Turkish Peace Rally Bombing Psy-Op


  • (Notice 11:11 and the story speaks of the PKK: P is the 16th letter and in the K’s we have our double-11)

I’m watching the footage and I’m looking for any evidence of genuine carnage, and not just a movie set with crisis actors running a drill. And it’s looking pretty weak and certainly not as grim as the propagandists are telling us it is – and then I see the blast. And I bust out laughing because it’s so clearly an after-effect; and a bushleague job at that. Pretty blatant special-fx, for those with eyes to see:


  • 86 = DEATH HOAX / Pyramid / Triangle / Citizen / Republic / Tintin (like 10/10)
  • Twin bombings and 86: like the day the US Military dropped the bomb on Hiroshima on August 6th.
  • ANKARA TURKEY =146 (Destructive / Manifestation / The Economist / New Jerusalem); =47 (OBEY / AUTHORITY): and 47 years since the fateful 1968, in this wheel of fractal time.

And think about the term to be EIGHTY-SIXED =135 (Terrorism / Fooled); =63 (Deja Vu / Command / Crowd / Public / Folks). In numerology, 186 can be read as the fulfillment of 86.


  • Another connection to 55: “The incident occurred 21 days before the scheduled November 1st general election.” TWENTY-ONE DAYS =55

ANKARA =46 (PEACE MARCH / Chaos / Hero / Be Afraid / Demiurge / Chicago / Chicago Cubs); =133 (THIS IS A HOAX / Government / White House): The length of CNN’s video is 1:33 and 133 is also the numerology of the date of Ronald Reagan’s fake assassination on 3/30/81 (In the news today because one of his secret service agents died…)

  • It’s said 14,000 people were in the area: FOURTEEN THOUSAND =71 (Mossad / Hidden Hand / Execution-Style / Qu’Ran / Federal Reserve); =206 (Sacrifice / San Diego)
  • PEACE RALLY =44 (Kill / Execution / Lie); =98 (Prophet / Obama Dead / The Adventures of Tintin)
  • HIPODRUM STREET =74 (Jesus / Cross / Nuclear / Weapon / Muhammad / Masonic / Skull and Bones Society)
  • HIPODRUM =104 (Big Brother / The Quran / The Talmud / The 44th President Barack Obama / Triple X): and the blast happened at 10:04. 


  • LA ANKARA =59 (Kill / Negro / Slave / I Am Become Death) 


  • TWIN BOMBS TARGET PEACE RALLY =106 (Prophecy); =115 (Freemasons / Killing)
  • MOMENT OF BLAST =47 (ANKARA, TURKEY / Star of David / Mafia / Obey / Authority / President): 47 years since RFK and MLK assassinated. Now we have PKK in this story. All names that end in K=11. 

UPDATE: 10/12/15



  • Notice the connection to the original death toll of 86 with its Pyramid / Triangle.

12 thoughts on “Turkish Peace Rally Bombing Psy-Op

  1. You should take a different approach, a class approach, and stay away from numerology. It discredits you. It i was a psyop but as soon as we here Hebress this or that it turns people off


  2. You should take a different approach, a class approach, and stay away from numerology. It discredits you. It indeed was a psyop but as soon as we here Hebrews this or that it turns people off


    • The numerology and gematria is the proof of the conspiracy. These same numbers are coded again and again, and there are just as many references from the Bible as the Torah. It’s the ancient psychopathic cabal who are behind all the manifestations of religion, and getting caught up in Jews vs Muslims vs Christians is part of the problem and not the solution. Divide and conquer. I appreciate the advice but maybe try to see beyond the Hebrew references as being offensive and see this clearly coded evidence of psychological warfare as an affront on all Human Beings of Planet Earth. Peace.


  3. Yo, are you sure about the 86th day of the Hebrew Calendar? I don’t think that is correct. The Hebrew New Year was the day after Moses Malone died if I am not mistaken.


    • Yep good catch. Shoulda fact-checked that one. 9/14 was the first day of Jewish New Year, as far as I understand. Which was the Delta State Shooting Psyop. And 36 days to 10/19. And we all know what the sum of 1-to-36 is… (666 for other readers)


  4. Well, as a brain surgeon living in Ankara, i nearly saw all the injured/ death people coming off from this bombing. Do you want me to share the pictures of the human brains damaged by the shrapnels ? Because either i am completely living in fantasy trying to save people whom half of their brains out or you are wrong.


    • Very interesting story. I just know what I saw, and that explosion in the footage is CGI and it happened all by the numbers, as other confirmed hoaxes. So perhaps you’re right, and you’re who you say you are, and they really did set off and explosion – that is so much worse than just faking an event for the home audience. So by all means, if you have evidence, please share it. With your help we can better expose the actual perpetrators.


    • I’m reading about 5 different death tolls although Wikipedia lists it at 105, which in Gematria is equal to Masonry / Zionism / Pyramids / Symbols. That amounts to a criminal calling card.

      And notice the connection to the first number 86 = Pyramid / Triangle. If it’s a real explosion than these numbers would be doctored to fit the numerology.


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