizabeth). CIVIL WAR =97. FAIRY TALE =97. ISIS IS CIA =97.

The thing about OWL-JEWS-205 — is that ISRAEL =205. ISIS PROPAGANDA =502. OWL =25. TERRORIST =52. JEWS (1+5+5+1) =1551. A head count in the team picture above reveals 25 white shirts, 25 green shirts, and the coach in the centre. PI =25/150 (Pirate Standard =150). OWL =25/50 (Pirate Flag =50). And +1 we get TWO OH FIVE =51/123. ZIONISM =51. FREEMASON =51. CONSPIRACY =51. MASONIC SATANIST =51. KAABA =15. JEWS =1551. SUPERIORITY COMPLEX =1551. ISIS IS MOSSAD =155.


  • ISIS/ISIL =20/22 =222. Daesh =222. IMO =222.
  • Recall the Paris Attacks lasted 222 minutes. Raqqa =222. Hell =222.
  • Black Flag =55/330. Prophet’s Seal =55. Satan =55/330. Satanic Elite =55. Bomber =55/330.
  • [Flag translation]: THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH. MOHAMMED IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH =505/3030. PIRATE =33/69. FALSE FLAG =69. PI =69. Benjamin Netanyahu =69. 


And speaking of black flags, the notorious pirate banner: JOLLY ROGER =137. (KAABA IS SATURN =137) As we know this the 33rd prime number and gang sign of the Masonic/Zionist Inner Circle, we can surmise that our mainstream pirates from history were working on behalf of the Illuminati. And what are ISIS if not modern-day pirates. 


  *Bartholomew Robert’s flag. Bartholomew =51. Robert =33. (Blanc et Noir = Black and White)

  • Black And White Flag Of Isis =216. PIRATES OF THE LEVANT =216 (6x6x6)
  • OWL (6+5+3) =356. Black Skeleton =356 (sounds like Jolly Roger), Fox =356 (6+6+6), Cold-Blooded Killer =356, Hate Preacher =356. 

Flag Of Isis =103. Seal of Mohammed =130. Black And White =1103, 113. Green Screen =113. Dishonest =113. The Devil Incarnate =1130. “Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah” =131. ISLAMIC STATE =131. Mass Murder =131. 


Upon closer examination of the flag, we notice it is composed of the magic number of 13 symbols. The black square is a representation of the black cube of Saturn, like the Kaaba at Mecca. 

  • Black Square White Circle =225. Thirty-Three is Key =225. Muslim =522. Inside Job =522. Thelema Motto =522. 
  • White Circle In A Black Cube =199. Do What Thou Wilt =199. Freedom Hangs by a Thread =199. 
  • Black Cube White Circle =1050. Isis Isil =105. Pi =150. Pirate Standard =150.

Now let’s try another direction, perhaps it says ALL JEW:

  • All Jew =63. ISIS Pirates =63. Terrorism =63. Make Believe =63. (Cube has 6 sides in 3 dimensions)
  • All Jew =1546. An Organized Terrorist Attack =1546. The Muslim World =1546. A Philosophy of Evil =1546. 
  • Owl Jew =88. Pirates =88. Owl Jew Israel =152. Masosnic Imagery =152.
  • All =25. Pi =25. Owl =50. Pi =150. Jew =38. All Jew +1 =64. Israel =64.

PROPHET’S SEAL =154. Hey Terrorist, Terrorize This =154. MONOCHROME FLAG =145. Order of Thelema = 145. Friday the Thirteenth Paris Attacks =145. ISIS MADE IN ISRAEL =76 (The Times of Israel / Hearts and Minds / Passive Voyeurism). ISIS JOLLY ROGER =76/193. BLACK AND WHITE FLAG =67/139. Freemasonry =139. Palestinians =139.

  • Israel =205. EU =205. The Number Thirteen =205. ISIS Propaganda =502. Seal of Solomon =502. Luciferianism =502. 
  • Islamic State Flag =58. Seal of Mohammed =58. Freemasonry =58.
  • ISIS Propaganda =149. Skull And Bones =149. Big God Little Dick =149. 


