HAARP Hurricanes, Lightning Bolts, and Fractal Geometry

CNN Headline: “IS ANOTHER SANDY COMING?” = 233 (MK-Ultra Mind Control): 233 is the next number in the Fibonacci sequence after 144 (Killer / Force / Forty-Four): 44 = Kill / HAARP. 

  • Hurricane spirals exhibit fractal geometry and the Fibonacci sequence, the ratio of which approximates ϕ phi (1.618) – which make us think of PHI-ladelphia… Where the train crashed after traveling at 106 mph.
  • SUPERSTORM SANDY = 65 (Philadelphia)
  • A licence plate shown in the Chinese Unabomber story today reveals an encoded 233 (BIV=33+200):


  • AND: Superstorm Sandy killed 233 people. 

 Notice the other numbers of the conspiracy encoded in the stats: 

  • 115 = Freemasons / Killing
  • 75 = New World Order 

Recall the Saffir-Simpson scale for classifying hurricanes: 


  • And notice the 119 km/h. 119 = STAR OF DAVID / ALL-SEEING EYE (Which a hurricane very much represents, especially one geoengineered with HAARP-tech)

And with regards to the trainwreck in PHIladelphia, notice how the cars just happened to crash into a perfect lightning bolt formation. Lightning bolts have been a common theme lately:

  • After his girlfriend was blood sacrificed, Jim Carrey said “We have all been hit by a lightning bolt.” 
  • As Zachary K Hubbard deciphered, Carrey’s movie The Number 23 foreshadow her murder and an event on 10/6 corresponding to 9/23. 
  • Recall the number 233… 23+33
  • On 9/11, a LIGHTNING BOLT struck a crane at Mecca, likely due to HAARP
  • On 9/24 (which is 9/11 on the Old World Calendar), a stampede at Mecca was also likely triggered by HAARP and the directed energy weapon of GWEN towers. 
  • Notice that 44 = HAARP / KILL and in Arabic-Indic numerals, 44 looks like twin lightning bolts:

If you haven’t yet, please read our report on Obama’s Climate Crusade in Rolling Stone – the article is heavily coded in foreshadowing of an upcoming “natural” disaster. If not on 10/6, the Prophecy number, then 10/8, which is the date forecast on the Rolling Stone cover (and also a date with 33 numerology)

  • ROLLING STONE COVER = 233 (Masonic / The Synagogue of Satan)
  • 108 = GEOMETRY / THE SPIRAL (Hurricane Fibonacci) / Magnetic Field / Extra-Capsa / The Cypher
  • Obama was in Alaska where HAARP is based…
  • Recall that there was a hurricane off-shore New York on 9/11… Will this be the one that strikes? Or will it be a repeat of fractal time and get artificially steered out of the way while a terrorist strike occurs in NYC or Philadelphia on October 6th or 8th?

AND now we have another school shooting today in Oregon, the 33rd state with a 74 Gematria. 

  • Recall the Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale: 33 m/s & 74 mph. 
  • ALSO the school is called ‘UMPQUA’ = 26 (HAARP / God); = 89 — the number before 144 in the Fibonacci sequence and thus the number we add to 144 to get 233.


It’s getting ugly, truth-seeker. And check out the other numerology connections in our previous post: Hurricane Joaquin and the Blood Sacrifice of River Phoenix


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