  • All Jew Israel =127. Islamic State In Iraq And the Levant =127. Mesopotamia =127.
  • THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH. MOHAMMED IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH =217. Psychological Warfare =217. Fiction =217. Toyota Pirate Ship =217. 
  • TOYOTA =96 (Freemason / Zionism / Satanism / Kaaba)

Islamic State In Iraq And Syria =119. Star Of David =119. Order of Death =119. Israeli Flag =99. 11×9 =99. IS =99. Star of David is smack dab in the center of the Israel’s flag – just like Jew is the center of the Isil flag. The Gang of Thirty-Three =1119. Super Terrorists =1119.

  • Flag Of Israel =111/666. Dollar Sign =111/666. Satanic State of Rape and Murder =111. Rothschild Zionist =111. Subconscious Programming =111. Fake Beard on Mossad Operative =111. 
  • False Flag =156. ISIS =56. The Islamic State =56. Star of David =56. ISIS Is Mossad =56. Flag =156. Thirty-Three =156. Flagged =33. 

Derka =42. SATURN CUBE =43. The fulfilment of 43 =143. 


ISIS HOAX =104. USA =41. Skull and Bones =41. 

(Muchas Gracias to Señor Maestro for the initial research and inspiration)


Longest Win Streak and Longest Lose Streak: The Absurdity of Rigged Sports


I think this is my favourite sports actor quote ever. And get a load of the numbers: SIXTEEN =33 and the 71-72 season was 44 years ago. And if you add up all the numbers (30+44+33+16) =123. The number of conspiracy, which the NBA is – like all rigged professional sports.

  • If they started the season 33-0, the 33rd win would come on 1/02/16 vs Denver Nuggets, tying the record win-streak held by the Lakers.

MEANWHILE: 76ers go 0-17, 76 Days after Malone and Dawkins die 17 days apart.


If it needs to be reminded, KILL =17. And on 12/1, (Blood Sacrifice =121) the 76ers will have a tribute night to Malone. 11 weeks and 3 days after he died. If the losing streak continues, that game will be the 29th loss in a row over two seasons. 

  • If they go 33 losses in a row, the 33rd game will be on 12/10 at the Nets.

17-0 and 0-17. To make things even more deeply intertwined, the Golden State Warriors franchise began in Philadelphia and moved to San Francisco in 1962, renamed Golden State in 1971 – the same year as Lakers’s 33-streak. 

Colorado Springs Shootout Hoax: Synched-Up to Columbine

And oh will ya lookit that. 6066 days from the Columbine Shooting of 4/20/99, which occurred 100 km north of the Planned Parenthood on the the side of I-25, which is also 103 km away from Aurora Cinemas, site of the 7/20/12 Batman Shooting Hoax. As you’ll notice, the triangulation creates an inverted spire, much like the Eiffel Tower and the shape we saw across the back alley from the Bataclan Pyramids.

  • COLUMBINE HIGH SHOOTING =116. Planned Parenthood founded 1/16/16. 
  • COLUMBINE SCHOOL SHOOTING =111. 1 death 11 injuries reported at PP.


And as it turns out, just like the confirmed mass shooting drill in Paris on the day of the attacks, there was an active shooter drill in Colorado Springs — 47 days before the hoax shooting on Halloween that killed 4 (Four Dead =74 // Masonic =74) and 74 days before the hoax shooting at Planned Parenthood on Black Friday (=47 // Star of David =47).   


  • CITADELL MALL =38. COLORADO =38. (9/14/15) =38. MASONIC =38. PARIS ATTACK =38.
  • 226 days before 11/27 is 3/8.
  • KILL =226/44/59. Cop was 44 and Lone Gunman was 44.
  • Lone Gunman =44.


Now, notice the post time of 4:47 PM connecting to the 744 day span between the Planned Parenthood Shooting Hoax on Black Friday and a South Park episode titled “Black Friday.” It’s also the 244th episode, which is a number we’ve been seeing a lot of lately. It aired on 11/13, exactly two years before the Paris Attacks of Friday the Thirteenth (also known as Black Friday) — or 730 days =73 / 104 weeks 2 days =142.

  • Ritual Sacrifice =73. Terrorist =142. Planned Parenthood Gunman Captured =142.
  • Lone Wolf Terrorist =244. Satanic =244







    November 13th in History: Mind Control and Mass Murder


    November 13th is the Ides of November and the Roman festival of Feroniae – named after the goddess Feronia, associated with wildlife, fertility, health and abundance. Feronia was the Roman equivalent of the Native American “Harvest Moon” celebration. Feronia represents the taming of the wild and the domestication of nature, “the transformation of that which is uncouth into that which is cultivated.” In this way, it can symbolize the Order out of Chaos theme symbolized in the Sumerian myth of Marduk’s conquest over Tiamat. 

    If we perceive fractal time as a record, life as a wheel, the groove of 11/13 is well worn in with a repeated energy of mind control and mass murder. 

    1841: Hypnotism is born. At least in its modern incarnation, after James Braid witnesses a demonstation of animal magnetism on this date. Braid would be known as the first genuine hypnotherapist and the “Father of Modern Hypnotism.” 

    1940: Speaking of mind control, Disney’s FANTASIA is released on this date. The film is said to be a programming tool for use in creating Monarch mind-controlled slaves.  

    2015: 174 years since 1841 and 75 years since 1940. NEW WORLD ORDER =174/75.

    • And the song Eagles of Death Metal were playing when the attacks at (LE BATACLAN =71) allegedly began was (KISS THE DEVIL =71). 


    1941: HMS Ark Royal torpedoed in WWII by U-81. 

    • Built in ’38; ARK ROYAL =38. Royal =71.
    • Taken out by U-81. Mass Mind Control =81.  
    • Pennant #91; ARK =91. Deception =91. 
    • 74 years before 2015.

    1947: Soviet Union completes development of the AK-47. 

    • Kalishnikov =123 (Conspiracy); =42 (Gun / War / Freemason / Zionism / Satanism). 
    • AK =111/666. 
    • 47 = Obey / Authority / Hypnotic / Animal Magnetism / France / France at War / Black Friday / Assassin / Je Suis Paris. 
    • AK-FORTY-SEVEN =161 (Cosmic Significance / Secrets Revealed / Terrorists / The Final Warning / Expiration Date / Planet Saturn / Masonic Grand Lodge / Satanic Megalomaniac / Seal of Solomon / Russian Spy / Human Trafficking / SOS (1+6+1) / Gangbanging). ONE HUNDRED SIXTYONE =239.

    1950: Assassination of Venezuelan president CARLOS GOMEZ =47/119. 


    1969: Anti-war protestors in Washington DC staged a symbolic “March Against Death” =71. (Curiously, the slogan read “Vietnam 1,500,000 – How Many More.”) FIFTEEN =38. DEATH =38.  

    • 11/13 is known as the IDES OF NOVEMBER =71. 
    • 11/13 is also WORLD KIDNESS DAY =71. 
    • 11/13/15 is the 17th annual World Kindness Day. 
    • Recall that 17 people are said to have died during the Charlie Hebdo Hoax. 

    1970: Bhola Cyclone strikes E. Pakistan (now Bangladesh) killing 500,000 overnight in the deadliest hurricane in recorded history. Know that geoengineering technology was operational in the 60s with the ability even then to cause hurricanes. 

    • BHOLA =38. DEATH =38. PARIS ATTACK =38. MASONIC =38.
    • BHOLA CYCLONE =115 (FREEMASONS / KILLING) with sustained speeds of 115mph.
    • E. Pakistan =33/96. GANGES =150 and its tops speed was 150mph. (Wikipedia also mentions speeds of 144 km/h and 222 km/h)
    • A survey concluded the minimum death toll was 224,000 or 14.2% mortality.
    • (PS: 11/13/15 saw the release of the album s”One Direction – Made in the AM” =224/116 and “Justin Bieber – Purpose” =244/91. Purpose =38.)

    1974: Ronald “Butch” Defeo Jr. murders his entire family in Amityville, instigating the notorious haunting known as the Amityville Horror.  

    • BUTCH DEFEO =89. Trauma-Based Mind Control =89. EODM =89 and 89 people are said to have died at the EODM show at Bataclan. The band, signed by UNIVERSAL MUSIC =89, delivered the statement: “LOVE OVERSHADOWS EVIL” =89. 
    • Amityville =47 (Obey / Authority / France)
    • Defeo Jr. =63. Paris =63. Terrorism =63. Demonic =63.


    1982: Ray Mancini murders Duk-Koo in a Vegas boxing match, literally. Duk-Koo dies days later.

    • Ray Mancini =107. Kim Duk-Koo =38. 
    • Duk-Koo’s nickname HOPE =44. RAY =44. 
    • Vegas Boxing Match Death =91. 
    • Media reports that Koo wrote on his mirror before the fight: “Kill or be Killed” =137. 
    • Exactly 33 weeks later, the bout’s referee, Richard Green, “committed suicide”

    1985: Columbian volcano erupts, melting a glacier which causes a mudslide (lahar) that buries a town, killing 25,000. The lahar is the deadliest in history. 

    • “Armero Tragedy” =150/69, 169 km from Bogota erupted after 69 years of dormancy. 
    • Armero =70. Tolima =70 (Armero’s state). Mudslide =33. 

    1990: Massacre in New Zealand as David Gray goes on killing spree, 13 dead. 

    • David Gray =46 in Aramaona =64. 
    • He was 33 on a date with 133 numerology and used a .223 rifle. 
    • SHOOTING SPREE =71/89. 

    Lakers-Warriors and the Prophecy of the Oracle Arena Upset


    Golden State Warriors are set to make NBA history tonight by starting the season 16-0. Only LA Lakers stand in their way, with an atrocious 2-11 record. If my calculations are correct and Lakers serve up one of sport’s biggest upsets – all rigged by the numbers – then Warriors will be 15-1 and Lakers 3-11. It is to be noted that 11/24/15 has a 16 numerology, the perfect day for the Falling on Your Number Theory. 

    • Fifteen and One =311. Fifteen and One Warriors =113. Kobe Bryant =113. Warriors-Lakers Shameful Defeat =133/313.
    • November Twenty-Fourth Upset =118. Fifteen and One =118. Fifteen and One Steph Curry =118.  LA Lakers Three Wins Eleven Losses =118. Lakers Humiliated Warriors =118. (Warriors scored 118 points last game for a total of 223, just like the Lakers season opener against Flip Saunders’ T-Wolves)

    **RIGGED NBA =67. Last season, Warriors had an NBA-best 67 wins before winning their first championship since ’75.** Peru was hit by a 7.5 earthquake today, much like the parallel earthquake on 11/13 (311 days after Hebdo and the worst European attack since 3/11) which reminded of the 3/11/11 quake in Japan…


    Basketball Historic Upset =114. Fifteen and One Golden State =114. Lakers Three Wins Eleven Losses =114. Lakers Humiliate Warriors =114. Basketball Historic Upset =87. Lakers Three and Eleven =87.

    • Three Wins Eleven Losses =93. Nov Twenty-Fourth Upset =93. Lakers Upset =93. Oracle Arena =93. Oracle Arena Upset =174/75 (Paris Attacks happened on the 174th anniversary of the discovery of hypnotism and the 75th anniversary of the release of Fantasia.) New World Order =174/75. 
    • Oracle Arena Ritual =174/75. (Located on major leyline)
    • Golden State Fifteen Wins One Loss =144. Warriors-Lakers Historic Upset =144. 
    • Sixteen Wins Zero Losses =314 (Pi 3.14)
    • Three and Eleven =138. Golden State Warriors Humiliated =138. Warriors Ashamed Nov Twenty-Four =138. AC Green =318 [see below]


    And now the coding for the 16-0 and/or uncertain reads:

    • Lakers Upset =147. Warriors Sixteen Wins Zero Losses =147. 
    • Lakers Two Wins and Twelve Losses =114. Lakers Two Wins Twelve Losses =113.
    • GOLDEN STATE =122. NOV TWENTYFOUR SIXTEEN AND OH =122. (On 122 parallel)
    • Sixteen Wins Stephen Curry =333.

    November Twenty-Fourth NBA History =159. Oracle =159. Thirty-Third =159.

    • Oracle the largest arena in California and the oldest in the league.
    • Opened in ’66 (on a 105 date) and Grateful Dead played 66 gigs here.
    • ORACLE ARENA UPSET =66. LAKERS =66. Three and Eleven =66. 

    November 24, 1999: On this day in history, 16 years ago, A.C. Green of the Los Angeles Lakers ties former ABA and NBA star Ron Boone for the longest consecutive games played streak in professional basketball history by playing in his 1,041st game when the Lakers host the Utah Jazz at Staples Center. 

    • Fifteen Wins One Loss =85. Sixteen Years Later =85. 
    • Sixteen Years Later =220. November Twenty-Fourth, Warriors Lakers, NBA History =220.

    Fargo Season 2 Decoded: 311/322


    Season 1 was awesome, and two episodes into Season 2, it’s awesome – and chock full of occult numerology. The depth of layers revealed through the knowledge of Gematria never ceases to amaze. We’ve been keeping our eyes on 311 lately, coded all over, and now here it is again. Just a few intro finds for ya, after the main gem that FARGO =47/144. 

    • S02E01: “Waiting for Dutch” =79. Murder =79. Series set in 1979. 
    • Fargo ND =38. Death =38. 
    • FARGO NORTH DAKOTA =75/174. NEW WORLD ORDER =75/174. (The Paris Attacks of 11/13 came on the 174th anniversary of the discovery of modern hypnotism and the 75th anniversary of the release of Fantasia…) 
    • And I’m predicting that the 2-11 Lakers shock the nation tonight at Oracle Arena by stopping the Warriors from going 16-0. ORACLE ARENA UPSET =75/174. (Followup post next) And that would set LA at 311, this number coded throughout Fargo, as well. 


    Military Industrial Complex =322. The number of Skull and Bones, as is 41. And the very next shot we get the 33s. Just blatant. (11×3=33) (3×11=33). Notice the 113/311 on the bingo board.

    • This bit ends with “I thought there’d be a band tonight” =137 (33rd prime – total dead at Paris). This season’s tagline “In The Beginning” =137. 
    • And notice the 411= Assassin. There’s an assassination subplot. 
    • Conspiracy =123. 


    And how’s this gem, truth-seeker: the last shot of episode 2 shows the number of the butcher shop. THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN =223. MASONIC =223. FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH =223… Spooky association, especially when you know what’s going on inside that shop. And the quote just to top it all off, in case you had any doubt about the connection between conspiracy and the 223. The 311 Conspiracy, it would appear. 

    • Ps there’s a subtle subplot involving UFOs and it’s excellent. 
    • It’s perhaps based on the actual case from 8/27/79 =114 (Alien Numbers); =133 (Alien Agenda)
    • And you can stream it at Pubfilm

    Glitch in the Matrix: Bot Tweets Paris Attacks Two Days Prior


    Queue Keanu saying, “Whoa.” Now first the official explanation that’s getting shared around:

    “PZFeed Ebooks is a PARODY automated bot account created by @nulljosh, which parses together different headlines from @PZF and tweets them out RANDOMLY. In this istance, the PZFeed Ebooks bot retrieved a PzFeed tweet from the January Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, and stitched it together with a tweet about an explosion that occurred at a mosque in Nigeria in November 2014. The mosque explosion killed 120 people, coincidentally one of the initial death tolls reported in the November 13 Paris Attacks , as well as 270 injured. 

    So no, the bot did not predict the terrorist attacks. Nobody hacked Twitter, either. It was merely a harrowing coincidence that the tweet was posted TWO days before the terror attacks with the same number of initial injuries and casualties. Creepy eh?” — Tucker 23

    But it gets trippier, because PZFEED EBOOKS =129. Recall this number was the death toll for several days until settling on 130. America =129. Explosion =129. Countdown =129. Hollywood =129. The Revelation of the Method =129. 


    And of course, those who’ve been following along understand the incriminating gravitas of the timestamp 1:44. If we need a refresher: 144= Killer / Forty-Four / April Fourth / Mark of the Beast / Ten Days Later (TODAY 11/23/15 IS TEN DAYS LATER…)/ Scottish Rite of Freemasonry / Faked Death / Satanic Hexagram / Time / Allah Akbar. And if we sum the first 144 digits of Pi =666.

    • Duration calculator says its exactly 3336 minutes before the Paris False Flag Hoax commenced. That could be read as 33+36, and the thing about 36 is sum 1-36 and =666.
    • So who is this @nulljosh character?


    The Bunny Friend Playground Shooting: Primetime Example of Gematria Coding in Action


    ‘At least sixteen people have been taken to hospital after a mass shooting at a playground in New Orleans, according to US reports. It is understood that as many as 500 people were at the “Bunny Friend” park at the time of the attack, as a music video was being filmed.’

    Perhaps someone had too much of that BOMB ROCK =227 and started wilin’ out. If any propagandists are reading my work, here’s a headline suggestion: MUSIC VIDEO MASSACRE =199. (DO WHAT THOU WILT =199.) “Bunny Friend” has some funny Gematria connections: 826= Thou Shalt Not Kill / Thirty-Eight (Louisiana =38, Friend =38, Death =38) / Join the Dead / Colors are Numbers (red white and blue programming…) / and perhaps the motive for the shooting: THREE PEOPLE UNFRIENDED ME. 

    • BUNNY FRIEND =60. GANG VIOLENCE =60. MASS SHOOTING =60. NIGGER =60. [a witness in the story gave her name as] RAVEN =60. 
    • Bunny Friend =132. Taste of Chicago =132. Red White & Blue =132. Hidden Messages =132. 
    • Clearly Bunny Friend Park was RIPE for a gang skirmish. 

    [Spokesman] “Tyler Gamble” =48. Ninth Ward =48. Music Video =48. Blood =48. Crime =48. Illuminati =48. Propaganda =48/93. Ninth Ward New Orleans =93. 

    • NINTH WARD N.O. =59. GANGBANGERS =59. NEGRO =59. KILL =59. MASS MURDER =59. [propaganda called the aftermath] “CHAOTIC” =59. 
    • Gang Warfare =101. Louisiana =101. Animal Magnetism =101. 


    • New Orleans LA =49. NOPD =49. Mayor Landrieu =66. Shot into Crowd =66.
    • Bunny Friend Park Shooting =123. Conspiracy =123. Psychological Warfare =123. Satanic Cult =123. Obedience =123. 

    And just for fun, I followed the “Nate Dogg Death” as if it were a clue and ran a duration between 3/15/11 (yes, Nate died on the Ides of March at age 41) and the date of the Bunny Friend PsyOp, and came up with: 4 years 8 months 8 days =488. This rang a bell from my last report:

    • And since we’re on the subject, lest we forget the occult meaning of Nate Dogg’s 213: Racism / Genocides / I’m a Black Liberal / He Got Game.
    • And 2/13 is Lupercalia =44, on the 44th day of the year. 


    And notice this mass shooting of SIXTEEN people comes hours after the news that Belgium has arrested SIXTEEN people during their total martial law takeover of Brussels. 

    • Convenient how the sign only shows BRUSSEL =33/96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra / Knowledge / Society / Jackboots / The Calm Before the Storm / The Belgian Connection / Counterterrorism).
    • SIXTEEN =33. BELGIUM =33. FALSE FLAG =33. 
    • And it just happens to come on Nov 22nd (11+22) =33. 


    And from the same 33 day, this super curious article from The Independent, revealing Masonic names. Like OSCAR WILDE =1162. MARTIAL LAW =1162. GRAND UNVEILING =1162. CONTROL PLANETARY FATE =1162. And now we understand why they chose Wilde for the cover image. 

    • “A once highly secret list containing the identities of two million Freemasons throughout history is to be published online, revealing the extent of the organisation’s influence in the upper echelons of society.”

    Robinson told the Telegraph: “It was endemic in the way England ran itself. At the time of Jack the Ripper, there were something like 360 Tory MPs, 330 of which I can identify as Masons. The whole of the ruling class was Masonic, from the heir to the throne down. It was part of being in the club.

    “Part of the whole ethic of Freemasonry is whatever it is, however it’s done, you protect the brotherhood – and that’s what happened. They weren’t protecting Jack the Ripper, they were protecting the system that Jack the Ripper was threatening. And to protect the system, they had to protect him. And the Ripper knew it.”